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dc au

  1. CaffeinePuppy

    Dungeon Thrills (DC AU Essence meta)
    Index: Idea

    Story idea Location: DC Universe Plot Idea: Dungeon Chaos MC: Two Identities - Player: Aster Aurelius - Dungeon Master: Name - Atticus Sayre / Cape name - Dungeon Master Arceus MC Abilities: Essence of the Dungeon Master Essence of the Blank Essence of the Arch-mage Essence of the Crafter...
  2. Firewillreign

    Ikaris : Rebirth (MCU/DCU)
    Index: Synoposis

    Ikaris did not simply fly too close to the sun. He flew straight into it's heart, seeking an end to all that he was and ever would be. But a being born of a Celestial is not so easily sundered, and no matter how much he may have wished for it, the tale of the fallen Eternal does not end there...
  3. Nér The Unspoken

    #1 Villainova - A DC Gamer fic

    This is going to be my first fic so go easy on me in the reviews
  4. EightMDB

    The Neverending Cycle
    Threadmarks: Ch 1: The Assembly

    “I’ve been looking for you” A voice rang out in the empty warehouse I’ve made my home. “And I’ve been avoiding you, Pamela.” I reply, continuing my reading flipping a page. “Don’t be like that Jon, we can do so much together!” Pamela responds, becoming more emphatic. Slowly walking towards...
  5. The_Great_NPC

    The Demon's Gift (DCU, SI/OC)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The Demon's Gift

    First fanfic btw, don’t be too harsh please. The Demon’s Gift: I lie in bed, waiting for sleep to take me. It never does, not as fast as I’d like it to. As I lie I let my mind wander, picturing the stories I’ve read today, wondering how it would feel, being in their shoes, imagining myself...
  6. Revilokcaj666

    Old Stories

    "Hello?" You snap up and look at the ground. It was a child, "Are you okay?" You smile and reach down and pull the Girl up. "I'm fine dear, What do you want to know?" She reached up and touches one of your scars. "They look mean... Are you okay?" You smile and turn to pick a book out. It was...
  7. Zerris

    Messy Bookkeeping Redux (Doctor Who / Multicross / Rewrite )
    Threadmarks: 1

    My body was crumbling, the dream that had been my existence coming to an end. I stared up at the golden-haired fool I had spent most of the dream either trying to understand or help. I could not believe the words he just spoke. Even as more of my body fell apart, I reached up and smacked his...