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Messy Bookkeeping Redux (Doctor Who / Multicross / Rewrite )

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My body was crumbling, the dream that had been my existence coming to an end. I stared up at the...


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Oct 30, 2015
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To make it easier for those interested in finding my Doctor Who centric story I've decided to cross post the rewritten version here from SV. The original 175 chapter Hiver Style Journal fic can still be found over on Spacebattles.

This is being posted in the SFW section due to it being a story where no sex is planned to ever happen on screen. At most it would be implied to have happened during a fade to black and time skip when the MC ends up with a love interest. While a few things are similar to the original story, certain elements were changed significantly in the rewrite, such as the MCs original origins.

Either way I hope you all enjoy Libby's adventures through time and space as I manage to get the chapters out.

My body was crumbling, the dream that had been my existence coming to an end. I stared up at the golden-haired fool I had spent most of the dream either trying to understand or help. I could not believe the words he just spoke. Even as more of my body fell apart, I reached up and smacked his head. "Don't be a dumbass. If you go with no other friend in your life. Then I will be severely disappointed when we meet again."

"What do you mean when?"

"Those silly gods made a mistake," I have him a broken smile. "While I don't have a heart, I do have a mind. Not one they made, but one they found." At his confused expression, I sigh even as my arm was reduced to nothingness. "I was asleep when they stuffed me into this shell. I'm not dying, merely getting woken up. So there is a chance if a small one that we may cross paths again. Only then I won't be a dream stuck in a clay shell."


"I do hope I remember this dream it was a pleasant existence all things considered. Goodbye... my friend..."

The last of the dream crumbled, and I was not able to experience anything more as my eyes opened. My body floating in the tank as looked down at the raggedy old man. He had stumbled over where I had been stored and forgotten. I leaned forward my small hands pressing against the glass. I was not something that was supposed to exist, not that he knew that. To him, I appeared as a small child with very long hair.

He directed an odd metal wand toward the equipment that kept me within my small prison. The tip glowed and I saw a few sparks erupt from the dusty machines. The liquid began to rapidly drain leaving me huddled at the bottom of the when the tube unsealed and pulled away. The long raggedy coat was wrapped about me, my hand touched the man's bearded face when I was lifted up.

In that instant I saw, the scared little boy that grew up. Becoming the man who had been running his whole life, seriously there quite a lot of running. I saw every road he had traveled, every friend he had made. Everyone he had saved, and those he mourned as lost. I saw his names, both secret and known. The paths he was yet to tread, to his very end.

"Doctor." The first word I had spoken outside of a fading dream.

He froze, entire body stiffening before glancing down at my eyes. Giving a long tired sigh. "Don't call me that. I have no right to be called that."

"It ends when you... end it." I murmured closing my eyes falling into a dreamless slumber as I was carried away from where I had been left and forgotten. Even the screams ringing in ears did not keep me awake.


When battles rage time has no meaning. Especially when it was a war being fought in Time. Battles won, then a change and they were lost, until another change and they were one. Worlds shattered in the wake of two titans clashing against each other time and again. Time Lords, Daleks, there was surprisingly little difference between the two by this point. I knew how it would end, the first glimpse when I saw the Doctor so long ago. Reinforced the first time I touched Gallifrey's bare surface.

Golden chains whipped out, tearing a group of Daleks asunder. I paused briefly to glance at the frightened family they had been about to kill. "Get to shelter, and hide." They took no further prompting and ran as I resumed my walk. I never bothered to keep track of how long it has been since I was found. I now wore simple pants and tunic over my slender form. The boots had been salvaged from a dead soldier. One of the few that had been missed by the Lords and did not get brought back to fight again.

My long hair was black as night, and I had gained something of a reputation since my path had diverged from His. In the whispered breaths of others, I was called Reaper. When I went for a walk, Daleks died. Torn apart by chains that should have done nothing yet cut through their armor like butter. The amusing thing was no one could tell what gender I was. He knew, but He was the only one.

The enemy screamed, "EXTERMINATE!"

I whispered. "Die."

With only one syllable to four. I was a bit faster in attacking but only just. I paused at the sound of rifle discharge followed by a very distinctive sound. Turning the corner I paused as I saw what had been burned into the wall. No More. I smiled, soon this nightmare would end. Unlike last time I knew this one was not one where I would wake up again somewhere else.

I focused on what I came for, pushing aside rubble until I found a hand. The armored gauntlet was thankfully intact this time. Removing it from the soldier's corpse. I needed the codes stored in the computer built into it. Retreating back to the nest I had carved out for myself I set it on the makeshift surface. I carefully pulled it open and began adding other components I had managed to salvage. The end result was a bit bulkier than I had initially intended. But it did not explode when I turned it on, and fit well enough once I slid it on. I just had to hope the access codes worked.

I gathered what would be most useful, wrapped my self in the old coat I had never given back to Him, and left. This time whistling a tune I had heard, not that I could recall where it was from. The only hint was golden hair and red eyes. Everything else had long since been drowned out by countless battles. My entire existence was War, unending death and destruction. I have long since stopped paying attention to the blood.

I stopped whistling once I was close, crouching as I crept along broken walls. Moving silently passed enemy and supposed ally alike. He had stolen his ticket off Gallifrey when he started. I fully intended to do the same. But not just any Capsule would do, no it would need to be one able to bypass the control lock that kept everyone from just fleeing.

The door I sought was soon before me, I reached up with the gauntleted hand and held it next to the scanner. Please let those codes be still valid. I waited for several baited breaths. The door swooshed open. I smiled, as I darted inside and closed it behind me. I kept out of sight, avoiding anyone as I made my way to a specific room.

It was currently unguarded. Those who would be here currently busy with more pressing matters outside. Slipping up to the controls I began to input a very specific sequence of commands. Once the final button was pressed I hopped onto the transmat pad, a moment later the few around me changed. I spotted several of my other's followers at the horrible thing that had been built onto the Control Console. Golden chains impaled them before I flipped the lever to open the doors. Each body was tossed out before it had a chance to regenerate. I closed the doors once only bloodstains were left to mark their former presence.

Now that I was here the security systems registered me as my other. The egotistical bastard was busy plotting his Ascension, so of course, I was going to steal one of the key components. That she would be my ride out of here was a definite bonus. I turned my chains against the monstrosities that were all but mutilating her. The resulting explosion knocked me away but not before I managed to send her spinning off into the time vortex.

For the first time since I had woken up, the constant screams in my ears stopped.
An indeterminate amount of time later I re-awoke. The console was humming softly in the center of the room, the time rotor still. The charred remains of the machines I had destroyed littered the floor. Everything else had reverted to factory default. I would have to clean up the bloodstains left from when I hijacked the Capsule. I paused, no I think I'll refer to her the same way He did His. I rose and made my over to caress a hand on what was now my Tardis Console.

I sat in the clothes I had been given, the long coat hugged tight around my small frame. My hand holding the old thing he had given me from the bag he held. Behind him, a column of light rose and fell with an odd grinding wheeze.

"You eat it like this." He stated, popping the one he still held into his mouth. I watched him chew for several moments, before trying it myself. My eyes widened at that taste and I soon pulling more from the bag and stuffing them in my mouth. I paused looking at him at when I heard him chuckle. My cheeks bulging with the food he had called jelly babies.

I shook away the memory as I looked at the monitor. I understood what was on the screen only because He had taken time to teach me how to read. The first of many things I had learned from Him before having to part ways. My time at his side had been limited, I had always known that if I had stayed he would not have done what he needed to. Logically I had to leave when I did, He probably believes I died like so many others.

"I wonder," I muttered softly as I began to flip switches and twist knobs. "Would I have stayed if I had a heart?" It was something I did not know. My complete inability to feel any emotion had been constant for as long as I could remember. Admittedly I did have the physical organ that pumped blood, two in fact. It was the metaphysical one I lacked, the one that allowed others to feel.

The familiar noise began as I piloted my Tardis through the vortex. A smile formed on my lips, even if I could not feel I could still fake the appearance that I could. My first goal now was to land somewhere where I could fully assess her condition. Preferably one where I could source materials for repairs if needed.

Once we landed I hummed a tune, pausing when I noticed the panel I was in front of lift up. I blinked as I found myself staring to the glow within. In an instant, I saw everything. More intensely than what happened when I touched anything with a bare hand. All of time and space. The panel closed when I stumbled back, peering about with newly awakened senses.

I patted her Console. "Thank you." Metal clinking against metal drew my attention to a tray. Where a Tardis Key rested on a chain. I smiled and slid it over my head. "Since you want me to be a proper Timelord for you. I guess I'll need to come up with a name won't I?"

Lights just kept blinking in the same patterns as before. "This will be something to think carefully on. My days as the Reaper are over as far as I am concerned." With a nod I set to work, giving her my full attention. Making a list of things that needed to be fixed before we went on our first true flight.

* * *

I peered through the jeweler's glasses, concentrating on fitting the new gear into place with tweezers. Carefully the screw was inserted and tightened. The back of the casing was then screwed on before I wound up the mainspring. Bringing the fob watch to my ear I listened as it began to tick. I took a moment to set to the correct time before glancing across my shop. "Mister McDuck, your watch is fixed."

The shorter anthropomorphic duck glanced up from where he had been sitting in the waiting area I had set up. There were a sofa and fairly comfortable chairs. Next to them were shelves filled with books. As well as a coffee table with several magazines and newspapers. He had been browsing through one of the financial ones. "Ah thank ye lass. What might have been the issue?"

"You got sand in it," I replied as I pulled on the cotton glove on my left hand and carried the watch to the service counter. "Gummed up the gears, one needed replacement as a result." My clothing was much different from when I had first arrived in Twilight Town. A white dress shirt under a vest that went down over my hips, simple dark slacks, and a much better fitting pair of boots. It was simple and did nothing to help others determine my actual gender. I did not bother to correct any resulting assumptions.

He waddled over and I handed it to him to examine. I found it interesting how his beak could flex to form a smile. "Well then Libby, what do I owe ya?" He asked as he slid the watch into the pocket of his red coat.

I told him the price, and he promptly paid. Say what you will about Scrooge McDuck, he was a master at the art of haggling. But if you did quality work did not try to rip him off he was surprisingly generous for an old miser. "Thank you, Libby's Fix It is happy to have had your patronage." I smiled at him as I spoke. "Please come again."

"Ya know lass," He replied as he set the top hat on his head. "One of these days, I'll see yer real smile."

I tilted my head. "What do you mean? That was the only smile I have."

"Really?" He paused looking at me. "Then why doesn't it ever reach yer eyes?"

He was quite the observant businessman. "You want the truth?" At his nod, I sighed. "I am incapable of actually feeling any emotions. Positive or negative. The demeanor I portray is mostly to keep others from getting disturbed by me."

"How the blazes did ya end up like that?"

"I lack a heart," I replied easily. "I'm not talking about the organ that pumps blood, I have at least one of those. I am talking about the hearts those friends of yours are always fighting Heartless over." I raised a hand as he went to speak. "I have never had one, and no I'm not from the Darkness either."

"Ya has been here for years." He spoke after a moment. "If ya were dangerous ya would have done something already."

"Mister McDuck," I drummed the armored fingers of my right hand on the counter in a rhythm of four. "There is a reason why I wear a gauntlet. I am quite dangerous, just not to you or the other inhabitants of Twilight Town." I had over time, improved the gauntlet even as I worked on my Tardis. It was much more streamlined now. "Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day."

"You too as well lass." He tipped his hat before leaving with a thoughtful expression on his face. The bell at the door chimed as the door opened and closed.

Once I was sure he was gone, I went through the door to the backroom. Unlocking it with my key before stepping through into the Console Room. A few steps and I flipped the switch to close the doors once more. The raggedy old jacket was hanging on a mannequin I had acquired, it was now too worn for me to wear anymore. Instead, I kept it in an easily seen corner to remind me of Him.

I settled on a very plush recliner before picking up and resuming my work in memorizing the manual for the Type 105 War Tardis. The name plaque read Nightmare Child, but I called her Suzie. She has not yet spoken a single word to me even though I know she is fully self-aware. I suspect at the moment she is content to just play the role of my home and take the form of repair shop while we both rest and recover from the War.
To the inhabitants of Twilight Town, my shop was not the only one of its kind. It was not even on one of the main thoroughfares, but down one of the smaller side streets. Located where a vacant lot should have been, no one had noticed when the lot had been replaced. Thanks to the perception filter that made my Tardis's exterior seem perfectly unremarkable except for the sign over the front door. Once I left they will likely wonder what happened to the shop. The empty lot left behind would most likely have them conclude I went out of business, and the building had been demolished.

I had been more noticeable on my arrival than the empty shop my Tardis disguised itself as initially. The clothing I had on back then marked me quite obviously as yet another refugee from somewhere else. The vast majority had assumed I was a girl and had been treating me as such since. A relatively harmless eccentric with a knack for tinkering and fixing things. My most obvious issue to them was my aversion to direct physical contact I had developed over time.

By direct I meant, skin touching skin. I had quickly gotten gloves for my left hand, cotton for when I was staying indoors. Or soft leather when I ventured out. This help cut down on what I saw every time my body came in contact with something. The only exceptions being the clothing I wore, since seeing every moment of their existence would cross over my time-stream. My future was one of the only things I could not see directly. When I saw Him the first time, I saw everything that was supposed to be if I had not existed.

So I could not help but blink when things went off script, such as Scrooge McDuck becoming a semi-regular visitor and sometimes customer. Mostly I would spy him sitting on the sofa reading one of the newspapers I left out. I let him be during those visits beyond the expected greetings and farewells. It had been quite the odd initial meeting for us. I had wandered the streets until I found a spot of unpaved bare earth, and placed my bare hand onto it. Wiggling my fingers in the green grass, unlike the red that had once existed back home.

He had been pulling an odd cart along when he spotted me. "Hello lass, would ya like buy some ice cream?"

I turned my attention to him and frowned slightly. "What does the word buy mean?"

He had stopped and given me a very strange look. "Do ya know what trading is?" My head shake caused him to pause. "Munny?" Another head shake, which continued until I nodded at the words giving and taking. He then launched into an explanation of what commerce was, starting from the basic principles.

"Well, I don't have any Munny," I replied once he was done. "So I don't think I could buy any of whatever this thing you call ice cream."

"Ya don't know about ice cream?" He had blinked at me again. "It is a cold treat you eat."

I tilted my head in thought. "So it is food, like nutrient cubes?" Only He knew where to get jelly babies so I doubt this duck would know about them.

"Lass, what is a nutrient cube?"

I reached into a pocket and pulled out one wrapped cube, whenever I had found a dead person I had always looted their cube stashes before escaping Gallifrey. "This is one."

"How about Aye trade ya an ice cream for the cube?"

I paused at his offer, thinking it over. Trading food for food meant I would not be any less. I gave a nod, and the trade was soon made. I had an odd blue and white object on a stick. Cautiously I bit into it only to blink at the taste, it was quite different. I was not the only one to try the other's food.

"Blegh..." The duck made an odd sound after unwrapping and eating the cube. "Lass how can ya eat something like that?"

"Where I come from, that was the only food available," I replied while slowly eating the ice cream, taking care not to speak with my mouth full. "They have all the nutrients you need, and keep pretty much forever."

"That had no taste."

I shrugged while licking the stick clean. "When it is the only thing available, you can't be picky."

"Where are ya from?" He asked after a moment.

"Place called Gallifrey," I answered. "Doubt you've heard of it. It was very far away from here. When it still existed that is." As long as those who had heard of it believed it destroyed, then it was safe and hidden. "Used to be important once before my time, now not so much."

"Did it get consumed by the Heartless?"

"No," I shook my head. "Last I saw, everything was on fire just before there was were a lot of really big explosions." I hummed softly as I stood. "Afterwards there was nothing left where it had been." I smiled at him. "Thankfully I managed to survive, and found my way here."

"My name is Scrooge McDuck," He held out a feathered right hand and I shook it with mine. "What might yers be?"

I paused, thinking for a few moments before finally speaking. "Librarian... I am the Librarian."

"That's a mighty odd name Lass." He said, pulling back his hand once we were done.

"It is how my people always name ourselves."

"Ya mind if I call ya Libby instead then?"

"Mister McDuck," I tilted my head again. "If you find it easier then go right ahead."

It was thanks to meeting him, that I was able to make contact with the Moogles. Like him they liked to trade Munny for things, the important thing was they could help me get the base raw materials I needed to repair my Tardis. With Scrooge's help, I turned the empty shop into Libby's Fix It. I soaked up all he was willing to teach how to run a successful business.

* * *

My boots clapped against the cobblestones as I walked down the street. A properly fitting long coat added to my normal attire, one can never have too many pockets. A dark fedora rested on my head shielding my eyes from the sun. I left my normal side street heading to the central plaza of Twilight Town. Passed Cid's Gummi Shipyard, to a shadowed out of the way door. I knocked a very precise pattern, stepping through when it opened.

Inside were small white-winged creatures with red pom-poms above their heads. The majority were sitting at desks sized for them, working on computer terminals. The screens showed transactions, of customers buying, selling, or using the various services they provided. I was one of the few still permitted to deal with them directly. That was due to two factors, first I had helped them build the system of holographic interfaces they now used in all of their shops. Second and more importantly I have never indulged petting their pom-poms.

"Welcome to the Exchange, kupo," The Head Moogle greeted me as I walked to his desk.

"Hello Mog," I smiled as I sat down crossing my legs. "How has business been?"

"It has been doing quite well," He replied smiling back at me. "We have finally managed to synthesize what you wanted kupo."

"May I see it?" I asked leaning forward and tugging off my glove.

He nodded before floating away only to return with a jewel case which he placed on the desk. Opening it revealed a large oval cut diamond. I placed a finger on the center facet, pausing as the information that I received confirmed it was a White-Point Star. I pulled back on my glove and gave him another smile. "To think you managed to succeed in recreating something that once could only be found on my homeworld."

Mog grinned at me. "It proved quite the challenge kupo."

I blinked when I read the final bill, pulled out my Munny Pouch before pouring over the receiving dish he had on the desk. I continued until the amount in the dish managed the requested price. It turned out to be near all my Munny. Once he confirmed payment and handed me the receipt I was allowed to take the diamond. Lifting it from the case I fitted it into a prepared slot on the gauntlet after pulling back my sleeve. The gem integrated into the back of the hand before the gauntlet began a full diagnostic sequence.

Plates on my forearm shifting positions as various attachments shifted in and out of hidden compartments. The built-in sonic probe hummed, while the iris covering a focusing array in my palm opened and contracted. Energy crackled along the length of my fingers as each system was fully powered up in standby mode for the first time. "Would you allow me to use your testing range? I would like to test a few things before I leave."

"Certainly," Mog nodded with a gesture toward a door.

I rose and then followed him down a corridor. Followed by an elevator and then another corridor. Through several very thick vault doors before finally ending in the MogTech Secure Weapons Testing Chamber. This was the local place the plush little creatures tested new designs for weapons they sold to adventuring heroes. It was surrounded by heavy armors and every type of shielding the plush little creatures could conceive of.

Once I had donned both protective goggles and earmuffs I walked up to the range. With a thought, I sent sprays of plasma, ice, and lighting at the provided targets. This was followed by bursts of concussive force, and a particle beam from the palm of my hand. I paused before activating the final weapon I had integrated before looking at Mog. "Mind turning off the chamber sensors? This next test is not something I wish recorded."

"May I ask why kupo?"

"It's my people's signature weapon," I answered cordially. "We are required by law to kill anyone who tries to develop their own version."

That caused him to blink in surprise before giving a slow nod. He went to a control panel and deactivated a few things. "I will be waiting outside when you are finished kupo."

I waited until he left the chamber before hitting the button for a new target. Once it appeared I pointed my hand at it. White energy shot from my fingers and slammed into the target. Less than a section later it ceased to exist. The de-mat weapon setting seemed to be functioning within expected limits. Putting the goggles and muffs back where they belonged I exited the chamber.

"Was everything successful kupo?" Mog asked as soon as he saw me.

"Perfectly so far," I smiled at him. "Thank you for letting me use the range."

"You are welcome," He replied with a nod. "I will show you back out kupo."

I followed him back upstairs, and with a final wave left the Exchange office. I now had everything I needed. My Tardis was fully repaired even if she still had trauma from the war. I had a weaponized Omni-tool in the form of my gauntlet that should mean I did not have to rely solely on my chains for combat. I was fully prepared as I could be to start traveling.

All that remained was to say goodbye to Mister McDuck. Unlike with Him, I did not have a reason to just vanish on the duck who had taught me quite a bit over the years. There was also not a convenient explosion to cover my departure either. I found him just outside his restaurant chatting with a few of the teens I understood were constantly fighting Heartless. At least when they were not having needed town time in this world. They were accompanied by another duck who seemed to like blue, and an anthropomorphic canine who had on a helmet and had a shield strapped to an arm.

"Ah, Libby," He smiled as he spotted me. "It is good to see ya out and about."

"I had business with the Moogles." I gave a nod of greeting to those I did not know even as I answered him. "I was looking for you for two reasons." At his arched brow. "To say goodbye for now, and ask you to acquire the land I currently have my ship parked on. That way I can ensure that it is still empty when I come back for visits."

He blinked at me in confusion for several moments. "Just what are ya meaning by all that?"

"It is time for me to leave Twilight Town," I answered with a smile. "There are quite a few worlds out there and I intend to see them. The repairs I needed to make to my ship are complete, as is a method of defending myself."

"What about your shop?"

"That will be leaving with me," I tilted my head at him. "There will only be an empty lot left behind when I go."

"Excuse me," One of the teens drew my attention from the older duck. "But I have to ask how are you going to take what I assume is a building with you on your Gummi Ship." The teen was a boy with spiky brown hair, blue eyes and his clothing was in dark colors with red trim.

"Well first my people didn't need Gummi ships to travel between worlds," I replied with an amused tone. "We had our own type of ships that able to take us anywhere we wish. Whenever we land our ships disguise themselves as something to blend in with their surroundings. When I arrived here my ship disguised itself as the building my shop is in."

"Wouldn't people notice a new building popping up?" The redhead in pink asked once they all processed my words.

"Perception filters take care of that," I shrugged at them. "They make it so that anything is out of place is simply not worth the effort to notice. Like the fact, there is now a building where there hadn't been one the day before. Or that an entire building just up and vanished." I gestured at the duck in red. "Mister McDuck is probably one of the few who would notice. He has a strong enough will, and is naturally very observant."

"Wow..." The boy who first spoke scratched the back of his head. "It can go anywhere?"

"Even places that technically don't exist." I nodded at his question. "Why do you ask?"

"We are looking for a friend, who we can't seem to find anywhere." He explained with a frown. "She's supposed to be trapped in the Realm of Darkness. But it is a big place, and even our Gummi ships don't work there."

I pursed my lips. "You want me to find this friend?"

"Could you?"

"It would likely be a trivial matter to resolve," I answered with a growing frown. "However, I am not sure that is something I should do."

"But I'm asking for help."

"To be more precise you are in effect asking for Divine Intervention from someone who is not permitted to interfere in historical events." I countered tersely. "If I intervene then let's call it Fate's Script will potentially go completely off the rails."

"Libby," I turned my attention back to Scrooge. "Why do ya say that?"

I sighed softly. "Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am The Librarian, one of the last of the Lords of Time. A single misstep from me could cause you to never have been born, to begin with." I shook my head at their wide-eyed expressions. "If you want my help you need to give me a logical reason as to why."

"You are a compassionate person?" The brown-haired boy suggested.

I gave the boy a flat look. "I am incapable of feeling any emotion. So try again."

"They can help ya get a heart," Scrooge spoke up after a moment.

"Mister McDuck," I turned back to him. "Why would I want something I never had to begin with?"

"Because without one yer missing out on a lot the universe has to offer." He peered up at me over his glasses. "There are somethings ya just need emotions to properly understand."

I frowned for several moments before looking to the teens. "Just who are you looking for?"

"Her name is Aqua," The boy spoke again. "She's a Keyblade Master."

"And your names?"

"Oops." He gave me a sheepish look. "I'm Sora, these are my friends, Kairi, Riku, Donald, and Goofy."

"Well, who then was the last persons to be in her physical proximity?"

"That would be King Mikey and me," Riku answered.

I removed my glove and stepped toward him, touching his arm with my bare hand. For a few moments, I saw him in his entirety. I pulled my hand back and my glove on. Turning I began walking back to my Tardis.

"Hey, where are you going?" Sora cried out behind me.

"To retrieve Aqua," I replied.

A few moments later the group minus Scrooge were chasing after me. I paid them little heed as I went down the streets, not pausing or slowing my pace. They followed me into the shop and managed to get into the Console Room before I sealed the doors.

"Is this your ship?" Kairi asked softly as she peered around at the pure white chamber with the roundels in the walls.

"Yes, please do not touch anything on the Console." I paused glancing at them while beginning to work the controls. "Especially since this ship has cannons. I would rather not accidentally blow up Twilight Town."

"So how are we going to find Aqua?" Sora asked quite eagerly.

"Simple, I'm just going to pop back just after Riku last met her."

"But time travel doesn't work like that."

"It does when you are with a Timelord in a Tardis." I quipped back listening to the grinding wheeze for the first time in years. I then pointed at a flat spot on the console devoid of controls, yet with multicolored strips covering it. "Riku place your hands there if you would?"

"Why?" He asked even as he complied.

"It will help Suzie lock onto your friend beyond the basic information I was able to pull from you. Just visualize her in your mind."

"Who is Suzie?" Donald was the one who asked that one.

"The plaque over there has the name this ship was commissioned with. But I prefer to call her Suzie instead." I gestured vaguely in the correct direction. The grinding wheeze stopped as I landed, I made sure the chameleon circuit was set to factory default for this. "Alright, we are here. Riku as she knows you, I suggest you be the one to convince her to come in." I flipped the lever to open the doors and all but Kairi rushed out.

"How is it you don't have a heart?"

"I wasn't created with one," I answered while monitoring the sensors, closing the doors again while the others searched for the missing woman. "To put it in terms you would understand. I am an incomplete copy of Father Time."

"Really what is he like?"

"Once, he was a great man. Then absolute power corrupted him into being a homicidal megalomaniac." I glanced at her with a wry expression. "You are lucky I am not a complete copy or I would be just as bad." I turned my attention back to the sensors. I flipped the switch to open the doors, allowing the ones who had left to return. They came back with a blue-haired woman in tow. Once I made sure that they were all accounted for I closed the doors and began piloting my Tardis back to Twilight Town a minute after we had left.
"An incorruptible heart?"

"It is the only kind I would accept," I replied before biting the bit of salad from my fork. "One that cannot be corrupted by either Light or Darkness. And more importantly, will not shatter from the extremes my kind can experience. Even a one such as yours would be destroyed, were I to possess it and merely get a bit angry."

Aqua went quiet as we and the those who had gone with me to retrieve her shared a meal. We were all in Scrooge's restaurant, and she was enjoying the first decent food she had in years. She had quite a few different plates around her, I had no doubt she would likely spend hours burning off all the food she was consuming today. "Hearts don't quite work that way, they always have both Light and Darkness within them. It is up to the person and their convictions that determine whether the heart will end up corrupted or not."

"Then what is the point of having one?" I was starting to wonder if I should have ignored Scrooge's argument and just have left.

"To be without emotion." She paused for a few moments. "That would be merely surviving, a pale shadow of what living life is. You have no idea how happy or grateful I am to have been rescued."

"Had I not intervened, they would have found you eventually," I replied after a few moments. "Or more aptly found your Heartless."

Utter silence descended over the table at my words. "How do you know that?"

"I found you by using Riku." I hummed as I considered how to word thing. "He was the last person present that had seen you. When I touched him, I was able to read his thread in the tapestry of fate. I saw every moment of his life, from the very beginning to its ultimate end. So I knew exactly where they would have found you if they had not asked for my help." I then shrugged. "Pulling you forward in time, took less effort than keeping you from trying to kill them would have."

"Do we win in the end?" Goofy was the one to ask that.

"I will only say this," I paused turning to look over at Sora for several moments. "No matter how much pain fills you, keep walking forward. A day will dawn when the War is over."

"That wasn't very helpful."

"Well, that was more drawing from my past than foretelling your future." I ignored their expressions. "Trust me, it is better for everyone if I don't give out spoilers."

"And my Heartless?" Aqua asked softly.

"Was erased from existence because we retrieved you just after you saved Riku," I said after swallowing more of my salad. "So you did not live through the years where you would have lost your Keyblade, or been converted into a Heartless. By stepping in I changed your history, and by doing so alter your fate."

"Thank you." She murmured.

"Don't thank me yet," I replied with a frown. "Things still have a chance to go pear-shaped, just in a different way than they would have."

Donald frowned in his seat. "Why did you help us if it would cause problems?"

"Mister McDuck is a friend." I glanced toward the older duck in question. "He has a very convincing voice." It did not help that accent aside he sounded exactly like one of His future selves. "He also taught me how to run a successful business. As such even without emotion, his words carry a lot of weight with me."

I finished my food and wiped my mouth. Before rising from my chair. "Thank you for the meal. But I have some very important errands that I need to run."

"What about the issue of your heart?" Kairi asked with concern.

"How about we wait until after you lot have finished this little war of yours first." I smiled at her. "Right now focus on what you need to do. I can wait." With the last wave, I left them, placing my hat back on as soon as I was out the door. I frowned as I would have to make adjustments to ensure my meddling did not lead to disaster.

* * *

A foul odor jerked Kairi awake, her hand pushing away at the hand holding smelling salts. She blinked as she saw the Librarian's dispassionate eye staring down at her. "What happened?"

"You seem to have fainted for some reason." An armored finger was held in front of her. "Follow my fingers with your eyes." The young teen blinked yet obeyed watching the finger as it moved back and forth then up and down. "Hmmm." An odd buzzing noise came from the gauntlet before the older girl spoke "Well everything seems perfect. Try calling your keyblade for a moment."

"Okay..." Confused she did as asked and summoned the weapon into her hand. "Why though?"

"Need to make sure you are not suffering from something that would keep you from the final battle tomorrow." The Timelord gave her one of those smiles that did not reach her eyes. "You're kind of vital, without you to watch their backs your friends could end up in trouble. Now, what was the last thing you remember?"

"I was heading to bed after sharing some paupu with Sora." She gave the other girl a worried look. "Am I okay?"

"As far as I can tell you seem to be just perfect. It possible you were more tired than you thought." Another of those smiles. "Might I suggest getting to the bed you were going to?"

"What are you doing here?" At the arched brow, Kairi continued. "I mean it has been a while since we last saw you."

"Two reasons," The Librarian looked toward the sea with a sigh. "I travel to see new things. Such as the sunset and then stars as visible from right here. I'm also keeping an eye on you and your friends. To make sure my intervention last time did not mess things up." She held up her hands' palm up. "I may not be able to help in the battles, but I can make sure those who are supposed to be there, are."

Kairi pulled herself to her feet with a smile. "Are you sure you don't have a heart? Your actions show that you're nicer than you think."

"Just get to bed." The Librarian spoke in a tired tone.

"Take care, Libby." The teen waved before darting off, glancing back only once to see the other girl staring off over the ocean.

* * *

Kairi jerked awake with a scream, a hand on her shoulder and another rubbing her back soon calmed her down. She blinked as she took in her surroundings. She was laid on a simple bed in a small white room with familiar roundels on the walls. The Librarian minus her coat and hat was next to her. She could feel something odd attached to her forehead. "Libby? What happened... The last I remember was."

"Likely the Ganger dying in your place." The Timelord spoke softly as she started to detach some odd mass of wires from the younger girl's head.


"A disposable clone without a mind, heart, or soul of its own." The mass of wires was held where she could see it. "This linked it to you. Allowing you to use it as if it were your real body."

"But how?"

"I swapped you for the Ganger." The Librarian sighed. "I'm not going to allow Sora to sacrifice himself to resurrect you. Not when I can use technology that was designed to be used in situations where someone has to work in extremely hazardous conditions."

"You knew what was going to happen?"

"Of course I knew." She rose then gestured for Kairi to follow. "Now we don't have much time, Sora is currently at the critical moment to do what only he can do."

Kairi rose, wobbled slightly before following after the taller girl. "And what is that?"

"The same thing the Doctor did in the war I fought in." She spoke as they entered the Console Room. She began to rapidly flip switches. "Bring an end to the madness, the only way someone like him can."

"Who is the Doctor?" Kairi asked very much confused by everything.

Libby paused for a moment. "If I were to consider Mister McDuck the closest thing I have to an Uncle. Then the Doctor would be my Dad." The smile she gave this time was almost sad. "Even though there is no blood relation at all." The grinding wheeze stopped and Libby flipped a final switch opening the doors. "Now come along."

* * *

I slipped away during the celebrations, leaving the massive block party that had formed. Returning down the side street where my shop had always been while this world was my home. I came to a stop with a soft chuckle and shook my head. "Mister McDuck." The shrewd mallard stood just outside the door.

"Libby," He greeted me with a shake of his head. "Why are ya not staying for the party?"

"It is better I slip away unnoticed," My answer caused him to sigh. "I wish to see what is out there. This makes me a Renegade because I left Gallifrey, more so since I meddled in history. It is fortunate there is no one to enforce those rules anymore."

"Far be it from me to stop someone from chasing their dreams." He shook his head with a rueful chuckle. "Still before ya go there is one thing I still want." I crouched down, looked at him straight in the eye, and smiled. "Now that lass is a proper smile."

I hugged him, receiving one in turn. "Goodbye Uncle Scrooge." I murmured in his ear before letting go.

"Goodbye Libby." He patted my back before stepping aside. "Ya take care of yerself."

We tipped our hats to each other before I entered my Tardis. I suspect he watched as it faded away with a distinctive grinding wheeze. I hummed darting about the Console, flipped switches, pulled levers, and turned dials following in my wake. Eventually, I pulled the de-materialization lever down once more.

I stepped outside on a new world, breathing in the air as I turned about taking in the sights around me. The tall green buildings, the green streets. The only thing I saw that was not green was myself and the Blue Police Call Box that my Tardis currently looked like. "You cheeky girl, well I'm not going to object if you want to dress up like her from time to time."

I looked about some more. "The people here must either really like green, or be color blind." I paused thinking over a few things. "I wonder could this be the Emerald City?" If so then the people of Oz were significantly more advanced than their reputation suggested. My wandering soon found a place with a different color, brown.

It seemed to be a large training ground, filled with massive boulders and what I hoped was training equipment. The grounds were currently inhabited by an eclectic collection of various body types and genders. They all wore varying outfits that only shared a theme of green white and black. On their chests were empty white circles, save for what I guessed was their instructor. He seemed to be a cross between a pig and a bull-dog, in his version of the outfit. The circle on his chest contained the stylized image of a lantern.

Currently, he was watching as a turret blasted bolts of yellow energy at all the others. Some were sent flying, and some had the bright idea to take cover behind some of the larger boulders. I walked up to him behind watching things play out. Stopping next to him I hummed before asking. "So what are they supposed to be learning?"

"How to avoid getting hit when they can't use their shields." He growled back glaring at his students.

"So dodge training." I nodded in understanding. "Though it seems the brighter ones are hiding rather than dodging."

A second turret rose as I spoke, before letting loose more yellow bolts from behind the students. "Those Poozers are too focused in one direction." He then glanced at me and blinked. "You are not a Lantern."

"I should hope not." I glanced up at him. "Its bad news if I start glowing. Unless I add a light bulb to my hat."

He rubbed his face for a moment or two. "Not that kind. Green Lanterns like me protect the universe from the worst criminals out there."

"Ah..." I pondered softly. "Never heard of you guys before."

"How did you get here?"

"My ship can disappear in one place and reappear someplace else." I hummed softly. "I set the Nav to random and this is where I ended up. So I take it this isn't the Emerald City of Oz?"

"No, It's the Planet Oa." He gave a long-suffering sigh.

"Too bad I was looking forward to finding the Wizard." At his look, I explained. "He looks like a giant floating head according to what I've heard." I looked back at the students that were now trying to evade getting hit. "So why green and yellow?"

"Green is the Light of Will," He explained. "These Poozers aren't strong enough yet to overcome their fears which leaves them vulnerable to anything the Color of Fear."

I pondered that for several moments. "So a solid gold toothpick would do more damage to them than a say a normal fist?"

"Currently?" He chuckled at my question. "Yes, as a matter of fact, it would. I'm Kilowog, as their Drill Instructor, it's my job to train them to be able to deal with anything... Even toothpicks."

"I'm the Librarian," I grinned up at him. "I don't have a job beyond wandering to random places and meeting interesting people." I hummed softly. "That and probably rebuilding the Library."

"What happened to the old one?"

"It was on my home planet," I replied. "If you were to go there right now, all you would find is empty space and debris."

He grimaced at the image that provoked. "War?"

"War." My nod drew a sigh from him. "So are Lanterns more soldiers or police?"

"Latter more than the former." The next moment his voice carried across the grounds as both turrets deactivated. "You Poozers are a complete disappointment. Those of you still standing help the others get all your asses to Medical. Once they are done with you hit the showers and get some rest. We will be starting over from the top tomorrow!"

The resulting groans amused me as I watched some stumble to help the rest. "I hope they realize how easy you are going on them."

"This wasn't easy!" One girl snapped as she helped one of her classmates passed us.

"Try to having to learn on an active battlefield where one error results in your death?" I glanced at the red-haired, violet skinned young female. "Where there isn't medical staff waiting for you? No food, let alone working showers? Compared to that you have it easy."

She along with the rest paused as my words sank in, there were distinctly fewer verbalized complaints as they left. Kilowog grunted after a few moments. "Are you old enough for your species to drink?"

"Yes," I smiled softly. "I am most definitely old enough to drink."

The bar he took me to was filled with more individuals all wearing the same basic theme in their outfits. The drink that was set before me fizzed something fierce but proved to be quite tasty. I ended up having several by the time someone asked me a question.

"So what is your story?"

"Oh just an Omniversal wanderer," I replied with a smirk. "Visiting random places after having to manually reboot a universe while I was staying there after my homeworld went bye-bye."

"How does one manually reboot a universe?"

"With great effort and difficulty since the equipment needed to fully automate everything was on my homeworld when it went bye-bye," I replied as I took another sip. "So what are the story with you Lanterns, mean beyond the whole space cop thing."

"We were founded to help the Guardians bring order to the universe." Another voice spoke.

"Well, I hope it isn't absolute order they are going for." I hummed softly. "That would be bad, as in the universe instantly goes boom bad."

Kilowog leaned down with his drink. "Could you explain that bit?"

I pondered a moment before nodding. "Sure, but I'm going to have to dumb this down a lot for you guys to have any idea of what I'm talking about. I mean, I figure you're all the best and brightest of your species but I doubt you have the education needed to understand the full explanation."

"So sometime shortly after the Big Bang, all of existence was complete and utter chaos. There were planets where the inhabitants and all their things were quite literally made of candy. The direction water flowed depending on which day it was. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes rightways, sometimes sideways." In the corner of my eye, I saw some turning to me as they listened.

"In this rolling mass of insanity floated a planet called Gallifrey. Where there lived an Architect and Engineer named Rassilon who got annoyed that the building he made would get devoured by locusts every Fudgeday. He and his best buddy at the time Omega agreed there needed to be something better. So they cracked their heads together and with a lot of hard work and sweat created a new invention specifically designed to resist the craziness all around them. They called this invention Science." I accepted another drink and sipped away between words.

"Using Science they were able to beat back all the nonsense, enough to make reality a bit more sane and livable. Until while trying to figure out how to fix time so cause followed effect, new insanity appeared. This took the form of massive monsters who could suck the life out of entire planets in seconds. Who saw reality as nothing but a giant all you can eat buffet."

"What happened then?"

"Rassilon led the armies of Gallifrey into battle and hunted all those monsters to extinction after sealing shut the rip they came through. Shortly after Omega alerts him that he figured out time enough to create the power source needed to make Science and ordered Time self-propagating. Just required freezing a star at the exact instant it blew up and collapsed into a singularity." I grinned. "Since existence was so young at the time, even the oldest star in existence had to be detonated manually. Pirates attack, Omega gets lost in the booms, and Rassilon barely makes it back home with that power source."

"After grieving for losing his best drinking buddy. Rassilon turned around and began building the framework that would become known as the Web of Time. It is the framework that every universe that exists runs off of. With help from all the Gallifreyians who flocked to his banner, he unleashed throughout all time and space. Hammered it into place and tore out the old now obsolete system that was originally there." I giggled softly. "And five seconds after he turned everything on, the Omniverse snapped into existence. My people became known as Timelords, and one of our many jobs was to keep it all running."

I frowned softly. "Since even with us, we could only keep an eye at so many parts of it at once. They had designed things to be heavily automated. With them only having to have the control systems on our planet. One of those automatic processes is a safeguard. Too much order or too much chaos and the universe goes into system crash. Without a Timelord to fix things either manually on-site or remotely back on Gallifrey. Then the universe is pretty much erased from existence, along with everything in it. Permanently."

I grinned at them after finishing my final drink. "So absolute order is inherently impossible by design. It's why anyone who tries to implement it on a large scale always gets a very bad end."

I looked at Kilowog. "Thanks for the drink I think I'm going to go sleep it off in my ship."

"Do you need help getting to it?"

I shook my head before tapped a control on my gauntlet. "Nope..." A distinct grinding wheeze began to fill the room. "I think I can walk to the corner of the room easily enough." I hummed as I walked over to the materializing box. Unlocked it once it finished and stumbled inside. I made sure to close the door after me before collapsing on my sofa.

I woke up sometime later with a very unpleasant pounding in my head, pulling myself from the couch I stumbled over to my bathroom. To handle certain issues as well as take several pain relievers. Once clean and in a fresh set of clothes, I exited my Tardis again. Stumbling to the bar and asking the being tending it for water. I think it was a different person from last time.

A little blue man in a crimson robe was in the seat next to me. He pushed what I thought was some kind of salted nuts in front of me. "Thanks," I muttered before starting to munch. "So who are you?"

"I am Ganthet, one of the Guardian's of the Universe." He answered sounded amused.

"Librarian, one of The Last of the Lords of Time," I replied while glancing over at him. "So what has you, obviously waiting for me?"

"A few questions on what you told the off duty Green Lanterns last night."

"To be fair I probably dumbed it down too much due to how drunk I was." I grimaced. "Tasty drink, yet unpleasant after-effects."

"Just how literal were you being?"

I paused at his question, reviewing my memories for a few seconds. "Completely literal if you must know. Just glossed over a whole lot of details they didn't need to know." I giggled softly. "Believe it or not Fudgeday is still on our calendar, random buildings don't turn into fudge anymore though. I think next Fudgeday I'll be finding some actual fudge to eat."

"And this Rassilon existed?" He asked with an arched brow.

"Yes," I grumbled. "He was still alive ten years ago when I escaped my planet just before it was lost. He's been ruling or influencing Timelord society for billions of years."

"From your tone, you clearly don't like him."

"No, he is one of the main reasons things turned out the way they did." My tone turned sarcastic as I thought of the man I was cloned from. "I have a very dim view of those demand absolute obedience."

"As you may have guessed I have a vested interest in keeping this universe running." He gestured all around us.

"You keep all your stuff in it." I nodded in understanding.

"Quite." He chuckled for a moment. "How does one reboot a crashing universe as you put it?"

"Sorry can't tell you," I replied with a sigh. "That's one of those Timelord only bits. I can mention I can do it. But if I were to explain to you how. Then I would be legally required to immediately kill you afterward. And I rather not kill if I don't have to."

"But you can do it?"

I picked up one of the nuts. "I could use this to do it if I wanted." I then popped it in my mouth chewed. "Anywhere, anytime. Requires a damned good reason for me to even consider it."

"Would you mind us being able to contact you if such a situation were to arise where we needed help?" He seemed thoughtful as he asked the question.

"That is permitted so long as you realize that I will reserve the right to say no."

"That is fair." He admitted. "What about having a Green Lantern travel with you for a time?" At my look, he explained. "Traveling the universe alone can have bad effects on the mind if you don't have someone to talk with."

I hummed for a few moments. "Only if Kilowog picks one from his current batch of students. They also are required to be able to feel normal emotions."

"Why is that?"

"I will not have an emotionless person on my ship," I growled as I thought things over. "I know how easy it is for such an individual to become a complete monster. It's worse if they try to force that state onto others. That breaks a law that has only one penalty."

"Which is?"

"Death," I looked at him seriously as I spoke. "It is one thing to choose to live a life without emotion for yourself. But to force it on others is completely unacceptable." At his questioning expression, I continued. "Back in the core reality cluster, there is a race known as the Cybermen. They use cybernetics to remove their emotions and forcibly convert others into more of themselves. It is standard policy for all races who meet them, Timelords included, to kill on sight."

"If you met one of these Cybermen what would you do?"

"If I met a Cyberman or anything like a Cyberman." I frowned at him. "Like any other soldier, I would exterminate them and those who created them just to be safe. Hopefully, no one is stupid enough to do something like that."

"I see." He went quiet for several moments. "Would you mind moving your ship to one of our dedicated landing pads for visitors?"

"Give me the coordinates and I'll move the ship once I finish eating."

He created a glowing green image of the planet before zooming it down to show several landing zones. "I do not know what convention you use for your navigation system but any of these pads will do."

I turned my gauntlet and activated the holographic display before repeating the process with information drawn from Suzie's sensor data. "So these?"

"Yes." He dismissed the image he created while I saved the information and did the same. "So I take that is more than just a gauntlet?"

"Little Omni-tool of my own making." I grinned at it. "Not trusting my life to something that I can lose easily. So something worn while looking cool is the way to go."

"A somewhat similar line of thought resulted in the Lantern Rings," He chuckled and shook his head. "Though more on it being harder to lose than how it looked."
A few days later I sat outside my Tardis, legs hanging over the side of the bridge leading to the pad I had chosen. Thoughts running every which way as I pondered what had ended up inside my pocket. I turned at the sound of footsteps, spotting Kilowog arriving with a very exhausted looking girl. It was the redhead from the training session I had witnessed. She looked to be in her late teens if not early in her adulthood. Her uniform consisted of the standard bodysuit most seemed to prefer with the addition of a skirt covering her hips and upper thighs. It also now had the Lantern Emblem between her breasts.

I gave them a wave. "So is that the one you picked?"

"She and the other Poozers only just finally made muster." He grumbled as they came to a stop near me. "She was also consistently the least useless of the bunch. So should have a decent chance at not completely embarrassing the Corps."

The girl gave him an annoyed glare at his. "Your standards are insane." She snapped at him.

"If it seems crazy but works, then, was it crazy?" I commented amusedly as I climbed to my feet. "You'll be grateful when everything he put you through gives you the edge you need to survive." I held out my hand. "Anyway I am the Librarian since you will be traveling with me you can call me Libby."

She had a decent grip as she shook my hand. "Aura Ro. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Libby."

My lips quirked as I nodded using the handshake scan her ring so I could ring-proof my Tardis from its sensors. "Now there are some rules when being the traveling Companion to a Timelord."I held up one finger. "Rule one, if I say run, run." Kilowog arched a brow as he heard me tell her that.

I held up a second finger "Rule Two, you do not try to change major historical events."

"What happens if that one gets broken?" She asked with a frown.

"Very Bad Things," I spoke in all capitals with that one before raising my third finger. "Rule Three, Don't forget to have fun." I finished with a smile that I hoped she found friendly enough.

"Have fun?"

"For me, every day is a vacation." I giggled mirthfully before turning serious. "Except for the times when it isn't."

"That is quite an odd way to see things." She glanced at her now former Instructor as I started walking to my Tardis.

"When you have seen all that is, all that was, and all that will be." I glanced back as she started to follow. "Then you tend to be a bit odd to those who haven't seen that themselves." I unlocked the door and led her inside, making straight for the Console. Aura paused at how much space the chamber took up compared to how small the exterior was outside.

"So where will I be sleeping?" She asks while I closed the doors and prepped for a slower trip this time.

"Suzie will have a room for you," I stated as I pushed up the main lever and we were soon departing from Oa. "Just go through the doorway over there." I pointed to an archway leading deeper into the ship. "While thinking of where you want to go and she arrange things so you'll go straight to it. Or any other unrestricted part of the ship, such as the kitchen, library, or the gallery for some examples."

"Who is Suzie?" She asked after nodding to my words.

I patted the Console. "Suzie is the ship all around you. She is as sapient as you or me. She currently doesn't talk much."

"Then how will she guide me?"

"She is telepathic," I replied with a smile. "I am sure your ring has a universal translation function?" At her nod, I smiled. "Suzie does that too, anything you hear or read will be in your native language." Except for written Gallifreyian, that never gets translated. Instead, Suzie will just likely use more universal sign-age where needed for any guests. "Just follow the glowing arrows whenever you need to find something."

"So where are we heading?"

"A place where I can get a different type of food dispenser." I grinned at her in amusement. "Though at normal cruising speed it will take some time for us to arrive." I removed my hat and stepped away from the console before setting it on a rack. "So time to get settled in."

"What is wrong with the current one?" She asked after second.

"It can make anything you want, so long as what you want are traditional Gallifreyian foods." I grimaced at the thought of those. "So avoid the dispenser, and go for the refrigerator if you want something to eat. I'm fully stocked with food from my last stop before Oa."

"I'm afraid to ask what are those foods?"

"They take the form of tablets, pills, wafers or white bars for food, all drinks except water are an orange liquid," I explained. "They can mimic the taste and texture of anything, but only come in those reprogrammed forms. Regardless of species, you won't get sick from it. But it doesn't look appetizing." I walked deeper into the Tardis and she followed. "The Food Dispenser will chase you down if you end up too hungry. I just want to upgrade it so it produces more then it was originally designed to. I am so glad that it does not dispense the cubes."

"And the cubes?"

"My peoples' version of Meals Ready to Eat," I replied. "Everything you need to survive, yet completely and utterly tasteless. Things keep forever." We soon came upon a door which had the Green Lantern Emblem on it. "I suspect this is the room that Suzie has set aside for you."

"Then I should best get settled in." She moved to the door which opened at her approach.

"If you need anything specific just ask Suzie out loud." At her nod, I left her to explore her new quarters. I focused and another door appeared this one leading to the Laboratory. The door closing and shifting back to where it was supposed to be once I was through. I walked to the table with a frown on my lips.

Laid on a table was a corpse, one of a species I did not recognize. Yet the body was clad in a torn Lantern uniform and the body had one severed leg. From my pocket, I pulled out a scratched and slightly charred ring. "Suzie, make sure this body stays preserved. Until we can return it to the proper time for burial."

The body was soon covered in an energy field before the table retracted into the wall. Leaving just another roundels in its place. I walked to one of the more intensive scanners and placed the ring inside. "Now let us see just what secrets you have that fellow didn't want the Guardians to find you or the body. Let alone why you're blue instead of green."

* * *

Hours later Aura found me back in the Console Room, humming as my Tardis crossed into the universe that I wanted. I smiled at her as she arrived. "Sleep well I hope."

"The bed was fairly comfortable." She replied with a nod. "How about you?"

"Ah, my kind don't sleep all that often." My smile turned sheepish. "So I am glad my idea of adding beds to the Living Quarters turned out to be a good idea."

"So where are we going to land?"

"We're not," I answered with as I flipped a few switched. "At least not in this particular universe. I'm going to transmat a few abandoned items into an empty Store Room. First is a pair of runabouts that were written off by their original owners and that no one bothered to salvage."

"Why were they abandoned," Aura asked slightly interested.

I hummed at what I was seeing via the sensors. "The first one was due to complete power loss while fleeing a battle. Thankfully the crew was rescued by an allied ship, the second was abandoned after the crew was rescued due ending up under attack three years after the first."

"So how do you know where they were?"

"Well, I could say, I know because I'm a Timelord with a unique method of viewing time," I smirked at her. "I could also say that various realities have reflections within each other, that I used to research just what I was going to get. Both options would be true." At her puzzled expression, I explained. "One universe's fiction is another's fact. I could likely find a reality where your favorite childhood fantasy story took place. The people you imagined would be real, yet there would be differences in the fine details."

"So there could be realities were the Corps are fiction?"

I pondered a moment. "Most likely, I haven't found anything myself yet."

"Big Omniverse?" She asked after a few moments.

"You have a talent for vastly understating things," I replied as I snagged item on my list.

This turned out to be at first glance man in a jumpsuit. He was holding what was a weapon. He blinked looking around before spotting the pair of us and lowering the said weapon. He had dark hair that was immaculately combed back. His skin was a pale silver while his eyes had golden irises. "I seem to have been rescued."

"One nanosecond before the blast wave hit you," I confirmed with a nod. "If you haven't guessed the I used also disabled that weapon of yours. I didn't want you shooting my control room wall."

"Understandable. I am Lieutenant Commander Data." He stated as he approached the Console and looked at it. "What type of vessel am I on?"

"I'm the Librarian." I gestured around us. "And this is my Tardis."

He blinked once before looking at me. "Would you be of the same species as The Doctor?"

"He really gets around." I giggled softly shaking my head in amusement. "Yes, I take it you managed to meet him at some point?"

"The Cybermen from your universe attempted to invade this one several years ago." He replied. "With his help, we were able to stop them."

I was silent for several moments as I processed that. "Well, this is my Companion Aura. In her universe, she is an intergalactic peace-keeper. I rescued you for several reasons. One is that at this point this instance of you should have no further influence on the timeline."

"If I were to desire to return to the Federation?"

"Then I would drop you off somewhere you'd be able to send a signal for pick up," I replied with a frown. "Though having two of you running around would make things a bit odd for both versions. It would also significantly change history."

He seemed to think for several moments. "I would like to know what happened to the Enterprise."

I nodded before gesturing to the door deeper into the Tardis. "The arrows will point you to a room with a terminal you can use. Suzie will give you access to the sensor data and information you wish. If you choose to stay then it will serve as your quarters."

"It will likely have your organization's emblem on the door." Aura commented as Data left the Control Room to find the room I had mentioned. "Libby, how many items are you going to be collecting anyway?"

"Just a few more derelicts," I replied with a smirk. "Though I'm avoiding anything that should be dangerous."

* * *

Data found me a couple of hours later, in the storeroom I had decided to store everything I had acquired from his reality. Aura and I were doing inspections for just what was damaged on the USS Shenandoah, the USS Mekong parked a few yards away. I think however it was the sections of various larger derelict starships I had managed to fit inside that briefly gave him pause. "Are those from a Romulan Warbird?"

I glanced over to what he was looking for. "Yes, the most intact sections from several different wrecks. There is a lot of litter to pick from. While I would prefer more intact samples, those usually tend to be in use. Far more acceptable to scoop up salvage from old battlefields instead. I have samples from the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Empires."

"May I ask the purpose of gathering all these samples?"

"My technology may be extremely advanced, however, my people were obsessed with tradition." My answer was followed by a despairing sigh. "To the point once something was designed the first time, then that would set its appearance for any successive version. Even if the inner workings became more and more advanced. It would still look the same as the first production model. The only exception to this was with Tardis console refits and sonic screwdrivers. Even then they kept to the same overall pattern."

"The Doctor's Tardis looked quite different from what I have observed so far." He replied after a moment.

"What you saw was his desktop theme. He has traveled quite a bit, and has highly customized his Tardis to his tastes." I shrugged while continuing to scan the runabout, the holographic display visible over my gauntlet. "Both of us are extremely young compared to those two. I'm quite literally just getting started in my travels."

"How old are you?" Aura asked after I had finished speaking.

"Hmm..." I paused to start thinking it over. "Well, I don't know how long I was in stasis before I was let out of the cloning tank. But I had the physical development of a two-year-old. I spent a few years with the Doctor until I was physically nine, then we parted ways and I spent the remaining time surviving as a conscript until I deserted and started doing things my way."

Both were silent while I pondered a moment. "I was physically thirteen when I finally managed to escape Gallifrey after rescuing Suzie from the assholes who made her scream." After adding the time I spent recovering in Twilight Town. "I think I'm around twenty-three or maybe twenty-four."

"And this Doctor that keeps getting mentioned." Aura pressed. "How old is he?"

"Likely around nine hundred years old at least by my estimate." I shrugged softly. "We live for around thirteen thousand years on average." Like my genetic donor, I would live much longer. I had his variant of the regeneration retrovirus instead of the limited version others had. I am a physically mature adult, but culturally I would be viewed as a child by any Timelord worth their name if they knew my age.

The silence stretched for several moments before I spoke up again. "So Lieutenant Commander, I assume you came here looking for me?"

"Yes." He spoke with a blink. "After reviewing what information on the Enterprise that was available I came to tell you my decision."

"So staying or getting dropped off somewhere?"

"I believe I will stay, however, I would like to send a message to my friends."

"Fantastic," I beamed a few moments before gesturing about at all the tech I had collected. "I figure you can make something to act as a message bottle. As long as I have what I need to upgrade the food dispenser with a programmable food replicator I'll be happy."

Data gave a nod before setting off to find what he needed. I made a note to transmat whatever he made to the Enterprise before we left temporal orbit.
The repaired and refit Enterprise was en route to its next mission at mid warp. Captain Jean-Luc Picard rubbed the bridge of his nose, once again wishing he was not having to break in an entirely new First Officer. Having just completed his latest entry into the Captain's Log he rose from his seat and moved to the replicator. The sound of something clattering behind him interrupted his request for tea.

Looking about he quickly noticed an additional datapad on his desk. It had not been there when he had gotten up. Curious he went over and cautiously picked it up. It was set to playback a video log as soon as a command was entered. A tap had the log play.

"Hello Captain," Data sat in a chair, the passenger compartment of a Danube-class visible in the background. He looked just as he had when Picard had last seen him. "I am recording this sixteen hours after the destruction of the Scimitar. I was transported off the ship by a Tardis that I have since learned is a Time Dreadnaught."

He pauses for a few moments. "This was due to the database access I was granted so that I could confirm the survival of you and the rest of the Enterprise. It is currently under the command of what is the Timelord equivalent of a Starfleet Academy Cadet. One that is currently collecting abandoned wrecks, the runabout I am using to record this being one of the more intact examples."

"The Timelord, referring to themselves as the Librarian, offered me a place on their ship. As my return would alter established history, I have decided to accept it. You will find additional messages addressed to each of my friends stored in this datapad. Goodbye Captain, it was an experience serving with you." A moment later Data reached forward and the recording ended.

Picard had fallen into a chair when the recording began, watching it in shock. The contents were bittersweet. Good in that Data was still alive out there somewhere. Bad in that he would not be coming back. "A Dreadnaught in the hands of a Cadet." He pondered that situation before chuckling. "I can see why you decided to stay on board. Good luck my friend I suspect you will need it."

* * *

With the navigation set to randomized, we left Data's universe, at a slightly faster speed than we had arrived. Aura, it seemed was getting a little stir crazy. So I decided to have us arrive at our next destination a bit quicker. "Now," I said as I started getting a sense of amusement from Suzie. "Some universes have different rules than others. The further you get from the Core Reality the more fluid things become. For example, time is a lot more fluid in Data's universe due to its position on the Web of Time. Close enough that it shares many of the same physical laws, but far enough away that paradoxes aren't always potentially universe destroying problems."

"That is good to know but why are you saying such now?" Aura asked as Suzie's amusement got stronger as we got close to the border of our destination reality.

"Because some realities are relatively sensible." I began as we crossed into the new universe. One blink we were all humanoid, the next I was staring at a hoof at the end of my wrist. "Some though, some are just downright odd."

"We appear to have been transformed into equines." Data commented.

He turned into a very large stallion, with the same colorations he had previously. His uniform had been reduced to just the top half with his comm badge, on his flanks was the Starfleet emblem. A glance at Aura showed she had turned into a mare with wings and her ring wrapped around her forearm. Her uniform was also reduced to just a top, and her flanks had the Green Lantern emblem on them. She also had a pair of violet wings folded at her back.

"Libby," Aura asked with a slightly upset tone. "What just happened?"

I reached up and rubbed the horn I now sported. My clothing had been reduced to just a vest, shirt, and long coat. I could also feel another pair of additions hidden under the coat. It seemed I was golden toned with a pitch-black mane, on my flanks was a large hourglass wrapped in one of my chains. My gauntlet had also changed to match my new form, as had my glove.

"We seem to have been altered by the rules of this particular universe," I answered slowly as I began to test moving about. "It explains why I was getting such a sense of amusement from Suzie."

"Please tell me we will be able to turn back." She pleaded visibly unnerved by what had happened.

"Oh most likely once we leave." I giggled before reaching out and pulling my hoof down between the levers that controlled speed and materialization. I was glad that they were designed so the handles nearly touched each other. "Still though we can go out and explore. From what I am seeing the locals are oddly developed. They seem to be a mix of anything from the late Nineteenth to early Twenty-First century Earth. Though nowhere near as heavily industrialized."

"Should we change our apparel?" Data asked having experience fitting in with less advanced species.

"Up to you." I flipped a switch bringing up an image of equines prancing about without any clothing, though some did have some. "It seems this is an entirely clothing-optional planet. It seems there is a built-in perception filter regarding certain body parts. It is probably why we are no longer in bottom clothing. Basically what you are wearing now would likely be taken as your style I suspect. Though I would swap your belt for saddlebags if you intend to bring that hand scanner or weapon along."

"Where can we get those?" Aura asked after a moment of thought.

"The Wardrobe, it is an entire room designed to always have period-appropriate clothing for any planet we may visit," I stated with an amused tone. "Think of it as a giant replicator that is purpose-built for clothing, it will have items in your size that could serve before you reach it."

"Follow the arrows?" Data asked as he turned to head deeper into the Tardis.

I nodded and the pair of them left. I hummed as I waited before looking up to the ceiling. "Suzie, as you didn't warn us of your latest prank. You are going to have to interact with us more." I smirked at the puzzlement I felt coming from her. "I know that you have the genes that would allow you to take a humanoid form, so once we step outside you will be taking the equivalent to that form in this reality."

I got the distinct impression of her pouting. It did not let up even when the other two returned. Aura had kept her outfit as is, adding only a pair of saddlebags. Data had done the same, though his comm badge was missing and his belt had been replaced as suggested. I retrieved a pouch of local currency from the fabricator drawer using my chains in place of hands. Dropping it into a coat pocket as I turned my attention back to them.

Aura sighed as she approached. "Things would be a lot harder without my ring."

"Observe or ask the locals," I smirked at her while moving the door control. "They manage somehow."

We exited, passing through my old shop to the edge of a large forest. In the distance, we could see what was a village or town. Once we fully exited we heard the distinct sound of a Tardis taking off. My companions glanced back, Aura in mild alarm as the shop faded from view.

"Where is the ship going?"

"Just changing her outfit for something a bit more appropriate," I answered as the sound continued and a young filly materialized where the shop had been. She had a pale coat and a light blue mane that covered the entire right side of her face. Leaving only a single crimson eye visible. Her flanks held an hourglass over a compass star.

I trotted up to her and pulled her into a hug, drawing a startled meep from her. When I let go, my golden chains erupted from the ground and gently lifted her and set her on my back. Her forearms were soon wrapped about the back of my neck as I turned back toward the others, my chains dissolving away.

"Libby," Aura asked slowly. "What just happened?"

"The Type 102, was originally a woman who evolved into being a Tardis," I stated as I began to walk in the direction of the village. "Suzie as a Type 105 is one of her descendants. As such she can take a humanoid form or equine in this particular universe." I smirked at them. "There is a reason why I refer to her as my little sister."

"Big Brother is meanie pants." The filly murmured out softly.

"Just because I am determined to have you interact with others does not make me a meanie pants." I quipped back thrilled she said something. "Besides I'm not currently in any."

"Wait!" Aura halted and looked at me over. "You're a male?!?"

I paused glancing back at her and smile. "There are four possible genders for my species, male, female, some combination of both, or not applicable." I turned away and resumed walking. "I am somewhere on that spectrum. I have no problem with you treating me as a girl. Most people I have met do."

"Oh, then what about Suzie?" Aura looked at the little filly on my back.

I looked at the violet pegasus with a grin. "She prefers being female, so the form she took is such."

* * *

The village was quaint, made up of mostly multistory thatch-roofed cottages. There were a few that stood out, one building that looked like it had been made from gingerbread. And another building that seemed to have been created inside a rather large tree. The first steamed to be a bakery, while the second had a sign showing it was a Library. Considering my name, one would expect me to head to the latter location first. Instead, I headed straight for the bakery, curious to see what the local food tasted like.

The door was easily opened by pressing down on the handle and pushing it inward. The inside was filled with bright and cheerful colors. The first and most obvious thing was the main service counter. I could see various confections through the glass display. The sight of a pink cash register was amusing in itself. A glance around revealed booths and tables that could be used if one wanted to eat here.

Behind the counter was a yellow coated stallion with an orange mane. He wore a flat-topped baker's cap, and a white apron, with a striped bow-tie. He seemed to be speaking with a lavender unicorn who had the image overlapping stars on her flanks. "Sorry Twilight, but Pinkie dragged my wife into the kitchen insisting on having to make the best cupcakes ever. I have no idea when the two of them will be done."

The mare blinked at him slowly as she took in his words. "Did you catch what her reason was?"

"Something about visitors from beyond space and time coming for our cupcakes." He replied with a sigh. "The edible kind, not my wife thankfully."

"Pinkie Sense?" She asked in half dread.

He gave a slow nod as I made my way up to the counter. He turned to look at me and smile. "Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, my name is Carrot Cake how may I assist you?"

"As a visitor from beyond space and time, I would like to order a dozen assorted cupcakes." I smiled back at him as I spoke in a cheerful tone. "Some of which need to be blue, as that is my sister's favorite color."

The two equines blinked at me in surprise while Aura face-palmed with a hoof. "I thought we were keeping that secret."

"No, we are merely not letting them have access to anything beyond their level of development." I glanced back at her. "Usually if one of my kind tries to hide what we are, it always comes out during a time when there are screaming and lots of running." I pondered a moment. "As such, it is usually best to get that out of the way before the earth-shattering ka-booms."

The others went silent at my words before the unicorn spoke up. "You don't expect some disaster to hit Ponyville do you?"

I smiled at her. "My dear, I am always expecting a massive disaster to crop up whenever I visit somewhere." Her eyes widened as I continued. "So I am always pleasantly surprised when something bad doesn't happen."

"Nothing bad happened when we met." Aura chimed in with a frown.

I gave her a bemused smirk while Suzie giggled from her place on my back. Any further comments were waylaid by a pink blur that resolved into a mare. She had a poofy pink mane, a pink coat, and three balloons on her flanks. She balanced a tray full of cupcakes on her head before she spoke. "Hi! I'm Pinkamina Diane Pie, but all my friends call me Pinkie!"

"Greetings Miss Pie," I replied amused. "I am The Librarian, on my back is my little sister Suzie." I gestured at my two companions. "And these are Miss Aura Ro and Mister Data."

"Why call yourself that?" The Unicorn asked with a puzzled tone.

"Why my dear, because I'm the original definite article." I used one of His answers to that question. "There is very little I don't know, or cannot very easily find out just by consulting my library."

"Which library is it?" She perked up at the mention, it seemed she was somewhat interested in it.

"The Infinite Library," I found the words slipping from my lips even as I watched Suzie bite into the frosted goodness for the first time. "It has other names, the Akashic Records is the most common of them." Seeing her eye just light up brought a smile to my face even as she began to eat quicker.

"But..." The unicorn seemed almost frozen for a moment. "But... The Akashic Records are supposed to be mythical! Said to hold the total of knowledge for all ponykind."

"Think bigger," I frowned at the mare. "It would be tiny if it only contained only the small drop in the ocean of knowledge that ponies possess. It has all knowledge, from every world, from all races that have ever been capable of rational thought across the length and breadth of time and space. Without my permission, those who try to break in ending up dying in the process." I hummed a moment before taking a bite of a cupcake myself. "I have no mercy for those who would sacrifice the lives of innocents just for the glimpse of a single random sentence, on a random page, in a random book among countless others."

"They make nice snacks for my little nightmares," Suzie commented from her seat. "Big Brother should boop Twilight Sparkle."

I arched a brow at peered at the filly digging into her next cupcake. "And who, pray tell is Twilight Sparkle?"

The unicorn nervously raised a hoof. "My name is Twilight Sparkle, I am Princess Celestia's personal student. But what does she mean by nightmares? What is boop?"

I hummed as I considered the words from my Tardis. "My little sister and I are survivors of a war that ended a decade ago. One where at the Bastard's order she was turned into a living weapon. Suzie is the name I gave her, as I dislike the original even though she seems determined to keep it." I removed the cloth glove I wore on my off-hand with my teeth before reaching over the table to poke the mare on the nose. "Boop."

She went cross-eyed, even as I reviewed everything I had just seen and learned from that contact. A few moments later I had my glove floating in a golden aura of magic. It was a bit awkward at first but I was able to tug on the glove again.

Twilight seemed unable to help her curiosity. "What was her old name?"

I sighed softly. "The Nightmare Child, she is quite simply the source of every nightmare to ever exist. Though since I destroyed the device that was constantly torturing her, her pets no longer shatter worlds the Bastard ordered be destroyed. Instead, they help guard my library against uninvited visitors."

Aura paused in her eating. "How come I haven't seen anything nightmarish?"

"Aura is a guest," Suzie answered with a tiny smile. "My little nightmares stay away from guests."

Twilight's eyes had gone wide as she peered at Suzie, only for Pinkie to giggle. "Don't worry Twilight, Libby, and Suzie are really nice as long as you aren't a bad pony."

The unicorn looked to the other mare. "How do you know that Pinkie?"

"Cause I have met them before," The pink mare replied. "Before I moved to Ponyville, though Libby looked very different then. He wasn't nearly as twitchy as he is right now. That ended up as one of my best Pinkie Parties."

My eye twitched, "Just how much older was that version of me?"

She pondered a moment. "Likely a few centuries at least. It's how I knew you were coming today, I have had Libby and Friends first come to this world for the first time marked on my calendar for a long time."

Twilight blinked at her friend. "I'm surprised you haven't gone all out on a welcome party."

Pinkie blinked before looking at Twilight like she had asked a really stupid question. "Why would I do something that would trigger a bad reaction in someone who has post-traumatic stress disorder? This Libby is much too twitchy for a normal Pinkie Party and would get upset if he accidentally hurt someone who wasn't evil. Plus, I already gave their older selves a Pinkie Party when they were able to have one without having a flashback." She pointed at the cupcakes we had been enjoying. "This is the extent of a party they can handle right now with them as the guests of honor."

"But that doesn't make sense," The unicorn waved her forelegs about. "You'd need to be able to time travel for everything you just said to work. Starswirl's spell only sends one back a week for less than five minutes."

I yawned. "I'm a Time Lord, I can go wherever or whenever I please. Without any restrictions beyond the laws my kind imposed when we invented these little things called science and causality." I enjoyed a bit more of the cupcakes before continuing. "So other than being annoyed that there is a predestination paradox in effect with Miss Pie, her claims of meeting an older version of myself are not impossible. I assume I gave you the warning about spoilers?"

Pinkie nodded rapidly. "Yeppers, can't say anything I'm not supposed to say in regards to your future unless it's super-duper important and will help stop an Extinction Event." She smiled brightly. "Or part of closing the loop on the paradox."

"Pinkie just how much do you know about the future?" The other mare looked almost like she was about to hyperventilate.

Pinkie gave Twilight a slow blink. "About ours? Not a thing, otherwise I would always know what my Pinkie Sense is telling me. If it wasn't for Libby teaching me a few things, it would be firing off every five seconds like it had when I was a filly. The range on it used to be much too big. Rather than just whatever town I happen to be in, it used to cover all of Equestria!"

I gave a nod. "Suzie, if I forget, remember we need to visit one day to teach her control exercises."

The filly nodded. "Okie Dokie."

Data had been watching our interactions for some time. "Librarian why did you choose to reveal all that information?"

I pursed my lips. "Considering what I now know of the future for this world, having Miss Sparkle temper her desire to learn everything, with the knowledge that some things are best left untouched is kind of important. Even with some of the mistakes, she will make, she has a bright future ahead of her if she can keep herself from getting lost along the way."

She blinked at me. "When did you learn of this world's future?"

I smirked at her. "When I booped your nose, I saw every moment of your life. Both your triumphs and failures that will mold you into a very good mare, as long as you do not let your ego get in the way." I paused a moment. "Saying that the answer to the question you are trying not to ask is yes but at a later date sometime after your brother's wedding and it will be limited access."

Twilight blinked at me. "I have wait until after my brother gets married?!? But that could take forever!"

"Less than a week actually," I dryly stated after enjoying a bit more of the cupcakes. "He has been dating your old babysitter for years and they are tying the knot next week." I paused a moment. "The invitation arrives during the picnic you scheduled in a couple of days. Much like you forgot to mention him at all to them, he nearly forgot to invite you to the wedding until almost the last minute."

I found her expression quite amusing before. "To be fair, he is getting run ragged between planning the wedding, and having to deal with the war that will break out the same day he is supposed to get married. Not that he knows that last bit, only that there has been a threat made on Canterlot."

"What war?" She practically jumps as she shouts.

"The Canterlot Invasion is a fixed point in time," I told her with a shrug. "It is an event that will happen no matter what anyone tries to do to stop it. And no one will believe you if you try to warn them, as that is part of the fixed event. If they believed you, then you will not be able to save your future sister-in-law from getting killed by the ones behind it."

I sighed softly. "You cannot tell any of your friends either, their reactions to what happens when you go to the wedding must be without knowledge of what will come. Only Pinkie can know and play her part to help keep the enemy distracted. Even Celestia will not believe you, as the enemy is just that good at deception."

I watched as the unicorn started to hyperventilate only to be given a paper bag Pinkie pulled from her mane. Data spoke up finally. "Are we going to be helping the natives of this world? I do not think you would so casually ignore your version of the Temporal Prime Directive otherwise."

"I do have a few ideas," I hummed a moment as Twilight started to calm down. "One involves supercharging Twilight's old babysitter. She is the Alicorn of Love, thus paying a visit to the home of the Omniversal Embodiment of Love to pick up a Star Sapphire might have an interesting effect. After all the Invasion and what leads to it are the fixed point in time. The outcome of the battle is not fixed."

I then grinned at them. "Plus it will let me test out my newest toy live combat conditions."

Aura arched a brow. "I have a few reservations of you giving her the power of one of those criminals, but what toy are you talking about?"

I had a completely innocent expression as I half-lied to her. "Oh, I reverse engineered your ring and managed to make my version powered by Hope instead of Will." I smiled in amusement at her expression. "Mostly I picked that one because blue is Suzie's favorite color. That and it will supercharge you when I have it active while allowing me to quite literally devour Fear."

The lie was to explain when I added the jewel I had made from the ring into my gauntlet. Letting the Guardians who read her reports think I made it from observing her ring, kept them from finding out just where it had come from. The jeweled form was to keep them from seeing the Blue Corps emblem until the proper time. I had removed the lockouts and limitations the blue ring had after managing to extract the data it contained.

Unlike the Blue Lanterns of her reality, I would not be weak without the presence of a Green Lantern nearby. Making sure I had the full combat abilities of a power ring with it running an AI I had designed would nullify the risk of anyone deactivating my version on me. I asked one last question before the last cupcake was eaten. "So Twilight, would you like to join us on the trip to another planet in an entirely different universe?"

The poor mare blinked her eyes becoming almost pinpricks she heard the question. "You... want me to come with?"

I gave a nod. "You know Cadence the best, so your memories would be the best ones to get the Queen to agree to part with one of her Sapphires. If things go the way they are supposed to, you will end up being the one to give it to your sister-in-law. Once she has that Sapphire, those who would kill her would be unable to, but the only way to get one is with the Queen's permission. As she or her chosen successor, are the only ones who can make them."

"Only those whose special talent is spreading love are normally allowed to have them let alone able to make their magic work," I worded it in a way she would understand. By using the words special talent and magic the way I did, it played right into her current world view. "Note that once we leave this universe, your form will change to match the closest species that matches you, due to the polymorphic field that surrounds this one. You would become what is known as a human, Spike would end up a small dog."

"What are humans?"

I tapped my hoof on the table. "The descendants of carnivorous primates who evolved to become omnivorous apex predators. As long as they are not provoked, they are as nice as and friendly as any pony you could meet. However, they have also turned war into an art form. Some are nicer than others, and some are complete jerks. As a whole, if you can win their trust, the good ones are some of the best friends you could ever make."

Data gave a nod of agreement. "Humanity managed to bring peace between two species who had been enemies for centuries by acting as a bridge between them."

"In his universe, they became so good at war, that they grew sick of it and sought to become peacemakers." I paused a moment. "Sometimes to their detriment." I smiled at her. "The main thing you will need to get used to is always walking on your hind legs, these little things called hands, and the taboo on public nudity. Clothing is required to be worn unless you want to signal to everyone that you are in the mood to mate with someone, or happen to be somewhere nudism is common like it is here."

Twilight's blush at the end covered her entire head down to her shoulders.
Decided to post it here did you? Guess that means we should be expecting some lewds at some point then. Good to see this still alive.
Decided to post it here did you? Guess that means we should be expecting some lewds at some point then. Good to see this still alive.
As per my authors note, it is in the SFW section because it is a no lewds story thread. I'm only posting it here to make it easy for those here to find without having to switch forums.
Watched, like-bombed the chapters...

As I said on SV, Chrysalis is lucky that The Librarian is unlikely to stop in Brokton and 'hire' the Undersiders for the wedding.

Skitter plus a partially hive minded race of bug/equine shapeshifting, emotion-eating hybrids?


This, plus Taylor having Chrysalis slap herself in the face deadpanning at every hit "Stop hitting yourself."

Even the Alicorn of Love equipped with a gem that is fueled by passion and love is better than the Skitter treatment.

Oh, given the fact that Data is here this time around, will DisQord ask if he has to pass other messages to Picard?

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