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  1. TheWordsOfTyr

    Fates to Bind Us
    Threadmarks: Too Far To Die Now

    The scrap scarred golden doors were forced open by a heavy leather boot. The rusted hinges groaned from the movement as they swung open. A troop of women took the lead. The kicker, the clear leader, wielded a fine iron blade that crackled with the kind of energy that made your hairs stand on end...
  2. FantasticGouda

    Might and Magic (and Mirelurks)
    Threadmarks: Prologue: A Day Unlike Any Other

    Prologue: A Day Unlike Any Other That morning, I woke up curled in my sheets, my eyes bleary and limbs splayed every which way. It was just like every other morning. I untangled myself from the sheets, exposing my pajama clad form to the brisk morning air (I like to keep my room on the colder...
  3. A curse of beauty in a land of fantasy.

    Chapter 0 - Prologue A moment set seems to drag on for an eternity. senses attuned to the surroundings make the cave seem like a beast of its own, ready to devour all that sit within it. The ceiling sparkles with a myriad twinkling colors, a false blanket of stars adorn it. What should be...
  4. Firewillreign

    A Symphony of Ice and Fire (HOTD/The Ice Dragon)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    A crossover AU between House of the Dragon and The Ice Dragon by George RR Martin, because fuck Targryen politics. If you self-destructive assholes want to fight, I'll throw you a goddamn APOCALYPSE!!! Inspired by the fic the Dragons Of Ice and Fire. Before someone crucifies me for starting...
  5. HypoSoc

    To The Knife [Complete]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imagine a man born with nothing. After a life of hard work and dedication, he ends his life with mere scraps. On his deathbed, he entrusts them to his child. Imagine this child born with mere scraps. After a life of hard work and dedication, she ends her life with simple means. On her...
  6. Witherbrine2671

    The Eleventh Outsider
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Choices

    I had died, kicked the bucket, shuffled off the mortal coil, pushing up daisies, and so on and so forth. How I was still cognizant and thinking I had no clue; however, wherever I was, it was nice. That was of course ignoring the unknown amount of time I had panakcied about my current...
  7. MissAlbedo

    The Finger Goddess

    Synopsis: Mai finds herself burdened with a unique task: aiding powerful men in achieving breakthroughs through a mysterious system. With a mere touch of her fingers, she propels them to new heights of power, but at a cost she never anticipated—each success steals a year of her life, leaving...
  8. Thestory_teller

    Rimuru’s Power: The Solo Leveling Chronicles

    "Embark on a journey with Rahul Roy, a young man who, on his 18th birthday, unexpectedly regains memories of his past life. Along with these memories, he inherits the powers of a character known as ‘Rimuru Tempest’ from his afterlife. Set in the universe of ‘Solo Leveling’, this narrative...
  9. Sadguychet

    Stolen Hearts [RWBY OC]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    It was a beautiful summer day, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and on days like this, people like me… Shouldn’t have to be stuck in a cramped bakery waiting for a customer to finally wander in at two in the afternoon! The sun was shining brightly outside the Lynx Family Bakery and...
  10. turbofluffysnek

    Rise of the System Lords (semi-SI-OC, kinda-PF, kinda anti-litrpg)
    Threadmarks: 1. Awakening

    Rise of the System Lords Okay, so... let's get the party started. Let's see where it goes. This is about as beta as beta gets, so if I'm Doing It Wrong, let me know, okay? I welcome (constructive) criticism and corrections, and man do I thrive on attention like a fish thrives in water...
  11. Vtorc

    Chimeric Eminence: A New Adventure (Fate x Overlord)
    Threadmarks: Little Miracles

    "Kid, got any idea on what the Multiverse theory is all about?" Coughing weakly, the child dressed in a hospital gown eyed the very much older man before him. "In a way… I've seen something like that in the comics my grandpa used to read for me." "Good!" Clapping childishly, the old man...
  12. TyricGaias

    Mass Effect: Legends
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    “Oh. I’ve been stabbed. Neat.” That was the only thought that could stay in his head. Rain pounding the pavement, the cries of his best friend and the girl he had been too scared to confess to mixing in the background of life in this shitty part of the city. He knew they were trying to tell him...
  13. AppleGrowth

    Dreaming Big: A Gamer Lite World Hopping Reincarnation Isekai (Original Fiction)

    Cover Art: Synopsis: As someone whose life barely had any ups or downs, an Isekai rebirth with magic and miracles was Daniel’s chance at something truly epic. So why the heck did Isekai’ed by a demonic cult instead of a normal visit by Truck-kun?! With no ROBs, Jump-chan or...
  14. FireWalkWithMe99

    A Song of Bards and Maso (Asoiaf/Nier)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Host of Origin

    A Song of Bards and Maso POPOLA I "No stopping, no stopping ever, NO ONE STOPS!" she screamed. Her sister… was gone. How could she be… how could this have happened? It didn't make sense… the replicant she cared for like her own- cut her down… I'll never stop until those 4...
  15. Writers-Ablood

    Destiny: The Legendary Hunter
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Guardian Rises

    A/N: This is a fanfic based on the events of Destiny and Destiny 2 (The game), with an OC AU. Enjoy the story. Synopsis: ## DESTINY THE GAME, FANFIC## A dedicated Destiny player finishes the new Witch Queen dlc as a warlock. Ultimately he decides to make a new character, but play as a hunter...
  16. Nerdycrow

    The Grand mage of Orario
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    The city of Orario. The centre of the world, where people of all races and ages flocked to achieve their dreams and desires. The reason why it was called so was due to it being built upon a dungeon filled with endless monstrosities that it spawned all the time. This problem was what threatened...
  17. TripleMRed

    I Was Destined To Destroy the World But Chose to Sell Llamas Instead. (Original-Shounen Inspired.)
    Threadmarks: The Llama Seller, Pt. 1.

    Chaos and Order are two sides to the same coin. The uncontrolled discord of the former are guided by unseen systems of the latter, and the latter's overt systems are shaken off balance by interupptions of the former. The cosmos itself was a machine built on these two foundations, two systems...
  18. Kindling Saga (Original Fiction)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    AN: Original fiction story - much more care will go into this story than any other I've tried to write. First chapter will follow Evelyn, the next will follow Adam and so on. Updated are intended to be once every week. Chapters are expected to hover around the 1500-3000 mark. It was supposed...
  19. Mesa

    A Record of Ash & Ruin: The Grieving Lands (An Original LitRPG Portal Fantasy)
    Index: Chapter 1 - Strands of Fate

    Not everyone can be chosen, and not all can become heroes. Our protagonist is ripped from his comfortable life on Earth into a world of fantasy and magic reminiscent of the roleplaying games he once enjoyed. Chosen by the Goddess of Justice Avaria, he draws the attention of an even more...