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snippets and plot bunnies

  1. Mager1221

    Mager1221 - SgtMagicalGeek's SFW shorts, snippets and plot bunnies

    So Welcome to this is a place, a place to dump ideas, shorts and snippets, the SFW ones at least. Most of the stories within are mostly the ideas, concepts, or scenes that MagicalGeek really either doesn't know what to do with, or doesn't have time to write out full stories for. Check your...
  2. AndrewJTalon

    [RWBY] RWBY Shorts
    Threadmarks: If Jaune Was Allowed to Notice Pyrrha's Issues

    Just a place for my stray RWBY Plot bunnies and ideas to go. - - - “Pyrrha. We need to talk." It had come out of the blue. Jaune had looked uncharacteristically serious one afternoon after classes. He had taken her aside as they stood out of the way of the other students shuffling out of...
  3. Imperator Pax

    Pax's Battletech Junkyard

    A Snippets, Scraps, and Misc thread that all are set in the BattleTech universe, a substantive number of which are based off of the Essence of MegaMek Lab, or the Space Heir CYOA, or Cimbri's BattleTech Isekai CYOA, though not limitted to just those. Also for reference here is a current list...
  4. BastOfTheXV

    A Sphinx's Flights of Fancy (snippet thread)

    This is where I'll be shoving any snippets that aren't ready to become full stories.
  5. Guardian's Snippets and One Shots
    Index: Start

    This is for when I need to work on something not related to the stories I am working on now, maybe due to writer's block or a simple inability to proceed. You can find snippet and one shots here that can make sense, or make no sense. Do not expect a lot of grammar.
  6. story ideas thread of Daoist Dreamwalker
    Threadmarks: Tiamut oc insert

    Pain! Regret! Confusion! Denial! Silence! Death! ... ... ... Awake! Aware! Asleep! Dreaming! Alot! So Much! To Much...
  7. Solusandra

    The Bunny Hutch

    This is to be the thread where I post piled up stories that went nowhere. Or did go somewhere and then petered out. Like, comment, criticize; just don't flame, it's kinda useless. If others want to post their dead bunnies... sure, go ahead. But please, nothing under 1000 words. If anyone...