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[Introduction Thread] 'Sup All

Posting here because my messages still need approval after like the 3rd one and I don't think I can PM a mod for help without being approved first :(
Changed my email and apparently I can type now woo
Well hello. Just regained access to this account, because I lost the email on it for awhile after forgetting about it and then losing my old phone that had it.
Ohai. Wassup?

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Howdy Howdy, this account's used by a few members of a plural system.

This is Aino speakin', he him and his for me. You can find me on (NSFW) furaffinity (NSFW), and hell even twitter as well. I'm a gay man who's an enthusiast of Men. Might even call me a connoisseur~
I'm debating running an nsfw quest on here, and will be doing a post in the interest check thread.

Other system members that'll be on here
  • Meridian - Any and All pronouns are fine to use with Merid, and they'll appreciate some creativity. They run quests on other sites, and have some interest in co-running some stuff with Paradox in their setting project. Usually some flavor of asexual.
  • Paradox - She / Her and They / Them are ones she uses, and ya might even see It / Its tossed given she's up for that too. She's part of why Merid made this account in the first place, as she's the more nsfw oriented of the two. Some garden variety of grey asexual.
Well hello and welcome to QQ. You are precisely the second plurality I've ever met, and I ended up pissing off the first because I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. Anyways, are there any obvious ways to tell Meridian and Paradox apart? At least that you know of?
Hello all, making an introductory post primarily to get access to PMs - need to message the mods with a minor question & request.

Considering migrating a long-running closed RP session to the site, but may not get started for a few weeks.

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Getting a functioning account here was annoying.

Anyway, 'Ello All!
Hello world

*Great success*

I come to you in peace, from elsewhere on the internet. As a humon, I am eager to engage in social interaction with you, my fellow humons. May our quests be questionable, and our questions be pre-approved. As your Quaestor, I shall manage public funds with the utmost questionability. And when questioned, may the answer always be another quest.

End communication.
hello, apparently I was supposed to do this months ago as a conformation post. didn't know until now.

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