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[Introduction Thread] 'Sup All

I just realized that I forgot to post something here after I made this account.

In response to such a situation I will say this.

Greetings to you all,

Like many, I am one who has read and heard much, but said little in response.

As such it is my utmost pleasure, and responsibility to lay before you all these most impactful of words.

Wassup everybody?
Oh, hello. Now, after a couple years in horny zone, it's time for introductions, innit?
Uh, we were supposed to comment here first?

Well, better late than never I guess.

Also, what was up with the strange UI? Looked like something was on fire?
Hello, didn't know this exist and I'm kinda late for introduction

Better late than never i guess

Also what's up with the UI did QQ got hacked or sum?

I write Fantasy, Drama, and Romance-Comedy as FebyA (Web Novel) or RizVN (Visual Novel).

Nice to meet you all!

I'm here to attract more readers, so I might not read or interact with other people's stories as much.

However, feel free to contact me directly or by commenting in any of my threads.

Thank you! ^^
Eesh. That's how long on this site before finding this thread, and only because I went looking for an explanation what "xv2" or whatever it is is about?

Oh well; a formal but friendly "Yo!" to all ah y'all!
Long time lurker, first time poster. Just had an account to read the horny stories. Might post one myself, haven't decided yet.
I never really visit the front page of any forum so I had no idea this even existed lol
Hello. I am from Poland. I like reading, writing, especially interactive fiction. I am not sure if anything I write is actually visible (I made two threads, but they are not visible to me when I logout).
Oh, I am stupid, now I see it is waiting for moderation approval. Sorry.
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