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Is it really okay to use Getter Rays in a world of Otome Games? [MobuSeka/Getter Robo]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Blackraptor, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: Can't Stop - 3

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    “--eon!” I blinked at the voice. “Leon!”

    My eyes focused and beheld a very worried looking Olivia cupping my cheeks. This was a somewhat familiar situation. I glanced around and saw that Angelica, Daniel, and Raymond were there too. They looked concerned as well. Weird, but okay.

    “Hey guys, is the party over?” They all blinked at my question before sighing in relief.

    “This isn’t the time for your jokes, Leon. You had us all pretty scared there.” Daniel scolded me after Olivia finally let go of my face.

    I blinked at what he said. “What do you mean, I just volunteered to be Angelica’s champion.”

    “Leon,” Raymond spoke slowly. “You just challenged the Prince and his entourage to a five-on-one Armor battle.”

    “Yeah, that way I can take them all on for once.” I pointed out. Why was everyone looking at me like I lost my mind?

    “Maybe he just needs some sleep?” Raymond asked the others, who all looked skeptical.

    “Leon, I’d like to thank you again for standing up for me.” Angelica eventually spoke out. Finally, a conversation that actually made sense!

    Still had no idea why everyone was so spooked.

    “You’re welcome, Angelica. I wasn’t about to just let them walk all over you like that. Besides, Olivia would never let me hear the end of it if I didn’t help.” I joked, earning a light slap on my arm from Olivia and a giggle from Angelica.

    “I believe it would be good if we all retired for the night.” Angelica suggested and we all agreed. I was about to start walking when I felt Olivia tug on my sleeve.

    “Leon, can I talk to you for a bit before we leave?” She asked. I nodded in agreement and we both waved for the others to go on without us. The decision ended up giving me the pretty amusing image of Raymond and Daniel trying to have a conversation with Angelica as they walked away.

    “You’re still Leon, right?” Okay, that was a very strange thing to lead with.

    “I don’t understand the question.” I easily admitted, getting a bit worried about how worried everyone else seems to be about me.

    “The light.” Olivia said, squinting her eyes in thought. “When you went up to stand at Angie’s side, the light started changing.”

    “It was still a green light, but a deeper color. Angier. Scarier. It wasn’t gentle or soothing anymore. It felt like it just wanted to hurt.” Okay, now I was officially within the realm of worrying.

    “Then your expression changed and you wouldn’t listen to me or Angie no matter how much we tried to reach out to you.” Like, I just bought a house in the middle of worry-town. The hell were the Getter Rays doing to me?! “The party eventually ended and you only snapped out of whatever that was just now.”

    “Thanks for telling me this, Olivia. How is the light now? Did it go back to normal.” I spoke, trying my best to not sound like I was terrified of what might be happening to me.

    “It’s settling down, it looks like. It doesn’t feel as scary anymore.” Olivia answered while lightly placing her hand on my chest. “Are you going to be okay, Leon?”

    I put the feeling of her hand on me out of my head, I had more immediate things to deal with. “I’ll see what I can do about it. You should probably get some sleep.”

    Olivia looked like she wanted to say something else, but eventually nodded.

    “How much of that whole thing did you witness, Control?” I asked my empty room as soon as I locked the door. Control turned visible a few feet in front of me before speaking.

    The entirety of the party.

    I nodded, at least I didn’t have to explain much. “And you heard what Olivia said? Is this the Getter Rays messing with me?”

    I had not anticipated that the changes in you to be so drastic in such a short time, I apologize for not paying more attention.

    So they did know something after all. Good, that should help! “So what is all this? What is happening to me?”

    The Getter Rays you have been exposed to have been facilitating changes within you. As an example, you have been relying less and less on vitriol as a defense mechanism for your insecurities.

    The hell was Control talking about? I haven’t been…okay, maybe they had a point. But still! “So I’m changing? Is my body going to start glowing visibly too?”

    That would require an amount of Getter Radiation that would be beyond what Black Getter F is capable of generating.

    “So just the way I think then? It’s been brainwashing me?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” I started to panic, Control’s answers had not been giving me confidence that what was happening to me was a good thing. I could feel my blood pumping hard again, but I shut my eyes and forced myself to calm down.

    Your alarm is understandable. As I said, I had expected the changes to be more gradual. To have you slowly gain more real confidence and let people into your life more organically.

    “Then what’s causing it?” I asked the obvious question after taking a few breaths.

    I believe that the lack of emotional attachments you have experienced in your prior life has amplified your bonds with the people around you in this life. You, as a person, found something you never thought you needed and did not want anything to happen to it. As such, you may be more vulnerable to emotional outbursts if they are threatened. This may explain your earlier behavior.

    Sounded like a whole lot of psychoanalysis mumbo-jumbo but it seemed to make sense. “But you’re not sure?”

    I lack enough data points to make a satisfying conclusion.

    “Then what? I just wait? I don’t want to suddenly wake up and not even realize that I’m not the person I was when I went to sleep, Control! I don’t want to lose the person I am!” The prospect of suddenly becoming a completely different person terrified me. Would I even like the things I liked? What about the things I hated?


    The question made my mind suddenly slam to a halt. “What?”

    Did you even like the person that you were before you reincarnated? Do you like the person that you were before you found me?

    For the very first time since we met, I felt like I hated Control at that very moment. My face twisted into a snarl but they interrupted the response forming in my mind.

    And before you say ‘yes’, think carefully if that really is the case or if it is because of fear or pride. That you don’t want to admit that you wasted so much time being someone you didn’t even want to be.

    The implication actually did make me stop and think. About my old life, my childhood, my family, my friends–or lack thereof, my school years, my time as an office worker. Did I enjoy the life I had? Did I regret it? Was I even happy?

    Was I just going to end up doing the same thing all over again if I hadn’t met Control? I was, wasn’t I?

    “Then what the hell is even the right answer?” I muttered as I stumbled back onto my bed.

    It is an everlasting dilemma that a person needs to tackle. Do I stay true to myself? Do I change? Which one is the correct answer?

    Was I a coward for not doing anything to change the way I was? Was I brave for sticking to my personal beliefs? Did any of it even matter?

    Getter Rays are fundamentally an agent of change. It encourages it and facilitates it. It will force you to become a version of yourself that is more than what you currently are, for better or worse.

    Of course, because people could definitely change into worse people. Even I could admit that most of the noblewomen didn’t start out as horrible people. Even the love interests that I wanted to stomp into the ground probably weren’t always like that.

    You need not fear change, Leon. People change all the time. It is an incredible gift that humanity has. After all my time before I was put to slumber, I have come to understand countless different reasons why humans change. I am envious that it is something I cannot do.

    “Don’t underestimate Getter Rays, Control. They know where you live. You might already be changing without realizing it.” Control actually went silent for a few seconds when I told them that.

    Fair point.

    I took a deep breath and considered something. “And if I don’t want the kind of changes it’s pushing onto me?”

    Then you must become strong enough to make it understand that you are satisfied with who you are or that you will change on your own terms.

    “That sounds like a pretty tall order.” I pointed out with a chuckle. Sure, just tell the weird all-powerful energy source that you don’t agree with it.

    Getter Pilots are rarely alone when they face this dilemma. They usually operate as a team of three, working together and overcoming challenges together.

    I groaned, of course it would be something like that. “Just my luck that I’m alone huh? Except for you, I mean.”

    I wouldn’t say that. You also have your family, Olivia, Angelica, Raymond, Daniel, even Clarice to an extent. If you feel like it becomes too much, you can always look back to them to remind you of why you are doing what you do.

    “Really? Friendship and Love?” I asked with a bit of humor. The whole thing was starting to sound like a regular Shonen Manga story.

    Very few things in the Universe are more powerful than that.

    “You’re serious?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the AI.

    Would it really be such a stretch to believe so?

    Dammit, they were right. “When you put it like that, no.”

    I decided that the heavy existential talk could be put on hold and I prepared to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I suddenly felt so exhausted. As I closed my eyes and drifted off, an idle thought crossed my mind.

    Getter Change, huh?

    Oddly enough, Angelica asked to meet me privately the day after the party. Olivia said that she wanted to discuss some specifics about the duel and even asked for a private room from the school. When I entered, it looked like some kind of lounge with a couple of couches facing each other as well as chairs surrounding a coffee table.

    Angelica saw me enter and smiled. “Leon, thank you for coming. Please take a seat.”

    She gestured to the couch across from her and I strangely felt like I was a kid about to be scolded by a teacher. No. Stop brain, I’m warning you. I didn’t mean it that way. Don’t put imaginary Angelica in a tight pencil skirt.

    No, brain! Don’t take the skirt off imaginary Angelica!


    “Yes! How can I help you? It wasn’t my fault! I’m sorry!” Angelica looked at me in surprise and a bit of worry. I scratched my head and glanced away. “I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted.”

    “I see?” She said unconvincingly.

    “So what did you want to talk about? Strategy or something?” I sat down and rubbed my hands in anticipation. I already knew what each of the love interests’ Armors are capable of but any additional input couldn’t hurt.

    “I would like you to back down from the duel.” I blinked at Angelica’s serious words.

    I blinked again when she just looked at me with a determined expression. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I may have misheard.”

    “I’m sorry.” She said with a sigh, her shoulders slumping as she continued. “After sleeping on it, I now understand that my rashness and anger put you in a situation that might put your future in jeopardy.”

    “Hey now–” I started but suddenly recalled what Jenna told me a while back. Get to Julius’ good side and I was set. Oppose him and I was going to suffer for it.

    “I will bear the responsibility for the loss. I cannot, in good conscience, allow someone as promising as you to perform what is basically political suicide for my sake.” She said, her concern was blatantly obvious.

    “I’m not backing down.” I told her with narrowed eyes.

    “What?! Why?! You have to! Your entire future would be in peril if you continue with this!” I leaned back when Angelica actually stood up when she said that.

    I shook my head and frowned at her words. “What about your future?”

    “I will face the consequences of my actions with dignity.” I knew what the consequences of her actions were. She would be disowned and banished, forced to marry a nameless old noble and live miserably for the rest of her life.

    “I’ll still fight for you, Angelica.” I insisted.

    “Why?” She looked so sad when she asked me that I felt my heart clench a bit.

    I looked up to the ceiling for a way to convey my thoughts. I then chuckled when I remembered a line from a half-forgotten movie I watched a lifetime ago.

    “I know what it’s like.” I began as I turned my head down to look at her in the eye. “To know so desperately that you’re right, yet fail anyway.”

    Angelica looked like she couldn’t comprehend what I was saying at all. “So that’s it? Sympathy? Risking it all for that?”

    “I’d like to say that it’s more that I’m helping out a friend who is having a really bad few months.” I said with an awkward smile.

    Angelica choked back a sob but couldn’t stop her eyes from misting. “Then I am in your debt.”

    “Friends don’t keep score like that, Angelica.” I lightly said with a chuckle before she cut me off from saying anything else.

    “Angie. It’s what my friends call me.” I looked at her in surprise. Well, Clarice and Olivia did call her that. “I’ll be in your care then, Leon.”

    “I’ll do my best, Angie.” She excused herself soon after and I was left alone in the room. Well, not alone.

    So we are fully committed to supporting Angelica then.

    “Agile thinking, Control.” I reminded the AI as I stood up to stretch my back. “How easily can you get Black Getter here from the Nagare?”

    Trivially. Are you planning on making another memorable entrance?

    “You know it.”

    A few days before the date of the duel, I walked into my room and found it completely messed up. Furniture was thrown around and even my sheets looked like they had been shredded by a knife.

    “I can’t say that I didn’t expect this.” I muttered, knowing that people in the Academy have been bullied for less. Must have been supporters of Julius and his boys, maybe even Marie’s.

    I have a video recording of the event. It seemed that even Daniel and Raymond were pressured to participate in the vandalism.

    Control proceeded to project the scene in question. I gasped when I saw what my friends did.

    “How dare they lightly knock over my chairs! Don’t they know how inconvenient it is to put them back in place?!” I declared with full, legitimate, totally-not-put-on, indignation.

    You seem to think lightly of the event.

    “I’m more relieved that they weren’t hurt for being my friends, frankly.” I pointed out in a more normal voice as I righted the chairs that Daniel and Raymond knocked over. I was taking off the ruined sheets from my bed when Jenna suddenly barged into my room with her catboy. Without knocking? Rude.

    “Leon! What did I hear about you cha–the fu–” Jenna’s ramblings cut short as soon as she took in the state of my room. “Don’t tell me you actually challenged Prince Julius and his entire entourage to an Armor battle.”

    “Okay, I won’t tell you.” I immediately said right before Jenna grabbed me by the front of my uniform.

    “This is what I was warning you about! What kind of moron are you?” She yelled at me, her catboy taking in the damaged state of the room.

    “What kinds are the–” My older sister cut me off by shaking me. Was she always this strong? Or was she just mad enough?

    “No jokes! This doesn’t just affect you, Leon. It affects our entire family!” I was yelled at some more. She turned to her slave and gave a surprising order. “Clean this room up, now!”

    “Jenna, I’m going to be an Independent Knight. My actions don’t actually reflect the political stance of the Bartfort household.” I reminded her as the catboy went out of the room. Where was he going?

    “Do you honestly think the other high lords will care?” Jenna countered before adding, “And to an Armor battle?! Are you insane?!”

    I raised my eyebrow at her alarm. “Jenna, you’ve seen Black Getter. Do you honestly think I’d lose?”

    “It doesn’t matter if you win using that monstrosity of yours. All they will see is that a Bartfort dared to challenge the heirs! Our family can’t stand up to that!” Ah, I understood her concern now. From an outside perspective, that would have been the case if they didn’t know more about me huh?

    “Would it help if I told everyone that I’m doing it to protect the dignity of Angelica Rapha Redgave and Clarice Fia Atlee?” I offered with a smile just as her slave–what was his name again?–returned with a big plastic bag, a broom, and a dust pan.

    “What are you talking about?” My declaration made Jenna pause and I proceeded to tell her what actually happened during the party.

    “ALL FIVE OF THEM?!” I winced as she expressed her shock. Was she talking about Marie seducing all five heirs or me wanting to fight all five at once? The answer was ‘yes’.

    “So yeah, if I beg the Atlee and Redgrave families for political support, I might just get out of this in one piece.” I laid out my plan for the fallout in case people got particularly mad at the outcome.

    Jenna let me go but proceeded to pace around the room as her catboy continued to sweep the floor. I should really thank him. “Using what money?! The kind of tribute you’d need for that is more than what you can afford right now! You put all your money into our family lands.”

    “Actually, this is something you’ll be happy to know about.” I felt giddy when I overheard this talk from a few of the students. “People are going to be betting on the fight. The odds are delectable.”

    Jenna’s face went from being blank to a grin that mirrored my own. For the first time in our lives, my older sister and I connected on a spiritual level.
  2. Rodvek97

    Rodvek97 Dont wanna bored anymore

    May 28, 2020
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    Thanks for the great chapter :)
  3. Project Eden

    Project Eden Enthusiastic Seeker of Culture

    Feb 17, 2017
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    All according to keikaku.

    Considering the outrageous odds, the heirs and heiresses may even need to take out loans to pay for it. Their families will understandably pissed and sell off their slaves and other expenses. No more fancy life for those spoiled little shits.
    OutcastClankzilla and Rodvek97 like this.
  4. ArsMagna1337

    ArsMagna1337 (Unverified Oracle) (Unverified Omake Machine)

    May 10, 2018
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    Ryoma's hotblooded soul is contaminating Leon. He needs to calm down before he goes full Shin Getter to all of his enemies.
    SixthRanger likes this.
  5. GiftofLove

    GiftofLove A Gift From The Heart

    Jun 16, 2014
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    I like where this is going. I was kind of disappointed that Leon and his sister seemed to backslide so rapidly when their relationship started looking like it was improving in the books.
  6. Extras: Official size comparison between Black Getter F and regular Armors for the story

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
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    I upped the size of Armors for purely aesthetic reasons.

    I have to admit, the anime scaling of the Armors is just early Evangelion levels of hilarity.
  7. Threadmarks: Can't Stop - 4

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
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    I finished changing into my pilot suit and did a few stretches. It was the end of term. It was also the day of the duel with the love interests and I was about as ready as I could be. Jenna and I made a big public fuss about betting on my victory so more people would know about it and got suckered into what they thought was going to be an easy payout. I also had Jenna inform Daniel and Raymond to bet on me for the duel. I couldn’t risk putting them in the crosshairs of their peers again by approaching them myself, so I had her do it.

    Hopefully, the winnings would help with their financial woes and make it easier for them to host Tea Parties. To my utter shock, Daniel actually discreetly sent a letter to me, asking if it was fine if he invited Jenna to a Tea Party. The only content of my reply was that he better be ready to walk into hell if he did that.

    I didn’t know if he was actually dissuaded by my words or not.

    Black Getter F has arrived and is on standby in the upper stratosphere. I can have it land in the arena at any time.

    “Actually, wasn’t Black Getter inside the Nagare?” I asked Control. Black Getter was just too big, nearly three times the size of a regular Armor, to be stored in the available warehouses for students. I would have needed to pay the school to rent out the extra space to park it, so I didn’t have a choice but to keep it on the ship.


    “And I’m pretty sure you left the Nagare back at the lab after you delivered my pilot suit and tomahawks to my family, right?” I continued my questioning while doing some squats to warm up.

    That is also correct.

    “How long did it take for it to arrive here from there?”

    Eighteen minutes and seventeen seconds.

    “That fast?!” I asked, my head whipping to where Control was floating.

    Do not underestimate a Getter’s speed when it does not have to factor in the pilot’s wellbeing.

    Scary. Cool, but scary. “Right, then we’ll go with what we planned. Just have Black Getter swoop down when I give the signal.”


    Control went invisible when I made for the door of the changing room. Upon opening it, I was surprised to see Olivia, Angelica, and Clarice there waiting for me. I had thought that they already secured their seats. The third-year looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words. I decided to give her a hand. “I’m here primarily for Angie’s sake, but I can give Jilk an extra slap for you if you want.”

    She started to speak before her eyes narrowed and slowly turned her head to Angie. “So it’s Angie now, huh~?”

    “Leon is a friend.” Angie spoke simply before turning to me. “I know that we already talked about this, but are you sure you want to do this, Leon?”

    I gave her a look of complete and utter conviction. “Angie, the amount of money I have bet on myself is on the scale that I wouldn’t back down even if the island we are on starts to fall.”

    “You bet on yourself? To win?” Clarice asked, her cheeks puffing up when I nodded. “Ahahahaha! I have honestly never met a young man as audacious as you!”

    “Leon! Gambling is bad!” Olivia scolded me while poking my side. How cruel!

    “Gambling is only bad civilization if you can’t control yourself, Olivia.” Lord knows I had rolled myself to despair several times in my gacha days.

    “Livia.” She muttered, looking embarrassed. “Everyone back home calls me that. Angie and Clarice already call me that too.”

    “Right, Livia it is then.” I agreed with a nod. I then turned to our senior and tilted my head. “You don’t happen to have a shockingly cute nickname you only give out to close friends, do you?”

    Clarice blinked before she covered her mouth with her hand. “Sorry to disappoint, Leon. I’m just cute on my own.”

    Banter out of the way, we started walking towards the arena proper. I glanced back to Clarice before we got there. “You sure you don’t want me to give Jilk any special treatment?”

    “That is really sweet of you, but I’m quite mad at him right now as well.” Clarice was smiling as she spoke, but it suddenly had a cruel edge as she continued. “Please do your best to show him what happens when a man does not provide proper care for his lady.”

    The four of us finally got to the arena proper and I beheld it in its entirety. It was like an old roman colosseum but the audience was protected by a magical barrier, just in case. I then spotted my opponents for the day. The five of them lined up at the opposite end, standing behind them were their respective Armors. I squinted at the ones they had and realized that I had made a grave mistake.

    Chris’ blue Armor was sleek and had minimal armoring. The large sword in its right hand belied its pilot’s preference for mobility and striking quickly.

    Greg’s red Armor was rugged and had a more utilitarian design. It made sense as it was an old mass production model that had already been replaced. Like the pilot, it had a large spear as its weapon of choice.

    Brad’s purple Armor probably had the least amount of defense among them, despite its looks, as it was geared more to amplify his magical abilities. It had a drill-like spear in its hand as well as four more on its back, remote weapons as I recalled.

    Jilk’s green Armor was a step up in quality from the other three. It was well armored and had a magic rifle equipped. The most notable thing about it was the wing binders on its back, allowing the Armor superior mobility in the air.

    Lastly, Julius’ silver Armor was the most impressive looking one out of all of them. Well armored and wielding a well crafted sword and shield. Its power, speed, and defenses are all better than you would initially expect.

    There was just one problem about them.

    They were using the starter Armor models they had in the game! Of course they were! This duel event shouldn’t even happen until the start of the third year in-game after they got their upgraded models and right before the final arc spun up!

    “Is something wrong, Leon?” Livia snapped me from my thoughts. Angie was also looking at me in worry, though Clarice was also looking towards the other side of the arena and was being ignored by Jilk.

    “I’m fine.” I said with a nod before I started walking to the designated point that Control and I agreed on.

    “Hang on! Where is your Armor?” Angie asked while looking around. “Was it not delivered on time?”

    I waved off her concern and continued walking. “It’ll be here. Just relax and enjoy the show.”

    I smiled at Julius and his boys as I got to my spot and crossed my arms. They looked at me in confusion and started glancing at each other. Julius took the initiative and addressed me. “I commend you for not forfeiting, Leon Fou Bartfort. However, I seem to notice that you don’t have an Armor with you.”

    “Are you making fun of us? Of this duel?” He continued when I didn’t respond. “I see that Angelica’s champion suits her perfectly as he is also as duplicit–”

    “Now.” I stated, interrupting his rant. There was a sound like the air itself was being sliced before something large landed with paradoxical gentleness behind me. Whew! I’m glad Control didn’t make Black Getter smash into the floor!

    I couldn’t keep the smile on my face as the love interests’ gazes went up and up until they saw exactly what landed. I decided to finally respond. ”I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. Could you repeat that please?”

    That made them tear their eyes from Black Getter, who I was sure was also crossing its arms as Control and I agreed upon. Greg was the first one who recovered and indignantly pointed at the Getter Robo behind me. “What the hell is that?! It’s too big to be an Armor!”

    “Is that even an Armor?”

    “Maybe it’s a Lost Item?”

    “It looks like a monster!”

    “Why does it have a ratty looking cape?”

    “How do you even get inside that thing?”

    “Can it even move well?”

    “Why did it drop from the sky but didn’t crash?”

    The audience seemed to be just as surprised by the whole thing as well from what I was hearing.

    “Remember that I’m an adventurer who was given provisional Barony and Knighthood status? This is part of the reason why.” I explained while jerking a thumb over my shoulder to indicate my machine.

    “What even is it though?” Brad asked, sounding a bit more worried. “A Lost Item?”

    “It has many meanings for many people.” I began, turning back to look at Black Getter’s impressive form. “To me, it was Salvation.”

    I then turned to where Angie, Livia, and Clarice were seated together. “To Angie, it’s Hope.”

    “For you guys…” I continued, turning back to the love interests. “...Doom.”

    I immediately turned around and started walking to Black Getter, ignoring the protests I could hear from them. Control had Black Getter take a knee and reach out with a hand. I climbed onto its palm and it lifted me up to the head. I got into the cockpit and waited for the displays to light back up.

    Your pre-battle banter requires improvement. You tried too hard to sound impressive and it robbed the moment of some of its gravity. You need to learn to speak from the heart in these situations.

    “It’s my first fight, Control! Give me a break!” I complained as the screens finished activating. I looked down and, wow, I really was a lot bigger than them huh? They’re not even big enough to reach Black Getter’s hips.

    “This isn’t fair! Using that Armor is cheating! Where is your honor?!” Chris complained to me. I had to chuckle at his insinuation.

    “I told you, Chris. I know exactly how outmatched we are.” I reminded him after turning on the external speakers. “Besides, this is a fight for honor. No one ever said anything about fighting with honor.”

    “This is still unfair!” He insisted and I had to sigh.

    “There are five of you!” I pointed out, making him shut up. “If I came out here with a regular Armor, you all would have still jumped me!”

    “Enough.” Julius said after regaining his composure. “Let him fight in that overgrown Armor. All we need to do is fight it like it's a larger monster.”

    This seemed to bolster the confidence of the others as Jilk looked over Black Getter again and scoffed. “Of course, as expected of his highness. Such a cumbersome thing can likely only stumble around without the finesse of a true Armor.”

    With how the audience started laughing, it seemed like they bought into the narrative. I glanced around and saw Raymond and Daniel in the audience. They were sitting next to and speaking with Jenna, who was rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she responded to something Daniel said. Godspeed Daniel, you crazy bastard.

    I would like to remind you that you have not logged any piloting hours since you arrived at the Academy. Expect that you will not be as effective as you had become when you first left.

    “Right, I don't want to accidentally kill anyone.” I said in agreement after making sure that the external speakers were off. “I guess I’ll stick to the basic stuff, though I’d actually like to try something to compensate for the rust.”

    Do you have an idea?

    “My movement might not be up to snuff anymore, so I might stumble and make an ass of myself if I did things the regular way.” I admitted it easily enough. I had to find a way to be able to practice after I came back from summer break. “On the other hand…”

    A fond smile formed on my face as I recalled an old memory. “...I did play a lot of Gundam Vs when I was in school on Earth.”

    Angelica Rapha Redgrave took another deep breath to steady her heart. Honestly! The brazenness of Leon’s declaration was just too much! To say that his massive black Armor was her Hope was just...argh!

    “Oh he is just priceless!” At least Clarice seemed amused about the whole thing.

    “But why is everyone laughing at Leon’s Armor?” Livia asked in confusion. Ah, of course she would not be educated in Armor combat.

    “What Leon has is likely a Lost Item. Something so advanced that our civilization can no longer create anything like it. However, it does not adhere to the modern doctrine of smaller sizes and better mobility.” Angelica explained. While it certainly looked very impressive, with its stature, horns, blades on its left arm, scarf, and cape, it did not give the impression that it was very mobile.

    “Well I think it’s adorable!” Both Clarice and Angelica turned to Livia’s declaration. Cute? The Armor looked like a demon from a children's story! “It even has a cape and everything! Like a big plushie!”

    “Please state your names Champions!” The referee’s declaration made the three of them turn back to the arena proper.

    “Leon Fou Bartfort.” Leon’s voice stated from within the massive armor.

    “Brad Fou Field.”

    “Greg Fou Seberg.”

    “Chris Fia Arclight.”

    “Jilk Fia Marmoria.”

    “Julius Rapha Holfort.” Angelica could feel her heart ache as Prince Julius ended the roll call for his group. She glanced past them and to Marie Fou Lafan, the one they all chose to protect. The girl that took Prince Julius away from her. The girl that took Jilk away from Clarice. She bit her lip as anger rose at the remembrance.

    “The battle will be a five-on-one bout.” The referee started to explain the rules. “It will continue until one side no longer has combatants. Causing a fatality will result in immediate disqualification for that side. The combat zone will be restricted to the arena itself.”

    “If there are no objections, you may begin!”

    “Spread out! Surround his armor and hit from all sides!” Prince Julius quickly ordered and his group immediately obeyed. Jilk quickly took to the skies while Chris and Greg took to the flanks. The prince and Brad remained where they were, though Brad did deploy his remotely controlled spears.

    Worry gripped her heart as Angelica watched. It was the correct strategy when facing a singular foe, a tactic that knights even used when facing large monsters. Leon’s black Armor crouched down, arms to its side, it looked like it was getting ready to defend itself from its smaller opponents.

    Angelica’s eyes then widened when the massive thing hopped–HOPPED–a few feet in the air before nearly vanishing as it suddenly moved behind Greg’s red Armor. The only reason why Angelica was even able to follow the movement was because of how the black cape trailed behind it.

    “What?! How is it this fas–” Greg yelled out right as the still crouched Armor reared its left arm back.

    “Getter Razor!” Leon yelled out right before the legs of Greg’s Armor were sliced apart, the torso falling heavily onto the ground. The others quickly recovered from the shocking elimination and converged onto Leon. Jilk shot at the Armor while Brad sent out its flying spears. Her friend once again demonstrated a degree of mobility that his Armor should have been too big to have as it proceeded to evade the attacks using the same style of movement, even dodging between Chris’ sword swing and a remotely controlled spear thrust.

    “It’s like a big black bunny!” Livia happily exclaimed from Angelica’s side. She also chanced a glance at Clarice and saw her eyes wide and mouth agape.

    “Getter Spike!”

    “Aaaagh!” Leon’s words and Brad’s scream made her curse herself for not paying attention as the purple Armor crumpled onto the ground. Its head, right arm, and legs were crushed. The elongated spikes from the knuckles of Leon’s Armor retracting as its yellow eyes, which Angelica just noticed had red pupils that actually looked around, settled on Chris’ Armor next.

    “I won’t fall as easily as the others!” Chris bravely declared as he took on a defensive stance with his sword. Once again, Leon’s Armor seemed to fly across the ground and went straight for the Arclight heir. Chris’ armor raised its sword and swung down as Leon reached him. “Take this!”

    Only for Leon to block the sword with the blades on his Armor’s left arm. He then spun around and hit Chris’ armor with the cape.

    “Getter Wing!” The cape then proceeded to wrap around Chris’ Armor before it lifted him up and slammed the Armor on the ground. Judging from the lack of movement, Angelica thought that Chris was likely knocked out from the force.

    Leon’s armor tilted its head to the side after Jilk finally landed a shot on its torso. It was completely ineffective. “Impossible! That was a special round that was designed to pierce through modern Armor alloys!”

    Instead of replying, Leon’s Armor just stood back up to its full imposing height.

    To a completely silent arena.

    “Two left.” Leon declared. “Time for the three of us to have a serious chat about a couple of things.”

    Clarice and Angelica gasped and looked at each other when they both realized who remained.

    Their fiancées.

    Just what was Leon planning now?
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    Jesus Christ he’s either speedrunning shock therapy or making those two girls fall harder than a body positivity activist doing a flip.
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    por qué no los dos? ;DDD
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    “Haa…haa…haa…ugh!” My lungs heaved as I took deep breaths to stop myself from throwing up. I had immediately turned off the external speakers after I made my declaration once I felt my stomach doing wall jumps.

    Your chosen method of locomotion was quite inspired and extremely effective. Please make sure to use it in moderation in the future, the Getter Pilot Suit is not rated to prevent motion sickness.

    “Urgh…noted.” I swallowed some spit, thankful that neither idot decided to take advantage of my momentary sickness. “Urk…what, they scared or something?”

    You were successful in eliminating the majority of their team in under a minute. They have good reason to be cautious of you. They may even think that your current immobility is some form of psychological warfare.

    “They’re giving me too much credit then. Man, I’ll need some apple slices after this.” I muttered before taking one more deep breath and switching the external speakers back on. “So, let’s start with the easier one. Jilk, I have a question?”

    “And why should I entertain anything that comes out of your mouth?” He asked just before taking another shot, this time at Black Getter’s head. I didn’t even bother to dodge. The round hit and exploded but, aside from some magic dust covering my screen for a bit, there was no other effect.

    “The longer you keep me talking, the longer you keep yourself from getting crushed by me.” Jilk and Julius were silent as I let the threat linger.

    “Speak.” Man, way to still sound so imperious even though you’re the ones with your backs against the wall. Jilk was supposed to be the nice one too.

    I spared at glance at where Clarice was sitting and saw her staring right at Black Getter’s face, as if silently asking me what I was doing. “Why didn’t you just up and tell Clarice that you had fallen in love with another woman and couldn’t be with her anymore? Do you understand what she’s been through since you kept avoiding her? She’s been up the wall with uncertainty. Hell, she had to learn about it from other people.”

    That definitely wasn’t what anyone expected me to ask as they went from silence to whispering to each other. I couldn’t see Jilk but from the way his Armor was twitching, this was a surprise for him too. “She didn’t need to know.”

    “The hell she didn’t, she’s your fiancée!” I immediately hiss back at him.

    He countered by pointing a finger at me. “In the first place, this is none of your business!”

    “She’s a friend. With how close you and the others are, I’d think you’d understand sticking with your friends no matter what. You’d do the same for them, right?” The silence from him was telling. They were all idiots, but even I could admit that they were idiots who stood up and supported each other no matter what. It was almost admirable.

    “I had hoped to spare her the pain of knowing.” He said haltingly. “I had planned on breaking off our engagement during the summer break through a letter.”

    My eyes wandered back to Clarice and saw her crying on Angie’s shoulder as she was being held by her two friends. Shit.

    “Jilk.” Huh, even Julius didn’t sound onboard with that plan.

    He didn’t even flinch at the disappointed tone and just answered. “I am serious about Marie, your highness. Just as much as you and the others.”

    “So what, you just throw her away? Did you even care about her?” I said through gritted teeth, trying to keep my anger in check. Last thing I needed was for the Getter Rays to make me do something rash while I’m inside Black Getter.

    “I do admit that I have a fondness for her, but the only woman I truly love is Marie. Not even threatening me with the monster you are in will make me change my mind.” I guess that was it then. There was only one more thing to do.

    “I want to add one more bet. Just between the two of us.” I declared while pointing at Jilk’s Armor. “Man-to-man.”

    “I am done entertaining any more of you–”

    “If you’re successful, then I’ll surrender my Black Getter to you. It’s yours, and I leave the Academy forever.” That got everyone’s attention as they all went silent. Aside from Jenna, who I could actually hear screaming at me from the stands.

    “Wha–just like that? What kind of man are you?” Black Getter just shrugged at Julius’ question.

    “I’ve been told that I’m a pretty strange one. How about it Jilk?” I just echoed what Clarice called me and turned back to Jilk.

    “What must be done?” He finally asked.

    “You hit me, once. You win. I hit you once, I win.” I laid it out. There was no way he’d pass that up considering how they should know that they couldn’t beat me. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    “And what do you get if you win our bet?” Oh yeah, I hadn’t gone through that part huh?

    “You stop being a coward, talk to Clarice privately, lay all your cards down. Even if you can’t accept her love anymore, you can at least give her closure.” I declared. Oh look, all the talking in the audience started up again.

    “I was wrong about you, Leon. That you would go that far for a friend.” Jilk actually started speaking with what I could kind of even consider as admiration. Felt really weird. “I still don’t like you for standing against his highness, but I respect you as a man.”

    I just sighed at how I didn’t even want his respect in the first place. I decided instead to turn to Julius. “You mind giving us the signal, your highness? This isn’t exactly part of the regular rule set.”

    “...very well.” He reluctantly agreed and moved his Armor to the side of the arena.

    While I understand your desire to help Clarice in her time of need, I have to ask why you thought this would be an appropriate time to try to resolve the issue.

    I muted the external speakers and rubbed my hands together.

    “Think about it, Control. Most of the Higher Studies students in the Academy are in this arena. Jilk will have no choice but to abide by the condition I set, his pride won’t allow anything less.” I pointed out. With this many people as witnesses, his reputation would crash and burn if he flaked on this.

    And you are certain that you will be successful? Betting Black Getter F was inadvisable.

    “Don’t worry, Control. I know Jilk’s fighting style. I know exactly what he’ll do at this range with the limitations of that Armor. I’ll have to apologize in advance though.”


    “I’ll need to do something stupid with Getter Wing.” The sigh I heard from Control sounded like someone who had heard that sentence being said a few times before.

    “Are both sides ready?” Julius asked after Jilk and I moved to equidistant parts of the arena. “BEGIN!”

    As I had hoped, Jilk immediately threw a smoke grenade at me. I was already jumping back to avoid getting hit while it was in the air. By the time it landed and detonated, I had reached around behind Black Getter and swiftly ripped off its cape. I immediately threw it up in the air and over the smoke. I grinned when I saw a magic round hit it.

    “A decoy?!” I was already bursting through the smoke by the time he realized his mistake. He was lowering his rifle, trying to get a bead on my Getter Robo. Too bad.

    “Tomahawk!” I yelled out, grasping the handle that shot out of Black Getter’s shoulder. “Boomerang!”

    Jilk fired another shot but it hit the thrown tomahawk instead. It continued its trajectory and, because of how Jilk angled his Armor to shoot effectively, sliced off both of the Armor’s arms. True to the name, the tomahawk looped back to Black Getter just as it slid to a stop in front of Jilk. Unfortunately, I still sucked at catching those things so it just sailed past Black Getter’s shoulder and embedded itself on the ground. Black Getter’s falling cape on the other hand was as easy as raising a hand and snatching it from midair

    I then proceeded to hang it off the Getter’s shoulder, held on by the same hand, because I didn’t know how to reattach it.

    If you wish for the Getter Wing to be reattached, please simply place it back on the back armor and I will initialize the reconnection process.

    I gave Control two thumbs up and did as they suggested.

    “Leon Fou Bartfort has won the wager.” Julius declared and the crowd went nuts. At this point, I wasn’t even sure for what reason anymore.

    “I will abide by our agreement.” Jilk said as his armor sat on its haunches.

    “I know. Don’t be an ass to her when you talk, Jilk.” I warned while turning away from him and walking towards Jilius. “I’ll know.”

    “So it comes down to us then.” Julius declared as he readied his shield and pointed his sword at me. The crowd then started cheering for Julius to defeat me. They must have remembered all the money they had riding on this whole thing.

    “We both know that you can’t win.” I pointed out as Julius stepped to the middle of the arena, right between me and the Getter Tomahawk that was still on the ground.

    “Perhaps. But my love for Marie will see me through, regardless of the outcome.” His Armor the charged right at me, shield forward and sword ready to strike. I sighed and Black Getter just zoomed behind him. I was about to punch him when blue flame-like wings erupted on the Armor’s back. That’s right, Julius’ Armors all had the special ability to increase its performance for short bursts. It drains the energy like crazy but it has saved me a bunch of times in critical moments in the game.

    Faster than any of the Armors I’d faced, it spun around and delivered an upward jumping slash that hit Black Getter right on the forehead. It didn’t actually hurt the Getter Robo, but the crowd cheered on anyway. Julius ducked under the punch I still attempted and his Armor quickly jumped back, the wings on the back disappearing.

    Julius and his Armor were definitely a cut above the rest. Made sense considering who he was.

    “Tell me, have you ever truly loved someone, Leon?” The sudden question made me pause. That was pretty random, but okay.

    “I’m assuming you mean romantically?” I clarified and received a nod. “Not really. Never really felt that way about anyone and no one has ever really given me the chance to try.”

    “Though, I do know a couple of girls who do.” I couldn't resist the snipe.

    Julius seemed to pick up what I was talking about and his Armor shook its head. “I cannot speak for Clarice, but Angelica does not love me. She is just the same as all the women in the court. They all see me as the crown prince, and not as who I am.”

    “How the hell are you so sure about that?!” I asked, getting impatient at how stubborn he was being.

    "She claims that she loves me because that is what everyone has told her for years. She is expected to love me, conditioned by those around her. That is not real love." He began to ramble.

    Julius continued and I could hear his frustration in his voice. “You have no idea what it is like. It’s all the same! I’ve seen it play out over and over again my whole life! Why should she be any different?! Only Marie sees me as Julius and not the crown I am expected to wear!”

    He laments the artificiality of the Royal Court. He might not even hate Angelica and only despises what he sees that she represents, another shackle. He likely feels like he does not have the right to choose.

    “How can someone like you, who is free to live and love as you choose, can possibly understand how hard it has been?!” Dammit, man. I was just starting to sympathize with you and you just couldn't keep your mouth shut.

    I grit my teeth but I couldn't hold in my anger anymore. “Hard? HARD?!”

    “You want to know what’s hard?! Being called a noble but being poor enough to have to do farmwork yourself! Being told that you’ll be married off to an old hag so they can send you to the frontlines and collect the money from your death!” I started my own rant while pointing at Julius. “To be forced to risk your life on an impossible bet just to find the means to escape that hell.”

    “Don’t you know how hard it’s been for the rest of us? To be constantly compared to the five of you? To attempt Tea Parties to catch the attention of a girl only for them to insult your effort for not being good enough for them, if they even show up? To want so desperately for a girl to acknowledge your efforts and see you for who you are and not by what’s written at the end of your name?” Black Getter stomped its foot and the ground broke beneath it. Julius stepped back, hopefully understanding how the hardships with women for us regular nobles echoed his own in a way.

    “Who here understands that struggle?” I asked while looking around in the audience and receiving a roar of approval from nearly all the men there. That was probably the first time the crowd actually cheered in my favor.

    “You keep complaining that no one understands you, but have you made the effort to try to do the same? Did you even give Angie the same courtesy you wanted from her? Have the two of you even talked about this without any posturing or pretense?!” Black Getter spread out its arms as if daring Julius to respond.

    He did so by activating the wings of his armor and making his sword shine with power. “I will admit, my way of thinking may have flaws. That things could have been different. However–”

    “–you only love Marie?” I tiredly finished his thought. He nodded and I turned to pick up the discarded tomahawk on the ground.

    “You and your friends were supposed to be the best of us. The kind of men we all should have aspired to be. Hell, you’re supposed to be the paragon above everyone else. You’re going to rule our country one day.” I pointed out as I started to slowly walk towards my final opponent.

    “I never asked for any of this.” He bitterly said.

    What a coincidence, neither did I.

    His Armor shot forward and desperately struck at Black Getter, landing hit after hit. It didn't do any damage. I raised the arm that held the tomahawk and Julius braced to defend it with both his armaments.

    “Good talk, your highness.” The tomahawk swung down and broke through the shield, sword, and the left side of Julius’ armor. Black Getter pushed at the Armor and it fell on its back.

    “Leon Fou Bartfort is victorious!” The referee announced but I didn’t really care anymore at that point.

    I put the tomahawk back in Black Getter’s shoulder as it turned around and walked back to the tunnel entrance I walked out of earlier. I ignored the voices around me as I went. Control took over as the screens went dark and the cockpit opened up.

    Slipping out and onto the offered hand, I looked around and squinted at how everything looked a bit blurry. Control slowly lowered me to the ground but I couldn’t help feel like the world was spinning.

    I jumped off of Black Getter’s hand and stumbled onto the ground. I felt the gust of wind as it flew back into the sky but I just wanted to get back to the changing room. Staggering into the hallway, I had to brace myself against the wall when my vision swam. I guess that took more out of me than I thought. Pressing my back against the wall, I slowly slid to the floor and closed my eyes as I lost consciousness.
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    I honestly loved how he just completely humiliated them in canon. This worked for the crossover.
  13. Extras: Battle Music

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    As a bonus, here are the themes for each of the fights:

    Ended up using a few tracks I really liked from way back. I applaud you if you actually know the source of Leon's theme.
  14. Threadmarks: Can't Stop - 6

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    To say that Livia got upset when she, Angie, and Clarice found me slumped against a wall in the hallway was an understatement. I got a real scolding from all three but Livia made me promise to take care of myself more under threat of cheek pinching. What fearsome friends I had!

    Thankfully, both the doctors and Control later on confirmed that I had just been suffering from a combination of exhaustion and prolonged motion sickness. The medical staff in particular were surprised when they didn’t find any physical injuries on me considering what I put myself through by moving around that fast in Black Getter. The pilot suit Control made me really worked as advertised.

    Jenna had immediately secured our winnings with help from Daniel, Raymond, and Miauler–I finally remembered the catboy’s name!–in case anyone cried foul from my win. My sister did give me an earful for risking a sure win when I made my wager with Jilk. Daniel and Raymond came away like bandits before officially apologizing for being part of vandalizing my room. At the reminder, I looked at both of them in the most serious expression I could muster and said–

    “I will have my revenge. Prepare for your chairs to be tipped over at the most inconvenient of times. Who knows, you may even find your things in slightly different places from what you remember.”

    The laughter we shared pretty much reaffirmed our friendship. I still wasn’t sure if Daniel was thinking straight with him trying to get with Jenna, but I would help him if he asked.

    Speaking of my sister, she surprisingly made me come away with the lion’s share of our combined winnings. She told me that I’d need it for when I talk to the Redgrave and Atlee families before laughing her way back to her dorm, with her catboy pushing a cart that had a small hill of platinum coins.

    Earl Atlee was unavailable, but Angie helped me get an audience with her father when I explained the situation. So there I was, standing in what I believed was Duke Vince Rapha Regrave’s audience chamber. I wasn’t sure if it was his office as well since he was seated behind a very expensive looking table in the middle of the room. His son, and Angie’s older brother, Gilbert Rapha Redgrave stood at his side. Both men looked pretty intense and were just staring at me. I was trying my best not to fidget from their gaze while a big pile of platinum coins just sat silently at my side.

    “My daughter spoke highly of you as a good friend when she asked that I agree to an audience with you. I have also looked into your accomplishments and investigated the specifics of that duel you had with the prince and his friends.” Duke Redgrave addressed me. I reminded myself to thank Angie for putting in a good word for me. “Tell me boy, why is it that you have come to me?”

    Okay, just like how Control and I practiced. “I understand that, regardless of my actual intentions and goals, I still raised a hand against the heir to the throne as well as the sons of the other high lords. I am the son of a regional Baron and only hold my titles provisionally. As such, I have no actual political power. Therefore, I wish to implore house Redgrave–”

    “To clean up the mess that you and my daughter made, yes?” I swallowed and nodded at the Duke’s words.

    “If at all possible, I wish to prevent myself from being put to the axe and my family’s reputation to be spared.” I finished my spiel with a bow. I didn’t need to mention the tribute I brought since such a thing was already expected considering who I was asking a favor from.

    “You stood by my daughter’s side when no one else did. I shall return the favor in kind.” Yes! I fought my face muscles from breaking out into a big grin. Have to stay professional!

    I suddenly felt a cold sweat when Angie’s dad gave me a particular kind of smile. “I shall also speak to Earl Atlee of the favor you did his daughter. It will make my work easier if the two of us deal with this issue together.”

    Angie! Your dad is so cool!

    “I must ask.” Angie’s brother spoke up next. “My sister spoke of you as a friend, but the extent of how far you were willing to go for her and the Atlee daughter, most would not see it as merely the actions of a concerned friend. What are you really after, Leon Fou Bartfort?”

    I thought about his words for a moment. He was right. I could have just arrived at the arena with Black Getter, beat up all five of those idiots, refused to elaborate on anything, and left. Jenna and I could then have just danced our way to the bookies. The thought of doing things that way made me scowl.

    I didn’t want to live my life with regrets anymore.

    “I could have just fought in the duel and won, but that wouldn’t have actually helped Angie and Clarice.” I spoke, staring at the table as I recalled my feelings on the matter as a whole. “If both his highness and Jilk had sincerely talked with the two of them, been honest with their desires, and faced the consequences of their choices, then I would have stayed out of their business and let the couples work through it to whatever it ended up as.”

    “But the way they treated the women who genuinely loved them, who wanted to spend the rest of their lives with them, even though they couldn't return their feelings.” I looked back up and met Gilbert’s gaze before continuing. “I wasn’t about to let them get away with that.”

    Angie’s brother didn’t betray anything he felt about my answer. Then Duke Redgrave asked a question that Control and I also considered as a possibility. “And if I had refused to support you?”

    “Then I would have prostrated in front of the crown and the high lords and begged them to spare my family.” As much as we could have wanted otherwise, there was no way I could get out of severe punishments if I didn’t have a powerful house on my side. At most, I might have been able to save the Bartfort name. “If they wanted me to renounce my titles and name, then I’d do that too.”

    “You would cower before them? The very people who wronged you? Have you no pride?” The Duke asked with narrowed eyes.

    I almost scoffed. When had pride gotten me anywhere good, in either of my lives? “My pride isn’t worth my family’s wellbeing.”

    Both men were quiet for several moments before Duke Redgrave finally nodded.

    “You may leave.”

    I didn’t need to be told twice, bowing to both men and swiftly leaving the room. Once I was in the hallway I gave a sigh of relief and raised my fist in triumph. It cost me a good chunk of my payout, but it was worth it. Plus, since the Duke said that he would be the one to talk to the Atlee house, I didn’t even need to spend any more money as tribute for them.

    Thanks for the bonus, Jenna!

    “What is your impression of him?” Vince Rapha Redgrave asked his son after the young man left.

    Gilbert Rapha Redgrave hummed as he walked to the pile of wealth the boy laid at their feet in tribute. “He puts too little stock in himself. He should have put the power of his Armor forward as a bargaining chip as well.”

    “He’ll have time to learn.” Vice said in agreement.

    “But his actions have been honorable and he did not completely humiliate the prince.” Gilbert added as he turned back to his father. Vice scoffed and waved his hand in dismissal.

    “No, the boy did that all his own.” It was no secret between the two men that the Duke did not think highly of the crown prince. He had inherited what Vince considered as the worst aspects of his parents. The boy had a loyal circle of friends, but little else.

    “Shall we secure the Bartfort boy’s allegiance then? He has yet to find a wife. We can bind him to our house through a daughter of our allies.” Gilbert suggested. Vice nodded as he had also already considered it, with how much his dear Angie complimented the boy to no end. He had not seen his daughter so happy ever since she entered the Academy.

    “No. Once Bernard finds out what he did for Clarice, we would need something more to convince young Leon to throw his lot with our family.” He concluded. Indeed, once Earl Atlee heard the news, Vice had little doubt what he would offer Leon Fou Bartfort.

    Vince could not let his house be found lacking in comparison.

    Classes had finally concluded for the start of summer break and I felt fantastic! I had basically achieved everything I could have possibly wanted, barring finding a bride. Both Daniel and Raymond already went home, but not before Daniel finally got Jenna to break and allow him to send her letters over the summer. The madman was actually doing it. Incredible.

    Control and I talked about our transportation and, to my surprise, they actually suggested that the Nagare be sent to pick up Jenna, Hicks, and myself at the harbor.

    You are victorious. There is no reason for you to not return home victoriously as well.

    I can’t believe that Control told me to flex on everyone. It was amazing!

    Jenna was pretty excited about being seen going home in a pretty impressive looking ship. Hicks was a bit apprehensive, but couldn’t deny his curiosity of what the ship would be like from the inside.

    “It looks so nice!” Livia said as she beheld my ship. She, Angie, and Clarice came along to see me off. Hicks quickly boarded the ship when he saw who I was with while Jenna made sure as many people as possible saw her go inside the Nagare.

    Angie slowly took in the size and look of my ship. “So this is the other Lost Item. Then is your Armor also inside it?”

    “Yep. Black Getter is in the hangar. I’m actually planning on spending most of the break training with it. I haven’t been able to practice at all since I got to the Academy so I want to make up for lost time.” I explained my plans.

    Just a pretty laid back summer break with my family, Black Getter, and Control.

    Clarice made a thoughtful sound and tilted her head. “So you don’t have any other plans aside from playing with your toy?”

    “It would have cost you no effort to not phrase it like that, Clarice.” I flatly told her, making the older girl grin and the other two giggle. “I mean, I’ll probably be roped into helping the family with a bunch of stuff too. It’ll be nice to see everyone again.”

    “What about you three? Planning anything interesting?” I turned the question around to my friends.

    “Livia will be staying with me over the summer break.” Angie answered for both her and Livia as she proceeded to hug the other girl from behind. I raised an eyebrow at the action.

    “Angie insisted, though I’m not sure how much of a companion I can be.” Livia squeaked as she was hugged tighter by her friend. I see, so the main antagonist ended up as the hidden Yuri Route. Interesting.

    I then turned to our senior. “How about you Clarice?”

    “Oh, I’ll be heading home as well.” She started before stepping forward and leaning towards me. She placed a finger on my chest and made circles as she continued. “I need to talk to my father about a few important things regarding my future, seeing as I’ll be graduating soon.”

    “Huh, neat. I guess we’ll all see each other once school starts up again then.” I answered stiffly, my heart going faster than it did when I piloted Black Getter. We said our farewells and I boarded the Nagare, feeling nostalgic about the whole thing. Control had the ship leave the harbor and made for the Bartfort lands.

    My time in the Academy so far was definitely not what I expected it to be. I just wanted to be a background character, just stay out of everyone’s way as the main story progressed. Before I knew it, I met new friends, made a few enemies, even ended up somehow getting the main protagonist and main antagonist become best friends. I had once told Control that I was probably not a background character anymore. They scoffed, actually scoffed, and told me that I was never a background character in the first place.

    You are the protagonist of Leon Fou Bartfort’s story. Olivia is the protagonist of her story. Angelica Rapha Redgrave and Clarice Fia Atlee are the protagonists of theirs.

    I still couldn’t say that I fully understood the deeper meaning behind those words. However, as I watched Jenna and Nicks argue about which of their meals were better while Miauler stood passively eating his fish sandwich, I could definitely say that I didn’t regret any of it at all.

    A couple of weeks passed and I was back at the floating island where the Saotome Research Lab was and was desperately trying not to crash as I flew around the environment in Black Getter.

    Leon, your father wishes for you to return to the family estate. It seems that several representatives from the capital have arrived. It may be about the fallout from the duel.

    I had Black Getter land when Control finished talking. They had left a simple drone with my parents so they could use it to contact me whenever I went to my island. It was pretty convenient. Although, when my mother found out that Control had records of several recipes that she had never heard of, she proceeded to use the drone as a talking cookbook while she experimented with new dishes almost daily. I mean, they were great, but it was still pretty funny.

    “Okay, should we take the Nagare?”

    I believe this would be a good time for you to practice long-distance open air flight. It should not take too long for you to reach your home from here using Black Getter F. I can always deploy the Nagare in case of an emergency.

    I nodded in agreement and took a breath before making Black Getter lift off. The displays lit up with a waypoint marker for me to follow back home. Hopefully the representatives from the capital wouldn’t take too much time so I could get back to training.

    They’d just tell me that I was off the hook, go along their merry way, and I could be back on my island the next day. Easy.
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    And that is it for the second arc of this story. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been reading and supporting this fanfic.

    Like last time, here is a hint for the title of the next arc:

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    Thanks for the chapter
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    This is pretty good despite the relative lack of attention it seems to get.
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    It's unsurprising with how niche both source materials are.
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    To be fair, man, I think the attention is already back on SB and SV. Does anybody who comes here really look for the non-lewd stuff?

    Just an observation.
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    I mean I just come and read, I don't really say much.

    Im sure theres far more views than responses.
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    Really loving this fic honestly and finally leon is breaking out of his mob mentality.
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    I lay motionless on the ground as I watched the clouds roll by above me. The grass fluttered against my skin as a gentle breeze passed by. The tranquility this moment afforded me was one I would remember for the rest of my days. The small, imperceptible, imperfections of life and everything around me was eye opening.

    Such as the small rock that landed next to my hand.

    It allowed me the mental and emotional epiphanies that I had failed to achieve in my previous life. That evil will only truly harm, if you retaliate in kind. That fame and desires are worthless pursuits. That the Universe itself is Change. That most problems are fabrications of the mind.

    Like the other small rock that hit my shoe.

    Of not worrying about the past, living in the present, and definitely, absolutely, positively not thinking about the future.

    Never the future.

    A small rock landed on my chest. It was of no consequence. It was only myself, tranquility, and a wide open sky.

    No Thoughts

    Head Empty

    I blinked as a small rock hit me on the head and I finally addressed my tormentor. “Dear sister, please. Humanity's capacity to resolve disputes without resorting to base violence is what separates us from the animals.”

    “I swear that I will separate your head from your body if you don’t get up and help me!” I sighed at the disturbance from my further meditative pursuits.

    I would suggest doing as she asks. There is a non-zero probability of Jenna actually being capable of the feat.

    I finally got up and gave Control a flat look. They were using a pretty ordinary looking drone this time, a floating sphere like the one I first saw them in. The stealth model was not really needed while I was at home so it was being stored at the Nagare.

    Both Jenna and myself were currently tasked to till the soil around one of the family farms. We didn’t really need to do this anymore because of the better conditions of our territory. However, Jenna was being punished for getting Miauler–who was forbidden from helping my sister–and I was being punished for metaphorically kicking the policial beehive at the capital.

    “I don’t care how big your Armor is or that you will outrank me soon! You are still my son and I will discipline you as such!” My father said after the envoys from the Royal Palace left yesterday.

    The official end of the engagements for Angie and Clarice apparently happened pretty close together. The Redgrave and Atlee families then raced–raced–to finalize and send a representative to the Bartfort estate in order to formally give an engagement offer each. To me. To marry Angie or Clarice.

    I wouldn’t say that I fainted after reading the letters that the representatives sent. It was just exhaustion from training with Black Getter.

    That was my story and I was sticking to it.

    It got even worse when another set of envoys arrived a few days later, this time from the Royal Palace directly.

    They found out about the engagement offers from the Redgrave and Atlee houses and decided to try to save face, according to dad at least. In order to make any possible engagement to either family look good, as well as a reward from the crown for honorably chastitizing Julius and his boys, I was to be formally promoted to the Lower Fifth Rank of Viscount. On top of all that, I was to be instated as a fully fledged Independent Knight of the Holfort Kingdom.

    I was stricken with another sudden bout of exhaustion. I personally blamed the sudden chill the previous night.

    I was to report to the Royal Palace for the award ceremony and knighting by the King in a week’s time.

    I got back to work next to Jenna while Nicks and Colin stood around nearby. Nicks was there to keep an eye on us and make sure we actually were doing the work ourselves, Colin was there just to spend time with us.

    After a while, Jenna took a break and was taking a drink from a canteen that Miauler handed her. “What I don’t get is why you’re so hung up about this. Doesn’t this magically fix your biggest problem at the Academy?”

    “Jenna, the proposals were from probably two of the most powerful houses in the country aside from the crown. The women being offered were once the fiancées of the crown prince and the man who is practically his brother. I think Leon is within his right to panic over having to choose between them.” Nicks pointed out quite reasonably. See, this was why he’s my favorite older sibling!

    “Can’t he just marry both? Like dad!” Oh, sweet Colin. I turned to my older siblings and frowned when they glanced at each other and narrowed their eyes. I take it back.

    “Nicks, Jenna, no!” I firmly stated. That only made them squint harder. “Even one of them is ridiculously far out of my league! Both?! Are you crazy?!”

    “But what if you did though? You’d have the support of two great houses. Maybe even reel in the Special Scholarship student as a concubine if you're so fond of her too.” Jenna muttered. I could literally hear the gears turning in her head.

    Brain! My guy! Seriously! Stop imagining my three friends in bed in nothing but sexy underwear! It’s rude! No! I don’t want to tell you which colors would suit each of them best!

    “Maybe I should keep them all as friends instead? Boys and girls can just be friends you know! Just because they’re close with each other doesn’t mean they have to be romantically involved!” Both my older siblings looked at me like I was an idiot for even thinking that.

    “Spurn the proposals from two great houses and you really will end up being executed, idiot.” Jenna pointed out. I grimaced as I couldn't refute her words.

    Nicks sighed and nodded in agreement. “As much as I hate to admit it, Jenna is right. You either have to choose one or have both.”

    Do you perhaps not find either girl attractive? Physically, emotionally or intellectually?

    I was about to address Control when I paused in surprise when I saw the drone being hugged by Colin. Control didn’t seem to mind the attention at all.

    “No, they are very attractive for different reasons.” I eventually answered. “I just don’t know if I can be that to them this soon, or ever.”

    Then does the problem stem from your insecurity in being able to make them happy?

    “Angie and Clarice went through some really bad emotional stuff, okay? That kind of thing doesn’t just go away.” I reminded everyone and they seemed to agree with that at least.

    “Did someone hurt them?” Colin asked worriedly.

    I smiled at my younger brother and patted his head. “Yes Colin. By some people who they loved very much.”

    “Then why not be their hero and sweep them off their feet.” I rubbed my forehead when another female voice spoke from the direction of our estate. “Provide the love and care they so desperately crave so our family can get out of this squalor.”

    I turned to the direction of the voice and regarded my younger sister, Finley. She was younger than me and would not be attending the Academy for another two years. Her eye color was identical to Jenna’s but her hair was a lighter shade of brown and was styled in a medium bob cut that wrapped around her face.

    “Trying to sound mature doesn’t actually make you so, Finley.” I taunted my younger sister like the mature adult that I was.

    “You would know, wouldn’t you?” I admit that I walked into that one. She then turned to Jenna and spoke. “A letter from your suitor arrived. Mother asked me to let you know.”

    “Honestly, the persistence of that idiot is astounding.” Jenna sounded offended but none of us bought it with how quickly she started walking back to the estate, Miauler following close behind. I hoped that Daniel could handle a girl that was more Tsun than Dere once school started back up.

    “How does it feel, eldest brother, to know that both of your younger siblings have effectively already secured spouses? Is it motivating you to try harder?” Finley decided to take a snipe at Nicks before walking away. Sharp tongue, that one.

    The eldest brother in question looked between his younger sister and his two brothers. “I swear, that girl acts like Jenna with more spite and a better vocabulary. I guess we can all return home then. Come on you two.”

    I was walking alongside Colin, Control was still in his possession, when he spoke up. “Hey Leon.”

    “What’s up?” I asked with a smile.

    “Do you love those girls?” The smile disappeared at the question.

    “I don’t know, Colin.” And that’s what scared me the most.

    As ordered, I was back at the Capital after a week. My family came along with me and we all traveled there in the Nagare. Colin in particular was really happy after I let him sit in the Captain’s chair of the ship.

    My parents and younger siblings were wearing the best formalwear they had, while Nicks and Jenna opted to just show up in their uniforms. I, on the other hand, was handed a brand new set of knightly formalwear. It even had a half cape that hung off one shoulder!

    If there was one image that perfectly encapsulated the sheer insanity of the whole event, it was Black Getter’s cape sprinkled with flowers and the colorful confetti and streamers that hung from different parts of its body. It stood outside as the Palace Officials insisted on displaying it instead of keeping it in the Nagare for some reason. I only hoped that Control was invisible somewhere and taking pictures, because I wouldn’t believe that this actually happened if there wasn’t any visual proof.

    “It looks so cuuuuute!” Livia’s squeal made my family and I turn to see her, Angie, and Clarice walking towards us. Unlike my older sister, all three girls were wearing beautiful dresses that fit them perfectly. Not only that, even their hairstyles changed. Livia’s hair was a bit more curly than it normally was, Angie’s was worn in a ponytail, and Clarice had her hair flowing like a waterfall down her shoulders.

    I would have taken a step back if not for Nicks’ body blocking me. “Don’t insult them by backing away, Leon.”

    I gave a small nod at my brother’s whisper and gave all three girls a big smile. “You should have seen the looks on the decorators when they were shown what they were going to work on. It’s nice to see you three again, you all look beautiful.”

    “Thanks Leon! Angie picked my dress and Clarice curled my hair.” Livia explained as she spun around to show off her new look.

    Clarice stepped forward and looked me up and down. “I have to say, you look quite handsome yourself, Leon.”

    “Indeed, you look every part the dashing knight.” Angie agreed with her own smile. I proceeded to introduce the girls to my family formally. All three girls immediately thought that Colin was adorable and the poor boy had no idea what to do with all the female attention he was getting.

    “Don’t laugh. That’ll be you soon enough.” My grin froze on my face at Finley’s words. When I paid more attention to the scene, I could see both Angie and Clarice stealing glances at me from time to time. “Don’t mess this up, big brother.”

    The ceremony itself was pretty straightforward all in all. There were a bunch of guests from noble houses I’d never heard of while the King sat on his throne with the Queen standing at his side. I didn’t even need to say a thing. I just had to take a knee as a man announced my new formal title of Viscount.

    The King then stood up and proceeded to award me the title of Independent Knight. I fiercely kept my eyes on the floor as he tapped his sword on my shoulders as part of the ceremony. I was terrified that he might have been mad at me fighting his son.

    And just like that, it was over.

    After the ceremony, I was escorted to a room within the palace. It was just supposed to be me, so my friends ended up staying with my family until I was done. At least they had Colin to keep them entertained.

    The door was opened and I could feel myself sweating loudly. Inside was Vince Rapha Redgrave and a man I was assuming was Bernard Fia Atlee. The two men were sitting side by side on a couch, with another once placed in front of them.

    I had never wanted to run away more than I did at that moment.

    “Ah! The man of the hour arrives!” The man sitting next to Angie’s dad said with a genial smile. “I am Minister Bernard Fia Atlee. I understand that you are already acquainted with Duke Redgrave.”

    I nodded and greeted both men with a bow before sitting down on the available couch. I didn’t dare speak out of turn and waited to be addressed. Eventually, Duke Redgrave spoke up. “Your ship and your Armor are as impressive as what people have told me.”

    “Indeed! Your Black Getter, as my dear Clarice said its name is, cuts quite the imposing figure. Like a knight from the old legends!” Minister Atlee agreed with a smile and a nod, one that made me nervous because of his next words. “One might even think that it could be powerful enough to challenge even the King.”

    “I would never do that! My loyalty is to the Holfort Kingdom!” I cried out in reflex.

    “No.” Duke Redgrave cut through my words. “Your loyalty is to your family. You demonstrated as such when you went to beg for my help.”

    “Indeed. Such is the quality of a true knight. I’m certain that you would do whatever it took to protect them.” Minister Atlee agreed with a pleased expression.

    “That was a rather on the nose way to say that you want him to be part of your family, Bernard.

    “There are times for oratorical finesse, Vince.”

    I chose to remain quiet during the byplay between the two very powerful men.

    “Have you decided which of our daughters you wish to marry?” The Duke suddenly asked me with the subtlety of a hammer.

    The Minister then leaned forward and added, “Or do you want to have both?”

    I looked between the two men that could ruin the rest of my life. I then closed my eyes and gave the only answer I could come up with when I thought about the proposals. “I don’t know if I should have either of them.”

    Both men looked at me expectantly when I opened my eyes again. It seemed that they wanted me to elaborate.

    “What Angie and Clarice went through with Julius and Jilk. I can’t just swoop in and make everything better for them.” I said with a shake of my head.

    “Yet is that not what you did when you fought his highness and the other heirs?” Duke Redgrave correctly pointed out.

    “That was easy. Fighting is easy.” At least it was when you had a Getter Robo at your side. “They both need someone who can do more than just punch their problems away.”

    “That your worry about the engagements stem from concern for our daughters’ hearts, rather than how they can improve your standing in court speaks well of you.” Minister Atlee finally said with a gentle smile.

    “Indeed. I am starting to understand why Angie seems so fond of you.” Duke Redgrave agreed as he stared into my eyes while stroking his manly beard.

    The two men then began whispering to each other and kind of maybe arguing about something? I couldn't hear anything from where I was.

    “We can afford to wait for an answer from you until Clarice’s graduation to decide. Choose one or marry both.” Duke Redgrave said, giving me an ultimate time limit.

    Minister Atlee then stood up and spoke. "Though we both agree that the latter would be the ideal outcome."

    Why were the two of them so onboard about the possibility of me marrying both their daughters?

    To my shock, both men actually shook my hand and congratulated me on my new titles. I was about to excuse myself when Minister Atlee spoke once again.

    “Oh, one more thing. We would like to ask a favor from you as there is still time before summer break ends.”

    I was in Black Getter's cockpit as I watched my family, in addition to Livia, Angie, and Clarice board the Nagare.

    Servants from both houses had already been sent ahead beforehand. It was a planned arrangement that the Duke and Minister arranged with my father before the award ceremony. The three girls were going to spend the last week of the break at our estate.

    It seemed that they also already knew about it as the three of them had already changed out of their dresses and into travelling clothes when I met back up with everyone.

    Livia was pretty excited about the whole thing while the other two were looking at me with pleased smiles.

    Like the brave man that I was, I opted to fly home alongside the Nagare instead of riding inside and having to interact with the three girls. I ignored the disappointed looks from my parents when they saw me do that.

    I hope you understand that this is an issue you cannot run from. The girls themselves also deserve better.

    “I just need time, Control.” I said, gripping the controls tighter. I felt Black Getter shake a bit. Turbulence, I told myself.

    To seriously consider the situation and your feelings or to waste by ignoring it?

    I couldn’t give an answer.
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    Ah, but that is an answer, Leon.

    I see you chose to run.

    Have fun, you're just going to die tired.
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    While I agree that there is little point to the Getter Robo part, the mc being retarded isn't exactly the full extent of it either. Imagine being put down by female figures for two lifetimes. As readers, sure, it kinda seems like they're just trying to make the story last another volume. In world, it does kake some sense.
    On the super robot paet, however.... Honestly, I'm just convinced you haven't seen the ones that are targeted for you. If you watch the old brave series as an adult, of course you're not going to enjoy it. If you want animated, there's the "OVA sequel" field you can turn to, with Getter Robo Armageddon and Gaogaigar Final as the examples of super robot targeted for a more mature audiences, though Armageddon is definitely edgy as all hell. I'd honestly recommend giving the manga version of Getter Robo a try if you haven't. It's the version that's not written as an extended 24 minute toy commercial so it's got a lot more depth than the tv series, even if it's quite gory.
    Bottom line, for super robot, read the manga version, it's the one not for kids.

    On another note, I think Getter in this particular story brings more complications than answers. Rather than the [spoiler plot device], isn't it possible to just Getter Beam the attacking army into oblivion? What about the possible Emperor coming along? Does this Black Getter possess the self evolution function? And others as such. All in all though, it's still a solid take on the original story, though some character development feel a little rushed, it's not like that's much different in the source material.
    A question to the author, what do you think about them trying ro redeem Marie in the source material on the latter parts of the story?
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    It would have been great if it didn't come at the cost of Leon acting like a complete muppet. It's why Marie Route is a much better story overall since it feels like the author was able to think about the setting more and got a lot of good feedback.

    But of course, they will ultimately always be beholden to the publishing company and their editors.
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    I don't really like Marie route that much despite how much better it is narratively. Leon's worst traits are exposed and exacerbated now that Luxion is gone and what not.
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    That, and considering what happened to Angie and Livia in that route, I'm honestly turned off on ever reading it.

    Seriously, a polyamorous trio is practically a goldmine if you find it, let alone one done well. And imo, Leon's romance with the two just felt right.
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    Wait, what's this Marie Route? I haven't heard of it.
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    Its about short story what if Marie is the heroine of leon. U can start read it in volume 4/5. This is i can say like heaven feel route in fate for mobuseka.
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    I have those volumes and recall no such short story?