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Is it really okay to use Getter Rays in a world of Otome Games? [MobuSeka/Getter Robo]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Blackraptor, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Daniel K. English

    Daniel K. English Dr. Shikikan^2

    Jan 7, 2016
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    I really wanted Hertrude to have a good ending

    still hoping she does in the official LN
  2. S T 0 |2 M

    S T 0 |2 M Not too sore, are you?

    May 19, 2020
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    She does… not her sister though.
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  3. Bomberfett343

    Bomberfett343 [Verified Mini Nobbu] [Optimistic nihilist]

    Dec 5, 2018
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    Honestly I'm hoping stuff like this is foreshadowing more getters because this is the name line-up of the original Getter robo ships, plus considering open Gett is a quote on quote suicidal move in Black Getter Leon now being a shoenen protagonist mean he's probably going to need do it in one fight eventually and the awesomeness that is two Getters fighting Open Gett it is pretty much essential.

    Have a fun example

    If you want and even better one read the first chapter of the Shin Getter manga.
    Last edited: May 20, 2022
  4. Extras: What If Omake: Bang Bang

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I actually had a wildly different ending for the arc originally. I didn't use it because it messed up a lot of things I wanted later on. So, have it as an omake!

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  5. Bomberfett343

    Bomberfett343 [Verified Mini Nobbu] [Optimistic nihilist]

    Dec 5, 2018
    Likes Received:
    And we have Livia true villain end number 2 granted both while good so far are relatively tame by later getter standards.

    Personally Im waiting for the one where she turns into some sort of yandere cosmic horror, Getter rays are a hell of a drug after all.
  6. GiftofLove

    GiftofLove A Gift From The Heart

    Jun 16, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I'm kind of glad you didn't go that way. It doesn't feel like it fits with the story we've been following until now.

    Maybe if it happened before Leon's 'I believe in her' speech from earlier, but after it gives me thematic dissonance.
  7. Threadmarks: Selfish - 1

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
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    “Control! Are you here?!” I called out after I got back to my room on the Academy Cruise Liner. Both Deirdre and Livia were disappointed at the sudden departure of their new friend, but I was able to come up with the excuse that they couldn’t be alone for very late and had to leave. The moment they bought it, I went back to the ship to talk to Control.

    I assume that Gertrude is more than who she claimed to be based on your subtle exchanges after reaching the shrine.

    “That was Hertrude Sera Fanoss.” I immediately blurted out. Hearing myself say the name of the girl that tormented me over and over and over right at the finish line making me stumble back onto my bed.

    The final antagonist? But why and how was she at the island?

    “I don’t know! She wasn’t supposed to be there!” I raised my arms high in frustration.

    Could it be that she was always there but the perspective of the game prevented you from identifying her?

    I blinked, that was true. “Well, maybe?”

    She also didn’t seem hostile towards you, even after your exchange.

    I snapped my fingers and pointed at Control. “That’s the craziest part! She looked like she had no idea that the hit on me by the Offery’s even happened!”

    It is entirely possible that the attack was orchestrated by other members of the leadership or even a third party claiming to be the Principality.

    “Why is this whole thing making less and less sense the further along we get?” I whined at how even more nuts everything was now.

    The schemes and plots of humanity have always ever been intricate and frustrating. Professor Jin would have enjoyed unraveling this and turning everything on its head.

    I was definitely interested in that piece of information. “Professor Jin was a politician too or something?”

    No, he was actually a domestic terrorist before he became a Getter Pilot. He eventually took over as a head developer and scientist.

    “Getter Pilots are weird.” Was all I could really say to that.

    You should know.

    I rolled my eyes at the snipe but couldn’t really deny it. Before our talk could proceed, someone knocked on my door. “Who could that be?”

    To my surprise, it wasn’t any of the people I would have expected to give me a visit.

    “Marie? What’s wrong?” I asked but let her in my room anyway. I noticed that she had changed back to the school uniform.

    “Is your AI here?” I also noticed that she looked pretty wound up.

    I am. Do you need anything, Miss Marie?

    “No, I just didn’t want to get surprised like last time.” She said with a shake of her head even as Control became visible. She turned to me with a complicated looking expression. “Chris told me that he asked you for advice on how to get closer to me.”

    “Oh? Did it work?” I had to smirk when Marie suddenly turned away with her face very red. “I guess it did.”

    “He should have just stayed as he was. I’m the one who should be raising flags.” She grumbled and my mirth suddenly disappeared with what she said that.

    “Are you still treating them like video game characters?” I asked, referring to Julius and the boys.

    Marie scoffed and walked over to a nearby chair and sat down. “How could I not when everything I used from the game keeps working on them?”

    “But Chris just demonstrated that he can be more than those flags, didn’t he?” She frowned at me but didn’t give any counterarguments. Why was she still like this? The boys were pretty much her only real friends in the school even with all the people trying to curry favor with her.

    “The pirates you guys took down were the Winged Sharks, right?” She asked instead. My face turned serious as I had a good idea where this conversation was going.

    “Yep.” I breathed out and sat on my bed. “You’re wondering where the Saint’s Necklace is?”

    “You have it then?” She asked with a nod.

    “I can neither confirm nor deny.” I answered with a shrug. She didn’t seem impressed at my attempt at deflection.

    “You have it then.”

    “Yes, I have it.”

    “I need it.” I grimaced and shook my head when she actually said those words.

    “Marie, we already talked about why that could be bad.” If we identify the Saint early, whether it was her or Livia, then people wouldn’t be able to stay quiet about it. Who knew what would happen then? “We don’t even know if you can be a Saint or even use any of the boosts from the relics.”

    “I can use healing magic better than anyone in the Academy save for Olivia herself. Why are you being so passive about this anyway? You already know how events will go, right?” She argued and I started to feel my head spin when I remembered how nutty everything was now.

    Hertrude Sera Fanoss was on the island today and interacted with Leon and Olivia. It is safe to assume that relying on the game’s events as a definite guide is no longer viable.

    “What?!” Her shock and panic definitely showed that she was well acquainted with the pain that came with that name.

    “She just suddenly showed up. She was operating under an alias and Livia was just being Livia. We ended up spending the afternoon with her.” Honestly, everything would have been simpler if we could have just steered away from her without being introduced. There was also all that cryptic stuff she said at the end as well. At least I found out that she might not have been uninvolved with the pirate mess.

    “You didn’t try to kill her? That would have solved so much!” My palm met my face at the audacity of her words. Was she hearing herself?!

    “Are you crazy! If I did that then the Principality would have declared war on Holfort!” I told her just as much. Queen Mylene already told me that there mustn't be a diplomatic incident between the two nations, killing a Princess would definitely fit that category.

    “They’re going to end up doing that anyway! At least if you had killed her, we won’t have to deal with what she summons at the end of the game!” She countered, throwing her hands up in frustration. There she goes again.

    “This isn’t a game, Marie!” I yelled at her.

    “I know!” She yelled back. We both were at a standoff until she broke eye contact first and shivered in her seat.

    “But if I don’t keep thinking of it as a game, then I’ll probably go insane for real.” She whispered, the haunted look that I saw in the Nagare returning.

    “I can’t give you the necklace and I can’t let the Saint be revealed yet.” I raised a hand when she was about to argue against that. “We need Julius and the boys to get stronger before we do any of that.”

    “Why would we need to do that?” She asked in frustration, probably knowing how difficult such a thing could end up being.

    Each of them has the potential of defeating the Final Enemy with the Saint individually. If we can get all of them to that level of competence–

    “–then we’ll have an even better shot. Especially with your ship and that Super Robot.” Marie finished Control’s thought. Her complexion looked a bit better than it was a moment ago.

    “I’ll help train them up. Maybe go after the bracelet on the way sometime in our Second Year.” I suggested, thinking of a few places that could work for building them up. The Elf Island should have a pretty good mid-level dungeon. “A few expeditions to some dungeons would help a lot.”

    “That isn’t the only reason why isn’t it? You don’t want Olivia to get involved in what will come up.” Now that I thought about it, Marie was pretty perceptive when it came to people huh?

    “That’s part of it.” I hesitated but ultimately bit the bullet and decided to trust Marie. “Tell me, do you know about her Compelling Voice ability?”

    “Yeah, she mindrapes everyone at the end of the Perfect Ending and makes them do what she wants. Why are you–fuck, she unlocked it early didn’t she?” Yeah, Marie was definitely scary sharp when it comes to certain things.

    “In a manner of speaking.” I confirmed with a nod.

    “How? Didn’t that need an insane amount of affection points? I don’t even think you could do it from a fresh save!” And I agreed, lending credence to my theory of Getter Rays being the cause of Livia’s sequence breaking.

    “Normally it would be, but…” I then went into explaining what I thought was happening to her, Control clarifying some questions about Getter Rays.

    “I’m pretty sure everything you two just said belongs to a completely different genre.” Marie commented with a disbelieving shake of her head. She wasn’t wrong.

    I would suggest against confronting Olivia about it. Continually doing so may cause her to escalate her efforts.

    “So you two haven’t figured out a way to deal with miss mindrape?” I shook my head and held my face in my hands at the question.

    The possible solutions we have brainstormed would have likely caused an amount of mental and emotional trauma that we deemed unacceptable.

    Marie was quiet for a few moments, but eventually nodded in agreement. “So don’t talk to Olivia. That’ll be easy for me.”

    “Why are you so hostile to Livia anyway?” She had been like that since the first time I asked Livia about her impressions of Marie.

    “Because she gets everything! She’s supposed to be a nobody but she gets everything!” The smaller girl snarled out with surprising aggression. “Even after I took everything from her, she still gets so much!”

    “She has everything she could ever want and I have nothing! I have no one! All I have is becoming the Saint!” She continued her rambling but I definitely disagreed with what she said.

    “Come on. You know that’s not true.” I told her before starting to count with my fingers. “You have Julius, Jilk, Brad, Greg, Chris, and Kyle.”

    “Hell, in an insane turn of events, you even have Livia herself and me.” I admitted to my own surprise. Livia would definitely help Marie if I asked. I was pretty sure that both my fiancées were still mad at her though.

    In contrast, Marie looked at me like I was insane. “Why do you even want to help me anyway? I was the one who hurt Angelica and Clarice.”

    “You are, and I’m still waiting for you to apologize to them.” I reminded her with a stern look. She avoided my gaze and I just decided to continue. “But to answer your question, you remind me of someone.”

    “Oh? Was it a girlfriend from Earth? Gross!” She shot at me with a smirk. I snorted at her assertions and shook my head.

    “My little sister, actually.” Marie tilted her head at my answer.

    “From the Bartforts?” Huh, didn’t Chris also come to that conclusion?

    “Nah, the one from my old life.” I clarified as I looked up towards the ceiling.

    “She was a real terror that one. Always doing what she could to get me in trouble.” I began, not really sure why I was even revealing this much to her. “She even made me take the blame for the time our parents found her BL books.”

    “Hell, she was the one who forced me to complete the game over and over and over again just so she could see all the events. I’m pretty sure it was the reason why I even ended up here. Then again, I suppose that's why I was able to have such an advantage in–Marie?” I was surprised when I looked back down and saw Marie staring at me with wide eyes. She wasn’t even doing anything about the tears that were freely falling from her cheeks.

    “Big Brother?”

    Hertrauda Sera Fanoss sat motionlessly in her chair. Her eyes fixed forward, empty, gazing at nothing. She did not give any indication that she heard the door open or that her sister entered the room.

    “I’m back Rauda, I hope you haven’t been lonely without me.” Hertrude walked forward and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. “The island and its festival were as beautiful as they’ve always been. I wish that you could have seen it.”

    “I have good news, Rauda.” She whispered to her unresponsive sister before placing the bunny plushie in her lap. “I found them. The old elf was actually speaking the truth before they took her.”

    An island of elves.

    The ramblings of an old woman.

    A dead god found deep beneath.

    Its corpse exhumed and its worshipers silenced.

    A rash attempt to call to it.

    A price paid in the failure.

    An ugly truth discovered.

    A new path forward found.

    “A gift from the one who can bring us Salvation and Hope.” Hertrude said with a smile even as the bunny ears brushed up the sides of her sister’s face.

    “I even found Doom, leashed to her in every way that matters.” She giggled when she recalled how subservient the so-called Bringer of Doom was to such a normal looking girl. “Such an odd image to see in contrast to all the rumors our spies said about him.”

    “Does that bother you, Rauda? That our savior is a woman?” Hertrude asked before reaching over and stroking her sister’s hair. Regardless of her state, she still talked to Hertrauda and considered her as part of her decision making.

    “We’ll proceed with what we talked about.” Hertrude stated as she stood up and walked to a nearby bookshelf. Taking out an old favorite of theirs and returning to sit at her sister’s side. “For now, I will play along and give Holfort something to occupy their time with. That should allow Vandel to finish reviving that vaunted Dragon God of his.”

    She looked at Hertrauda after she scoffed at the name. “And once it is all over, I will make him pay for forcing you inside of that abomination. It shall be slow, for every second that thing has stolen from us.”

    “I shall carve a path to your future with the flute of the hundred demons. Then you can finally live your life, even if it has to be without me. Just wait a bit longer.” Their vengeance would finally be completed. Those who were responsible for the death of their parents and loved ones would die by the end of everything. The one who did this to her sister would be left for last.

    Hertrude swore it to herself.
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  8. S T 0 |2 M

    S T 0 |2 M Not too sore, are you?

    May 19, 2020
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    I expected it would be Olivia tbh, shes the one with the freaky eyes and genuinely fucking terrifying compared to Leon. Leon is semi reasonable and will only escalate if necessary, Olivia has literally 0 fucks to give and will straight up execute people if they even have a chance of harming those she cares about.

    Like 10 out of 10 watch out for her.
  9. x+y=1

    x+y=1 Accidentally Nocturnal

    Feb 3, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Oh no... they found the Getter Dragon, didn't they. Hopefully it has not evolved too much while dormant
  10. Pierrot33

    Pierrot33 Getting sticky.

    Oct 8, 2021
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    Dragon god? Shin dragon is way too OP for this setting. At least it isn't Emperor....
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  11. caspian1a

    caspian1a Versed in the lewd.

    Apr 26, 2019
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    If Getter Emperor was on this planet even if it was dormant things would be a lot worse and the Space Invaders would never have left earth alone.
  12. Bomberfett343

    Bomberfett343 [Verified Mini Nobbu] [Optimistic nihilist]

    Dec 5, 2018
    Likes Received:
    The good news is that if they did they are either using forgotten scraps of old getter research or there working from scratch to figure out how to get it running and how to use it so it's probably running incredibly suboptimally compared to its other evolved incarnations.

    Its still a massive threat but not as an impossible hurdle to overcome as it may appear on the surface.
    Last edited: May 22, 2022
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  13. Threadmarks: Selfish - 2

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    “Whaaaaaaah! Big Brotheeeeer! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I found myself lying on my bed with a girl on top of me as she was bawling her eyes out. Marie had immediately thrown herself at me and has refused to let go of me since the initial moment she called me her brother. I remained stunned, frozen solid, at what she was actually claiming.

    I wasn’t built to deal with so many revelations in a single day!

    “I was going to tell mom and dad that it wasn’t your fault after you finished the game! I was even going to cook your favorites to apologize! I didn’t mean for that to happen! I’m sorry!” Marie continued and I didn’t know how to feel. My vision started to get blurry and I felt myself getting choked up. Was Marie really her? My little sister from Earth?

    “Marie,” I managed to say through the lump in my throat. “Are you saying that you’re–”

    “When we were kids, you didn’t want to carry me back home because my feet hurt!” She interrupted me with a story from our childhood. “You didn’t believe me and left me alone on the street! I was so scared! I didn’t know what to do! But you came back! When I woke up, I was already on your back!”

    Before I realized what I was doing, I found myself wrapping my arms around her and crying. If someone had asked me if I hated my little sister for everything she did to me, I couldn’t say no. If someone had asked me if I loved my sister despite all that, I would absolutely say yes. The incident with the BL books wasn’t really as bad as people on the outside made it out to be. I was planning on moving out at some point anyway. When she made me play that game, I didn’t mind it either because of how passionate she was at finding out what happened in it.

    My death was my own fault. I couldn’t say that she forced me into the marathon I did. I did that to myself. I could have paced myself, looked up more guides and videos, even asked in forums. I wouldn’t even have needed to go pay-to-win if I wasn’t so obsessed in clearing it quickly for her. I just blamed her in my head to cope.

    But now, she was here. She was here and was Marie. My little sister was here.

    “It’s okay.” I whispered into her hair. “I forgive you. I never hated you, you idiot. How can I? You’re my little sister.”

    She looked up at me, her face ugly from crying. Marie shook her head in disbelief. “Why? You died because of me. You should hate me so much.”

    “I died because I was stupid.” I corrected her while patting her head. Then I pinched both of her cheeks and pulled. “But you bitching at me all the time about clearing the game certainly didn’t help either.”

    “I’m sowweeeee~” She warbled out and I couldn’t help but laugh through my tears. After that, we just sort of stayed in each other’s arms in silence. Neither of us really had any words to be able to express how we felt at that moment. That kind of emotional bomb needed quite a bit of time to really sink in.

    “Can’t I stay here?” She asked when I told her that she needed to go back to her room to sleep. Well, it certainly didn’t take her long at all to start trying to use the puppy dog eyes on me.

    “Marie, if you sleep here and people find out, Angie and Clarice might just kill you for real.” I pointed out with a raised brow. She made a sour face but didn’t argue. I patted her head one more time before she reluctantly left my room.

    “Control, I don’t know when, but I’m going to burn the Lafan House to the ground.” I said the moment the door closed. A very different kind of anger welling up in my chest from the one I felt when I volunteered to become Angie’s champion. It was the kind of anger I could see myself willingly sinking into.

    I understand your fury. Please ensure that only the responsible parties feel your vengeance.

    “I can try.” But I didn’t promise to try very hard.

    If Chris and Livia noticed anything different at breakfast the following morning, they certainly didn’t say anything about it. Both Marie and I looked like we didn’t sleep at all. I was valiantly trying to chew on some bread while Marie just had her head on the table and was snoring.

    “I would greet you all a good morning, but it seems that only half of the table would even be able to respond.” A familiar voice suddenly said from nearby. I was able to move my eyes just enough to confirm that it was indeed Deirdre with her own tray of food.

    “Dierdre! Come join us!” In contrast, Livia was absolutely being a morning person and was actually packing in more food than I expected someone like her would so early.

    “Thank you, Livia.” Deirdre sat down in an available chair and turned to Chris. “A pleasure to see you again, Sir Arclight.”

    “Lady Roseblade. I didn’t know you were acquainted with Olivia.” He commented. I guess they already knew each other.

    “We met while exploring the island yesterday. We all became friends along the way.” Livia helpfully explained. My sleep-addled mind whispered that she just acquired another member of her Yuri Harem. If we included Carla, she only needed one more to match Marie’s set. One more each and they could have a stacked Pokémon battle.

    I squinted at the thought. I definitely needed a nap after breakfast.

    “And I assume that the young lady currently planted on the table is the infamous Miss Lafan?” Deirdre asked as she began putting a lot of condiments on her breakfast. Could she even taste the actual food under all that?

    “Marie seems to be more tired than expected. She is normally not like this.” Oh wow, Chris’ claws were showing. No one seemed to be bothered by him defending his lady’s honor though and breakfast pretty much proceeded like that. After a while, one of the servers noticed our plight and asked if we wanted some coffee to help wake up. Both Marie and I immediately perked up at the suggestion.

    “You have coffee?!” We both exclaimed, with Marie even reaching out and clutching the poor man’s arm. After a nice shot of caffeine, we were more able to actually eat our breakfast.

    “Does that even taste good? It smells pretty bitter.” Livia commented as she warily watched me nurse a second cup of black coffee. It wasn’t the best blend, but I wasn’t going to complain as long as it woke me up.

    “Livia, you have never lived until you have drank coffee.” I told her with a nod. Marie grunted in agreement as she drank her own second cup. Was she actually serious when she said that she wasn’t going to even talk to Livia? My best friend still looked skeptical and didn’t choose to try the drink. Chris declined it as well, stating that he was already awake enough as is. Deirdre tried a cup but quickly put it back down, unable to handle the bitterness of the blend.

    There wasn’t much to do on the ship that we hadn't already done on the way to the Southern Island, so we all just decided to spend the rest of the morning on the deck. Marie talked to me more than she ever had since we met. The others must have noticed how nice she was being as well. Chris certainly did when he pulled me aside for a private chat.

    “Not that I’m doubting our friendship, but I would appreciate some peace of mind in regards to your relationship with Marie.” Chris actually looked pretty spooked when he said that.

    “Okay, I know how it probably looks.” I started and placed a hand on his shoulder. “But I was serious when I said that she reminds me of my sister. It’d be weird if I suddenly became romantically interested in her. So relax.”

    “Right, I apologize. I already have enough rivals for her heart, you see. I don’t think that any of us would be able to compete if you also sought after Marie.” He stated in relief. Good news for the boys that Marie really was my sister, so there was no way something like that would have happened.

    I apologize for interrupting, but something urgent has come up.

    Both Chris and I actually jumped up and turned to the newly visible Control in obvious surprise. “Could you not?!”

    Apologies, however the long range scanners of the Nagare have detected a rather large swarm of monsters headed directly towards this ship.

    “That’s not possible! Surely there is some mistake!” Chris said in a panic. He noticed my confusion and began to explain. “This is a major shipping lane for both tourism and trade. There are constant patrols by the army to ensure that it remains safe. That they would have overlooked a swarm of monsters is ridiculous.”

    Be that as it may, we have about a half hour before the monsters enter visual range. Shall I engage?

    “Do it, but send Black Getter down here first so I can help.” I told Control before turning to Chris. “Bring Control with you and go to the teachers so you guys can explain the situation.”

    “Understood. Follow me, Control.” He said before he and the AI quickly made their way back into the ship. I turned around and ran to the girls who were all relaxing on lounge chairs.

    “What’s wrong?” Marie immediately picked up my expression and asked.

    “The Nagare detected a bunch of monsters headed here. Chris and Control are on the way to tell the teachers but I’ll intercept them with Black Getter and my ship.” I quickly explained and they all sat up in alarm.

    “Monsters? Here?!” Deirdre asked in similar disbelief as Chris did.

    “I know, Chris already told me how weird it is. But I’d rather be wrong and waste everyone’s time than wait and get us swarmed.” I answered and then quickly felt Livia tugging at my sleeve.

    “Will you be okay fighting them by yourself?” She asked uncomfortably.

    “I’ll have the Nagare with me. Besides, I haven’t exactly been slacking in training with Black Getter either.” I confidently said while placing my hand on the one she had on me. Thank goodness that Control had been throwing me into fighting swarms of Mechasaurus.

    I looked up and tried to see where Black Getter was going to be coming from. While I waited, I felt Marie bump her head on my back. “Don’t take any risks. Run if you have to. I can’t–”

    “Hey, have a little faith.” I said, turning around and patting her head. The sound of the air itself being sliced heralded Black Getter’s arrival. Understandably, a lot of people suddenly looked alarmed at the surprise appearance. I turned to Deirdre and nodded to Livia and Marie.

    “Can you look after them, Deirdre?” She blinked and gave me a confident smile.

    “Of course. Be careful, Leon.” A smile I returned before running to the edge of the deck and jumping into Black Getter’s waiting hand.

    “Come back safe or else Angie and Clarice will be really mad!” I heard Livia yell out from the deck. Black Getter gave her a nod and salute before I made it fly off in the direction of the oncoming monsters.

    “How bad does it look, Control?” I asked once I managed to catch up to the Nagare, which was descending from the upper atmosphere.

    Seven hundred and thirty total monsters confirmed. Fifty very large types, three hundred, large types, two hundred medium types, and the rest are small types.

    That definitely was a lot of monsters. “How the hell did that many slip past the army?”

    Unknown. Do you perhaps think this was caused by Hertrude Sera Fanoss?

    “I don’t know. I would have expected the monsters to be accompanied by the Fanoss fleet if it was. It could just be a freak event.” I reasoned out as I landed on the ship’s hull.

    Or it could be a completely unaccounted for threat.

    I rolled my eyes at the implication. “Come on, Control. I was trying to be optimistic.”

    I was merely pointing out the possibility.

    I soon got a visual sighting of the swarm and the assorted creatures certainly looked intimidating. It was like looking at a flying mutated giant aquarium exhibit. From whales, to sharks, to squids, to crabs and shrimps, they had it all.

    “They don’t have the Fanoss obedience crests on them.” I observed. Whenever Hertrude in the game controlled monsters, they would normally have a kind of magical crest visible on their heads to indicate that they were following her orders.

    Then she is uninvolved?

    “Maybe, but let’s take care of this first.” I said, grinning when I suddenly got an idea. “How about a combination Getter Beam to start, Control?”

    I would love to.

    Black Getter flew off of the Nagare just as its armor started shifting to reveal the beam emitters. I maneuvered my Getter Robo to make sure I didn’t accidentally get hit with friendly fire and took a deep breath.

    “Double Getter!” I yelled out just as the Nagare prepared its own attack. “Beaaaaaaaaaaam!”

    [Getter Beam]

    The expected outcome happened and a rain of monster corpses started falling out of the sky. That was surprisingly very satisfying to do.

    Most small and medium types are confirmed destroyed. Ten very large and seventy large types are also confirmed destroyed.

    “Got it.” I acknowledged and noticed the smaller monsters moving forward without any fear. “Gonna be hard to keep track of the small ones though.”

    Chris and the security detail onboard the cruise liner have boarded Armors and are prepared to defend it. Several volunteers among the teachers and student body are also ready to face any oncoming monsters.

    “The ship had Armors?” That was surprising, were they stored in the cargo areas?

    As part of the security detail, yes. There are six in total. The remaining security personnel will be on deck alongside the other defenders. Deirdre, Marie, and Olivia are among those who volunteered to fight.

    “Of course they did.” I sighed, getting even more motivation to kill all the monsters as thoroughly as possible. “Better make sure that as few of these bastards get past us then.”

    I shall warn the cruise liner of any monsters that slip by. The ship’s Captain has also already contacted the army for further reinforcements.

    “Good. Now then,” I focused my attention on the monsters who were finally within the attack range of my other weapons. “You guys picked a bad time to do this.”

    “Because I am not letting any of you fuckers ANYWHERE NEAR MY LITTLE SISTER!!!” I roared out as Black Getter flew right into the center of the swarm.
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    Well, now they're beyond the "fucked" describer, specially if Fannos is involved, like in canon

    ...that's pretty much a sucker bet, but one can never know with an AU x'D
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    So, anyone else wonder if Marie is about to get some psychic surgery?

    Also, if Olivia exhausts herself fighting monsters, I wonder if there might be a breakthrough there.

    Or perhaps, a breakdown.
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    “Getter Razor!” I yelled, cutting apart a monster squid’s tentacles that were wrapping around Black Getter’s head. Okay, in hindsight, flying right into a ball of monsters probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas.

    While I commend the enthusiasm, I would recommend against flying into an enemy formation without a plan.

    "I've noticed!" I punched away a giant shark and ripped off another shark that was gnawing on one of Black Getter's horns.

    I have established a defense line between the swarm and the cruise liner. Unfortunately, there were monsters that were able to slip by before the Nagare could intercept. I have informed the Captain of the incoming threats.

    "Let's believe in Chris and the others then. Getter Tomahawk Shot-Boomerang!" Black Getter started throwing tomahawk after tomahawk that ripped through several monsters. Those that didn't get stuck inside monster hides looped back past me and hit the ones closing in from the rear.

    Yeah! My totally original move worked for real!

    I finally managed to get out of the ball of teeth and saw that the Nagare was facing the monsters sideways. Any monsters that got close immediately got several holes shot into them by smaller laser guns all over the surface of the ship. I guess that's what Control meant by a defense line.

    A loud roar made me look back to the monsters and saw a whale open up its mouth to reveal several eyeballs all over the inside of its mouth. Gross!

    "Of course the eyeballs shoot lasers." I grumbled while I made Black Getter dodge the energy beams randomly coming out of the whale. "Getter Bea–Gaaah!"

    Three monster shrimps interrupted my attack by clamping down their serrated claws on Black Getter's limbs and head. They tried to pull the Getter Robo apart but it was way tougher than they probably expected.

    "Get off me!" I yelled as I flailed them around, ending up hitting a bunch of monsters in the process. The lasers from the whale managed to hit me but they didn't do as much damage as I thought. They still rocked me around, but everything was still green.

    [Minimum Competency Achieved: Spinning Getter Beam Certification Unlocked for Black Getter F]

    "Control! What’s Spinning Getter Beam?!" I asked while the shrimp monsters finally broke to pieces from my turning them into flails. In the meantime, I used another favorite to intercept a bunch of shellfish monsters. “Getter Spike!”

    Spinning Getter Beam will make Black Getter F wrap Getter Wing around its body while Getter Beam is being fired. This will deflect the beam, turning it into several rapid fire shots that can be directed in particular directions. It is very effective when used in a large area or against numerous enemies.

    Most of that flew over my head as I finished off the last of the shellfish, but if Control said that it's effective against numerous enemies, "Spinning Getter Beaaaaaam!"

    Just as Control explained, Getter Wing extended and Black Getter wrapped it around itself. I yelped when it started flying towards the monsters as smaller Getter Beam shots started coming out randomly from within the cape.

    That was actually really cool!

    I weaved between monsters and shot holes into them for a few more seconds before the attack finally ran its course. That was when the whale reminded me of its presence by ramming into me and tried to make a break to also ram into the Nagare.

    "Hey! That was rude! Getter Beaaam!" Hot pink death melted through the whale's skull as it roared out in pain. It eventually started falling from the sky as the beam cut through a bunch of other monsters before dissipating.

    I clicked my tongue when I looked at the energy readings and saw that I was down to seventy percent. Too many Getter Beams was the reason why I went down during the Survival Mode of the Simulator earlier than I should have. Better pace myself more until I was sure I had enough to wipe out the rest.

    “Getter Tomahawk!” I pulled out a pair of tomahawks but was surprised when a bunch of bone spikes started hitting Black Getter. They were being fired from the mouths of smaller versions of the lobster monsters from earlier. “Hey! Stop that!”

    I tried to hit them with the tomahawks, but they were small enough to just slip away whenever I swung. Dammit! Without any choice, I leaned on my only real ranged option that didn’t involve throwing tomahawks around. “Getter Beam!”

    Green lasers fired from Black Getter's head and hit most of the lobsters. The remaining ones slipped away and hid behind a bunch of sharks that decided that they wanted a piece of me. Okay, those ones I could fight! I let out a roar as I swung right at their open jaws.

    Even at the distance they were at, Chris Fia Arclight could see the swarm of monsters in the far distance. They were even more numerous before the bright flashes of light earlier, that everyone on the cruise liner saw, melted through most of them. He was one of the many who cheered at the display of raw power from Leon's Armor and Ship. He had seen it before but this was the first time he had ever witnessed his friend fight without holding back to avoid human casualties. Leon Fou Bartfort definitely earned the moniker of Doom Knight.

    Chris was in a borrowed Armor, not nearly as comfortable or capable as his own, with a sword that wasn’t balanced to his liking. Regardless, he would still do his damndest to use it to its full potential.

    “Look alive gentlemen. We just got word that monsters have managed to slip past the Doom Knight’s wall of death.” The ship’s Captain informed them through the radio.

    “Focus on the largest ones. The security detail and the others can deal with the regular sized monsters.” The head of security ordered from inside the lead Armor. Chris chanced a glance at the deck and saw several teachers, students, and security personnel ready to fight. He also saw Marie standing alongside Olivia as Miss Roseblade coordinated them and the other girls. “Arclight, you better not be dead weight.”

    “The woman I love is on that ship. I will not let her down.” He heard a scoff and a couple of cheers and whistles from the other men in Armors.

    They heard the monsters before they saw them approach. A couple larger crab types got through, those would be troublesome. The other fish monsters looked like they would be easier to deal with.

    "Two squads of three on the crabs! Jamie, Arclight, you're with me!" They all answered in affirmative at the order and they quickly moved to intercept. The crabs were at the forefront and seemed determined to ram right through them.

    "Jamie! Lock the claws with me! Arclight, find a weak spot!" Chris was surprised that he was being relied on to actually find a way to kill the thing.

    "Check the underside in case the thing is more crab than monster!" The other man, Jamie, suggested just as they clashed with the crab. The monster tried to crush them with its pincers, but was met with stiff resistance. The two men Chris was with showed impressive mastery in movement and control, slipping past the attacks and striking at the thick carapace.

    Not wanting to keep them all at risk, Chris quickly moved to the underside of the monster and started striking at it to find any weak point. He smiled when he managed to stab into something soft. The creature roared out in pain before backing away and using its claws to fend them off.

    "It definitely didn't like that, keep it up gents!" Chris nodded at the words and the three of them moved to re-engage the beast.

    Marie Fou Lafan never really handled any shortcomings she had well. Feeling useless and insignificant had always been the ugliest thing she had ever experienced. It was like that in her previous life, it didn't change in this life either.

    As she worked to heal one of the injured students who was caught unawares by an eel monster, she saw just how insignificant she really was in the face of a true monster.

    "Please don't move until I am done healing you!" Olivia, the girl who was meant to become the Saint, finished healing an injured teacher with one hand while shooting a monster that was about to kill another student right between the eyes with the handgun in her other hand. She proceeded to cast streams of piercing light that struck several other monsters with a wave of a hand before casually reloading her gun with perfect ease. She was even already receiving a new person in need of healing.

    Marie never handled any shortcomings she had well, and the display that Olivia was showing at that moment caused a familiar ugly feeling to grow inside her.

    Why would her Big Brother bother to settle with her as the Saint when he had the genuine article already worshiping the ground he walked on? No wonder he didn't want to give her the Saint's Necklace.

    She continued to watch as the girl, who was more of a monster than any of the ones that were attacking their ship, got praised by the people around her as the threats began to thin out.

    Without a doubt, Marie Fou Lafan hated Olivia.

    “Haaa…haaa…haaa…Raaaaaaaaagh!” I gave one more heave with the monster I had by the tail and heard the satisfying sound of a splat.

    While there would be no external damage from the action, please refrain from using the Nagare's hull as an anvil.

    I coughed into my hand as the corpse of a large stingray monster I swung into the side of the Nagare slowly slid down before disappearing in an explosion of light particles. I was grateful that the monsters didn’t leave behind any bodies or gore, otherwise Black Getter would have been covered in it by now.

    "Last few left. You want to wrap this up, Control? Black Getter’s getting low on energy." I said instead while I looked at the remaining dozen or so monsters. There were only large and medium monsters left anyway. I wasn't saying that I was getting tired or anything and was just using my Getter’s energy levels as an excuse, but I was.

    Of course, allow me.

    Another Getter Beam from the Nagare later, the skies were finally clear. I had Black Getter stand on the ship’s hull after all the beam emitters were covered again.

    “I really need another option for long range enemies. Getter Beams eat up too much energy to waste on trash enemies just because I can’t swing at them.” I remembered the times when I was forced to use Getter Beam on small monsters and couldn’t help but feel robbed by the waste of energy. “I can’t hit everything with Tomahawks if they’re too small or far away either.”

    I shall look into alternatives in the Lab’s database and present some options for you to choose from at a later date.

    “Have I told you how much I love you, Control?” I asked with a grateful sigh.

    Not recently, but thank you.

    I scanned the skies one more time and didn’t see any stragglers. “Looks like we’re done here. How’s the cruise liner doing?”

    They have already cleared their airspace of all hostile monsters. The Captain suggests that they wait for the army reinforcements to arrive so they can be escorted back to the Capital safely.

    “I can understand that. Let’s add to the convoy just in case.” I didn’t want another ambush to suddenly show up just as the Nagare started ascending back to the upper atmosphere.

    I shall inform the Captain.

    The Nagare headed back to link up with the cruise liner and I saw the damage on it. There was a lot of structural damage and smoke was coming out of a bunch of places. I also saw a lot of people on deck who were sitting down or were on their backs. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Marie and Livia moving around and healing the injured.

    “Thank you for dealing with most of the monsters, Sir Doom Knight.” My palm hit my face at the Captain’s words, Control transmitting them to the cockpit via their stealth drone. Deirdre wasn’t kidding after all, I really was being referred to by that ridiculous title. “The army will be here shortly with aid.”

    “Do you think your ship can make it back to the Capital safely? We can have everyone moved to my ship and just tow the cruise liner back to the harbor.” I offered as I didn’t like the way it was looking at that moment.

    “That would give me a lot less things to worry about. Thank you, Sir Doom Knight.” The Captain quickly made the announcement and the Nagare moved to receive the students, teachers, and crew. As the people prepared to board my ship, a damaged armor that was missing an arm flew closer to me.

    “Leon, good to see you well.” Chris spoke using the external speakers of the Armor.

    “And you look like you need a nap.” I did the same, joked about his present state and got a chuckle in response. “What happened? Got swarmed?”

    “Giant crab.” Was all he miserably said.

    I raised Black Getter’s hand and nodded. “Say no more. I understand completely.”

    The Captain says that he and a few essential crew members will stay on the cruise liner to ensure that it remains afloat. All others are boarding the Nagare.

    Right after Control informed me of that, another damaged Armor approached. Chris introduced him as the cruise liner’s head of security. “You must be the infamous Doom Knight.”

    “I really wish that I wasn’t called that, but yeah.” Black Getter’s shoulders slumped to display just what I thought of the title.

    “Too bad. The King called you that, so it’s gonna stick to you forever.” He said in good humor before suddenly shifting to a more serious tone of voice. “Listen, you think that this attack was deliberate?”

    “I don’t know. Everyone seems to think that this should have never happened.” I echoed Chris and Deirdre’s shock when I told them about the approaching swarm.

    “It shouldn’t have. I have friends in the army and guarding the shipping lanes is considered a vacation assignment.” Okay, that really was pretty suspicious then.

    The Captain has received word that the other two cruise liners were attacked by monsters as well.

    “WHAT?!” My friends! My siblings! Angie! Clarice!

    Thankfully, the army was a lot closer to them than they were to us. A lot of the students fought hard as well. Both ships should be able to make it back without issue.

    “You gotta stop scaring me like that Control!” I complained but forgot that I still had the external speakers on.

    “What is it?” Chris asked in clear worry.

    “The other two cruise liners got attacked as well. The army and everyone onboard managed to fend them off.” I quickly explained and caused some concern from the two men.

    The army arrived shortly after. They were initially alarmed at the Nagare’s presence but the Captain vouched for me and they changed their tune when they realized that I was the Doom Knight. I never hated someone like I hated the King when I realized that I was starting to refer to myself by the title. The Nagare and Black Getter were taking the rear of the formation as other army ships towed the cruise liner. A complement of Armors were constantly on patrol to ensure that no other surprises caught us off guard. As we flew back to the Capital, I thought about how oddly random the attack was. Was it deliberate? Was it Fanoss or a third party like Control suggested?

    Just what the hell was going on?
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    The Main Academy Library had a lot of hidden nooks and crannies dotted around the location. Shelf arrangements that hide a corner from view, closets underneath stairs, and several more besides.

    Officially, it was just a design quirk.

    Unofficially, it was an open secret that lovers took advantage of those locations in order to have secret trysts.

    So, why did I find myself in one of these hidden areas? Who was I with? Angie? Clarice? Both? I wasn’t quite that lucky, sadly.

    "Big Brotheeeer~" It was actually Marie. I was seated on the floor in seiza while my reincarnated little sister took full advantage of the available lap pillow. She was laying on her side and I just sort of ended up stroking her hair with my hand. Obviously, we couldn’t do stuff like this in public as it would absolutely be interpreted as something romantic. I shuddered to think what the girls I was engaged to would do if they saw us like this.

    This had become a common occurrence between us for the past several days after the school trip. Whenever we had some free time, we ended up spending them together doing pretty much nothing. Marie said that she was making up for lost time. I was a bit worried about how she kept deflecting whenever I would ask how her life was after I passed away, but I trusted her to open up to me about it once she was ready.

    “So, about apologizing to Angie and Clarice.” I casually brought up, chuckling at how Marie suddenly stiffened up.

    “Urk! I’m working on it?” She answered with obvious uncertainty.

    “How? You literally have to just apologize to them.” I pointed out. Marie turned her head to glance up at me.

    “For what? Stealing their men?”

    “Well, yeah.” I dryly stated and sighed when she rolled her eyes. “Look, I can be there when you do it if you’re scared. I can even set it up as a Tea Party to make it less serious.”

    She was quiet for a few moments and I was starting to think that she was just going to ignore me. “I can trade with them.”

    “What?” I blinked at her.

    “They can have Julius and Jilk back. I can even give up the others to Olivia. I just want them to give you back to me.” I reached down and pinched her cheek. Honestly, this girl. “Owwie!”

    “First of all, that didn’t actually hurt. Secondly, you know it doesn’t work like that.” I said as I gently stroked the cheek I had just pinched. “Besides, you already have me back anyway. Isn’t that enough?”

    Marie turned her head away and remained silent. I just shook my head and went back to stroking her hair. At least she was more affectionate than Finley. I shuddered when I thought about that.

    Marie and FInley must never meet.

    Something else that happened unexpectedly was that I got a secret unmarked letter in my room one night. To my surprise, it wasn’t a death threat nor was it a bomb. Instead, the letter stated that the transfer student from Repard would visit for tea. Well, okay then.

    That was how I found myself waiting in my usual tea room a few days later. The selection of drinks and snacks this time were much more simple and casual. I didn’t want my guest to think that this was a formal event after all. There was a knock on the door and I took one last check of everything before getting into character.

    “Well, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. Please, come in.” I greeted the girl on the other side of the door. She swiftly entered the room and took off the wide brimmed hat on her head. She shyly held it in front of her as if trying to shield herself with the headwear.

    “W-well, you did say that it was an open invitation…” Mylene, the mysterious transfer student, said with a blush on her face as she looked in every direction other than my eyes.

    “And I am glad that you finally took me up on the offer.” I gently pried the hat from her hands to hang it on the hatstand nearby. When I turned back, I almost felt my legs turn to jelly. Despite the confident smile on my face, I was pretty sure that I was blushing as hard as she was.

    Queen Mylene Rapha Holfort was standing in front of me wearing the Academy uniform for girls. She fidgeted from my gaze but I couldn’t deny the rush I felt as I took in her perfection. She actually looked really good, the blue ribbon in her hair making her look young enough to pass for a third year if you didn’t actually know who she was.

    “Well, it would have been rude to not try it at least once.” She said with a shy smile. That was when I noticed the only modification she made to the uniform, a pair of elbow length white gloves.

    “A true shame if you hadn’t.” I walked past her to the table and offered her a seat. “Please, have a seat while I prepare today’s selection.”

    She seemed to become more comfortable as she sat down and watched me prepare the tea and snacks with a smile. A few moments later, we were both seated and savored some simple honey lemon tea. Angie, Clarice, and Livia really liked the blend and it looked like Mylene was the same.

    “Thank you, I really needed this.” A bit of the Queen slipped back on with her words. Despite that, it was clear that she was finally really relaxing.

    “I saw all the paperwork in your office the last time I was there. You looked like you really needed the break.” I said, my smile turning a bit teasing when I took another look at what she was wearing. “Though, I am surprised you came here dressed like a student.”

    “It’s called a disguise! And I happen to think that I pulled it off quite well, thank you very much!” She vehemently defended her choice of clothing even as she tried to hide her embarrassment by drinking more tea.

    “You do actually. If I didn’t know who you really are, I would have thought you a pretty senior.” Oh, she definitely went red with that. Why was the Queen so fun to tease? It didn’t make sense when I thought about it normally.

    “Honestly, to say such things to a married woman!” She pouted but I could see the mischief in the way her eyes sparkled.

    The two of us went on to talk about pretty much nothing in particular. I made sure to steer the conversation away from her work as much as possible. That meant that we talked about school life instead.

    “I’m not saying that the girl would be a bad match for Julius, but she doesn’t seem to think about the consequences of her actions as much as she should.” Mylene was going full protective mother mode as she started to rant about Marie. It was a pretty unique experience for me since I now knew that she was complaining about my little sister.

    “She does give that vibe. Honestly, I thought of her as an annoying gremlin for the longest time.” That comment actually got the Queen to snort–snort–before she could catch herself. I couldn’t help myself, I started laughing.

    “You are being quite rude to your lady by laughing at her expense, Leon.” She said with indignance. I actually froze when I processed her words. It seemed that she also realized it and we both looked away from each other.

    “Oh? You’re my lady now huh?” I jokingly asked. I gave her an out to be able to deny that–

    “W-well, right now I’m just a simple transfer student.” –or she could double down with her claim. I guess that was another way to go about things. “So at this moment, I suppose I am.”

    Calm down, me. That wasn’t what she meant. You’re being delusional. Besides, you literally have two beautiful girls who have already expressed that they wanted to jump you when you least expect it!

    “Then I apologize, that was very rude of me.” I responded with an exaggerated snooty accent and bow. That seemed to break the weird energy as the two of us shared a laugh.

    Things were going pretty well until someone knocked on the door. Before either of us could react fast enough, it opened to reveal one of the last people I wanted to see the current situation.

    “Leon, I apologize for barging in but I wanted to ask about any plans you might have over the winter brea–” Julius Rapha Holfort’s words died in his throat as he took in the scene before him. His expression flattened to reveal nothing as he looked between myself, his mother, and his mother’s attire. Oh no! I had to head this off before he flew off the handle!

    “Look, it’s no–” Julius ignored my words, closing the door, walking up to his mother before kneeling in front of her.

    “Are you happy, mother?” He asked as he looked into her eyes. Queen Mylene’s face went through a number of expressions before she closed her eyes. When she opened them a moment later, she said one word.


    “Then I saw nothing.” Julius said to my utter shock.

    “Leon, you have my friendship and trust. I know that you are a man of integrity who would do anything for the people you love.” He said as he stood back up. He turned to me and gave me a look that made a chill go down my spine. “However, if you ever break my mother’s heart, I will find a way to break your face.”

    “We’re not even like that!” I exclaimed, spreading my arms wide. Besides, that was the kind of thing I was supposed to threaten you and the boys with when it came to Marie!

    “Hm? Well, I’m sure that the misconception will be cleared up soon enough.” He said before turning around and heading to the door.

    “You’re leaving? What about the thing you were going to ask me? Something about winter break?” I asked, did he and the boys want to do some training during the break or something?

    “It can wait. I can see that you are in the middle of a Tea Party after all.” Julius shook his head and gave me a perfect smile. He then proceeded to just exit the room without another word. What the hell man?!

    “I am so sorry about that, your majesty. I’ll talk to Julius later and clear things up.” I quickly said, trying to salvage the situation. What was Julius thinking?!

    “No, it’s quite alright.” I shook my head at her words. She was just trying to save me the embarrassment, but she was a victim in the misunderstanding as well.

    “It’s not. I can’t let him have the wrong impression about the two of us and–” The rest of my words vanished when I looked at the tears that were starting to form in her eyes.

    “I suppose that you are correct.” She said as she wiped her eyes with a napkin.

    “Your majes–Mylene?” I quickly got up and walked around the table to take her hands in mine. I gave her hands a reassuring squeeze, but I wasn’t sure what else I could even do.

    “There’s no way that anyone would truly love a woman like me.” She said sadly, a bitter certainty was in her voice. “Not in the way I always hoped for.”

    At that moment, I knew that I never want to see that expression on her face ever again. I then remembered something about a tradition between a knight and a lady from Repard when I looked down at the gloves she was wearing.

    Ah, I was about to do something rash, wasn’t I?

    Before I could stop myself, I looked back up into Mylene’s eyes and pulled one of her gloves off. I knew that I probably went too far when she looked at the glove in my hand. She then looked me in the eye, jumped forward to wrap her arms around my neck, and shoved her tongue down my throat.

    Several minutes after that, we both ended up being unable to look at each other for a few moments. The both of us took advantage of the time to straighten our rumpled clothes. It turned out that Mylene was a very aggressive kisser.

    The silence was finally broken when Mylene started giggling to herself. “Look at us, Leon. Acting like a pair of shy children.”

    “To be fair, this isn’t exactly a normal situation.” I replied, still unable to look at her face.

    “No, it is special.” I felt myself blush at the way she said that. Why am I acting like the shy maiden now?!

    “I already have Angie and Clarice. Plus, you’re married. And the Queen. And the mother of one of my friends.” I began to list out all the reasons why the two of us having this sort of relationship was probably a bad idea. Yes, I was aware that I was the one who broke the camel’s back in the first place.

    “If Roland can have her mistresses, then I can have a secret lover as well.” The King had mistresses? With Mylene as his wife?! Why did that man have such shit taste in women? I hated him even more now. “As you saw earlier, Julius didn’t seem bothered by it either.”

    “And I certainly felt how much you enjoyed our kisses, Leon.” She said with a smile that made me feel very certain things.

    “As for Angie and Clarice, these things are better discussed between the women. I’ll take care of it.” She said as she reached out to stroke my cheek with her hand. “Till next time then, my sweet Leon.”

    I could only stand there, unable to move as Mylene put her hat back on and left after giving me one more kiss. I looked down on the floor and picked up the glove I pulled off her. I probably dropped it during the events of our rather enthusiastic make out.

    I suggest planning on how to apologize to both Angelica and Clarice after they explicitly asked you not to seduce the Queen.

    All I could do was bury my face in my hands when I heard the voice. Of course Control was here.

    “What is even my life anymore?” I muttered to no one in particular.

    Recently? It seems to be violence and confusion.
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    Behold the power of a repressed, lonely woman who finally found a man who makes her feel special.

    Mylene did not enter the Leon Bowl. She kicked down the door, broke the glass case, took the trophy, and flew away using the jet pack she was wearing.
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    With the way things escalated and how Mylene just said, figuratively, "fuck it" to the world, we're closer and closer to the exclusive QQ-grade chapters parts!!
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    Finally the best girl has entered the scene.
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    The other girls never had a chance. Mylene is Leon's perfect match.

    Every court of Ladies needs it's Queen.


    Angie is the least likely to be furious once she sees how happy Mylene is, I think. The two of them get along very well.

    She also understands that noblemen... Have a reputation for certain needs.

    And politically, being the consort of the Queen, the one who actually runs the country, is an amazingly solid move.
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    I was pretty sure that it was the fantasy of a lot of men to be in their room, on their knees, in front of two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, based on the faces of the ones I was currently kneeling in front of, I didn’t think my current situation would end with sexy results.

    "Okay, look–" I tried to speak up but was immediately interrupted by Angie.

    "No, Leon. You don't get to talk right now." She said in a very cold tone. Okay, that was completely understandable coming from her. It was still very scary though.

    "Yes, dear." I muttered but thought better than to comment on the dusting of pink that appeared on her cheeks at my response.

    "Control, are you here?" Angie called out to the room.

    I am. Do you require anything, Miss Angelica?

    "Can you go outside for a bit?" My stomach dropped at what she asked. Control hesitated for a moment before responding.

    I understand.

    Control then broke stealth and proceeded to float out the open window in my room.

    “You know, Angie and I got a bit nervous when we were suddenly requested to meet with Queen Mylene at her office.” Clarice picked up the conversation. She was smiling, but it was the kind of smile that a woman made when she was thinking of doing something that would hurt you. “We didn’t know why she would need the two of us specifically. That was until we thought about our commonality.”

    “We asked you to do one thing, Leon. No, we actually asked you specifically not to do one thing.” Angie scolded me while rubbing her forehead. She then started glaring at me again, making me flinch away. “So why is it that the Queen of Holfort offered us an accord, one that afforded her the right to become your lover even after our marriage?”

    “She told us what you have been doing for her, Leon.” Clarice sighed and shook her head. “In any other circumstance, Angie and I would be falling in love with you all over again with how sweet you have been. But you went too far and made her fall in love with you too.”

    “Okay, I understand that–”

    “You don’t, Leon. You don’t understand what you have done. Queen Mylene is in love with you. Completely. When she talked about you, she looked like we do when we talk about you.” Clarice interrupted me. The way she spoke and the words she said made me both terrified and elated at the same time.

    “We are mad at you, Leon. We are utterly furious with you. We gave you our hearts and are willing to give you everything else, and what do you do? You take another woman into your arms behind our backs despite the fact that Clarice and I are already right here.” Angie ranted at me, at the verge of tears. The elation I felt a moment before dying an ugly death. “You don’t have any idea how much it hurt when it finally sunk in.”

    Seeing Angie’s face made me start to stand up in concern, but she glared me back down to my knees.

    "What you did for us all that time ago, your care, your affection, your friendship, your love, it was all magical. We both fell in love with you because of it. But we can't go through all this again only to have you be taken away by another woman. I won't accept that." Angie's face twisted in anger at the end of her statement.

    What have I done? I was so focused on making a lonely woman happy that I didn't even think what that would look like to Angie and Clarice. It didn't matter that I did it with good intentions, I still did it without telling them anything. They both trusted me and I betrayed that trust.


    “Tell us why we shouldn’t just go back to our fathers and break off our engagements with you. You have one chance.” My heart stopped at the finality in Angie's voice. She still looked like she was about to cry, but I could see the resolve in her eyes.

    “Make it count, Leon. It would shatter our hearts, but we will break ties with you if you can't convince us." Clarice added with an empty smile, like she had already emotionally given up.

    I opened my mouth to tell them that I wouldn't do something like that anymore but the words just wouldn't come out. Could I really say that? That I wouldn't do what I did for Mylene, Angie, and Clarice for someone else who really needed it if I had the chance? Deep in my heart, I couldn't promise that because I didn't know if I would have been able stop myself. Hell, wasn't that what I'm trying to do for Livia? For Marie?

    I looked at Angie and Clarice and wanted to tell them that I was sorry, that I loved them, that it was a mistake, that I wanted to spend my life with them. But I couldn't.

    Because it wasn't what they asked for.

    They might have been willing to forgive me now if I said those words, but what about next time? How many times would I end up putting the two of them through that? The next thing I knew, I was already crying. Angie and Clarice were crying as well.

    "I love you, Leon Fou Bartfort. But I need to be able to trust you as well." Clarice said through her tears as she leaned down and embraced me. "Thank you for loving me."

    "We would have been fine with it, you know?" Angie bitterly said as Clarice stood up. She shook her head and closed her eyes. "Queen Mylene told us about how empty her marriage with the King has been. If you had just come to us and talked about it, we could have worked through it. Together. But you didn't, and that's what hurt us the most."

    "We will be rejecting the Queen's offer and telling her of our decision in regards to our engagement. Make the Queen happy, Leon. Make this worth it. I love you." Angie said before she turned away from me and walked to the door.

    "Bye, Leon." Clarice added as she followed Angie. The sound of the door closing echoed through the room.

    I stayed there on my knees, staring at the door. I felt something on my shoulder after a while and saw that it was Control's drone. For once, they didn't have a clever remark and just stayed there in silence. I really appreciated it.

    I sat on the floor of one of the Nagare's observation decks. It was Winter Break and I took advantage of any excuse to get out of the Academy. Angie and Clarice wouldn't talk to me anymore no matter what I did. I had received letters from their fathers expressing their concern that their daughters wanted to break off our engagements. They strongly urged that I find a way to mend our relationship before it was too late. Control also advised me to keep trying to reconcile, but I just felt so drained.

    Marie took one look at me and winced. The boys found out what happened with the engagements through Julius and gave their support in their own ways. They even offered to bring me along on the training they were planning on doing over the break to take my mind off things.

    Under normal circumstances, I would have jumped at the chance. I declined but Julius told me privately that Mylene wasn't happy with what happened either and would keep trying to talk to Angie and Clarice. I thanked the boys for trying to cheer me up before walking away.

    Marie did get me alone one day and I more or less cried my heart out on her shoulder. My sister just stayed quiet through it and stroked my hair.

    I really just wanted to get away from everything for a while at that point.

    The door to the observation deck opened and someone walked up behind me. They knelt down and wrapped their arms around me.

    "It's going to be okay." Livia said as she hugged me. She was here because of what she said when she found out about the situation with Angie and Clarice.

    "I'll take care of it."

    Livia definitely sounded scary when she said it. I headed her off before she did something to the girls and told her that I'd be happier if she kept me company during the break. Thankfully, she happily accepted.

    "Clara and Deirdre are already in the cafeteria and are waiting for us. Lunch will get cold." Unfortunately, she made the same offer to her two new friends. Clara, being the devoted minion that she was, immediately accepted the offer to be useful to me in any way. Deirdre was just excited to be in the same ship as Black Getter, spending most of her time in the hangar and talking to Control about it.

    "I'm not hungry." I flatly said.

    "Don't lie. Not to me. You didn't eat breakfast either. Come on, you won't be able to explore the elf island if you're too hungry." She said as she pulled me to my feet with surprising strength. Elven Island was a pretty mundane place for the most part, the only real reason why you would have needed to go there in-game was for an event with the main protagonist’s half-elf slave. There were some ruins there with some okayish loot but not much else.

    Deirdre saw Livia drag me into one of the ship’s cafeterias and waved to us. “You’re here, good. We were about to start eating without you, Leon.”

    “I already had your lunch picked out as per Control’s suggestions. Do you desire anything else, my Lord?” Clara asked, standing up and bowing to me. I looked at the spread food on the other side of the table the two of them were sitting at and saw my usual selections. “I also got you your lunch as well, Livia.”

    “Thanks Clara!” My best friend said with enthusiasm as she pulled me to the table. With a glance, Livia gently elbowed my side.

    “No, I don’t need anything right now. Thank you, Clara.” I said, much to Clara’s joy. I sat down and started eating, suddenly realizing how hungry I actually was once I smelled the food. The girls talked amongst themselves as we ate, but I didn’t really join in on the conversation. They were mainly discussing what we might end up finding at the island.

    I had a bit of time to think about how I fucked up with Angie and Clarice and I ended up just hating myself the more I thought about it. The very thing that Livia told me about a successful relationship, I totally failed at. The two of them gave me every possible opportunity to include them in the things I do and made their desires obvious but I just…kept turning my attention to literally anything else other than them. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s what ended up happening.

    Leon, please report to the bridge. There seems to be a situation at Elven Island.

    I looked at my current companions and back down at my food. Huh, when did I finish all of it? I guess I was on autopilot. “I’ll see what Control wants. Please behave while I’m gone, Deirdre.”

    I ignored the girl’s squawk of indignation and the gigglings of the other girls as I stood up and made my way to the bridge. I took my seat at the Captain’s chair and the main displays of the bridge changed to show that there were a number of Holfort Military vessels moving around the island. What the hell is this now?

    We are being hailed by one of the ships using rudimentary radio, shall I patch it though?

    “Do it. I want to know what this is about.” I told Control. I almost said no, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that what was happening was important.

    “I’ve heard of a ship that looks like yours from other Captains. I assume that I am speaking to the Doom Knight, Leon Fou Bartfort. Did the Queen send you?” The slightly distorted voice of an older man spoke through the bridge’s speakers. I sighed at the mention of my apparently official title as a Knight. Damn you to hell, King Roland. Wait, why would he think that Mylene sent me?

    “No, I actually came here to check the ruins around the island but it looks like there’s something else going on.” I said instead, there was a snort on the other side of the line before the Captain responded.

    “That’s an understatement. Listen, I know you’re not here officially, but we could use some more help in trying to figure out what the hell happened on this island. All the recent monster attacks have stretched the army thin as of late. I can give you clearance to enter the airspace if you can give us a hand with this. I’ll take care of any reports we might need to file if you find anything.” He sounded pretty eager to get me onboard. Was he hoping that I’d do all the work for him, or were they just desperate for any help that swung their way?

    “Can you give me a few minutes to think about it?” I asked instead.

    “Of course, I understand.” The Captain answered a moment later.

    We are now muted.

    “Can you call the others up here. I want to talk to them about this.” I told Control. My inability to communicate to people and involve them in my actions and decisions dug me a hole I might not be able to climb out of. That doesn’t mean that I had to keep doing it.

    A quick explanation later, I presented the choice to Livia, Deirdre, and Clara. “We can just leave if you girls want. There are plenty of other islands that we can go adventuring at.”

    Livia looked at the island on the displays as various military ships flew about. “But there could be trouble down there, right? Shouldn’t we help?”

    “Leon is already a full fledged knight, but the three of us have no such responsibility.” Deirdre reasonably pointed out. “Though I admit that I am curious as to what would require this sort of presence considering the relative autonomy that the elves normally have.”

    “I will go with whatever you decide, my Lord.” Clara’s response was pretty much what I expected. Deirdre was a second year student and was apparently really good at combat magic. Clara could take care of herself using a sword and shield. Livia was apparently a gun mage and was very good at what she does, plus she can heal. With me and my tomahawks rounding things out, we had a pretty good party balance if we went down to the island.

    “What do you think, Control? Go or no go?” I asked the AI.

    I believe that this level of military presence is concerning, as Miss Roseblade mentioned. While we are under no obligation to assist in whatever investigation they are currently doing, we would be a boon for their efforts.

    “Okay, patch me back to the Captain. We’ll give them a hand, whatever this is.” I said with a sigh. Time to see what nonsense this world had in store for me this time.
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    So Olivia is going to convince(unknowingly mind control) Angelica and Clarice not to cancel their engagements with Leon.
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    The worst part of this is that I know it will take at least 3 chapters before anything we can notice happens.

    Angie and Clarice’s decisions probably weren’t meant to be malicious or anything, but they ended up hurting him more than literally any other thing they could’ve done. Leon is basically comatose with the amount of emotional turmoil hes going through right now. Olivia is going to pull something drastic, and if the worst I fear comes to pass Im going to have to drop this and wait.

    I swear if Angie and Clarice back to Leon being the final boss due to Olivia’s accidental mindfuck. The sheer regret they’ll feel will break them. Or even worse… them coming back to see Leon doing a suicidal move to save everyone from Getter Dragon and seeing the lifeless form of Black Getter fall from the sky never to seen until we see his pov.

    Hopefully Olivia and Marie will give him a shoulder to lean on, Control might help… but he’ll be focused on their safety foremost. Control did warn Leon that getter rays inspire change for better or worst, hopefully it won’t turn him to a dark path.

    Edit: Also, Angie and Clarice definitely need time to reflect and think about their relationship with Leon. Because the way things are going both sides are definitely not going to be happy.
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    I guess that now livia concern about her not being able to make leon happy would be blown away by the sheer pain she saw on leon, well atleast partially.

    This probably could in up in a scenario where the mindrape thingy got abolish and Livia trying to heal and make leon happy.

    Maybe you want to end all of this with tradegy where leon died due to Depression and shit, but before thrn make some fluff scene with olivia to make things unpredictable and boom hit them all with Leon death
    This could things very sad very fast, Clarice and Angie would probably feel guilty and traumatised (No longer would they have drive to grt another lover), mylrne would also feel guilty and blame herself for the destruction she causes, olivia(Extra emotional damage from the fluff before) while being a yandere and marie being a brocon would probably end up turning the holfort kingdom into a waste land.
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    Pssst! Do you guys think that Marie will just take Leon crying all over her because of heartbreak lying down?

    *Morbs away*
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    Oh fuck the last chapter where marie stated that she hate olivia oooohh.... what are you trying to dooo?!.

    Damn this shit unpredictable, too many pathway, unsolvable, can't wait for another chapter.
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    Marie: Time to kickstart my Route! Getter Otome Hime Go!
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    Why, yes. I do ship Marie and Leon, how could you tell?