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Magical Girl Pretty Cure RP Forum - Ideas and Discussion

Discussion in 'Q&R Index' started by Blight Gecko, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Threadmarks: Introductions, Rules, and Voting
    Blight Gecko

    Blight Gecko Not too sore, are you?

    Feb 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I hope you give me a chance to do this. I really want this to work one day.

    Before I get started, I want to get a few things out of the way.

    “Pretty Cure” (or Precure, for short) is the main term used in the Pretty Cure franchise used to describe a group of magical girls described as “Legendary Warriors”. In the first season, the term was used as the main title, but since then, it has been included as the title of each subsequent season, each having their own variation based on its own theme. In each season, there is a legend of warrior maidens who will come to aid the world when it is in need, and stop an invasion of darkness. Thus, small mascot creatures from alternate worlds in need are often given the task of searching out chosen girls to take up the role Pretty Cure. Although the original concept of the show was of two girls who could not transform or use any attacks without being together, this concept has faded and recent seasons are now more diverse in ways of plot, transformations, and attacks.

    The term Pretty Cure (or Precure; they are interchangeable) can refer to either one girl or the entire group, and can be either singular or plural. Calling a group of magical girls “Pretty Cures” would be like calling a group of Pokémon “Pokémons”. However, when you use the word “Cure” to refer to a Pretty Cure, it is correct to call a group of Pretty Cure “Cures”.

    Oh yeah, and I would like to point out that series is known for its large amount of physical fighting. It is worth noting that the director of the first Pretty Cure series was Daisuke Nishio, whose also helped direct Dragonball Z. This shows very prominently. The fight scenes in the series are generally pretty awesome. It is a lot like Power Rangers, only instead of getting into a giant robot to fight giant monsters, the Cures would just jump up really high and punch it before using some unnecessarily flashy magical finishing move.

    Also, I would like to point out that most of their “In the Name of the Moon” speeches are entirely involuntary. This sometimes leads to the moment after the Cures say their heroic introductions, and then do an honest-to-God double take and say “what the hell just came out of my mouth?”

    This thread is a part of starting the very first Pretty Cure roleplay. It runs on no system; below are the rules. If you vote, then that means I will consider you a possible player. Voting is complete now. If you want to join, just ask nicely ;)

    1) Please try to post on the appropriate forum for your topic. This means that anything more graphic than what a T rating would allow is off the limits. Try not to swear too much either. Remember that we are Pretty Cures, so we should act like Pretty Cures.

    2) Please be civil towards other forum members. No bullying, badmouthing, etc.

    3) Please be a good roleplayer. You control your character, some of the immediate environment, and nothing else. No controlling other player's characters and no controlling my NPC. For example, if you say your character is "pretty" or "cute", that could be considered god-modding because you are forcing other characters to think of that character that way. Instead, try to describe traits that are commonly cute and people will do the rest. For example Urara/Cure Lemonade is cute because of her long, curly pigtails, bright smile, and friendly ditziness, not because the narrator says she is.

    5) Please, don't come here just to link any of your stories/forums/whatever. It's okay to do it once or twice, but don't be "DUDES GO TO MY FORUM IS AWESOME" or anything. Links are allowed, but you have to write all of your OOC stuff in a spoiler when you are on the in-character forum.

    6) Please try your best to use proper grammar and spelling. We can understand if you're dyslexic or something, tell us beforehand so we aren't getting on your back about it. For the rest of you guys, a simple spell check can go a long way, and while nobody is perfect, clicking the “Preview” button can make a world of difference.

    7) For those that are AFK… In this Roleplaying experience, if you are away for more than a week, we will continue with your character being on autopilot.

    8) Remember we are here for fun! Keep it fun for others.

    Now that that's out of the way, I really wanted to make sure that what I create is pleasing to everyone, which is why I came up with this to see what my audience wants out of their Pretty Cure experience. So… here we go!

    Ages (Vote for one age group)
    [] Grade School (Ages 8-12): Nanoha and Pretty Cure have taught me that even elementary school girls can be badass.
    [] Middle School (Ages 12-15): This is the age most Pretty Cure canon protagonists are.
    [] High School (Ages 15-18): This is the age most generic anime protagonists are.

    Motifs (Vote for five different motifs)
    [] Animal
    [] Candy
    [] Celestial
    [] Cyber
    [] Dinosaur
    [] Elemental
    [] Flower
    [] Fruit
    [] Fish
    [] Game
    [] Gemstone
    [] Literature
    [] Music
    [] Nature
    [] Rainbow

    Costumes (Vote for three different costumes)
    [] Athletic Outfits
    [] Business Suits
    [] Cheerleader Outfits
    [] Clergy Robes
    [] Dancer Costumes
    [] Fancy Dresses
    [] Military Uniforms
    [] Ninjas
    [] Sailor Fukus

    Mission (Vote for one mission)
    [] Defeat the Monsters
    [] Find Magical Collectables
    [] Protect a Person
    [] Save a Magical Kingdom

    When you vote, it should be like this:
    [] Age Choice

    [] Motif Choice 1
    [] Motif Choice 2
    [] Motif Choice 3
    [] Motif Choice 4
    [] Motif Choice 5

    [] Costume Choice 1
    [] Costume Choice 2
    [] Costume Choice 3

    [] Mission Choice
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
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  2. Threadmarks: Comnet City
    Blight Gecko

    Blight Gecko Not too sore, are you?

    Feb 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Alright, I have come up with the names of the villains and the town. I also have an idea of what the villain's plot is going to be as well. Now I can have you guys submit your characters. Here is the deal though: your characters will be the legendary warriors from another world Pretty Cure and live in the town of Comnet City, a new city powered by the most advanced technological wonders in the world. Owned by the visionary Japanese-American scientist Mortimer Inukai, this city is only a few years old. It has cleaning robots, voice-activated household appliances, and everyone gets around either by bicycle or by public transportation.

    Your characters are students at the local school, Comnet Academy, which teaches all grades 1-12. As such, your characters can be of any age, so long as they go to this school. It is a very large school, bigger than most big-name universities.

    One of the most popular hangouts in Comnet City is the Central Grid Shopping Center, a mall with several different attractions, including a fast food cafeteria, an arcade/karaoke bar, and dozens of stores of all kinds.

    There is also Inukai University, where professors from all over the world gather. It is a small college specializing in technology majors, and its mission statement is to "create the inventors of tomorrow and beyond".

    At the same time, there are people who resent the influx of technology, as Comnet City was built on top of a rural, more traditional Japanese town. Those people live in the northwestern part of town, and that section has a drastically different atmosphere from the convenient and technologically advanced downtown areas, as renovation in that area has ceased due to mass protest.

    This is the town that your characters will be living in, so you might want to adjust those character backstories accordingly. All of your characters are required to go to Comnet Academy, since it is the only major school in the city. I will ask you for your characters as soon as I come up with the character submission forms.

    Any questions?
  3. Threadmarks: Character Submission Rules and Example
    Blight Gecko

    Blight Gecko Not too sore, are you?

    Feb 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Alright, just made an awesome submission form here. There are three simple rules.

    1) No underdeveloped characters with lots of fluff and no substance. The dreaded "M" word comes to mind.

    2) Make sure your characters' civilian appearance is normal; save the outlandish stuff for when they transform into magical girls with fancy dresses.

    3) They have to live in the setting I just described. Comnet is a city that was only made livable four and a half years ago, so your character had to have been from somewhere else. Keep in mind that Comnet is home to people from all over the world, so even though the Japanese are prominent by a wide margin, there are some foreigners living here, most of whom are professors from other countries.


    Age (8-18):

    Grade (look here for an explanation for grades by age):

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Appearance (Clothing, hair style, skin color, distinguishing features, etc):

    Pretty Cure Name (These names are always in the style of "Cure ____". Examples of canon names were Cure Rouge, Cure Moonlight, and Cure Princess):

    Pretty Cure Hair Color:

    Pretty Cure Eye Color:

    Pretty Cure Appearance (The fancy dress' appearance):

    Favorite Elemental Power:



    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here):

    Back Story (It is here that you may want to include your characters' relationship with their parents and siblings, any events that made them who they are today, how they moved to Comnet City, etc.):

    Contacts: Create one or two of the following NPCs.
    *Someone from a restaurant/shop they visit regularly
    *Friend at work/school
    *Non-immediate relative (eg, cousin, grandparent) they can contact whenever.
    *Former love interest who is not evil or dead
    *Someone from your childhood whom you still have positive feelings about that is alive
    *An Internet buddy
    *Someone they know from public venue/place (park, pool, library)
    *A neighbor
    Describe your character's feelings on that person and the nature of their meetings. These NPCs cannot have totally negative or totally positive opinions on your character, but a mix of both (kind of like real life). If you make multiple characters, they must have different opinions on your character. These NPCs will provide plot points for me and help flesh out the world our characters live in. They will also provide your character with contacts to get in touch with, and a way to spend their time outside of being a magical girl.

    I apologize if this character sheet is a bit large. Just keep it easy to read.

    Name: Satomi Mizuno

    Age: 14

    Grade: 2nd Year Middle School

    Hair Color: Light Brown

    Eye Color: Gray

    Appearance: Satomi stands at 5'1" tall, being just a little bit on the short side for a girl her age. Her outfits tend to be very monochrome and fashionable, including knee-length skirts and plenty of different blouses, cardigans and blazers. She almost always has white ribbons tied into her hair on either side. She's far-sighted, and generally wears reading glasses in classes.

    Pretty Cure Name (These names are always in the style of "Cure ____". Examples of canon names were Cure Rouge, Cure Moonlight, and Cure Princess): Cure Kindness

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Brick Red

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Bright Red

    Pretty Cure Appearance (The fancy dress' appearance): When she becomes a Pretty Cure, Satomi's hair and eyes change color, and her ponytails lengthen and become more prominent, with big ribbons attached to each one. The dress is white and rather poofy, with a red sash around the waist. A badge in the shape of a red heart is worn on it.

    Favorite Elemental Power: Electricity

    Likes: Walking in the forest, reading, friends

    Her own shyness, being alone

    Personality: Satomi aspires to make lots of friends and join clubs in the future, but she has a difficult time interacting with new people and tends to be stilted and overly-formal when speaking. She's a hard worker, but is a bit of a slow learner, making her academically and physically average. She doesn't take easy to new tasks, making the move to a new town difficult. She's a little clingy with the friends she does have and loves positive attention when she can get it. She sees the best in others and is trusting to a fault.

    Backstory: Satomi has only lived in Comnet City for about six months, and has honestly had a lot of trouble adapting. She's from small town in the Chiba prefecture, and had to move due to complications with her single mother's job as a businesswoman for a popular software company, being moved to another facility due to the old one being closed for legal reasons. Now living in a medium-sized apartment, she's a little more cramped and quite a bit lonely, though she never lets it get her down. She loves her mother very much, and feels she doesn't see her enough.

    Honestly, the biggest source of good feelings for her has been the newly formed library club. While it only has two members, Satomi's introverted nature makes reading and stacking books a much more entertaining and fun pastime for her than it probably would be for a lot of people. She's studying quite hard, and someday she wants to be a company CEO, just like her mom is aiming to be… even if she's not the smartest girl in the first place. She hopes her charisma will help a little!


    * Rui Matsunaga: Satomi's closest school friend… well, only school friend. Rui is the only other member of the school's library club at the moment (a club made for collecting and organizing books and generally manning the library ever since it lost most of its funding), making them two of a kind. Compared to Satomi's naive and energetic shyness, Rui is a cool-headed student council member and honor student who often keeps a stoical expression. Most of their conversations are a little one-sided, but Satomi is hoping to change that someday.

    * Touya Kitagawa: A male friend of Satomi's, he's one of the workers at a café at the town shopping district. Always needing a caffeine fix after a long day of school, she's known to stop in for coffee at least three days a week, often chatting with the staff. Touya, two years older than her, is an overworked, kind of sarcastic-minded high school student who she tends to vent about her problems to, and he in return does the same. They're the types to always affirm that their experiences are harder than the other's, but they generally have one another's backs. Plus, the vanilla coffee is wonderful, so they often chat over some hot drinks on his off hours.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
  4. Threadmarks: Katsura Yuuno

    Kerfirou Cultivating Dantian inside a Star

    Jan 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Name: Katsura Yuuno ( family name first)

    Age : 11

    Grade : 6th year Elementary School

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Gold

    Appearance : http://i.imgur.com/l5OsXbL.jpg
    Long hair reaching the hip, she is actually quite small for her age, only reaching 140 cm. She likes wearing sweatshirt since its comfortable. She likes wearing practical outfit since it is easier to move with it, and also easier to wash.

    Pretty Cure Name : Cure Herbs

    Pretty Cure Hair Color : White

    Pretty Cure Eye Color : Green

    Pretty Cure Appearance : http://imgur.com/8oaCOCb

    Favorite Elemental Power: Life, Plant

    Likes: Onii-san

    Dislikes: any woman who came near Onii-san

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Normally speaking, she has a sunny and rather innocent sides to show to the world. However, she will be clingy when she is together with her brother. She has also been noted to be helpful towards her friends, though she can be rather rough in speech. However, she is also rather hostile towards any female who chase after his brother

    Back Story : Until she was 9, her life is pretty normal. She had two loving parents and a wonderful big brother. However, one day her parents died from accidents. She was sad because of the death of her parents, but at the same time she also feels happiness since she can love live just together with her big brother. It was even better for her worse since her brother decided not to go to college and find a job so they wouldn't be separated. She also pretty capable of housework even before their parents died, and pretty much has taken care the house after that.

    They moved to Comnet City since her brother has a job offer in the city. His supervisor in his old city has taken note of his family condition and his general capabilities, recommended him to the upper management. The upper management then offer him a job as new manager at a new chain in Comnet City.

    The main reason why she agreed to became a Pretty Cure because of her brother. She doesn't care much for other casualties.

    Katsura Makoto : Yuuno big brother, 20 years old. A responsible, hard working, capable, kind and considerate young man. He is rather rough in speech and dense, but respected by anyone that knows him. Since his parents died, he disregarded going to college in order to work full time at a chain restaurant he has been working part time for. He doted his little sister much because she is the only of his family left. He also really admire his sister, since she has taken the death of their parents well and doesn't mind helping him however she can, never complaining all the way.

    Beyond his knowing, he has gathered quite a following of crushes, but they can never get close to him since his little sister always interrupting their efforts.

    Contacts: Create one or two of the following NPCs.

    Sawagoe Kotonoha : A new friend she makes in school. She's a quite and calm girls, with an addition of being more mature than the other classmates, both physically and mentally. They just happened to be sitting near each others, and they naturally became close to each others.

    Itou Tomaru : A fifth grader school boy who is also going to same school as Yuuno. He is also Yuuno neighbour, so they went to school always at the same time. He's a hot blooded boy, but at the same time very smart as well, as his grade usually in top 3. Obviously, his physical abilities are just average for his age.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
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  5. Threadmarks: Date Nozomi

    TurtleDucks Making the rounds.

    Mar 15, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Welp, here's my completed character sheet. I hope I did a good job with this, but please tell me if there are any trouble spots you'd like me to fix.

    Name: Nozomi (given name) Date (surname)

    Age (8-18): 16

    Grade: 2nd year, high school

    Hair Color: Light brown

    Eye Color: Black

    Appearance (Clothing, hair style, skin color, distinguishing features, etc): Nozomi is 5'4" tall and weighs in at around 130lbs. She is fair skinned, but not to the point of being unhealthily pale.
    Nozomi's hair is curly and she likes to keep it styled in a short bob that falls just short of her shoulders. Her fringe covers much of her forehead, but is parted down the middle in such a way that her bangs look like they form a heart shape.
    When Nozomi does not have to wear her school uniform she prefers to dress rather femininely. Typically she wears dresses in colors such as yellow, white, or light blue. Occasionally she will opt for a simple blouse and skirt or, more rarely, a shirt and pants if she wants to be more casual.

    Pretty Cure Name (These names are always in the style of "Cure ____". Examples of canon names were Cure Rouge, Cure Moonlight, and Cure Princess): Cure Obelisk

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Orange

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Amber

    Pretty Cure Appearance (The fancy dress' appearance): Nozomi's hair changes color and lengthens. It then piles atop her head, styling itself in to an updo. Her dress is yellow with a wide full skirt and several layers of white underskirts. Its sleeves are long with round, puffy shoulders and white lace spilling out at the wrists. The dress has a wide, highbacked white collar, an amber gemstone at the center of the bust, and a large orange bow cinched around the back.

    Favorite Elemental Power: Earth

    Likes: Children, cooking,

    Causing trouble for others, her father

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Nozomi is very personable and isn't shy trying to get to know someone. Nozomi feels that it is her duty to care for and nurture those around her. Because of this she has a tendency to be a bit nosy and pry in to people's business, wanting to find out if there's anything she can do for them. She is very willing to listen to other's problems and do what she can to make them happy.

    On the other hand Nozomi hates the idea of being a burden to others and tries very hard to deflect others away from her own issues. She tries at all times to be calm and level headed. When she is scared, angry, or afraid she would rather grit her teeth and bottle up her emotions than bother someone else with them. This gives her a very long fuse, but consequently when she is finally pushed over the edge and breaks down she does so explosively.

    Back Story (It is here that you may want to include your characters' relationship with their parents and siblings, any events that made them who they are today, how they moved to Comnet City, etc.): Nozomi's father ran out on her family five years ago. Nozomi's mother was left heartbroken and depressed, now having to care for Nozomi and her then three year old twin sisters, Sachi and Shina, all on her own. Nozomi couldn't stand seeing her mother in such a state and resolved to do everything she could to both take care of her younger sisters and not be a burden to her mother.

    Shortly after her father left Nozomi's family moved to the newly established Comnet city where there were better paying jobs available to her mother. Nozomi and her sisters enrolled in Comnet Academy's school system not long after. Currently she is in her second year of high school while her sisters are entering their third year of elementary school.

    Because of her new job keeping her away home late in to the night Nozomi's mother was forced to get a babysitter for her children. This ended up being the Taniyama household, the Date family's new next door neighbours. It is here that Nozomi met Chiyo Taniyama, the girl who would later become her best friend.


    Mother: Nozomi's mother has to work long hours at a tough job in order to support her family. Because of this she cannot be home as often as Nozomi would like and Nozomi feels that she has grown somewhat distant. Nevertheless Nozomi is incredibly devoted to her mother and wants to do everything she can to make her life easier. For her part, Nozomi's mother is deeply appreciative of how hard her daughter works to keep everybody happy, but feels guilty that so much pressure is being placed on her. She worries that Nozomi may run herself ragged, trying to take care of everybody but herself.

    Father: Nozomi hasn't forgiven her father for abandoning her family the way he did. She wants to despise him, to hate him for it, but her feelings on the matter are complicated. She honestly isn't sure herself what she would say or how she would react if she ever ran in to him again.

    Sachi and Shina: Sachi and Shina are Nozomi's eight year old twin sisters. Sachi, the older twin, is quite spirited and loudmouthed in contrast to the younger Shina's quiet timidity. Despite their differences in personality the twins are quite inseperable and hate being apart. The twins look up to their big sister with pride, seeing her as somewhat of a second mother figure because of how often their mother has to be away at work. Nozomi loves to play with and take care of her siblings and is fiercely protective of them.

    Contacts: Create one or two of the following NPCs.

    *A neighbor
    Chiyo Taniyama: A girl who is both Nozomi's next door neighbor aswell as a fellow second year at Comnet Academy's high school. The two girls met shortly after Nozomi moved to Comnet City. Her mother had been extremely busy with her new job and often wasn't able to get home until late at night. The Taniyamas, the family next door, offered to watch over the twins during the day and Nozomi when she returned home from school in the afternoons. It was during these afternoons that Nozomi met the Taniyamas' daughter, Chiyo, and the two began to become friends.

    Chiyo was a shy and somewhat sickly girl who was nervous around other children. This left her with very few friends at the time. Her mother had actually agreed to look after the Date children with the ulterior motive of getting Chiyo to open up a little more.

    Nozomi latched on to Chiyo as the first girl her own age she had met in this new city. She began spending alot of time with Chiyo, talking to and eating lunch with her at school and playing with her in the afternoons at the Taniyamas' home. Initially Chiyo couldn't stand Nozomi's constant badgering and all of the attention she was drawing to her, just wanting to be left alone. However, as time went on she grew to realize that Nozomi meant well and only wanted to have a friend. Chiyo was deeply touched by Nozomi's offer of friendship and gradually began to warm up to her.

    Soon the two girls were the best of friends, happily spending as much time as they could with eachother. Their relationship has persisted throughout the years and they now share a tight bond.

    The two girls share a tight, sisterly bond as best friends. They love to spend time together and are able to speak freely and honestly together like they can with nobody else. There are still times where Chiyo can find Nozomi to be annoying, but she now looks upon it warmly as a part of who her best friend is. Chiyo notices the way that Nozomi seems to bottle up her emotions and not address her own issues and finds it worrisome, but has yet to press her on the issue.

    Chiyo also has a fondness for Nozomi's sisters as they've spent alot of their childhood in her home. Due to the amount of time they've spent with the Taniyamas, Sachi and Shina have taken to calling Chiyo big sis just as they do Nozomi.
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  6. Threadmarks: Kazehana Yomiko

    Zaranoth Getting sticky.

    Jan 12, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Name: Yomiko Kazehana

    Age (8-18): 14

    Grade (look here for an explanation for grades by age): 3rd year middle school

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Black

    Appearance (Clothing, hair style, skin color, distinguishing features, etc):
    Yomiko is tall for her age, standing at 5'3". Her hair is usually left somewhat unstyled, and worn at shoulder length.

    Pretty Cure Name: Cure Storm

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Platinum blonde

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Sliver

    Pretty Cure Appearance: This outfit, except with greens replacing the blue, and her hair grows to waist length.

    Favorite Elemental Power: Wind

    Likes: Cookies, Free running, Baking

    Dislikes: Being compared to her parents,

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Yomiko is a fairly carefree person, spending most of her free time pursuing her hobbies, baking and parkour. She can a bit lost in her own head, which tends to her becoming slightly disengaged from social activity in groups. However, she gets more talkative when speaking one-on-one, and becomes very animated if she's talking about her interests. She also has a habit of teasing her friends, but only in ways that won't offend them.

    Back Story (It is here that you may want to include your characters' relationship with their parents and siblings, any events that made them who they are today, how they moved to Comnet City, etc.): Yomiko was born to Sarah Kazehana and Matsu Kazehana, a married couple who teach Bio-engineering and Physics, respectively, at a university level. She moved to Comnet city a year ago with her parents when they accepted jobs at Inukai university. She has a small social circle, but quickly befriended Milla Rona, the child of her parents co-worker.
    Accidentally formed a crush on her upperclassman in the track and field club, but got shot down when she asked her out on a date.

    Occasionally chills at the arcade with Milla on weekend afternoons.

    Contacts: Create one or two of the following NPCs.
    Milla Rona - school friend, met through their parents - Finnish, came to Japan/Comnet city with her father. Decent Japanese language skills, better with English. Likes to people watch and invent ridiculous backstories for the people she sees. Same age/Grade as Yomiko.

    Sakaki Aoki - High school student in the track and field club. Likes running and cats. Gets flustered easily, and accidentally dismissed an underclassman who asked her out. She's not sure how she feels about that. 16 and six feet tall.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2016
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  7. Threadmarks: Elin Österson

    Nekraa Nekraa Moderator

    Mar 2, 2013
    Likes Received:
    My almost done character. Just need to fix the description and some help with the elemental power would be nice. How abstract can they be? Is music good? Maybe Instrumental Music, or is that too... niche?

    Name: Elin Österson

    Age: 12 years

    Grade: 1, Junior high school

    Hair Color: Blond

    Eye Color: Blue

    Appearance: Image

    Pretty Cure Name: Cure Sonata

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Dark blond

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Blue

    Pretty Cure Appearance: Image

    Favorite Elemental Power: Water

    Likes: Music, fluffy animals, Yurika

    Dislikes: Insects, anger

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Friendly and always with a smile, Elin does her best to help others. She has a tendency to become too focused on what she works on and not notice her surroundings. She loves music and plays the piano and listens to music for hours at home.

    Back Story: Her mom is Åsa Österson, 27 years old teacher. A strict woman who somehow managed to juggle both studies and taking care of Elin. Elin’s dad is not known, some guy Åsa had a one-night stand with and didn’t notice the pregnancy before it was too late to abort. Despite the circumstances around her conception Åsa still loves Elin dearly. They moved from Sweden to Comnet city when Åsa’s girlfriend Haruka Hiyama was given an invitation to work there and when they found a work opening for Åsa. Elin is close with Åsa, but not as close with Haruka. Even if they are friendly they don’t have much in common.

    Hiyama Haruka: Åsa’s girlfriend. A rogue-ish and happy network administrator, Haruka gives a somewhat haphazard impression but she’s surprisingly dependable. As adult and child, they’re not really close, Elin thinks of her as “mom’s friend”. But Haruka helps Elin now and then when she can too.

    Ikeda Ayano: Elin’s classmate. Likes games and has a cynical mind. She appreciates Elin’s friendship but also thinks that she’s too friendly towards everyone. Member of the going home club.
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  8. Threadmarks: Wakahisa Yurika

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    Name: Yurika Wakahisa

    Age (8-18): 14 years.

    Grade: Third year, junior high school.

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Black

    Appearance: Slightly on the tall side. Hair long, hime cut. Prefer semi-formal clothes for daily wear.

    Pretty Cure Name: Cure Cantata

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Blonde

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Purple

    Pretty Cure Appearance: Hair become ringlet curl, growing much longer. Dress is red, with white frills and wide skirts.

    Favorite Elemental Power: Electricity.

    Likes: Tea, singing, computer, Elin.

    Dislikes: Badly-prepared tea, substandard service, blue screen.

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Yurika is calm and methodical, with noted aversion to impulsive behavior. She is friendly but aloof, preferring to look from afar at first before making any relationship attempt.

    Yurika has a fondness for singing and tweaking computer device, but she consider the latter to be mildly embarrassing and won’t brought it up.

    Yurika is very image-conscious, always want to know what others think of her. She never completely relaxed, unless she is with her close friends.

    She never shies away from achieving what she wanted, though she’s rarely impulsive about it. Nevertheless, she can come across as overbearing.

    Back Story: Yurika was born as the daughter of Hiroki and Keiko Wakahisa, a corporate power-couple. Her childhood is fairly standard, if a bit lonely - Hiroki and Keiko tend to keep full hours, though they do keep weekend free for Yurika. Yurika is enrolled to best school, and received best education. Her computer hobbies comes from her trying to understand her father, and to her surprise, she appears to inherit his aptitude.

    Her friends gave her weird look when she says it, though. It clashed with her images, apparently.

    When Comnet City project is announced, she is interested. Her parents debated leaving her, but she managed to persuade them to bring her as well.

    Yurika doesn’t quite grow-up in Comnet, no, but she is one of its earliest inhabitants. She knows Comnet City well, and has watched it grew, and consider it as her home. She is involved with Student Council, though nobody entirely sure what her role is.

    Hiroki Wakahisa - The partially disgraced son of Wakahisa family, Hiroki went against main family wishes and tries his hand at computing business. It went down during dot-com crash. (Un)fortunately, it is bought by another company, who later become one of the founder of Comnet city. Hiroki himself rises through the rank, meeting and failling in love with Keiko on the way. Currently, he is the CTO of the company.

    He subscribes to ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ ethos. Thus, he only saw Yurika on her weekend - where they spend the whole day, playing together.

    Keiko Wakahisa - Keiko is a daughter of middle-class family. She achieves high scores in school, and - for seemingly arbitrary reason - decided to become lawyer. It’s a tough road - so tough, in fact, she accepted a job in the company as legal expert, and loves it so much she never pursued her lawyer goal.

    Keiko is is confident, capable, and ponders whether she should retire and take care of Yurika full time. She likely won’t do it, though.

    Kimiko Durant - The Student Council President, at least for Junior-High portion. Yurika and her shares antagonistic, yet close friendship. … in short, they are friendly rival.

    Kimiko is goal-oriented, with fastidious attention to detail.

    Zhang Xaoming - Proprietor of rather shady, somewhat cheap electronic part, he is Yurika’s preference for getting what she need to fulfill her hobbies. Likes to make bad jokes. May or may not uses fake names.

    Yurika isn’t sure how he manages to secure his store, since it’s inside a mall. She speculates he has some sort of connection.

    Kyou Abe - The President of Wind Instrument Club, she organize orchestra and plays mean trumpet. She shares love of music with both Yurika and Elin, and their main go-to people if they want to relax.

    Kyou is reconciliatory, and dislike conflict.


    I'll probably add more Contact, but this sheet is serviceable for now.
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    I am vaguely familiar with Code Lyoko, but it has been a while since I have seen the show though. I thought it would be easy for your characters to be introduced to each other right away.

    Okay... here is how it would go: the main villain would attack the arcade, causing the transformation devices to appear on the main characters' arms. They would fight the monster, defeat it, then they might meet up together or something. Yeah, I think I have an understanding of how this will work.

    The henshin devices, by the way.

    Basically, when it is time to transform, it will go something like this.

    Watch: Username - [Cure Name]

    You: Pretty Cure Data Stream!

    Watch: Complete.
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  10. Threadmarks: Katsuryuu Himura
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    And now, let's see if my phone managed to murder the formatting.

    Name: Katsuryuu Himura

    Gender: Male

    Age (8-18): 16

    Grade: Upper Secondary School, Grade 1

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Appearance (Clothing, hair style, skin color, distinguishing features, etc): Katsuryuu is 5' 7" (1.71 meters) tall and 132 lbs (59.87 kg), he has tan skin, and over all, he looks like an unassuming Japanese high school student. Whenever he gets the chance, he wears a black short-sleeve hoodie, blue jeans, a dark blue tie, a pair of fingerless leather gloves, a gray canvas belt, a white dress shirt, leather hiking boots, and he always has two black hairpins on. Despite the fact that he wears his hair somewhat short (~2-3 inches), and he wears hairpins, it still manages to be eternally stuck as bed-head. Also, he always carries cotton balls, a deck of playing cards, some pencils, and his journal with him (mostly for little stage tricks, but he knows how to make a set of lock picks out of two hairpins).

    Pretty Cure Name (These names are always in the style of "Cure ____". Examples of canon names were Cure Rouge, Cure Moonlight, and Cure Princess): Cure Flare

    Pretty Cure Hair Color: Flame Orange

    Pretty Cure Eye Color: Red

    Pretty Cure Appearance: Black, hooded cloak, decorated with various symbols representing Fire, a pair of black gloves with an inlaid flame pattern that go about halfway up his forearms, black, leather boots that go about halfway up to his knees, a short-sleeved, red dress shirt with somewhat frilly sleeves and small, swept-up shoulder pads, a black, leather belt, black tie, and black slacks. His hair becomes spiky.
    (I just realized that his Cure Uniform had no frills. This was grave mistake on my part, and it has beed corrected.)

    Favorite Elemental Power: Fire

    Likes: Horror/Thriller Movies, Creepy Music, Western Music (Vocal (Van Canto especially), Orchestral (Stratovarius), Power (Powerwolf), and Indie Metal, some Alternative Rock (Starset), as well as most Indie), Singing, Games (especially pool), HAM Radio, performing magic tricks to impress people, tinkering, Halloween, Summer, and scaring people.

    Dislikes: People who talk just to listen to themselves talk, most pop music, cats, people who force their views onto others, being cold, pineapples, and Winter

    Personality (Make it 2-5 sentences here): Katsuryuu is brave, friendly, confident, sociable, curious, straightforward, and very focused. If he puts his mind to getting something done, he gets it done, it doesn't matter how long it takes, it gets done. Despite this, his rather off-putting sense of humor (or rather lack thereof), which mostly consists of sarcasm, the fact that he's a bit foolhardy at times, as well as occasionally being somewhat arrogant, causes him to not have very many friends. Generally he's rather amiable, but, if he is attacked, he will not hesitate to respond in kind. And he still hasn't got the whole "think before you speak" thing down yet.

    Backstory (It is here that you may want to include your characters' relationship with their parents and siblings, any events that made them who they are today, how they moved to Comnet City, etc.): Before coming to Comnet, Katsuryuu's mother and father were professors at the Tokyo University of Science, respectively of Biochemistry and Theoretical Physics. However, due to the high cost of living there, they were forced to look for new positions at other universities. During this time, Katsuryuu was going through his "sulky teenager" phase, which was kicked into overdrive after he discovered the Internet. The only things he really did was eat, sleep, go to school, and surf the web. He had all of the information he could ever want or need right at his fingertips.

    Three years ago, Katsuryuu's mother and father, was invited to teaching positions at the prestigious Inukai University. So, they left Tokyo for their new home in the year-and-a-half-old Comnet City. Katsuryuu at first only exchanged pleasantries with his new neighbors, aided by the fact that they had arrived in late spring. Katsuryuu spent much of June inside. Back on his computer, he continued to spend much of his time on the Internet, trying to figure out how to get a HAM radio license, occasionally leaving his room for food. Then, in early July, his parent practically dragged him out of his room to meet one of his neighbors. Eventually, he was convinced (more like shanghaied) to learn how to play Billiards. After several lessons, he and Arate, his neighbor began to be friends. Towards the end of July, Katsuryuu decided to ask his parents if he could get a HAM radio license. They agreed, and so, one HAM radio class and 300 yen later, Katsuryuu was officially a HAM. After getting a proper radio, Katsuryuu figured he was ready to go. Unfortunately, the radio refused to work twice, but on the third try, he finally got it to work, and in reaction to hearing someone on the other end of the radio, nearly blew out the recipient's eardrums. Luckily for him, the other person just laughed it off, and introduced herself as "Juliet Sierra Six Zulu Six Victor," or Miu, if that's easier. The two of them struck up a conversation, and Katsuryuu learned that Miu was only a year older them him. Already having gained two friends, Katsuryuu wrote down the frequency he had tuned into, and the two began a constant dialogue, that still lasts to this day.

    Ever since arriving in Comnet City, Katsuryuu's relationship with his parents has been improving, which they are both thankful for. He's no longer trying to actively push them out of his life. Also, his parents are very glad that he's actually making friends now.
    Himura Family: Mother (Yoko Himura), Father (Naoki Himura), and Katsuryuu Himura

    Contacts: Create one or two of the following NPCs.

    *Friend (and Neighbor): Arata Oshiro, one of Katsuryuu's few friend's in Comnet City. They've know each other for three years, ever since Katsuryuu moved in. Arata sees Katsuryuu as a great friend, even if he is a little odd sometimes. Their friendship really started after Arata offered to teach Katsuryuu how to play pool, and every Friday night they go to play. They use their Friday time to just chat over some sodas, a game of Billiards, and cards. They have a tradition on Halloween of going out either in the weirdest costumes they can think of (really, anything involving those rubber horse masks), and trying to get double takes, or the scariest, and see if anyone panics. Arata is really good at making costumes and clothes. He's contemplating going into fashion design or getting into the movie industry as a costume designer after he gets out of school.

    *Someone from a restaurant/shop they visit regularly: Hideki Fujioka, a clerk at the store where he gets replacement parts for his (self-assembled) radios, which for some reason end up breaking within the first 3 months of him building them. They joke about how Katsuryuu managed to "kill another innocent radio," swap tech talk, and talk about what's going on.

    *An Internet buddy: Miu Yoshida, callsign "JS6Z6V": Katsuryuu's radio buddy. They've never met, but, Katsuryuu knows that Miu lives in the Shikoku Prefecture, due to the callsign, and that she's a girl, but that's about it. Miu and Katsuryuu found each other shortly after getting into HAM radio, and they've kept tabs on one another's frequencies ever since. They talk to each other as often as possible. When they talk, she flirts with him, so he flirts right back.Katsuryuu is terrible at being a flirt. Miu is not.

    Describe your character's feelings on that person and the nature of their meetings. These NPCs cannot have totally negative or totally positive opinions on your character, but a mix of both (kind of like real life). If you make multiple characters, they must have different opinions on your character. These NPCs will provide plot points for me and help flesh out the world our characters live in. They will also provide your character with contacts to get in touch with, and a way to spend their time outside of being a magical person.
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