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Feb 12, 2013
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Welcome to the Questionable Questing Forum.

This board was created as a place for people to post their quests without having to worry overly much about policing themselves.

The rules that we have put into action are only here to ensure that the forum can keep running, and people can enjoy themselves without issue, we're not interested in being a police force.

If we think you're in violation of any of these rules you will receive a warning, and for repeat offenders (or offenders of the obviously malicious kind) a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity of your case. We are capable of taking context into account when dealing with rule breakers, and any mod decision can be appealed.

While we promise to respect the rights of those posting here, we also expect you to act in a fairly mature manner and be civil. As such there is a code of conduct.



1: Play nice with the other members on the forums.

  • Do not make personal attacks on other forum members.
  • Constructive criticism is not only allowed, but encouraged.
  • Kink-shaming is a violation of this rule. Stating a preference is fine, stating a dislike for a kink is fine, but making judgements against those that like a kink is NOT fine.
  • Swearing and profanity are allowed, but again, common sense applies, do not be overly abusive.
  • This rule is somewhat relaxed in the rants section, but make sure that anything said in there, STAYS in there.
2: Keep NSFW material in the NSFW section.
  • See the bottom of this page for a clarification as to what exactly is and is not allowed. Unless the content is posted in a clearly malicious manner, violation of this rule will result in nothing but the content being moved to the NSFW section. (This means quests can start out in the Normal section, and be moved to the NSFW section if votes lead them in that direction.)
  • Signatures and Avatars are to be kept work safe.
  • Any links in the SFW section to NSFW content must be clearly marked as NSFW.
  • Linking in QQ SFW to QQ NSFW does not require a warning if the page only has text. If there are NSFW pictures on the page, the link must be marked NSFW.
  • Any embedded images or videos in the SFW section must not be NSFW as detailed below.
  • Text in the SFW section must not be NSFW as detailed below.
3: Do not post illegal content.
  • Posting blatantly illegal content will result in immediate banning and deletion of the content. (Illegal is classified as content Illegal to own or view in the United States, especially the unambiguous example of RL child porn)
  • Due to the varied state laws on the subject, RL bestiality falls under illegal content. Text is still permitted.
  • Do not link to pirated content.
    • Linking to manga reader sites and image hosting sites like Danbooru, imgur, etc does not count.
    • Manga readers that give a download option, such as ExHentai, may be mentioned along with the title of a work, but not linked to.
    • Linking download repositories like Dropbox, MegaSync, etc DOES count as linking to pirated content.
  • Doxxing, the posting of personal information about a user without their consent, is grounds for immediate permaban.
  • Plagiarism is a major ethical violation and will receive a heavy infraction when it doesn't just result in a permaban.
4: No duplicate accounts.
  • Sock-puppeting, or account duping of any kind is grounds for a permaban.
  • This includes creating new accounts for the purpose of abandoning an old one.
  • Multiple accounts for the purpose of disassociating NSFW works from a username known across multiple sites is also not permitted.
5: Try to stay relatively on-topic.
  • We realize off-topic tangents are part of any creative board, and so they are tolerated here for the most part. Please be mindful, however, if the topic creator or a mod asks you to get back on topic.
6: Accounts are not deleted.
  • We have decided not to honor account deletion requests for two reasons. One, it's not healthy for the database to have accounts disappearing from it. Two, we just don't want to set that precedent.
  • If you absolutely must remove yourself from the forum, a year long tempban can be requested. It will not be lifted until it expires naturally, however. Be sure of your request.
7: Thread Necromancy is (very) conditionally permitted.
  • Threads that have been dormant for 1 month are considered dead threads. IF you make a post to a dead thread, it must be a significant contribution; story update, new information on current events, new activity for games elsewhere, etc. Asking if a story or quest is dead or will be continued does not count as contributing.
  • The one-month timeframe is deliberately generous. Reviving a thread just before the deadline is still frowned upon.
  • This rule applies to quest and story threads. Index and topical threads are not subject to a necro rule.
8: Current politics is a banned subject here.
  • This rule applies to real life current politics. At the time of this rule is written, this means things like Trump, feminism vs men's rights, SJWs, etc.
  • It does NOT apply to things such as stories featuring past events like WW2, Vietnam, nobility, royalty, etc. If it's something that happened 20+ years ago, it's most likely fair game.
  • Probably more than any other rule, the practice of asking if you're unsure is very wise. You won't get punished for asking.
9: No words are outright forbidden, nor will there be a list of banned words, however context matters.
  • Using slurs to refer to individual RL people is a Rule 1 violation, whether they are a QQ poster or not.
  • Using them to refer to RL groups of people is also forbidden on the grounds that at least one of our users will be a part of just about any group, making it a Rule 1 violation.
  • Using them in stories, quests, and games are allowed.
  • Using them in any other context not already covered is allowed, but QQ staff will not be responsible for the social repercussions from other posters. If you show yourself to be a crude and unpleasant person, we're not going to make people be your friend.
  • What is and is not a slur will be decided by QQ staff, not the posters. If you feel something should be a slur and we do not: tough.


NSFW materials
  • Images or videos containing Nipples and/or Aureola, genitals (Penis, vagina, other), Sexual intercourse.
  • Images or videos containing graphic violence and gore.
  • Written Fiction that contains graphic descriptions of Gore or sex. (Saying 'They fucked like rabbits' and using suggestive imagery is okay to post in the SFW sections, spelling out all mechanical details goes in the NSFW section.)
  • Gore that depicts real life naked children or infants is NOT permitted, as it falls too close to the line of child porn to be safe. Gore that depicts real life naked adults IS permitted.
The following is Questionable material. You won't suffer punishment for posting it outside the NSFW section, but it might be polite to give warning.
  • Images or videos that contain partially clothed women or fondling.
  • Images containing a degree of violence, so long as it is not gratuitous or overly graphic.
  • Written scenes that heavily imply any kind of sexual conduct (even if the sexual conduct itself would be illegal), so long as it remains at implication, and does not cross over into explicit explanation/description.
These rules may be modified as needed.
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If you feel that a moderator action -- such as an infraction or warning -- was in error, you can to appeal to a higher power: Admins.

If you were temporarily banned or muted, you can make a post in the Appeals subforum.
If you were permanently banned, you can either check in on IRC (see link at the top of the page) or send us an email with the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

Politely state your reasons why you feel the action was in error, and we will investigate the situation and make a decision.

I want to emphasize that it will not be a debate or argument, as I've had people try in the past. It is solely a check against moderator error and bias. Once we have made a decision on the appeal, it is final.

I strongly advise you to not appeal immediately after receiving an infraction if you feel very strongly about the topic of conversation that led to the infraction in the first place. Strong emotional reactions tends to lead to people giving us attitude, especially if we do not overturn a moderator action on appeal, which we do not appreciate and will not tolerate. More than one person has gotten a punishment upgraded because of this.
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