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RWBY Ideas, Recs, and Discussion thread

Discussion in 'CW Index' started by Night_stalker, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Night_stalker

    Night_stalker Friendly neighborhood sarcastic pervert

    Oct 29, 2014
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    Here, a SFW thread for all those RWBY fics, and more to the point, where one can bitch about the series without tying up the NSFW RWBY Rec thread.
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  2. Knightfall

    Knightfall Nui Harime lover, Cynic, and Archivist

    Jun 13, 2016
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    So what do you think will happen to Cinder by the end of Volume 4?
  3. Night_stalker

    Night_stalker Friendly neighborhood sarcastic pervert

    Oct 29, 2014
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    Ideally a beatdown of epic proportions from RWBY and JNR.
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  4. Knightfall

    Knightfall Nui Harime lover, Cynic, and Archivist

    Jun 13, 2016
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    I want her to die a humiliating death ala Light Yagami.
  5. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Feb 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Putting these here because they have nothing to do with lewds.

    Rabbits aren't quite as good as cat, but they see in the dark better than humans do. Their senses of hearing and smell are much better than a human.

    Monkeys have better vision than humans (it helps when climbing and jumping around treetops, among other things), but their sense of smell is weaker, IIRC. The rest of their senses are mostly the same, though they might have better hearing, I don't remember.

    Calling them separate species is likely more of a cultural thing than an explicitly scientific one.
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  6. iamnuff

    iamnuff Connoisseur.

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Crossposting from the first thread.

    ... Seems pointless. If you want to keep your sexy-Rwby pics seperate from the actual discussion, why not just make an nsfw rwby-image thread?
    Now we've got two discussion-threads for the exact same topic.

    All you've done is split the discussion between a thread where anything can be said (nsfw) and a thread where you have to censure yourself.

    I don't see any reason to ever use the second thread.

    TLDR: NSFW threads aren't just for nsfw topics, they're for everything including nsfw topics.
  7. Nightgazer

    Nightgazer Cute Lil' Pegasus Gone for Good

    Feb 26, 2016
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    I thought the faunus were the product of genetic manipulation and molecular biology in the Old World before the Cataclysm turned it into Remnant?
  8. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Feb 14, 2015
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    That's all one massive fanon.
  9. vyor

    vyor Oh that's cute Muted

    Jul 29, 2015
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    oh hey look, a thread that won't get past 10 pages!
  10. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Feb 14, 2015
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    So in addition to the worldbuilding nerds going apesh*t over this new information, the geography nerds in particular on SB are going apesh*t, because:

    There's a lot more to it, but you can just check the thread out if you want to and search from the most recent threadmark: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/rwby-v-its-also-a-thread.430178/page-194#post-27013653

    So to unpack this:
    • So although there's definitely still scale issues, it turns out the map is a lot less bullsh*t than a lot of people thought. Not bad for something whose first draft was literally a wadded-up ketchup-stained napkin
    • The kingdoms are actual countries, not sprawling Texas-sized megacities, with plenty of smaller settlements.
    • Menagerie is home to a lot of faunus, but isn't recognized as a kingdom. Probably racism involved, but might also be because Menagerie is very decentralized or something?
    • Aquatic Grimm are a thing (or at least some kind of threat is present in the oceans), but isn't a serious threat to Vale itself because the coastal waters are too shallow. Speculation is that it's a continental shelf or something, and a lot of people on SB are kicking themselves for not thinking of that.
    • Qrow confirms that there are defenses on the borders of the kingdoms, so Vale in fact was not completely demilitarized until the Tin Man and his army of toy soldiers showed up.
    • Those colored symbols representing towns and villages don't seem to represent the borders of the kingdoms themselves (Vale is not lit up on that map, for instance), but rather seems to show their "sphere of influence," so to speak. In other words, the green-colored symbols are at least nominally affiliated with Vale and likely have some kind of deal to help them get assistance from Hunters if Grimm start becoming a problem.
    • Mountain Glen is not an isolated incident, rather it is the norm for what happens when Vale tries to expand past its current borders.
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  11. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu The Original

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Man this thread is remarkably empty.

    Anyway looking for good fics. Mostly things like Jaune being mistaken for badass, Interesting crossovers where a character appears in RWBY, or fics of Jaune getting some sort of really weird semblance. Comedic oneshots are also good.
  12. vyor

    vyor Oh that's cute Muted

    Jul 29, 2015
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    That's because it was created when a person got pissy that canon was being discussed in the NSFW thread.
  13. Maverick2110

    Maverick2110 Getting out there.

    Apr 14, 2014
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    Huh - could've sworn it had more to do with the third round of arguing over season three's ending, dislike of characterisation/pacing, and the fact that it kept covering the same thing.

    But what do I know, I'm just a lurker.
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  14. backgroundnoise

    backgroundnoise "What the fuck penis?! I trusted you!"

    Oct 9, 2013
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    Speaking of Cinder, I've been working on an SI RWBY story and one of the main plot-points is that Cinder is stopped at the Vytal Festival. You see, the protagonist of the story knows about Cinder and the calamitous end to the Vytal festival, but not any of the specifics. It was spoiled for him via internet, but he's really only watched his way through seasons one and two, enough to give him a rough idea of what's going on, along with a few spoiled (and possibly wrong) specifics, but not a whole lot else. He tries to warn people about Cinder anonymously, but it... doesn't go well, to say the least. He has no proof, no evidence, and revealing himself in front of Ironwood is practically begging to get locked up in an interrogation room somewhere. Not to mention Cinder has far greater control of traditional lines of communication than he realizes.

    So in the end he has to track her down himself using a unique quirk of his that let's him 'see' Aura. Cinder, obviously, is a blazing beacon to his senses, not exactly what you'd call 'subtle.' Now normally this would be a squash match, the difference in skill between the two of them is immense. Cinder could likely kill him without even breaking her stride, but, there's one thing he has going for him... his Semblance. Simply put, his ability allows him to change the molecular state of both himself and unshielded things without harming them; he can make them solid, liquid, gas, or even other, more esoteric states of matter, though there are limitations. With this ability so long as he has Aura Cinder can't affect him physically, as he can just flow around her attacks. Furthermore, he can use this ability offensively, though he doesn't do so often, for reasons that will soon become self-evident.

    So Cinder is faster than him, stronger than him, more skilled than him, and leagues more powerful, so then how does he stop her? The answer is simple... he cheats. Realizing he doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell against her he does something terribly desperate; he turns into a gas and attempts to choke her. Cinder turns up the heat seeking to destabilize him, and though he already knows of this weakness and has taken steps to negate it, she's powerful enough to simply burn her way through his resistance. Getting even more desperate he turns himself into a thick sludge and forces himself into her lungs. She resists, trying to bite down, but he just goes through her nose, and when she tries to gasp for air he freezes her mouth open.

    And so he binds her with other pieces of himself, taking away her leverage and shocking her with hits of Energy Dust to keep her from struggling all while Cinder slowly chokes to death in her own personal coffin. In the end it's horrible, it's messy, it's even a little bit silly if you're into gallows humor, but the protagonist finally manages to take out Cinder only to belatedly realize that he has a lot more problems to deal with than just one arrogant, power-hungry uber-bitch.

    From there you can imagine that things go wildly off the rails, and the protagonist has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Not a fix-fic, but at the same time not really a deconstruction of a fix-fic either. The characters are people, and people make mistakes, but many people also try and fix their mistakes. The protagonist is just the silver bullet, the nail that won the battle; he was the right person, with the right abilities, who was there at just the right time to send things spiraling down a completely different path, with both good and bad things resulting from his actions.
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  15. ZeroXSEED

    ZeroXSEED Closet Pervert

    Aug 3, 2013
    Likes Received:
    That bugs me too, especially when someone post images like ten times daily.

    Anyway, on Faunus issue, I actually make it so that JWMM Adam have WORSE sight than humans in the dark, in fact, Weiss also fell into this presumption of all Faunus being good at nigh vision until he confirm otherwise.
  16. Accelerator

    Accelerator Versed in the lewd.

    Dec 6, 2018
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    Question. How about this?

    A gate opening up from rwby, to 1870 London.
  17. Crows

    Crows Experienced.

    Feb 8, 2017
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2020
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  18. Jesse K the Bubba

    Jesse K the Bubba They call me...Bubba

    Jul 26, 2019
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    Hey, can't you read? This is a SFW thread
  19. Lorsïthrorung

    Lorsïthrorung High Patriarch of Wolf Tits

    Feb 5, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Free-Port Remnant. For some reason I want to slap Space Engineers as a crossover but I know there's probably a few TTRPGs that make more sense.
    Remnant becomes a free-port for space pirates from the somewhat-far future who basically declare their intentions at the start and want to negotiate with everyone.
    Menagerie is selected to become a continent sized resort managed by transhuman furries.
    Jacques Schnee is forced to negotiate with a company of space dwarves specialized in illegal mining, meaning they brought their own army of short lawyers.
    Idk what else.
  20. Lorsïthrorung

    Lorsïthrorung High Patriarch of Wolf Tits

    Feb 5, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Warframe crossover where Corpus and Grineer show up under ceasefire conditions. That is, they're not shooting each other at the start but the Grineer annex Vacuo while Corpus are making totally-not-one-sided deals with everyone they can.
  21. Chojomeka

    Chojomeka Kannahagakure nin

    Jul 29, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Uh Leingod this isn't the NSFW thread :eek:
  22. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Feb 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Shit, whoops. Somehow forgot there was a SFW thread.
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  23. Blackenedthorn

    Blackenedthorn Too many ideas, so little time

    Feb 12, 2019
    Likes Received:
    So this is an old Scenario from me.

    The main focus of this AU is Team JNPR, except where they are a quartet of Huntsmen from over a thousand years in the past who where frozen in a dust based ice crystal. They are Jaune Arc, the lost Prince of the Ancient Kingdom of Vale and Paladin Knight of the Order of Arc. Nora Valkyrie, the Last Valkyrie of the Ancient Clans of Mantle and Berserker Warrioress of the Old Ways. Lie Ren, Ronin Shinobi of the Ancient Clans of Mistral and Master Assassin of the Order of the Shattered Moon. Pyrrha Nikos, Spartan Amazonian Princess of the Ancient Tribes of Vacuo and Eternal Champion of the Grand Arena of Vacuo.

    The four of theme adjust to life in the modern era while dealing with the changes in their respective kingdoms while said kingdoms discuss what do do about the relics defrosted, canon still occurs but with team JNPR being a well oiled and seasoned team from over a millenia in the past. Jaune is a competent warrior, Nora is still as hyperactive but has only just discovered coffee (gods help us), Ren is more sociable, and Pyrrha who despite being an Amazonian Spartan princess is still a cinnamon roll. Their semblances are the same, just more refined/practiced while their weaponry is ancient pre-mechashift dust infused weapons and the same is for their armor.
  24. Im_just_a_Reader

    Im_just_a_Reader IsekaI connoisseur for fun.

    Jun 6, 2020
    Likes Received:
    First fic then, behold! A Jacques SI~
    A combination of a Remnant businessman and Earth highschool realist with no system or Mysterious power ups!

    Let the good ol Capitalism for the WIN!!!

    Jacques Schnee was an oil tycoon, or something equivalent to that from his previous world. A capitalist and opportunistic businessman.

    According to his jarring memories, he always has been, and liked to cling onto anything that would benefit his company to the point of obsession. Any deal, trade, sponsorship, or social gathering his snowflake brand took part in? A decided net gain. How else were the profit margins to increase?

    Dust was a valuable resource that all figures in a functional economy require. It fueled vehicles, weaponry, and basic housing utensils and etc.

    It's basically this world's version of oil and electricity. Their only source of power.

    It was all these things that kept the lien notes flooding his ingenious way. But he also knew enemies could take advantage, whenever their own opportunity strikes. Warping the environment against his righteously controlled free-market.

    Co-opting and subverting the conglomerate he has founded through sweat, sex, and sentimentality. But despite his efforts, Jacques is hilariously shortsighted when it comes to other fields that fills him dread to no end.
    The original owner of this body is basically using a command & control tactic, and that wouldn't do. More so if Jacques wants to be a councillor, this world's version of government.

    Seriously, so many problems could occur and sooner or later he could kiss his ass goodbye to this paradise.
    While he's no prodigy in capitalism by no means, it doesn't mean he's any way weaker than the former CEO, with the memory synchronisation of Jacques and I.

    My vision was broadened, Ideas piling up at the back of my mind and with the help of Jackie's Technical & Management along with my Meta-Knowledge & Creativity. I believe that I could overcome his shortcomings.
    Why would he give up the life as a Rich Dad? He knows very well how it's like to live in poverty and he damn wouldn't let his new family in deep shit, looking at you Robert Kiyosaki.

    Speaking of which.

    Although he never have an intimate partner, or any form of that kind of intimacy. The responsibilities as a CEO, husband, and a father that rest upon his shoulders made him uncertain.

    "...Good grief Jackie, you just have to ruin my life now would you?" I muttered with indignation, seeing my disgruntled reflection in the shiny, transparent computer I frowned further as I contemplate my life in the future.
    Memories of RWBY is coming along and thankfully, the timeline is not quite there yet, There's baby Weiss and Lassy Winter, but... the son... what's his name again?
    No wait, he have yet to born. And the probability of him appearing later is highly unlikely, not when he had already changed his course and that's not to meantion the young lad's millions of competitors.

    Oh dear...​

    'I can't remember much of the series...' I thought with annoyance.

    I was disappointed at the lack of knowledge regarding my future, yes I've seen snippets in the YouTube but technically I've only watched S1-3. S4 was a let down and the lacklustre performance of the crew and writer dampened his motivation to continue.

    "No matter, I can make due of this situation. Still, Mat pat was right about the command & conquer. "
    Reminiscing over a particular YouTube theorist, I could haphazardly remember some of his works; specifically that of Black panther.


    Because it has an educational info regarding business management and etc!
    Gathering his wits, Jacques tries his best to remember the tid bits of information scattered within his sea of memories, all the while rummaging over his paperworks and nearby books from the bookshelves.
    From what he gather so far.

    He is the CEO of the Schnee Dust Company; his wife, the original inheritor of the legacy. His daughter: Winter is the heir apparent, or at firsty. His baby Weiss is raised knowing that one day, one the main characters playing mercenaries. He is Jacques Schnee, An influential businessman of the Schnee Corp, he own a large amount of Energy or Dust industries, the largest conglomerate in the Remnant. The anti-monopoly laws that remain on the books are so much ink and paper if they are not enforced.

    Speaking of business... My mines is slowly (-0.02%) declining over the year due to the scanty reserves of our sources, despite their miraculous deeds. Dust is not a renewable source of energy that could be throughly exploited much like oil.

    Which he also couldn't exploit, their pollution alone is a big no-no compared to the environment friendly Dust and would've meant that he'd have to kick start a tech-tree all by himself. They don't even use diesels for fuck sake, fucking refinement alone could put him in debt.
    Like my world's versions of tycoons... I needed to diversify my business, my influence can reach all the kingdoms and most of the outsiders. I need... wait.

    I stood and walk over in front of the shelves with scrutiny, picking several books at hand, I closed it and put it back. Despite their curious contents, I realized that I could have better findings if I could just google.
    Or whatever equivalent search engine in the lap... scroll. My mind corrected.

    Moving back and forth over my room, I located my scroll and opened the password via fingerprint, which was convenient. That said, my pacing has yet to abate, a habit of mine whenever I'm deeply engrossed.
    Thoughts ran over my head, ideas such as capitalising the Minerals such as Iron, copper and etc. My company have technology dedicated for stripping Dust under the very soil itself, but I could just as easily establish several drills and workers to to do my own bidding.

    For a moment, I dreamed.

    Once, iron wed coal under a sooty sky, and their child became the ruler of the world. Like any other happy marriage, it ended with the death of one of the partners. Wind turbines and hydroelectric dams and solar panels replace coking coal, and steel is very happy with its step-parent.

    All over the kingdoms, workers labour for the Schnee. Ores, Oils and Dusts is torn out of the ground and brought to the surface. With the addition of chromium and a few other elements, it is turned into stainless steel. And out of the steel emerge finished goods and components that have yet to become something greater.

    The steelworks is also a monopoly, a many-legged octopus that holds in its tentacles entire swathes of industry. Atlas may be the Leading brand but they are still young, younger than that of its siblings considering they were built above the mantle after the great war.
    Yes, they own the place, for now. But their focus is purely militaristic in aerodynamics and terrain troops. Him though?

    He could topple the game, and sooner or later. He could... wait, what was my endgame?
    I pause.

    'Why am I even doing this?' I solemnly thought.
    Putting down the scoll with a sigh, my eyes went down at my desk in contemplation.

    'I'm not Alex... nor Jacques, not truly. I'm more of a combination of those two, an entity born from the synchronisation of memories and... heh, soul is a thing right?'

    Just whay is my purpose, I need to find my "Why", everyone should have a purpose, an incentive to keep them going. Jacques values his assets and control, while my other values family and safety.
    What about me?

    What's my "Why"?

    Does the God sent me in this apocalyptic world to suffer, is this my punishment for being an atheist?
    I stared at the door faraway from me, it's an entrance away from this room. That much is obvious, but...

    Can I do that? Escape?

    I couldn't envision myself living in the paradise with wealth, not when there's a looming threat that would indirectly result my downfall...

    God damn... I hate my life, why do I even exist?
    Jack has no allies, well... yes, but they cannot be trusted. Not Ironwood, not even Ozma, no matter how the Crewby depicted this show as something Incompetent and moronic I refuse to underestimate those around me.

    They're just far more complicated than a smidge of writing, Jacques is a great example of that; he's just far too competent to be compared to a tyrannical and greedy bastard.

    Idly tapping my fingers against the Mistralian maple, my thoughts were broken by the sound of soft knocks in my door. Looking up, I saw a women in blue entered within my abode. With my eyes eying her up and down, it didn't take me more than a few moments to recognize her.
    "Hey jack... it's rather late, the maids told me that you'd come down later but..."

    My eyes briefly averted at my lit Scroll, seeing the time (21:34) made me yawn a bit. Although I don't know which time is it, base from the see through... li..ngerie...

    'Hnm?" I hum out loud, as if I couldn't believe what I just saw which I blame insomnia.

    Checking over my wife, she does. In fact wore a see through lingerie, over her hand is a white robe that previously covered her body.

    Seeing her locked the door and sashay dangerously with a predatory leer and uncertainty, I couldn't help but gulp a mouthful of saliva.

    "What's the matter hobby? It's almost as if you saw a ghost?"

    She says as she slowly slid down the robes aside.
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  25. vyor

    vyor Oh that's cute Muted

    Jul 29, 2015
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    Very wrong thread, this is SFW.
  26. Thegoldenboy58

    Thegoldenboy58 Making the rounds.

    Sep 25, 2020
    Likes Received:
    So uh, I have this idea.

    Sorry if what I'm writing seems like ramblings, I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words and some of these are errant plot threads/ideas running through my head.

    But the basic idea is that I wanna write a story about Jaune becoming a huntsman. With my own little twists in the story.

    In this story, Jaune inspired by the stories of his grandfather and family wished to become a Huntsman. However, tragedy befell the Arc Family when his elder sister and Grandfather died in Patch fighting off a powerful Elder Grimm. The effect of her death was so bad enough that his mother and father decided to not allow him to become a huntsman.

    However, he doesn't give up and manages to get his hands of some transcripts, fake'em, steal the family sword and some armor, and get into Beacon.

    Because Ruby isn't here (she's off having her own adventure.) Instead, he meets Yang who he befriends quite easily, they don't meet Weiss, so he doesn't suddenly pine over her. Maybe a few lines about how she's beautiful though.

    Since Ruby isn't here team RWBY doesn't form but instead.

    Team JYPR(Jupiter)


    Team SNWB(Snowbelt)

    Team Jupiter consists of Jaune Arc as the leader, Yang, Pyrrha, and Ren. Team Snowbelt has the leader Weiss Schnee, Nora Valkyrie, Cardin Winchester, Blake Belladonna.

    I was thinking he'd have Pyrrha Nikos as his idol cause I feel like Jaune would be the type of guy to try and find as many things about Huntsman he could find even with his mother and father forbidding it, so he'd find out about her.

    If his grandfather was what his ideal Hero was and who he wanted to be, then Pyrrha represents the strength he wants, to be totally invincible. I think it would create a dichotomy between them. Jaune is weak but that weakness allows him to make real connections with people. Pyrrha is strong, but that strength pushes away people and has them put her on a pedestal.

    And this dichotomy could also push them apart. Pyrrha wants to help Jaune, but his own pride and idolism of her pushes her away. While Jaune feels that if he can't be a leader by himself and needs help he isn't good enough to be a huntsman like his grandfather and won't reach Pyrrha's level.

    It's possible that these negative feelings Jaune's developing may even turn into jealously of Pyrrha's strength.

    Since there's no Ruby to give him advice on how to be a leader or Cardin pick on him the issue would fester till the Mt. Glenn arc. Where Ozpin allows both SNWB and JYPR to go to Mt. Glenn. Where he gets his ass thoroughly kicked.

    Feeling utterly useless and his pride breaking he makes the utterly stupid decision to jump in front of the train. There's no miraculous power-up where he manages to push back and stop it, his semblance doesn't suddenly awaken. Instead, he hangs on the front of the train for dear life while thinking he'll die. Kinda like this scene from JJK.

    Pyrrha manages to save him before his Aura runs out and he's crushed onto the tracks, however, in order to do so, she had to ignore the last explosive on the train, which causes the Breach. Jaune meanwhile is unconscious due to forcing his body and Aura that far.

    He wakes up in a hospital and learns that while he was sleeping Team SNWB and YPR were fighting to close off the Breach. His pride broken, he realizes how useless he's been and decides to leave Beacon. However, Yang, Ren, Pyrrha, Ozpin, and even Team SNWB all pitch in to help Jaune and make him realize that while he's weak he still has good qualities and can become better and that he has the potential to be strong. Pyrrha especially reaches Jaune and he decides to finally accept help growing as a leader and person. While also sparking a beginning in their relationship (I'm an Arkos fan, so what?)

    Think of it like Subaru Natsuki's arc in Re: Zero. He starts by thinking he's hot shit because he's an isekai protag, but then fucks up and finally gives up until Rem manages to bring him back with her speech.

    Of course, Jaune isn't the only character that should get development.

    Yang as you can see in the prologue is a bit different than in canon.

    She doesn't live in Patch, she lives in Vale. Because Patch was destroyed by Grimm, who killed her aunt and forced her and her family to move. Because of this she has a grudge against Grimm and wants to become a Huntress so she can take back Patch. She too just like Jaune looks up to Pyrrha, but while Jaune sees her as an Idol, Yang sees her as a powerful Huntress and companion. Plus she too was once weak and knows about people trying to impede her dreams so she would empathize with Jaune.

    Ren doesn't really have an arc until after Beacon so I might just have him as a Monk-like character, giving good advice and being understanding, while also just being a dependable dude.

    Pyrrha doesn't have much of an arc either, so she'll probably be similar to canon. Since she's fine the way she is.

    Team SNWB is important as well as JYPR's sister team (I would have their name be related to celestial phenomena like Jupiter but RWBY Team Generator isn't giving me any.)

    Weiss becomes the leader of a team like she always wanted and expected but now learns that being leader is not sunshine and rainbows. As she has to deal with a hyperactive girl hopped on too much sugar that doesn't listen to her, and finds every chance she gets to leave the team to hang out with Ren and JYPR. A racist brute, and an anti-social girl who's either arguing with Cardin, arguing with her, or just having her head in a book.

    Weiss's and Blake's arcs wouldn't have much change.

    Weiss learns that she has to be understanding and not be such a stick in the mud all the time and that her view isn't always the right one though I might make it purposely incomplete until after Beacon when she goes back home and meets Whitley.

    Blake would learn that it's alright to trust other people and that she could trust her team.

    Cardin would learn that being racist is a bad thing and that he should stop.

    Nora wouldn't really have much of an arc but she'll start sticking with the team once everyone finally starts becoming nicer to each other.

    That's what I got for now.

    I'm just wondering how I should do the Paladin fight arc.

    Cause the fight at the docks is gonna SNWB's arc where everyone finally starts listening to each other.

    Mt. Glenn's Jaune's arc.

    Maybe I could have the Paladin fight shore up arcs and development for other characters? But I also don't wanna have bloat since 8 main characters are already hard enough to pace out and write.

    Anyway here's what I wrote up for the prologue.

    I decided to write it in Yang's pov.

    White Huntsman: Prologue: Let's Kick Things Off With A Yang!

    Yang stood confidently in the airship. There wasn't a single strand of hesitation or doubt in her body. Unlike the students who were sitting sullenly in the corner counting nothings or those that paced in their own little circles out of stress and doubt or that dude that was holding his stomach and looked like he was about to throw up.

    Because she was awesome! She had the skill to fight an entire gang at the same time. Her Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets could knock the head of an Ursa sky-high, her Semblance meant that she could hit harder than her opponent. And then there was her sexy body and cool attitude!

    Yang smirked to herself as she reassured herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she could notice some boys and girls glancing at her.

    'Hm, well it's not like I hate the stares.' Yang knew how sexy her body was. She used it to her advantage multiple times in the past, as long as they weren't pervy or tried to touch her, she didn't mind.

    Yang looked out the window. She could see most of Vale, from the giant CCT tower to the commercial and residential districts, and past that. The ocean was a bright and tranquil blue. Waves reflect the sun.

    And off the shore of Vale, Yang could see a small piece of land.

    'Is that Patch?' Yang realized. It had been so long since she saw the place. Mostly of her own volition. Her departure from the place was one of the very bad memories. Mostly due to the Grimm.

    From here the island seemed calm, not like how Yang remembered her final moments in that place.

    Yang glared at it. Right now she was one step closer to her goal, to exterminate the Grimm who forced her family to leave.

    'However' She sighed, she wasn't even a huntress-in-training yet.

    Not that she didn't believe that she couldn't get into Beacon. But she had only taken her first step. Right now she didn't need to dwell on the past or future.

    As she stood in the bulkhead her thoughts strayed to those of her family, mostly her sister.

    'I hope Ruby would be okay without me' Yang thought. Her little sis was painfully shy and always clung to her side at school or when going out. Mom, Dad, and she tried to help Ruby break out of her shell but most attempts ended with Ruby either running away or just not talking.

    Due to this, she didn't have any friends at school.

    'Well not anymore' Yang remembered. She did make one friend, a freshman.

    Yang remembered talking to her for a bit. She was nice, but also so confident in herself that it bordered on arrogance and had a sharp tongue. Yang would've probably told Ruby to not interact with her if she didn't seem to really consider Ruby her friend.

    'Plus because of her, Ruby's becoming more confident.'

    As she was reminiscing, the news report about the White Fang, which she was ignoring was suddenly replaced by a hologram of a woman.

    "Hello, and welcome to Beacon!" The hologram said in a kind yet strict voice.

    "Who's that?" Yang asked herself out loud, quite dumbly as well.

    'I feel like I've heard her before.' she thought.

    "My name is Glynda Goodwitch."

    "Oh. Oooooh." Yang realized why the woman's voice was so familiar.

    'She's Dad and Mom's friend!'

    Yang didn't remember seeing her at any time of her life other than a blurry memory at 7 years old, but she had heard Mom and Dad talk to her over the phone sometimes. In fact, now that she thinks about it Mom and Dad were talking to her quite frequently last week.

    She never knew who they were talking to, so she always called her the Stuck-Up Witch.

    "You are among the privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace,-"

    Yang grimaced. An incredible time of peace? Had everyone forgotten what happened just 15 years ago? Had everyone forgotten what happened on the island known as Patch?

    "-And as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it."

    Glynda Goodwitch continued her speech regardless of Yang's anger.

    "You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and training to protect the world."

    Glynda's hologram disappeared after the short but to-the-point speech.

    Yang glanced at the small dot that was Patch and turned away, looking forward. Even as far away as they were Yang could see a coastline, and on the cliff stood a giant and beautiful castle, like a "Beacon".

    'It's a nice view.' She thought.


    Behind her, she saw a boy with blonde hair retching and covering his mouth.

    He quickly ran to the nearest trash can, passing in front of her on the way.

    'Guess the view isn't for everyone.' She pitied the poor boy, maybe he was throwing up because of nerves? After all, Beacon was one of the Four great Huntsman Academies! She could see someone getting the shivers when they realized where they were going.

    Not that she was anything like him!

    "Um excuse me?" A girl who stood six feet from her asked for her attention.


    "You have vomit on your shoes."


    "Oh, eeeeew!" Yang cried.

    "Don't come near me!"

    "Wah, gross, stay away!"

    The people around Yang parted away from her as she powerwalked to the bathroom. Her face was red with embarrassment.

    "Grrr, that bastard." Yang seethed as she ran her shoes through the water.

    'Seriously, this is so embarrassing. Couldn't that dude cover his mouth better or something?"

    After washing with soap and water and wiping with some toilet paper. Her shoes were now free of vomit.


    She grimaced at her now soggy shoes. She definitely didn't want to put her feet in that, wet socks were one of the worst things she ever felt. Especially since you could get blisters or Athlete's Foot. She'd rather walk with dry socks than wear wet shoes, however, that wasn't really socially acceptable, and also just as embarrassing as being vomited on.

    She didn't have any other shoes with her. They were in her suitcase, which was in the cargo bay.

    Which meant...

    She gulped.

    'Don't think about it, don't think about it-' Yang repeated in her head as she slithered her feet into the shoes.

    "Guuuh" Yang moaned in disgust.

    The pressure of her foot on the spongy sole squeezed out the water that had soaked in and infected her socks.

    It was a disgusting, slimy feeling, so much so that if she wasn't currently more embarrassed by not wearing shoes she would've probably gone out in her socks.

    But currently, she was more embarrassed by not wearing shoes. So she tiptoed out of the bathroom.

    And then bumped into someone.

    "Aaaah!" Yang backed away and rubbed her forehead in pain.

    "Ow!" Whoever she bumped into also seemed to be in pain.

    She opened her eyes to see who she bumped into.

    It was a guy with matted blonde hair and white armor with a black hoodie underneath. He had a sheath on his left holding a sword.

    "Oooow" The dude was rubbing his nose in pain.

    'Wait a minute…'

    The dude stopped rubbing his nose and met face to face with Yang Xiao Long, whose eyes were widening in realization.

    "Hey! You're the dude who vomited on me!"


    "You bastard, because of you I embarrassed myself right in front of all the students even before I reached Beacon and now I'm forced to wear soggy shoes and socks. How are you gonna fix this?"

    Yang cracked her knuckles, ready to exact some justified punishment. She wasn't gonna do much, maybe a punch or a prank so the guy realizes that he shouldn't mess with her.

    "Uh, I'll apologize?" he interrupted her thoughts, raising his hands in surrender.

    Yang just glared at his half-hearted apology.

    "I'm sorry, I have very bad motionsicknessandIdidn'tmeantovomitonyourshoes, I'msorrypleasedon'tkillme!." He said backing away in fear.

    Oh, wow. Yang blinked at how fast the words came out of his mouth.

    She knew she could be scary, especially when she was mad. But she never got this type of reaction.

    The guy's legs were shaking like he was about to piss himself and he had a strained smile on his face.

    It was like looking at a terrified puppy, which made Yang lose her anger and made her feel guilty.

    "Uuuuh, sorry I was just a bit angry. I didn't mean to scare you like that." She said.


    She nodded.

    "You're not gonna punch me?"

    She nodded again.

    "Hoh!" The boy released a heavy breath and his upper body collapsed, hands on his knees.

    'Damn he was really terrified!'

    Yang smiled nervously as she tried to figure out what to do in this situation.

    "Uh, sooooo you're not gonna throw up on me anymore right?" She asked.

    "I don't think so, I already emptied my stomach in the trash earlier." He said with a chuckle.

    Yang chuckled as well offering a hand to him.

    He took it, straightening himself up. Yang realized he was quite a bit taller than her. There was a five-inch difference between them.

    Yang realized she was still holding on to his arm, and quickly let go with a sheepish expression. A tense silence grew between them as they tried to figure out what to say.

    Yang finally spoke.

    "Uh, well my name's Yang Xiao Long! I'm gonna be the coolest gal in Beacon! What about you?"

    "Oh, we're doing introductions?"

    The boy smiled confidently, a bit too confidently for a guy who looked like he was about to piss himself only seconds earlier.

    With a flourish like something out of an anime he pointed at himself and said.

    "Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls of the tongue, ladies love it."

    "Hahahaha!" Yang burst into laughter. She couldn't handle how dorky the line was, especially said with that confident tone.

    "Huh, what, why are you laughing?! It's a great line! I practice all night to say it perfectly!" Jaune shouted all of his bravado fading in embarrassment.

    Yang finally managed to compose herself and said.

    "Oh, Vomit Boy I think we're going to be great friends."

    "Huh? Vomit Boy? That's mean! Like sure I vomited… wait friends?"


    She slung a hand over his shoulder with a big smile on her. Jaune stumbled a bit as Yang's strength caused his head to lower itself.

    "I think we're going to be best friends!!!"

    Jaune stared down at her with an awestruck expression before smiling and saying.

    "I think we will too."

    "Wow, look it's Beacon!"

    Yang and Jaune swiveled toward the windows when they heard that. Outside they could see a cliff and a giant castle on it.

    "Woooah." The two said at the same time in mesmerization.

    "So that's Beacon, it's so coo-Urmph!"

    The airship they were on suddenly took a big turn as they went to the landing pads.

    And unfortunately, Jaune Arc's stomach wasn't as empty as he thought.

    "Uh you aren't going to throw up again are you?" Yang asked, backing away from him as he covered his mouth with his hands.

    "Aaaah, I don't want to get vomit on me again! Get away, get away!"

    The gas coming out of the airship's thrusters turned a cool blue as it lowered onto the landing pad. After the legs of the ship touched the ground, the ship's thrusters cut off, and part of the ship opened up, a ramp slid down.

    An orange blur shot out of the ship. Not bothering with the ramp and flying through the air, Yang hit the ground with a roll, managing to lose enough momentum to not damage the stone courtyard.

    At the ship, Jaune stumbled onto the ramp with his right hand over his mouth and his left hand reaching for a nonexistent wall. He moved with an unsteady rhythm, not unlike her uncle when he came home after a long night at some bar.

    Somehow he managed to not trip over himself coming down the ramp and collapsed on his knees, still covering his mouth.

    "Heeeeeey, are you alright?"

    Unlike the students who were giving him a wide berth, Yang approached him, though not without inconsiderable hesitation.

    Though she took a step back when she heard a pitiful moan like a wounded dog.

    "Wow, your motion sickness is really that bad, huh?"

    Jaune lifted himself up from the ground, managing to hold back his vomit.

    "Uh, you have no idea."

    "Well, I don't think I want an idea. Vomit Boy."

    Yang smiled cheekily at him.

    "Motion sickness isn't as uncommon as you think, Vomit Shoe Girl." Jaune said in a sharp tone.

    "I know, I had motion sickness when I was a kid-wait, did you just call me Vomit Shoe Girl?"

    The two had started walking down the path to the school.

    "You had vomit on your shoes, so Vomit Shoe Girl."

    Yang whirled around and pointed her finger at Jaune walking backward.

    "Hey, there was vomit on my shoes because you threw up on them! Vomit Boy! My shoes are still soggy because of you!" She yelled accusingly.

    "Oh! Soggy shoes are the worst! They feel even worse than walking barefoot in the rain on streets! The only good thing about them is that it's easier to bite through the leather!"

    "Wha-" Yang and Jaune stared at the person who had butted into their conversation.

    "Oops, did I say too much?" The person covered their mouth with both their hands.
    It was a girl with short ginger hair and teal eyes, a white shirt with a heart window with pieces of armor over it, and a bright pink skirt with a wide peppy smile. Standing a bit more than 6 feet away from them.

    "Who're you?" Yang's words flew out of her mouth even before she managed to get over her shock.

    Jaune was still computing the girl's statement.

    "I'm Nora Valkyrie, huntsman-in-training and Breaker of all legs! I'm here to become a huntress!"

    The girl yelled exuberantly while posing.

    'Why is she posing like a schoolgirl?' The two thought in sync

    "Please don't break my legs." Jaune spat out with a weak smile.

    "Oh silly!" Nora suddenly appeared in front of his face.

    The girl leaned in, their faces so close their noses nearly touched.

    Nora's smile widened creepily as a sadistic light filled the girl's eyes.

    "I won't break your legs unless you give me a reason too."

    'Okay, this girl is cuckoo.'

    Who threatens to break someone's legs when they first meet?

    Yang got ready to grab Jaune and run until she saw his face.

    It was a wistful smile as if he was reminiscing nice memories.

    "Okay, Sir. Jaune Arc here won't do anything to make you angry, so no breaking his legs okay?"


    "Hm? Oh."

    Nora Valkyrie and Jaune Arc seemed to be frozen in time.

    While he was speaking, he absentmindedly started to pat her head.

    Even after realizing it, his hand still moved on its own. Brushing between the strands of ginger hair with a warm and comforting palm.


    Jaune pulled back his hand, the fingers still shook as if it still felt her scalp.

    "I'm sorry! It's just you reminded me of my sister and I always patted her head so…"

    The Nora girl's head was down, hiding her eyes from view and arms at her side.

    'Oh he's dead.' Yang thought.

    She felt a little pity, but she was more focused on escaping the blast zone. Literally, she could see the grenade launcher on her back.

    "Are you alright?" The dumb guy who couldn't sense the atmosphere spoke casually, not realizing the probable danger to his life.


    "I-I-I-I'm alright, it's just that..headpats felt so good and I realized Renny never gave me headpats…" The girl muttered demurely with a pout.

    'Why is she suddenly stuttering like a schoolgirl!' The two didn't hear the end of Nora's sentence due to how low she was speaking.

    "SO! Your name's Jaune right?!" Nora suddenly shouted back to her loony self.

    Jaune Arc wasn't perturbed, however.

    "Yep! Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it." He said in a faux suave tone.

    "Hrrk. Do they?" Nora replied covering her mouth with one hand as she tried to hide her giggling.


    "Aaaah man, you too!?"

    "Hahahahaha! Looks like you've rejected again Vomit Boy!" Yang laughed.

    "I don't know why it keeps going wrong! Dad says all I need is confidence!" He yelled to the world.

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