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The SFW image thread

Turns out you don't have to be Mexican to get this experience. My friends have learned to fear food I say has a little kick to it.
There's a pretty wide variation in tastes, yes. I once ate something that a friend who is very sensitive to spicy-heat said was too spicy for him, and I could not taste any heat at all. I'm pretty sure that I'm somewhere in the middle, since there are definitely things that are too hot for me, that others say6 have 'just a bit of kick, or something like that.

Thing that I don't think has been in this thread (or it has and I forgot):


What was the recipe?

Basic Victoria sponge, but instead of a tsp of vanilla extract, I used 3 tsp lemon extract. Then when the batter was thoroughly mixed, I folded in some whipped cream that had been flavoured with some lemon syrup I bought from the local Polish supermarket.

12 minutes at 180°C.

This is the brand of lemon syrup I used in the whipped cream.


Weigh three large hen's eggs in their shells. Use this weight of sugar, fat(margarine or butter, dealer's choice) and self-raising flour. Half teaspoon of baking powder. Teaspoon of vanilla extra.

Cream together the fat and sugar.
Beat the three eggs with the vanilla.
Mix in the eggs, sift in the flour.

Mix thoroughly.

8 inch tin for a big cake, muffin tin and cupcake paper casings if you want small cakes.

Victoria sponge is traditionally served as a sandwich with a layer of jam and cream in between the top and bottom, but dealer's choice on what you want to do.

Swap out 30 grams of flour for cocoa if you want a simple chocolate cake. Can also change the jam for chocolate spread if you're making a chocolate cake.

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