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Vote Thread for Ack's Omake Corner

[X] World War Scion - 6
[X] Recoil - 5
[X] Slippery Slope - 4
[X] Hostage Situation - 3
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 2
[X] One More Trigger - 1

Up for voting and I'd like to see it, just not quite enough to get a vote this time...
[] War Games
[] Wyvern

Not eligible for votes but I'd still like to see it:
[] Entanglement
[] Snek is a Good Boy
[] Taylor Hebert, Medhall Intern
[] MirrorVerse
[X] Reality Intrudes - 6
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 5
[X] Wyvern - 4
[X] Hostage Situation - 3
[X] Collateral Damage - 2
[X] War Games - 6
[X] World War Scion - 5
[X] One More Trigger - 4
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 3
[X] Reality Intrudes - 2
[X] Wyvern - 1
[X] Slippery Slope - 6
[X] One More Trigger - 5
[X] Recoil - 4
[X] Wyvern - 3
[X] Hostage Situation - 2
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 1
[X] Slippery Slope - 6
[X] One More Trigger - 5
[X] World War Scion - 4
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 5
[X] Collateral Damage - 4
[X] Hostage Situation - 2
[X] One More Trigger - 6
[X] Slippery Slope - 1
[X] Wyvern - 3
[x] Recoil - 6
[x] Alea Iacta Est - 5
[x] Hostage Situation - 4
[x] Wyvern - 3
[x] One More Trigger - 2
[x] Collateral Damage - 1
[X] Recoil - 6
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 5
[X] Collateral Damage - 4
[X] One More Trigger - 3

[!!] Meet the Heberts - Infinity
[!!] Afraid of the Dark - Googol
[!!] sequel to "Greg Veder, Conquering Hero" - Eddington number
[!!] Another Way - Avogadro constant
[X] One More Trigger - 6
[X] Recoil - 5
[X] Wyvern - 4
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 3
[X] Recoil - 6
[X] Hostage Situation - 5
[X] One More Trigger - 4
[X] Wyvern - 3

[ ] A Darker Path
[ ] Snek is a Good Boy
[ ] Earning Her Stripes
[ ] Yet Another Way
[ ] Another Way
[X] Slippery Slope - 6
[X] Hostage Situation - 5
[X] One More Trigger - 4
[X] Reality Intrudes - 3
[X] World War Scion - 2
[X] Wyvern - 1
[X] Recoil - 6
[X] World War Scion - 5
[X] Wyvern - 4
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 3
[X] One More Trigger - 2
[X] Slippery Slope - 1
Been a while since I've been by here, but the fic that brought me back isn't up for vote. Oh well. Might as well, while I'm here anyway.

[X] Reality Intrudes - 6
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 5
Vote Count 224: Recoil
Thanks, as always, for voting.

Voting points this round: 450

Throne3d 's vote counting system seems to not be working, so it's back to hand counting. Any mistakes are mine.

Novel is PUBLISHED. [Welcome to Utopia]
Link to get, if interested: https://books2read.com/u/b68xeZ
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=welcome+to+utopia&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Sequel (part 2 of 4) is PUBLISHED: Shadows Over Utopia
Link to get, if interested: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1146304
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shadows-Over-Utopia-Utopian-Dreams/dp/0648729664/

Also, I have a free novel on Smashwords, called The Uncle Tal Stories.

Any votes to any stories not on the list will not be applied to any stories, on or off the list. The stories that have been taken off the list will not be abandoned, just put on hiatus until I've actually finished a significant number of stories that are actually still on the list.

MirrorVerse 1140
Bait & Switch 1164
Junior Hero 140
Enter the Nemesis 161

A Darker Path [0] (Taylor has triggered with a shard called Path to Ending. She can kill anyone or anything. Also, she has no more fucks to give. Have a nice day.)
Afraid of the Dark [0] (Danny is an expy of John Wick. Taylor just went through the Locker. Be very afraid.)
All Alone [25] (Emma dies in the alley, so Taylor makes a new friend. Sophia Hess. But after some very bad decisions. she's all alone again. Or is she?)
Another Way [0] (Marquis beat shit out of BBB, then spent the next eight years in Boston. Now that his daughter has triggered, he's come back. She's having a ball.)
Conflict [0] (It's 1980. Contessa managed to shank Eden without getting nerfed. Doctor Mother now has Eidolon's powerset, without the insecurity complex. They've got two years to prepare before Scion shows up.)
Earning Her Stripes [0] (Sophia has gotten three power vials. Emma and Madison took two, and they're aiming to make Taylor into a villain with the third.)
Entanglement [0] (Taylor has her bug powers. However, she is now randomly body-swapping with a Taylor from an Earth without super-powers. Both are rather confused.)
First Telkan [0] (A crossover with the massively popular Reddit serial First Contact, by Ralts Bloodthorne.)
Fuck Worm! [0] {NSFW} (A double SI, where a couple gets dropped into the Wormverse on opposite sides. Only just started.)
Gravitas [0] (A crossover fanfic with a novel I'm in the process of writing).
One Bad Day [0] (Sophia murders Grue. Taylor murders Sophia and Madison. Lisa murders her new team leader. Amy mindwipes Vicky. It's one hell of a bad day.)
Prodigal Daughter [0] (Taylor isn't quite right. But that's okay. She's Jack Slash's daughter. Brockton Bay is in for ... a time.)
Snek is a Good Boy [0] (The adorrifying adventures of a large snek in and around Brockton Bay.)
Yet Another Way [0] (A spin-off of Another Way, where Carol killed Amy. The BBB is now out of the picture, and Marquis has managed to adopt the Dallon and Pelham kids.)

A Friend At Winslow - Non-Taylor-centric, but involving Taylor.
The Centre Cannot Hold - Taylor gets a really weird power, and makes full use of it. Crack.
Dinah Alcott, Ruler of the World - Exactly what it says on the tin.
EverYthiNg YoU kNow iS WroNg - The Birdcage is a luxury resort. Marquis was sandbagging. It's all a LIE, I tell you! Pure crack.
Force Projection - A sequel to my original fiction Number Two.
Hostile Takeover - Marquis had a son. He's just come back to Brockton Bay.
Identity Theft - An international freelancer needs to hide out in Brockton Bay. Guess who she looks like?
Isel - Prequel to my original fiction King's Man
Parallel - A time travel story, involving Taylor's son from after Gold Morning.
Living in Brockton Bay is Suffering - A perfect storm of bad events happens, leaving Tagg in charge of the PRT, based in Brockton Bay.
Library Blues (working title) - A massive AU where Taylor is an adult, working in the library of Winslow High. Brian is the principal, and Sophia is the head coach.
Terminal: A cancer sufferer triggers with powers. His life does not improve. News at eleven.

User Errors: @DMS - please vote only once before I close the voting.

On to the main event.

Alea Iacta Est 229
Collateral Damage 86
Hostage Situation 254
One More Trigger 364
Reality Intrudes 94
Recoil 0 (487)
Slippery Slope 147
War Games 427
World War Scion 125
Wyvern 58

Let's see now ... Recoil hit the expected top spot, with War Games apparently next in line and One More Trigger after that. Following on will probably be a face-off between Alea Iacta Est and Hostage Situation; alt!power Taylor against Amy and Marquis. Time will tell, mwahaha.

Check out Sleepyfoo for a reasonable prediction.

Note: As Collateral Damage and Reality Intrudes are based on short, sharp chapters you'll be getting two 3-4K chapters each time either one comes up, instead of one 7K+ chapter.

Anyway, thanks again for voting, and I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

For anyone who hasn't voted on this thread before, the voting rules go as follows:

1) UP TO six votes. I will not count anything extra, and a write-in will likely be ignored (if I want to write a different story, I will, but at my own discretion). Suggestions are welcome, but I am under no obligation to carry them out. And just remember, the more stories I am writing, the longer it will take for your favourites to roll back around.
2) First vote is worth six points, second is worth five, and so on.
3) You can't vote twice on the same story. The voting code will count the last vote and ignore previous ones.
4) If I say "Voting is CLOSED", then this post comes up, with "Voting is OPEN" at the bottom, then you can vote again.
5) If I say "Voting will continue", it's still the same voting period. Voting has not restarted. You can not vote a second time.
6) When I have finished a few of the current fics, I will look at bringing stories back on to the list.

Vote format looks like this:

[X] Alea Iacta Est - 6
[X] World War Scion - 5
[X] War Games - 4
[X] Recoil - 3
[X] Hostage Situation - 2
[X] Reality Intrudes - 1

Specifically: SQUARE brackets around an X, one space, and please spell at least the first word of the name of the story properly. Number of voting points comes last. Please try to format your vote properly, so as not to confuse the vote counter.

Thank you.

Voting is OPEN.
[X] Reality Intrudes - 6
[X] Recoil - 5
[X] Alea Iacta Est - 4
[X] Wyvern - 3
[X] War Games - 2
[X] One More Trigger - 1

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