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Worm: A Shard's Quest for Data!

Discussion in 'Questing' started by VoidKindred, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. VoidKindred

    VoidKindred Making the rounds.

    May 6, 2021
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  2. VoidKindred

    VoidKindred Making the rounds.

    May 6, 2021
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  3. Threadmarks: Intertwined Threads 2.5 and Slight interlude

    VoidKindred Making the rounds.

    May 6, 2021
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    [] Amy
    [] Self Administration
    [] G-Force Feathered Limbs
    [] Possession Phantom Limbs
    [] Striker Shadow Limbs
    [] Ghostly Limb

    Intertwined Threads 2.5 and Slight interlude
    March Twenty-Eighth, Amy Dallon



    Amy swatted her phone as she groped for it, nearly dropping the damned thing as she rolled over in bed. For a moment it was peacefully quiet and she began to drift off into blissfully unaware sleep.


    Amy jolted as the phone vibrated in her hand. “Fmkpg” She glared at the phone with bleary sleep-ridden eyes as the image of her and Eve sleeping against each other showed on the caller ID. She grunted and tapped the green accept icon, and listened to the howl of wind that was quickly brought to a manageable level before putting up to her ear

    Her voice was slightly slurred from sleep as she started to speak “Eve I sw-” She was interrupted by a cry of pain, her groggy brain taking a second to realize that it was Eve crying out and flooding her body with adrenaline. She snapped up to a sitting position, blankets falling off of her and piling onto the floor. “Eve?!” She croaked out hoarsely, throat not yet ready to be used so vigorously.

    “A-Amy.” The girl's hoarse and slightly too loud voice came through, and then Amy could hear short, ragged gasps for breath. “B-omb...not mas-keAArgmm f-fuck A-Admin this hu-rts. W-Where Amy?”

    Yougotbombed, shit I’m at my house are you okay?” Amy asked, before slapping a hand to her forehead. “Of course you aren’t okay, are missing limbs? Bleeding out? Can you move everything? Where are you?”

    “B-oken c-est ehmmm! Fuc-” Something clenched in Amy’s chest as the girl on the phone let out a wretched sob. A moment later she was up and yanking pants onto her legs “Eve can you make it to our house? It’s on Beth and Twenty-Fourth!”

    “M...ah! C-Com-ng.” The phone clicked off and Amy realized that she should at least throw on a shirt before running out onto their front lawn. She made it down the stairs before she was interrupted. Her Aunt Jess stirring from the couch and waking up her boyfriend Mike in doing so, the movie they had come over to watch with the family stuck on it’s menu silently showing scenes from said movie. “Amy what are you doing up?” the older heroine asked, voice quiet as she rubbed her face and untangled himself

    “I-Friend was caught in an explosion, she’s hurt and not masked. She’s flying her way here right now.” Amy explained in a flurry of words as she made her way to the door.

    Aunt Jess and Uncle Mike both exchanged glances, Amy missing the tightness in LightStar's jaw and around Fleur's eyes. “She’s unmasked? Was she attacked out of costume?” LightStar's question caught Amy off guard. With the door half open the healer glanced back. “I don’t know, but-I don’t know. She’s hurt badly though” With that she stepped outside, waiting for Eve in the Yard.

    Eve had barely reacted to bad injuries before, the girl had a decisively high threshold for pain. Whatever had her crying out in pain must be severe for the short girl to do so.

    Amy waited a full ten minutes. A full ten minutes of pacing in the Yard, any calls sent to Eve were unanswered. Five minutes into waiting most of the house had woken up as well. Vicky was waiting outside with Amy as the adults spoke inside, all getting dressed into their costumes.

    Both girl’s came to attention as their Shards spoke to them.


    Amy bit her lip. “That’s better than I had feared.” After the date, Shaper had started becoming less insistent on forcing Amy to create things with her power. It worried her that the Shard was all the sudden so quiet. Not that she really wanted to hear the damn thing, the less temptations she had the better.

    “I think I see her!” Vicky took off flying up into the chilly late night air without a sound. Then a moment later rushing back. “Uh, She wouldn’t happen to have been your date would she?”

    “Vicky!” Amy hissed. She had made her sister promise to not tell anyone else in the family about that. The last thing she needed was Carol breathing down her neck about associating with someone who talked to themselves and tarnishing New Wave’s image in doing so. Even if the date had been rather enjoyable despite Amy embarrassing herself by falling asleep and drooling a little on Eve’s shoulder.

    Being able to read someone’s nervousness, excitement, and practically over pouring affection and lust while holding hands was a new experience for her. Sure Vicky was almost always excited about something, and Vicky cared about her. But she would never care about Amy that way like Eve did. The lust had felt nice on the principle of someone actually liking Amy, even if she didn’t deserve either it or the affection.

    A moment passed and a bundle of purple wings made of crystal lowered itself to the ground before they disappeared, showing a fairly hurt Eve that was writhing in place, short ragged breaths escaping her. “A-my.” Eve smiled as her body spasmed, her face mostly exposed from the shattered golden visor of her helmet, Amy winced as she heard a wet crack muffled by flesh.

    Kneeling down and placing her hand on Eve’s exposed arm, Amy rattled off what she saw. “A bit of lost blood, your spine is….healing?” She glanced down at Eve who peeled off her helmet slowly. “A-Admin gave me a power that helps heal me.” The injured girl sighed in relief as Amy suppressed the girl's nerves, so she wasn’t in white hot pain anymore. “But it hurts like a fucker. Amy, did I ever tell you that you’re the most beautiful person in the world?”

    Amy rolled her eyes. “That’s twice you’ve been seriously injured. Your ankles are shattered, both legs suffering multiple compound fractures, blood loss, your left arm had hairline breaks, and that’s not even mentioning your skull. Eve what the fuck happened.” She demanded, giving the shorter girl a glare as she forced the bones back into place through her BioKinesis.

    “..My motel room where I was staying was boobytrapped.” The injured girl shuddered. “Honestly if I didn’t put on my helmet and have my wings out before I stepped in...I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. And I only had them all out because I noticed my door was opened slightly.” Then, despite Amy trying to push her back down, Eve hugged Amy tightly.

    “You’re not making this any easier for me, lay back down you idiot.” Amy huffed out, her admonishment lacking any of the healer's usual acidicness. She accepted the hug after a moment, the affection was there. But almost entirely overshadowed by the relief and fear that coursed through the shorter girl’s brain. “Eve please lay down so I can continue healing you.”

    Eve let go and flopped onto the ground, hand reaching out and grabbing her helmet. She didn’t put it on, rather just holding it close to her chest. For a few seconds there was silence while Amy just put Eve back together, the trickiest part being putting the girls' ankles back together. Her power had tried but the bones were just in too many fragments and had overwhelmed it. However Amy had practice with car accident victims, so it wasn’t any overt trouble.

    “You know…” Eve started slowly “I wanted to see you again, but this wasn’t entirely what I had in mind. Do I still get a lollipop?” Amy reached over and smacked Eve upside her recently healed head. “No, you do not get a lollipop after waking me up at midnight. Don’t you ever sleep?”

    “Is that an offer?” Eve giggled, although the sound was brittle. “I don’t think I need to sleep as much anymore. I think I need like four hours or something?” Amy felt activity ratchet up in the girl’s Corona Pollentia and across Eve’s brain. “Yeah Admin says that I only need around four hours of sleep….Fuck I’m gonna have to spend money to replace my helmet...and all the hoodies that got blown to shit….Fuck…”

    A drawn out sigh escaped the Trump. “I’m so tired of these setbacks.” Amy took her hand off of Eve and motioned for her to get up. “There. Healed. Do you have a mask or anything that can cover your face?”

    Eve groaned softly, rolling over and getting up. She produced a ski mask from her backpack and slid it over her face. It gave off the smell of acrid smoke and Amy’s nose curled up as she got a whiff of it. “So uh. I’ll be going. I-Well shit it’s the middle of the night, stores aren’t going to be open.” Eve huffed in frustration

    “You should be resting, and eating something.” Vicky butted in, eyes keenly watching the two girls interact. “And you should come inside, everyone’s awake because Amy was very worried about you.” the curly haired blond grinned at her sister’s venomous glare. “Oh, Should I call you Eve or Eden?”

    The smaller girl yanked the Ski mask off her face. “Awe fuck it. I’m tired and some maniac already knows who I am. New Wave isn’t much of a danger, at least I hope it isn’t.” Vicky frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked, tone becoming slightly less warm. In response Eve held up her smashed helmet and gestured to it.

    She stiffened, standing straight as a rod and suddenly three ghastly Limbs exploded out of her back. “OH SHIT!” Eve cheered as she waved the Limbs about. They were made of some kind of thick fog that constantly leaked what looked like white smoke from their arms and hands, every single movement of the Limbs left fading after images that made it hard to follow their paths. “Holy shit these are cool...These make me a certifiable Trump too. Amy let me touch you.”

    “No.” Amy denied the smaller girl with a firm flat tone.

    “Awe come on! It won’t hurt and it’s good data collection!” Eve whined, accompanied by Shaper annoyingly making itself known in Amy’s head with an excited [Request], repeated several times. The healer groaned. “Fucking hell, Vicky punch her if she does anything. Go ahead Eve.”

    Eve clapped two of the Ghostly Limbs together, then frowned as they refused to come apart from one another, like a child having glued their hands together. “Fuckin-” They disappeared from sighed and once more the smaller girl had those purple Crystal Wings, the remaining Ghostly Limb reached for Amy, who shivered as she felt something pass through her leaving behind a chill she couldn’t ignore.

    “What is th-oh.” Amy murmured, stopping to touch her face. The constant buzz of information on the multitude of bacteria, viral matter, and even microscopic bugs that lived on her body had...disappeared. Gone. She couldn’t see it anymore...and that same Ghostly Limb was holding a transparent fleshy figure of energy in its grip by the midsection. “Woah. Uh. Ames, what is that?” Vicky questioned, floating into the air and putting a few more inches between her and the Trump.

    “It’s her power…” Eve mumbled as she dragged the outline over to herself, where it settled along her form, held in place by the Ghostly Limb. The shorter girls' greyish blue eyes widened, the pupils dilating “o-Oh G-hod'' She murmured. “This is what you see? Every day? I-It’s…” Eve stepped forwards. “L-let me s-e if it works on you...Manton Limit.”

    Despite the strangeness of not seeing biology, the fear of someone else possessing her power. Amy felt….content. She felt a warmth in her head. “Uh. Sure. Go ahead. It might be a bit much.” Eve only stepped forward in response, lifting both hands to touch Amy’s cheeks. For the first time in years, all Amy felt was touch. The warm, slightly calloused touch of another person.

    It felt empty without the knowledge of their entire body not flooding her mind, yet it felt so much more sincere. No reading their intentions, emotions, their lies, their wounds, their health. It was just…the touch. Warm and inviting.

    Eve shuddered, and Amy felt an alien sensation ripple through her body. Aches, pains, old wounds just gone after that sensation passed. She felt like she was a young girl again, full of energy and life. “I...gave y-you a touch up.” The short Trump murmured softly, pupils still dilated as her eyes flicked left and right like she was reading a book. With Amy’s power, she might as well have been.

    “This is what one of my touch ups feel like?” The healer asked, in awe at once being on the receiving end of her usual use of her power. Eve just nodded before she pulled the red fleshy film away from herself and set it back on Amy. “Holy shit that felt like some kind of damn high.” Eve shuddered, her pupil’s contracting. “What a rush. Damn Amy. You didn’t warn me that your power was like a drug.”

    “It wears on you fast.” Amy replied tonelessly before shrugging Eve’s hands off her cheeks, pausing as Vicky snorted. “That was the weirdest romantic thing I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some weird Aleph movies.”

    The three teenagers glanced at the house as someone cleared their throat. Brandish stood at the front door, arms folded across her chest. “Would you all step inside please.” It was not a question, it was an order.

    March Twenty-Eighth, Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin

    Carol Dallon was an ice queen. Least that was what Eve could gather with how flinty the woman’s eyes were as they stared down both her and Amy. The biokinetic silently shuffled past her mother, who was dressed in a white bodysuit with white trimmings, with two orange and yellow swords crossed over her chest.

    Fully ready to tell the woman no in a semi rude manner and to fly off, Eve stopped as she watched Amy hunch her shoulders and step inside the house without even making eye contact with her mother. A good picture it did not paint, and going inside was a good way to spy on New Wave, if nothing more than to see if Amy’s home-life was actually okay.

    A bit on the selfish side, Eve also wanted to see if she could borrow Shapers Connection again at some point. Talking with Two Shards at full blast while feeling everything biological around her act like an open book was….was indescribable. She had almost cried when she touched Amy with her own power. Knowing everything about someone’s biology was….intimate in such a damn weird way.

    It helped take the edge off what had been a very close experience to death, and the agony that had followed as her new power pulled herself together. Eve had a high tolerance for pain, but feeling your ribs drag themselves back into place was an experience she would wish on very, very few people.

    Once again Eve was going to have a talk with Admin. ‘Necessary Drawbacks’ her sweet pale ass!

    Without further prompting, Eve followed after Amy. Switching her Ghost Limb over to her Phantom Limb and wrapping it around her body. Just to give a bit of protection in case the wings couldn’t move fast enough.

    Eve paused at the door, wearily stepping through and over the ‘Welcome’ rug. She glanced around, the house seemed...a lot like her old one actually. Not the motel, but rather the one she burned down. The normal homely inside clashed something terrible with the occupants who were all wearing their costumes, other than Amy and Eve of course.

    “So you're Eden? Always nice to see another Hero out on the streets.” A woman with a costume color scheme the opposite of Eden’s and sharing that style with a man who is a strawberry blonde. The difference between their costumes being the symbols on their chests. One was some kind of strange flower and the other was a black star.

    Eve raised an eyebrow “Apparently some people disagree. There was a bomb in my motel room. Almost got me too. Thanks to Admin and Amy I’m back to...Health. I’m healthy. Starving, but I can go to one of those twenty-four hour stores and get something to eat.”

    “That’s actually what we wanted to talk to you about Eden.” Flashbang stated, nodding to his wife, his grenade patterned armor clinking against itself as he motioned to the room. “You were attacked outside of your costume where you lived.”

    “Yeah. I just got back from a scrap with the Empire Eighty-Eight. Made some money, earned some bruises, sent three of their capes packing!” Eve huffed in anger. “I get back to my room and the door was slightly open, and had a faded boot print on the door. So I think to myself ‘oh, it’s the Docks. Either I just got robbed or the ABB think they’re gonna get another white girl for their farms.”

    “Why were you living in a motel room?” Brandish interjected, ignoring the glance Flashbang sent her. Eve met her flinty bright blue eyes and held them .”Because sometimes you can’t trust the people you thought you could in life, and then you get powers.” She stated bitterly, voice steeled. The older woman’s expression eased and she nodded, an equally softened voice as she spoke up. “Please continue.”

    “I slapped my helmet on, and summoned these wings, they’ve taken bullets before so they’re pretty durable. I stepped in through the door and stepped on something that clicked.” Eve snapped her fingers. “Boom. Flung across the street. Can’t hear anything, my chest is on fire, legs are not working right, and I can hardly move much less breath.”

    “Very uh...harrowing. So I call Amy while I’m in the air wrapped up as much as possible and then Admin tells me that she has a new power that can help, although it has drawbacks.” A shudder rippled through the short girl’s body. “Never knew eardrums popping could be so painful.” She murmured softly, rubbing behind her ear.

    “It’s a terrible thing when the safety of where you live is broken in such a horrid way.” Fleur spoke up, one arm wrapped around LightStar’s own, her voice soft and empathetic. “Do you have a place to stay tonight?”

    “She can stay here!” Glory Girl volunteered as she butted into the conversation. “Victoria!” Carol hissed, giving her daughter a heated look that promised a conversation. Eve envied the older woman’s ability to make such a look, the lawyer gave one that promised a lot of unpleasant things without turning it into a death glare. “Come on Mom, she’s a hero and she needs a place to stay the night, besides she’s probably worn out from all those injuries! If we just send her out she’ll be in danger.”

    “She can take the guest room, We should get back to our own home.” LightStar offered. Eve rubbed the back of her head, unsure if she should really accept the offer. “I can just go find another Motel. I doubt whoever tried to kill me will be watching every Motel around the city, beyond that I can sleep surrounded by my wings.”

    “No, You can stay in the guest room for tonight. Then tomorrow you can find some place to stay.” Brandish spoke with a sense of finality. Eve opened her mouth to protest, but stopped herself from doing so. A real bed, with blankets and pillows sounded like heaven compared to her recent accommodations and she probably shouldn’t spurn help from Heroes.

    “I. Yeah. A bed sounds nice right now. But yeah. I have money on me, and I need to replace my helmet anyway. So I won’t be sticking around in the morning.” The Trump admitted. “Might have to choose something not in the Docks this time.”

    “That would be prudent. It’s upstairs, the last room on the left.” Brandish stated, to which Eve replied with a thumbs up before she went to climb up the stairs. “Thanks for the hospitality.” She added a moment before she disappeared up the stairwell. “Admin.” Eve whispered as quietly as she could manage while she moved to the back of the hallway. “When I’m asleep can you keep an eye out? I’m not sure I trust them. Amy’s alright, but...I just don’t like how weird they all are.”


    “Thanks Admin.”

    “Thanks Admin.”

    A very stressful night for both your [Eve.Eden] and yourself. But the new power worked fantastically even with it’s rushed state. In the future you would have to see about that. If only so you did not get lectured by [SHAPER] about its ineffectiveness again. For a Shard so frustrated with it’s Host over them only doing wetware repair, it sure liked to nitpick on other Shards for doing the same.

    Speaking of [SHAPER], merging Connections was something you had no previous knowledge or data on. It was something you had not even expected in all honesty. It was only [Eve.Eden]’s upgrade to her wetware processor that had prevented dual Connections from causing an forced reboot on her. It would not have caused any permanent damage, but passing out and awakening to what could be described as a ‘Thinker headache from hell’ would not have done [Eve.Eden]’s mood any favors.

    The painful healing had not, either.

    But the Data gained from the risky move was extensive. You gained an entire Ping from the dual Connections, and discovered ways to improve the /Self Administration\ power without consolidating a bud. Although you would need additional Biology Shard’s Pings along with one of [SHAPER]’s to do such a thing.

    You were unable to ‘keep an eye out’ when [Eve.Eden] was asleep, however you could still make use of her other senses. Touch, taste, smell, and sound. But that would hardly mean anything with the other Hosts a short distance and a floor away from [Eve.Eden]’s baseline human sensory suite. Of course you could simply detect the Beacon within the Hosts and track them that way.

    But as always, there is another way to accomplish a task, and it was one that benefitted both yourself and [Eve.Eden]. So you simply opened a channel with GLEAM along with COMBUSTION and their present buds. [GREETINGS/PROTOCOLE-DATA/QUERY] Naturally both Shards accepted the new Network package from a Higher Authority.


    Seems that their Hosts were discussing [Eve.Eden]’s Home and the danger of such, along on whether they could ‘trust the crazy cape’. Both were highly absurd. [Eve.Eden] suffered from no such mental defects other than those standard to every Host and [Eve.Eden]’s current home was in their domicile. The Hosts had offered it, at least for this night. Perhaps they were going to attempt an Ambush?

    No, at least not at the moment. Even if they attempted to, you were not bothered by it. [Eve.Eden] would only get stronger from it, as she did the explosion.

    At some point during the night [SHAPER]’s host came into the room, stayed for a moment by the door and then just left without doing anything oddly enough. When morning came [Eve.Eden] awakened at a much later time. You accepted her Morning Greeting and gave your own before focusing on some work you could do to improve the situation at hand.

    Monday March Twenty-Ninth somewhat Early Morning, Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin.

    “Damn a bed feels so goood.” Eve groaned as she almost bonelessly slid out of bed, she stretched for a moment and despite everything that had happened last night she felt fucking fantastic! Eve began to make her way to the door only to pause and groaned before heading back towards the bed she had slept in. She made an attempt at making it, but she had always sucked at straightening out beds.

    Once the bed was passible, Eve slipped into her costume but kept the ski mask and broken helmet off. A sigh escaped Eve as she looked over the helmet and the damages it had endured. The gouge from Oni Lee’s blade, the slightly marred parts from the heat of the flames, various scuffs and scratches. Then the smashed golden visor. “You did good.” She whispered to the helmet before someone knocked at her door.

    Eve opened it to Amy about to knock a little louder. “Oh good you're finally up, I thought you’d died in your sleep.” she snarked “Carol is already at work, and Vicky and I are heading off to school. Carol left you this, and there’s a stack of waffles on the table for you.”

    “Plying me with food huh? A great morning after tradition.” Eve’s shit-eating grin turned into a laugh as a blushing Army threw the card in her face and left for the stairs. “Thanks!” Eve called after the retreating healer while she picked the card off the floor. It was something holding all the contact information of New Wave with a small hand written message warning to use them only in emergencies.

    Eve made her way down to the dining room, where an out of costume Flashbang was sipping coffee and reading a newsprint. “Ah. Good morning Eden. We left you some breakfast, Amy Girl said that you would need to be eating to make up for your injuries.”

    She nodded, sliding into the chair where the food laden plate sat. Flashbang continued to speak as she ate. “New Wave has experience with this sort of thing as you likely know.” he started, voice warm and sympathetic. Seemed the entire family, other than Carol, had the tone. “It’s difficult to deal with, having that safety net shattered in such a horrible way. Jess had been sidelined for years because of her injuries, if not for our Amy she would have likely hung up her costume for the rest of her years.” he sipped at his coffee. “If you ever want to talk about it, know that our door is open.”

    Eve nodded, a ‘Thanks’ murmured between her bites of food. The way he acted felt like her own Father had when he had still loved her. Drinking coffee while reading a newspaper, specifically for the funnies. When she finished the breakfast, she took it to the sink, awkwardly washed the plate and utensils before setting them in the drying rack. “I’ll probably be seeing you on patrol at some point.” Eve told the man as she slid on her ski mask and broken helmet. “Best of Luck, and please stay safe.” Flashbang told her as she walked by.

    It was a short flight to the same ‘Fun Motors’ that sold her the broken helmet she now wore, whatever Admin had done to her Feathered Limbs was amazing. They responded better in the air, faster for sure. The man behind the counter let out a strangled sound as a winged cape entered his store in full, if damaged, costume. “Your that g-” A Shadowy finger pressed against his lips to stop him from saying anything else. It's cool touch aided by strength.

    “Bad idea to discuss a topic like that. To anyone.” Eden warned icily as she pulled out three hundred and thirty dollars, setting them on the counter. “Just get me a replacement for this helmet alright?” The slightly paler man nodded, rushing off to the back.

    March Twenty-Eighth, Coil

    Fingers drummed against the oak desk in his lair’s main office. Universe B having his mercenaries just reported that the target had survived the bomb, but was injured. “Pull back.” He bit out into the communicator. Their professionalism showed as the mercenaries packed up and began to leave without any visible tells of confusion.

    That wretched girl. That wretched thing. No matter what he attempted, she could make it out fine. Either injured and vengeful, willing to rip his base apart with those twice damned wings. Or she would ‘die’ and then the universe would simply end without his control! He did not die, he felt no pain from it. Simply outside of his control, the universe was cut off.

    Except in universe A, where he had simply had her sniped by a talented marksman under his pay. Moments later, one of his mercenaries had broken into his office sobbing about ‘her song’ before pulling the pins off the belt of grenades wrapped around his waist. Coil had ended that universe before they could go off. Or he had tried to. It hadn’t ended until the belt of explosives had gone off. It left him with phantom pains and aches that slowly receded, as it always did when he died.

    The drum of fingers on oak became louder.

    He split universes once more, one where he called, one where he did not. The phone in his other hand rang once before being answered. A woman’s voice answering the phone, clinical as always. “Coil.” she stated and despite the clinical tone, he knew that she wanted this call to be worth something rather than nothing.

    “I have information I would like to pay off a favor with.” He stated, staring up at the roof above him. “Specifically on the Simurgh.”

    High above the world, in orbit. A pale figure turned to face the West.

    Gains this chapter:

    Bud progress Sacrificed for Grasping Hands
    Simulacrum progress 5%
    Imprint progress 9%
    WASTE Echo gained (1)
    SHAPER Echo gained (1)
    SHAPER Echoes Lost (4)
    SHAPER Ping gained (2)
    GLEAM Echoes gained (1)
    COMBUSTION Echoes gained (3)
    Ghostly Limb Aspect
    G-Force Aspect Sidegrade gained
    Possession Aspect Sidegrade gained
    Striker Aspect Sidegrade gained
    Lost 330$
    Gained New helmet
    New Wave contact information
    A change in ratings
    Greater Machinations

    Eve needs some place to sleep. Where?:

    [] Crash on Taylor’s Couch

    [Locked] Crash on Amy’s couch

    [] Build a Base

    [] Look for another motel.

    Capes and mundies, what will Eve/Eden do? [Writing in extra details helps speed up chapter creation and makes the QM happy!] (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Try and hunt gang members, you can rob them too! Dangerous though. (Possible Pings: Depends upon the Gang!)
    -[] Which gang?

    [] Scout to get a sense of the lay of the Docks South. Knowledge is half the battle, the other half is extreme violence! {2 of 3}

    [] Scout some other section of the city! (Write in where)

    [] Go hang out with Taylor

    [] Check in with Amy

    [] Break up that Brothel.

    Time to administer what you can. CHOOSE ONE:

    [] Research what exact modules you will need to reach the Quantra layer of reality.

    [] Study possible Powers/Upgrades, Aspects/Sidegrades with the Echoes, Pings, and Mutations you currently possess (Brings up Shard Power Menu)

    [] Something is wrong with your missing Lattices and the void where your Imprints would be. You are unsure of what to do. ( chance to ???) REQUIRES ??? -LOCKED

    [] Reform your FirmamentSelf to something more comforting to [Eve.Eden]

    Shard Business. Plot stuff! Data! And other hilarious things you tell yourself (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Urge [Eve.Eden] to check upon these Case 53s

    [] Have [Eve.Eden] look up information on dangerous parahumans

    [] Research which Pings you require to breach another Shards dimension

    [] Network Creation: Start construction of the Broadcast Module needed for longer ranged communication without frying [Eve.Eden]’s wetware. (REQUIRE: BROADCAST Ping) {1 of ???}

    [] Research what a Mutation is using Saturate’s (Consumes the Mutation, but unlocks powers created with them)

    A/N: Thanks to Great Greedy Guts on SV for their Aspect ideas!
    Also voting for locked options means you wasted a vote. Don’t do that.
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    [X] Build a Base
    [X] Scout to get a sense of the lay of the Docks South. Knowledge is half the battle, the other half is extreme violence! {2 of 3}
    [X] Go hang out with Taylor
    [X] Study possible Powers/Upgrades, Aspects/Sidegrades with the Echoes, Pings, and Mutations you currently possess (Brings up Shard Power Menu)
    [X] Urge [Eve.Eden] to check upon these Case 53s
    [X] Research what a Mutation is using Saturate's (Consumes the Mutation, but unlocks powers created with them)
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    Intertwined Threads 2.6
    Monday March Twenty ninth, Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin

    Miss Militia didn’t change, same fucking national anthem bullshit. How did that woman not get sick of hearing it with every phone call? Or was this phone specifically just for Eden to call? “Eden.” Miss Militia’s voice was somewhat surprised. Just a tinge of inflection to her otherwise steel voice.

    “Who did you expect? Scion? Nah, it's me. So uh, you all might wanna put a watch on your personal lives. Someone bombed me in mine last night.” Eden stated as she flew slowly upwards into the Sky while wrapped in her Feathered Limbs, reaching for the clouds. “You were staying in the motel? Are you sure that the bomb was meant for you and it wasn’t there for a different reason?”

    Eve scowled behind her helmet as she waved a hand through the cloud above her, a bit of her childhood dreams dying as it felt like a particularly heavy mist rather than anything fluffy as her inner child wanted it to be. “Considering my door had been opened up, and I stepped on the detonator that blew my pale ass across the street; Yes. I’m fairly sure it was meant to kill me. Thankfully I have healing power now. Helped with surviving.”

    No mention of Amy was needed, neither the PRT or Protectorate needed to know New Wave was involved with anything. “A new power, you’re a regenerator now?” the government heroine asked

    “Yep, anyway just called to give you a heads up on someone who’s willing to break the unwritten rules. Bye.” Before Miss Militia could speak up Eden snapped the phone shut with a grunt. “I really need to get someone else’s number...Wonder if I can find Assault and get his, or maybe Armsmaster’s? Shit, I should have asked her.”

    Eden slipped her phone back into her pocket. “Being quiet today Admin, you alright? I’m not….mad about the pain you know. Upset yes but not mad...Okay I am mad, but not like, with you kind of mad.”


    Wait wait wait Hold the fuck up Admin, What exactly is a Simulacrum here? Because I’m getting some weird vibes from whatever this Quantra layer thing is.” Eve motioned with her hands up, motioning for Admin to slow down. “Did...Are you looking into collecting my fucking SOUL, HOW?!”


    “My Psionic Shade? So like...my consciousness?” Eve asked. “So I wouldn’t actually die, right? Or my body would but it’s like the movies: Where the brain gets uploaded into a machine?” She looked down to her hands. She wasn’t attached to her body, not in the terms of the flesh at least. It was why she didn’t mind all that much that her brain had been upgraded to ‘run’ better than before.

    Yeah, she preferred her human form, walking, talking, moving. “I would kinda like to remain able to walk and talk.” She spoke openly. “I kinda like my human shape, you know?” Eve bit her bottom lip, waiting for any reply from Admin. “...I mean. I would love to live forever with you. But giving up my humanity would be- I’m not sure how to handle it.”


    “You could just build me a fucking body. Of course you can, I don’t know why I thought you would do otherwise...God, immortality. Or something close to it at least. Well….” She floundered for a moment “Best of luck. I’m gonna finish looking over the Docks South and then maybe visit Taylor. I doubt I can help with the immortality thing, but if you need to bounce anything off me...” Eve was acutely aware that she was telling a massive alien computer that it could ask her for help if it wanted to, but then she remembered that’s why Shards had even come to Earth in the first place and she felt less stupid for offering.


    At least Admin didn’t think it was a stupid offer.

    Shards could reach into the Quantra layer to a limited degree, often it was how Masters summoned minions. By reaching out to use a Psionic Shade. But it was limited, it was temporary. You did not want a temporary fix, you were striving for a permanent solution.

    To do such a thing as a permanent anchor in the Quantra Layer, you were going to have to spend some energy and materials. A lot of energy and materials. It might even take weeks of using your Construction Drones to build the modules. You would have to be careful when constructing the modules, doing this was slightly uncharted territory for Shards. Any vital Shard could touch Psionic Shades. But Anchoring them to a full imprint? You had no data on such a thing. As such, you and [Eve.Eden] would have to get….creative, and you were going to need Pings. Quite a few really.

    Psionic Sensor Arrays, Anchor Well, Reality Breacher, and a Quantra Focusing Lens. All to be added to your considerable mass if you wanted to complete this. The first Ping necessary would be one that excelled in gathering information. You would have to find [Eve.Eden]’s Psionic Shade before you could Anchor it to your Imprint of her, as such the Psionic Sensor Arrays would have to be built first.

    Ah, well this was rather convenient wasn’t it?


    Eve perked up. “Oh? That bitch is here huh?” She shifted from one foot to the other. “Let’s go say hello then. It’s only the proper thing to do after all.”

    It took a few minutes to hunt the super villain down, and Eve almost passed her up. Dressed in nice clothes, without any kind of mask. With bags under her eyes, pushing on the freckles that splattered across the middle of her face. Without the costume, TattleTale looked like a tired teenager with a pretty face walking somewhere she had to be.

    But Eve wasn’t in the mood to ooh and ahh over pretty girls...plus the out of costume villain had blonde hair.

    Coming up behind her, the girl had only started to turn when the stretched out Phantom Limb clasped into her skull. Eve grit her teeth against the sensation of putting her hand into hot, chunky pudding as she took control of the super villain, fear racing up through her Phantom Limb that she ignored.

    “Heyyy friend.” Eve said while singing an arm over the slightly taller girl’s shoulders, the fear ratcheted up and Eve hummed. “Let’s keep walking. I have some things to discuss with you. Like what you were doing last night for example.” Like a projector in the classroom, Eve’s third eye got a good viewing of the girl looking over...reports of some kind, pictures and videos of Eden. She had an honest to god conspiracy board in her room, red string included. But there wasn’t much sound, it was muffled and muted.

    Eve tsked as she saw the faces of this girl’s accomplices, a cute brunette, a rather beefy black guy, a guy who managed to actually look kinda cute with curly short dark hair, and a butch girl with dogs and...oh? Who was this? Some middle eastern girl who was even shorter than Eve. “Curious, curious indeed.”

    The Phantom Limb let go, the anchor releasing from her head and latching onto her neck. Everything below the hand whispered to Eve, allowing her to whisper back and direct it. “T-This is against the rules, attacking someone out of costume.” The girl choked out stumbling only at the beginning, then managing to sound in control despite very well not being so at the end.

    “So were my sleeping quarters being rigged to blow when someone stepped into them.” Eve stated as she kept walking with the girl. Or rather, kept walking the girl. “So me and you are going to have a chat.”

    “It wasn’t us!” The girl hissed. “We’re just small-time petty thieves, we don’t do assassinations and we sure as hell don’t do explosives!” That’s what the wiki said, they tended to hit the gangs if anything the internet said was true, and rob armored cars and jewelry stores. Still. “I’m sure, now let’s. Ah, yes. That will do.”

    “Kidnapping is a little villainous for a wannabe hero like you.” Tattletale said with a smug smirk on her face. “Then again so is murdering your pa-URK” she didn’t get to finish the statement as her heart stopped for a full second and then restarted beating like nothing had occurred. Eve patted her blonde head as they walked past a few businesses and slipped into an alleyway that separated the buildings.

    “Shh. No tattling. This is just a cordial visit you see. I need something of yours and this is the easiest way to obtain it.” Eve spun the dial in her mind and a Ghostly limb took the palace of one of her free Phantom Limbs, and she reached out and took it.

    Cannot feel her power any more, Thinker headache quickly dissipating, frightened, thinks of you as a worse Fairy Queen, regrets coming to look for information on you despite success

    Useful power you have.” Eve spoke softly, ignoring everything around her as she purely focused on the blonde in front of her, doing anything else was inviting a crippling Thinker migraine. She released the girl’s spine from the Phantom Limb, allowing her free reign over her body once more.

    TattleTale had taken a step away from Eve, bottle green eyes wide and her face paling in a way that showed off the freckles and bags under her eyes. “So, let’s see here. You-oh.” Eve stared down the barrel of a pistol, right before she had two phantom limbs grab the girls’ elbows.

    The gun dropped and Tattletale hissed. “Give it back dammit! I will yell rape!”
    Lying, desperate, likes being the smartest in the room. Does not like her power used against her
    “Shut the fuck up.” Eve countered. “Who bombed my fucking room?”
    “I don’t know.” The girl said, straightening herself up and staring into Eve’s eyes, trying to remain in control.

    Fears discovery, fears being drugged. Lack of powers scares her, Power pushes negative views of everything around her. Told her that your wings were given to you by the Simurgh

    “The fucking Sim-” Eve bit her lip hard to keep herself from yelling out the Hopekiller’s name, she felt the flesh knit itself together in a slow burn and she didn’t even taste her own blood when her teeth had parted flesh.

    “Alright. Gonna have to talk to Admin about that, tell me TattleTale. Who shot at me when I came to chase you in the van?” Folding her arms across her chest, Eve watched as the girl made a face. Confused, only one on the team with a loaded weapon, has only fired it at the firing range lately

    “No on-” Tattle tale stopped as Eve waved her off. Frustrated at dismissal, angry with lack of powers. Powers obtained from the guilt of brothers death, noticed several signs of suicidal tendencies but said nothing. Brother’s name wa-

    The Ghostly Limb slammed into TattleTale hard enough to make the older girl stumble. “Jesus Christ.” Eve shuddered “Fucking. hell I didn’t want to know that.” Without hesitation two Shadow Limbs grabbed Tattletale by the torso before she could recover and lifted her into the air, causing the girl to squawk in surprise as she kicked her feet and tried to push the hands off of her.

    “TattleTale, you want information. I’ll tell you information.” Bottle green eyes shining with curiosity and fear looked down at Eve as the villain stopped struggling for a moment. “A friend of mine lives around the Docks South. I like her a lot. A real cutie. If anything happens to her I will remove your limbs and deliver you to either Bonesaw or an ABB flesh farm.”

    “Got you, understand.” TattleTale stated, facing having lost all it’s color. Eve shook her head softly and squeezed gently, just enough to make it difficult to breathe for the older teenager. “No. You don’t understand I’m afraid. I mean if anything happens to that girl, kidnapped, missing, hurt, dead. I will hold you and your entire team responsible. They will die, you will wish you had joined them.” Eve let the girl drop to the ground with a thud.

    Her wings flicked into existence and slammed down into the pistol that had dropped onto the alleyway floor. There was a terrible rasp and the pistol was in three pieces, the ground beneath it lightly, cleanly, scratched by the tips of the Feathered Limbs. “Go.” She ordered, as TattleTale pulled herself up to her feet and quickly left the alleyway in a fast walk. Face still colorless. Eve didn’t notice the smirk on the Villain’s face.

    Eve watched the older teen go, feeling curiously empty about the threats she had made towards the girl. Though, threats weren’t the right choice of wording for what Eve had meant. No. It had been a simple statement of fact. Nothing more and nothing less. If Taylor was harmed, [NEGOTIATOR] and it’s Host would suffer. She turned and walked out the alleyway, Phantom Limbs curled around her as she walked, taking several twists and turns before she made it to Taylor’s house.

    “Isn’t it Monday?” Eve murmured as she stepped over the repaired first step and knocked on the door, glancing around the surrounding neighborhood before the door opened to reveal a scowling Taylor, who’s face instantly lightened upon seeing Eve. It wasn’t a happy look, but it wasn’t that scowl anymore.

    “There’s a key on the back porch.” Taylor stated. “You don’t have to always knock.” she stepped into the house, opening the door as she did so. “Did you hear that explosion last night?” She questioned making Eve give her a stiff nod. She entered the house after a moment of checking the doorway, avoiding stepping on

    The shorter girl moved over to the couch, dropping her backpack by the side of it before plopping into it. Eve groaned softly as she sank into it. “That explosion was me, something someone left at my motel room.” Eve didn’t see Taylor's eyes widening as she walked over to the couch after locking the door.

    “Ended up messing me up pretty bad too. Admin gave me a healing power, but it was painful. I wanted to come here but I didn’t want to out you so I went to Amy. I don’t think her mom likes me very much. Or Amy really...I was really fucked up. I think without parahuman healing I would have just straight up died.”

    The short parahuman glanced up as Taylor sat on the opposite end of the couch. “You okay?” She asked quietly, voice curious and a little worried.

    Eve laughed mirthlessly, just shaking her head.

    Eve wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but with enough force anything could break skin. And a bomb had a hell of a lot of force behind it. She was aware that she kept checking doorways, and kept avoiding the first step into a room. That wasn’t compounding in her stupid ass panic attacks over Hands nor her avoiding sleeping with sheets past her chest, how much she hated zipping up the neck of her wetsuit.

    Knowing she had some form of PTSD was a struggle for the short girl. But she moved on. It was how Eve worked. Parents disappointed in her? Keep going. Don’t know if you’re straight? Keep moving on. Parents tried to kill you? Keep moving on. Lose everything when you burn down your childhood home to kill said parents? Keep going. Nearly killed in a sudden and viciously impersonal way? Keep going. Have only one person that would actually care if you died? Can’t stop there.

    Only when thin arms in baggy clothes wrapped around her did Eve realise that she had been crying. Hot tears sliding down her face as she suddenly struggled to not sob openly. She fucking hated this, no matter the reason, she hated being so vulnerable. “I’m - - not crying.” Eve bit out, hiccuping and loathing how broken she sounded and wanting to push the taller girl away even if her arms refused to move.

    “...I can’t go into my closet.” Taylor murmured awkwardly, still holding Eve. “Or I start to hyperventilate. It’s too tight, and hot compared to the rest of the house. It’s...okay if you cry. I understand.”

    “Y-ou would.” Eve took a shuddering breath. Taylor would understand, she was a Master too. Masters came from betrayal of some type. As far as she knew, both her and Taylor had been betrayed by people they cared about and thought cared about them in return. Lies, backstabbing traitors, bitter resentment. Pain that would never heal, like a missing limb….Phantom pains.

    Eve sagged and leaned into the hug, wrapping her arms around Taylor as we'll even if the Phantom Limbs wrapped around her body made it a bit difficult. Still she pulled the waterworks back. She came to visit Taylor not cry into her chest...Not that Taylor had much of one, but Eve was barely one to talk there.

    She pulled away and wiped her face. “Fuck me. Sorry. Look I just came to hang out with you alright. Not be a damn mess.”

    “It’s fine.” Taylor replied “You wanted to hang out?” as if it were something she was confused by.

    Eve nodded. “Of course, you got a cool power, cool projects going on, and I want an excuse to run my fingers through your hair.” The flush on Taylor’s face made the day just a bit better for Eve. “Also I have a question for you.”

    Taylor swallowed and then nodded for Eve to continue with the question “If you could have my powers. Like me giving you them. Would you prefer to have them in TinkerTech form or not?”

    For a moment Taylor just stared at Eve “...You can give people powers? Like flying?” A little bit of excitement in her voice made the shorter girl raise a brow. Taylor nodded recognizing the question. “I looked up to Alexandria as a kid, a lot. Always wanted to fly. But my power...Can you give me the ability to fly?”

    Eve shook her head. “No, not yet. After the-After the bomb I needed a healing power. So, Admin whipped one up for me. I need to fight people before I can choose another power. But...If I were to get another power...How would you like to fly? TinkerTech or a pair of wings?” To punctate her question, Eve flicked both wings into existence and fluttered them. She was careful to keep them soft rather than sharp. Then she motioned them towards Taylor. “Go ahead, touch em.”

    Taylor stared at the wings before carefully feeling them. “They’re Soft.” She murmured in surprise. “They don’t look soft.”

    Eden nodded. “They can be either. I can make them either harder than steel or as soft as feathers. So, wings or technology?”

    It was good to see [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR]’s Host and [Eve.Eden] getting along. Perhaps once you and [SHAPER] fixed the issues pertaining to [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR]s missing Physical nodes more data could be collected between the two of them.

    Although, [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR] seemed happy with the prospect of what her Host was doing with the excretions of a certain species of arthropods no doubt she was not happy with the lack of more conflict orientated data by her Host.

    No matter, you are sure with [Eve.Eden]’s guidance that [Host.Taylor] would soon escalate well enough.

    After hearing about [DENSITY]’s Hosts describing the ‘Case Fifty-Threes’ you became curious about the ‘ping’ (although you were hesitant to call it that) from [SATURATE]. It was wretched really, parts of the data were missing, some were corrupted, and others were simply nonsensical.

    In fact, you actually recognized some of the data that came from, thanks to your time with brute force power experimentation. The <Thinker Hub>’s own [KINETIC REGULATOR] and [REINFORCEMENT], why would those two Shards come together to create a newborn? Where were they? Perhaps more importantly, how did they do such a terrible job? Was the parasitic flesh ruining such things? Corrupting newborn Shards? Too many questions not enough Data.

    The Case Fifty-Three must all be Thinker Shards then, either newborn or damaged by the Enemy Hub. Which meant that it was another Task for you to complete later on. The data collected from [SATURATE] was disassembled and torn apart as you peered through the components. You are unsure of it, but any and all powers created using these...Mutations would cause just such a thing as their namesake. [Eve.Eden] would have her Human form if she were to swap out the power yes but it would still make these powers something she could not use in her ‘civilian’ life.

    You needed more information, more Mutations from your fellow Thinker Shards.

    “-ay but what about underwear?” Eve asked, legs hanging off the side of the couch and kicking at air.

    Taylor glanced up from her book and raised a brow. At the questioning silence Eve looked at Taylor, craning her head to look up at the teen sitting there. Eve was laying on the couch, Taylor was sitting there reading a book as she continued weaving her costume, every now and then taking a drink from the steaming mug of tea that sat on the end table next to the couch.

    It counted as hanging out. At least to Eve and Taylor it did.

    “Well, silk underwear. Like we’re thinking of using it like armor, yeah. But silk feels nice and looks good. Bet you could make some nice racy or just plain comfortable underwear.” She answered

    “Probably?” The slightly older teen had a bit of pink to her cheeks, Eve loved how easy it was to fluster the taller girl. “Seems like a waste though. There are laws against capes doing things nonpowered people do for money as well.”

    Eve reached up and poked Taylor in the side causing the girl to flinch from the ticklish touch, she sent the shorter girl a flat look who sent one right back. “Taylor, how many nonHosts create armored underwear?”

    Taylor opened her mouth to respond, before huffing and going back to reading her book.

    Letting out a chuckle Eve went back to relaxing on the couch, listening to the gentle sounds of Taylor breathing and flipping through pages. It was nice. Being here, with someone who didn’t expect anything from you except for you to be there. Felt like a hot bath without getting wet. A good way to unwind.

    [QUERY-INFORMATION.CASE53] and there went that. Admin didn’t know how to relax, poor Shard was a workaholic. “Know anything about Case Fifty-Threes Taylor?”

    “Don’t know what a Case fifty-three is, no.” Taylor responded as she flipped a page over as she settled back into her spot on the couch.

    “Monster capes, powers messed up their bodies.” Eve added, phishing for any possible information without needing to run to the library.

    This time Taylor did look up from her book. “Wait like Faultline’s Crew? With the monster capes?”

    “The who?”

    “Faultline’s Crew. She collects monster capes who have lost their memory.” Taylor explained, turning to look at Eve. “Why?”

    “Wait what?” The shorter girl moved her legs off the arm of the couch and sat up. “I didn’t hear about them and I looked up the capes of the gangs around here.”

    “They aren’t a gang, they’re mercenaries. So I suppose they could be more like villainous rogues than villains. They don’t have territory in the Bay, but they do have a base of operations. A nightclub in the Commercial District near the Downtown area. They rarely take jobs in the city though, so that they don’t step on the hero's toes.”

    “Shit. Guess I’m gonna have to visit them at some point. Admin wants to see why the Shards messed up their hosts. They aren’t supposed to, so Admin thinks she and [Shaper] can fix them.” Eve explained, causing Taylor to wince.

    “What did you say? Admin and who?” Taylor asked as she reached up and rubbed her forehead.

    “Shaper. Amy-er-Panacea's Shard.”

    Nodding, the taller girl relaxed back onto the sofa. “Sorry. It just sounded like you said something else. Kind of hard to hear, where are you going to be going tonight by the way. If your motel room was bombed?”

    Eve shrugged. “Guess I need an actual base. Something I can live in or use for cape stuff. Hell, we could share it!”

    “Where are you going to get a base from?” Taylor questioned. “You’re what, thirteen and you don’t have any money.”

    Eve held up her hands in mock offense. “Hey, first off it’s fourteen. Alright. One four. And secondly, do you know how many abandoned buildings there are in every part of the city? With the both of us we could take one over and make it our lair. Easy peasy.”

    “If we did do something like that, we would need room for my spiders to weave. Black Widows are highly territorial and cannibalistic” Eve frowned and looked at Taylor after the taller girl imparted that fact. “Alright. Creepy as hell. But you aren’t going to be putting them in my side of the base.”

    Eve grunted and got to her feet. “I’ll try not to go too far for finding a base. Don’t want to make it take hours for you to get there...Then again can’t have it too close either. Once I find something I’ll call you, alright?” Taylor nodded as she stood up. “I need to go check on my suit anyway. Make sure it’s coming out alright.”

    “Yeah, this was fun. We should do it again. Come lock me out will you.” Eve said as she went to the front door. “Hey backpack.” Taylor said as she picked it up and handed it off to Eve.

    “Ah Shit almost forgot it. Thanks. Cya Taylor.” Then she was off, heading down the street.

    March Twenty-Ninth Monday Six pm, Taylor Hebert

    Almost as soon as Eve left dad’s car pulled into the driveway the squeal of old brakes, Taylor let out a soft sign as she moved to the kitchen. She had forgotten to start making dinner, she was going to have started it earlier but Eve had distracted her. The news about the explosion, the shorter girl breaking down, the hug, and Taylor admitting that she hated tight enclosed spaces…

    It was hard to admit that, and she hadn’t really wanted to do so. But watching Eve choke back tears, body hunched and trembling. It hit a bit too close to home.

    All said and done the short girl had been nice to be around. It felt awkward reading in the room with someone who wasn’t when they were supposed to be hanging out. The quiet presence though had felt nice. Although the girl could certainly talk when she wanted to.

    “Silk blankets.” Taylor murmured, Eve had spent a few minutes going over different products Taylor could make with her insects, specifically her spiders. Blankets, clothes, curtains, ropes, rugs….underwear.

    Taylor didn’t know how to take the other girls' somewhat flirty nature. If ‘somewhat’ could be used to accurately describe it. It might be embarrassing, but the compliments on her hair were rather nice to receive.

    “Hey Taylor, still cooking?” Her father asked as he put his coat on the door’s hook and locked said door.

    “I was distracted. Eve came over earlier and we just...hung out.” Taylor explained as she poured pasta noodles into the boiling water she had set up.

    “Oh? Not working on the project?” He asked and Taylor shook her head before answering. “No we just...relaxed on the couch and we talked.”

    “It’s good to hear you have another friend, ever since you and Emma split up..” his voice trailed off and Taylor pursed her lips, she didn’t want the reminder nor did she want to talk about Emma. But he wasn’t wrong, it was nice to have another friend.

    “Taylor what the hell is a hundred dollar bill doing here?” Her father asked incredulously, Taylor blinked and turned her head to peer at the money in her father’s hands.

    “There’s a note.” He stated dumbly, picking up the folded piece of paper that had been held down by one of the coasters for the table. “Dear Taylor, gangs are wack. Aim for the balls or throat….There’s a drawn picture of you tasering Lung in the crouch.” her father grinned and flipped the paper over to show her the note.

    There was indeed a crude drawing of Taylor tasering Lung with a comically big ‘Z A P’. You could tell it was Taylor because the poorly drawn stick figure had long black curly hair, and a spider on her head. Lung had wings and was breathing fire in pain.

    How did she draw that without Taylor seeing it? Di-Oh, when Eve was bragging about how precise her phantom limbs could be earlier, in a suggestive way that made Taylor's face redden like a tomato.

    “Huh. Eve must care about you. You’re going to have to thank her for this, hell I might have to. Pepper spray is good but a taser beats it at close range. Less chance of you getting yourself too” her father said as he set the note and money back on the table. For a moment he smiled wistfully and stared off into space before sighing mournfully and moving to take off his work boots.

    Taylor walked over to the table and picked up both the money and it’s note. A strange warmth rising in her chest. “Yeah. I guess she does kind of care...:”

    Monday March Twenty-Ninth; ten-thirty pm, Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin

    {Luck roll}

    “Well fuck me sideways.” Eve looked over the Trainyard, almost the entire thing was a mess of old rusting rails, broken train carts, a few scrap heaps, and sturdy fences that still somehow remained upright after all this time. “This place is a fucking mess.” It made her exceedingly glad that she had wings to fly with, or at least Shadow Limbs to carry her around or else she would have been stuck wandering around in this maze for hours.

    As it were, she would end up spending hours looking through it anyway

    It reminded her of the times her parents had thought about leaving the bay, and they went and looked over houses. Most had been either very expensive or simply too run down. Which was the problem for most of the possible places she scouted in the trainyard.

    Perhaps if she were some kind of building Tinker, then she could just start grabbing all the railcars and build a fucking base, make it look badass, with it’s own shielding just to rub it in the PRT’s face...or would that be the Protectorate?

    Either one would work.

    But no, she would probably pick something like that up in the future. Some kind of Tinkering ability. But right now she just has a very painful healing ability. If she ever found who rigged her room with explosives, she was going to give them the same exact treatment that she had gotten.

    But for now, a new base!

    She wouldn’t be taking anything close to the actual train tracks that saw use and were maintained. That was a good way to get discovered by someone in due time. But near the Docks South and the Docks there was a large hill, and rather than leveling it one of the city planners had thought to use it as one of the entrances for an underground tunnel system to help with shipping things into and out of Brockton Bay, but after the shipping industry in Brockton Bay crashed thanks to the riots the project was abandoned.

    Nowadays Brockton Bay mostly sends electronics and pharmaceutical stock out through the trains. Which is why so few trains actually ran through the Trainyards and why most of the Trainyards were a tetanus maze of a mess.

    The two Train doors leading into the Tunnel Entrance were electronically operated, even if Eve knew how to open them and had electricity they were rusted to hell. Likely requiring more than just the doors to be replaced before there was any hope of actually getting the tunnel entrance open. The side entrance for people was barred with rusting metal shutters, the doors and windows rusted shut and probably quite sturdy if no one had broken in over the years.

    Which is why Eve carefully cut out one of the second story shutters and pushed it in with a Feathered Limb, wincing as it crashed to the tiled floor inside with an echo. She pulled herself into the now open window and glanced around, Feathered Limbs swapping out for Phantom ones, which began to feel around the room in long sweeping motions.

    She could feel trash, a knocked over set of lockers/file cabinets, and click-Wings shot up around her and Eve curled into a ball gritting her teeth. For a few seconds she stayed like that, waiting for the heat and force to wash over her. When the only heat that came over Eve was the warmth through the link with Admin, She uncurled and looked around.

    A sigh of relief escaped her, she glanced up at the light hanging from the ceiling, apparently they had abandoned the project before finishing up the basic stuff. “Hey this place still gets electricity? Why the fuck did they not disconnect it?” Eve questioned as she glanced around the room. It looked exactly as it had felt. Trash from construction, a set of file cabinets on the ground, and the annoying loud light switch that had scared the shit out of her.

    Making her way down the hallway Eve tried another light switch, several bulbs in the hall popped or didn’t turn on at all. Although one did, which gave her ample enough light to move through without tripping, the hallway led to a large loading dock half built. Least two of the larger light fixtures still worked

    The ceiling crane was installed, but the two trenches in the floor didn’t have tracks for the train, and there were still a few stacks of unlaid tile and rails, and general construction trash. But it was big and it was sort of obscure, and it was somewhat close to Taylor’s house without being too close to endanger her identity.

    Hell it had fucking electricity.

    Eve checked her burner phone and groaned when no signal came through, not surprising considering the thick concrete and metal that made up the roof and walls. She ended up back at the window after flicking the light switch off, no need to announce that she was here. The burner only rang once before it was answered.

    “Eve? Find something already?” Taylor asked, sounding a bit sleepy

    “Yeah, I did in the Trainyard. It’s big, closeish to your house depending on the route you take. It’s that Tunnel they started but didn’t finish. I had to cut my way in so it’s really abandoned.” Eve answered “At some point maybe we can check it out? When your costume is done?”

    “Actually, it might be done Wednesday.” Taylor answered, Eve perking up. “I think we can manage that, although it will have to be when my dad’s asleep.”

    “Hell yes.” Eve pumped her arm. “Alright. Go to sleep, night Taylor.”

    “Goodnight Eve.” The phone call ended and Eve put her phone away, moving back into the room. With her Shadow Limbs she carefully balanced the metal shutters back into place. Then she wrapped herself in her Feathered limbs before moving to the loading area. “If we can turn this place into a livable thing, and Taylor likes it. Well then we'll be pretty set up! Maybe we can even get a team of independents going...eh. Too far ahead. Let’s see if Taylor actually likes the place first.”


    “Yeah, goodnight Admin.”

    Gains this Chapter:

    Imprint progress 21%
    Simulacrum Progress 5%
    Synchronization 2%
    Bud progress sacrificed for Grasping Hands
    NEGOTIATOR Ping gained (1)
    Bleedover trait Acquired
    Docks navigator trait Earned
    Trauma Trait updated
    Lost 100$
    Northern Tunnel base unlocked

    Shard Business. Plot stuff! Data! And other hilarious things you tell yourself (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Urge [Eve.Eden] to look into Faultline’s Crew

    [] Have [Eve.Eden] look up information on dangerous parahumans

    [] Research which Pings you require to breach another Shards dimension

    [] Network Creation: Start construction of the Broadcast Module needed for longer ranged communication without frying [Eve.Eden]’s wetware. (REQUIRE: BROADCAST Ping) {1 of ???}

    Time to administer what you can. CHOOSE ONE:

    [] Build the Psionic Sensor Arrays (BURNS: NEGOTIATOR Ping)

    [] Study possible Powers/Upgrades, Aspects/Sidegrades with the Echoes, Pings, and Mutations you currently possess (Brings up Shard Power Menu)

    [] Something is wrong with your missing Lattices and the void where your Imprints would be. You are unsure of what to do. ( chance to ???) REQUIRES ??? -LOCKED

    [] Reform your FirmamentSelf to something more comforting to [Eve.Eden]

    Capes and mundies, what will Eve/Eden do? [Writing in extra details helps speed up chapter creation and makes the QM happy!] (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Try and hunt gang members, you can rob them too! Dangerous though. (Possible Pings: Depends upon the Gang!)
    -[] Which gang?

    [] Focus on general needs. Cleaning supplies, furniture, non non-perishable food.

    [] Scout some other section of the city! (Write in where)

    [] Go hang out with Taylor

    [] Check in with Amy

    [] Break up that Brothel.

    [] Ask the Wards and Protectorate if you can Borrow some powers

    Base Time? Base Time. CHOOSE ONE:

    [] Look for another base (Docks)

    [] Look for another base (South Docks

    [] Work on the Trainyard Tunnel (Cleaning)

    [] Work on the Trainyard Tunnel (Lights)

    A/N: Couple thing to review
    Tough or not, Hybrid or not. Eve is still a 14 year old girl.
    I based the North Tunnel Entrance off the Eastern Tunnel in STALKER
    The luck roll was a 91, well done.
    Check the Character sheet
    Yes Mutation derived powers give Eve a physical mutation
    Thank you for reading, voting ends in 24 hours
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    [X] Urge [Eve.Eden] to look into Faultline's Crew
    [X] Network Creation: Start construction of the Broadcast Module needed for longer ranged communication without frying [Eve.Eden]'s wetware. (REQUIRE: BROADCAST Ping) {1 of ???}
    [X] Build the Psionic Sensor Arrays (BURNS: NEGOTIATOR Ping)
    [X] Ask the Wards and Protectorate if you can Borrow some powers
    [X] Focus on general needs. Cleaning supplies, furniture, non non-perishable food.
    [X] Work on the Trainyard Tunnel (Cleaning)
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    [X] Research which Pings you require to breach another Shards dimension
    [X] Network Creation: Start construction of the Broadcast Module needed for longer ranged communication without frying [Eve.Eden]'s wetware. (REQUIRE: BROADCAST Ping) {1 of ???}
    [X] Build the Psionic Sensor Arrays (BURNS: NEGOTIATOR Ping)
    [X] Ask the Wards and Protectorate if you can Borrow some powers
    [X] Focus on general needs. Cleaning supplies, furniture, non non-perishable food.
    [X] Work on the Trainyard Tunnel (Cleaning)
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