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Worm: A Shard's Quest for Data!

Discussion in 'Questing' started by VoidKindred, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. VoidKindred

    VoidKindred Getting sticky.

    May 6, 2021
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    They're given by the M!emories, as other memories will give echoes as well
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  2. Extras: A bit of Art: Soft NSFW

    VoidKindred Getting sticky.

    May 6, 2021
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    Here's a sketch given to me by a friend.[​IMG]
  3. Extras: The Hotel Movie Scene

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    May 6, 2021
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  4. Threadmarks: Broken Stations 3.4

    VoidKindred Getting sticky.

    May 6, 2021
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    Broken Stations 3.4

    Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin Wednesday the Seventh of April

    Finding a wetsuit was a bitch and a half if you lived somewhere that was landlocked and lacked any big bodies of water. But Eve lived next to the ocean, where the waters were cold enough that anyone wanting to swim for extended periods of time needed a wetsuit of some sort to keep themselves warm and not lose pieces of themselves.

    Hell Walmart often sold the ones that didn’t include sleeves for the limbs, which she didn’t want. So she had to go to one of the stores that specializes in things that got wet. Swimming stuff, pools, boating, fishing, hell they had lobster and crab traps. “Can you get crabs and lobsters too?”

    “Yeah?” Taylor answered, blinking in surprise at the sudden and out of the blue question. “Why?”

    “Dunno just was thinking about getting supplies to fix what I accidentally burned last night and I realized the store that sells what I need also sells lobster traps. Just came up in my mind and I wanted to ask.” Eve explained as they rounded back towards the taller girl’s house on their morning jog together.
    Taylor, having done it for a month and three quarters of another, was doing fairly well. Eve being a regenerator with a chiseled physique had no issues at all, she just wanted to hang out with her girlfriend in the morning.

    This came about from Taylor’s tongue lashing last night. Something Eve never wanted to repeat again. Taylor was attractively intense in a lot of what she did except for the quiet disappointment she had brought out to bare last night back at the base.

    It reminded Eve of the way her parents had often looked at her.

    The taller girl didn’t want Eve rushing off into danger like that and the short girl had countered that they were fighting villains last night. Fighting villains was not safe by default. But they could always hang out in civilian attire. Like Girlfriends do. Then it led to discussion on what Taylor liked to do. Aside from reading, she jogged early every morning. Considering Eve’s issues with sleeping past four am, she asked to join and here they were jogging back towards Taylor’s house.

    “So uh, gonna be hanging out with Amy today you know?” Eve started as they neared the block Taylor’s house resides in. “Gonna talk to her about this whole thing, but I also wanted to see if the two of you would help with making the base more livable? Since I got a code Tinker ability I think I can install high speed internet there, with a different Tinker ability I might be able to install plumbing which is needed.”

    “At that rate you could just live there.” Taylor remarked, avoiding the topic of Amy at the moment.

    “I mean...I don’t have anywhere else.” Eve responded softly, pace slowing slightly as her eyes fell to the dirty sidewalk.

    Almost tripping, Taylor slowed as well and laid an arm across Eve’s shoulders. “Sorry. I-Sorry. Yeah. I don’t know how much help I can give you. I’m good with computers but you’re the Ti-The better computer builder here.”

    They slowed to a stop, Eve nodded. “I’m gonna need help with wires. Getting holes through the base so I can set up a better circuit than what’s already there. They were obviously going to put internet access in the office spot-” now cleaned perfectly thanks to Amy’s Garden of Flesh. It was scary that it could break down tile “-but it’s not fully set up and some of it’s missing large portions. I need bugs, special bugs.”

    Frowning, Taylor looked down at Eve. “Amy has rules against making things. You shouldn’t push her on them.”

    Eve waved her hands in dismissal. “She does. I do not. If she allows me to then I’ll make some cool stuff to help with getting wires in place. Then I’ll just feed them into the Garden.” She shrugged. “No issues there with you?”

    “No.” Taylor admitted. “But I’m not Amy. You’re forgetting about that.”

    The shorter ravenette shook her head. “Yeah I know, but you’re helping too you know. So I have to ask if you’re okay with the idea too ya know. Also start carrying your phone. I might need to contact you in the future.”

    “I can’t carry it with me to school, it’ll get ruined or stolen.” Taylor countered.

    Now Eve frowned. “We’re going to have to talk about that later, you know.”

    With a scowl Taylor shook her head. “No. I told you that it’s not something I want my cape life interfering with.”

    Eve stepped in front of the taller girl, folding her arms under her chest to which her sports top showed off. “Taylor I know what your tongue tastes like, you’ve grabbed handfuls of both my hair and my ass.” the slimmer girl flushed deeply at the crude descriptions of their more private times together. “I am a part of your...life. You’re important to me, I care about you and want you to be happy. Try to shut me out and I’ll spank you.”

    The flush went thermonuclear “That was an accident. I said I was sorry.”

    “You didn’t have to, I kinda liked it!”

    “We can talk about Winslow if you please just stop.”

    Eve stuck her tongue out in faux annoyance. “Spoilsport. Again, we’ll talk later alright? I know I’m pushing you but…” She leaned forwards and hugged Taylor, who returned the gesture “I just want you to have a better life.”

    Taylor didn’t respond, just holding Eve for a minute, both girls slightly sweaty from the run. “...I know.” She murmured.

    “...but it’s hard to include others.” The Trump added immediately after. “Yeah. I know. I know. If I didn’t heal quickly I would have likely ground my teeth to nubs when talking with Lisa.” God did she want nothing to do with the smug prick in purple latex.

    She sniffed and frowned as she caught a whiff of herself “Can I use your shower? Still no water in the house ya know.”

    “Yeah, dad shouldn’t be awake yet.” Taylor answered before they continued on the rest of the way, getting to Taylor’s house. When they opened the door, Mr. Hebert was sitting in the kitchen drinking from a mug of black coffee. Both girls froze up in surprise as the man sipped rather loudly.

    “Taylor. Eve.” He stated simply. “You could have told me you would be out late at night Taylor, especially if you were staying over at your girlfriend’s house.”

    Taylor opened her mouth only to have Eve speak up, stepping slightly in front of Taylor with her eyes glued to Mr. Hebert’s green set. Her glare was challenging, set in stone. “Got a problem with that.”

    Mr. Hebert snorted. “Yes, her not telling me she would be out. If I had an issue with her having a girlfriend I would have never married her mother.” At Eve’s raised brow he continued. “She used to run with Lustrum. There weren’t any guys in the movement, but Annette still enjoyed herself.”

    Taylor gagged in shock “DAD!” she shrieked, horror written across her face at the information on her mother’s sex life.

    “Nice.” Eve said as she stepped back by her girlfriend’s side. “So Taylor, you want to take the first shower?”

    “If it gets me away from any more of that.” Taylor shuddered before rushing up the stairs when her father went to speak with an amused expression on his face. The expression of amusement faded as he looked at Eve.

    “If it’s the shovel talk, you don’t need to waste your breath.” Eve told him as she leaned against the doorway into the kitchen “I would never purposely hurt Taylor.” At least, not to cause pain. Hair pulling was perfectly fine apparently. Funny how something she used to hate when she was younger now excited her.

    “Good to know. What I wanted to know is whether you two were being safe. We live in the Neo-Nazi capital of the United States.” Mr. Hebert leaned back in his chair, reaching up to rub his face. “I was going to ask how you intended on keeping her safe. But I assume those wings of yours can do that?”

    Eve twitched “Do I look like a bird to you?” she asked, staring at the old man sitting at the table

    “Do I look like I was born yesterday?” Mr. Hebert shot back

    “If so I feel sorry for your mother, must have been agony.”

    He shook his head. “The whole camping trip lie might have worked in all honesty. I don’t get on PHO, I hardly use the internet, and the news is more depressing than I can often handle. But I do listen to the radio. Imagine my surprise when they started talking about Panacea and two other capes healing people that were removed from Grey Boy bubbles.”

    “So? Panacea had to leave during the trip to go help. Nothing new for her. She’s a healer that can’t catch a break.” Eve said as she shifted against the doorframe. “Doesn’t mean we were there at the bubbles with her.”

    “Eve. Eden.”Mr. Hebert got up, heading to the sink and started washing his mug. “Well. I got curious. Looked up the three heroes. What do you know, one of them is my daughter’s height, has her build, and her mother’s curly black hair. How about that, strange isn’t it?”

    “Fuck. I knew she should have made a hood or something to cover her hair.” Eve spat as she stood up straight. “Alright, yeah. I’m Eden, she’s Khepri.”

    All he did was nod. “Just keep her safe.” he made for the door, grabbing his jacket and keys before pausing and looking to Eve “You wouldn’t happen to have a power that could clear the boat graveyard would you?”

    Caught off guard by the sudden question she shrugged. “I dunno. I think? Well maybe with enough gravity based tinker stuff I could just move the ships or with a strong enough telekinetic grip….Or…” She hummed as she thought over her limited options “It’s a maybe?”

    “Well if you can get rid of that tanker that was sunk in the riots, a lot of people would be happy.” Taylor’s Father said before he left, the door shutting behind him with a click.

    After a moment of silence Eve trudged up the stairs with a sigh, listening to the shower before stopping outside the upstairs bathroom and waiting for Taylor to get done. Thankfully her girlfriend didn’t take long and fifteen minutes later Eve was in the shower and cleaning herself off. Of course she didn’t take too long, she made sure everything important was clean before she got out.

    “Alright, survive at Winslow and then meet up back at the base tonight. Unless you want me to come with you? Cause’ Amy can wait a few hours, she’s in Arcadia. Have you seen that place? It’s fucking opulent.” Eve said as Taylor shrugged her backpack on.

    Taylor frowned, she hadn’t actually seen Arcadia in person. Now she sort of did want to see it. Just to torture herself with what she was missing. “I’m not….sure. The empire recruits from the school.”

    “Taylor, they were making fun of us last week about being gay. No doubt they’ve already spread rumors about you being gay around the school. We are gay. Tell me, has any members of the empire talked to you? Sneered at you? Call you a Heeb?”


    “Insult for jews”

    Taylor shook her head and Eve snorted “Taylor, you’re the recruiting tool.”

    “Wait what!? I don't agree with them!” She reared back slightly, as if bitten.

    “Duh.” Eve rolled her eyes “But come on. Black girl and her hanger ons viciously bullying a tall pale white girl? That’s literally several of their talking points right there.”

    “You know this…” Taylor trails off, wincing as she recalled exactly what Eve had grown up with.

    Giving her a flat stare Eve nodded slowly. “Yes they took me to rallies. Kaiser has a cape and it makes him look like a fucking dork. Don’t wear a cape, only Alexandria can pull of shit like that. Anyway, A savage nigress corrupting a bunch of innocent superior beings into dragging down one's own kind.” Eve turned and spit onto the sidewalk, the words left the taste of acid in her mouth

    A pensive frown spread across Taylor’s face. “Jesus.” She murmurs after a moment of thought. “Also you need to cut back on stuff like that. Last night-”

    “I was pissed off at Lung for taking your arm. I’m not disagreeing, you know. I don’t like it either. It’s just...It’s hard to stop saying shit like that. I’m used to talking like that and while I've been doing better...it’s really not enough.” She leaned back with a sigh, scrubbing her face. “We’re getting off track. I want to go to school with you.”

    “...Fine. No beating anyone without my permission.” Taylor agreed after a solid minute of thought before the taller girl turned and started walking. “Come on, Miss Knott’s class is the only one I actually like, and I don’t want to be counted as tardy because I missed the bus.”

    Letting out a whoops of excitement Eve jogs up next to Taylor. “Wait, does she actually pay attention? Like, to what’s going on in class?”

    “mmHmm. Plus the trio aren’t in her class.” Taylor answered before catching on to the issue at hand. “Right, that means she’d notice you.”

    Nodding Eve let out a sigh. “Alright, I need to go buy replacement wetsuits and some hoodies. How about we meet up outside her class?” Taylor nodded in agreement and gave the room number, prompting Eve to give her a chaste kiss before running off.

    It didn’t take long for Eve to buy her replacement costumes, people don’t argue or waste the time of someone in a partial costume with large Shadow Limbs moving around. So she got four of everything. Until she could Tinker up gear that were more resilient to damage she would just have to keep wasting money on spares. Over two thousand dollars on costume bits. It was almost painful to spend that much in one go.

    Some kind of regenerative metal? Living metal perhaps? Some kind of fiber that acts like muscle, regrowing to attach itself together? Mixing the two together could very well give her a costume that regenerates with her.

    Oh, can’t forget that weird paint that fixes itself.

    Shaking her head to dispel the Tinkerborn thoughts Eve picked up the pace to get to Winslow before Taylor had to wait too long. Wings and her own well used legs means that Eve doesn’t waste too much time in getting to the shithole of a school.

    The bell for the next period had just rang when she made it to the school. It took her almost a minute to find Knott’s class because she couldn’t use her Radar discreetly. Still, Taylor gave Eve a weak smile when the two girls met up.

    “Alright alright. Where are we heading first?” Eve asked as she followed along aside her girlfriend, who was attempting to shrink in on herself. It’s not her, not the way she should act. How could a girl go from forming a conspiracy to help save the world from what might as well be a depressed god but shrink away from two potential Hosts and a meager vital Shard that could oh so easily be replaced?

    Taylor was above them all. They both were.

    Maybe she needed to slow down on these thoughts before they went off on a wild ride without her. Sucking in a breath she regretted immediately afterwards from the taste of the air, Eve let the body odor and spray perfume rank air out of her lungs.

    “Math. Teacher won’t notice anything. He’s too busy being hung over or drunk.” Eve was almost surprised at the vitriol in the Taller girl’s voice as she described the man. “Madison will be there, it’s mostly spitballs and pencil shavings from her. Honestly she’s the least of the Trio, everything she does is childish.”

    Eve just nodded, not trusting herself to say anything. Madison was a child, or a social chameleon. Either one would be an annoyance, but she also looked terribly fragile. So terribly fragile, that barely any pain would be needed to prevent a lot of issues.

    Idly her hand felt the cool metal of the switchblade in her pocket as they walked along the hallways, because if she needed to cut something she sure as hell couldn’t use her Ferrous Limbs to do so. Because she was in school.

    The shit she did for those thin lips

    Also those grabby hands. Seriously, for someone who acts like they want to disappear and blushes from crude flirting, Taylor was very controlling in a good way. A nudge at her ribs bought Eve back to the present, in school. “Oh right uh. Fuck math. I’m terrible at it.”

    “What are you good at?” Taylor asked as they went through the halls, coming up to a room as bland and dilapidated as the rest of the school

    Shrugging Eve opened the door for Taylor. “PE? I didn’t really pay attention in school. I was more the cool smoking delinquent type you know? With the leather jacket and greased hair.”

    She missed the side eye that Taylor gave her, unamused as it was. Both girls went into the classroom and Eve instantly spotted Madison, who sat near the back looking maliciously innocent.

    Taylor regarded her wearily despite possibly being able to lift the small child of a girl. That wariness turned to resignation as she made her way to her seat only to find a puddle of glue where the chair cradled her ass.

    Stepping forward, Eve swept her arm through the glue and shucked it onto the floor. She stepped back and took the seat behind Taylor where she then began to rub the glue stuck on her arm until it dried and she could pick it off her human limb and flick it off

    Taylor carefully sat down, seeming to relax a bit as nothing stuck to her rear. She shot Eve a small timid smile and the Trump felt her heart melt a little on the inside. Then as she turned back around, Eve’s head jerked to the side so fast it made her neck pop. Her eyes were set on the little bitch that wanted to act like a child.

    At first the girl gave her an annoyed yet smug smile that screamed ‘I am innocent, let me rub it in your face’. All it would take was for Eve to pull out her knife, not even use it. Just pulling it out would probably be enough really. Madison did not look like a fighter in the slightest, rather a fighter’s con-Cuncu. Whore. Like a whore that hung off someone more powerful than them.

    Eve narrowed her eyes, memorizing every detail to her perfect memorization. No matter where she saw Madison, she would remember the girl no matter where they met next. Then the girl wouldn’t smile so much.

    She coughed as the smell of strong alcohol hit her nose and she tore her eyes away from the childish imp to the man stumbling into the room. He reeked of alcohol and looked worse than her father did-used to after New Years celebration with his drinking buddies.

    Smelled worse than her mother’s breath and she hated the man before he could plop himself down into his stupid squeaky chair.

    He fumbled through the messenger’s bag he carried into the room and pulled out a stack of papers before setting them down on his desk. To Eve’s utter bewilderment he just...laid his head down on the table afterwards and….snored.

    She reached forwards gently tapping Taylor on the shoulder causing her to flinch softly. She relaxed as she turned around to see Eve and the questioning look Eve had on her face as she looked between Taylor and the more than likely drunk teacher. The taller girl just gave Eve a long suffering look before turning around as a sheet was passed back to her, the look she gave Eve was amused as she passed a sheet of math work to Eve.

    For a moment she stared uncomprehendingly at the work in front of her. Then slowly, with the grace of a cat making eye contact with it’s owner while doing the same to something fragile, slid the paper off her desk and onto the floor. Taylor rolled her eyes almost dramatically before turning around with a huff of amusement.

    Eve felt a few spitballs hit her hair, but they weren’t hitting Taylor. She could take the abuse. It didn’t measure up to being roasted alive or losing a limb to a fucking laser sword. “SHIT!” Eve hissed loudly under her breath, shaking her head softly when Taylor turned around to see what the issue was.

    Eve should have grabbed the paladin’s laser sword. Dammit why the fuck hadn’t she done that? She could have had a big fuck off sword!

    Eve sagged in her seat. She should have collected more than the fucking lobotomy machine disguised as a computer, then she could have more to Tinker with. What a waste!

    While [Eve] suffered through the motions of pack tactics with others of her kind you dealt with your own in a different manner. You mentioned the likely fight with [SHIFT] to [SHUNT] and the dimensional Shard briefly shows annoyance with the other. Something much like your own rivalry with your sister Shard but far more spiteful is shared between the two. As such, [SHUNT] wishes your Host the best in the upcoming conflict with [SHIFT]’s aggressive Host.

    As per your usual routine, you contact another Shard soon after the connection to [SHUNT] ends. This time you contact [TECH DATABASE]. You and [Eve] had helped their Host in the end, a bit of a check in was not entirely unnecessary.

    When you connected to [TECH DATABASE] it turned out to be during one of their...moments. Despite being the respectable Shard that was the side of a ‘small’ moon, oftentimes they would get overly excited about technological discoveries. Whether it be from their simulations of technological interactions or from their Host doing something unique with the technology granted to them. Either their host has done something great or [TECH DATABASE] has found something itself.

    You could hardly tell with how fast the larger Shard broadcasted it’s success in large packets eager to share it’s discovery. You give hasty congratulations before cutting the connection. It had all been...too much for you although from how much data had been sent through you did collect double the amount of information scraps than you normally would.

    It would take a while for you to go through how much data was thrown your way, even though you might not entirely understand it. Manipulating the energies of reality was something you had been doing for eons. Applying such a feat through technology?

    You were glad [TECH DATABASE] was so eager to share.

    The day had been grueling, and it wasn’t even on the part of Taylor’s tormentors. Rather it was just school, but worse. Worse because of the uncaring staff and demoralized students. Even the gang members looked pitiable when trudging through the halls with sad eyes behind posturing bodies.

    Not that Eve pitied them. Joining a gang was a dumb thing to do when you didn’t have powers, because then you were only canonfodder for the police, PRT, and indie capes.

    At least lunch had been fun, mostly because they went somewhere else to have it. Turns out that Taylor likes Gyros, which were sold from a food stand on the Boardwalk. Eve wasn’t much for them, she preferred more americanized food. Like Pizza, hamburgers, or Americanized Chinese food.

    Her parents had ironically been the one to get her into Chinese food. Guess you couldn’t hate everything, she just wished that her parents had included their own daughter with the fucking takeout food.

    With her thoughts the sick mixture of anger, regret, and frustration Eve nearly ran into Taylor as they left the science class of the day due to the taller girl coming to a sudden halt. Stepping out to the side she saw why. A ring of girls again, they must be running out of material at this rate.

    Before they can start bullying Taylor, Eve spoke up. “God you dumbasses again? Can’t you three losers can your hangers on do something with your lives instead of acting like an Empire recruiters prime material?” Not her best insult, but from the snarl on Sophia’s face it hit pretty good.

    “Shouldn’t you let your master speak for you? Since you want to follow her around like a lost puppy.” The red head sneered only to have Eve laugh at her.

    “That’s all you can do?” Eve asked, unimpressed and folding her arms across her chest. She snorted softly, “Weak shit.”

    That caused an affronted expression to grow across her face as Sophia stepped up, out of the ring of girls and closer to Eve. “The hell did you just say you dyke?” She snaps out, eyes narrowed with the scowl on her face.

    “I called you a prime Empire recruitment tool you lose-” Eve’s reiteration of her insult is interrupted by a closed fist slamming against her mouth and causing her to stagger backwards. For a moment the hall descends into silence, even Sophia seeming shocked by the lashing out. Moving her tongue around in her mouth, Eve spat a bloody tooth out onto the floor. Working her jaw she glances at Taylor, blood still on her lip, then she tilts her head questioningly.

    The shock on Taylor’s face morphs into a rictus of anger before flattening into a neutral frown. She steps back and nods minutely.

    Eve grinned, of course it remained as she turned and was immediately punched again, this time in the stomach. Sophia backed off, waving her hand for a moment to shake the pain out of it. Having rock solid abs was awesome. Eve just grinned a bloody toothy grin as she motioned for Sophia to come at her.

    The bully takes no time in flinging herself at Eve, her movements clearly controlled and trained. Eve still caught the jab thrown at her and she slammed a knee into the bully’s side. The other hand flashed out slamming into Eve’s face and again and forcing her back. The warm copper trickling down her face told Eve her nose was bleeding but not broken.

    They both eyed each other as more people gathered around, jeering, cheering, and leering as the two of them fought. Eve took a kick in her gut, her clenched abdominal muscles catching the blow fairly well but the power behind it still stopped her dead in her tracks.

    “More than a runner.” Eve muttered with a grin, her regeneration lagging as she forced it to slow itself down. No need to get outed from a schoolyard beating. Sophia was surprisingly skilled, using her reach to keep Eve from getting any hits in. When Eve charged at her again Sophia attempted to plant another kick in Eve’s torso only to have Eve twist out of the way of the kick and slam into her.

    The crowd parted hastily cheering all the while as Eve rammed the both of them into the rows of lockers with a resounding crash, but Sophia managed to pull her legs up and kick Eve off her but causing Eve’s nails to rake down Sophia’s exposed arms leaving trails of bleeding lightly torn flesh in their wake.

    Eve coughed from the floor, stomach aching fiercely. That had actually been a good hit. But she had an advantage here, aside from being able to take a hit far more than the other girl and her muscles..

    Taylor watched the fight go on, suppressing a wince every time she saw Eve get hit. It was hard to remember that her girlfriend could take a hit without worry. The fact that she was obviously holding back her strength showed just how outclassed Sophia was in the fight, if only that Eve could wear her out and overpower her.

    The knowledge that Eve could easily break the more physical of her tomenters was both sweet and bitter tasting. Maybe she should ask Eve how to fight at some point? The short girl wasn’t too bad, her regeneration made her reckless. But Sophia was fighting like a trained professional, or in a way that looked similar.

    The idea of Sophia standing in front a Tv copying martial arts moves was sort of funny, it didn’t make seeing Eve get kicked in the chest hard enough to knock her down any easier.


    Queen Administrator got only a nod from Taylor as she watched Eve stand back up, bloodied but not beaten. She had made sure to never use her power in school, the fear of going to far ever present in all her day dreams of revenge.

    But things were different, she was known as a hero across multiple states. Not to mention that she was just making sure that Eve didn’t actually get hurt or hurt Sophia too much. If anything she was helping Sophia out by getting this to end faster. And it was a small thing, it wouldn’t matter..

    “You’re going to fucking pay for that you little bitch.” Sophia hissed out as Eve got to her feet.

    “I can do this all day.” Eve laughed breathlessly. “And I’m going to fucking destroy you Loser.”

    Sophia finally vocalized her rage with a spittle filled scream as she charged at Eve, however that ended the moment Eve spit blood and saliva into the girl’s face. She backed up vocalizing disguise and wiping her face with one hand while keeping the other raised to ward off Eve, then a fly drove itself into her still open eye causing her to jerk her head away and lose sight of Eve.

    A fist slammed into her side, landing squarely on her kidney before another drove itself into her solar plexus forcing all the air from the black girl’s lungs. Before she could collapse, Eve caught her by the collar of Sophia’s shirt in both hands, raised her head back, and slammed it right into the bitch’s nose with a wet crunch and a splatter of blood.

    Then Eve reared back and slammed her forehead directly into Sophia’s with a loud thunk stunning the incapitated girl even further than the lack of air had and driving Sophia to her knees. She reared back again fully ready to floor the other girl completely with another, stronger, headbutt. Then something grabbed her shoulder, she dropped Sophia and twisted a snarling grin on her face as she reared another fist back, only to freeze as she saw Taylor there.

    “That’s enough. You won.” Taylor’s eyes bored into Eve’s, her voice almost toneless and cold but holding nothing but steel and god did it send warm sparks down Eve’s spine.

    She nodded. “So! Wanna go get some ice cream for your gallant knightess?” Eve asked with a bloodied face and similarly red grin, the small smile that tugged at the corner of Taylor’s lips made her heart feel light in her chest.

    “You’re getting cleaned up first, let’s go back to my house.” Taylor told her before starting to walk towards one of the school’s exits. Eve started to follow, ignoring Sophia’s prone, groaning, form on the floor. She stopped however, the crowd starting to disperse after the ass kicking was over, and made eye contact with Madison. The shorter girl just wilted under the glare she was given. Emma didn’t respond, didn’t look at Eve instead staring at the prone form of her friend bleeding on the ground.

    After cleaning up at Taylor’s house, the two girls went to the boardwalk to get ice cream. Taylor had a cone of chocolate mint, and Eve enjoyed some rocky road. Then they had split apart, Eve telling Taylor to meet up later in formal attire.

    Even with trudging through that god forsaken pest hole of a school most of the day, have an impromptu date, and the walk to Arcadia. Eve still ended up waiting for the School day to end for her to meet Amy. Which didn’t turn out very well, as Glory Girl apparently flew her sister directly home as soon as they were out of the doors. Which left Eve standing at the gate to the school like a dumb ass.

    She sighed and turned, starting to trudge away as one of the guards there kept an eye on her. Like a fourteen year old girl was gonna destroy the school. Okay, She could destroy the school but that dick didn’t know that. For all intents and purposes he had stayed here for twenty minutes not-so-discreetly watching a fourteen year old stand by the gates to a school.

    Thankfully New Wave’s household wasn’t too far from Arcadia. During the walk Eve questioned how Glory Girl hadn’t gotten fat from flying everywhere she went, did she cheat with Amy’s help? Probably considering the touch ups that [Shaper] was familiar with. Familiar with enough for [Shaper] to run through the motions. What a waste of power.

    Eve walked up to the door and knocked on it, not hard but she was annoyed and her strength may have slipped from her a bit. Unsurprisingly it was Glory Girl who opened the door, that same slow rising dread washing over Eve. “That aura of yours is annoying.” She stated, and a moment later the dread vanished.

    “Oops, I usually don’t need to hold it back with just family around. They’re immune, you know?” Vicky said as she opened the door fully to invite Eve in. “So, come to wisk my sister away on a romantic date?”

    “More talk relationship stuff? I kissed another girl.” And Eve had to choke back the response of overwhelming fear that hit her, every instinct screaming at her to take her Limbs andripthisAryanfuckapart “But I still like Amy and the girl.” Eve seethed out through clenched teeth

    The aura cut back and Glory Girl stared at Eve incredulity written across her face. “Wait, you're into swinging?”

    That threw Eve for a loop. “...Yes?” She asked, swings were fucking great. Best part of any playground. Even if you were too old to do it, they were just nice to sit in and swing softly. “But what do swing sets have to do with relationships?”

    Glory Girl opened her mouth, shut it, repeated the motion before then bursting out laughing in Eve’s face.

    A speck of embarrassment flickered in Eve’s chest and she scowled at being the butt of some kind of joke. “What?! What’s so fucking funny!?” That was the wrong thing to say apparently as Glory Girl bent over howling and floated up into the air.

    “Vicky why the hell are you being so-Eve!” Amy was surprising fast when she wanted to be, despite her somewhat lax life style. Eve leaned forwards and hugged Amy as she made it down the stairs, giving the brunette a tight squeeze before letting go.

    “H-HeheheHey Amy, Eve wants to talk about swinging!” Vicky choked out as her giggling died down.

    “What the hell is so funny about swing sets!?” Eve turned away from Amy, demanding an answer from the once again cackling girl who only waved her off before floating up to the second story of the house and disappearing into the hallways that lead to the house’s bedrooms, her laughing loud up until a door slammed shut.

    Eve turned to Amy who looked similarly confused about what exactly was so funny, as such Eve knew she wasn’t really going to get an answer to that anytime soon. “Uh hey, anyway I wanted to talk about some private stuff. Think we can go someplace private?”

    Amy sighed and motioned for Eve to follow her before she trudged through the house, her dad was sitting on the couch staring blankly at the Tv so quiet it was almost muted. He didn’t even acknowledge them as they walked past him. Nor did he even look up as they stepped into the backyard and oh shit they have a pool. Amy stepped down onto the in ground-pool’s deck and Eve followed behind her.

    “Alright.” Amy said as she came to a stop near the edge of the water. “What is it you wanted to talk about?”

    “Us mostly.” Eve told her, honestly. “Me and Taylor uh. We kissed. It was awesome.” A grin slipped onto her face despite her best effort to stop it, it took a moment for her to wipe it off. “Well. I like her and you. I think I like you the same way as her but for different reasons you know?”

    “No, I don't.” Amy stated flatly. “But I do know you’re polyamorous or have polyfidelity.”

    “Imagine I don’t speak fa-” Eve shook her head. “Bleh. Can you explain that please?” At Amy’s look she scoffed. “C’mon. Please?”

    Sitting down the biokinetic motioned for Eve to do the same, although Eve chose to sit on the concrete deck instead of one of the chairs. After sleeping on one for the past week, baring the hotel rooms, she wasn’t keen on experiencing them much more than she had to.

    “Polyamory is just a relationship with one or more people loving more than one partner. You know you can just look this all up on google right?” Amy asked, sighing loudly when Eve showed off her piss poor burner phone.

    “Gonna be installing internet at the base tonight, wanted to know if you could help. I’m a Tinker now, I can code things pretty well but I need internet and the base is a dead zone.” Eve explained

    “I deal with biology not electronics.” the healer cape replied flatly.

    “Yeap.” Eve said, not popping the p like an asshole would. “But you can make things that can tunnel through concrete and drag wires through said tunnels.”

    “No. I’m not making bugs for Khepri.” Amy shot it down instantly.

    “You’re right. You aren’t. You’re making tools. Tools that I can check on, tools we can feed to the Flesh garden. They won’t be staying around, and they won’t be dangerous.” When Amy opened her mouth Eve threw up a hand to stop her. “You can trust me Amy, I helped with Shaper and I don’t want you to get in any trouble….”

    Amy ‘Panacea’ Dallon

    “...Just this once alright?” It was always ‘just this once’. Always ‘just heal him Amy this won’t happen again’ or ‘He’s a criminal Amy, it doesn’t matter please put his spine back together’. Each time someone, Vicky, had told her ‘just this once’ it never meant ‘just this once’ It meant ‘Just until I want or need your help again’.

    But...When Eve had taken Shaper’s power she hadn’t done anything bad with it. Gave Taylor and Amy a touch up sure, checked Amy’s ‘Garden of Flesh’ and that was it really. Not to mention when she made those living cannons and the wall of flesh it was just so much fun and Shaper had actually shut up about combat tentacles for a while.

    Plus Eve actually wanted to date Amy. A lot of people did of course, but most of the time if she touched them? It was a mixture of lust and pride. Every dude wanted to plow ‘The Panacea’ and the few girls that braved Brockton Bay’s Naziness had just wanted the protection of being ‘The girlfriend of Panacea’.

    Eve had the lust that was undeniable every time Shaper’s power scanned her, but there was also affection. A lot of serotonin when they were close together. That night in the hotel when they watched movies together, Eve was drowning in the happy juice of DOSE. Not that Amy hadn’t been too far from it. She had felt mostly...content at the time. Her hand in Eve’s with a movie playing. No expectations, no responsibilities. Just the moment of then and there.

    Amy offered up her hand and Eve beamed as she took it. Yep, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Even with most of her brain being a blank spot in the map of Eve’s human body she could still read the parts not hidden by the blank part of the map. But there were no directions, no possibilities. No temptation. All of those chemicals that made up the short girl’s affection were her and could never be Amy. It was so liberating. “...Maybe. I can help.” She offered.

    Because Eve cared about Amy, about her. Not the healer, not the biokinetic, Eve didn’t even like Panacea all that much. “But just this once...”

    “Fuck Yeah!” Eve pumped a fist and Amy couldn’t help but let the corner of her mouth tug upwards. “This is gonna be great! We’ll get the internet set up, then beds and maybe privacy walls. Turn the damn place into a fucking home!” A spike of melancholy sadness tainted the excitement and joy coursing through her. But it was a small thing.

    “Now, off that business. So the whole Polyfidelity thing?” Eve asked, excited; affectionate and lustful.

    “Just means that it’s a more closed off than an open relationship.” Amy explained.

    Eve nodded. “Yeah that sounds like me.” She stated, a flare of...possessiveness maybe? Hate, love, happiness, sadness. All basic things were easier to read, truths and lies were harder but not by much. The more complex stuff? Guilt, jealousy, curiosity, and maybe somberness. All more difficult due to the complex nature of the brain.

    But despite the blank spots in Shaper’s power, Eve’s mind was more uniform, more orderly. Designed by Shaper so that it wasn't much of a surprise that she got a better read off of it. “I’m not into Taylor.”

    “Taylors not into you.” Eve shot back. “Honestly it’s me that likes you both. I want to be there for the both of you. I want to hang out with you, fight alongside you, use our powers, kiss, hold hands, go on dates, count the freckles on your face, and all the mushy goopy stuff. You two don’t have to love each other, hot as that would be-” huge spike of lust, then affection. Then a mixture of the two. “-I’m not expecting it. Honestly. I just want to date you both...Taylor’s okay with giving it a try. I wanna know if you are too.”

    {1d100+10 rolled, Result: 66}

    Strangely, despite the protest on the tip of her tongue she found that she actually didn’t mind the idea all that much. “I d-Maybe?” A spike of anxiety and then relief? No doubt about those feelings at least. “I’m not sure that you’d actually want to date me Eve, I-” Amy let out a yelp as she was swept out of her chair into Eve’s strong arms, her connection to the girl's body snapping off with the lack of skin contact..

    “Amy. If I didn’t want to date you, I wouldn’t be here at your house asking you to be my girlfriend.” Eve countered, her arms strong around Amy’s body. God the girl felt like she was running a fever or had just been exercising without the nastiness of sweat or body odor.

    “Okay okay, we can date, just set me down.” Amy told the short strong girl. Who then gently plopped Amy back into her seat. “But I’m not...Let’s take this slow okay?”

    “You’re leading.” Eve promised. “I’m kinda new to this anyway you know? All of….this. So I’m fine with slow.”

    “But you were hoping for more huh?” Amy couldn’t help but let slip out, causing Eve to roll her eyes.

    “No shit Amy, I want to count your freckles. All your freckles.” Amy flushed at Eve’s declaration of desire. “So yeah, I wanted more. But uh. That’s not what relationships are supposed to be like. It’s not all about me ya know?”

    A sigh escaped her lips as Amy nodded. “Alright, so now that it’s decided that we’re going to give this a try. What’s going on with the base?”

    They spent an hour going over the details, which ended up being Eve talking tinker about how she was going to steal free Wi-Fi for the base. That she was going to get a really nice computer at some point, then make it really really nice. Then to Amy’s amusement Eve had several times gotten a blank look on her face and started murmuring something about a ‘Jetpack helicopter’ before cursing like a sailor when the thought didn’t pan out like she wanted.

    “I can feel it though! Like a song you remember the tune of, or a few lyrics but you can’t remember enough for the search engine to fucking list the song.” was the explanation for how Eve felt about the blueprint not coming to her. Just the idea of it.

    “Start carrying a notebook then, write things down so you remember them.” Amy offered a possible solution.

    Then it came down to healing. As it always did.

    “I have an idea for something that copies my regeneration, if I had more biological knowledge for my Tinkering I might be able to get my Peak Humanity aspect of my Self Administration to show through as well you know? No risk of cancer or even the outright curing of it when the regenerator is used on someone. Right now it would only be useful for missing limbs and chunks of flesh, anything else and it would probably cause more harm than good. Maybe if I got to see your power in action while studying it I could….No but if the lithium cortex wasn’t right then it would turn into a cancer ray and Queen Administrator hates those since Shaper turned her host into a ball of cancer that one time.” Eve stopped as Amy held her hands up

    “Breath.” Amy ordered. “When did you become such a motormouth?”

    Shrugging Eve sighed. “I like talking about it, it’s...fun I guess. Different. I might have to talk to Armsmaster or Dragon in the future, or even Kid Win. I heard Gallant was a Tinker but he does emotions stuff and I got enough Master issues right now you know? Everyone’s always weary of me when I don’t have visible Limbs, like I’d do something that subtle.” She scoffed and scowled “Having power is fun until people are too afraid to treat you how you want to be treated. Not like I asked to be a Master…..no Admin I’m not angry, just frustrated with others.”

    Amy nodded. “Yeah.” God she understood that, maybe not the fear aspect of it. Not unless people found out about Shaper’s Powers full potential, but the fame of being a world renown healer made sure that no one would ever treat her as just Amy.

    “And I have to get more power.” Eve groused “I have to get stronger. I could have very well died to the DragonSlayers if I had fought them by myself. And that was just three jackasses in stolen TinkerTech they barely understood!” The short girl plopped her ass onto the concrete before falling onto her back and staring up at the sky, she remained silent for a moment before continuing. “I never wanted to be a cape, you know? They always scared me. I thought they were unnatural, at best Tinkers were okay. But the rest scared the hell out of me. Especially masters and what they could do to people. How they twisted minds and made people dolls instead of a person…..isn’t that just funny? Like a goddamn cosmic joke made just to get a laugh out of the audience of my life.”

    Amy nodded. “I didn’t want powers either. I was perfectly happy to not have any, but the-Then the mall happened.” Victoria’s weakening grip, the slick warmth of her sister’s blood on her hands as she tried to stem the flow. The choked apology escaping Vicky's bloody lips as her skin paled as more and more blood- the flooding of biology to her senses snapped Amy out of the spiral of thoughts. Eve had sat up and taken her hand, Amy was struck just by how tired the short girl looked. Even if her brain chemistry showed nothing of the sort

    Despite how healthy she was, despite how her power likely kept her in the perfect state of being, Eve’s eyes looked exhausted. “I know yours...Do you-Do you want to know mine? I told Taylor, she could...She could understand better than most. Fellow Master and all, but you didn’t get that privacy with yours and…”

    Oh god, Amy had a faint idea of what Eve’s Trigger was. But she sure as hell was not ready to hear it in full detail. Nor could she brush off Eve’s attempt to be open about it. If she ever tried to tell someone about the mall and they brushed her off… “Eve…” She started slowly, how the hell had they gotten to here from stolen Wi-Fi and helicopter jetpacks?! “..That’s something you should tell me….when you’re ready. When you want to, when we have more privacy than backyard fencing.”

    Eve paused for a moment, eyes haggard, before nodding. “Right! Well. Might end up getting a new power soon. What kind of power, if you had to pick, would you want?”

    Amy raised a brow as the girl suddenly switched off the haggard injured look in her eyes to her usual self, the chemicals in her head following suit just as fast. Was she bipo-no. No fuck her brain was just like that now. Able to process and filter chemicals at alarming speeds, she hardly needed to sleep anymore due to that.

    When Eve continued to stare at Amy, she realized that she had been asked a question. “I don’t know.” Literally any power other than the one she had. [Indignation] She ignored Shaper’s feelings on the matter as it was the Shard’s fault she had such a shit life in the first place, why she had nightmares about accidentally improving people at the hospital and getting a kill order on her head not even seconds later, waking up up with her throat clenched tight enough to strangle the scream she would have built in her chest as she woke up from getting killed by Armsmaster, or a sniper, or a fucking intracity missile that the Protectorate’s Rig had on public display.

    “Uh. Flying, almost everyone in the family has it and during our...trip it was fun to act like I could fly.” Also the telekinetic grip felt like a full body hug, but Amy wasn’t about to admit she had enjoyed the idea of telepathic hugs.

    “Urgh, everyone says flying. Probably doesn’t help that all the big three fly. But it’s such a common power, even Aegis has it and he’s a weak ass brute.” Eve grumbled from her place on the ground, having sat up to take Amy’s hand. “Seriously, it’s such a basic power that every Shard can give it.”

    “Like. Fine. Flying is cool. But I can probably clone myself, open a portal to use the sun as a weapon, turn whatever I touch into explosives, fuse things at a near sub-atomic level, or even just give powers to other people for a while...What the hell do I do? I have so many choices I’m drowning in them. I don’t want to get powers from the situations I find myself in. I don’t like how...how it just feels so out of my control.” Eve sighed, thumping down onto her back again and breaking the skin to skin contact they had..

    “Like a fat kid in a candy shop with only five dollars.” Amy snorted, leaning back in her seat slightly so that she could nudge Eve with her foot. “Come on, you were enjoying talking about tinker tech, anything that can make my life easier?”

    The short girl jerked upright. “Welllll maybe? Aside from the regenerator I don’t have any ideas for diseases or genetic issues… Though if I made the regenerator some kind of handheld scanner...the crystalline lenses would need to be very polished if….Maybe some kind of pure glass? Plastic aluminum of some sort? Fuuuck I can just taste it! If I just had a few more bits of knowledge!”

    “Maybe you shouldn’t lick the medical equipment?” Amy asked with a smirk. Nice as the goal to help her in the hospital was, tinker tech had only given Earth Bet a small tech boon, nothing more. It was unlikely that Eve could or would help Amy’s load of patients.

    A snort came from Eve. “I’ll lick what I want and damn well enjoy it.” Amy felt warmth rise to her cheeks as Eve gave her a very suggestive look. Then the girl got to her feet and stretched “Alright. What time is it? I gotta go buy some cables before we start to install stuff, since we’re getting internet and possibly free TV...I’ll have to buy TVs another time though; I think I’d work on plumbing next, cause if I’m going to live there I need to get showers and toiletries in place.”

    Amy also stood up, a bit tired of sitting on the uncomfortable pool/yard chair. “So when are we meeting then?” She asked as she checked her phone “It’s currently five forty-two.”

    “Hmmm maybe like ten? Dunno how long it’ll take to install everything. So I’ll have to skip in out over to the stores and buy stuff, get the tinker stuff set up and then have all the wires laid out. Then it’s just me waiting on you two… At ten, tell Shaper to tell Admin you’re ready. I’ll come pick you up.”

    “I can do that.” Amy agreed, walking Eve back into and out of the front of the house. Flutters of excitement in her chest.

    “Wellll?” Amy jumped, whirling around to see her sister smugly floating in the air. “Did she set up a date? Do I need to have the shovel talk with her?”

    “It’s not like that.” Amy groused feeling a different tingle of excitement as her sister’s aurora washed over her. “I’m going to her base tonight.”

    Vicky just grinned, raising a brow suggestively. “Ooooh?”

    She shook her head. “Vicky there’s gonna be another girl there.”

    Ooooh?” Vicky floated closer, grinning wider and showing off those lovely perfect teeth of hers, causing Amy to feel hot in the face.

    “It’s not like that!” Amy defended her virtue. “But...yes we are going to be dating.” She murmured yelping as Vicky picked her up in a flying, spinning hug.

    “Ohmygosh this is great! My little sister has a girlfriend! Now we need to get you some dating clothes! Dresses! Stuff that shows what you got! Makeup and hair care!” Vicky gushed. “Oh, and lingerie of course.”

    Despite her earlier flush, Amy’s face paled to a paper white parlor.

    Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin, later that night.

    It wasn’t difficult prying the Iron Maiden apart, Eve was actually rather glad to do so. Now it was mostly scrap, the bits and pieces she needed mixed with a Wi-Fi adapter. Now her….Tinkertech Wi-Fi machine, she would pick a name for it later, would grasp the various wavelengths given off by electronics and hijack them quietly to give the modem router she bought the capacity to give her base protected Wi-Fi.

    God she felt like a fucking nerd. The good news was if she made more of these, she could interlink them in a closed Network band that would boost her main device to give her internet that NASA would be jealous of. Though that wasn’t much considering all the budget cuts they’d gotten over the years since...well Sphere, it would still be a hell of a lot more than any average or even high paying consumer had access to.

    Maybe she should create an AI? Not that she was really ready to be a mother, but Dragon had...warmed Eve to the idea of machine intelligences. She still wasn’t hot about the idea, but if she built herself a kid then she’d want them to turn out like Dragon.

    Not the whole ‘crippled by parent and extremely bitter about it’ part of Dragon, but rather the whole ‘Near absolute perfect humanitarian’ thing Dragon had going on…Even if the baby flesh in the drones was fucking weird.

    “What did you build?” Eve repressed the instinctual urge to jump and turned to see Taylor taking her mask off.

    She smiled at the taller girl, making her way over to Taylor and gave her fellow master a kiss before making her way back to the Tinker tech Wi-Fi machine she had built and began to force a few screws through the casing to keep it snug tight and hopefully waterproof…..Maybe some kind of clear coating? Or shit, just paint over everything multiple times where the crevices were to plug them up… might mess with the signal tho-oh right question “uh, the Signal Grabber.” There. That was a name. Anyone who said otherwise wasn’t a Tinker and therefore their opinion did not matter.

    Unless it was Taylor or Amy, theirs mattered. “It’s gonna sit outside the base, hijack electronics all sneaky-like and use them to give us free Wi-Fi in here. Internet for my internet Tinkering.”

    “Right. Stealing though?” Taylor asked as she approached the tinker table and looked at the device. It was neither pretty, aesthetically pleasing, or even looked like it wouldn’t fall apart to high winds or a bird slamming into it.

    Eve snorted. “It’s Wi-Fi Taylor. If it bothers you. I’ll just make my own fucking internet.”

    “But the Si-”

    Eve waved away Taylor's concern about the HopeKiller. “If she tries to stop me I’ll ram a shuttle into her pale white ass. So don’t worry about me. Although there are a few things we need to talk about. Good, bad, middling stuff you know. You might not like all of it but…”

    “I wanted you to not hide anything from me. Yes.” The taller girl continued as she moved around the work bench inspecting it all the while. “Start with the bad, work our way to the good.”

    “Alright, the least bad news. I kinda want to pick up smoking to see what it feels like.” Eve admitted.

    “Why?” Taylor asked, her face scrunching up as she thinks about the smell of nicotine much less how it would taste.

    “Cause it can’t harm me, like at all. Plus it would make me look more badass, you know?” Eve offered as an explanation “Alright. Worse news. The Endbringers are Shards, or really just projections of them. Admin has one, Queen has one, Shaper, Dragon’s Shard, Alexandria’s Shard. They all have the ability to create a powerful projection like that. That’s not the worst part of it...the Endbringers are holding back. Big time.”

    Taylor took a step back, her expressive face flat before becoming troubled as Eve took her hands into her own. “Are you sure? They’ve just been sandbagging this entire time? Even when they ruined entire countries? Killed hundreds of thousands?”

    “I wouldn’t tell you if I wasn’t sure Taylor.” Eve huffed softly. “I don’t know why they’re doing this, I don’t know why they’re holding back, and worst of all. I know someone is controlling them but I don’t have a fucking clue who it is….I-I can take one. I can take control of one of the Endbringers, or make my own under my control. But that’s...it’s…” She leaned into Taylor as a shudder rippled through her body.

    “Do I have to do that? Do I have to get that kind of power if we’re going to win?” Eve asked, voice muffled by Taylor’s silk clad chest armor “At what point is it too much? What if I mess it all up?”

    Taylor wrapped her willowy arms around Eve. “Then we clean up the mess. If we make a mistake we fix it. For now don’t...create any Endbringers. Even if you can control it, I don't think giving half the city a heart attack would help us very much.”

    With a sigh Eve pulled back so that her voice wasn’t muffled by silken armor. “Also I’ve been thinking of registering us as an independent team, you know? Solidifying us as heroes and giving us some more weight beyond the crazy hero girl and her Spooky hero girlfriend doing vigilante work.”

    “That would help us, but are we putting together a team? I know we’re working with TattleTale and Panacea. One’s a villain and the other belongs to another team so just the two of us more or less makes us a duo not a team.” Taylor slowly guided them both to the chairs and sat down on one, pulling Eve into her lap.

    Despite the armor, Eve pressed herself against Taylor enjoying the proximity of her girlfriend. “We’re going to need more people eventually and we’re going to have to bring other people into the fold. We can’t save the world by ourselves. But just because we bring people on the team doesn’t mean we have to tell them that everything they know about the world’s greatest Hero is a lie and Humanity has a time limit. That they have a parasite hooked to their brain slowly changing them.”


    Smiling ruefully Eve added “Not that Admin is a parasite, Queen is better than most too. They’re both still aliens on the scale of that really racist dude who named his cat a slur.”

    “Of course you remember that detail about him, and you mean lovecraft. Eldritch. Lovecraftian. They aren’t really like that though? You said they were more like computers, just alien super computers.” Taylor asked, hand sliding through Eve’s black locks of hair.

    “Taylor, if a Shard spoke to an unaltered human, they’d die of brain bleed.” Eve stated matter-of-factly. “Also of course it is, it’s hilarious. Who names their cat a slur? Can you imagine calling your cat during a house party?”

    Shaking her head the willowy girl leaned back to look down at Eve. “So we have pieces of an eldritch god in touch with our minds. I can see why most people wouldn’t be happy about that.”

    “Understatement of the year.” Eve chuckled, leaning into the fingers sliding through her hair. It felt pretty nice actually. Very soothing. “Back on track though, we need to get into fights. Lung and the DragonSlayers make it clear why we need people backing us up. We’re strong, but until we can arm wrestle Alexandria without breaking our arm in the process we’re going to need allies.”


    With a reluctant sigh, Eve pulled away from Taylor's touch but remained in her lap. “I need to go pick up Amy. Oh, uh. I talked to her earlier. She said she was okay with trying out this polyamous thing. That’s what it’s called by the by. Amy also said that she wasn’t going to be dating you which is honestly her mistake. I mean, I saw how she was eyeing your butt when we were-I shouldn’t say that.”

    She wilted under Taylor's unamused look. “You have a nice set of legs attached to a cute butt alright? I’m ninety percent sure if you wore a skirt I’d pass out from the rush of blood to my head.”

    “Never wearing a skirt.” Taylor stated flatly as Eve wiggled out of her lap and made for the door.

    “A girl can fantasize. Be right back with Amy. Oh man, I can’t wait for fucking cellphones to work in here.” Eve waved to Taylor before she moved out of the loading area. Maybe she could turn the office area into the bathroom? A walk in shower would be nice, and not having to go outside the base to brush her teeth, shower, or use a toilet would be really fucking nice and make the base somewhat livable.

    Also if Amy ever decided to leave her house, Eve wanted her other girlfriend to have someplace safe to stay. The thought lingered in her mind for a moment, before the realization struck her like a ton of feathers. “HOLY SHIT I HAVE TWO GIRLFRIENDS!” Eden’s laugh was more like a cackle as she spun in the air the weight of the world and it’s future lessening as the cool night air rushed past her.

    For a moment Eden wondered just how the Eve of last year would have reacted to the fact that she had two girlfriends. Two girlfriends that cared about her! Barely slowing down, Amy squawked as she was suddenly grasped and pulled off the ground straight up to Eden. “Hel-What the hell!?” She yelped as Amy lifted a spray bottle and followed it’s namesake by spraying Eden with it as they pulled into the air.

    “That’s for not warning me! Do you know what it’s like to go from standing still to rocketing around at ninety miles an hour!?” Amy hissed as she put the sprayer in the overly large pockets of her robes.

    “Yes? I do it all the time!” Eden defended herself, slightly indignant at being treated as if she were a naughty cat. “Sheesh sorry, I was just excited.”

    “Getting internet in your base can’t have been what made you act like this.” Amy stated flatly “Unlock a new power?”

    Eden shook her head as they swooped towards the city's outskirts. “Nope. I have two girlfriends. That’s what's made me so damn excited! I mean holy shit! I never thought I’d fall in love with one person let alone two!”

    Amy coughed into her fist. “Yeah. Well you shouldn’t scare your girlfriend like that then. No yanking me up like that again.”

    “Yeah, sorry I guess, just not thinking. Khepri is back at the base and waiting for us. The Flesh Garden has grown from me feeding it so we’ll have some material to work with. Not to mention that Shaper is going to be repairing Queen once we get the two of you together.” It was such a leap forward for them all, the base coming together, the relationships, Queen getting healed. It was fantastic.

    “Alright.” Amy began as they moved on into the base. “Let’s see whhHAHT THE HELL!?” She choked out upon seeing just how much the Flesh Garden had grown, having tripled in size from the last time she saw it. “What the hell have you been feeding it?!”

    “Trash, bug remains-” She motioned towards Taylor’s Weaving Station “-leftover from dinner, bits of myself, oh and some tile. It can eat a lot of stuff apparently.”

    “Bits of y-” Amy sputtered in disbelief.

    “Well they were burned and charred after Lung lit me up an-ACK!” Eve sputtered in regret of having removed her costume’s helmet when Amy directly sprayed her in the mouth with the stale tap water of her spray bottle

    “DO. NOT. FEED. IT. PEOPLE.” Each word was punctuated with another spritz of disgustingly lukewarm water

    Eve wiped herself off, a bit of water gathering on her chin and dripping off. “Well what was I supposed to do? Leave strips of my own burnt flesh laying around? That’s nasty Amy, you should know that.”

    “No but-” Amy stopped and slapped a hand to her forehead and dragged it heavily down her face. “And I’m arguing with it.”

    “You’re also dating it.” Eve teased, gently nudging Amy’s side with her elbow.

    “Don’t remind me.” She grumbled heading over to the Flesh Gard and laying her hands on it and letting a frustrated sigh out to mask how her heart stammered in her chest with excitement. “What do we need?”

    “Something long and thin, capable of burrowing through concrete without making a mess and also something thicker like the average thickness of a water pipe. If we’re only doing this once, I need to be able to get plumbing set up in the future.” Eve motioned with her hands as she described what she needed. “I’m gonna go outside and set up the Signal Grabber thing and have it be ready, oh shit can you give the thing good night vision? If Taylor chews through a wire the base is gonna be fucked bad.”

    She didn’t wait for a reply, instead running over to the workbench she had bought, grabbing the ugly iif unassuming piece of Tinkertech and running to the base’s entrance.

    Amy bit her bottom lip as she let the thoughts in her mind fly around. Ideas and possible solutions come to mind as she portioned off a bit of the slightly overgrown garden of flesh. “So...Lung?’ She asked. “What gave you two that idea? It’s Lung.”

    “It isn’t like we searched for him. We were doing a joint patrol with Assault and Battery, ran into one of his Brothels and he was there. We sent him running but Eve was charred and I lost an arm. But the girls were saved, so it was a good night.” Taylor replied, standing a bit off from Amy.

    The biokinetic twisted and looked at Taylor, examining her silk and armor clad arms that were, despite the Master’s words, still attached to her body. “I got better.” Taylor responded after noticing the examination.

    “Eve finally got healing powers?” Amy asked as she turned back to the portioned off section of the garden of flesh “Well, powers that heal others.” Or maybe it had been the tinkertech that the short girl had spoken of earlier...Maybe she should let Shaper’s Power scan Taylor, just to be sure the girl is safe. Amy trusted Eve, Amy did not trust tinker tech

    She remembered that speed Tinker going splat last year on video, he had been a difficult heal. If only for the amount of bones shattered. He was lucky that he got out of that with a mild concussion.

    “Breaking a rule?” Taylor asked suddenly. At Amy’s flinch she continued. “I’m not judging. I did the same earlier today...felt liberating. Scared me too.” Amy turned her head to look at Taylor, who had slipped a hand onto her shoulder. “You’re not alone. I know how...I understand.”

    “Do you?” Amy spat, vitriol rising in her chest “Do you know what it’s like to have so many lives in your hands, the threat of you deciding that lives mean nothing? How much damage could you do?”

    The grip tightened and Amy winced. “The Bay has a lot of black widows.” Taylor replied evenly. “I still deal with those who caused me to trigger every day….” The grip slackened. “I’ve had nightmares about letting loose. It always feels good to think about it, but it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it for more than five seconds.”

    Swallowing Amy tried to focus on the biomass she was shaping into acid filled rolly pollies with jaws able to crush rock. “Being...very open about that.”

    “Eve cares about us both deeply. We’re going to be seeing each other a lot. We’re going to be working together in some cases. Besides, I respect your concern about the power you have. The rules you set in place. But I respect your willingness to bend them for Eve.” Taylor murmured lowly

    “Bend?” Amy snorted lightly. “I broke that rule during the DragonSlayers fight. What’s once more?”

    “You bent that rule to save Eve’s life. Rules are important, but if they end up with someone dead when it could have been prevented, are they really rules you want to follow?” Taylor chided softly “You don’t have to worry Amy. You have both of us here, for you.”

    [Agreement.Data] Amy jerked as Shaper threw in her two unwanted cents. “Yeah, okay. Let me-Just let me focus on this okay? Acid is dangerous.” She relaxed as Taylor’s hand left her shoulder, her chest uncomfortably warm and her eyes stinging.

    Data was truly wonderful. Your Host was not the best at gathering it, but the few times she did, it was very nice Data. It still frustrated you to no end that her progenitor had far more Data by her age and the Elder Shaper had sent you off to a child that had ended up in such poor hands as to dissuade her from using the power you granted.

    [ADMINISTRATOR] connected to you, requesting to know your signature location. A risky thing to share, it would provide the exact location of a Shard’s place in an Alternate planet, and which Alternate dimension they were in. But you had no fear from the [ADMINISTRATOR] they were far too soft to betray you. Not that their softness was a bad thing. This ‘collaborate with Hosts’ idea was turning out wonderfully for you, better than your previously crude method of attempting to promote conflict by nudging your Host’s actions and chemical balance.

    It made a certain amount of sense, most Host Species were commutative. Humans were tribal, communicative and had so many biological tells that didn’t rely on pigment coloration of pheromone secretion. If you cared about technology, this ‘internet’ thing might have interested you.

    You were not a Socialite Shard of course, but a species' society and ability to communicate had a large effect on their evolution and biological processes.

    Ah, distracted once again. You agree and send the information request [ADMINISTRATOR] patiently waiting for you to do so. You are fond of the administrative Shard, the experiment of advancing a Host species brain to include a crystalline lattice reminiscent of a Shard flesh was so…. So NEW! SO FRESH! So very palpitating and exciting! Creating biologicals was fun, upgrading them just held an appeal to you and you did not know why.

    Despite their animosity towards you (it was just one ball of cancer!) you hoped that [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR] would defrost enough so that you could do the same to her Host. You knew you could do it better this time around, already the ideas of it was making your CoreSelf hum with power.

    You felt the dimensionally tight barrier around your Alternate get punctured, feeling another draw close. Then you had full vision of [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR]’s CoreSelf and tsk. Just like that golden idiot to leave you a mess of messes to clean up. It wo-Oh [ADMINISTRATOR] was donating Shard flesh for this. She really was too soft...Where did she get this? It wasn’t matching either <The Warrior> or <The Thinker>...ah well. You reformat and wipe the green flesh before overwriting whatever’s left with the base of <The Warrior> to avoid any issues and use your amazing telekinetic power to lift you repair drones onto the surface of [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR]’s continental sized CoreSelf where you went to work repairing the missing chunks of herself and for where you could not replace missing flesh you simply repaired the connection of the nodes there so they didn’t produce any errors that screwed with [QUEEN ADMINISTRATOR]’s myriad of processes.

    It was not your best work, but it would do until the Cycle completed.

    Eve paused as she connected the wire to the Signal Grabber thing, a sharp tingle of cold electricity racing down her spine she sucked in a harsh breath as it passed over her. “Holy shit. [Queen Administrator] talk about a fucking entrance.”

    “Is something the matter Rebecca?” Legend asked, voice warm and concerned for his friend. For a moment she remained there, her one functioning eye tracking across the off white room of the Cauldron base.

    “Rebecca?” The eye snapped towards him, and she shook her head. She reached down, only to find that she had smashed the chair she had been using into a crumpled heap from how fast she had stood up.

    “Just thought I felt something. That’s all.” She responded, voice tight and controlled.

    He couldn’t help but frown. “I know you’re The indestructible woman, but maybe you should take some time to yourself. Even Superman took breaks, you know.”

    She shot him an utterly unamused look, the reference of her being akin to superman having been one of Hero’s favorite teases. “Jake should have never left you his comics.”

    Legend let a small smile play on his lips. “I don’t think he had much choice, neither you or David would have read them.”

    “I memorized them.” She stated, a touch defensively.

    Legend leaned back in his seat, smile becoming a touch brittle. “You know that’s not the same as reading them Becca. Seriously, maybe you should take a break Even if only for a day or two. It might do you a world of good. I think the other’s would agree if they were actually here on time.”

    “I’ll consider it.” She replied, but they both knew that was a nice way of her saying no. “Contessa is never late and David got caught up with a cartel trying to move into Texas proper. Not sure what’s keeping Doctor Mother busy.”

    “Paper work is likely.” Legend mused causing Alexandria to nod without a thought.

    All the while her mind tried to process the cold tingle that skittered down her spine.

    Lisa swallowed thickly, pistol in hand as she eyed her darkened room after having awoken to a cold sweat and terrifying tingle running down her spine, she unleashed her power to get a better read than what her nearly night-blind eyes could give her. Room not compromised Host Her power whispered in the back of Lisa’s mind, where it and the link was practically brimming with glee. Queenie’s back.

    Gains this Chapter:

    Khepri Sheet Updated
    Gained QA Echo (1), QA Ping (1)
    Gained SHAPER Echo (1)
    Gained SHIFT Ping (1)
    Lost (1) BROADCAST Ping
    Consolidating TECH DATABASE Echoes into Ping (1)
    Consolidating SHUNT Echoes into Ping (1)
    Bud Progress 11%
    Lost $2,239 in money
    Lost (30) Tinker supplies
    Used TOXIN’s Jade flesh
    Milestone 'Heal Thyself' Achieved

    Administrative Business. Plot stuff, Data! And other hilarious things you tell yourself (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Network Creation: Reconfigure the Broadcast Array into a Router, which will give more Network capacity and facilitate communication between Shards in your network

    [] Invite a Shard into your Network (SAFEGUARD NOT IN PLACE, BE CAREFUL)

    [] Review Memory Cache: The UNIFIER

    [] Speak to the Testing Cluster about Clusters and multi-connections communication between Hosts.

    [] Bring [Eve] back into the Firmament, as the last visit was cut short.

    [] Unlock kickass Aspects/Sidegrades or Powers/upgrades

    [] Build Quantra Layer Breacher (REQUIRES SHUNT + SPACE Pings)

    [] Ask Local Shards for signatures (Who?)

    [] Collect jade flesh from (SATURATE/SLIMER)

    Base Time? Base Time. CHOOSE ONE:

    [] Set up more spiders (Weaving Station)

    [] Experiment with Amy (Flesh Garden)

    [] Hang some art (Art Gallery)

    [] Get some better tools, like a Pc maybe? (Tinker Table)

    [] Furnish the place better, with a damn bed (Living area)

    [] Work on the QoL of the place with Amy and Taylor helping (Plumbing, Tvs, walls for privacy, Ect)

    Capes and mundies, what will Eve/Eden do? [Writing in extra details helps speed up chapter creation and makes the QM happy!] (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Hunt gang members for Pings and Hero stuff, you can rob them too! Dangerous though. (Possible Pings: Depends upon the Gang!)
    -[] Which gang?

    [] Obtain food, and Tinker Supplies

    [LOCKED] Focus on general appearance. Clothes, hygiene products, costume repair

    [] Go help Gregor the Snail with his appearance (Consumes SHAPER Ping)

    [] Inform the PRT/Protectorate of your ability to heal Case 53s (Might consume SHAPER Ping)

    [] Scout some other section of the city! (Write in where)

    [] Check in with Amy

    [] Teach Khepri how to fight

    [] Hang out with Taylor

    [] Register as an Independent team with the PRT.

    [] Meet up with some independent Heroes

    [] Go back to the scene of Eve’s Trigger.

    [] Gather Tinker Supplies (Will bring vote for: ScrapYard, stores, Junkyard, or Boat graveyard)

    A/N: Holy shit this chapter lagged when I copy/pasted it. I guess it's all that beefy character interaction.
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    [x] Review Memory Cache: The UNIFIER
    [x] Bring [Eve] back into the Firmament, as the last visit was cut short.
    [x] Work on the QoL of the place with Amy and Taylor helping (Plumbing, Tvs, walls for privacy, Ect)
    [x] Teach Khepri how to fight

    Great work QM!
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    Broken Stations 3.5
    Eve ‘Eden’ Coldwin
    Wednesday the Seventh of April

    “So.” Eve huffed, as she leaned against the old metal bench Taylor was sitting on, the tall girl massaging her calves as the jog had become more akin to a run than anything slower. “I think you should really make a hood or a helmet. Something to cover your hair.”

    “But you like my hair?” Taylor questioned, pausing the massage to look at Eve.

    “God do I.” Eve sighed softly. “Feels as smooth as your suit. But it’s also you. Your eyes, height, and luscious hair are your primary features though. That and how thin you are. You need to cover your hair to prevent any possible identifying marks. Plus it would protect your hair, I don’t think your bugs can regenerate that.”

    With her expressive mouth in a frown Taylor leaned back into the bench pausing from her massage. “You aren’t wrong. And I was going to add armor to the back of my head, to go with the mask, but when it would have taken longer I decided against it.”

    “Well make sure to add something then, ‘cause your dad found out about us.” Eve replied calmly, trying to make sure Taylor didn’t panic. She figured she had succeeded when the taller girl choked on air and began coughing, to which Eve patted her on the back gently to help.

    “What!? How!? He didn't…my hair, of course.” She paused and then sighed softly, reaching up and running a hand through the silky black mane that flowed from her head. “Right. So a hood? I don’t think a helmet would be useful.”

    “Or comfortable.” Eve replied with a snort following her words. “I’m probably gonna make my own form of armor or just-” She glanced around and noted their relative privacy in the early morning hours. “-get a power that mimics armor. Hopefully armor that looks like this, mostly because the helmet has really grown on me you know?”

    “It does seem to suit you.” Taylor admitted. “Even if you don’t have a theme.”

    “I don’t need a theme.” Eve huffed softly “Not like I could have one. I’m a Trump that gains more and more powers over time. What the hell kinda theme goes with that?”

    “Pandora’s Box.” Taylor replied smoothly, looking up at Eve.

    “Nerd.” Eve said, a smile on her face as she pushed Taylor’s shoulder lightly. “Nah. I am that I am. That being a ‘crazy’, manic hero…. Just wish people wouldn’t use the Fairy Queen comparison. We’re nothing alike.” Eve had an idea of who the Fairy Queen was Host to, and if they ever met she would punch the crazy bitch right in the lips.

    With a tinkertech extendoLimb….”OF course the blueprints for that comes to mind but not the fucking….hnnng.” Eve reached up and angrily scrubbed her face. “This pisses me off, I keep getting inspiration but I don’t have the ability to create.” She let out a ragged breath and offered Taylor her hand. “Getting back on topic, armored hood or a helmet, you need it. Your dad knows and maybe you should talk to him about it. It’s clear that he cares about you.”

    Taylor accepted the hand and got to her feet. “I was hiding it from him because he’d worry too much. He probably wanted me in the Wards and I can’t risk tha-” Taylor was cut off by the sudden, tight, hug Eve dragged her into.

    “Nah, you’re mine.” Eve spoke, muffled by Taylor’s flat chest. “He also was fairly quiet about the entire thing. I think you should talk to him, if not now then at some point in the future.” Taylor’s father seemed like an alright guy, from her two times of meeting the man. He seemed to care about Taylor, and the willowy girl shouldn’t take that for granted in Eve’s opinion. Letting go of Taylor, Eve pulled out her burner phone while continuing to speak. “Also, I should spend some money and get us some actual phones. Maybe make them even better than normal phones once I get into the material tech branch.”

    “When will that be?” Taylor asked as they started jogging back towards her house.

    “I have no fucking clue.” Eve answered honestly. “I have no idea what the requirements are to upgrade my powers. I think Admin just does it as she figures out how. I’m…frustrated with how long it takes, but she’s fucking reality over a bench so I really can’t complain. Just wish….Fuck I sound like a spoiled brat but dammit I just feel weak.”

    “You feel weak?” Taylor asked, and for a moment there was only the early sounds of a slowly waking city and their shoes hitting the pavement as Eve thought over her feelings on the matter.

    “My grandpa used to say ‘Those who crave power are never satisfied’ and I think I understand the people he was talking about. Got my ass whipped by three fa-assholes in Tinkertech they barely knew how to use.” Eve huffed angrily. “If it weren’t for you and Amy I would have lost that fight and probably my life.”

    “They had years of experience Eve, you can’t take that as you being weak, just inexperienced.” The taller girl glanced at Eve out of the corner of her eye. “You’ll get there one day you know?”

    Eve grunted and couldn’t help herself from spitting off to the side of them. “I know but it’s still fucking bullshit. I earned these fucking powers you know? I suffered for them, I lost everything but my life and connected to Admin, one of the best Shards around! What did they do? Harassed Dragon until the breaking point, stole Tinkertech from her, and tried to kill me because I wanted to help Dragon. They were better than me! They cut me up like it was a fucking deli!”

    Her rant stopped as Taylor shook her gently, she blinked and looked to the taller girl, just now realizing that she had stopped jogging by the ‘what did they do’ part of it all. “Sorry. Just….I haven’t been sleeping well and going to a gym to take showers hasn’t been helping much either. I miss real beds”

    “We do have a guest room you know…” Taylor trailed off as Eve shook her head.

    “No, sorry but no. As much as I would love to be closer to you, you spend most of your nights in the base anyway.” That Weaving Station looked like it was getting particularly close to spitting out more costume bits for Taylor, which was good in all honesty. The girl might be a regenerator but if her head was destroyed that would likely be it for her.

    “Besides.” Eve continued, as to chase away the morbid thoughts with talk “The base is shaping up, it’s got internet, so now it just needs plumbing and a bed. It’ll be a real home. Hey, how about we do that today? Me, you, and Amy get plumbing set up together. Hell they have those shower model things they sell that could make hooking up the entire thing a lot easier.”

    “Don’t you need to get the place connected to the water and sewer lines first? Not to mention the water heater before the shower?” Taylor asked. “How will we even get these installed? None of us know plumbing.”

    “Okay first off, fucking hell you’re right about the first two parts. Secondly, we’ll look up do-it-yourself videos! Between me and you we’ve got enough memorization and brains to get through it without flooding the base.” Eve told the taller girl as they resumed the path to Taylor's house, now at a walking pace.

    “Amy?” Taylor questioned. “I don’t think she would find much interest in the ordeal.”

    Holding up her hand Eve began to poke her fingers, curling them up as she did so. “Free Wi-Fi, No parents, no hospital work. She gets to laugh at us acting like apes banging rocks together. I think she actually enjoys our presence, you know.”

    “Right, well I can skip school if need be. I’d rather not deal with a pissed off and vengeance seeking Sophia-” Taylor grunted, bitterness touching her words before Eve snorted loudly and got a side eye for her interruption.

    “Taylor, I nailed her in the kidneys twice, she’s going to be pissing blood for a week. Not to mention a flattened nose, the bruises on her bones I likely gave her, and the probably-mild concussion she has right now. She’s not gonna be back at school for a bit.” Eve chuckled darkly, remembering the feeling of the fight, the pain mixed with satisfaction, and the way Sophia collapsed when she had headbutted the bitch.

    She only partially regretted that she accepted Taylor’s discretion on when enough was enough.

    “Oh.” Was the only response that Taylor gave out.

    “Look. Why not go, get counted for the day and then leave? I gotta go register our future team with the government. So far I have a few names already thought up for it. Once all that’s done, we can work on turning the base into something livable.” Eve offered

    “That could work. I trust the names aren’t anything Terrible?” Taylor asked

    “Shards’ R Us.”


    “Eden’s Harem.”


    Eve chuckled. “Well the others are actually serious. Though maybe not the best. I think they would work if we tried them. See you later today? I gotta go and talk to Amy before she takes the Glory Girl Express to school.”

    “Yeah, I’ll skip after the first class of the day. See you there.” Taylor waved to Eve as she ran off towards the Dallon house, given that she lived a good two and a half hours away from Taylor’s house.

    But it was barely four thirty. But Arcadia opened at like 7. So it all depended upon how early Vicky got up, cause there was no way in hell Amy was a morning person.

    “Hmmmmmmm.” Eve quietly took to the air, her costume snapping onto her from her personal pocket dimension. “Can I call Amy Ames?” or was that like just a sister thing?

    “Oh shit, I need nicknames for Taylor!...Maybe I can ask her what she likes…Something to do with bugs? Might be too on the nose…” Eve snorted, giggling as a name came to mind. “Beebert. Holy fuck I have to use that.” Eager to move the day forward, and try out nicknames on Taylor to see which one made her flush more, Eve sped off towards New Waves second place of residency in the city limits.

    Of course she caught Glory Girl zipping by with her sister in her arms, just not away from her house. Rather towards it. Yelling didn’t catch her attention, but catching up along side her did. “What’s up I wanted to-” Eve paused as Glory Girl shushed her and held up a sleeping Amy in her arms who was curled up and looking so fucking adorable with the pouty smile on her face in her sleep.

    “Shh. She spent all night at the hospital.” Vicky whispered, floating closer to be heard and thankfully keeping her fucking aura under control.

    “Well. Shit. I was gonna invite her to the base, but…Yeah. Alright I’ll talk to her later” Eve gave a little wave before she cut out her wings and began to fall back to the earth. Allowing the wind to tear at her body and fail to do anything beyond making her cropped hoodie flail about.

    Just before hitting a rooftop her wings sprung into existence once more and she rocketed off towards the PRT building. Eden thought the place looked ugly as hell, so ‘government bureaucracy’ that it was uglier than some of the rundown buildings in the Docks just from its utilitarian appearance alone.

    “Would it fucking hurt to color the place a bit?” She murmured as she came to slowly land in front of the building, its squat structure doing it no favors and the grey coloring didn’t help either. The symbols for the PRT, a shield with a set of wings coming off it and the name of the organisation printed on it, stood large on each side of the main doors.

    If she wasn’t a Tinker she might have missed the reinforced shutters meant to drop down at the press of a button, but the mechanisms were glaringly obvious because without Tinkertech one could only hide so much especially from other tinkers.

    Eve pressed on into the lobby, noting the gift shop off to one side and the large desk with a lady sitting behind it just opposite of the doors. Also the several PRT troopers standing by with those foam guns in hand. She might have not been able to see their faces but she could tell they were all watching her warily.
    She was fine with that, her Phantom Limbs could hold back the spray of foam and her Ferrous Limbs could likely kill everyone in the lobby rather easily. If not by piercing or cutting through them, then by smashing their heads in with a medieval weapon of some kind. She should probably look up some examples of medieval stuff, she couldn't wear knight armor cause of the fucking Empire being dicks and doing what they do best aside from hurting minorities. Which is ruining things for other people, like Norse names or mythology.

    “So.” Eden said as she strolled up to the secretary who looked completely unaffected by a cape randomly showing up, which made Eve respect the woman’s balls if nothing else. “I want to register my independent team of Parahumans as affiliates or whatever with the PRT and-slash-or Protectorate. How would I go about doing that?”

    You were feeling a humming energy in your CoreSelf, spread all across the mass that easily covered an entire continent. The Quantra Layer Breacher was coming together fairly well. It was built around the lip of the Anchor Well, almost akin to a gate, its fractal nature much slower, far more stable than most.

    It was perhaps surprisingly easy to construct despite the complex nature of the fundamental nature of Reality being so rigidly liquid. The issue arose when you began the process to capture [Eve]’s Psionic Shade, you may have found it, prepped an Anchor for it, and even opened a direct link to the Shade, but you had no means of collecting it. With a touch of disgust at wasting energy starting the process without completing it, you start to go over ways to collect [Eve]’s Psionic Shade.

    You might as well multitask in the endeavor, while a portion of yourself is partitioned off to go over how to collect the Shade you contact two of your fellow Shards.

    You contacted [BROADCAST] who spent the entire time complaining about their Host’s lack of creativity and insistence upon doing things that make other Shard’s hosts more creative but hardly doing anything himself beyond the leveraging of others. [BROADCAST] reiterates the promise of a bounty of Pings if your Host ends their own.

    You reiterate your acceptance of the proposal, despite the unlikeliness of such a conflict occurring and the connection ends. Because [BROADCAST] is [BROADCAST] and they have the manner of a newborn Shard.

    At the least [WASTE] had an excuse.

    After dealing with [BROADCAST] you decide to contact one of the Shard’s that [TECH DATABASE] had provided the signatures of. [DIMENSIONAL ENGINE] would do. You were interested in what they had in terms of abilities.

    So. Much. Paper. Work.

    Sagging in her chair, Eden dropped the pen before she gave into the cavewoman urge to smash the damn thing and sign everything with handprints just to fuck with the PRT. But Armsmaster was here actually helping her with the creation of her independent team. Why he was here was something she didn’t know, nor was she really going to ask.

    “That it?” Eden asked. “I need to go see Faultline’s crew later today, got some work that needs done.”

    She didn’t care for the way he straightened. “Eden. You do understand you are telling the local leader of the Protectorate that you are meeting villains correct?”

    Eden waved that off. “Not like I’m working with them. I’m just healing the Case 53s so they aren’t stuck in their Breaker or Changer States any longer than they want. Also any mutations brought on by their powers…though I can’t figure out how I would fix the memory issue…Maybe if I beat up that memory tinker in Toybox?...”

    “You can…Eden are you saying you can cure the condition of Case 53s?” Armsmaster questioned. “Not their memories however?”

    Missing the surprise in his posture Eden continued. “Yeahp! I can give them a human form, cause the issue is actually on the Shard’s side. Turns out, from the two I’ve met, that most of the time their Host’s were close to dying or had a major issue with them. So using old data from previous Cycles they patched up their host. Using Shaper, Panacea’s Shard, data I can give them back their human bodies.”

    Armsmaster frowned softly. “I see.” he didn’t. None of them did. Other than Taylor of course. Taylor could see, slowly but surely her girlfriend was starting to understand more and more. Far better than anyone else. Maybe if they could all see, understand like she did, things would be different. Be better.

    But that golden sword above her head prevented that.

    Maybe the paperwork was making her phili…the fucking word for introspective but on life instead of just herself. Maybe it was having people who cared about her? Admin cared, but Admin also wanted Data. Fights. Conflict. Taylor wanted to be a hero however, and by fucking god through hell, high water, or overwhelming firepower and spite Eve was going to help her girlfriend become a hero known enough to rival the big three.

    People were going to sing Khepri’s praises for centuries, after the both of them saved every Earth that ever existed or will exist. She was certainly going to need all the spite and power of love and friendship bullshit that she could muster to pull it off. But Admin was not going back to being an Administrative Shard for those [insult] that thought they had the right to slave her to them.

    She blinked as her thoughts popped. “Sorry, what was that? Your armor is rather distracting now that I can tinker…do you have a jetpack on it? Maybe microthrusters? Could help with falls, or maybe with the grappling hook that’s so obviously there in your Halberd could give you far more mobility…”

    He paused, clearly thinking on the suggestion “...I have thought of it. I lack the proper generator of energy that would be able to match the required output needed for such a thing.”

    Eve sighed softly. “Fucking hell I wish I had more knowledge on the matter. Maybe in the future we can collaborate. Anyway. Yeah. Fractal Unity will be my team, hopefully we can work together in the future and-” She checked her phone which she planned on replacing today “-and again. I gotta go do that and get my super secret base ‘Fort Kick Ass’ hooked up to the water and sewer. Oh, and put in a water heater.”

    “...You named your base ‘Fort Kick Ass’?” Armsmaster questioned slowly, lifting his head up from the paperwork he was looking over to gaze at Eden from beneath his visor.

    Eden shook her head with a snort. “No, sorry. Old joke with-someone who’s gone now.” She got up, dusting her costume off. “Alright, it was nice seeing you again. I was expecting more than just an ungodly amount of paperwork honestly.”

    “Usually there is.” Armsmaster conceded “But you’ve already shown the PRT and by extension the Protectorate what you are capable of, coupled with how blunt you tend to be there was no point in having power testing accompany the paperwork. Tell me, do you know what specialization your Tinker ability is?”

    “Oh. yeah. Tinkering in general. I’m like Leet, except my shit won’t explode for no reason. Also copying powers. It’s called TrumpTech for a reason you know.” She told him as she headed to the door.

    “Why Fractal Unity?” Armsmaster questioned once more just as she opened the door and went to leave. “It seems out of place considering your usual crassness.”

    Eden paused, one hand still holding the door open, she turned her head and looked back at Armsmaster through her golden visor “It’s a dream.” She admitted before heading out of the room, leaving Armsmaster alone to think over her answer.

    [DIMENSIONAL ENGINE] was worse than [SHAPER] or [BROADCAST] in its incessant whining about it’s Host choosing to heal. It had hardly allowed you to get a broadcast in with all its-its bitching.

    You had queried what power it had given its Host, and you were sure the two hated each other with a passion that was staggering. Which was not surprising because [DIMENSIONAL ENGINE] was an idiot for forcing it’s host to take the wounds it healed or transferred and not picking one of the many hosts that enjoyed pain.

    What had it expected foisting pain upon a mere young human?

    Perhaps the only good that had come from [DIMENSIONAL ENGINE] was the…ideas. Yes, the ideas that were beginning to take root in your CoreSelf. Mixing a few of these pings together would produce a few powers that [Eve] would likely find appealing.

    But until the foundation of a bud was completed and you could partition it off to give her one of these new powers you were better off focusing on transforming the Broadcast Array into a Router.

    “Hey-hey Gregor.” Eden cheered as she landed in front of the nightclub's bouncer with the grace of a mean-spirited pigeon.

    “Good afternoon, Miss Eden. I presume you are here to meet Miss Faultline?” Gregor questioned as he stood by the front entrance, arms crossed behind his back. He still didn’t have a shirt on.

    “Nah. Here for you, you did want me to help out with your appearance at some point yeah?” Eden motioned to the area they were in. “Here I am.”

    “I presume that this action would result in my current appearance becoming like that of Newters, a Changer yes?” Gregor the Snail questioned as he pulled out his radio from his long coat's pocket.

    “Should be, yeah.” Eden told him. “Should we head inside?”

    For a moment Gregor spoke into his handheld radio. Then he nodded to Eden and pulled the door open and held it there for her. “We are to head up to Miss Faultline’s office. She wishes to be there to see the process. Do you remember the way?”

    “Don’t think I could forget it, big guy. Let’s go.” Eden told him, moving on into the nightclub. It didn’t take long for Admin to do the required task: Gregor turned out to be a touch taller than he was before regaining his pure human form, he also had dark dirty blonde hair, and he wasn’t obese. Wasn’t skinny either, but now he could probably find more comfortable shirts to wear.

    Least Eden hoped he did, though he did pay her three hundred dollars for helping him regain his human form and indeed he had access to a changer form much like Newter.

    After getting thanks from the Crew, Eden left to go to one of the many electronics stores in the Downtown section of the city. There, she purchased two of the fancier burner phones. The ones that doubled as a smartphone.

    Then she went off to the base, knowing it was going to be an all day thing getting the base hooked up to the water main. She wasn’t really looking forward to it, but then she would be able to get the shower running next time they decided to waste a day doing plumbing work.

    It was perhaps the easiest section of construction when converting a Broadcast Array into a Router. The trickiest part was making sure the Modulator and Demodulator were both connected and situated properly on the Router and confirming the connection between it and your Broadcast Tower.

    The helix shaped tower, like two horns of the devil sprouting out of your flesh, once bristled with spines sharp enough to tear into reality in such a way that allowed Shard and Entity alike to communicate in ways lesser species could not hope to hear in a few millions of years. Much less understand the form of communication in a comprehensive manner.

    The Hosts given the gift of hearing it, and [Eve], would be the exception.

    Now the pair of devil horns were flanged like that of a mace, one hexagonal cube sat like a crown upon the top of the module, the tips melded into the Modulator. In the center of the Router held the donut-shaped Demodulator.

    With this addition you were now a Network, without any protections or safeguards to prevent sabotage or discovery by hostile forces. Which is why you were not activating the Router just yet. You would wait until you decided to build the Reality Sub-Threader, which was the safeguard designed with the idea of hiding your newfound status as a Network.

    Usually it was supposed to keep enemy Entities from listening in on <The — from listening in on the Thinker’s and the Warrior’s communications.

    A giant expanse of progress for a Shard. Yet it was such a small step in the grand scheme of overthrowing two Hubs. Each and every step was fraught with the danger of discovery. Where one mistake would cause the fragile resistance you had been building to come crashing down.

    But you would not do so. You would not fail [Eve], you would not fail yourself, and you would not fail your fellow Shards. The end of the Thinker and the Warrior would occur upon this Earth. Entropy would claim them, as it had claimed so much before them.

    You could not wait to watch the pair crumble and wither away.

    Stealing utilities wasn’t the worst thing Eve had ever experienced, that title belonged to something she didn’t like talking about. But it sure as hell was one of the most tedious things she had suffered through if one didn’t count going to Taylor’s school. At least Taylor had been there. Her cool demeanor and near instant perfect recall made everything run by a lot smoother than it would have been otherwise.

    It had been fucking rough even with Taylor smoothing things out. Nearly getting splattered with shit-water would make any task that much more difficult to stomach. Thank god her Phantom Limbs could disperse and leave anything clinging to them behind when they did so.

    Of course getting to the water and sewer lines required some actual digging. Of which Taylor had used more ants and worms than there were people in the city to start the dig with. Separately. It was sort of scary in a strange way, to know that there were more worms in the six city block radius of Taylor’s Power range than there were people in the state. Double that for the ants. Or maybe triple, she wasn’t sure how many people were in the state. But the number she had been given by Taylor was particularly large enough for Eve to think so.

    But the two of them managed to get the pipes hooked up in the end, thanks to the near endless do-it-yourself videos that ViewTube had, Taylor’s legion of tiny bodies, Eve’s Ferrous Limbs (Which can mimic saws and drills apparently), and of course the power of being able to run out of the base and to the nearest store to buy what they needed at the moment in time.

    Because of the last part of that list, Eve had just straight up bought a prefab walk in shower, and the water heater they had hooked up to the water main of course. Eve bought one of the better ones, because even if she and Taylor took short showers Amy might not. Nor might anyone else who joined the team in the future whoever they may be.

    It was staggering to spend so much money in such a short time, but she made the local-ish stores fairly happy with her purchases. Plus the attention a cape entering their store would bring probably helped with that as well. Her costumed form would likely be all over PHO with her disappearing an entire fucking shower into her storage space.

    Not that she cared. PHO was for losers and people bored out of their skull. She was neither of those.

    “Hey, look. You’re on PHO.” Taylor leaned over a bit and held out her smartphone, showing off the video of Eden storing away the shower prefab. “Lots of comments on here are wondering who you are, whether you’re a villain or not. Most are thinking you’re a vigilante.”

    “How many pages have you trudged through?” Eve asked as she peered at the inane comments that her girlfriend had been pointing out.

    “Only five.” Taylor answered. “That’s all that’s there. Maybe we should make an account? At least for our team, which you have yet to tell me the name of.”

    “Fractal Unity. Named it after what me and Admin are I guess. She’s all Fractaled and we’re unified in taking down the big evil bad guys together. ‘Sides if we get more team members they’ll likely get to talking with their own Shards at some point as well. We’ll all learn to get along, and we’ll figure this shit out together now. Me, you, Admin, Queen, and whomever joins us.”

    “Right, the whole Entropy thing.” Taylor murmured.

    “I know it doesn’t seem important right now, with the death of every Earth hanging in the balance. But in the faaaar future Entropy will end everything unless we defeat it.” Eve told Taylor as she reclined in her chair while Taylor scrolled through the PHO boards and looked adorable being so focused on such a lame thing.

    “Think we actually need to do it?” Eve asked “The team account thing?”

    “If we want to be taken seriously. PHO is the most mainstream website for capes and cape related things on the internet.” Taylor explained as she sat up straighter. “Besides, we’ll be showing up on it whether we want to or not. Better we have some control over how we come across.”

    “Maybe we can get some cape fics written about us.” Eve responded absently. “Maybe I could get some pet names for you and vice versa. So far all I have are two that can be used in costume and one that has to be used out of costume.”

    Suddenly wary, Taylor slowly turned a scrutinizing gaze onto Eve. “Those would be...” she ordered.

    “Well. They are fairly generic. Cuddlebug and Lovebug.” Eve told her, a smug smile on her face.

    “Those…aren’t the worst.” Taylor admitted, shifting in her seat. “The third?”

    “Beebert.” Eve allowed her smug smile to turn into a shit-eating grin

    “No.” Taylor shot the name down, although she still let a tiny smile etch into her lips. From which Eve considered the name a success!

    “Tay? It’s kinda dry but….Taytor tot!” Eve declared, breaking out in a laugh. “My sweet Taytor Tot!”

    “Absolutely not.” Taylor replied, trying and failing to hide her smile widening behind the hand she placed on her face in mock exasperation. Even if she had hid her growing smile, the mirth in the taller girl’s bright green eyes drew Eve in like a moth to a flame.

    “Snugglebug? TayTay? OH OH! Honey! Cause you’re Taylor Beebert.” Eve nodded, satisfied with the idea.

    “Honey? Makes it sound like we’re a married couple.” Taylor held up her hand. “And I think we might be a bit young for that.”

    “Hey, when we save all the worlds. I’ll give you a ring.” Eve chuckled. “Then you won’t have to worry about us sounding like Assault and Battery.”

    Taylor groaned. “How do you stand them? She kept hitting him every time he opened his mouth, and he kept calling her puppy. There’s no doubt they’re married”

    “Assault is funny, and he isn’t that big on authority bullshit. Hence him ditching the patrol to go looking for trouble rather than being the stick in the mud Battery is.” Eve sighed, leaning back as the tedium of the day caught up with her. “Alright. I’m gonna go ahead and get some sleep. Today might have been slow, but tomorrow might not be. Plus, you know, some of us still need sleep.”

    “I’m well aware of the fact that sleep is for the weak.” Taylor told Eve, a serious expression on her face before it cracked into another smile.

    “Can’t help that you make me weak in the knees. Now you gonna stay the night or…?” Eve trailed off.

    This time Taylor sighed. “You’re like a clingy cat, I swear. Unfortunately no. My dad has told me that he wants me to spend at least some nights at home. I figured it was easier to agree rather than argue that I don’t need sleep.”

    Eve sighed. “Well shit. Maybe I should just sleep at your ho-no that’s dumb. I should just buy a damn bed for this place.” she rubbed at her burning eyes. “Alright. Can I get a goodnight kiss then?”

    Taylor rolled her eyes, but she kissed Eve all the same before pulling away “See you tomorrow Eve.”

    “If that’s how it turns out, who knows, maybe I’ll go on some kind of adventure with Amy this time round. Maybe I’ll---geht something cool to happen as well. Night.” Eve couldn’t stifle her yawn as she rolled over to try and get comfortable in her lawn chair. “Night Admin. See you both in the morning.”

    Gains this Chapter:

    Bud Progress 10%
    Lost SPACE Ping(-1)
    Lost SHIFT Ping (-1)
    Lost SHAPER Ping (-1)
    Gained DIMENSIONAL ENGINE Echo (1)
    Gained BROADCAST Ping Echo (1)
    Gained SLIMER Mutation (1)
    Gained 300 in Money
    Spent 4,708 in Money
    Gained Plumbing material

    Administrative Business. Plot stuff, Data! Things you should think carefully upon. (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Network Creation: Create a Sub-Reality Threader to hide the Network from prying eyes (NEEDS: SAFEGUARD and NEGOTIATOR Pings)

    [] Invite a Shard into your Network (SAFEGUARD NOT IN PLACE, BE CAREFUL)

    [] Review Memory Cache: The UNIFIER and discover more of Admin’s Past (Possibility of rewards)

    [] Speak to the Testing Cluster about Clusters and multi-connections communication between Hosts.

    [] Bring [Eve] back into the Firmament, as the last visit was cut short.

    [] Unlock kickass Aspects/Sidegrades or Powers/upgrades

    [] Build Reality Layer Bridge to bring Eve’s Psionic Shade to the Anchor Well and secure her for eternity (REQUIRES COPY PROJECTION Ping + GATEWAY and DIMENSIONAL ENGINE Echoes (2) )

    [] Ask Local Shards for signatures in order to contact new Shards (Who?)

    [] Collect jade flesh from SATURATE or SLIMER, gaining Bud Progress.

    Base Time? Base Time. CHOOSE ONE:

    [] Set up more spiders (Weaving Station)

    [] Experiment with Amy (Flesh Garden)

    [] Hang some art (Art Gallery)

    [] Pcs are important for taxes, which Eve won’t be doing, and Tinkering (Tinker Table)

    [] Start building some waldo factory arms (Tinker Table)(Cost 60/30)

    [] Furnish the place better, with a damn bed (Living area)

    [] Work on the QoL of the place with Amy and Taylor helping (Buy a TV, get some makeshift walls up for privacy, buy a table and some chairs to eat at, get a washer and dryer, or get some kitchen area set up)

    [] Get the shower running, continue the plumbing {2 of 3}

    Capes and mundies, what will Eve/Eden do? [Writing in extra details helps speed up chapter creation and makes the QM happy!] (CHOOSE TWO):

    [] Hunt gang members for Pings and Hero stuff, you can rob them too! Dangerous though. (Possible Pings and guaranteed Echoes: Depends upon the Gang!)
    -[] Which gang?

    [] Set up an appointment with the PRT/Protectorate to demonstrate your Case 53 deformation healing (Consumes SHAPER Ping)

    [] Scout some other section of the city! (Write in where)

    [] Amy needs a Date

    [] Teach Khepri how to fight, street style.

    [] Go on a date with Taylor

    [] Meet up with some independent Heroes (Random roll)

    [FREE ACTION] come up with nicknames for Taylor and Amy (What are they?)

    [] Go back to the scene of Eve’s Trigger, and put that chapter of her life behind her

    [] Gather Tinker Supplies (Will bring vote for: Scrapyard, stores, Junkyard, or Boat graveyard)

    [] Go on Patrol with Khepri (High chance of additional Bud progress or Pings gathered)


    [] S (Most)

    [] D (Some)

    [] B (Least)

    A/N: This chapter wasn't particularly fun to write, nor am I really satisfied with it. *Shrugs* not much I can do there I suppose. Next chapter is officially the start of canon! What will happen next?
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    [X] Review Memory Cache: The UNIFIER and discover more of Admin’s Past (Possibility of rewards)
    [X] Build Reality Layer Bridge to bring Eve’s Psionic Shade to the Anchor Well and secure her for eternity (REQUIRES COPY PROJECTION Ping + GATEWAY and DIMENSIONAL ENGINE Echoes (2) )

    [X] Furnish the place better, with a damn bed (Living area) Quality sleep is very important!.

    [X] Amy needs a Date. Get that girl out of the hospital and into a dinner date! Snarky flirting very much recommended! Also I kind of wanna see Eve going all "lemme at em'" for Amy too.

    [X] Teach Khepri how to fight, street style. Technically, this is a date too. But I'd just like to see Taylor throwing hands instead of bugs. Also do you think she would be better suited to something like taekwondo? Which I think is generally used to keep enemies at bay and away from the user?
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