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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2024 at 5:12 AM
Mar 8, 2016
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Mar 16, 1990 (Age: 33)


Versed in the lewd., 33

Casualfarmer was last seen:
Feb 25, 2024 at 5:12 AM
    1. moon so bright
      moon so bright
      Just bought the audiobook for v3 this morning - just as good as the previous ones and just as fun. Thanks go to you and Travis Baldree!
      1. Orchamus likes this.
    2. SpyroFan
      Hey Casual I was just relistening to vol2 of beware of chicken and went to reread vol3 while I waited for the audible but for some reason Vol3 is after the battle of dueling peaks which isn't in audible vol2 did I miss something?
    3. Rinn
    4. Deamon
      Hey casual, I was screwing around on that waifu catalog on neo cities and I saw your setting has been added.
    5. moon so bright
      moon so bright
      I bought the audiobook for the second part of Beware of Chicken. You and Travis both do a great job in bringing this world to life. Thanks for writing this story. :)
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    6. BladeofthePast
      Sorry to bother you, but I got the preorder for the hardcover book. I was wondering when the book would actually be released?
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    7. Endgames
      Hey CF, I was hoping to hear if there has been any progress on a print version of Beware of Chicken book 1? The latest info I could find was in February, where you mentioned you were still in talks.

      I've read books 1 and 2 to my wife, and would really love to have a hardcopy to flip through. But if talks fell through and there won't be a print version, then I'd probably get the e-book or audiobook at that point.
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
      2. Endgames
        I'm really glad you put a reminder in your latest chapter. Somehow I missed your first announcement of the hardcopy preorder. Also, I love the shop URL - using "bawk bawk" as the name made me laugh.
        Feb 27, 2023
    8. Sypho.uad
      Wait the story starts from volume one here right? Where can we find volume two except in kindle?
      1. NinjaMAster, Venyr4434 and Venumize like this.
      2. Venumize
        He said he would repost it, think he planned to in June-September. Might be remembering wrong, but might want to download the rest for when it happens again.
        Sep 5, 2022
        Venyr4434 and Sypho.uad like this.
      3. Sypho.uad
        Ahh I see. Thanks for the info! :)
        Sep 5, 2022
    9. moon so bright
      moon so bright
      I bought ‘Beware of Chicken’ audiobook on iTunes, and while it was expensive, it has been so worth it. Thanks for the story once more, the narrator was great and it reminds me of why I loved this tale so much! :)
    10. BlackSmithOP
      Beware Of Chicken was not what I expected it to be, for a novel set in xianxia it reads like a journey of self-discovery.
      1. Venyr4434, BonkerBunkers and DowryA like this.
    11. lancelot
      Stumbled across you again after searching out 'There is no GATE; we did not fight there' to read again. What I'm wondering now is how much you'd have to be payed on Patreon to continue what is at least one of the top ten quests/stories in I've read?
      1. Shador and Snake/Eater like this.
      2. Mint_Scoops
        not sure if im misunderstanding but he was just on a break for march
        Mar 31, 2022
      3. lancelot
        misunderstanding, didn't know about that and was asking about one of the more amazing quests he did on SB.
        Mar 31, 2022
    12. Gear-2557
      Casualfarmer, has something gone wrong with your qq account? Every one of your threads post 2017 seem to have disappeared for some reason. Do you know why this might be?
      1. Daniel K. English
        Daniel K. English
        likely a site issue
        Mar 21, 2022
    13. Dimensionist
      Casualfarmer, I've tried subscribing to you on Patreon, but for some reason it's just not accepting my payment no matter what.

      Is there anything I could do to send the money to you and get access to the advanced chapters that way?
    14. tarrangar
      Happy birthday.
      1. Vanathor, Evilhippy and guisniperman like this.
    15. Czlyydwr Llrngwl
      Czlyydwr Llrngwl
      The next couple of days are apt to be busy for me as well, so I'll just say this now - Here's wishing you a happy birthday, and many more!
    16. Skitzyfrenic
      As of this posting, you average approximately 236 likes per post on this site. I was going through them, and you're head and shoulders ahead of the next couple of people.
      1. Pseudonym likes this.
    17. EVA-Saiyajin
      Yours is the only Xianxia story to not just capture me attention, but wrap it in an embrace and make me never want to let go.
    18. JustOneGuy
      will a physical edition of the book be available for sale internationally ?
      1. Orchamus
        I second this most enthusiastically.
        Oct 17, 2021
    19. DeclanDSI
      Thank you for your Beware of Chicken fic; I really enjoy it and hope you continue to write with joy. It really is good. The protagonist, Bi De, is a steller example of a well written Xianxia cock. The other Xianxia fiction don't do that good of a job.
    20. kinglugia
      *licks* I miss you.
      1. Atlanrom
        Jan 5, 2021
    21. kinglugia
      So, uh, how's it going with your muse?
      1. Lemonbarb and Ddmkm122 like this.
      2. ReinZero
        It's farming. Casually.
        Nov 22, 2018
      3. Lemonbarb
        Very late on this post. But his muse has in radiant lunar tears; gotten Chicken Attacked.

        PS: And the fact his biggest hit, ironically reflecting his glorious username, is priceless. :)
        May 14, 2021
        Weeb Anime and kinglugia like this.
    22. CriticalFailure
      Shit. I forgot to ask permission. It's late as I've already started the thread but would you mind giving permission to grab a few elements of your viking xianxia?
      1. Pseudonym, kinglugia and Ddmkm122 like this.
      2. CriticalFailure
        It's not a complete copy (I just took the general idea of them eating monster flesh to acquire superhuman abilities and the 'root' thematics). And it might not even be relevant if the area isn't picked but there we go.
        Aug 10, 2018
        kinglugia and Ddmkm122 like this.
      3. Casualfarmer
        Yeah, go for it
        Aug 10, 2018
      4. CriticalFailure
        Thank you. Seems the votes are having it in the lead so it's now relevant.
        Aug 11, 2018
        kinglugia and Ddmkm122 like this.
    23. thepsyborg
      So Einherjar is just about the coolest damn thing I've ever seen. Any chance of a revival?
      1. Lemonbarb, Hypervane and Ddmkm122 like this.
      2. Casualfarmer
        Yes. Though I have writers block right now. I've got some ideas on how to progress, but so far very few things are getting done.
        Jan 2, 2018
      3. thepsyborg
        Derailed the chat for a xianxia quest over on anonkun into ranting about how fucking metal Einherjar is and how sad we all are that it never went anywhere.

        ...I'm still hoping.
        Jul 21, 2018
        Marethyu, Ddmkm122, kinglugia and 2 others like this.
      4. Lemonbarb
        In advance, I can't help but wonder if/when you're going to continue that Viking xianxia, since I liked it's very unique take on the theme, more or less. Along with possility of high end "Valkyre" descending from the heavens, to reap souls of fallen warriors and such.
        Aug 13, 2018
        Marethyu, Ddmkm122, kinglugia and 2 others like this.
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    Mar 16, 1990 (Age: 33)


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