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Is it really okay to use Getter Rays in a world of Otome Games? [MobuSeka/Getter Robo]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Blackraptor, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Rodvek97

    Rodvek97 Dont wanna bored anymore

    May 28, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the great chapter :).
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  2. Crimson Reiter

    Crimson Reiter Ahegao hunter

    Apr 15, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I commented on it in SB, but I still can believe you're adding two more games! x'D
  3. Rodvek97

    Rodvek97 Dont wanna bored anymore

    May 28, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Well, the 5th game have setting in space after all.
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  4. D-san

    D-san I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 22, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Good chapter but I'm confused. Why would the Relics at all help with this? As they said, all it does is act as proof for being a Saint and give a boost in power. That doesn't at all resolve the issue of Olivia's indiscriminate and subconscious use of power. As a matter of fact, giving her even more power should in theory make the issue even worse by supercharging the effect.

    The only thing about the Relic that can help is the 'hidden' thing within them that can subconsciously affect Olivia itself, but neither Control nor Leon discusses or even seem aware of it as in canon.
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  5. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    They literally don't have any better ideas.
  6. S T 0 |2 M

    S T 0 |2 M Not too sore, are you?

    May 19, 2020
    Likes Received:
    The best option is to confront her and keep it written down. And then wear her down until she gives up mentally.
  7. D-san

    D-san I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 22, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Any idea would be better than literally giving her more magic to increase and activate the effect. The best answer would be to figure out a way to run her out of mana and then confront her with the idea like the person above suggests.
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  8. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    That is literally the worst thing you can do to someone clearly suffering from mental issues. Please stop treating the poor girl like a Boss to be defeated.
  9. Crimson Reiter

    Crimson Reiter Ahegao hunter

    Apr 15, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Extreme but effective... tho' thinking about it, and given that magic is a widespread thing in the setting, there should be methods to block the use of magic without a fight or knocking her out. I mean, their prison need to contain magic users and then there's that slave collar bullshit in the Alzel's arc.

    Given that both things exist, it shouldn't be a big of a leap to create something similar, maybe a cuff or bracelet, able to block Olivia's magic usege for a few days while Leon, Angie and Clarise talk with her.
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  10. S T 0 |2 M

    S T 0 |2 M Not too sore, are you?

    May 19, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Looking at it now, that looks like something Luxon would do.

    i still think you need to confront her, the main issue is her self worth. If you can’t increase it, then you will never be able to talk to her about it. So i suppose prescribing plenty of bonding time will do the trick? She needs validation, and you can’t give her validation without breaking that wall down.

    None of this is Olivia’s fault, I never meant to imply as such. However, with how she’s unknowingly mind controlling everyone she needs to at least realize she’s doing it. Im not too sure how though, because most ways this will end with Olivia going crazy from guilt and attempting to remove herself from the group.

    The main issue is Marie, she took all the character development that Olivia would get in the games and how they would build her into the saint. And its hard to confront someone extreme denial until you lay iut the facts. I had this conversation with a partner about their substance abuse and it basically went with me trying over and over again to make them realize what they were doing. They couldn’t see reason, so I had to essentially bash my head against a wall until it gave.
    Last edited: May 13, 2022
  11. D-san

    D-san I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 22, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Never said to attack her to lower her mana, just to get it lowered. You could get her to train using her magic until she gets tired or something to get it empty not to mention all the other possible solutions other readers mentioned above this post.
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  12. GiftofLove

    GiftofLove A Gift From The Heart

    Jun 16, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I seriously thought the solution was to hit her with the Power of Love.

    With Control's help, just keep romancing her 50 First Dates style, mainly at night when her mana will be low from school and study, until she has no choice but to give up and realize that she's wanted. Record them all, make up a reel, and play it for her before bed when her ability to self-brainwash is at its lowest.

    Clarice and Angie are already all over her, so seeing that everyone in the group wants her there, even when her power is literally convincing them they don't, will probably do more for her than anything else.
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  13. Threadmarks: Silent Minority - 2

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    “So why did you do a hostile takeover of Olivia’s role as main protagonist anyway?” I regarded the gremlin while she drank some water. “You know about all the possible Bad Ends that can happen, right?”

    It was something that had been niggling at the back of my mind ever since I noticed what Marie had been doing. She had played the game so she should have known how brutal being in Olivia’s canon shoes actually was.

    Marie slammed the empty glass on the table and glared at me. “Just because we’re both from Earth doesn’t mean I have to trust you!”

    I frowned but could understand that she had a point. “Fine. You don’t have to trust me but we don’t have to keep getting in each other’s way either.”

    “That’s what you’ve been doing!” Marie pointed at me with a snarl. “Everything was going fine until you started scooping up the heroine, the villainess, and the minor antagonist!”

    “Because they needed help after you went too hard with the flags!” I shot back. Marie’s actions blindsided Clarice, caused a mental breakdown with Angie, and hamstrung Livia’s character growth.

    “So what?! I don’t care about them!” Oh this bitch!

    I would like to advise a moment of calm. Remaining adversarial benefits neither of you.

    Control cut in just as I was seriously considering strangling the selfish little gremlin. Both of us continued to glare at each other until Marie spun around and went to sit on her bed. I ground my teeth but chose to sit on an available chair.

    “So you can be inside my room too?” Marie hissed at the ceiling where she thought Control probably was speaking from.

    I am the control system of the ship itself, Miss Marie. Being able to monitor passengers is a requirement for health and safety.

    That got a scoff from the gremlin but she didn’t say anything else against it.

    More importantly, I suggest that you both take this opportunity to reach an understanding on certain things. Regardless of personal feelings, you are both now affecting major aspects of this country’s possible future.

    Marie and I both narrowed our eyes at each other. It was pretty clear that there was no love lost between us.

    Miss Marie, we do not understand your motivations. You also have no prerogative to share them with us. However, it is undeniable that your actions have been affecting certain events and causing unintended consequences that we currently do not know the full extent of. Cooperation would allow us all to adjust and deal with any problems that may arise.

    “Why are you making it sound like this is all my fault?!” she yelled at the ceiling indignantly.

    “You snapped up the love interests too fast and too soon.” I finally spoke out, making her look at me in confusion. “Julius and the boys didn’t stand a chance against me because you triggered the duel while they only had their starter level Armors. That fight should have happened at the start of Year Three.”


    “I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but this Pirate Hunt we’re currently on was supposed to happen in Year Two.” I continued with a sigh.


    We also have to consider the very serious possibility of the timetable suggested in the game as a whole being moved forward, this includes the endgame with the Principality of Fanoss’ invasion.

    Ah, looks like things are finally clicking together based on how pale she was getting. “Didn’t consider that, huh?”

    “How could I?! I only went after the romance events! I didn’t know that the combat events would trigger too!” She said in growing panic, likely remembering how terrifying the last third of the game was like for underprepared players. There was one particular boss we definitely needed to be ready for.

    Regardless of intent, this may be something we need to prepare for. Black Getter F and the Nagare can only do so much on their own. May we know the reason why you chose to take on the mantle that was originally meant for Olivia?

    Marie still looked hesitant so I took a breath and leaned forward in my chair. “There had to have been tons of other options for you when you got to the Academy without getting involved in the plot.”

    “There wasn’t. Taking Julius and the others and becoming the Saint was the only choice I had.” The empty look in Marie’s eyes and the hollow tone in her voice genuinely spooked me.

    Then Marie actually told us what her story was.

    I slammed my fist against the nearest wall. I was back out in the hallway outside Marie’s room, the girl quietly asking me to leave after she finished explaining her side. I felt my heart stop when I heard her break down and sob as the door closed behind me.

    “Fucking nobility my ass!” I hissed out. I knew that my family situation probably wasn’t the only crappy one out there, but it never really sunk in until I heard Marie’s own situation.

    Neglect, abuse, indifference.

    At least my family outside of Zola’s side actually loved me!

    Marie wouldn’t have any good prospects for marriage at the Academy either. Other houses would immediately recognize that her family was poor and marrying her would just drag them into debt as well. I felt like a complete ass when I remembered every time I made fun of her figure and stature. She was probably malnourished when she was growing up which was why she looked like that.

    When she learned that she could use healing magic, she worked herself to the bone in order to bump it up to a level that would be able to rival Livia’s. She wanted to take the title of Saint in order to escape the hell she was reincarnated into.

    I asked why she hadn’t told Julius and the others yet. I was certain that they would obliterate her house for how they treated her. Marie just shrugged at me before answering with a broken smile.

    “And then what?”

    It didn’t take long for me to see what she meant. Regardless if she was a victim in the situation, it would only look like she manipulated the prince and the other heirs for her own revenge-slash-hostile takeover of her family’s holdings. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of their families would have her killed in order to save their houses’ reputations. The Lafan territory would then be cut up and distributed to whoever the Crown saw fit.

    It didn’t excuse what she did to Angie, Livia, and Clarice, but I at least understood why she had to attempt something so drastic. I walked back to the bridge and slumped in the Captain’s chair.

    It is unfortunate that humanity’s worst traits have lived on even after tens of thousands of years.

    “I can’t think of anything to get her out of her family situation.” I whined, feeling a headache coming on.

    For now, leaving her with Prince Julius and the others would be the best course of action.

    “It just keeps piling up, Control. How the hell do we deal with all the problems that I can’t just blast away using Black Getter?” It reminded me of what I told Duke Redgrave when he and Minister Atlee originally talked to me about getting engaged to their daughters.

    Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to most of the issues we face. I suggest that we focus on things we can resolve for now.

    “Pirates.” I immediately mused while looking at some of the displays. Still a fair bit away from our destination. “How long do you think until Clara breaks and spills the beans?”

    Three minutes ago. She is presently making her way to the bridge when I told her that you are here.

    Huh, that didn’t take long at all. “Really?”

    She discovered that she could communicate with me in her room. She asked where you were as she wished to speak with you about something important.

    “Yeah, I bet. Where is she?” The main display on the Captain’s console changed to show a live feed of Clara exiting an elevator.

    She just entered the hallway outside the bridge.

    “Let her in.” This should be good. The doors opened and Clara briskly walked in before bowing in front of me.

    “Viscount Bartfort, I need to speak with you urgently.” She said in a formal tone.

    I decided to call back to something I said before. “Finally decided to assassinate me, huh?”

    “Wha–no! I’m here to–” She started to say in a panic until I cut her off.

    “This whole thing is a trap. The pirates waiting for us are more numerous than what you originally told me and their actual objective is to kill me. Did I forget anything else?” I told her in a bored tone. I didn’t expect her to immediately throw herself at my feet and grovel.

    “Please forgive me! I didn’t want to do this! I didn’t have a choice!” She babbled through tears. “Miss Offrey ordered me to make the request to you an–”

    “Stop!” I called out and she immediately shut up. “Do you mean Karen Fou Offrey?”

    “Yes, Viscount. The Waynes are vassals of the Offrey house and I am expected to follow any orders from Miss Offrey. She was the one who told me to lead you to our destination.” She quickly said. Clara certainly didn’t hold any loyalty to Karen or her family. Zero-to-Under the Bus within a minute.

    I hummed, recalling that the incident at the school festival was the first time I ever even saw her. “Why would she want to do that?”

    “I don’t know. I know better than to ask, Viscount.” Clara answered with a shake of her head.

    It is also curious that the daughter of House Offrey is able to coordinate an attack using Sky Pirates.

    Control made a pretty good point. You never really get to the bottom of the cause of the pirate ambush in the game, it was just used as a framing device for the chosen love interest’s new Armor and the Saint’s Necklace.

    “You think they’re working with the Pirates? Or the pirates actually work for them?” I asked while leaning into the seat, tenting my fingers in front of my face, and narrowing my eyes. A gesture that made Clara look even more afraid.

    It would explain their freedom of movement and lack of persecution.

    I slowly looked down and regarded the girl who was still on her knees. “And your family works under them, huh?”

    “Please! I’ll do anything! I’ll testify against them! I’m sure my father would do the same! Please don’t kill us!” I ignored her pleas, hopped off the Captain’s chair and crouched down so we were at eye level.

    “How many pirates are waiting for us?” I asked in a low tone, making the girl shiver.

    “I wasn’t told. They just told me that it would be enough.” She said before her eyes widened. “In fact, we should probably turn back and just leave!”

    That was an option, if the pirates didn’t have something I wanted. “No, we’ll keep going. It would be rude to stand them up after they went through all the trouble.”

    “This is only one ship! Even with advanced Armors, you would be overwhelmed!” Clara exclaimed while spreading her arms.

    I chuckled at her fear and looked up at the ceiling. “Control, how many enemies can the Nagare face by itself?”

    At the minimum range where all weapon systems would have full effectiveness, the Nagare is capable of engaging two hundred and seventy-six individual targets of standard Armor size or larger simultaneously.

    I whistled. I didn’t know the number was going to be that high.

    “As you can see, we won’t be trapped out there with them.” I looked back down at the gobsmacked girl. “They’ll be trapped out there with us.”

    “From this point forward, you do what I tell you. Don’t talk about your family’s involvement in this.” I said while pulling Clara back up to her feet. “If Jilk finds out, he might just shoot you where you stand.”

    I ignored how she started shaking in fear. “Control, get everyone to the briefing room. It’s time we talk about tactics.”

    Of course.

    “Follow.” I ordered and exited the bridge.

    “Y-yes, my Lord!” Clara answered as she started following me. Wait, why was she calling me her lord? Whatever, I had bigger things to worry about.

    Twenty minutes later, Control and I finished telling everyone the current situation. Well, the one we decided to go with anyway. It was kind of funny the way Clara looked at me with wide eyed shock when I explained that the mission had changed from suppression to the rescue of the Wayne family. Control “detected” a larger than expected number of pirates and they were headed directly to the Wayne estate.

    “Do you think that whoever has been working with the pirates decided that the Waynes have become a loose end?” Jilk asked with narrowed eyes. Marie was looking at me with suspicion but didn’t speak up.

    “That could very well be the case. Their numbers are probably so they could erase everything completely.” I agreed with a nod.

    “Are we sufficient to deal with so many foes?” Chris very reasonably asked.

    The Nagare will be engaging the bulk of the Pirate forces.

    “Our job will be to find and secure the flagship and take in their leadership. Hopefully we can actually find out who has been behind this whole mess.” I continued from Control’s initial answer. It was also to ensure that we keep the flagship intact as the Saint Relic was likely stored there. Even if it was stashed somewhere else, we’ll have the ones who would know in custody.

    “Not to doubt the strength of a Lost Item, but are you sure that you can fight against multiple ships?” Brad asked Control.

    The Nagare was designed specifically to face overwhelming odds and prevail.

    Everyone was silent after that, likely thinking about our odds. It made sense. As talented and prepared as we all were, enough numbers could still eventually make up for the difference. Greg didn’t seem to be all that worried, neither did Chris after giving a nod. Jilk and Brad looked at each other but Jilius’ reaction was the one that really surprised me.

    “I trust Leon and Control.” He declared as he gave me a look of complete confidence. “Tell us where you need us.”

    Well, I definitely didn’t want to disappoint after something like that.

    “Okay, here’s what we do.”
  14. Threadmarks: Silent Minority - 3

    Blackraptor Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    The destination that Clara led us to was a floating island in the outskirts of the Wayne territory. It was primarily used for mining and logging so there weren’t really any civilian residences there.

    Well, that was what the island was supposed to be for.

    “The mineral veins in the mines have already been used up long ago and the trees that grow there are troublesome to cut down and provide subpar wood. All-in-all, it’s nothing more than a floating rock in my family’s eyes.” Clara explained during our little mission briefing.

    “That means that there’s gonna be a lot of caves to hide in.” Greg voiced out, something that we all agreed with.

    “There should also be a number of facilities to accommodate ships to export the resources that were mined. They may be in disrepair now, but they might still be used to house and service a number of ships.” Chris added. The more we thought about it, the more it made it look like the island we were headed to was a perfect fit for a Sky Pirate hideout.

    I believe this would be a good time to discuss the Rules of Engagement that we will use in this battle.

    “Rules of what now?” Brad asked. I guess they never really had anything like that, or it was called something else here.

    It is about how we shall conduct ourselves in combat. Do we attack immediately? Do we wish to attempt diplomacy? Do we simply kill the pirates who are not part of the leadership?

    “Ah, now I understand. I say we just kill the ones we don’t need.” Brad answered with a confident nod.

    “You don’t look like you agree, Leon.” Marie spoke up for the first time in the briefing. The others looked like they just noticed my expression.

    “You still have reservations about killing?” Jilk asked, more curious than anything else.

    “Well, that’s one thing. There’s also another reason…” I trailed off and remembered something from quite some time ago. “...I saw the final wish of the one that created the Nagare and Black Getter. They were both built for the sake of mankind. Black Getter in particular was created with the hope that whoever inherits it would never use it to destroy humanity. I kind of still want to abide by that wish as much as I can.”

    “A Lost Item purpose built to protect mankind, strong enough that its creator asks you to not use it to destroy.” Chris said with a helpless smile and a shake of his head. “We really didn’t stand a chance against you, did we?”

    “Well, not with that attitude.” I responded with a grin, making the boys laugh.

    “I’m fine with it. If anything would be sturdy enough to try to take down Sky Pirates non-lethally, it would be Leon’s Armor.” Jilk voiced his approval with a nod. “Though I hope you don’t have anything against the rest of us taking lives to defend ourselves and each other.”

    I nodded and gave him a thumbs up. “I get it. I won’t try to restrict you guys.”

    “Your desire to uphold the final wish of your Armor’s creator is admirable. Just make sure that it does not shackle you if the time comes that you need to take lives for the sake of others.” Julius warned me with complete seriousness.

    Defend what you hold dear with it if you want, but do not make our mistakes. Don’t try to turn Getter into a God or a Devil.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

    The Nagare flew into the island’s airspace, it was quiet but Control was able to detect each and every ship and Armor hiding all around us. Julius and the boys were all in their Armors and standing on the Nagare’s surface. Marie and Clara were both watching everything unfold from the safety of the bridge.

    “Sky Pirates!” Julius called out, his Armor amplifying his voice. “I know you are here! I am Julius Rapha Holfort! Crown Prince of the Kingdom that you are all blighting with your presence. Surrender now or be cut down! This is your only warning!”

    The pirates responded by launching a bunch of ships all around the Nagare, six in total. Those ships started to disgorge Armors from within, Control confirming sixty.

    “Those models are military.” Jilk said over the comms. Control set everyone up with simple ear pieces so we could all communicate without having to use external speakers. “There are old ones from Holfort, Fanoss, and even Alzer.”

    “Stolen or given by their benefactors?” Brad asked. “Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was both.”

    “That might just actually be it. Well, not like they stand a chance. They’re using models older than the one I used in the duel!” Greg dismissed the threat with a grin.

    “Welcome to the territory of the Winged Sharks, your highness!” The haughty voice of a man yelled out from the furthest ship, the flagship it seemed. “As you can see, you are outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded! How about we calm down and talk about how I’ll be ransoming you and your friends back to the Kingdom. You can even leave behind your Armors and that ship as gifts to my esteemed self!”

    “It seems that negotiations are unsuccessful, Julius.” Chris joked, knowing that it was a long shot anyway.

    “It seems so.” Julius agreed as he watched the pirates start to close in. “Leon, time for the next phase of your plan.”

    “Got it.” I said from inside Black Getter’s cockpit. We were in the skies above the island, so far up that none of the pirates even noticed that the Getter Robo was even up here. I took a breath, changed Black Getter’s angle, and pushed on the levers to make it fly straight down. I grunted at the acceleration and tightened my muscles, the pilot suit doing its job and preventing injuries from the g-force.

    “Bhaa!” I exhaled as Black Getter stopped in the air in front of one of the Winged Sharks’ ships. “Getter Spike!”

    Black Getter reared its arm back as the spikes on its fist extended. With a mighty punch down onto the bow of the ship, I was able to force it to run aground as it wasn’t able to stabilize itself.

    “As you can see, we are far more formidable than you think.” I heard Julius say as the boys readied their own weapons and engaged the Pirates’ Armors. I may have been able to take them all down pretty easily during the duel, but they started to demonstrate that they all had the potential to be pretty high-end Armor pilots too. It was even more impressive since they were still just using souped up versions of their starter Armors and not the actual upgraded models. As the biggest kicker, they were doing this against a force that was larger and stronger than what they were supposed to face in-game.

    Chris’s Armor retained its sleek design, but had extra slits at the shoulders, hips, and legs. The purpose of those slits became evident when a pirate tried to stab him with a spear, Chris easily sliding to the side and slicing the Armor in half with a better looking sword than what he used to have.

    Brad’s Armor added smaller shields at the shoulders but it still looked pretty much the same as last time. The improvements it got was shown as he controlled the remote spears that were normally mounted on the Armor’s back. Each spear flying around, stabbing, blocking, and parrying like they all had minds of their own.

    Greg being Greg just did the sensible thing and replaced his outdated model to a more standard one. Of course, it was customized to his liking. It was still red but had more armoring and slightly bigger arms than the regular models that the army uses. With his spearwork no longer held back by the limitations of an old Armor, Greg just went around like a whirlwind of destruction.

    Jilk stayed on the Nagare and used it as a firing platform. The helmet of his Armor looked new and the rifle it wielded looked a bit heftier. The effectiveness of the upgrades were pretty easy to see as he was able to pick off Armors two or three at a time. Predictably, he focused his support fire around Julius, though he did take out targets of opportunity that went after the others.

    Speaking of Julius, his armor looked pretty much unchanged. It made sense as it was already a higher spec Armor than normal. He was front and center of the Armor battle and coordinated the rest of the boys for attacks and defense. Whenever a pirate tried their luck, they found Julius’ swordsmanship more than enough to deal with any of them.

    I had just crushed the legs of a couple of Armors, forcing them to land, when I noticed that the enemy Armors were getting taken down faster than I expected them to. “Control, time to finish this.”


    The Nagare’s surface shifted, Jilk wisely taking to the air, with armor panels moving to reveal several large lenses. Ah, of course it would have lasers.

    [Getter Beam]

    Control’s declaration could be heard by everyone on the battlefield as the sky was bathed in green light. In an instant, four of the ships were already crashing to the ground along with a bunch of Armors that had limbs melted off.

    Nagare OP, please never nerf.

    “We surrender! We surrender!” The frantic voice of the same man who spoke before suddenly yelled out from the remaining ship. “Please have mercy on us!”

    Jilk coordinated placement of prisoners inside the Nagare’s residential area with Control. The big ship being the only thing large enough to hold that many people securely. The rooms they were confined in were completely sealed and Control made sure that all the pirates understood that every aspect of the ship was under their control, including the air supply inside. None of them resisted.

    “What’ll happen to them?” I asked Jilk as the last of the regular pirates were locked up in rooms.

    “Execution.” He simply responded. I grimaced, but I couldn’t really do anything about it either.

    Instead, I went to the remaining pirate ship still in the air to talk to the leader. Surprisingly, Julius went with me. I was expecting Jilk to protest, but he agreed and chose to keep an eye outside the ship in his Armor. The leader was a bald man with an eyepatch that had scars all over his dark skin, pretty much what I expected a pirate to look like. He was super nervous when we entered his quarters, likely the thrashing was still fresh on his mind.

    “You are the leader of the Winged Sharks?” Julius asked, hand on the sword on his hip. The leader nodded and I took the time to look around, immediately spotting the very thing I wanted. There on a display case near the far wall was a jeweled necklace that had the symbol of the holy temple on it.

    The Saint’s Necklace.

    I walked up to it and the pirate leader looked alarmed. I spoke up before he could, “Why were you guys here? This place is pretty deep in Holfort territory.”

    “We were told to set up here and wait for a ship to ambush.” He quickly said, still looking at me warily.

    Julius glared at him and stepped forward. “Who instructed you to do this?”

    “I can’t tell you! They’ll kill me!” He said in clear fear.

    “You guys just attacked the crown prince.” I reminded him. “Whoever you’re afraid of will be nothing compared to what the crown will do if you don’t cooperate.”

    He quickly broke after that and told us everything, even providing letters that showed the pirates being ordered to go here and ambush whoever showed up. They had one order: Confirm the Death of Leon Fou Bartfort. The one who had them do this was even more of a surprise.

    “The Offrey House wants you killed?” Julius asked in shock as he read through one of the letters. “Why? Because you spurned their daughter?”

    “Nah, Carla went to me before the thing with Karen in the Host Club. This was going to happen regardless of how I reacted to her.” I also considered the possibility, but it looked like the whole seduction thing by Karen was just for kicks.

    “More mysteries then.” Julius muttered before turning to the pirate leader. “You will surrender this ship and everything inside to us. Report to the deck to be moved as our prisoner.”

    I watched the man quickly beat a hasty retreat, giving the necklace one last worried glance before leaving. “You sure he won’t run?”

    “To where?” I blinked at Julius’ words and nodded in understanding.

    Julius and I looked around the quarters some more, with me taking the opportunity to pilfer the Saint’s Necklace. We didn’t really find anything aside from more letters that proved that the Sharks were under the employ of the Offery house as guns for hire. Julius surmised that was how they were equipped with better Armors than what they were supposed to be capable of acquiring.

    “I guess the only thing left is to go to Carla’s home and tell her family the good news!” Julius happily exclaimed when we all returned to the Nagare.

    Carla and I exchanged a glance, with her just bowing at me after a smile. “Right, yeah.”

    We left the ships and Armors on the island to be eventually retrieved by representatives of the Crown. Greg, Brad, and I did make sure to move all the treasure we could get our hands on back to the Nagare though. When Chris asked why we would even need treasures, the three of us just grinned at the man.

    “It’s not about needing more money…” Brad began.

    “...it’s about having more money!” Greg finished and the three of us shared a round of high fives. We then all met back up in the briefing room so Julius and I could tell everyone what we found.

    “Sorry to tell you, but it looks like Marie is literally the best thing that happened to you.” I told Brad, who looked both shocked and relieved at the same time.

    “Hey! Why did it sound like you’re pitying him that I’m the best thing that happened to Brad!” Marie complained before she was engulfed in an embrace by a tearful Brad, thanking her for letting him into her life. “Ack! I get it! Let me go!”

    Julius then informed everyone that he’d bring the prisoners and the evidence before her mother so an official investigation and inquisition could be brought against the Offerys. From the sounds of it, they won’t last very long with the piles of proof we managed to find.

    I glanced at a fidgeting Clara as her father explained that they didn’t know anything about any pirate attacks threatening them. Our arrival at the Wayne Estate made a lot of people pretty scared, but the feeling was replaced with relief and a bit of panic when Julius made his presence known.

    Carla proceeded to tell her father and the rest that she was ordered by the Offrey House’s daughter to lure me to the ambush. Her dad was understandably furious with her for going along with a plot that threatened the life of the crown prince.

    “What was I supposed to do?! She was going to kill us all if I didn’t do what she said!” Carla screamed out in despair. I moved between the crying Carla and Jilk, who had just pulled out his personal handgun.

    “She is a traitor.” He coldly said.

    “She was being threatened.” I pointed out.

    “She tried to have you killed!” He countered, bewildered that I was taking her side.

    “That was the Offreys. As you heard, they pretty much took Carla’s entire family hostage.” I reasoned out instead.

    Jilk grimaced but holstered his gun before speaking. “We can’t just let her go.”

    “I won’t run away!” Carla suddenly yelled out before once again kneeling in front of me. “I’ve sworn to myself to follow Viscount Leon Bartfort to the ends of the world!”

    “What?!” I exclaimed and looked down at the girl who now had a rather manic look in her eyes.

    “You are my savior! My family’s savior! You could have easily just thrown me away like the Offreys have, but you didn’t!” Carla Fou Wayne passionately said. “I humbly request that you allow me to dedicate my life to you, my Lord!”

    That caused another round of arguments between her and her family. I just stood there with the others and watched the whole thing unfold.

    “What should I do?” I asked and the boys just gave me thumbs up in response, even Jilk. “I hate you guys.”
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    wow, Leon's collecting women he didn't even get in canon
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    Clarice was the first of those lol, she was gangbanged by her slaves in canon. Here? Not so much.
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    There's something so very Bro about the dudes all gunning for the same girl being so supportive of Leon's (unintended) polygamy.
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    When you do a Gendo Ikari pose who wouldn't be afraid?
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    Julius’ status and charisma helped a lot in smoothing things over between Clara and her family. He said that he would talk to the Queen about their situation and circumstance as victims during the whole incident. It was a moment that reminded me that the guy was actually raised to become a King one day.

    We were on our way back to the Capital and everyone was getting a well deserved rest. I lay on the bed in the Captain’s Quarters of the Nagare with the Saint’s Necklace dangling in my hand above my face.

    “Such a tiny thing.” In the game it was just a key item that took up a new slot in Olivia’s equipment screen. It wouldn’t do anything until the event where she revealed the power of the Saint, at which time it would serve as a booster to her magic stat. It was a way for the players who chose to run a non-magic Olivia to access the endgame spells that needed high magic stats. Of course, it just gave the ones who ran magic specs even more power.

    What? That sounds like broken game design? Of course, it was. It was part of the reason why the difficulty spike later on was so nuts.

    Should we give the necklace to Olivia once we arrive back at the Capital?

    That was the question, wasn’t it? I was effectively banking on the possibility of the necklace unlocking enough of Olivia’s Saint Power for her to actually take control of it. If she really was manipulating everyone’s minds subconsciously, this along with Control talking her through the issue might help her break the spell. What happens after that, well…

    You seem uncertain.

    “I know that the world doesn’t revolve around events or flags, but I can’t help the sinking feeling of what would happen if doing that reveals Livia as the Saint this early.” I admitted, Marie’s actions along with a bunch of other things happening out of order was making me nervous about what else would trigger.

    You believe that it may cause something else to occur early as well?

    “I don’t really want to deal with Fanoss this early. Sure, you and I may be able to take on whatever they send against us. The problem is that the rest of the Kingdom likely won’t fare as well as we can.” Just thinking about the Principality and the pain in the ass that was the Black Knight made my head hurt.

    I understand. What about the route of giving the necklace to Marie instead? She has a motivation to want to become a Saint and the relics may give her enough power to match Olivia’s. Possibly enough to counteract her spell.

    That was definitely another way to deal with the issue, by effectively turning Livia into a boss that I had to trust Marie to be able to beat. It wasn’t a mindset I was keen to follow. “Pitting two girls with the power level of a Saint sounds like a Last Resort kind of thing to do.”

    A unique conundrum. Do you wish to delay for now? We have the relic on hand and can use it once we have a clearer plan of action.

    “Can we keep it on the Nagare for now? It’ll probably be the safest place to store it.” I sat up from the bed and looked around.

    Of course. There is a safe behind the painting to your left, I will ensure that it remains there.

    It wasn’t the ideal solution, but it was better than making a rash decision that I couldn’t take back. If we ever needed the necklace, I knew exactly where it was. Control opened the empty safe and I tossed the sacred artifact inside.

    The sound the safe made when I closed it didn’t sound foreboding at all.

    We managed to return to the capital before the holiday ended. Julius and Jilk quickly organized the authorities to accept the captured pirates. The two of them patted me on the back and wished me luck just as the boys’ Armors were done being unloaded from the Nagare’s hangar. I understood what they meant when I saw my fiancées and Livia walking towards us.

    “How did they know I was already back?” I whispered while Julius and Jilk made themselves scarce.

    I took the liberty of letting them know about our return.

    Control’s stealth drone appeared above Clarice’s shoulder at those words. Ah, that made sense. I noticed that their gazes were directed behind me and remembered that Clara was standing there the whole time.

    “I can explain.” I said raising my hands as I stood in front of Livia, Angie, and Clarice.

    “Can you, Leon? Can you really?” Clarice asked, looking more amused than angry. We all went back to the Academy and decided to talk about everything in my usual tea room. I felt like a trapped animal as both Angie and Clarice refused to let go of my arms as we walked. Livia hung back a few paces and talked to Clara on the way.

    I explained what happened before, during, and after the pirate attack. I knew that I was doing something wrong based on the expressions that my fiancées were sporting the further along the story I went. Why are they looking at me like they were expecting this outcome and were disappointed that they guessed correctly?

    Angie sighed and rubbed her head once I finished. “Will you be making a habit of picking up strays whenever you go out from now on?”

    Clarice laughed at the question even as Clara looked like she didn’t know how to take the comment.

    “I think it’s great that Leon was able to save Clara!” Livia cheered, seemingly taking a shine to the girl after their talk.

    “On a more serious note,” Clarice began while looking at Clara. “What exactly do you plan on being for Leon? What use are you for my man? I hope you don’t have any delusions of becoming another of his wives.”

    “No! I would never presume to be worthy of such an honor!” Clara quickly answered with a shake of her head. “I shall be whatever my Lord wishes me to become. I will accept anything from him.”

    Okay, that amount of devotion was getting kind of creepy.

    “Dubious as the circumstances of her recruitment was, I cannot deny that Leon can benefit from having followers now that he is a Viscount.” Angie sounded like she was pulling teeth as she said that. Me? Followers? Oh no, did I really have to start thinking about that kind of stuff?!

    “If Angie is okay with it, then I won’t have any objections. As long as Clara here doesn’t forget her place then she can become Leon’s little minion.” Clarice agreed with a shrug.

    “Of course! All I am is for the benefit of my Lord!” Clara stated with a proud smile, it even almost looked like her eyes were sparkling.

    “Isn’t that great, Leon?” Sure, Livia, Absolutely fantastic.

    A few days later, I found myself walking alongside Angie and Clarice through the main entrance of the Redgrave estate. Both their fathers summoned us for a meeting, no real mystery as to what the subject was going to be. Clara and Livia were back at the Academy and doing their own thing.

    “Why do I feel even more nervous than I did the last time I was here?” I whined after a bunch of servants greeted us at the entrance hall. “There seems to be an air of expectation now.”

    “Of course there is, silly.” Clarice giggled from my left as she squeezed my hand.

    “The servants are merely giving a proper greeting to the man who shall become my husband.” Angie declared from my right as she also squeezed my hand. They led me to a room on a higher floor than the audience chamber where I talked to the Duke last time. Angie knocked and the door was opened to reveal her brother. I glanced past him and saw the Duke and Minister talking over a couple of glasses of wine.

    “You’re late.” Gilbert flatly stated and I suddenly got nervous. We were?! Did I just make two very scary dads wait on me?!

    “Don’t mind my brother’s teasing, we’re not late.” Angie assured me as she pulled me past the smirking man. Oh no, that’s going to be my brother-in-law.

    Minister Atlee greeted us first, standing up and enveloping his daughter in an embrace. Clarice accepted the hug with the patience of a daughter who knew how much she was loved. “Dad, We just saw each other last week!”

    Despite her protests, it was obvious that she was happy to see him again. I glanced past them as Angie stood up straight when her own father approached her. Duke Redgrave smiled down at his daughter and asked one thing “Does he make you happy?”

    “Yes, father.” I couldn’t keep the flush from my face at the smile Angie showed when she answered.

    “Leon has been wonderful, sometimes a bit too wonderful.” Clarice commented with a teasing look towards me. “Angie and I have been thinking about getting a leash to make sure that other girls know exactly who he belongs to.”

    What have I gotten myself into?!

    A hand patted my shoulder and saw that it was Gilbert. “This is the future you chose.”

    After introductions were finished, we all sat together in the room. I took up one couch with Angie and Clarice at my sides. The couch across from us held Duke Redgrave with Minister Atlee and Gilbert flanking him.

    “I must say, we are quite happy that you chose to marry both our daughters. From how they talk about you, we know that we have entrusted them to the right man.” I could hear the ‘this time’ that Minister Atlee implied at the end of his statement.

    “Thank you Minister, Duke,” I bowed to both men. “I still don’t know if I deserve to have both Angie and Clarice, but I’ll do everything I can to make them happy.”

    “Of course you will.” The certainty in Duke Redgrave’s voice was a bit intimidating. “I suppose it will take some time for you to get used to referring to myself and Bernard as Father.”

    He was not wrong.

    “I must commend you for your decision not to remain antagonistic towards Prince Julius and his companions. Not only becoming amicable, but actually befriending them.” Gilbert pointed out my relationship with Julius and the boys.

    “Like I said before, my only real problem with them was how they treated Angie and Clarice. They’re actually good guys once we got past that. They even helped me deal with a situation recently.” I stated, referring to the last time that I spoke to Angie’s father and brother.

    “Ah, yes. The Palace was rather surprised when Prince Julius and Jilk returned with several pirates as prisoners. It has certainly helped his image that he has actively contributed to the safety of the Kingdom’s skies. From what I understand, you have even taken in the daughter of the Wayne house as a follower.” Minister Atlee said in good humor. Huh, I guess that would be how people would see Julius’ actions. Well, good for him. I got the pirates off my hands and Julius got a rep boost.

    I sighed and didn’t miss how my fiancées hands squeezed just a bit tighter on my own. “It wasn’t by choice. Carla practically threw herself at my feet and declared that she’d dedicate herself for my sake.”

    “You have guaranteed her loyalty to yourself, having such people is not common. Do not dismiss her devotion as a flight of fancy. I’m sure our daughters can assist you on how to best utilize her.” Duke Redgrave told me with a nod. “But enough about that, we should move on to the main topic of our discussion.”

    Wait, this wasn’t the main topic? What was I actually here for then?!

    “Of course! Now then, have you three already discussed the actual date of the wedding?” I felt myself sweat loudly once again at those words. Wedding?! Already?! “Ah, from your expression, I suppose not.”

    “Leon still needs some time to get used to the idea. Though Angie and I have been talking about when the three of us should get married.” Clarice smoothly picked up the conversation despite my panic.

    “Yes, Livia has been quite passionate about the topic as well.” I blinked, of course Livia would have been involved in those kinds of discussions. “She wants Leon to marry both of us at the same time, though I was thinking that he should marry Clarice first once she graduates. We can wait for my wedding until our own graduation.”

    “And I argued that it wouldn’t be fair for me to be Leon’s wife two years earlier than her.” Clarice responded and pouted at Angie, it seemed to be something they had argued about before.

    “And what is the future groom’s opinion on the matter?” The smirk on Gilbert’s face made it pretty obvious why he put the attention back on me.

    “I’m not really ready to give a final answer to that kind of important choice but,” I began, trying to find my next words. I glanced at the two girls at my side and saw the nervous smiles they were giving me. “Both, I want to marry them both at the same time. I don’t know when exactly, but I can’t think of doing anything less.”

    I thanked the stars that both their fathers were willing to table the discussion for now. In fact, it was almost like they were expecting my choice with how easily they agreed to talk about it again in the future. I swear, I couldn’t understand what those two were thinking at all.

    “Well, that was exciting.” Was all I could say when we left the room before I found myself with an armful of Clarice. Her lips were on mine for quite some time, the way she smiled afterwards indicated that I did a good thing back there.

    “Leon, dear. You don’t understand how happy you made me with your words earlier.” She said excitedly with a toothy grin. The grin changed into a different kind as she continued speaking. “If I was less than a proper lady, I would have dragged you and Angie both to an empty bedroom right now.”

    Oh, that was certainly a part of our relationship that I haven’t thought about at all. No sir! No active imaginations here!

    “Clarice, please don’t tease Leon so much.” Angie told Clarice even as she kissed me as well.

    “Who’s teasing?” The other girl asked with a smile.

    We managed to get back to the Academy without any further incident and both girls gave me another kiss before we split up and headed back to our respective dorms.

    “Don’t wait too long to have us in your bed, Leon. Angie and I are pretty excited to show you what we’ve been practicing together~” I remained expressionless even as Angie scolded Clarice for talking too much about what they have been apparently doing. My impassiveness continued as I walked back to my dorm room, friends and strangers who greeted me along the way were summarily ignored.

    Ah, Leon. I was wondering when you wished to continue with the simulati–is anything the matter?

    I ignored Control’s voice and flopped face first onto my bed. Angie and Clarice were going to eat me alive the first chance they got and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be ready for it.

    A few weeks back into the resumption of classes, Julius informed me that the Offrey house had been officially dissolved for their conspiracy. He also handed me a letter from the Palace. It was a formal invitation to meet the Queen in a few days to receive my reward for my own efforts against the pirate menace.

    I guess the King was busy?
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    I give her two months at much before she's riding Leon. Teasing is a double-edged sword, after all.

    But no matter what, the teasing is going to be glorious, 'cause I can't see Leon don't teasing her back once he get used to it!
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    Read through the whole story in one setting good Lawd, why aren't people reading this? This is good shit right here!

    Gave me a ton of idea for my own Mobseka story!
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    "Now this is just ridiculous!" I yelled out while maneuvering around a bunch of flying Mechasaurus. "This has to be some sort of prank, Control! They're literally just World War Two planes with Dinosaur heads sticking out of them!"

    I was back in the simulator due to my whole morning being free. My meeting with the Queen wasn't until the evening after classes were over so I decided to get some reps in. Control decided that I could use some training on facing an absurd number of foes. That was how I sometimes glared at the victory condition that was on the upper part of the display.

    Current Objective: Survive

    I thought that I was going to have to kill EDF level numbers of monsters, not this!

    "And why are they all so huge?!" I asked, narrowly dodging a suicide charge from one of the many dinosaur headed fighter planes.

    These are all to scale, as are every enemy you have faced. It just so happens that Black Getter F is about half the size of the Getter Robo that these enemies originally fought.

    Right, I did remember Professor Jin's comment that Black Getter was supposed to be smaller. Not that it made me feel any better about having to dodge bullets, lasers, and literal fire coming out of those Mechasaurus. Still, the smaller size of my Getter did allow me to bob and weave between the dino-planes much more easily than I would have with a full sized Getter Robo. When I cut open the fuselage of a Zero Fighter that had a Velociraptor face instead of a propeller, another notification popped up on the screen.

    [Minimum Competency Achieved: Getter Beam Certification Unlocked for Black Getter F]

    Getter Beam? Wasn’t that what Control used on the Winged Sharks with the Nagare?

    “Control! Getter Beam! How do?!” I yelled out in a clipped tone since I was still in the middle of a fight. It was pretty neat to make the dino-planes crash into each other though.

    Except when the explosions block my vision of other dino-planes!

    “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I cursed as a triceratop dual-prop fighter crashed into Black Getter and started dragging it across the sky.

    Congratulations on gaining clearance to use Getter Beam, Leon.

    I appreciated the supportiveness in Control’s voice, but now was not the time! “Thank you! Now what is it exactly?!”

    Getter Beam placement and power varies depending on which Getter Robo Model is utilizing it. Black Getter F has two versions of Getter Beam. One is a smaller beam coming out of the green crystal in its forehead that can be utilized for precision hits. The other one is a larger and more potent beam coming from the emitter located at the torso for hard or numerous targets.

    One in the head, one in the body. Got it.

    You may choose whichever one to fire by pushing your intent onto Black Getter F and calling out the attack itself, as with the other weapons you have been using.

    “Question!” I called out as I had Black Getter drive its elbow repeatedly into the eye socket of the tricera-plane. “Can I use both?!”


    I groaned and clarified my question. “Can I use both Getter Beams at the same time?!”

    Yes, of course.

    “All I wanted to hear!” I cheered after finally getting free of the tricera-plane. “Double!”

    “Getter!” I smiled as I saw a familiar looking green glow on the top part of the display.

    “Beaaaaaaaam!” My vision was filled with green and pink light. A moment later, all the dino-planes that were in front of me were now crashing to the ground in assorted states of destruction.

    “Okay! Now it’s time to party!” I triumphantly declared, preparing to use a move I totally came up with myself. “Tomahawk!”

    “Shot-Boomerang!” I yelled out and Black Getter started throwing tomahawks one after the other in a spread pattern, like a shotgun blast. When the baker’s dozen number of tomahawks looped back to me, I just dodged them all and let them fly into the dino-planes behind me.

    Ten-over-ten. Would use the move when surrounded again.

    With the help of my new Getter Beams, I was able to last another half hour before I finally got taken down. Turned out that even Black Getter could run out of power.

    “So what’s the record for longest time in survival mode?” I asked out of curiosity as the scenario ended and I was put back in the default ‘menu screen’ of the simulator.

    If you had lasted another hour, new types of enemies would start to appear. This would have escalated until you were ultimately defeated. As for your question, the longest time in the simulator for the endless survivor course was eleven hours by Shin Getter Dragon.

    “Now that’s a pretty impressive sounding name.” I commented with a raised eyebrow. Now that was an anime-ass anime name for a giant robot. It seemed that Control agreed as well.

    Indeed, there can be an argument made of it being considered the strongest Getter Robo of its era. Returning to the topic of the simulations. Now that you have managed to unlock Getter Beam, I believe that you are ready to face the elite Mechasaurus models starting our next session.

    As intimidating as that sounded, I couldn’t deny that the prospect made me pretty excited. Must be more of that Getter Change that has probably been happening to me. My smile froze and I blinked at the remembrance.

    Getter Change? Hang on.

    “Control! Meet me in my room! I think I have an idea!” I yelled as I got out of the simulator.

    I paced around my room after I told Control my admittedly rashly made theory.

    So you posit that Olivia’s established sensitivity to Getter Radiation could be causing the premature manifestation of her latent power?

    “Compelling Voice is supposed to be her Last Skill. Completely separate from any other she could learn, either through physical or magical means.” I stated, continuing to pace around my room. “We already established that the whole thing started long after she had been continually exposed to me and I just apparently gave off tiny bits of the stuff. What if when she boarded the Nagare, she got hit with even more Getter Rays?”

    How can you be sure?

    “When we talked during summer vacation. I asked her if she sensed anything inside the Nagare and she said that she could sense something big that was asleep. I think it’s whatever you don’t want anyone seeing inside the reactor room.” I explained but stopped walking around when Control remained silent.


    It seems that I have been overlooking certain possibilities.

    “Can we undo whatever the Getter Rays could have done to her?” I asked, hopeful with this new angle.

    Changes via Getter Rays are seldom reversible. It usually can only be overcome with great will.

    I laughed and gave Control a thumbs up. “Good, then I’m absolutely sure that she can do it.”

    How so?

    “You underestimate the bullshit that Livia would have had to go through to complete the game on normal terms. If that doesn’t show great willpower, then nothing does.” I pointed out. It was something I was intimately aware of.

    The issue of how to convey that to her and stop her subconscious manipulations remains.

    “I think we’ll need to bring Angie and Clarice into this once we actually have a plan on how to do that.” If there was anyone that I was sure that Livia absolutely loved, it was those two.

    Are you certain?

    “Well you guys have that whole three hearts as one philosophy, right?” Control once told me that during one of our runs in the simulator when I asked how Getter Teams could work so well together. “I don’t necessarily need to be a part of the trio. Especially since I’m the subject of her mental manipulations.”

    That is true. I shall also start doing scans on Olivia to confirm or deny your theory on the effects of Getter Rays on her.

    “You mean you haven’t been scanning her?” I had expected that it would have been the first thing Control would have done and just kept quiet because they didn’t find anything.

    I refrain from doing so if possible, I would like to respect the privacy of humans.

    “Then what about that scan you did on me when I first found you?”

    That was standard procedure. I needed to make sure that you were actually human.

    I opened my mouth to protest, then I remembered that I spent nearly an hour fighting dinosaur airplanes. “Fair.”

    And the Saint Necklace?

    “Keep it in the Nagare as insurance.” I told him with a shrug before moving to my walk in closet. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for a date with the Queen.”

    I am certain that Angelica and Clarice have already warned you against seducing her.

    “It was a joke, Control!” I pointed out.

    I doubt they would see it as such if they heard you say it.

    I ignored the comment and changed into a fresh Academy uniform set. The letter nor Julius ever said anything about any dress code when meeting the Queen and I thought that wearing the formalwear I did when I was knighted was probably too much.

    “Be back in a bit, Control.”

    Take care and do your best to restrain yourself.

    Honestly, they’ve been hanging around the girls for too long.

    Upon arriving at the Palace, I was escorted by a couple of guards deep inside to a wing that I had never been to. We arrived at a set of double doors that also had guards stationed in front of it. They all talked to each other until one of them entered the room for a few moments, the atmosphere in the hallway not being awkward at all guys! I was instructed to enter and the guards who escorted me there promptly left at the confirmation.

    “Whoa…” I breathed out when I walked inside and closed the door. I wasn’t reacting to the very large and opulent looking room nor to the perfect woman sitting at the large table in the far end of the room. I was reacting to the stacks and stacks of paper piled on the large table that nearly obscured the Queen from view. It was an image that brought back quite a bit of memories of all-nighters at the office when my seniors pushed their work on me.

    “Ah, Viscount Bartfort.” The tired smile she gave me when she saw me made me sympathize with her even more. Was she doing this all day? Did she have to go through all this before she went to sleep? “Welcome, please take a seat.”

    It didn’t take long for me to understand that I was talking to a monarch and not the woman I did during the school festival. The way she referred to me and the way she conducted herself was complete practiced perfection that I had seen in executive level people back on Earth.

    “For your contributions in vanquishing the Winged Sharks Sky Pirates in Holfort territory as well as exposing a conspiracy of another noble house conspiring with them, you have been promoted to Upper Fifth Rank Viscount as of today.” Queen Mylene said with a smile. I blinked at the promotion but at least it wasn’t anything drastic.

    “Thank you, your majesty. I was just trying to do the right thing.” I responded with my own smile, falling back on my own experience when talking to way more important people than I was. It was just that the person in front of me looked like she deserved that respect.

    “In addition to your promotion, a section of the Offrey territory will be awarded to you. It shall be named under your personal branch of the Bartfort family.” To my surprise, the Queen actually continued and just said something really shocking. “This includes one medium sized and two small sized islands for you to develop as you see fit.”

    Wait, what?! I actually have land now? Did that mean that I had to build a house there?

    “The people living there now have already been informed of the change in rulership. To assist you in managing your new territory, the Crown has seen fit to place the Wayne house under yours provisionally as Protectorates until you graduate from the Academy.” I have people now too?! Wait, did that mean that I was responsible for their wellbeing?!

    “What does that mean, exactly?” I asked both in curiosity and worry. Thankfully, the Queen seemed to understand that I was pretty much out of my depth.

    “The Wayne house will still be allowed to govern themselves independently, but they will also help manage your other holdings as well. This includes the aforementioned islands. In exchange, you are responsible for defending them in the event that they are threatened. Something you seem to already have experience with.” Oh, so they’d just keep doing their own thing and just take care of some of my stuff. That’s good. I thought that I was going to have to start giving decrees or something.

    “You have Carla Fou Wayne as a subordinate, yes?” I nodded at her question. “Then she can serve well as the envoy between yourself and her family.”

    That was true. It might also curb some of her overeagerness in trying to prove her worth towards me. I needed to talk to Angie and Clarice about this as well. The rest of the talk about my new territory and people was just hammering out my responsibilities and expectations while I was still studying in the Academy. Mostly bureaucracy. I couldn’t help but smile when the Queen looked surprised that I was being so understanding about some of things like wages and taxes.

    “Are you okay, Viscount? Since the attack, I mean.” Queen Mylene suddenly asked after we finished with the last of the legal documents I had to sign.

    “What do you mean?” I mean, it wasn’t anything more than what I had already gone through in my old life.

    “I personally read the letters from the Offrey house to the pirates. I know that they were targeting you.” Ah, that stuff.

    “Julius and I couldn’t really figure out why I was targeted by them. The daughter, Karen, did cause some trouble with me during the school festival but that didn’t seem like it lined up with what was written in the letters.” I explained. Sure, she could have had some bad things happen to be in revenge for insulting her so publicly, but organizing a Pirate Attack seemed too much for something like that.

    “This stays within the confines of this room.” I gulped and nodded at how serious the Queen suddenly sounded. “I believe that there is another party involved. The Offreys had diplomatic ties to the Principality of Fanoss and have worked as the primary means of talks between them and Holfort.”

    Fanoss?! The Offreys were in bed with Fanoss?!

    I rubbed my eyelids and sighed. “No wonder relations between the Kingdom and the Principality never improved.”

    “We cannot say that they are the sole reason, but the Offrey house didn’t seem to help either.” Queen Mylene nodded with her own sigh. “The Crown is currently investigating any involvement of the Principality. However, we cannot risk a diplomatic incident that could cause a war.”

    So basically, we’re working on it but don’t talk about it.

    That was pretty much the end of our meeting and the Queen stood from her desk to walk me out. I saw the bags under her eyes and remembered something.

    “Before I go, can I talk to the transfer student Mylene again?” I asked, putting on my act that I did back during the festival.

    The Queen suddenly blushed and she seemed to immediately get into character as well. “A-ah! Yes, how can I help you…Leon?”

    Man, her acting skills were top notch!

    “I hope you haven’t forgotten about my open invitation.” I reminded her with an easy smile and a wink. “Anytime you want, just say the word and I can host you for tea.”

    “Oh, I couldn’t possibly bother you–” I cut off her cute protests with a chuckle.

    “If it was a bother, then I wouldn’t have offered.” I told her as I stepped forward and took her gloved hands into my own. She seemed slightly panicked with the way her gaze moved between my face and our hands.

    “Just think about it please. You need to have a place to relax too.” I sincerely said before letting go. There was an odd expression on her face for a moment but it vanished after a moment.

    She gave me a beautiful smile even as her fingers fiddled with the sleeves of her gloves. “I shall think about it seriously, thank you Leon.”

    “It was nice seeing you again, your majesty.” I said, breaking the act and going back to normal. I was turning to the door when I heard the Queen speak again.

    “Oh, and before you go, Viscount Bartfort.” I turned back to look at her and–


    “That was for bringing my son to fight pirates.” She coldly said before I felt a pair of soft lips on the cheek that she slapped.

    “And that was for making sure that you both came home safe.” I blinked at the whiplash of emotions I was feeling in those very short seconds. “Be on your way, Viscount. Back to the place you belong.”

    I took a glance back at the Queen as I exited the room. I couldn’t help but think that the way she smiled was a bit sad.
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    Because you have a semblance of taste? Also because both properties are fairly niche.
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    I think most people is following it in spacebattles.

    So, I was wrong, the previous tea party was not the start of Mylene's Route, it was just the prologue of Leon's Route!!

    Leon, Marie and Olivia were just decoys! She's the real protagonist!
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    This story is amazing and has caused me to fall into both the getter Robo rabbit hole and to read the mobsekai manga itself and I couldn't be more thankful for it.

    While I don't think another Getter robo model besides something similar to the plasma powered model GO (possibly switching plasma for magic) is likely to be made by Control even for the girls if the trio of hearts thing is to reach the true getter conclusion via Control considering there logical aversion to using more Getter Rays,

    I am hoping however that either the principality either calls a true Getter style kaiju with one of there summoning methods or has something similar to one of the other non Getter Mecha from the series under there control.

    Still either way keep up the great work man.

    Edit: wait what if the reason control doesn't want anyone near the ships core is because its actual just a device siphoning power off another much more powerful and dangerous Getter and considering Oliva said it was powerful and sleeping that might just be Shin Getter sleeping in there.
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    I wonder when will Getter!Leon finds the Fragment that is currently sleeping on Mars? May we never know...
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    Something in canon happens in the ln that genuinely requires the full capacity of the Nagare. I don’t know how far Blackraptor is gonna go, but theres definitely an opportunity for it to happen.
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    The greatest enemy of all Supermassive Mecha.
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    There was an event that I completely forgot about because of everything going on and how out of order everything was. It was the annual school trip. This was one of the few events where both General and Higher Studies at all year levels would participate at the same time.

    Everyone would be randomly split into three main groups that would visit three different islands that had varied cultural themes. Its purpose in the game was to have a bunch of scenes with the love interest that the player chose. Plenty of CGs and affection points up for grabs made it a good catch-up mechanic in case you’d been slacking on romance events.

    Daniel was very happy that he was in the same group as Jenna, though I had a hunch that my sister bribed the staff to make sure they ended up together. I dunno if Raymond managed to get into the same group as his Artesia, but I hope he did and that they would have a good time. Nicks was also in the same group as Daniel and Jenna, though I was sure that my sister was going to avoid him so he doesn't take up any time with Daniel.

    The boys were all split up as well. Julius and Brad were going to the Northern island, while Jilk and Greg were going to the Western island. Chris won the Marie lottery as they would both be going to the Southern island. The triumphant expression he made when he found out was only overshadowed by the ribbing he got from his friends after. Marie herself rolled her eyes and seemed resigned to just go with it.

    The really interesting spread was that Angie and Clara would be going to the Northern island, Clarice would be going to the Western island, and Livia and I would be going to the Southern island. I was pretty sure that everyone was mature enough not to start anything during the trip, but I still hoped that Brad and Greg could help fix those bridges even a bit. I was initially a bit nervous about being alone with Livia during the trip, but I quickly realized that I was being really stupid. Regardless of what she thought and what she was doing, she was still my best friend. Control’s stealth drone would be coming with myself and Livia so they could continue monitoring her.

    Control asked me if I wanted the Nagare and Black Getter on standby. I almost said, no. The reality of everything made me change my mind as I wasn’t sure when more nonsense would likely happen. That meant that the Nagare was somewhere in the upper atmosphere above me in case I needed to call on it or Black Getter.

    “Chris, calm down. You’re making me nervous.” I told my other spectacled friend as we went to the bar to get some drinks. We were en route to the Southern island in a pretty fancy Academy cruise liner airship. It was the second night of the trip and we would arrive at the island by the following morning. “Just bring the drinks to Marie and talk about normal stuff.”

    “Then what abou–”

    “I swear, if you try to talk about swords like you did at breakfast, I will throw you off the ship myself.” I groaned as the aspiring swordmaster actually whined.

    “This is a rare opportunity. I am not as open about my feelings like Greg or Brad. I am not as charismatic as Jilk or Julius. I feel like I’m the least suited to make Marie happy.” Oh god! Did I just get the ‘help out your friend with his girl problem’ event?! Why was he trying to get advice from me?! It wasn’t like I had multiple girlfriends or anything.

    Okay, so I guess he had a point.

    “Okay man, breathe.” I told him and he actually started doing breathing exercises in front of me. “Where is all this coming from anyway?”

    "I am not like you who can say just the right things and make a girl swoon at will." Just what kind of impression does he have of me?! He sighed and looked like he was recalling a memory. "Every instance of my moments with Marie were all initiated by her. I just don't know what to do that would make her happy."

    Ah, so that's what this felt like from the other side.

    "You'd be surprised. You don't honestly think that I was always confident that I can make Angie and Clarice happy, do you?" I asked him with a raised brow. He seemed completely surprised by it. Okay, how the hell do people see me anyway?! "I spent a lot of time worrying that they were making a mistake and that they could do better than me. I didn't even know what activities they would enjoy."

    "So how did you overcome it? I've seen how Angelica and Clarice practically glow when they are around you." He asked in a hopeful tone. I smiled and glanced to the side where Livia was happily talking to an uncomfortable looking Marie.

    "A good friend asked me to close my eyes and only think about what I really wanted to do with that person." I said, recalling the advice she gave me back in summer.

    "What I want to do?" Chris muttered while cupping his chin.

    "Don't think about what the rest of the boys would do. Don't even think about what you think you should do. Just imagine what you want Marie to do together with you." I said as Chris closed his eyes. I knew he was onto something when he smiled and opened his eyes.

    "Thank you, Leon. I really appreciate it." He said before shaking my hand.

    "Just paying a good deed forward. You ready to sweep your girl off her feet?" I asked just as the drinks we ordered conveniently arrived with perfect timing, the old bartender giving us a wink. How mysterious.

    He nodded. "I'm ready to try."

    "You seem to enjoy teasing Marie a lot. Why is that?" He asked me as we walked back to where Livia and Marie were.

    "She reminds me of my little sister." I said distractedly, recalling certain memories from times long past. Of a vicious little girl that I just wanted to have a normal sibling relationship with.

    "Ah, from the Bartfort estate?" Chris asked in understanding.

    "Sure." I lied through my teeth.

    We arrived at the Southern island after breakfast without incident, most of the students looked around in clear interest at the exotic location. To me, it was like a glimpse of an old dream. Why was a totally traditional Japanese themed island smack in Holfort's territory? Who cares! It had great weather and was apparently a prime tourist destination. To add to the atmosphere, all the girls wore yukatas as everyone went their separate ways to explore.

    I may have been a bit more homesick than I thought as I requested a yukata set for men. The others were surprised when I came out wearing a pretty plain looking dark blue yukata instead of my school uniform. As expected, Chris asked Marie to walk around with him to explore the island. I gave him a thumbs up for encouragement as the two of them walked off.

    “So, where do you want to go first?” I asked Livia, who was looking around the very traditional looking Japanese village. She had the regular white yukata that most of the girls were wearing.

    “I don’t know! Everything is so different!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her childlike wonder.

    “Well, let’s just walk around then and see what we can find.” I offered and Livia agreed immediately. I wondered what Control thought about the whole thing, they were probably also looking around while keeping an eye on Livia.

    The two of us eventually found ourselves at a big Japanese Rock Garden. There were other students there speaking to the staff that apparently maintained the place.

    “A garden made entirely out of rocks, pebbles, and sand. How novel!” We both turned to the person who suddenly spoke up behind us. She was clearly from a rich noble family, clear blue eyes, long blonde hair styled into curls that resembled drills. Her light blue yukata was of a better quality than the ones other girls wore, having the pattern of the sky with clouds passing by. She turned to us and tilted her head. “The two of you are students from the Academy as well, yes?”

    “First years, yes.” I confirmed with a nod and her eyes seemed to light up.

    “I see, Deirdre Fou Roseblade.” She introduced herself with a flip of her admittedly shiny hair. Roseblade? I didn't recall anyone with that name from the game. Was she an upper year? “An interesting choice to also dress in a yukata.”

    “It's comfy and easy to wear.” I reasoned with a shrug. I then gave the girl a respectful bow and introduced myself. “Leon Fou Bartfort. Nice to meet you, Miss Roseblade.”

    “A-ah! I’m Olivia. It’s nice to meet you as well, Miss Roseblade!” Livia quickly introduced herself as well, earning an intrigued look from Deirdre.

    “Hm? You are a commoner?” She mused before her eyes widened in recognition. “Ah, you must be the Special Scholarship Student then.”

    “You, I already know about. Your defense of the Redgrave and Atlee daughters’ hearts has become quite the tale, Doom Knight.” She said after looking back at me.

    “What did you call me?” The hell kind of name is Doom Knight?!

    “Hm? You don’t know? It’s what some in the court have started referring to you as. Apparently, King Roland was the one who originally coined the term." The King did what?! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Now people might end up seeing me as some sort of supervillain or something!

    "Wasn't that what you referred to your Armor as during your duel with the prince?” Deirdre asked with a furrowed brow.

    "He did!" Livia happily answered with a nod.

    “For you guys…Doom.”

    "I did." I groaned out.

    “I must say, the way you completely outclassed their Armors then was quite exciting!” Deirdre’s voice became more and more passionate as she spoke. “None of them ever stood a chance!”

    “Leon’s Black Bunny is really fast!” Livia matched her enthusiasm as the two of them nodded together.

    The blonde noble moved closer to Livia as she started to breathe harder. “Far faster than an Armor its size should be! There was incredible grace and dignity in the way it flew around a scant few feet from the ground!”

    “Yeah! And then it went Pow! Whack! Bop!” Livia exclaimed while acting out an approximation of Getter Razor, Spike, and Tomahawk.

    “Right?!” Deirdre wholeheartedly agreed and the two girls high fived with a cheer. Wait, did these two just become friends?!

    Apparently they did as we had a new member to our party while we explored the rest of the island. There wasn’t a lot there that I didn’t remember seeing from the days I used to spend in the countryside with my grandparents when I was a kid. Livia and Deirdre seemed to really enjoy all the traditional sweets, the bean paste buns certainly gave me a moment of nostalgia.

    Deirdre was examining a wooden carving that depicted an eagle, a jaguar, and a bear at a stall while Livia and I hung back a few feet. I looked around and there seemed to be more locals and tourists than Academy students now. There were people that looked like they were headed to work, some families, and even a few couples walking around.

    “What do you think the two of us look like to all these people, Livia?” I whispered to her. She blinked at me and tilted her head to the side and took up a thinking expression.

    “Hm? A two friends out for the day, right?” She responded with an earnest smile.

    “Right, of course.” For once, it wasn’t a smile I could fully return.

    Deirdre actually bought the animal carving from earlier and was now carrying it around with her. “What is that strange structure there?”

    She was pointing at a large red torii gate that marked the start of a winding stairway up the side of a hill. There were several more torii gates placed periodically on the way up. I guessed that there was a Shrine up there. I was about to suggest asking one of the locals when someone beat me to it.

    “That is called a Torii Gate.” A female voice answered from somewhere behind us. “They are typically placed on the path to a Shrine to symbolically indicate the transition to a sacred area.”

    We turned around and I bit my tongue to stop myself from screaming. This definitely wasn’t in the game!

    Hair like the dead of night, eyes like freshly spilt blood, skin nearly as white as bone.

    Hertrude Sera Fanoss, the Principality’s Princess, stood in front of us with a gentle smile on her face. She was wearing a beautiful black formal yukata that was sprinkled with cherry blossom flower designs.


    I had memorized her face since she was the one who summons the actual final enemy that you fight. It was normally twisted in desperate grief and anger at that point, a far cry from how she looked in front of us.

    “You are quite knowledgeable, are you a local perhaps miss…?” Deirdre trailed off, looking for a name. She didn’t recognize one of the princesses of Fanoss? Maybe she never saw her before?

    “Gertrude. And no, I am merely fond of this place and periodically visit it.” She did? How has she never caused an international incident?! And really? Gertrude?

    “Are you alone, Gertrude?” Livia asked while looking around. No way, there had to be some undercover–

    Hertrude shook her head. “Normally, I come here with my sister. But I am presently visiting this place alone.”

    “Why don’t we check out what’s at the end of those stairs then, huh?” I suggested. Hopefully, Gertrude would take the hint before our names could be revealed.

    “Why don’t you join us, Gertrude? It would be better than walking around alone.” No Livia! Your kindness was misplaced this time! This girl was going to be the cause of all our problems in the future!

    Unfortunately, our other companion was on the same wavelength and quickly introduced us. “That is a wonderful idea. I am Deirdre Fou Roseblade, these are Olivia and Leon Fou Bartfort.”

    “Academy students?” Hertrude asked with a tilt of her head, my poker face getting a workout when she peered into my eyes.

    “It’s a school trip.” I answered in hopes of fooling her that I totally didn’t know who she was.

    “I would not want to impose upon the nobility.” The Principality’s princess said with a bow.

    “Nonsense! We are here to be immersed in the culture! Do not bother with any social divides that we may have!” Deirdre proudly declared, making Hertrude look up and regard her more carefully.

    “If you insist, then I shall be happy to accompany you.” And that was how the main protagonist and the final boss happily talked to one another as they walked up to a Japanese shrine.

    When we arrived at the top, both Livia and Deirdre looked in wonder at the structures and the shrine maidens that dotted the place. They quickly walked off to explore and I found myself alone with the most dangerous person in the game. I tensed up when I noticed her stand right next to me and even lean closer.

    “You may cease your worry, Bringer of Doom.” She whispered. What?! Even Fanoss was calling me that now?! “I have no designs for you or your women this day.”

    “Gave up after setting up that ambush with the Offreys?” I couldn’t help but shoot back at her.

    To my surprise, Hertrude actually looked at me in complete confusion. “Offrey? My sister and I never ordered an attack agains–”

    “Leon! Gertrude! What are you two doing there, come over here!” We both turned to Livia who walked back for us. She quickly took our hands and pulled us along to where Deirdre was waiting. She was the actual shrine itself with a donation box in front of it.

    “I was informed by the small maiden that manages this shrine that we can make a donation here and offer a prayer to the gods.” She explained before pulling out some money and putting it between the slits on the top of the box. Livia soon followed even as I gave a worried glance at the girl next to me. Hertrude didn’t seem to share my apprehension as she also placed a donation to the shrine.

    “What are you waiting for Leon?” Livia asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I decided to play along and place some money in the donation box.

    “Now we can pray to the shrine and even wish for something apparently.” The four of us lined up next to each other and closed my eyes in prayer. Honestly, my only real wish was for Livia to snap out of whatever she caught herself and us in so we could all go back to normal.

    “So what did you pray for Deirdre?” Livia asked with the subtlety of a Getter Tomahawk.

    Incredibly, Deirdre actually looked shy and started blushing. “I wished to find a man that would be worthy to become my husband.”

    “Awww! That’s so sweet! I hope your wish comes true!” Ever the sweetheart, that Livia.

    “Thank you, Livia.” Deirdre smiled at her. Huh? When did she start calling her Livia? “And what of yourself?”

    She gave a bright smile and gave the answer I expected her to. “I prayed for the happiness of my friends.”

    The two girls looked at me expectantly and I just shrugged at them.

    “Honestly, same. I prayed for the sake of a friend.” Specifically, the one standing to the girl with drill-like hair.

    “What about you Gertrude?” Said drill-haired girl asked our other companion.

    “Salvation for my sister. Hope for myself. Doom for those who would do us harm.” Even Livia looked like she didn’t know what to say to that. Just couldn’t help but be cryptic huh?

    “I see.” Deirdre finally said after a few moments of awkward silence.

    Eventually, night fell and a festival suddenly sprung out from nowhere all around us. Huh, I guess this was part of the reason the school trip was scheduled this way. As expected, the girls quickly made for all the exotic food. Livia in particular insisted on trying out everything, then she found the festival games.

    I stood in complete shock as Livia used a simple toy magic gun to hit bullseye after bullseye in rapid succession. It seemed that Deirdre, Hertrude, and the person manning the stall all felt the same way.

    “Very impressive. I had not expected you to be so adept with firearms.” Neither did I! Where did this come from?!

    “Oh! Well, Leon suggested that I keep practicing on using a gun.” Wait, was she talking about what I told her in our first Adventuring class? She’s been working on shooting ever since?! Livia asked for the giant bunny plushie as her price, because of course she did.

    Hertrude blinked when Livia then handed the bunny to her. “Why are you giving this to me?”

    “You said that you have a sister right? You can give it to her if you want.”

    “Thank you, Olivia.” She said in bewilderment. I guess even the final boss wasn’t immune to Livia’s charisma. We walked around some more and I even noticed Chris and Marie laughing together in the distance. Good for him!

    “There was another reason why I came to this island alone today.” Hertrude spoke up when the other two girls went off to check yet another stall. I looked back to her as she had stopped walking.

    “An elven sage gave me a prophecy once, that I would find my destined one here. To hold them close as they would be my sister’s salvation and my hope.” She gave me a mysterious smile even as she clutched the bunny plushie into herself. “It seems that fate works in strange ways, Bringer of Doom.”

    “Tell Olivia that I appreciate her gift. I shall see you soon.” And like she was never there, Hertrude Sera Fanoss vanished into the crowd.
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    That wraps up this arc.

    Here's the title for the next one: