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I posted this story some time ago on FFN. For whatever reason, after reading several stories...
Chapter 1: Prologue: An Unknown Return


Versed in the lewd.
Dec 6, 2020
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I posted this story some time ago on FFN. For whatever reason, after reading several stories here, I decided to post it here as well. Not sure which site I'll update first on yet (I don't care what people say, I LIKE FFN). I'm not going to change any of the story content of anything I've already posted there (chapter 5 as of now, 6 almost done), but I'll, in general, post notes in a different post. Except this first chapter. :p
I have actually changed some stuff I was planning to post in later chapters due to reviews, so anything you say here might get me thinking on alternate ideas. So comment away. Just be (somewhat) polite. That's the thing I hate about FFN reviews. Negative comments are ok, but please don't trash.

A New Tournament
Chapter 1: Prologue: An Unknown Return

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.

Premise: This story came about by a funny game my game group played a couple of years ago, and a certain amount of disgruntlement about a lot of HP fanfics out there. Basically, the whole 'Harry gets serious about his education' shtick so many stories have. As if you can change your entire mentality overnight. Or that you could suddenly become really good at something simply by reading about in a book. So, I wanted a story that gave a plausible reason why Harry would suddenly become much better than he was in canon, something none of the stories ever did.
The other half of the premise came about from a side game my group played while eating lunch on session. Take one item, spell or superpower from any game system that a GM for that game wouldn't think twice about allowing a low to moderate experienced character to have, then combine it with another item or spell from a different system that follows the same standards, and put into either of the systems or another setting of a similar type to make the most over powered character conceivable. This story is the result. The items come from GURPS Magic Items and Hero's Unlimited and adding them into Harry Potter.

The SG1 cross will be a slow burn intro that won't have a major affect until later in the story.
Let me know if you think this is worth continuing

Another note. While Authors notes will in the future be at the end, this is important. I use ONLY the 7 main books as canon. If it wasn't in those books, I don't consider it canon. Likewise, the Fantastic Beast movies didn't happen. They're real stories told to children in England, but they are even less accurate to true events as the Harry Potter Adventure series that talks about Harry's supposed life before Hogwarts, i.e., they're complete bullshit. The original Fantastic Beasts book is what Newt published and Hogwarts uses as a textbook, the new version was published by his grandson after Newt died to cash in on the stories [that Newt despised]. Likewise, The Cursed Child isn't even close to canon, and will not be referenced at all. If for some reason I do bring them up, it'll be from some idiot with even less talent in divination then Trelawny making shit up to try and upset Harry.

In any discrepancies between the book and movies, the books will win. I saw in its entirety, only the 1st​ two movies, walked out of the 3rd​, and have seen parts of the 4th​ and last movie on TV. As you might have guessed, not a fan of the disservice the movies made to the books and characters. While I do not have the books memorized and have my own interpretations of how they happened and why, be warned, if you can't reference a 'Fact' about the Harry Potter universe in those books, it's not canon and I will ignore it unless I like it.

00l l l l (_i_) \_!_/ l l l l00

Time was running out for Harry. They were beating down the door as he worked. Time was up, he couldn't grab everything and disapperate before they got in, and he didn't have any place to go if he did have time. The war with the Muggles that Voldemort had started years ago was finally over, the muggles have won. A pyretic victory to be sure, one that left three fourths of the population dead [surprisingly, Dumbledore's-Bluff to world leaders in the 60's hadn't been a bluff], but a victory none the less. Harry was the last wizard he knew of still alive. Neville was killed two weeks earlier; Lisa Turpin died a little over a year ago. She'd been the last witch.

About a month before that, they'd got word from the continent that the last enclave in Serbia was under attack. Harry didn't give them much of a chance. Ever since the aliens had landed, the war, which had been a stalemate that both sides by majority wanted to end, had gone from horrible for both sides to truly and epically bad for magicals. The Goa'uld overlords saw magicals as a serious threat to their rulership and had stepped up the pogrom against them. They even pulled 'The-Witch-Finder-General' out of the past, supposedly they were gods and could do that. Unfortunately, Harry recognized the muggle in question. Hopefully he was simply infected with a goa'uld. Harry hated the idea that Hermione's father would kill witches like that, but the war had gotten bad long before the pyramids descended.

The 3 of them had had a plan to go back in time, but the potion needed all of their memory's and they'd be unable to care for themselves for the 3 weeks it'd take to brew and required at least 2 people's memories to stabilize it. With that option out, a desperate Harry grabbed the last 2 batches of Felix Felicis, downed one and then pulled a memory at random from his head, trusting in luck, dropped into Dumbledore's old Pensive, and touched a rune on the side. One of several options for time travel they'd looked at, Pensive travel was the 2nd most limited [time turners being the most], but he was out of time and had no choice.

After touching the fluid with his finger, Harry found himself falling, not into the memory has had been the case in past uses of the pensive, but truly into the memory, to once again live through it. He new he had at most a month, but highly doubted General Granger would give him even 5 minutes of that. Harry quickly picked himself off the ground and looked around. He was in the second-floor corridor near where Fluffy used to be kept.
"Dobby!" Harry called obeying a prompt from the potion.

With a soft pop, the little House Elf appeared behind him. "Master Harry Potter sir, what do you need?" When Harry turned around, he saw Dobby start. "You're not Harry Potter sir, who are you?"
"Dobby" Harry said looking at him trying to shake off the nostalgia, "I don't have much time so listen. I AM Harry Potter, just not the one from this time. I'm a future version of him. I've come back to try and set things rii…" Harry broke off looking down at his stomach, blood welling up out of a wound he didn't have before. "I'm out of time Dobby, I need you to get this potion to the other me here." Harry told the Elf butting the potion bottle in his hand. "There's enough in there for 3 days of luck, but it'll disappear on the next full moon and return to the future. He's got until then to use it and fix the… …the futu… future."

Harry fell to the floor, bleeding from several more wounds. "Out of time dobby, please he…"
"…lp him." Harry looked around and saw General Granger himself standing over him, his men trashing the room around them.

"Well, well, well, Mister Potter has returned to consciousness. Don't get used to it. Normally I'd just a kill a little wizard like yourself, but you once were my daughter's friend, so I want to see the pain and misery in your eye as you die. The same pain and misery I felt when you and all the other little shitheaded wizards killed her." The General said, spinning a bloody knife in his hand, "I want to see you lose hope. But fortunately, I'm not foolish enough to not realize you've got tricks, so it'll still be quicker than you deserve yo…" The General broke off looking around, noticing that the colors were starting to fade.

Harry looked up and smiled, "I WIN!" General Granger quickly pulled a pistol and shot at Harry, motion slowing and finally stopping the bullet about an inch from Harry's head, hanging there for an eternity. Then, suddenly, Harry Potter, General Granger, all his men, the room around them and the entire world, indeed, the entire universe, seized to be.
I will not be bashing anyone (not even Ron or Dumbledore:eek:) but the characters might. Ron and Harry talked shit about Draco and vice verso constantly. It didn't make any of it true.
That's a distinction most people in fanfiction miss. Just because someone says something, doesn't make it accurate.
May I suggest adding an actual link to the FFN version? So we can read ahead if we want to?
For some reason, I thought that talking about other sites was ok, but not posting links. Competition and all that jazz. Several of the forum sites I've been on have a zero tolerance for outside links. Anti-spam mostly.

edited to correct spelling.
Last edited:
Chapter 2: A Gift
A New Tournament
Chapter 2: A Gift

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.
Summary: A gift from the future provides a little bit of hope in a time of need. OP Harry, Ron and Hermione, but with a plausible background to support it. No bashing, even of disliked characters

Ok, I know I said no authors notes, but something I need to make clear. This is NOT going to be a super serious story. I know the 1st​ chapter might seem like it, but that's just the background. This is a very OP Harry [and friends] fic.

(_i_) \_!_/

Harry was not having a good day. In fact, he was having a rather bad day. Bad week really, and was very grateful that Friday was finally over. A week ago, his name had come out of the goblet, and his life had once again turned surreal. Everyone thought he'd put his name in, and there was nothing he could say to convince anyone that he hadn't. Not for the first time had he wondered if he'd been cursed to live this type of life.

Every year it was something. Something would happen, he'd get blamed and then he'd go from most beloved, to most despised person in the school. To say it was aggravating was a huge understatement. It'd be so much easier if everyone would be consistent. But no, their opinions jumped around constantly. Sadly, the only person who he could rely on to keep the same opinion was Draco Malfoy, his year's biggest bully and loudmouth, and wasn't that a sad fact of life. He couldn't even rely on the staff to keep the same view. Professor McGonagall's reaction had hurt more than Dumbledore's had, he could understand it that the headmaster had to at least ask, but you'd think that with everything that happened in the first 3 years, Dumbledore would understand by now that it wasn't his fault.

McGonagall's reaction had hurt though, even as he really should have seen it. She hadn't ever really been there for him on previous occasions, he really couldn't figure out why he kept expecting her to actually help out sometime. She was the head of Gryffindor, she was supposed to protect Gryffindor's, not just punish.

Thinking of Gryffindors however, inevitable made him think of his 2 best friends, his only 2 friends really [everyone else was just an acquaintance]. Hermione was sticking by him this time, and he was grateful. But it wasn't assured to continue. She'd fought with him and Ron on previous occasions and was as apt as Ron walk off in a huff. Ron's reaction was what really hurt. In every case in the past, Ron might have gotten mad at Hermione, but he'd stuck by Harry. Ron was Harry's first friend his own age, and he missed him badly. No matter how hard he tried to tell himself it didn't matter, that he didn't need Ron, it rang hollow.

Try has he might, Harry couldn't shake the feeling of regret that came when he thought about Ron. Other than Hagrid, Ron was the first person to offer a hand of friendship and be genuine about it. And although he considered Hermione a dear friend, it'd been several months before she'd removed the wand up her butt. And even now, even as she remained a friend, she wasn't really a FUN person to be around. Especially now. In many ways, Hermione was missing Ron more that he was, Harry had been seeing that build up since their encounter with the Troll when Ron saved the both of them. Combined with her obsession with house elves and her general lack of humor, Harry was feeling a need to for a good laugh. The problem was, that'd always been Ron. Harry wasn't particularly good at seeing the humor in something unless it was pointed out and Hermione was even worse. So he'd spent the last week sitting with her in the library with nothing to take his mind off his troubles, trying to study and failing in his efforts to ignore the whispering going on around and about him.

Eventually, he got mad, like every night and stormed off to go back to the dorm, but that was hardly better. In many ways it was worse. Gryffindors it seemed, were brave enough to make comments loud enough to be intentionally heard, rather than the whispered comments in the background that were just loud enough to be noticed. There was also the not trivial chance of Ron being there. Thus, it came as something of a surprise when he heard a timid voice behind him. "Harry Potter sir."

Whipping around, ready to fight, Harry glanced down. "Dobby, what are you doing here?"

"Dobby and Winky is employed at Hogwarts now Harry Potter. The Great Dumbledore has given us jobs, and even offering us pay."

"Well that's good." Harry was sure Hermione will be thrilled to learn that bit of news. "So what can I do for you Dobby?"

"Harry Potter his asking what he can do for a house elf? Truly Harry Potter is a great wizard. But it is what I can do for Harry Potter right now that I have come to see him it is."

With that, Dobby held up a potion bottle to Harry. "Umm, what is this Dobby?" Harry really didn't want to sound ungrateful, but dobby's plans were often lacking in the safety department.

"This is Felix Felicis Harry Potter. Liquid Luck! It will grant your fondest wish and make your every dream come true it will. Everything Harry Potter tries after he drinks it will work without fail until it wears off."

"What? This is a wish granting potion? What's the catch?" The possibilities were staggering to Harry, but he'd become familiar enough with magic to know there had to be a downside.

"It'll only grant Harry Potter's desires for a short time. But it's affects are long lasting. Harry Potter must clearly express what his desire is before drinking it though, otherwise wasted it could be. Think about Harry Potter's desire he should."

"Anything else I should know Dobby?"

"A little over 2 days of luck will it grant. Dobby regrets to inform the Great Harry Potter that Dobby did not fully trust where he got the potion from, so Dobby took some to make sure it wasn't poison. It works Harry Potter; Dobby was able to make Winky see working for the Great Dumbledore as something better than the bad family she was with before. Winky has finally moved on and accepted she was given clothes because of the potion Harry Potter. Dobby was also able to find Harry Potter easily, and the way to convince him to believe Dobby was put into Dobby's head, like being smacked with a frying pan, but without the pain Harry Potter sir. Also, disappear on the full moon it will Harry Potter, Harry Potter must drink it before then."

"Uh, thank you Dobby, but where did you get this from? And why didn't you trust it?" Harry asked, looking at the potion.

"Dobby regrets that he must leave Harry Potter sir. Dobby has much work to do, but Dobby wishes Harry Potter luck."

And with that, Dobby disappeared leaving Harry to wonder just what the hell was going on now. It wasn't that Harry didn't appreciate the thought, but Dobby wasn't the most reliable when it came to making plans. On the other hand, he'd been correct in that he'd mostly convinced Harry to try it, at least until he made the comment that he didn't trust the source, but he was desperate enough to be seriously considering it anyway.

Another problem was simply, what did he want. Could the potion grant ANYTHING? If he asked it to bring his parents back, would it be able to? Harry kind of doubted that. Everything he'd ever heard said resurrection was impossible. But what sort of limits did it have? Could it get him out of the tournament without suffering the nasty side effects of refusing a magical oath? Would those effects just be transferred to someone else or gone completely? Did he even WANT out of the tournament? He didn't want to be in it, but he also didn't like the implication that he couldn't do it. He'd done a lot of things he shouldn't have been able to do. With Ron and Hermione's help of course. He knew that that was more than a little arrogant however and admitted to himself that this was probably beyond him. Maybe ask the potion to get him out, but without side effects, or if that was impossible, something to bump his skill and power up.

With these thoughts weighing heavily on his mind, Harry found himself standing in front of the Fat Lady. "Dungbombs" Harry said, and the portrait swung open. Harry managed to make it across the common room without attracting to much attention and did his best to pretend to not hear the several people who called out to him.

Once he got to his dorm room however, he had a rather unpleasant feeling rip through his gut. Standing on the other side of the dorm was Ron. Harry watched as Ron's face went thru several expressions. First there was the old familiar smile of greeting which fleetingly ghosted across his face. Next was the anger mixed with jealousy that had become the new norm, followed by a brief flash of guilt and regret. And lastly, he schooled it into as close to expressionless as he could, mixed with just a tad bit of copied Malfoy arrogance. "Harry." He greeted, sounding more than a little unpleasant, much like the way the Malfoy's had been forced to greet the Weasleys when in front of Fudge.

"Ron." Harry returned, trying, and failing rather badly to not let his own anger or hope come thru in his voice. Between his voice and undoubtedly his face as well, Ron evidently concluded that he didn't want to be here, and quickly stalked out towards the bathroom. Throwing his bag onto his bed, Harry struggled to keep tears of anger and grief out of his eyes.

What did he want!?! He fucking wanted Ron back as a friend! He wanted undeniable proof that he didn't enter himself in this damn tournament! He wanted whoever did enter him DEAD! PAINFULLY! He wanted out of it, but not to suffer, or have anyone else suffer the consequences of breaking a magical contract. If that wasn't possible, he wanted a way to acquire the skill and power to WIN this fucking thing! To prove he wasn't some stupid schmuck to be pushed around! He wanted enough respect and fear from people so, like Dumbledore, no one would ever fuck with him like this again! He wanted a way to get to know his parents! Yes, he wanted the normal things as well. Wealth and political power, a family and a girlfriend, hell why not multiple girlfriends, the potion could grant anything right? But no witches, right now he was so angry with everyone in the magical world that there weren't any witches other than Hermione he was interested in talking to, much less dating.

"Fuck it!" Harry said, pulling the potion bottle out and holding it up. "You think you can grant all that?"

Harry downed the entire potion.
A pyrrhic victory
their memories
ceased to be
For some reason, I thought that talking about other sites was ok, but not posting links. Competition and all that jazz. Several of the furom sites I've been on have a zero tolerance for outside links. Anti-spam mostly.
QQ competes by being not completely terrible. So far it's not a bad strategy.
Reading ahead, I have two things I want to mention about this story. One, I hope you will pull out all the random stuff at the beginning and ending of the chapters. You have a lot explanations about why you are doing this or that thing, which should go in Informational Threadmarks if it gets posted at all, as well as a few responses to reviews that shouldn't be carried over. Two, you should not have the sections in Italics be italics. It just makes it harder to read.

QQ competes by being not completely terrible. So far it's not a bad strategy.
It also is the only one of the "big three" forums I have found (SB, SV, and QQ) that allows mature content, and even most of the minor forums I have stumbled upon have not allowed it. So that keeps them competitive as well.
QQ competes by being not completely terrible. So far it's not a bad strategy.
This will be something of a change then. I do still like FFN a little more for the way they organize their site, it makes finding a story somewhat easier.
Reading ahead, I have two things I want to mention about this story. One, I hope you will pull out all the random stuff at the beginning and ending of the chapters. You have a lot explanations about why you are doing this or that thing, which should go in Informational Threadmarks if it gets posted at all, as well as a few responses to reviews that shouldn't be carried over. Two, you should not have the sections in Italics be italics. It just makes it harder to read.
I already planned on moving most of that to other posts. I'm new enough on this site to not know how to do thread-marks however.
It also is the only one of the "big three" forums I have found (SB, SV, and QQ) that allows mature content, and even most of the minor forums I have stumbled upon have not allowed it. So that keeps them competitive as well.
It's nice and all, but that's actually something that doesn't bother me so much. The owners have the right to say no fanfiction and go after anyone who posts it. So when they say follow these rules, I've no trouble obliging. And a LOT of authors have said no smut stories. FFN has a list of authors who've said no fanfiction in general, largely over this, and others have threatened it. It's why a lot of sites ban mature content (although some of them have funny standards and lackadaisical enforcement).

And on that note, I have no intention of violating the rules on sex under 15 found on FFN and as a strongly worded guideline from JKR, I do intend for sex to be discussed by the 14-year-olds in the story. And even putting them into sexually charged situations (and even situations where nudity is involved), but still give plausible reasons to not go all the way. In other words, I'm going to make the kids somewhat like real teenagers. They will talk about it. They will fantasize. And on occasion, they'll even lie about it. :p

BTW, any one know what Croaker's [from the Dept of Mystery] first name was?
BTW, any one know what Croaker's [from the Dept of Mystery] first name was?
Per pottermore it was Saul Croaker, and his specialty was time magic, but you have stated that you do not actually take pottermore as canon for this story so up to you if you actually use that.
I don't treat it as cannon. Largely because it's no longer there, partly because it made no sense when it came to the rest of the world outside of England. :confused:
Come on, she put the Japanese school of magic on an island that you can see the entirety from a major tourist location, and until the late 80's, had a active US military base (one I'm not sure has ever been closed actually). Putting it on Battleship Isle would have been better at the time, since when she posted that, that island was closed to the public.
Ron and Harry talked shit about Draco and vice verso constantly. It didn't make any of it true.
That's a distinction most people in fanfiction miss. Just because someone says something, doesn't make it accurate.
There's another distinction that most people in fanfiction miss. It was both Ron, and Harry who talked shit about Draco. Not just Ron himself talking shit. Hell, when Ron, Harry, and Draco first met as a group, Ron didn't say shit about Draco, and it was Harry hanging shit on him.
There's another distinction that most people in fanfiction miss. It was both Ron, and Harry who talked shit about Draco. Not just Ron himself talking shit. Hell, when Ron, Harry, and Draco first met as a group, Ron didn't say shit about Draco, and it was Harry hanging shit on him.
And lets not forget, that until 6th year (when people were being killed), the only person to actually attack Draco outside of self defense, was Hermione.
There are a lot of things about Ron, Harry and Hermione in the books that people miss, ignore or forget. None of the three were perfect, far from it in fact. None of them were dumb and all three of them had really good qualities.
And at times, all three of them were obnoxious little shits.:p
Chapter 3: Anger and Awesome
A New Tournament
Chapter 3: Anger and Awesome
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.
Summary: A gift from the future provides a little bit of hope in a time of need. OP Harry, Ron and Hermione, but with a plausible background to support it. No bashing, even of disliked characters.

Kudos to Vivithe folle who inspired a few sentences from Harry's tirade in her story Mens Sana. Check it out.
The spell 'Expositus' is the invention of 'Rorschach's Blot' and can be found in the story 'Make a Wish' chapter 44.
And Review responses at the bottom.

(_i_) \_!_/

"Fuck it!" Harry said, pulling the potion bottle out and holding it up. "You think you can grant all that?"

Harry downed the entire potion. Standing there, letting the potion take affect, Harry wondered how this would work when Dobby's words hit him. The potion told him how to achieve his wishes. Feeling a nudge, Harry grabbed a few days worth of clothes and threw them into his schoolbag and walked down to the common room.

"Harry!" One of the twins called out, "Come on over." Feeling a nudge, Harry decided to join the small group and walked over. "Ron still being a git?" Fred(?) asked.

"Of course he is, Ron's not capable of not being a git." Ginny responded, "I don't understand why you ever hung out with him anyway."

"A GIT?! You do realize that if I hadn't been hanging out with Ron during your first year you'd be dead right?!" Despite his own anger at Ron, Harry felt that she had crossed a line. Normally, he would have just laughed it off, only really comfortable expressing what he felt around Hermione and Ron, doubly so since Ginny seemed to be acting normal around him this year, but this time he felt his anger rise and another mental nudge told him he needed to express it.
"The only reason I went down to the chamber was because my friends little sister was taken! And let's not forget that Ron WAS with me down there! The only reason he wasn't IN the chamber with me was because of an idiotic teacher setting off a cave in! Despite the fact that he had a broken and unreliable wand, he was still willing to face a Bloody Fucking BASILISK! All to rescue his little sister! He also went into the forest to face several hundred acromantulas, creatures that thanks to these two, he fears beyond anything else, with the same broken wand to save his little sister!" Harry knew he was somewhat altering facts, at the time they didn't know Ginny was in danger, they were doing it for Hagrid, Hermione and the other petrified students. "So to be quite frank Ginny, you owe that 'Git' YOUR LIFE!"

Turning on the twins, face red with anger he didn't even know he had, "And you 2 are just as bad. Ron has always placed his family higher than himself, even when he's had every reason not to care about them in the slightest! Think you two! What happened every time you two got in trouble your first two years? Professor McGonagall sent a letter home didn't she? What do you think your mother did then? I like your mom, don't get me wrong guys, I really do, she's been more of a mother to me than my aunt ever was, but do you really think that she just read it and didn't do anything? Or do you think that she spent the entire day grumbling and snapping at anyone she saw? I bet she went out of her way to lecture Ron about proper behavior and all that other rot simply because he was a boy, and happened to be right THERE when you two were out of reach! Because I'm sure that she never even considered that her Little Girl would ever get in any trouble!"

"For two years Ron had to put up with being punished for your misdeeds. Despite that, he is still willing to go beyond any reasonable expectations to save a family member that he has every reason to hate." Turning back to Ginny, "Why do I hang out with him? He's the only one who's ever looked at my bloody fucking scar, been awed for a couple of seconds and decided I needed to learn about the Cannons and wizard candy. He's the only one who's ever seen me as nothing more than a boy sitting on a train alone, instead of a freak or path to personal power, not as something to be hated or worshiped. He's the only one to never see me as an oddity of magic, a character in a book, a point of discussion in history or simply as a prize to show off."

"Because he's been there for me every step of the way till now! He went with me to face down a troll and rescue someone he didn't even like at the time! And let's not forget that he was the one to take down the troll, not me. Something that no matter what I've told people, I'm always given credit for. His contribution cast aside, even by his own family. And all he got out of it was 5 bloody points. Saving 2 peoples lives was worth 5 points, but when McGonagall decided being out after curfew was worth a ten times that as a penalty, you two, like everyone else in Gryffindor, treated us like shit, only Ron was willing to stick by us. He helped with the dragon our 1st​ year, faced down a giant 3 headed hell-hound with me, was willing to jump into a dark pit with no idea what was at the bottom to help, was willing to take a blow that should have killed him, from something none of us knew had been enchanted to be nonlethal. AND THAT WAS JUST IN OUR FIRST YEAR!"

By this time the common room was virtually silent, nobody even pretending to not listen. "I've already mentioned our second year, your first, but that was only part of the utter bloody CRAP we went through that year! Would YOU have been willing to sneak into the Slytherin dorm in disguise to question one of the bloody snakes when his guard was down? Do you honestly expect me to believe, with the way you're acting now, you would do that for Ron the way he did it for you? Knowing that if any of the older snakes catch you, you will be lucky to only get the crap kicked out of you! Or Heaven forbid, someone telling SNAPE! And I'm not even going to get into last year when everyone was convinced there was a bloody fucking serial killer after me! Ron spent the year trying to protect me in an attempt to pay back a life dept he felt was owed for saving Your life Ginny! And while I never considered you to owe me anything, none of you three even considered it. Only Ron was willing! So how about it you three, how about you go face off with a Couple of Dozen Dementors?! How about you just stand up to a Mass Murderer?! Ron Was GAME, How About You Three?! How about you show me what you got?!" Reigning in his anger as best he could at the sight of their surprised and pale faces, he ended his tirade with a quiet, "You three are pathetic."

Turning, Harry grabbed his bag and stormed off towards the exit, seeing a shocked Hermione standing there, halfway thru the portal, avoiding his gaze, he walked past her without saying anything and did not look back. Never seeing what Hermione was looking at, not noticing her gaze locked onto a horrified Ron standing on the steps up to the dorm, and never seeing the equally shocked eyes of a cat underneath a sofa, whose head turned to watch him exit.

Harry was pacing back and forth on the 7th​ floor. Unable to quite grasp why he lost his temper like that, but knowing it was needed. Nor did he know what he was doing here, only that this too was necessary to his goals. Back and forth, thinking about what his wish had been. He'd been so angry and upset when he made it, it was hard to concentrate.

Suddenly, a door appeared right next to him. Knowing full good and well, that there was a large number of things at Hogwarts that, despite its (hopefully false) reputation as being the safest school of magic in Europe, could seriously hurt and even kill people. Yet at the same time, the same knowledge that he needed to go through this door hit him that had overcome him in the common room.

Glancing inside, he saw what looked like a scaled down version of said common room, built for a small group, rather than a quarter of the school. There was a fireplace burning merrily off to one side, a couple of comfortable looking chairs and a coffee table with several stacks of books and a pair of glasses on top of one of those stacks, with floating candles above and slightly behind the chairs to give maximum light. Stepping inside, Harry saw several bookshelves along the other wall and in the back of the room was what looked like a spell targeting range and work out area with a dining table separating the two spaces, a light meal already set out.

As the door shut behind him, Harry knew that it disappeared in the hallway, and he'd have complete privacy. Walking up to the coffee table, he got the desire to replace his own glasses with the ones on the table. Once he did so, he noticed that all the book titles suddenly changed to English. Strangely, it was like he actually understood several of the languages, French, Spanish, Alterian, Cantonese, Nox and Russian.

Deciding he needed to pick up the top book, a thick, heavy tome, he glanced at the cover. "The How To Book" Harry read out loud. Opening it up, the first page read 'How to get to Heaven' and seemed to be, on flipping thru it, a series of treatise on the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions. "How do I use this?" Harry asked out loud thinking that the potion was telling him this book was important.

Suddenly the book became much lighter and thinner. Glancing at the first page it read 'How to use the How To Book.'

"Uh? What the hell?" Not even realizing it, Harry sat down and started to read, quickly coming to the conclusion that this was the find of a life time. In a nut shell, this book would answer any 'how to' type question. The more variables in the question, the less precise the answer would be, but he could live with that. For example, asking it how to get to Heaven would give a book just like what he found, while a question like 'How to kill Duke Blowhard' would result in a treatise on practical political assassination, complete with historical examples, rather than a specific plan of action. The book would even vary the result based on the basic skill level of the person asking. An assassin would get a very different, and much more in depth answer than a random disgruntled poor man off the street.

Harry did notice however, that when he asked 'How to kill Lucius Malfoy, the treatise on political and magical assassination as well as magical security was some what more detailed then he expected, and it dawned on him just how much his life up to now was useful training for that type of occupation. More detailed than his question of how to discredit and remove Snape from Hogwarts was in any case. Both were rather pleasant fantasies, but it's not like he was actually planning to do either one. He didn't want to anger Dumbledore any more than he wanted to go to prison.

Asking questions with few or no variables Harry discovered, gave much more precise answers. Asking how to turn on a car for example, something he asked just to test the book, gave a relatively precise and detailed answer, with just enough of guide rather than direct instruction for Harry to understand just how many different types of ignition switches existed in vehicles.

This also applied to magic as well, something that floored Harry to no end. Asking it how to cast the Lumos spell gave a very detailed and precise answer, straight from his 1st​ year syllabus. Asking it how to cast a light spell however gave him over 3 dozen variants of lumos alone as well other spells that created some type of light, this was in addition to the additives to regulate and empower the spell. Adding Brilos to the beginning of Lumos for example changed it from light, to bright light. Sunplena created actual sunlight that could be used to grow crops in a cave, suntan, or as a weapon against vampires. Useful that was, and a Brilo Sunplena would quickly give people a sunburn, not to mention cook a vampire. There was even a way to make light holy, just add Sanctu before the spell and Castu after to create Holy Light, which had for the most part, minor uses such as making people feel at peace, but would hold a Dementor at bay just like a Patronus would, making Harry wonder just why this spell wasn't common knowledge. Harry wondered if it could also be used on the Cantis charm to make 'Holy Music.' There was variations that alter the color of the light, make it so the light hovered over you, or went somewhere else rather than come out the tip of your wand, good so you could still use your wand for other things. There was even a variant that would create black light, or ultraviolet light, the book even used the term UV light, though Harry suspected that an average pure blood would not get that term if he asked the same question.

Wondering about the Holy Light spell, Harry decided to ask the book how to find out. It took several different wordings of the question, but eventually he came up with; how do I find out the secrets of the past? The result was a treatise on divination. Nearly given it up as a lost cause, Harry flipped through it and realized there was some actual spells peppered throughout. Before he started to read it however, a thought struck him. Closing the book, he asked, in a clear voice; "How do I cast a spell that can block the Killing-Curse Avada Kadavra?"

Adding the color red to a standard shield spell was NOT what he was expecting.

There were of course several different ways, but the simplest was adding 'Cerise' to the beginning of any shield style spell. It would turn it red, then when the killing curse goes thru the shield, it turns brown, stripping it of it's power. It'd still otherwise ignore the shield, but all it'd do is give the target an upset stomach. "How the bloody hell had no one ever figured that out before?" Surely there was SOMEONE who liked the color red enough to do this and accidentally figure it out. Or maybe he was over thinking this, maybe someone DID discover it before, but was so surprised it worked he failed to block the follow up spells that were just as lethal. After all, when someone is casting the killing curse at you, they're probably not joking around. A combination of 'Holy shit, that actually worked' while staring at your wand, and a 'If at first you don't succeed' attitude from your average Dark Lord and all that. Harry grinned to himself at the idea of some ancient Dark Lord killing all of his followers who happened to see someone survive the curse. But then again, whoever figured it out would be dead to.

Before he could explore the other ways to defend against the killing curse, or even other weird uses of color in defence against the dark arts, he glanced at his watch. Harry noticed that not to much time had actually passed. Wondering about that, Harry was struck with the urge to ask how to use his glasses. The first page of the book after he asked said 'How to use The Glasses of Knowledge.'

Interesting Harry thought as he began to read. These glasses are actually better than the book. The book told Harry that the glasses have 4 basic groups of powers. While there is overlap, each group was enchanted in separately. The first group was called 'Bibliophile.' It allowed for the perfect translation of anything read in a book, or scroll, but not anything else. I.E., no street signs, or words on the tellie or peoples tattoos. Speed Reading of 90 to 150 words per minute, depending on your normal reading speed, or double your reading speed if that would be faster. Speed writing of 60 to 120words per minute similar to the speed reading ability, or the same speed as reading if copying directly. The ability to write in the margins in a perfectly legible way at half of the above speed. The ability to follow instructions flawlessly for 24 hours. That meant if he read a cook book, he could cook anything in it that he had the ingredients and utensils for perfectly. Although it did not insure that either he, or others would like the dish, just that he cooked it perfectly. He'd also remember anything he read perfectly for the next 24 hours, and retain the basics of it permanently after that. So any spell he learned while using the glasses he'd be able to cast perfectly for 24 hours, and there after be able to cast like he'd had several days of instruction in it, similar to how they actually learned it in class. Well, for those classes that had competent instructors. And that was just the first group of powers.

The next group was smaller, but still useful. The glasses would automatically adjust to the wearers eyes. Over the long term, they'd also fix most types of eye problems, including predispositions, but not actual genetic short comings. So if his family was predisposed to having eye problems, and they were, the glasses would correct it, but would have no affect on color blindness that was something at a genetic level. Harry wasn't sure why there was a distinction there, but maybe it was so different races could use the glasses. Harry wasn't sure if a House Elf or Centaur saw the same way as a human, but was pretty sure a Mermaid or a Unicorn would see differently. It also required an actual organic eye, so Moody couldn't be helped with them. At least not his missing eye. Interestingly, as long as he had his eyes, they'd allow him to see while wearing even if normally blind and even heal the eyes eventually. It'd even correct dyslexia.

The next group was just as small, but in it's own way, just as awesome as the first. Photographic memory. While seeming to overlap the above power, it allows for anything experienced while wearing the glasses to to be recalled. While the recall wasn't perfect, it was much better than his own memory. There was a 60% chance that he'd remember the basics of it, similar to the long term memory of the Bibliophile power. There was a 30% chance that he'd remember it like he'd studied or experienced it for several hundred times as much as he actually did, depending on how good his own memory was. Lastly, there was a 10% chance it'd be near perfect, as if he'd studied or experienced it it several thousand times. What's more, the memory retention was itself retained. If he practiced something, and than the next day, practiced it again, the amount of time it was considered studied would add together, greatly improving his ability to learn. Although this would allow rapid training in physical skills, or quidditch, it didn't actually affect physical condition. Harry would still need to work out to get fit enough to use a new skill. On the other hand, while under the affects of the potion, everything was retained perfectly as per the 10% chance automatically.

Lastly, there was the ability to Translate. Unlike the Bibliophile power, this power allowed him to translate anything seen or heard, including street signs, and even sign language. Even better, it granted knowledge of the entire language, including cultural references, instead of just what was used in a book. It also taught you the language as well, as if any time spent reading it was you being instructed in it. But it also overlapped with photographic memory, to make the instruction faster.

Harry was absolutely floored. These glasses were truly awesome. Even without the 'How To Book' he could go through all of his school books and learn all the spells to a much better degree. Hell, he could go over Hermione's Ancient Runes and Arithmancy books and learn something probably much more useful than Divination. Then again, thanks to the How To Book, Divination might actually be useful.

Harry really wanted to dive in to the How To Book, but decided that he needed to check out the other books here since he could take that book with him. Although if he ever took it out of his dorm, he needed a way to insure it wasn't confiscated. He'd already had the misfortune to learn Snape would take anything of his just to be a pain in the ass, even including his classwork for other classes.

Looking at the other 2 books in the stack, Harry realized with a start that they were his parents diaries. Both were of course locked, but clearly written on the tops of each one was Lily Evens and James Potter respectfully. Quickly grabbing the How To Book and asking how to get through magical locks without destroying, or harming the contents, Harry found that there was over 50 spells that allowed it, though each was only useful against certain types of magical locks, kind of like the way some curses could only be blocked by specific spells. Trying Alohomora to no use, Harry tried several more on the list until finally, Expositus simply told him what the password was. He was going to be using that spell a lot more. If nothing else, he really wanted to see inside the other house dorms.

Glancing through it, Harry noticed that his fathers diary was a magically expanding book. He apparently got it on his 9th birthday and had to be pressured by his mother to us it, Harry realized this was a way to learn about his grandparents too. Eventually James started keeping it on his own, even if it descended into a prank guide for young children, complete with diagrams. James also seemed to be a decent artist for his age, and several of his drawings were not only animated the way so many magical drawings were, but about what you'd expect from someone several years older who was taking art serious. Harry wondered if there was a spell for that. Likely, the art got much better after his dads 11th birthday when he would have gotten his wand. Probably one of the first spells he learned. Reading about his meeting Sirius, Remus and Peter in his own words was kind of funny, but he spent more time talking about Lily than those three combined, proving he was smitten right off the bat. He even added ten different drawings of her, while Sirius, Remus and Peter each got only one. Honestly, it read kind of like his and Ron's first meeting with Hermione causing Harry to wonder if Ron and Hermione were smitten with each other even then. They certainly always act like the stereotypical old married couple, and really, always have.

Putting it in his bag to read more in depth later, he picked up his moms diary. Using Expositus on it as well, Harry noted right away that this too was a magically expanding book, but that the inside front cover had several pockets with other, older muggle books as well, his moms old diaries from before she knew about magic. There was also several pictures inside. Mostly they were of his mom and aunt, as well as who he assumed were his grandparents, but there was a boy that kept showing up in them as well.Based on her expressions, Petunia clearly didn't like him either, but his mom seemed to. Staring at the pictures, wondering who it was, Harry noticed that the back of one had names and dates. That's when Harry got the shock of his life. Written clearly on the backs was three names he never thought he'd see together; Lily, Petunia, Severius. His mom was friends with SNAPE!?!

Hermione was, like the Weasleys, standing around the Headmasters desk, having been brought here by a very irate Professor McGonagall. Clearly he had no idea what had happened either when she asked him to floo Molly Weasley and have her come here. Hermione wasn't sure why SHE was here, after all, this seemed more of a Weasley family thing, but Ron had run back upstairs and promptly disappeared. Even though Seamus had been sent up after him less then two minutes later. Seamus had reported that Ron wasn't in any of the boys dorms and the window for the 4th​ years was opened very recently. Personally, Hermione thought that Ron was under Harry's cloak, but she wasn't honestly sure. After all, thanks to Slytherin attempts to sabotage quidditch brooms, most people in Gryffindor had started keeping their brooms in their dorms rather than the broom shed like they were supposed to.

Not that she was ever going to admit that to McGonagall. Hermione was positive that Dumbledore knew about the cloak, and pretty sure he knew about the brooms. But she didn't think Professor McGonagall knew about them. While Hermione would much rather follow rules, being under the firm belief they were there for a good reason, associating with Harry and Ron for the past several years had taught her that sometimes, rules hurt more than helped. Harry needed that cloak, and the team needed SAFE brooms for games, McGonagall would confiscate the cloak and put the brooms back in the shed. Neither one was a good idea.

The last couple of years had also made her a much better liar.That and Harry's words about the incident with Troll were still ringing in her ear, never having noticed before that her life had been worth only one tenth what being out after curfew was before now. So if she took just a little bit of pleasure at McGonagall's frustration, she did her best to not show it. Of course that pleasure was tempered by Mrs Wealey's worried look. But she still did her best to misdirect the professors as much as possible. Sometimes the truth worked better for lies than an actual lie did. When McGonagall asked her how she thought Ron had got out of the dorm, Hermione simply made it clear that Ron and Harry knew more about the secret passages and escape routes than even Fred and George did. As for were he might go, she simply pointed out that Ron was a natural mimic with his voice, and had even copied Harry's parseltongue just to see if he could do it, and that he had been with Harry when he went into the chamber, so would know what to say to open the path.

The same went for Harry, except that unlike Ron, Harry HAD made friends out in the forest, and was used to being left to fend for himself. The last comment made Dumbledore frown in displeasure. And if she neglected to mention that Harry's forest friends was limited to a single Centaur, she was pretty sure Dumbledore at least knew. She did tell them that it was highly unlikely that either one would actually miss classes on Monday however. She didn't think either one was willing to risk expulsion and loss of their wand over embarrassment.

After she was questioned over Ron's whereabouts, Professor McGonagall brought up the main reason she wanted Mrs Weasley here. And while she wanted to have this conversation with Ron, and Harry present, their conversation could wait, this needed to be addressed. That's when she asked the Headmaster to bring out and clear his Pensive, as she had a memory to go over. Hermione's intrigue at this new magic was greatly reduced by the knowledge of just what memory the professor was referring too.

This was going to be a LONGGG night!

See you next chapter!
Peace thru Strength, Order thru Chaos, Harmony thru Intimidation​
Chapter 3 notes
The path to Harry's wish fulfillment so far: [in order]
  • For his girlfriend(s) to not be (a) witch(es).
  • Step 1 of get Ron back as a friend.
  • Step 1 of getting respect and fear from people.
  • Steps 1, 2 and 3 of acquiringskill and power.
  • A way to get to know his parents.
I had to change several things from the source material from where I got the magic items as the owner of one of them, the owner of Palladium books, is really big about no one converting his stuff into other settings. So I had to change it enough to 'Be inspired by' instead of straight from. The owner doesn't mind fanfiction, just doesn't like it when his stuff is mixed with other settings. And I really don't think he even cares if you mix in stories, as there are several Rifts crossovers out there, but I'm going somewhat beyond simply throwing someone into one of their worlds. I'm actually translating game stats into a working and understandable magic item. Thus, as I stated I heavily modified it. Not the least of which was changing most of the names as well as some of the basic mechanics.

And before anyone goes nuts and says that there is no way those glasses would ever be allowed in a game, not only were they, I was actually laughed at for taking the respective super powers for my 'Magic Item' based character because everyone thought they where pointless powers. That is until the GM realized that I could learn actual spell casting style magic. :p

It's why, over a decade later, when playing that 'what if' game I mentioned in chapter 1, I chose these glasses as one of the items. The other was of course, The How To book from GURPS magic items. No one ever takes that book seriously in it's native system because game mechanics don't allow easy exploits the way other systems or settings do.

Another note; I mention the number a thousand several times throughout the early chapters for his memory retention. That's not quite accurate. The number is thousands, as in plural. This is based on the users normal memory retention, times ten for the basic level, times a hundred for the very good level, and times a thousand for the near perfect level.
In D&D terms, you multiply the above number by your Intelligence bonus plus one to get the number of hours of study for each actual hour. So Draco, Harry and Ron, who would all be about fourteen or fifteen on Int would multiply their study time by thirty, three hundred or three thousand. Hermione would be notably higher. Someone with no bonuses would use the base multiples, and someone with a penalty would increase the penalty by one and divide the base by that amount.
Just remember, you are only studying what you're actually reading (except for languages) though. So studying a cookbook just gives you the individual recipes. Not the cooking skill. At least not without other magic.
Chapter 4: Discoveries
A New Tournament
Chapter 4: Discoveries
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.
And probably been not as good.
Summary: A gift from the future provides a little bit of hope in a time of need. OP Harry, Ron and Hermione, but with a plausible background to support it. No bashing, even of disliked characters.
||| 0011001100 |||
I know that much of this chapter, like the last, is exposition rather than dialog, but it is needed. Much of what is talked about in these 2 chapters will come up later, even the history. So there's a little foreshadowing going on, a bit of misdirection and a lot of 'But you never mentioned that' prevention going on as well.
And it's not all exposition anyway.

||||| (_i_) \_!_/ |||||

Hermione came out of the Pensive with a start. That had been a an embarrassing ordeal that made her wonder if her earlier declaration that Ron and Harry wouldn't miss class on Monday because of embarrassment had been premature. From the looks of the twins and Mrs Weasley as they pulled their fingers from the silvery liquid, she thought they agreed. Dumbledore's next words however, where not what she was expecting.

"Minerva, would it be possible to show this to Severus? I'd like his opinion on something."

"Have you gone INSANE?" Hermione heard herself scream, to her, the Headmasters question was like onto treason. "How could you even consider showing something so personal of us, of Harry to that… …that man?"

From the gasps all around, she probably upset several people. She didn't care. "Do you have any idea what he'd do with something like this?"

"I believe Harry was under the influence of a potion, and I'd like Professor Snape to confirm it so…"

"Under the influence," Hermione cut off the Headmaster, "Under the influence? So not only are you showing someone who Will use this to bully and Hurt people, but you're specifically showing him something that his would be victim had no control over."

"Young lady, watch your tone when addressing a member of the faculty." Professor McGonagall tried to intervene.

"Oh shut up!" Hermione fired back, "You've never done anything to protect us from Snape, the LEAST you can do is stop interfering when we try and protect ourselves." By the surprised look on her face, Hermione was pretty sure the only thing preventing her from getting a hundred detentions was that no one had ever talked back like that before. Turning back to the frowning Dumbledore, "Fine, you want to show someone who hates us, hates Harry, so bad. Go for it. But we've already made jokes about siding with Mr Malfoy to have you removed on the condition he agrees to get rid of Snape as well. So you might want to consider REALLY carefully just how he'll use this to torment us in class."

"Ms Granger, please calm down. Severus Snape is a Master Potioner and Sorcerer, and has my full confidence and support." He said, no twinkle in his eyes, and a face that made her realize just how far past the line she was. She was so far down the rabbit hole at this point, she had no way to return though.

"He is a bully using his position of authority to abuse and torment the children of people he doesn't like. Just consider what I said Professor. Because if there is a single comment from him at all. No matter how minor, I'll send Lucy a letter myself." Turning to leave, without permission from the stunned adults. "Do you really think his wish to see Snape remain will supersede his wish to harm you?" was her final words as she stormed out, past a startled Moody just coming up the stairs. Striding past him, ignoring whatever he was saying to her, she threw open the door at the bottom of the steps, getting a startled cry from the gargoyle in front of it, she ignored it as she headed straight into the new corridor right in front of the stairs.

She didn't recognize the gargoyles cry as one of warning until it was silenced and she found herself in a strange corridor with little light and no way back. It was at this point that she remembered that the Headmasters office was in the middle of a single hallway with no cross corridors around.

"Hello! Anyone there? Hello, ANYONE!"

Snape! How could his mom have been friends with Snape? It didn't make any sense to Harry, everyone had always told him how kind and caring his mother was, how could Snape be part of that? Around and around Harry's thoughts twirled until he finally had enough and decided to put his moms diary to the side, unread. He just couldn't take it anymore.

As he was closing it however, he noticed several book marks, one towards the end caught his attention in a way that could only come from the potion. It wasn't the last entry thankfully, Harry wasn't anywhere close to being ready for THAT, but it did mention going to visit 'Him' that day. Harry, who was having some difficulty reading the diary even here, skimmed through looking for a mention of a name, but found none. It did mention getting an obscure protection spell from 'Him' though, so he figured this was a lot more important than the rest of the book. Nor did it seem to be referring to Snape based on the hints of time. It also contained a series of numbers and symbols though, which were apparently 'Apparition' coordinates. Not wanting to read any more of his Moms diary, not really being able to, he went back to his dads. Hopefully, it wouldn't be as trying. Rereading the meeting of James and Lily, Harry noticed a reference to 'the other boy' though. Had he not been paying attention the first time, had he really just ignored everything except for his mom and dad and his dad's friends.

In any case, over the next several months, Harry noticed quite a few more references to him, and never in a good way. It was clear from the way his father wrote about him, that not only did they not like each other, they absolutely loathed each other. To his dad, Snape was a pure blood wannabe, representing all the worst parts of being a pure blood without actually having the blood to back it up. His dad seemed rather proud of his mixed blood heritage, while Sirius and Peter seemed to draw resentment from Snape about them being pure bloods and not caring, while he desperately wanted to be one and couldn't. There was also several references to Snape bullying other students, as well as the response from the marauders. A response that quickly became near bullying itself, in a clear case of violence begets violence. Rather like the relationship between Draco and himself, Harry thought. Would Draco someday blame Harry for all his problems? Probably! He did now, why wouldn't he continue? Draco was known for claiming that Harry bullied him, so it wouldn't surprise him.

Nor did Harry really doubt his fathers claims of Snape deserving what he got, even if it did smack a little towards self justification and cleave a little to close to the way Dudley thought for Harry's comfort. But based on the way Snape treated not just him, but Neville and all the other Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, it was readily apparent that Snape is, and probably always had been a bully. A bitter, vindictive bully. Even still, it was clear that the Marauders went out of their way to target Snape. They where considerably more proactive about Snape then Harry was about Draco. Although for some reason, the Marauders came to the decision not to expose Snape as a half blood to the other Slytherins. Curious that, wouldn't they have known?

The fact that his dad and Snape were competing for his moms attention, just made it worse. It was also abundantly clear, his dad had NO clue how to attract a girl. Even Harry could have done better in his first year. Had done better actually. Just because he and Hermione thought of each other as brother and sister rather than boyfriend, girlfriend material, didn't mean he wasn't getting positive attention from her. He even managed to maintain a mostly positive relationship with the other Gryffindor girls his year. Something his dad failed at spectacularly. Seriously, his dad wrote about pulling her ponytail in class.
While difficult to read, Harry was still finding descriptions of the rest of the school interesting. James and his friends where all raised in magical households, so their point of view as different then his. It was a bit jarring to read that there were 24 kids in his Gryffindor year group, twelve boys and twelve girls (and the same for the other 3 houses), making Harry wonder about how few kids were in the upper years now. Especially since it was regarded as a small class for the time with only ninety six kids. Harry had only forty in his, and the year below had only sixteen. Granted, the second years had sixty four, and the first year had eighty, but ninety six was considered SMALL! At least that explained all the unused class rooms.

It also spoke of Professor McGonagall, who was teaching both DADA and Transfiguration and was apparently in her first year teaching as well as being Deputy Headmaster. It was several entries in before he realized that they where two different people, who evidently didn't like the Marauders. The McGonagall teaching DADA was male and the Deputy headmaster, Professor Ian McGonagall, his wife Minerva was the professor of Transfiguration, her first year of teaching, replacing Dumbledore, who was in his first year has Headmaster.

That was strange to Harry, who for some reason had thought that Dumbledore had simply stepped in as Headmaster right after Riddle had framed Hagrid. He didn't know why he'd thought that, he really should have known better. On the other hand, Ian McGonagall was supposed to take Dippets place, not Dumbledore, so Harry was very curious about what happened. None of the Marauders knew however, other than there had been a LOT of rumors of some sort of fight between Dumbledore and Dippet from the older kids, though none of them seemed to actually know anything. It was around Christmas time that Harry read the first reference to the nickname 'Snivelious' so he figured he'd stop. Doing a quick flip through with a sigh at his dads behavior, Harry found a piece of paper stuck between two pages. Like the page book marked by his mom, this was a list of apparition coordinates, but there was several listed. Including three which had the strange instruction; "You need to really THINK about these coordinates when apparating."

Not even sure what Apparition was, he went back to The How To book. Apparently, the ability to appear out of nowhere after disapparition. Funny. So you needed to learn how to disapparate before you learned to apparate, cute. Of course reading the instructions, it became clear you needed to learn them at the same time. It all seemed like a portkey to Harry, making sure to ask the book. And after some failed practices, thankfully not hurting himself, it was clear he was missing something. After all, according to what the book told him about his glasses, this should be near automatic. In frustration, he called out for Dobby.

"Master Harry be calling Dobby sir?"

Harry gave a start, not used to the way Dobby just appeared yet. "Erm, yes, uh, I was wondering. You see, I'm trying to learn apparition, and I'm doing everything right according to what I've read, but it isn't working. How do you do it? I mean, if it's the same."

"House Elves have permission from Hogwarts to disapparate and apparate inside Harry Potter sir. The wards prevent everyone else from doing so."

"What do you mean 'permission from Hogwarts?'" Harry asked.

"Dobby doesn't really know Harry Potter. Dobby just be knowing what Dobby is told Harry Potter. And Dobby is being told that Hogwarts gave permission to House elves, who have no ill intent, permission long ago. Does Harry Potter wish to go somewhere?"

"Uh, yeah. I found this reference to someone who gave my mom the spell she used to protect me. I wanted to see if I could track him down and see who it was while I was still under the influence of this potion. Maybe thank him. I also found a bunch of other places in my dads diary I'd like to check out. Thanks for the heads up on the wards. I'll sneak out of the castle tomorrow morning. Thanks again Dobby."

"Dobby should warn Harry Potter to not be seen. Much is going on at Hogwarts. If Harry Potter needs anything else that for some reason the Come and Go Room can not provide, call Dobby Harry Potter sir. Good night." With that, Dobby disappeared with a crack making Harry wonder what was going on and why Dobby left so quickly.

Stifling a yawn, Harry decided he didn't care and went back to his book. After reading a bit, decided to ask how to get around anti-apparition wards. Apparently, if you can see magic well, you can go between the weaves of the ward. The better, or more powerful the ward, the harder it is to do. And there is the possibility you'll hurt yourself, or take down the ward. Neither one was ideal to Harry, but it was the fastest way. There where of course, counter-wards, just like there where counter curses, but just like a curse, you had to know which type of ward was used. There where over a dozen. That's why this method took so much time, and if whoever cast the ward used a version you didn't know, you'd never get through. Reading through all the wards and counter wards about apparition, then moving on to wards and counter wards in general, Harry eventually drifted off to sleep.

Waking up with a start, trying to figure out where he was, Harry glanced around. He was lying in bed, but the surroundings were very different than the dorm. As the events of the previous evening came back to him, he noticed that he was in fact in a bed, with fresh clothes, his own, on a bedside table, along with towels and toiletries. Looking around, the mini common room was gone and replaced with a small bedroom with a bathroom and shower off thru a side door.
After taking care of his morning abulations, and getting dressed, Harry exited the bathroom to find the bedroom gone and the room from the previous evening back.

Deciding he was very curious, Harry asked his book how to use the come and go room. According to the book, the rooms proper name was The Room of Requirements, and it was a pretty useful room. Getting a pretty good work up on the room, Harry noticed several details. One, the room could provide anything that it had contained in it without any problem and without restriction. Two, it could bring him anything inside the castle that belonged to him, as long as it wasn't being held in someones hands, or being directly observed. So if Malfoy or the twins stole something and hid it in their trunks, he could get it back. Likewise he could get anything in the castle he had semi-legitimate access to, such as food from the kitchens, or books from the library, though the room did not recognize the forbidden section. Since students COULD access it, the room granted access. Three, he could also retrieve anything someone else owned if lost, or with their permission. Of course, if they were in the room with him, they could do it themselves, he didn't have exclusive control. Four, anything that couldn't be provided the first three ways could be created by the room, but would disappear when taken out of it. This included food, even if eaten, if for some reason there wasn't any in the castle. He'd have to have some sort of personal interaction, or a really GOOD idea of how it worked to create though, but thankfully not any sort of true crafting skill. Cleaning something though, was perfectly doable, so all of his clothes were nice and clean.

The room also saved versions in memory so, like what was going on with his mini common room, he could return to a previously used version. Anything held within a version WAS available to be used by others however, unless precautions where taken. The room could even form connections to outside locations thru either the floo network, or portraits. Using a portrait however wouldn't allow for secrecy, as the portrait itself would know of its use. The floo was a better choice. The room could also make connections to anywhere inside the wards that he had been or seen on a map. This would allow him to go anywhere that appears on the Marauders Map, or the few places he's been that don't appear, such as the Chamber of Secrets. Although the door, if closed was gone, and he'd have to get out on his own. Leaving the door open was doable, but anyone else could then enter.

Putting the book to the side, he sat down at the table and ate some breakfast and thought about things. Dobby had very bluntly told him to stay in hiding today, but didn't explain himself. That was setting off all sorts of alarm bells in his head, but the potion was telling him to obey it.

The thought about the potion brought up something else. He had a limited time before the potion wore off, what was his priority? Sitting here in the room studying? Useful, but he'd never been the type for endless study. Even with the glasses, that would ware him down. On the other hand, he had a LOT that he wanted to study while the potion was in affect. Then too, he wanted to check out all those locations in his mom and dads diary. The potion was in fact pressing for that as much as studying. It was at this point a weird thought struck him.

Grabbing his book, he asked "How can I be in more than one place at the same time?" It turns out there was several ways. First was time travel. Useful, but not what he wanted. Even if he had a time turner, or used the hour reversal charm, which was evidently the charm used by time turners, he'd still go through the potion at the same rate. His future versions coming back would have that much less potion in them. The spells 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' and 'Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' would create duplicates of himself. A lot of duplicates in the case of the second spell, but it was recommended that you get good at the first spell and used to it's after affects before trying the more complicated and powerful spell.

Even better, any magic affects or anything you carried with you, or on your person would be duplicated as well, so he'd have access to his wand, no matter which duplicate he was. The objects would remain, as long as he held them on his body, or within ten feet. If they were ever separated for more than about thirty minutes, the duplicated objects would disappear. So he could bring not only his wand, but the How To book as well. The spell even allowed him to switch which version of himself was the primary, if for instance one was in danger, though he gained no ability to communicate with each other over distance. If he lost anything though, it'd remain primary, so has he reabsorbed duplicates, the objects would be gone. Going over all the details of the spell was amazing. Super rare in Japan, essentially unknown in China and the rest of Asia, it was completely unknown anywhere else. And any duplicates would still be under the potion. Although based on what he read, he'd better make which ever version stayed hear the primary.

He already knew the Ignotus and Dolus charms which would allow him to get around the underage magic outside of Hogwarts. As long as he didn't actually get caught. Even with these, Prior Incantato would still reveal his spells. But the Ignotus charm would remove the trace off his wand without letting the Ministry know. The Dolus charm would duplicate the trace, but instead of being linked to a book in the Ministry, it'd be linked to a notebook of his own. If anyone checked his wand for the trace, it'd show up, but none of his spells cast would ever appear on record. Harry most certainly did not trust the Ministry to actually remove the trace when he turned seventeen.

Now he just needed to figure out where to go and how to get there. Calling up a list of all the books available to the room, and then using Gemino to create a duplicate so it didn't disappear as soon as he left the room, he felt a draw to his moms diary. Opening it up, he plopped it down, trusting the potions luck to open it to the correct page. Reading the entry, from right after Christmas in her sixth year, Harry noticed a spell, 'Abb Unos Discis Omnet'.

From reading the entry, this was the third spell his mom had created, and boy was it a nice one. One that would go with his glasses and book very well. Assumingly based on 'Ab Uno Disce Omnes' or 'From one, learn all', this spell allows the caster to learn a broader base for a skill or knowledge than would normally be available from a book. For instance, reading a cookbook while under this spell would grant a general cooking skill rather than just the individual recipes. Will not give a broad range of new spells if a spell book is read, but does give a better understanding of the theories behind the spells, and knowledge about other spells. And even if the incantations aren't learned, the theory behind them will make it easier to learn or invent the incantations.

Deciding that his mom was even more brilliant than Hermione, Harry really wondered at the thought process that actually led to this spell. In any case, he was ready to go. Calling on the room to get his cloak, he grabbed several books off the shelves, the How To book, his new glasses and opened up a passage to a section of the partially collapsed tunnel out of the castle. The tunnel, which collapsed in his second year, probably during his fight with the Basilisk, was not completely fallen in. There was a twenty foot section, partially inside the wards, partially out. He'd spent a little bit of time trying to open a door to sections of the tunnel until he found a part that would work.

Stepping out, making sure the door stayed open, he very nearly gagged on the stale, musty air. "Right, going to need to make sure to do something for fresh air." Harry told himself. Obeying another hunch, Harry grabbed a small lock of his hair and cast a Portus spell on it to take him back to this tunnel, right outside the ward line. He then cast 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' on himself 3 times. One would go to Diagon Alley and get some money and go shopping, although he need some disguise spells after he left Gringots. The Second would go to the place in his moms diary and try to find 'Him' and deal with that somehow. The third would check out the places on his dads list. He'd remain here as primary in case they ran into trouble, he wouldn't be at risk of truly dying. Walking back inside and shutting and locking the door with the spells he learned the night before, but making sure it remained so his other selves could knock, Harry went back to studying.

The second clone walked outside the ward line and promptly disapparated. With a lurch, he apparated onto a concrete platform and promptly fell to the ground. Harry decided that this form of travel was worse than portkeys. Looking around, Harry noticed a sign that clearly stated, in German, Visitor Entrance. Then he noticed that he was in an enclosed area with high walls. And guards. Armed guards. Armed with both wands and muggle weapons at that. Has he turned to take it all in, he noted that there was a guard heading towards him, coming out of a door with a large stone archway. In what was clearly not the original words, two lines of words were engraved across it:

The third clone was the one who was going to check out all of the sites on his dads list, which for some reason the potion insisted he leave behind. Nine sites, hopefully, then back to Hogwarts to share memories and more studying. Looking at the list again, just in case the book was wrong about his memory with the glasses, then throwing his cloak over himself, 'Harry' stepped out past the ward line after the other two and disapparated.

With a small crack, Harry apparated onto a path next a large iron fence, with a overgrown field on the other side, a tree lined drive heading off across the grounds. In the distance, about a mile away, Harry could see a set of ruins. What was undoubtedly once a nice mansion was now partially caved in and destroyed. Sections of the grounds around it where clear and bare of plant life with no real pattern, reminding him of miss-aimed artillery fire craters. Most likely spell damage that was never repaired.

Coming to the broken down gate, the stone pillars that would have held them up, as well as extra wards, smashed. A large piece of ironwork with writing on it was laying just beyond. Turning over the arching metal, clearly something that would have gone over the gate, Harry read the inscription; "The Last Enemy to be Defeated is Death." Under that was what was likely a family crest, the same one on his fathers diary. This was the home his dad grew up in. The one he talked about occasionally in his diary.

With a feeling of awe, mixed with sadness, Harry slowly approached the manor. Was he just imagining it, or was there rustling going on in the weeds. He was invisible, but knew that he was still making noise, and would still have a scent. Besides, Dumbledore and Moody could both see through his cloak, he didn't doubt others could too (but not Snape he thought with a smile). Harry figured that the rustling sound was most likely gnomes, which brought up the possibility of jarvies as well, since it didn't look like anyone had been here in a while.

Still, as Moody was always saying, constant vigilance. It wouldn't do to die by being careless, even if his death wouldn't actually kill him. Gripping his wand in preparation, Harry approached the building. As he got closer, he could see more signs of spell battle. What was at least one skeleton of some sort of creature Harry couldn't identify laid on the grounds, rising above the weeds as if some sort of ghost ship in a vast sea of foliage, stuck on an underwater reef, the weeds, brown and barely clinging to life, nonetheless wrapping around and entangling as if a giant squid trying to pull a ship beneath the waves. Harry didn't doubt that there was other skeletons littered over the grounds and wondered why no one ever came and cleaned up.

Acting on a hunch, Harry cast an Accio targeting any wands. Five came, with difficulty pulling themselves from weeds, and another three came from the manor itself, although only two of them where whole. The whole one that came from the manor sparked when Harry held it, and he felt a connection form. Harry wondered who it had belonged to. His Grandparents had died before the war had ended, did it belong to one of them. Once again wondering why no one had ever returned, looters if no one else. It'd been thirteen years since the war came to a halt, surely someone would have returned to remove bodies if nothing else.

Closer still, he came to the manor, more and more damage to the grounds, and the decayed and destroyed sections of the manor becoming clearer, Harry also began to pick up signs that other creatures inhabited the ruins now. Fairies and doxies with certainty, but Harry couldn't rule out other, darker creatures. Gripping the new wand in his off hand, he approached the entrance. Hesitating at the bottom of the steps, sensing some sort of trap, Harry looked around. The doorway at the top was smashed open like the front gate. One door, laying on the gravel drive, the other either missing or inside. Taking a deep breath, he climbed the stairs slowly, ready to abort on a seconds notice.

At the top of the steps, he paused again to look inside. He could see the door, flung carelessly thru the collapsed wall of the entry way all the way back to the other side of the main hall. Several more skeletons where scattered about as well. Walking slowly, as much from having to pick his way over rubble from the collapsed walls and floor above as from a possible trap, he entered the main hall he could see the skeletons better. There looked to be five humans, all wearing death eater robes and masks like those at the world cup. There was also a couple of skeletons of what was likely house elves, one skeletal elf, gripping a butcher knife stuck thru the head of one of the death eaters even now.

Inspecting the rest of the hall, he could tell that there had been a serious battle here. The hall was utterly demolished, yet the obviously magical, mirrored chandelier above was oddly untouched, it's design allowing for a single candle to light the entire hall, even as close to a third of the ceiling was caving in. Trying to work out what happened, he realized that the only human bodies where all in death eater robes, so someone had returned for the bodies of his grandparents, assuming this is were they died. Hopefully they just didn't have time to look for wands that weren't readily available since only three wands had come from here, but five bodies. It was about when he got to the center of the room that the trap was sprung. Harry felt the anti-disapparition and anti-portkey wards fall into place like a physical force. Almost immediately, he heard the sounds of several things moving all around, surrounding him. Crawling out of hidden spaces, over several dozen humanoid things showed themselves, some standing to walk, others crawling around, joints bending in unnatural ways, their pale rotten skin, dripping with scum and moisture as if they'd just pulled themselves from a tainted pool or swamp, sickly white, seemingly blind eyes that still seemed to stare at him.


Knowing this wasn't a battle he could win yet, and understanding why no one had come to clean up, he none the less wondered why the death eaters where left even has he prepared his defense. Voldemort had to have taken some time to set this up, why didn't one of his other followers remove them, or why didn't he turn them into inferi as well? Maybe they where bait? Harry decided it didn't matter.

Casting a 'Protego Ignis' around himself with the found wand, the flames keeping them from approaching, but holding him to one spot since the spell was immobile, at least cast this way. He could cast it to form an actual shield made of flames, but that wouldn't protect his back. Deciding to go with a 'Sunplena', the true sunlight driving them back as much as the fire was, Harry was struck by inspiration. Going over everything he'd learned about light spells the previous evening, Harry decided to combine the 'Melumen' variation of 'lumos' with sunplena.

Raising his own Holly wand and pointing at the chandelier, he shouted "Brilo Sanctu Mesunplena Castu!" Putting as much power as he dared into it, a staggeringly bright glob of Holy Light, about the size of his fist shot up at the chandelier, hitting the old candle, and light filled the hall, so bright even Harry was having a hard time seeing, even as the inferi let out a scream as if in agony, their flesh burning and sloughing off as most turned to flee, and some charged. Knowing his flame would kill them, but not immediately, he cast leviosa on a piece of rubble and jumped on and cast 'Cannoventus' underneath and slightly to the side, propelling it, and more importantly, him across the hall and thru the entryway to the doorway and to the grounds beyond as if he where a circus performer being fired from a cannon. With a shouted cushioning charm at the fast approaching ground, Harry still managed to hit with more force than he really wanted to. Quickly rolling over and getting up, readying himself, in case more attacked him out here, all the things hidden in the grass and weeds fleeing, unseen but leaving wakes of foliage, to whatever safety they thought they could find, the screams of the inferi dying out shortly, leaving an eerie silence behind.

After several minutes, standing there, waiting Harry realized he was outside the anti-apparition wards. Vowing to come back after he learned the improved 'Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' and got better at fighting, he disapparated to one of the three spots with the special note on it, only to appear next to another fenced in area. Another demolished house from the looks of it. Except this one had signs out front. Walking up and reading the inscriptions, Harry realized this was the house where Voldemort killed his parents. Choking as much from grief he hadn't known he still felt as anger that this was a tourist trap, Harry decided not to explore. He would come back to it though.

The third stop was yet another seemingly ruined house. Yet this one, located in a clearly muggle area somewhere, also seemed inhabited. The residents clearly poor, yet trying to maintain it the best they could, pathways strewn with old children's toys weaving between this property and the neighbors. The kids were clearly friends with the kids in the other houses. Harry wondered what was going on, but as this was a muggle area, didn't feel like investigating was a good idea. Doubly so since he lost his cloak at the manor, and stood out like Dumbledore would at Uncle Vernon's work place Grunnings.

The fourth stop made him laugh at his last thought, because it turned out to be Grunnings. Quickly hiding behind a nearby tree (the actual apparition point was concealed), Harry looked at the building, wondering if Uncle Vernon was inside. He also wondered WHY his dad had this spot listed on the paper. Was his dad spying on his brother in law? Or did he own Grunnings? The thought that Harry was his uncles boss was hilarious to him, but highly doubted it'd go over very well in the Dursley house. Then again, maybe that was why Vernon was a director here.

The fifth stop was another ruined structure. This one a stone tower, roof and windows missing, a tree growing up out of the missing roof and thru the windows. The tree looked healthy and normal, but he figured he'd bring Neville here to give his assessment on it before he explored it. Harry didn't know enough about herbology to risk it being some obscure plant they hadn't covered yet that would dissolve his skin if he came within ten feet.
Off to the side a ways away was a set of old railway tracks with three old passenger cars on them. Harry could feel the magic surrounding them. Mostly preservation charms and the same muggle repelling charms as the rest of the grounds. Inside them looked like a old abandoned home remodeling project. Taken over by birds from an open window in one of them. And another by ground dwellers from an open hatch in the floor that a plant had grownup into. There were no bones laying about, so some of the wards must prevent animals from attacking each other inside. There was signs of both squirrels and foxes after all.

Harry apparated into the sixth stop, the second with a special notation, with a shouted; "Holy Jesus, Joseph and Mary! It's fucking COLD!" Casting warming charms on himself as fast has he could, he looked around at his new location. He was on a small, ice covered island, surrounded by churning, icy water. A short ways up a cliff, about a hundred feet up, was a another tower, ice covered stairs leading up to it. The heat from his warming charms already dissipating, he added this spot to his investigate later file.

The seventh location was a muggle business center of some sort. Like Grunnings and the small house, he stood out here. Merely taking the time to learn the name on the side of the building, he left for the eighth stop. Which turned out to be more ruins. Not being able to even tell what type of building it had been, having exploded outwards, leaving debris strewn about for several hundred feet around. Some obvious magical damage scattered about as well, added in were some weird plants, and a few other effects. Casting his eyes around, looking for a clue, Harry noticed part of an old sign.
"...ters Apoth…" was all that remained, but it was enough. His dads diary had had an entry about him having to stay all day at a place called 'Potters Apothecary and Potion Supplies." Harry couldn't tell if the place had been attacked by death eaters or if it'd been a simple, though deadly accident that destroyed the place. But Harry was once again left to wonder at the lack of clean up from the Ministry.

At the ninth stop, the last one and the third with a special notation, he apparated onto a stone slab with an arithmancy work engraved, surrounded by a circle of rune engraved stones, and surrounded by womping willows. Harry felt a surge of magic from the runes, as if judging him for several seconds, and the willows stopped. The normal looking palm trees and fronds beyond the willows in a thick, near impenetrable mass, having a section part, providing an exit.

Walking down the path, Harry was looking around this seeming tropical paradise. He could see a large, ruined house a bit away, surrounded by more palm trees, but not in a thick, defensive manner. He felt a tropical breeze, and beheld a short, pleasant, well maintained looking beach, with some large body of water covered in large chunks of ice. The ice melting as soon as it came within about 20 feet or so of the beach, and reforming as soon as the water from the waves returned out past that mark.

And laying on the beach where three girls about his own age, sunbathing.

Three very naked girls. That of course, was when they started screaming!

Dumbledore left his table of instruments and sat at his desk as Severus walked in. None of them were doing any good in finding the three missing students and the ones monitoring Harry were giving him some rather odd readings. Although they at least let him know they were alive.

Severus walked to the desk, and without waiting, sat in the chair across from him with a sigh. "Igor is getting antsy." He started. "He doesn't like the Aurors being here. Moody barging his way onto the ship with several of them didn't help with that either." That had been a tense hour. Thankfully, unlike the muggle world, wizards didn't have the concept of sovereign soil. If something owned by one country was in another, it was subject to the other countries laws. Magical embassies existed only in muggle embassies for a reason.

With the disappearance of Ms Granger, right under their noses, and in front of Mrs Weasley, he'd been forced to notify Madam Bones.Since this was, in all likelihood, just a group of friends having an argument and leaving in a huff, she promised to handle it discreetly. He should have clarified on what that meant.
Now there was a dozen Aurors on the castle grounds, having searched both of the other schools transports. Madam Maxime taking it much better than Karkaroff, but still being upset. Making things more tense, they weren't explaining what was going on to anyone. The students knew that the dorms had all been searched, with extra emphasis put on Slytherin. Even Severus complained only a little bit about that one, knowing full good in well that the mostly likely enemies of the missing trio was in his own house. Now, Susan Bones had a bodyguard, and the rest of the Aurors where spread out through the campus searching things and watching the students.

The students of Gryffindor had a little more information. Even thou the twins and Ginny hadn't told anyone what was going on. Between them being dragged away by Minerva after a fight with Harry, and then returning to their dorm with Aurors entering the school at the same time, it didn't take long for some alarmingly accurate rumors to start. He wondered if there was true knowledge behind those rumors, or if it was merely past experience in dealing with the trio.

"The brat is, as usual causing more problems then he's worth." Severus finished.

"And that comment brings us to the other topic I wished to speak to you on. We need to have a rather blunt conversation Severus, over your manner of teaching and the treatment of your students!"

See you next chapter!
Peace thru Strength, Order thru Chaos, Harmony thru Intimidation
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Chapter 4: Notes
The path to Harry's wish fulfillment chapter 4: [in order]
  • Part 2 of get to know his parents
  • Steps 4, 5, and 6 of acquiring skill and power.

The spells 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' and 'Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' can be found in the story 'Larceny, Lechery, and Luna Lovegood!' chapter 23 Omake 5, by 'Rorschach's Blot'. And I told you this wasn't a super serious fic. And yes, I'm aware it was taken from another source, but I don't have that source.
The 'Ignotus' and 'Dolus' charms can be found in the story 'Make a Wish' chapter 2, also by 'Rorschach's Blot'.
'Protego Ignis' can be found in Innocent chapter 23 and 'Melumen' in Intensity chapter 6, both by Marauderlover7
'Cannoventus' can be found in the story The Merging, chapter 18 by Shaydrall.
'Abb Unos Discis Omnet' and 'Sunplena' are my own creation. As is the Brilo and Sanctu-Castu modifications which are explained in chapter 3.

As you might have guessed, the last section with the various properties was a spoof of all the fics out there that have Harry find out he has a dozen large mansions and is super wealthy, so he has to ditch the Weasleys as being useless to his goals and invite all of his new Slytherin friends who can actually help him to lavish parties where he shows off his incredible knowledge of gourmet meals. :( Thhhhpt!

Don't worry though, Harry will get his rather awesome house. Just not for a couple of chapters.
I remember this from FF.net. Hopefully we'll get to see more of it -- it kinda ends on a cliffhanger at the moment.

That said:

"Harry!" One of the twins called out, "Come on over."
"Of course he is, Ron's not capable of not being a git." Ginny responded, "I don't understand why you ever hung out with him anyway."
You have significant issues with the punctuation of dialogue. Both of these, for instance, use a rather... awkward... form. As is, the segment prior to the dialogue tag is left grammatically hanging, with the tag applied solely to the following quote. The chapter basically starts with these, so they're just convenient examples... but hardly the worst.

There's also things like this:
Turning back to Ginny, "Why do I hang out with him?..."
The action of turning is an action beat, not a dialogue tag. As such, it's a separate sentence.

You also have some issues with sentence structure. For instance:
Unable to quite grasp why he lost his temper like that, but knowing it was needed. Nor did he know what he was doing here, only that this too was necessary to his goals. Back and forth, thinking about what his wish had been.
None of these are complete sentences. Grammatically, they're sentence fragments.

Offhand, I remember seeing a number of other recurring errors as well -- missing spaces following periods, confusing to and too...
Harry grinned to himself at the idea of some ancient Dark Lord killing all of his followers who happened to see someone survive the curse. But then again, whoever figured it out would be dead to.
... like that.

The cumulative effect is an appreciable irritant as I read the story. It's not nearly as bad as some stories I've seen, but you really need a competent proofreader.
I remember this from FF.net. Hopefully we'll get to see more of it -- it kinda ends on a cliffhanger at the moment.
I'm mostly done with chapter 6 now. I've had several issues that have made writing something less then important, but I'm getting back into it now. Part of the reason I am reposting this here is that I've seen some of the commentary on stories here, and it's a lot more polite than on FFN, or God forbid, SB.:mad:

I'm basically trying to get polite feedback to not only maintain interest and motivation, but to help with a few ideas when I can't think of a way past something when I've written myself into a corner. I know were I want things to go, but I don't have all the details on how to get there. It's one of the reasons I have so much exposition in the first couple of chapters. After the weekend ends, and Harry's directly dealing with people at Hogwarts again, that will hopefully lessen. But I've got to get there first, and the Felix Felicis is pushing him to get a LOT done while he's still under the influence and success is nearly assured.

You have significant issues with the punctuation of dialogue. Both of these, for instance, use a rather... awkward... form. As is, the segment prior to the dialogue tag is left grammatically hanging, with the tag applied solely to the following quote. The chapter basically starts with these, so they're just convenient examples... but hardly the worst.
Thank you. It's been well over thirty years since I've learned this in school, and I wasn't very good with it then either. I'm well aware that I'll never be a professional writer.

That having been said, I am trying to do better in chapter 6, but the first 5 chapters I'm pretty much doing a copy paste from FFN, just dropping the authors notes. I've had a lot of issues with getting things from my word program to be readable by FFN's system. Chapter 5 for instance, I lost close to 2,000 words, mostly in the middle of sentences. And that doesn't even begin to get into dropping letters off words, or changing word choices (threw becoming thru).
No idea what's going on, I assume it's something to do with automatic spell check, but that doesn't explain the dropped letters, or the weird problems with missing or extra spaces. Now I have to do copy/paste in sections through multiple programs.:confused:

I might go back and edit the older chapters before I post chapter 6 there, not sure yet. I'm not exactly a grammarian, and as long as a story readable, and follows the one speaker per paragraph rule, I'm generally content and space it unless it's really, really bad.

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While I would never take the time to read a story that was this bad, I, in general, can. This unfortunately means I have a problem making sure I get everything right myself.

Even having read the link before replying, I'm having trouble with this one. The same with through and thru.

The cumulative effect is an appreciable irritant as I read the story. It's not nearly as bad as some stories I've seen, but you really need a competent proofreader.
I AM trying. And I do apologize over it, but it is something that will likely always be an issue with me. As for a proofreader, I've done that. All I got back was "corrections" on canon and story direction rather than grammar and spelling. The only people I know that don't do that have far less time then me to write.
Edit: Maybe I'll use people here as a proofreader for chapters after 5.

I hope that came across as polite and grateful, which was my intent, and not sarcastic, which wasn't. Sarcasm, and it's lack is hard to convey.
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While I would never take the time to read a story that was this bad, I, in general, can. This unfortunately means I have a problem making sure I get everything right myself.
This is what proofreaders are for.

Even having read the link before replying, I'm having trouble with this one. The same with through and thru.
"Thru" is shorthand. Unless you're using a compound that specifically uses that spelling (e.g. "drive-thru") or quoting something that uses it (e.g. shorthand notes), it has no place in a story like this.

"Too" and "to" are simply entirely different words. "Too" means "also." "To" is a preposition -- a word used to express a relationship between things. The sentence "I go to school," for instance, expresses a relationship between the words "go" and "school".

To quote a dictionary: "a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause, as in "the man on the platform," "she arrived after dinner," "what did you do it for ?"."

In the case of "to," it generally expresses motion in the direction of the grammatical object ("school" in the above example)... although it's also used to mark infinitives (e.g. "to go...").

Edit: Maybe I'll use people here as a proofreader for chapters after 5.
I don't have the time or spoons to manage, but you should be able to find someone... hopefully, anyway.
Chapter 5: Cerebral Malfunction
A New Tournament
Chapter 5: Cerebral Malfunction
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.
And probably been not as good.
Summary: A gift from the future provides a little bit of hope in a time of need. OP Harry, Ron and Hermione, but with a plausible background to support it. No bashing, even of disliked characters.

"We're called "Essential" because calling us 'Sacrificial' would be too honest.​

Important: I also made a mistake when I talked about ice around the beach with the girls. It's only a week after Halloween, there would be little to no ice. Just pretend that I didn't mention ice and was talking about cold breezes or something. The ice wouldn't be there till sometime after Thanksgiving. :

Also, I do not know if this is the correct rule, but something I've seen a lot lately is several paragraphs under a single pair of quotation marks. Since this allows for an easier time figuring out who's actually speaking while still cutting down run on paragraphs, I'm using it. So if you get to the end of a paragraph and there's no quotation mark, and dialogue starts the next paragraph, it's the same speaker.

The first and last parts of the story, other characters POV, are out of order with the rest of the story and take place on Sunday.

00l l l l (_i_) \_!_/ l l l l00

Albus Dumbledore had had a long night. There was so much going on at Hogwarts it was getting hard to keep track of. Tempers were running high, there had been seven magical duels fought between Gryffindor and Slytherin students last night, two of which left participants in the hospital wing under the care of Madam Pomfrey. Albus was almost grateful for the Aurors. As problematic as their presence was, they where at least acting as hall monitors.

Still, it was a new day. He was hopeful the three missing students would show up today, embarrassed over the trouble they caused and nothing else. Maybe they'd even be able to mend their broken friendship.

Sitting down at the teachers table for breakfast, Albus filled his plate and began some small talk with the rest of the staff until the Morning Prophet arrived. As was his custom, Albus let Minerva read it first since she was usually done eating before he was.

It did not take long to realize there was a problem this morning.

Madam Bones, who along with several Aurors was still a guest this morning, dropped her pipe out of her gaping mouth. Professor Vector cursed and started muttering in Gobbledygook. Several comments among the students ranged from the mild 'What the…' to 'Merlin's saggy balls.' Everyone who had a copy of the Prophet who hadn't uttered anything was staring at the headline in obvious shock. Or staring at the teachers table as if expecting an explanation.

It was at that time he noticed his Deputy rolling up the paper and put under her arm and start to stand up.
"Going somewhere Minerva?"

A quick glance from her before a slightly stuttered; "I, I've got to get ready for classes today."

"It's Sunday."

"Yes. Well, lot's to do."

"The paper if you please Minerva." With a huff, she dropped back into her seat and handed him the paper. In bold across the front page:

Dumbledore's first, rather off topic, thought was how? With the Goblets oath, he shouldn't have been able to go more than a mile or so from Hogwarts. He wouldn't even be able to reach all of Hogsmead, much less the continent.

This was surreal Harry thought to himself. The guard had been polite, but very firm when he demanded to know who he was and what he was doing here. He'd shown the entry to his mom's diary and asked if they had a record of WHO she had visited. Considering where this was, Harry was pretty sure he knew, but there WAS other prisoners here after all.

Unfortunately, her name wasn't on the visitors rolls at all. On the other hand, it only took a little deduction to figure it out. 'He' had only received about one or two visitors per year, and there was only one female who visited the prison at all in that month, and that name was very note worthy to Harry, who highly doubted Petunia Dursley had ever been here.

So here he was waiting in the visitor room for them to bring out the single most feared man of the past 3 centuries. Sitting at a picnic table in the middle of a concrete room, two guards in crossfire position by separate doors. A clear box, with a sticking charm holding it to the table, with a self inking, self writing quill inside that could have a piece of parchment slid inside if either one of them wanted to take notes.

All of his belongings where in a sealed box, per his request. Since they'd all fade in about a half hour after they took them from him, he asked if they could put it in a sealed box, telling the guards he'd had trouble with people taking his things and trying to sell them before, and since he hadn't known where he was going, he'd thought nothing of bringing some rather valuable items that he would have used to get out of a tight spot (his cloak, wand etc.) or used to study while waiting (the books and glasses). The guard commander had even lent Harry his own wand so Harry could do the seal himself.

They were mildly insulted at the implications they'd steal something, but it HAD happened here in the past, and they understood that it was a possibility, so it wasn't truly an issue. Although everything was in the box. He was in conjured robes and glasses. They HAD been hesitant when they questioned him about being under the affects of a potion and he'd admitted he'd taken Felix Felicis. But he'd assured them that he had no intention of trying to free anyone and had explained what his goal was; to find out who his mom had been seeing and why. Harry pondered why they'd accepted that. Was the potion that powerful that even though they knew it's affects the guards would still allow it, or did they have a way to counter it? Or maybe they just assumed he'd need it to talk to the prisoner in question.

Gellert Grindelwald.

A name that every wizard and witch on the planet knew. Knew and feared.

So it was something of a surprise when the guards escorted him into the room. Very very calm, pale, emancipated, toothless and balding, yet his eyes were twinkling with some hidden joke only he could see. Taking a seat across the table from him, Grindelwald studied Harry for a few moments until finally, "You have your Great Grandmothers eyes."

The commonness of that statement calmed Harry for a moment until the full implications of what he said hit him. "Great Grandmothers?"

"You didn't know?" he replied. "I suppose you wouldn't. It's not the sort of thing your mother would have wanted spread around. And since she died when you were so young, I can't imagine that you would have been told yet. But yes, I knew your Great Grandmother, and your Grandmother your Mothers mother. Your Great Grandmothers maiden name was Adelaide Evensgard. She was a very lovely lady, and an extremely competent and powerful witch."

"My mother was a muggleborn!"

"Ah, no young man, she was the daughter of two squibs. Dennis and Emma Enns. Although they changed their surname to Evens, shorting her mothers maiden name, after they turned on their parents, and fled to England. The inside information they were able to provide English and American wizards spelled my end. It allowed them to help the muggle forces at Normandy succeed, and to know the exact locations of several of my fortresses to allow muggle bombers to hit.

Yes Harry, your grandparents where the children of some of my followers. Lotar Enns: The Death Knight of Dunkirk and Annalise Fein Enns were you Grandfathers parents. Lotar was killed by a muggle boy in a moment of extreme carelessness. During a break in a battle, he sat down in exhaustion, and ended up not seeing the muggle child, about twelve or thirteen years old, that had been hiding behind the sandbags he sat down on. A knife to the throat is far from the worst way to go. Annalise was killed by Albus Dumbledore in a truly epic spell duel after she decided to get revenge for her husbands death by slaughtering the entire city.

I'm sorry, you don't seem well Harry. Should I call for the guards to offer medical assistance?" There was humor in his question, but also genuine concern.

Harry could only stare at this man across from him. This was completely beyond what he'd been expecting. Practically hyperventilating at this point, Harry did manage to catch the true concern in 'His' voice and that was what managed to get his breathing under control, somewhat. "My other Great Grandfather, who was he?" Harry was at this point almost positive he didn't actually Want to know, but knew he needed to.

"Why Dela's married name was Adelaide Grindelwald. My wife."

Harry's first clone was walking down Diagon Alley shopping. He'd had an interesting time at Gringotts. First, he'd followed the directions of the potion and gotten an account manager, specifically, he'd gotten a goblin by the name of Snapsaw who was one of the rare goblins who worked as an account manager who wasn't from Clan Gringott. Snapsaw was from Clan Snarlsmite and had been particularly happy when Harry asked him for help and told him he'd like him to be his manager. Snapsaw had only ever worked small accounts, either muggle parents setting up something for their kids, or muggleborn who weren't going anywhere politically and no notable wealth.

Harry had never heard of a Helpful Goblin before, but when you considered they measured their social position on not only personal wealth, but the wealth they controlled for others, Harry requesting him to be his personal financial manager had been a major boon for him.

Even more so when Harry asked about doing something to verify accounts when the potion prompted him. The self writing blood quill had hurt, but what ever enchantments where on the quill and parchment he put his bloody fingerprint on, it had brought to light a whole bunch of surprises.

Evidently, there had been a LOT of families destroyed by Voldemort and his followers. All of their inheritances went to other families related to them. And many of those had all of their children or heirs die as well. Harry it seemed was listed as inheriting from thirty seven different families who had no surviving heirs, or no potential heirs they were willing to give it to (mainly do to Death Eater status). So they listed in their wills either Harry directly, or in several cases where they died before that night, to whomever managed to kill or banish Voldemort. While none of those families had been among the super wealthy, most weren't exactly poor either. Combined with the Potter wealth, he was now in the upper ranks of money in Wizarding Europe. And that was just the ones that Harry had already inherited. There was still several that people were not yet dead, but had no heirs. Not that Harry was hoping they'd die soon or anything, it was just so mind boggling.

There had also been several other points, notably that he was the heir of the Black family. While Harry could understand that from having talked to Sirius several times, no one else had, and it was generally understood that Draco Malfoy had been the heir (Snapsaw wasn't sure why it was Draco rather than Narcissus). And Lucius Malfoy had been rather rapacious in siphoning as much of the Black fortune has he could. Thankfully, the Black heirs trust fault, like Harry's Potter heir trust vault, had limits on how much could be pulled from the main vault to refill it. Harry was rather quick to demand that Malfoy repay that stolen money, with interest, but had asked to hold off on the notification until Harry had secured his place without Lucy's interference. The Malfoys would likely lose their vaults, and possibly any other vaults that any of them were legitimate heirs to. For some reason, the potion in him rejoiced at the idea of several imprisoned or dead Death Eaters having to give him their wealth and possessions.

The Malfoy's were also trying to take the Black seat at the Wizengamut. Long denied requests to be allowed to join, if Draco was the Black heir, they'd finally be in. Right now Narcissus Malfoy was acting as proxy for Draco. Harry could use the Blood Document as verified proof that he was the legitimate heir, not Draco. Being able to slam Lucy in such a way was like a dream come true. Keeping the Malfoy family out of true political power was just a bonus, if a needed one. He might even be able to get them on criminal charges, though he kind of doubted it would stick.

Of course he'd found out about some other things about the Black fortune as well. Stuff Harry was pretty sure would stun Sirius when he found out. Nor was the Black seat the only one he held, there were nine other seats, ten total. Amusing when you considered that the Potters never had a seat, at least not until his Grandfather Charlus, evidently the Peverell seat now belonged to the Potters, inherited from Charlus's mother. He was listed in their wills for the same reason that so many vaults were.

Some of those other seats were rather surprising as well and Harry was pretty sure he was listed as heir simply for political reasons, or as insurance against assassination. Harry could think of no other reason for him to be the Greengrass heir, when Lord Greengrass had three daughters in Hogwarts, Daphne and her older and younger sister, plus several of her cousins as well as anyone outside of school. No, Harry was an insurance policy for that one. And more than likely one or two others.

And technically, he only held four, the other six, including the Black seat, he was only the designated heir, the current holders COULD (and likely, in the case of Greengrass, would) change who the heir was whenever they wanted, although Sirius would have to actually appear before the Wizengamut to do so.

It was important to note though, he'd only be allowed to sit as a single one at any given time, but he could name whoever he wanted as heir to those seats, and then forfeit his claim to them off on his heir, making them the new lord or lady (or heir if that's all he was), take the next one in line, and do the same thing.

He also held seats in the governments of other countries as well, though the seat in the German government was defunct simply because there wasn't an independent magical government there anymore. Germany was held as a magical colony of the France, United States and Russia (England lost their position there when the their own Wizarding population fell below twelve thousand), although there was talk from the States about granting them independence, since most of the magical people from there had been taken to the other countries for schooling and had decided to remain, there just weren't enough wizards living in Germany any more to warrant one. Besides, Harry was pretty sure the Grindelwald seat would be discarded. Harry was really curious about THAT!

But the various magical families of Europe were intermarried enough that it wasn't unknown for Englishmen to hold seats in France or Spain, or any of the other countries, nor vice verso. So he held seats in both France and Spain. Not that he was even slightly familiar even with how the Wizengamut in England worked, or it's political realities, much, much less so for Spain and France. Those were all things he was going to have to ask Dumbledore. The next Wizengamut meeting was being held in two weeks, the Saturday of the weekend before the first task (he'd have to make a will just in case, to insure Malfoy lost out if nothing else, for now, he left everything to Remus with a note to split it up as he saw fit). Snapsaw said he'd be happy to attend and testify along with a higher level Goblin diplomat.

After a few other details, Harry had thanked Snapsaw and hit his trust vault, for a few thousand galleons. At forty quid per galleon he had around a hundred thousand pounds worth of money to spend. Harry also started to understood why poorer families had such a hard time paying for things like wands, two hundred eighty quid just for an average wand, plus other supplies. Hermione had told him once that on average, just the school supplies ran about twenty five to thirty galleons a year, or, between a thousand to twelve hundred pounds. Made Harry hate Lockhart even more, at two or three galleons for each of his seven books. That had been expensive addition to the already high cost.

Nonetheless, Harry hit himself with several illusion spells that made him look like a somewhat thinner Vernon Dursley right before he walked out of the back areas of Gringotts, and hit the shops. His largest purchase was of course books, making a point of spending several hours in Flourish and Blots going thru the shelves looking for possibilities. The How To book was awesome, but you had to know enough to ask it for the right things. Plus the books sometimes went on tangents about other things and gave even more ideas.

Trusting in the potion, every time he got a nudge, he put the book in a bin, only a couple of which were in Hogwarts library, sending the filled bins up to the desk to be rung up, all the while the manager looking on with bemusement (and a touch of greed). Nine hundred thirty books richer (luckily Harry had stopped at a shop and purchased a magical trunk) and fourteen hundred galleons poorer, Harry left Flourish and Blots and proceeded down the alley with a shrunken trunk inside a hidden pocket and the realization that he just spent fifty six thousand quid on books. Hermione would be proud.

He got a different set of robes for his upcoming Wizengamut meeting. Those had to be way nicer than anything for a simple Ball, as much as Harry didn't want to admit it, although he had to drop his disguise spells to be properly fitted. He also got a new watch with a few magical features. Mostly spells to make sure it would always work, but it also had a magical compass, and an altitude/depth gauge and of course it updated and corrected itself once a day. No alarm for some reason though. The potion urged him to get a couple of wand holsters. Not sure why he needed five holsters for one wand, but figured they'd come in handy as gifts. He also got a few amusements and treats, ice cream was always nice.

He thought about getting a second wand, but didn't know how Olivander would react, the potion strangely silent on the matter. Instead, with a little trepidation, he headed into Knockturn. There wasn't a whole lot down here that actually held any interest for Harry, but he followed the prompts and ended up in a dingy old book shop called Walpole's. Like Flourish and Blots, He trusted in the potion to guide his purchases, and they were a lot fewer.

The Banshee assistant who rang up his purchase was a little creepy, and looked at him strangely. "Someone your age should avoid Knockturn alley." she said out of the blue. Not sure what she meant, and evidently showing it, she continued; "No magic can hide my face," she said, amusement written over her less then pretty face. "And so, no magic or muggle technique can hide someones face from me. Do you understand Mr Potter?"

"Er, yes, I think so." Harry replied. "You can understand I hope, that I'd rather not be known for coming here."

She giggled at that, "Yes Harry, can I call you Harry?" Getting a nod, she continued, "Yes I can understand how you wouldn't want people to know what types of books you purchased."

"Uh, I hadn't even thought about that aspect. After all, you need to have at least a basic understanding of the Dark arts to fight them. I was actually worried about getting detention for being off school grounds. Besides, I really don't like the way people follow me around and try and throw a little misdirection here and there."

A full laugh from her followed. "You're ruining your bad boy image here Harry. How are you going to attract a pretty girl without acting like a bad boy?"

"If I was really that worried about it, I'd head down to the magical tattoo parlor and get an animated tattoo. A nude lady."

"Be careful with that one Harry, that'd make you REALLY popular in prison, if you catch me?"

"I'll make it a house elf." Her laughter at that made her unable to speak, so Harry bid her farewell and left. As he was leaving Knockturn, he noticed an armory. Doing a bit of window shopping, Harry decided to check it out. He didn't actually purchase anything, if it was worth buying, it was super expensive. Full body armor was a minimum of three thousand galleons. This seemed like something his how to book would be useful for. After that, Harry portkeyed back to the tunnel and remerged with the other Harry.

This wasn't happening. There was no way he was descended from Gellert Grindelwald. No, it just wasn't possible. "How, how did this happen?"

A smile twitching the corner of 'His' mouth, "One would think you old enough to understand where children come fr…"

"That's not what I meant! And you damn well know that!" Sucking in a gulp of air to calm down, Harry tried again. "How is it that I've never been told? I get that my parents weren't in a position to tell me, but others, Professor Dumbledore surely?"

"I honestly doubt anyone else knew. When your mother visited me, she showed me a letter her mother had from the Director of Magical Military Relations in America. I don't remember the wording, but it basically stated that only six people knew who she really was. I do not believe that Albus Dumbledore was among them."

"Why America instead of of England's Ministry?"

"Because my Daughter and son in law would have turned themselves over to the Americans rather than the French or British. Americans had gained a reputation of being much more likely to bring in prisoners, and much less likely to have surrendering enemy suddenly 'change their minds' and start resisting. Both France and England had lost rather high numbers of soldiers and civilians before America got directly involved, so there was a correspondingly high level of retribution from their people. Not entirely undeserving mind you, especially among the muggles, but it's why both magical and muggle went out of their way to locate Americans to surrender to.

And my child would have been a major target."

"So why did they settle in England then? Why not go on to America?"

"Of that I'm not really sure, other than it was something arranged by the Americans themselves. But while it came from their magical government, it was arranged thru their muggle one. I believe that they set them up as members of the muggle underground in Germany that aided Jews in hiding so that your Ministry wouldn't get word of them.

As for why they were left in England, I'm not sure, but can think of four possibilities. One, they had no more desire to have the children of four rather powerful war criminals living among them any more than England would have, even if they were squibs. Two, there was a lot of people who noticed the sheer number of people America gave sanctuary too. Many people would have noticed them if America would have granted them such asylum.

Three, the American and British magical communities do not get along. I very nearly gained American support simply because England came out against me. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, their regard for muggleborn leads to a high regard for muggles in general. Although do not allow yourself to believe that they are truly a muggleborns paradise any more than communist Russia is a workers paradise. Thus, they might have simply been trying to cause problems for the British Ministry of Magic.

And lastly, the American magical government, like the British Ministry, has an entire agency dedicated to Divination. Unlike the Department of Mysteries, who keep everything secret, the American Department of Future Operations makes it's predictions known to the members of the government and their muggle President. And I would presume at the time their military commanders. It's entirely possible that they got a glimpse of the future and knew that you needed to be born. Who knows, maybe you have more than just Dumbledore's prophecy attached to you."

"Prophecy? What prophecy?"

The three girls were screaming bloody murder. Harry would admit later that he probably didn't help matters. He was so surprised to see them here he could only stare at them in shock. It's not like he'd ever seen a naked girl before. Even in the Naughty Witch magazine Seamus 'Found', all the girls inside would cover up when someone under age looked inside. The same thing when Dean tried to enchant a Playboy with the same spell he used on his football posters. Harry suspected that the enchantments also let adults know, because in both cases, McGonagall had found and confiscated the magazines the next day.

The girls got up trying to cover themselves and running for clothes while calling for help. It was at about this point that the potion seemed to hit a snag. It wasn't sure what Harry wanted to happen. Harry was at a crossroads, he had to decide if he wanted a long term relationship, or just a couple of nights of fun. Almost instantly deciding that long term was the best option, the potion then gave him a rather forceful mental shove;

'Then Turn the Hell Around!'

Whipping around with the distinct impression that the potion was mumbling in his head about being a 'bloody fucking moron' but equally sure that he really didn't want to explore the possibility that the potion was somehow sentient he managed to squeak out; "Who are you? What are you doing?"

"What did it look like we were doing!?" one of them shouted. "We have a right to be here, who are YOU?! KEETER!!!"

"You called Miss Joan?" A voice that sounded suspiciously like a house elf said. "MASTER HARRY POTTER SIR!!!" it suddenly shouted, "It's wonderful to see you here at last!" Looking down at an impact on his leg, Harry saw a old house elf hugging him. "Keeter thought he would die before Master Harry reclaimed his properties Sir. Yes Keeter did."

A sudden silence filled the air, until the one girl who shouted at him let out a sob. "H-Harry P-Potter?" Glancing back at the girls, he noticed that the girl who had spoken was crouched down holding a pile of underclothes to her chest with one arm, staring at him with her brilliant blue eyes near to tears, utterly still, with one leg thru the sleeve of her muscle shirt while she was in an aborted attempt to put her shorts on over her head like a shirt, her other arm going through the leg opening and raised holding on to them, as if she was trying to get her golden brown hair to pass through the opening. Harry was somewhat aware that he was going a little poetic, but really didn't care, she was gorgeous.

A different girl spoke up at that point. "Jo, Keeter, who is this?" Looking over at her, he saw that the second girl, Asian of some sort, was standing behind an cherry tree that was growing horizontally out over the beach like pictures of exotic beaches often show palm trees doing. Hiding behind some branches to cover herself, he could barely make out silky black hair and a very pretty face. Plus the fact that the branches were only growing upwards, leaving everything from her belly button down exposed.

Harry's brain was pretty much shutting down at this point, so it was Keeter who answered. "This is Master Harry Potter…"

"He's our boss, we work for him." The first girl interrupted, voice laced with misery.

Before Harry, who was admittedly rather slow on the uptake at the moment, could formulate a response, the third girl angrily spoke out; "Boss!? Since when?! I've never seen him at the agency before!" Glancing at the her, Harry noted that she hadn't put anything on, and wasn't bothering to cover up either. A little taller than Harry, with beautiful brown hair, and an athletic body, hands on her bare hips, it took her several seconds before she noticed him staring at her. Face going from an angry frown to an embarrassed red (that undoubtedly matched his own), she hastily turned around and bent over to retrieve her clothes, doing far more to expose her then cover her up.

Harry would have to later go over his memories to figure out the next set of events, as his brain was, at this point completely shut down. The only thing he was thinking was to try and memorize what he was seeing, as he was pretty sure he'd never be seeing it again.

It wasn't until the third girl was wrapped in a towel, and the second had realized that she needed to at least cover up her bottom that Harry was at last able to function with less than a ten second delay. Thankfully he hadn't actually stared at them the entire time. The potion was pretty much in control of his body, which was a rather frightening thought. So he'd turned away from the girls while they dressed, even if the first girl was having a lot of problems doing so and required the the House elves help.

After that, Keeter the House Elf brought out something to drink for everyone and summoned some towels for them to sit on (the third girl had hers wrapped around herself). It was very clear that they were just as embarrassed as he was, and more than likely would have fled if it wasn't for Keeter.

Getting another prompt, Harry decided to begin; "So, um, I'm Harry, which some of you clearly know, but.. ..yeah. I'm Harry Potter. Who are you?"

After about a minute, it was obvious none of the girls were going to answer, Keeter once again spoke up. "I am Keeter Master Potter Sir. Keeter is senior most House Elf for the Potter family sir. Keeter is most happy to see Master. But Keeter is forgetting his manners Sir. Keeter needs to introduce Master's guests."

Turning to the girl who had yelled at him first; "May Keeter introduce Miss Joan Fenn. Ms Fenn is the daughter of Joseph and Mandy Fenn, the two squib groundskeepers Master's parents allowed to live here until they were killed in an accident four years ago. Keeter regrets to inform Master that Keeter does not know what happened, but Miss Fenn is now under the care of Terry and Kevin Monroe." Harry looked at her, she was absolutely gorgeous. She had dark gold to light brown hair, not quite blonde, not quite brunette that went just past her shoulders, and soulful blue eyes, a combination of regret, sorrow, embarrassment and shame coloring her face. She was also fully clothed wearing something more suited to the weather Harry could see beyond whatever magic was keeping it warm here, jacket zipped shut and her hands holding the collar pulled up and covering as much of her face as she could.

Turning to the next girl; "May Keeter introduce Miss Vanessa Monroe, she is the daughter of the same Terry and Kevin Monroe." She, like Joan was incredibly beautiful, with darkish brown wavy hair that descended to the small of her back. Harry having never heard the term 'Sectoral Heterochromia' was not able to understand her eyes, other than that they were unique and very pretty. Mostly gray, but both had a brown 'stripe that went from the outer upper side of the iris to the lower inner side except for over the pupil, making it look like she had a separated V in her eyes. Harry was also trying not to stare at her since she had only wrapped a towel around herself instead of putting on clothes. And while Harry didn't THINK she was intentionally trying to flash him, he wasn't one hundred percent sure it was accidental. Her blush didn't help him determine it either.

As Keeter turned to the final girl; "May Keeter introduce Miss Lea Ramirez." Like the other two girls, she was beyond beautiful. What Harry had at first impression taken for Chinese features, he soon decided, that despite her name, still looked oriental of some sort. She was kneeling like the way pictures sometimes showed martial artists sitting on their own legs, wearing a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt with her long silky black hair going all the way down to the sand. Harry figured that it would be somewhat below her knees when standing up.

After another long silence, Harry finally just decided to go back to luck and actively called up the potion. As he felt the potion coming to the forefront, Harry understood why the potion was being so, not silent, but quit till now. He needed to decide what he wanted as trying for one thing would preclude other things. Harry had already decided he wanted a long term relationship with at least one of them, and preferably all three, and was somewhat surprised that the potion started to once again give him mental advise. The potion also made it clear that it could only set this part up to be successful on his own skill later has it wouldn't last long term. It also said he was going to have to get the conversation going.

"So," Harry began taking a long drink from whatever Keeter had given him, "Like I said, my names Harry. I live in Little Whinging in Surrey and go to school in Scotland. How about you tree?" Continued silence. "Come on you guys, how about at least one word answers? No. Nothing?"

Very hesitantly Vanessa replied, voice steadying as she spoke; "Um, this is Flanders New York, near Riverhead. That's where we live and go to school." Harry must have looked at her blankly since she quickly added; "Oh, we're on Long Island, close to Hampton Bays." Still not registering with Harry she added "How about the United States?"

Amelia Bones sat across the desk from the Dumbledore. She'd never admit it, but she still found this intimidating. Intellectually, she knew it was just the remnants her own school days, first under Dippet, then for her last two years, Dumbledore.

Despite this, they sat in companionable silence for a few minutes. They had just come out of his Pensive, first a memory from Professor McGonagall showing the confrontation of Harry and the Weasleys and it's aftermath. Than a memory from Dumbledore himself of the meeting with all of them and Ms. Granger's sudden disappearance, and something bothered her about everyone's reaction to that in the memory, she just couldn't figure out what. Finally two memories he had acquired from a House Elf named Dobby in regards to what was going on with Potter and his friends. While she was left with the impression that Dobby had withheld some information from them, he had shown them quite a bit. The meeting with a man from the future and than his meeting with that same person as a present day boy. A boy who Dobby had given one of the most powerful potions in existence to.

The idea that a future version of Potter had travelled back in time to save everyone was incredibly alarming. He'd somehow been killed in the future, literally right in front of Dobby in the present, he hadn't told Dobby anything useful about what the future held.

On the one hand, that seemed like an incredible oversight on Future Potters part, but it was equally clear he hadn't had much time beyond telling Dobby his simplistic plan. On the other hand, he was clearly under the influence of Felix Felicis when he gave the potion to Dobby, and Dobby had been under it's influence when he gave it to Present Potter. So hopefully Present Potter was on the right track for making things better.

Amelia had always considered herself one of the alarmingly few rational thinkers in the magical world, came with the job. As such, she'd never really bought into the Harry Potter myth. To her, he was simply an incredibly lucky young man whose parents were two steps ahead of everyone else when it came to protecting their child. Something that from everything she'd heard, Potter actually believed himself. Now however, she was considering the possibility that the myth had at least a grain of truth to it. "So now what?" she asked Professor Dumbledore. "Surely you're not going to leave this in the hands of a House Elf, one who isn't even bound to you or Hogwarts, and a fourteen year old?"

"No Amelia," he responded, "I have no such intent. I am however, somewhat at a loss as to WHAT I should do. Of all the possibilities I've thought of, envisioned or used magic to see, THIS…" Here, he paused for several moments, "This is not something I've ever considered."

Amelia paused in thought herself, somewhat uncomfortable at Dumbledore's casual reference to magic she had no idea existed, much less how to use. "Do you know HOW he did it?"

"Actually, yes, I do." He stated, "If it's the way I think he used, he used a Pensive. One of the reasons their creation is so tightly controlled, and why the Department of Mysteries, and the ICW is so willing to pay outrageous sums to purchase them from private owners is because you can use them to travel back in time to the actual event that whatever memory you use shows. Generally, this would be one that the would be time traveler provided, but could be any that he had acquired from someone else."

"Please tell me you're joking!" She said, shock and dawning horror clearly showing itself in her voice, thinking of the seven Pensives that she knew of that the Ministry possessed, and the seeming casual use around the office. "Is it possible to accidentally trigger time travel?"

"To answer your second question, I do not believe so. It takes a considerable amount of willpower to force yourself against the currents of time. It is not however a possibility I am comfortable ignoring. As to your first question, regretfully no, no jokes involved in this conversation. Nor is it even the only way to travel back in time for more than a couple of hours. Although it is the easiest to use, and the second most useful. The Most useful if you want to travel to before your birth, or to when you are a very small child. It is in fact a method I've used seven times. Although the Harry from the future seems to have encountered a danger I had not even realized was a possibility. It never occurred to me that someone from your future could harm you while you were in the past."

Amelia stared at her former teacher. That certainly explained a few things she thought to herself, although it also brought a whole slew of other questions. Before she could articulate any of them, he continued. "There are several 'Laws' of time travel. Some are actual Cosmic Laws, enforced by a power quite beyond the feeble abilities of magic. Some are rules, with potentially tragic consequences for breaking them. Others are mere suggestions to make your traveling easier.

The book I acquired the magic needed to travel time, 'Memories Unbound' had a rather amusing write up on them." He said, a slight smile gracing his mouth. "Unfortunately, as amusing as it was, it was also painfully accurate. A pain far beyond the slight tickle of a Crucio curse should you violate the law against 'Messing with the Cornerstones of Fate.' One of the rules is that you 'Shall not appear before yourself.' I have had to break that rule twice to prevent myself from making even more tragic mistakes.

The very first thing I did was travel back to when I was a young man, still in school, to save the life of my sister. Do you have any idea of how hard it was for me to realize I needed to go back to before I went back the first time and convince my younger self to not go back?" At first Amelia thought he was making a joke, and he might have been. But the pain in his voice said otherwise. "The second time was to prevent myself from going back and taking out Voldemort before he became powerful. I regret to inform you that someone Voldemort has killed was directly responsible for preventing the Earth from being able to defend itself from alien invaders. And I do not know who. Several of my trips back in time were attempts to insure we could manage, despite that. Finally I had to admit to myself that the damage Voldemort caused was the lesser of two evils that saw over half the worlds population killed in a single hour, and the rest enslaved.

Oh don't look at me like that Amelia. It's not the first time this planet has hosted aliens. Nor even the first time we've been invaded. In fact, now that I've seen we CAN defeat aliens, I'm less concerned about needing to keep Voldemort around and we can work to keep him from returning."

At this, Amelia's mind stopped. Was Dumbledore insane? Had he truly gone around the bend? The very real existence of time travel not withstanding, but ALIENS? On the other hand, if it was real, something needed to be done. "You know Professor, Future Harry looked like he'd been on the run for a while. Any chance it was aliens he was running from?"

"I would hope not. But I can not say for certain. Just last year, I learned that a small group of muggles from America had stopped several alien ships from bombing Earth from orbit. I've also learned that the American and British militaries are working together with a few other countries to develop, in secret, space warships to defend us in the future. I would find it more likely that it was something Voldemort did. Although we can't ignore the possibility of aliens."

"And the book, Memories Unbound I believe you called it? Do you have it? Or do we need to track it down?"

"Alas, the book is what I believe muggles call a 'Quantum Flux Artifact' or something like that. Their theories on time travel and alternate realities are at best confusing. However, based on what I read in the book, I believe it was written by someone who was in all probability something called a 'Zero Point Ghost' or more vulgarly, a Notborn, someone who is based on a future that can no longer happen. And my reading it is itself from a history that is itself no longer real. The copy I briefly possessed was a printed book but appeared to be the authors own copy with some additional hand written notes in the margins." At this Dumbledore trailed off. "In short dear Amelia, I have no clue if we shall ever be bothered by this book again."

"I keep a eye out for it than. I'll also get the Department of Mysteries involved." She was going to have to ask them about the terminology Dumbledore was using anyway. What the hell was a Notborn? It also occurred to her that Dumbledore really did have to many jobs. In addition to the four full time jobs of Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamut, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW and a member of the Archmages council. He was also trying to insure Voldemort was controlled rather than just destroyed, a guardian of the timeline, and now the leader of the resistance to the future alien overlords. It certainly explained some of his more certifiable behavior. "So, any chance you learned any alien fighting magic in your travels?"

"One or two things come to mind." Dumbledore said putting his wand to his head and pulling a silvery strand of memory out.

lll0011001100 lll lll 0011001100lll
See you next chapter!
"If you truly are what you eat, then I am an innocent man."
"The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without."
Chapter 5: notes
Chapter 5 was the last one I've already posted on FFN.So after this one, I'm much more likely to respond to grammar advise and spelling corrections. But please understand, I'm not a grammarian, it's been close to four decades since I learned grammar, and was only average even then. If spending an hour looking up grammar rules gets in the way of the fun of writing a decent story that's readable, but not perfect, I'm going to skip and not worry about. I can correct it afterwards here, and post the final on FFN afterwards.

From here on, I'll be posting here on QQ first. So I'm hoping for some commentary to keep me interested/motivated. Let me know what you think of the story arc and my world building. Unlike on FFN, I can actually respond to comments without putting 'review responses' in the author note's.

Harry is mistaken in how Felix Felicis works. The thoughts he's 'hearing' are his own subconscious. The potion is in no way sentient.

Harry is also waxing poetic when he describes the girls. All 3 are above average in appearance and are in fact models. They are NOT however the goddess like beauties he attributes to them. He has just seen them naked however. To the average 14 year old boy, that would make Millicent Bulstrode look 'surprisingly pretty.' So while all three have what it takes to be models, they'll never be major names based on looks alone.

Also, 'sectoral heterochromia' is a real thing, her description is based on someone I once knew (all 3 of them actually).

The path to Harry's wish fulfillment chapter 5: [in order]
  • Step 3 of get to know his parents (and family in general.
  • Step 2 and 3 of getting respect and fear from people.
  • Step 1, 2 and 3 of wealth.
  • Step 1 and 2 of political power.
  • Step 1 and 2 of getting 1 of the 2 people responsible for his entry in the tournament dead.
  • Step 1 of getting the second of the 2 people responsible for his entry in the tournament permanently dead.
  • Steps 1 and 2 of girlfriend(s).

Madam Walpole's and her Banshee assistant Keira can be found in chapter 32 of the story Innocent by Marauderlover7. In addition to several other books, Harry also purchased the same 2 he and Sirius did in that story. In fact, almost all the books mentioned in that story are now owned by Harry (Marauderlover7 is much better at coming up with book titles and spells in general than any other HP fic writer I've seen here, so I'm cribbing as much as he'll allow). Except of course the ones that have personal notations written in them.

The book Memories Unbound can be found in the story 'Backward With Purpose Part I Always and Always' by deadwoodpecker in chapter 1, although it gets more attention in other chapters as well as the second story in the series. Two incredibly well written stories that I highly recommend.

By the way, the house in chapter 4 with the poor muggle family living in it is a cannon location from the Harry Potter books. I'm kind of curious if anyone can guess what it is.

To my understanding, the cost for supplies per school year below runs pretty close the cost for supplies per year at most private/boarding schools that require the parents to pay for uniforms and books. At least if you're buying NEW supplies rather than used or hand-me-downs. And that's before you get into tuition and room and board.

Schools which lend out books, or don't require a set uniform beyond a simple dress code run much cheaper of course. If for no other reason than schools that require a student or parents to pay for books generally require books that are of higher quality than a public school. Or are written by the teacher in question so he can grab a little extra cash.

And five pounds sterling per galleon just seems way to low for a gold coin.

The following is a responce to several reviews I recieved on FFN complaining about my view of Slytherian. A view that is not even accurate to what I actually think. To get a good idea of what I think most pure bloods go through growing up, and forming their opionons, read Innocent. It's as close to what I've always thought as you can get without mind reading. Anyway, the responce:
Like I said in chapter 1, I use ONLY the 7 main books as cannon. That's it. I do not know where the nonsense that Merlin, whose story in real life, if he existed in any way, dates to the 3rd, 4th or 5th centuries, being in Hogwarts came from.

In canon in fact, there isn't any more proof provided that he was an actual real person than there is in the real world. He's used by all magical people in the same way we use a god. That would never have occurred if he had a known, provable, place in the socioeconomic society. I.E., someone like Ron would never have held him in any sort of high regard anymore than someone like Malfoy would hold Godric Gryffindor, it's not like the magical world is exempt from 'Selection Bias' or anything.

Here in the States, you'll never find someone saying something like "Lincolns saggy balls" or "Washington!" The few examples you do occasionally find are all fictional characters from folklore; Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill and his Wife Slue Foot Sue, Lady Liberty or Sally Ann Thunder. Very rarely will you hear something about a real person who's deeds are so exaggerated or mixed with others such as Johnny Appleseed, John Henry and Mike Fink. A good comparison to make is Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas. The actual stories are built on the foundations of 3 or 4 different people, then expanded and exaggerated, or as in the case of Mike Fink, out right lies. I highly doubt people from England are different than Americans in that regard. Besides, of the people named in cannon on the chocolate frog cards, the only 2 who don't predate Hogwarts are Dumbledore and Flamel (who didn't attend Hogwarts). So I don't understand the obsessive need to place everyone from a card into a house.

But unlike other stories, this one is a SHARED universe. And unlike the Harry Potter series, where Merlin is a mythological entity, in Stargate, he is cannon. The characters from SG:SG1 interact with him, Jackson is possessed by him. In cannon, Merlin wasn't even a real wizard, he just used super science to fool people. And even if he had possessed magic, he descended from the energy plains as an adult (not school age). And YES, that was a plot point from the beginning. The 4 great races all have parts to be described yet. Heck, I'll even let you let you in on a Spoiler:
a couple of those books in chapter 2 were written by Merlin. And several other people mentioned in Fannon as being on a card are actually Go'uld, and 1 witch in cannon is actually an Asgardian
I've never said he was a Gryffindor! Besides, none of you guys have ever been able to site a reference in cannon. Hell, I've never seen anyone who can show how any of the Slytherins in the books who get a good description actually meet the criteria the Sorting Hat sings about. Crabbe and Goyle sure the hell didn't match.
Also, I do not know if this is the correct rule, but something I've seen a lot lately is several paragraphs under a single pair of quotation marks. Since this allows for an easier time figuring out who's actually speaking while still cutting down run on paragraphs, I'm using it. So if you get to the end of a paragraph and there's no quotation mark, and dialogue starts the next paragraph, it's the same speaker.
The correct way of quoting multiple paragraphs of dialogue from the same speaker is to put a quotation mark at the start of each paragraph, and one at the end of the final paragraph.
first off... REALLY liking the story.
I hope MC at least starts on occlumency before his potion wears off. Also hope he learns/studies methods of self-empowerment. Like, Alchemy, Rituals, Elixirs... Maybe a method to unlock latent magical gifts, like being a metamorph, which he has from the black family. Or maybe rituals involving the basilisk corps and phoenix tears. Maybe draining(then purifying) the magic of Voldemort and his marked followers using sympathetic magic on one of his horcruxes, then imbuing that magic into MC. Hopefully he learns wandless magic...
first off... REALLY liking the story.
Thank you.

I hope MC at least starts on occlumency before his potion wears off.
He's already started. The £56,000 in books he purchased in Diagon Alley, they included several on the mind arts. It won't come up until chapter 7 or 8 (depending on how long chapter 7 runs), but yes, he is studying it.

Also hope he learns/studies methods of self-empowerment. Like, Alchemy, Rituals, Elixirs...
This is already written into chapter 6, just not in the way you're thinking.

The main issue for stuff like this is, he has to THINK of it to start asking the How-To book about it. So unless it comes up in a book he bought in one of the alleys, he's not likely to think of it. Bear in mind, he doesn't even know (as of chapter 5 anyway) that basilisk blood can enhance goblin steel. To him, it's just toxic, nothing else. Although the information is there for him to learn. As for phoenix tears, to him Faux is a friend, not a source of ritual components. Faux would likely turn on Harry if did start thinking that way.

And everything he purchased in Madam Walpole's, except the animorphamagus book, is rather dark in nature. The horcrux ritual not even ranking in the top ten, so Harry's not likely to look at those as a good idea (but he's going to know how to counter them). And by association, any of the other books he got there. And Flourish and Blots doesn't carry books with rituals like that, being restricted (and dangerous) magic like the animorphamagus transformation.
Chapter 6 [part 1]: Be careful what you wish for.

I've decided to break this chapter in to 3 sections for posting here on QQ. Not only is it considerably longer than the previous chapters, but I'm having trouble with a section of part 3, so hopefully I'll get that done while you guys are enjoying the rest of the story. :oops:

A New Tournament
Chapter 6 [part 1]: Be careful what you wish for.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All rights reserved to the respective owners of Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1. If I did own any of it, it would have gone very differently.

And probably been not as good.

Summary: A gift from the future provides a little bit of hope in a time of need. OP Harry, Ron and Hermione, but with a plausible background to support it. No bashing, even of disliked characters.

"Memento mori" 'Remember that you have to die'

In Memoria: T. Garcia, 1987 - 2020
Someone who was as wise in real life, as the cleric she played, and a true friend. You will be missed.

00l l l l (_i_) \_!_/ l l l l00

Amelia Bones sat across the desk from Saul Croaker, the head of the Unspeakables, very much not enjoying the conversation she was having with him. It wasn't even noon yet, and already her day was horrid. The fact that it was only Sunday, with Monday yet to rear it's ugly head foretold of a very unpleasant week ahead. She'd just described her conversation with Albus Dumbledore to him and he was looking at her rather strangely.

She fully expected him to laugh her out of his office, so she was quite surprised when he stood up and said "Come with me."

She followed him out into the atrium where he called for the room of Time. Walking through one of the few rooms she'd ever been in here before, and into a back room filled with a bookshelves and a gentle water fountain with seating surrounding the outside of it. Rather than going for a book, he walked up to the fountain and promptly vanished it. Hidden below it was a spiral staircase which they descended.

"Welcome!" He said, in a quite voice, "Welcome to your worst nightmare! Welcome to the true 'Room of Time' and despair of ever resting peacefully again. And remember, you WANTED to know this!"

With that statement, Amelia noticed the archway on the opposite wall, followed by a short hallway, maybe five feet long with another archway leading to a different room beyond. Engraved over the first archway: 'Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall know peace. In the dark of the night, they shall sleep.'

"Welcome Amelia Bones. Welcome to the last day of your life that you shall ever be fully rested. From this day forward, you shall sleep like a babe. You shall wake up every two hours screaming, for you are about to learn just how COMMON time travel is. Why even the muggles are doing it."

With that, they walked through the archway as she slowly followed. On the other side she came out into a greatly expanded room. Off on her left were a series of cubicles, identical to those the Aurors used, although there was a common area with a few low tables with pensives on them, various unspeakables surrounding them, most with a finger dipped into the silvery liquid held within.

"They're not time traveling, if that's what you're wondering. They're simply reviewing old memories of those that have traveled in time, trying to learn those missing histories." Croaker said beside her. "Well, they ARE traveling in time, just not the way you think. The pensive is a fascinating, if frustratingly dangerous tool. Even aware of what it actually does, one can so easily forget that every time you use it, even for a simple review of a memory, you are actually traveling to that time. But that there are safeguards built in that prevent you from interacting or being noticed with or by anyone or anything.
For true time travel with a pensive requires disrupting those safeguards, either by using a ritual to replace them with other safeguards or send just your memories back to your younger self, making it as much divination as time travel, or simply canceling a couple of the ruins on the side and having no safeguards what so ever. That is the version used in what you described. Although I can tell you that both Potter and Dumbledore have travelled time a lot more than he told you, and in all likely hood, more than either of them know. This version of Potter, our version if you will, does not seem aware of it at all. At least for now."

"What do you mean by that?" Amelia asked.

Walking over to the right side of the room, she noticed what looked like a small quidditch pitch, about ten feet long, but as she approached it, it expanded to gigantic proportions, with the end capped in a mist or fog. All across the top she saw what seemed to be a section of the world, like a model people make of a building and grounds, except it was showing that section in various moments of time and was a much larger area. The section just seeming to come out of the fog having hazy and indistinct versions of Hogwarts students running around, or standing in line, watching the other two schools show up. Further down was several moments from the war against Voldemort. Beyond that some things from Grindelwalds war. All of them hazy and indistinct, but you could sort of make out what happened.

But all those moments, where in the first few feet. Even the war of Eighteen Twelve was only about thirty or forty feet away from the edge of the fog. It appeared to go on for close to a mile. "What's with all the hills and valleys?" She asked, "This doesn't seem to show terrain, at least not accurately, and Hogwarts seems to now be on a mountain."

"Those hills are places where people of traveled back and altered history." He said while walking up to it. He then reached down to one of the hills and seemingly pulled up the ground, to reveal another model on display underneath it. "The reason that this most recent section seems to be on the top of a mountain is because this is the third largest area of time travelers in the entire history of Earth since this device was created roughly twelve thousand years ago. This has recorded over two hundred instances of time travel in the years between Nineteen Ninety and some undesignated time in the near future, of which, some version of Harry Potter seems to have participated in over half, with Albus Dumbledore being the instigator of most of the rest. Although we've noticed a few where some of Potters friends were responsible instead. Plus a few that were instigated by Death Eaters.

And No, those do NOT count the use of a time turner. This does not register those. Not unless one breaks. It also doesn't count the instances elsewhere, or elsewhen that come from the future and pass through this period in time. We've recorded over a dozen instances of muggles using a muggle science time machine to travel back to the period right after this was created, or in a couple, to BEFORE this was created. And YES, they had a MAJOR impact on history. But being the leaders of a rebellion against alien invaders will do that."

Amelia shook her head at his last remark. "What about the valleys?" She asked instead, wanting to know, but dreading the answer.

"As far as we've been able to figure out, those are instances where time has been broken, but not shattered. The best analogy I've heard, is to consider time like a bone in your arm. If it breaks, it'll heal. Whether it heals correctly or not depends on how it's treated. But it DOES heal. The valleys seem to be areas that healed, but not very well. The only one that we know what happened to create it was about sixty years ago when a time turner was broken in a ritual. And before you ask, no, we have no idea what happens to, or during, the missing time."

"Don't you occasionally give promising students time turners to take more classes? How the hell can you justify that with this much damage potential?"

"It's actually quite safe. Especially considering the potential for cataclysmic events messing around with the rest of this. The time turner must be destroyed in a certain way, and with the INTENT to destroy it. Even then, unless you're using it in a ritual, the damage appears minimal. And of course, the theory that those valleys are the result of broken time turners is just that, a theory. Something else to remember; we've seen that aliens from other planets are in fact real. It's entirely possible those valleys are in fact something going on around other stars." Croaker said with a laugh.

"Still, I do hope that you'll help make sure that this is the last time we have to to deal with a time change. Whether or not you, I or we help or hinder Potter, let's agree to try and make sure this is the last time history is changed please." He then grabbed a section of the 'ground' right near the edge of the fog and pulled it up. Revealing underneath what looked to be some sort of goo or gel. "And this is what happens when a time traveler truly and irrevocably changes time. Everyone on the planet, indeed the entire universe, just cease to exist. I don't know if everyone dies, or if we are simply unmade, but my belief is that we are unmade. Fun thought isn't it?" He said, pointing to the goo. "Just two days ago, this was everybody in existence. Every plant, every animal, every person, goblin, centaur, elf, human and monster. Every man woman and child, hell, every alien, Harry Potter killed every single one of us."

Harry woke up with a groan, and a migraine headache from hell. Last night he'd figured out why the book had suggested gaining mastery over the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu spell before trying the Taju version. The massive headache that followed each reintegration. Under normal circumstance, the headache would only last for about an hour or so, scaling up a LITTLE with each duplicate reintegrated. But unfortunately, he'd been wearing the glasses when he'd begun to reintegrate his duplicates, and he'd got about five into it before he realized he needed to take them off when doing this.

Now here he was, eight hours later, still suffering from a one hour migraine that was five THOUSAND times as memorable as a normal one hour migraine that he could now NEVER bloody well forget. Bloody stupid glasses of bloody PERFECT memory!

Making it worse was the fact that the potion hadn't warned him. He couldn't even begin to guess if that was because the potion wasn't perfect or if it thought he needed to learn this lesson while it was, relatively speaking, harmless. And once again, Harry tried to put out of his mind the idea that the potion was sentient, the implications far to unnerving.

Still, all things considered, yesterday had been the best day of his life since the day he was actually born. And if not, it'd certainly been the most interesting. He was the great grandson of the four worst war criminals of the twentieth century, one of them was the most feared man since Herpo the Foul of ancient Greece. It certainly explained why his Mother never said anything to anyone, and why his grandparents pretended to be muggles.

Harry wondered if his aunt knew. Was that why she hated magical society so much? On the one hand, he was actually kind of interested in the answer, but didn't think for a second she'd answer honestly if he asked. On the other hand it was a great way to destroy her piece of mind at being a normal person the next time she started in on freaks. Not that he'd ever use it, he wasn't that cruel, but still…

Of course, he'd asked the potion to make him one of the most feared wizards on the planet. If this was ever revealed, he'd gain that. "Be careful what you wish for I guess."

And while that had been the biggest revelation, it wasn't the only mind blowing revelation. The prophecy ranked right up there on the mind blowing scale. He was going to have to ask the Headmaster about it. Then there was the stuff he learned from Snapsaw about his inheritance, and just how bloody wealthy he was. That was actually more mind blowing than being a member of the ruling Wizengamut. Magical society was so screwed up he could easily see a bunch of eleven year-olds setting up the laws, the members certainly acted like they were less than eleven from everything he'd seen and heard. Harry figured that at fourteen, he'd actually be one of the more mature members, MENTALLY speaking.

Then there was the girls. Now that was a memory he WANTED to keep. One of the things he was going to look up today was a way to record his memories. Of course he was going to look up some ways to forget things like his headache as well. Fortunately, there was an anti-headache potion sitting on his bedside table which he quickly drank.

After he got cleaned up, he called Dobby for some breakfast. When Dobby appeared with the food, he looked distracted, and was muttering about forgetting something. "Dobby? What's going on? What's wrong?"

"No, no Harry Potter sir, nothing is wrong. Dobby is just forgetting something." With that he pulled out a small pocket notebook like those used by muggles making Harry wonder absurdly if house elves were more modern than the wizards they served. "Oh, here it is Harry Potter sir. Dobby was forgetting to tell the Great Harry Potter that he needed to write instructions down. Harry Potter must write out what he should be doing after the Felix Felicis wears off he must. That way the Great Harry Potter be knowing what to do later. Oh, and Harry Potter must also remember to ask his book about divination again." Dobby said, checking off a second notation in his little notebook before giving a sharp nod of his head and disappearing.

Harry sat staring at the place Dobby had just been standing for several long moments, wondering once again about how messed up his life was. Bad enough to the pawn in games play by the likes of Voldemort, Malfoy, Fudge, and if he was honest, Dumbledore. Although he thought that at least in general, Dumbledore was on his side and wanted to help, it was hard to deny that the Headmaster would put the rest of the school ahead of him. With a snort at himself, Harry decided that was pretty much what Dumbledore was SUPPOSED to do. And it's not like this was even the first time his life was being manipulated by Dobby either.

Still, he thought, pulling out a stack of parchment and some quills, if he was going to write out what he needed to do in the future, he was going to have to figure it out. At that, he thought about what he wanted to do today. Luckily he'd had several duplicates practice spell fire and dueling yesterday, so he wanted to try and clean out his ancestral home. Not to mention that ice island tower. He had all the documents from Gringotts so he'd be able to check out the places in the muggle world he'd noticed, especially Grunnings, but that house in the poor area really intrigued him for some reason. Of course there was other areas he'd need to check out as well. He'd actually inherited more than just his parents properties after all.

The big thing as far as he was concerned though was getting back to New York. The three of them definitely made the headache worth it. They were six hours behind him though, so it would be several hours before they returned to the house there. They'd spent several hours talking after their very awkward introduction, and Harry was pretty sure they left in good spirits and were being honest when they said they'd come back the next day. He was going to have a duplicate go there in a couple of hours and start to try and clean the place out with Keeter's aid. He was also going to get to know the other house elves. Keeter had said he was the HEAD elf after all, that implied he had others serving him. Depending on how that went, he'd spend any remaining time there waiting for the girls.

His girlfriends. And wasn't that a weird concept. He'd spent so much time trying to ignore Ron and Hermiones growing infatuation with each other, trying to pretend nothing would change between them, and now here he was throwing an even bigger kink into their group dynamic. Kink even had a double meaning here as well since the three of them were girlfriend girl friends as well as being girl friends. Not that they'd done much exploring in that regard, since they where determined to wait until they were at least fifteen. Still, the power of Felix Felicis was both awe inspiring and horrifying at the same time.

In any case, he started creating duplicates and pulling down books off the shelves, he needed to learn as much of this stuff as possible before the potions affects wore off and the automatic maximum learning ended.

Harry appeared on the small stone outcropping overlooking the churning, icy water below. This time, prepared for the bitter cold, he was wearing two thick sets of robes over a pair of long pants, and a hooded open robe that could be, and was, closed up like a trench coat, a set of warming charms placed in the open space between each layer and inside his gloves and boots.

Looking around for a few moments, Harry quickly cast Kage Bunshin no Jutsu on himself two times, a trick he thought of yesterday after his duplicates had already left, having each duplicate create more. Then the three of them set off towards the tower, at first slipping, before remembering that they could freely use magic as long as no adults where around to see and vanishing the ice on the steps. And again when they got to the top, with the ice on the door. A simple Alohomora on the door opened it, evidently relying on secrecy to keep it safe. Although he did wonder about some of the damage marks he could see on the outside.

Inside was free of ice and dust, but still bitter cold, barely warmer than outside, and that merely due to lack of wind on the inside. It was a single room on this floor, empty of all furnishings and decorations, with a large, obviously unlit fireplace on one side of the circular room, and a stair case on the other, leading both up and down. Upstairs was much the same, except on the third floor there was a large poster bed covered in fur blankets, all of which where frozen solid into one large chunk of ice, testament to the dangers of ignoring forces other than magic.

The only floor above that was the open, crenelated roof, giving them a wonderful view of the icy water around them, and making it clear that if they were not in the arctic, then they were close. He could see most of the island from the roof, and off in the distance he saw what looked to be a polar bear that just caught a seal or a porpoise or something. A little bit closer on the beach he could see a metal tube of some sort before he realized that it was in fact an old second world war u-boat partially buried in the sand and rocks. With a start Harry noticed the size comparison of the bear to the u-boat. Then he noticed that the seal was actually a killer whale. A killer whale that the so called polar bear was more than twice the size of. It was at this point that Harry noticed the damage marks from below where on the roof as well, if larger, and appeared to be claw marks. Claw marks on top of the roof that was about forty five to fifty feet from the ground. A roof that the so called polar bear would not even have reach to get to, and would in fact be looking down on when standing upright. It didn't take Harry very long to decide it was time to investigate the basement. For the life of him, he had no idea what that bear actually was.

The basement was more interesting anyway, at least from a 'furthering his goal' standpoint. It was the remains of a lab of some sort. It seemed to be a weird mix of potions lab, and a forge. The three of them began reading the books and journals, but only after casting Reparo on them, as well as going over all the samples and supplies. The potion supplies had obviously gone bad, but there were other samples as well, mostly metal pellets of some sort, but also a crate of trade bars, as well as a few unfinished blades and pieces of armor.

The books were mostly on medieval metallurgy and alchemy, but not just magical alchemy, also muggle alchemy and early chemistry. Although there were a few spells in the magical books. They learned a variant of the refilling charm that worked on liquid metals as well as one that altered the state of something from liquid to solid and vice verso, Harry wondered if it would work on gases as well. It could even form the newly solidified liquid into beads and pellets or into a single solid mass. He found the forms used to pour the metal into to form trade bars although there was also a spell used to levitate and shape a mass of liquid into a particular shape.

The personal journals were the true find though. They were dated to Fifteen Eighty, and belonged to a Henry Potter. In it was detailed his experiments into alchemy and metallurgy, especially into Goblin metals, iron and gold specifically. In them was the details of how Goblins made their weapons and coins; by using the Goblin equivalent of the permanent sticking charm on the metal as it was going into it's final form, thus making them nearly invulnerable. Presumably the spell stuck the individual molecules together, but the book didn't use that word. It mentioned an experiment where he made a sword blade out of lose salt by sticking the pile together in the shape, but he didn't see it anywhere.

The journals also contained several spells to help identify what an object was made of, useful to a trader, as well as the qualities of metal such as tensile strength, but both were limited by the casters knowledge. If he didn't understand metals well enough to ask for it, the spell wouldn't ask the question. After a few tries of each spell, Harry figured that your average muggle scientist would love to have access to these spells, and could make much better use of them than he would.

The books also listed the details of three metals that seemed to be unique to the Goblins. Or more to the point two metals, one of which had two forms, powered and inert. Henry only knew what the Goblins referred to one of them as, Naquadah, but when he cast the spell to identify metals, his new understanding of Alterian told him that that was known as Potentium with the other metal known as Trinium. And while his understanding of that language was limited, he got the impression that these metals were capable of so much more than making really good swords. Although that seemed just as good a place to start experimenting as any other. It was time to pull those two books out and actually read them though, there is no way having that limited knowledge of English would have told him what the name of iron was, so those metals were incredibly important to the speakers of that language.

See you next chapter!
"Assume everyone is an idiot and you won't be wrong much."

Thank you.

He's already started. The £56,000 in books he purchased in Diagon Alley, they included several on the mind arts. It won't come up until chapter 7 or 8 (depending on how long chapter 7 runs), but yes, he is studying it.

This is already written into chapter 6, just not in the way you're thinking.

The main issue for stuff like this is, he has to THINK of it to start asking the How-To book about it. So unless it comes up in a book he bought in one of the alleys, he's not likely to think of it. Bear in mind, he doesn't even know (as of chapter 5 anyway) that basilisk blood can enhance goblin steel. To him, it's just toxic, nothing else. Although the information is there for him to learn. As for phoenix tears, to him Faux is a friend, not a source of ritual components. Faux would likely turn on Harry if did start thinking that way.

And everything he purchased in Madam Walpole's, except the animorphamagus book, is rather dark in nature. The horcrux ritual not even ranking in the top ten, so Harry's not likely to look at those as a good idea (but he's going to know how to counter them). And by association, any of the other books he got there. And Flourish and Blots doesn't carry books with rituals like that, being restricted (and dangerous) magic like the animorphamagus transformation.
yea, but he also got ALL those books from the RoR, which it said were ALL the books that had EVER been in hogwarts. So that should include rituals and such. I mean, They taught classes on it in the past.

So, are the unspeakables wrong, and they just cannot "see" the divergent realities created by time travel... Or does it really work like that in this story? Since the Mirror lets you travel to divergent/alternate realities.
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yea, but he also got ALL those books from the RoR, which it said were ALL the books that had EVER been in hogwarts. So that should include rituals and such. I mean, They taught classes on it in the past.
Only the books students have semi-legitimate access to. There is a lot of dangerous crap in the Hogwarts library, but a lot of it outside the purview of students, even if they have access to the restricted section. Basically a staff only section that the RoR won't allow a student to access, a teacher would need to retrieve a book from it to lend to a student. Then there is the teachers private libraries that the RoR would only grant access to if it was the teacher in question asking.

ANY information on a Horcrux for instance, has been removed by Dumbledore in canon. Since it wasn't even close to being the worst thing, it doesn't take much to think that he's removed more. Rituals of empowerment are most definitely something Dumbledore would have removed for safety. If there's a chance of accidentally(or intentionally), dying, killing someone else, starting a plague, creating a new type of lycanthrope, or permanently transforming into a Demontor, than Dumbledore has removed it from the library altogether and is under Ministry control. All of which I've seen as options for screwing up a animagus transformation in fanfiction. Rituals that involve any part of a basilisk are going to up the control/freak-out factor by a wide margin.

And that's not even getting into what the M.o.M. does. I use the story Innocent as a good guideline to what the Ministry (and pure-blood culture) is like, and what it does and does not allow. In it, they had all references to the Animorphamagus transformation removed so they can keep track of who wants to learn it by requiring everyone to go to them to get the learning materials. It's a fairly straight foreword and logical set up (a little to logical for canon, but they can't all be morons).
Again, it doesn't take much to think they'd also ban/restrict other types of rituals as well. I kind of work under the assumption that rituals are dangerous enough that the M.o.M. wants to know what's going on. Or more pessimistically (realistically) the pure-bloods want to make sure some filthy mud-blood doesn't gain more power than them.

And once more, Harry here isn't a darksider. He's a 14 year old boy just coming into his power who's been granted NEAR limitless access to study material. He's not going to jump straight into the restricted materials. Habit if nothing else. Don't get me wrong, he IS doing some of it, just not as much as many would think.

So, are the unspeakables wrong, and they just cannot "see" the divergent realities created by time travel... Or does it really work like that in this story? Since the Mirror lets you travel to divergent/alternate realities.
Glad someone caught that bit.
The answer; depends on the method of travel. Each type of time travel utilizes different quantum mechanics and cosmic laws/rules. Pensive travel (all FOUR forms of it) for instance, create a closed system which doesn't create any alternate realities and will destroy/remove previous versions if there is no one with a memory of the old version left. It will also remove alternate histories that diverged from that universe.
So Harry didn't just Unmake everyone from his own reality, he did it to everyone from every alternate reality that had formed between the friday after the GoF spit out his name to the moment General Granger was busting down the door and Harry threw his memory into the Pensive. Any one want to work up his kill count?

The modified puddle jumper SG1 uses however, creates an alternate universe as part of it's basic operation. Other methods have differing affects.
That's not to say that the Unspeakables are entirely correct. Their access to a Furling artifact has jumped their knowledge base tremendously over the centuries, but they're not without their misconceptions and errors.


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