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Interest Check & Idea Thread

Discussion in 'Q&R Index' started by Vanathor, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Ersatz

    Ersatz Getting some practice in, huh?

    Aug 30, 2017
    Likes Received:

    A [choose gender] protagonist of about 18 years of age awakens from a two weeks long deep coma, with a glowing eye symbol that only they can see tattoo'ed on the back of one of their hands. They cannot remember how they got into a coma, but they know instictively that the symbol is called "God's Eye" and something related to it is pushing them to make a choice: accept their fate and be slaughtered for their mark, or spit in the eye of fate and fight for their future.

    How? By choosing an [object] to bond with and unlocking the power of the mark. Why? Good luck finding out!

    Initial choices are:
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  2. kinglugia

    kinglugia A Randy Avian

    Oct 3, 2013
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    [X] Male
    [X] Japan
    [X] Your own body.
  3. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
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    Thinking of running another PMMM sci-fi quest. I'm already running this on anonkun, I'm interested in a QQ fork.

    ROSEBEARERS - QQ Edition

    You play as a rosebearer on his people's rite of passage, in which you gain a name.

    The Rosebearers are a Kardashev Type III synthetic civilization which leads the Grandrose Galaxy through the Galactic Federation and are going on to colonise and bring new galaxies into the fold of the Federation - through smothering diplomacy and enticing trade. Inferentially, it seems that rosebearers have an irrepressible drive to study, protect and nurture all forms of sentient organic life it encounters - they have stopped unethical galaxy-wide evolutionary experiments by other synthetics, shut down rogue mining AIs, prevented asteroid collisions and otherwise protected organic life - as if it were their mandate.

    Ten years ago, the Galactic Federation engaged in first contact with the Incubators - whose goal is to reduce entropy at all costs through the Magical Girl contract process. Upon learning that this process regularly destroyed Type-0 civilizations, the Federation has since then been locked in an intergalactic cold war with the Incubators.

    It is against the backdrop of this cold war that you have embarked on your people's rite of passage.
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  4. Gaemnomut

    Gaemnomut Experienced.

    Sep 14, 2016
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    Just started a new quest and thought it might be worth mentioning it here in case anybody wants to play.

    Its called "The southern Temple", and its a RPG adventure quest with dungeon builder elements set in the verse of the old Gothic games.
    No knowledge of the games is needed to participate, all the relevant lore is explained in the story.

    In short, your aim is to find and restore an old temple in order to gain enough power from your god that you can oust an occupation force that has conquered your homeland

    This is a link to the quest if anybody wants to check it out. I'll be glad to have some more players :)
  5. siflux

    siflux Lurker

    Jul 18, 2015
    Likes Received:
    As the sky filled with poison and the biosphere choked itself to death, humanity desperately grasped for solutions. You're the result of one such project: a monster granted power, sapience, immortality. You were to sleep off the centuries until the lab’s machinery woke you, having gathered enough power to begin the reconstruction process.

    But inevitably, something has gone wrong. You've been woken too soon. The apocalypse has passed and mankind is gone, but you yet lack the ability to fix the world. Your non-sapient cousins overrun what little habitable land remains, and strange humanoid creatures crawl through the ruins of humanity's civilization. You may just be on your own when it comes to gathering the power to complete the task your uplifters’ final request: to return life to the forgotten ground below.
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  6. TheDivineDemon

    TheDivineDemon Know what you're doing yet?

    Aug 18, 2015
    Likes Received:
    You guys ever start developing a series of magic systems for the players to choose from but end up liking one of them more than the others?

    For me, it's a magic system based on Mon games and series along with a book called Stormlight Archive. I developed it into 5 Skill trees and here they are!

    (until I find a better way to show skill tree follow the second part of the branch for skill. example: 1A leade into AA and AB which can lead to A1 if you follow the former or B1 if you follow the later.

    Bond: Create a Bondkin, a being that you have formed a connection with and can use your abilities on.
    (Root) Create a Bond with mundane Animals or insects.
    (1A) Create a new slot for more Bondkin (Up to Six Bondkin can be connected to)
    (1B) Create Bond with Plants or Fungi (gains sentience)
    (1C) Create Bond with Inanimate Objects (gains sentience)
    (A1) Dissolve Bond
    (B1) Create Bond with Magical Creatures (Unicorns, Gryphons, ect)
    (C1) Create Bond with Unnatural Creatures (Undead, Mutated, ect)
    (BC) Create Bond with Sapient beings (Certain Dragons, advanced Golems, Humans)

    Enhance: Temporarily Boost your Bondkins
    (Root) Boost Strength (can be improved twice)
    (1A) Boost Defense (can be improved twice)
    (1B) Boost Speed (can be improved twice)
    (1C) Boost Magic (can be improved twice)
    (A1) Boost Endurance/Second Wind
    (B1) Heal (can be improved)
    (C1) Improve Magical Attack
    (C2) Improve Magical Defense
    (AB) Mega form
    (BC2) Super attack

    Alter: Permanently change aspects of Bondkin, up to 5 changes per Bondkin
    (Root) Boost Stats/Make into Apex of species, build, and Genetics. *See Captain America*
    (1A) Alter Physical Aspect (Example: add horn, add wings, increase size, ect)
    (1B) Gift Ability (Examples: Elemental Breath, Levitation, Intangibility)
    (AB) Grant Sapience/Increase Intellect

    Share: Grant access to a copy of another Bondkin's attributes
    (Root) Share Sense] (Three unlockable senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell)
    (1A) United Sight, Bondkins share eyesight *see Pein* (unlock ability for Players to see as well)
    (1B) Share Power, examples: strength, speed, weight.
    (B1) Share Physical Aspect, examples: Wings, Horns, Claws, Size
    (B2) Share Mystic Abilities
    (Top) Avatar, one Bondkin borrows an aspect from each of the other Bondkin

    Equip: Change Bondkin into an Equipable item for you to use
    (Root) Change Bondkin into item
    (1A) Replace one of your Stat with Bondkins superior Stat, Example: They have a better strength stat its transfered over.
    (1B) Gain Ability from Equipped BondKin
    (A1) Transfer Physical aspect to Equipped Bondkin, Examples: Wings on a Breastplates back, Bat ears on helm, gauntlet gains horns or claws for stabbing.
    (B1) Now able to Enhance self through Equipped Bondkins

    -You'd need 49 points to unlock it all with a minimum of a point a level with some point achievable through the quest.
    -Each you and your Bondkin have 6 stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Defense, Magic, Intelligence)
    -You cast abilities through willpower/mana/magic points that increases, or decreases, depending on your relationship/connection with your Bondkin. Need to work on this aspect Any advice on how to run this part? I'm thinking of basing it in part on the Dragon Age Origins companion system
    -There will be other skill trees not related to this brand of magic for you to use, this is just the special ability granted to you.

    Honestly, I don't care what they player picks or how they play their Bondkin. They could bond with five big cats and call themselves Voltron, they could base their entire selection or modification on Pokemon and not give a damn about the Equip tree, they could make it their goal to have each kind of Bondkin available (Animal, Plant, Item, Magical, Monster, Intelligent), I just don't care.

    I've taken a liking to this system for whatever reason.
    I kinda want to force the player to deal with this instead of choosing between a system that allows them a 52 spell system based on playing cards and a magic system that is based on the number of settlements they have under thier banner. I've honestly been thinking of using the second one as the system the main antagonist uses.

    Does this make me a horrible person/bad QM?
    Any general advice for me while I develop this system some more?
  7. Rune_Fireheart

    Rune_Fireheart Toastiest Cosmic Cardioid: Lewd Edition

    Jan 26, 2017
    Likes Received:

    Where You, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, must manage and run a Dust store! You have 1 year and a month until the Vital festival, your big break to become the most profitable Dust store in all of Vale!

    No one said that was going to be easy though. You'll have to manage your suppliers, staff (when you can hire some), make your own special something to set you apart from the rest (A gimmick that makes sense), keep your regulars coming, keep Huntsman and Huntresses from wreaking your shit, all while managing a personal life and maybe getting a girl/boyfriend or/and(how in the-) fuck-buddy.

    By all that is holy, how did this become your life?

    Actually, now that you think about it...

    You step in front of the Vale Better Business Bureau offices' front door on a Friday afternoon, ready to start your brand new life as a Dust Shop owner. You have all the information that you're going to need, your brand new adult ID in your wallet and ready to go, and the start-up funds that you painstakingly acquired safely in your bank ready to transfer. Your only 17 years old, a major hurdle to overcome if one is to be a recognized in the business, but you know that you can handle whatever gets thrown at you!

    Still, no one was going to keep you from this dream of yours.

    As you reach for the handle of the V3B offices you....

    [][Demeanor] Adjust your clothes and look over your paperwork once more, schooling your features. Professionality is key. +2 ranks of "Knowledge" skills

    [][Demeanor] Run your hand through your messy hair and put on your best disarming (and nervous (no it's not!)) smile on, knowing that, bureaucrats or no, these are just people. Smile on you, you got this. +2 ranks of "Choice" skills

    [][Demeanor] Look over your samples one last time and to some calculus in your head. You know you're going to have to state your case to get that Dust Dispensary license, so you going to do your best to wow them with technology after you fill out the forms. Woah, Technology. +2 ranks of "Creation" skills

    [][Demeanor] You recite your mantra, thinking back on your training.
    You didn't need to be so nervous, you had overcome hurdles much steeper than this; all you had to do was show off your knowledge and expertise in Dust use and they were sure to give you the Dust Dispensary License. +2 ranks of "Destruction" skills

    With your calming ritual out of the way, you head over to the nearest open desk. It was a Friday afternoon, so the place was basically empty just as you had planned. You had scheduled your presentation so you would be the first presenter for the day in the hopes that freshly coffee'd bureaucrats would be more inclined to say yes to the crazy 17-year-old.

    You walk up the front of the 'line', but politely wait until you are called by the bored looking woman behind the desk. Her eyes seem dull and fish-like to you, more looking through you than at you. You worry a little, but before you can say anything the woman speaks.

    "Yes, can I help you? Does your boss need some files for the upcoming tax season?" she dismissively looked at her nails while filing them.

    You shake your head, "No no, I'm here to file my Dust Dispensary License application and take my interview."

    The woman looked you up and down, her eyes less dull than before. A small smile creeps up her face pleasantly, "Oh, is that so? Well, this should be interesting." She digs around in her file cabinet, "I hope you realize that getting a DDL is harder than having a lump sum of cash, you have to have the skills to sell and contain it relatively quickly," she then pulls out a clipboard with paper attached to it.

    At your confusion, she smiles, "It's not uncommon for us to get applicants around this time of year. I see you're smart enough to know how to dodge taxes on your first year eh? I'm impressed that you knew to do that, you look like you're barely even past being a teen and you're already pulling a fast one on the system."

    You smile, about the only thing you can do. Saying out loud makes it feel like your getting away with something illegal or something.

    "Alright, well I'm going to need to fill out that form in its entirety before you can get to your big meeting. Nothing too special, just some basic information on you, your background in these kinds of things, your ID and SS just make sure you are who you say you are, that kind of thing," she twirled her pen in her fingers before presenting it to you. Oh damn, pen. You better not mess anything up.

    You laugh a little, like filling out this form will have any real effect on your life. It's just a stepping stone to your true goal: Becoming the greatest Dust Dispensary/Weapon shop in all of Vale!

    Well, you better start filling in the blanks or you are going to waste your time.

    The first one is an easy one,
    "What is your Sex?"

    Psh, that is easy. You're clearly...

    [][Sex]an okay looking boy. You're not the most built of dudes in the world, but you do okay. There are some things that you would change, but on the whole you're nice enough.

    [][Sex]a cute looking girl. Sure, you could look a little differently, you wish you could pull off a beautiful and sexy look sometimes, but being a pretty and cute girl has its advantages.

    Heh, score: You 1, Form 0.

    Here's another 'tough question':

    "Are you a human or a Faunus? If you are a Faunus, what type?"

    Well... you should have figured that they would ask that. You answer...

    [][Faunus] with a smooth hand, Human.

    [][Faunus] with a little trepidation, Faunus. Well, you weren't about to back down now.
    -[][Faunus Type] What type?
    "Do you have any health issues personally or in your family history?"

    Huh, well. That one is a bit odd, but you could see why they might ask that. It's a bit invasive, but understandable. You think of your family for a bit...

    [][Background] with a smile. You guys were never rich, but neither did you ever hurt for money either. You and your sibling(s) all looked forward to game night, a time to kick back and relax. They also forced you to sit down and really apply yourself in school. They, while apprehensive, seem like that they approve of your dream and happy for you... but it is hard to tell with parents sometimes. +5 ranks of "Choice" skills, +3 ranks of "Creation" skills,
    +20 to all friendly social interactions Connection

    [][Background] with a sad smile. You care about your parents, you really do, but... well, your family was never really that well off, what little you had was really worked for. You and your sibling(s) got what you wanted, but they had to work most of the time to get it. They tried their best to spend time with you but... well, most of what they talked about was their business. Still, they got you on a workout routine at least. +5 ranks of "Knowledge" skills, +3 ranks of "Destruction" skill +20 to bargaining Survival

    [][Background] with a tired smile. Your parents were loving to be sure, but also caught up most of the time. They worked for a big company with short deadlines, so most of their time was spent working in the lab. This kinda sucked until you buckled down and forced yourself to learn from them. They, naturally, were thrilled about you wanting to learn science from them to the point that they homeschooled you until last year. You've gotten really good at inventing ever since. You also learned some business know-how too, so that you never have to be a slave to a corporation like they do. +5 ranks of "Creation" Skills, +3 ranks of "Knowledge" skills. +20 to invention rolls that you previously failed. Patience

    [][Background] with a frown. You really didn't want to have to think about your family, not after all the time you took to get away from them. Every lie, mistake, and more is on them failing you. Still, it did make you into the person you are today, even if you are a 'failure'. At least they didn't leave you completely isolated, so you have some social graces. +5 ranks of "Destruction" skills, +3 rank of "Choice" skills. + 20 to defensive actions Hurricane

    Still, with that thought in mind, you write that there are not any significant diseases in your family tree as far as you know, which is true.

    Oh brother, there it is: the dreaded financial parts of the form. God, this was going to take forever to fill out...

    I wanted a simple and fun quest to A) to experience how to run a quest and follow through on shit and B) to playtest different quest systems to see what I like to use.

    Yes, I named the skill trees based on the RWBY artifacts, because they fit well enough.

    Choice skills are all about how to interact with others and how to read them.

    Knowledge skills are all about managing things and conducting business deals.

    Creation skills are all about inventing and perfecting items, weapons, dust, and more.

    Destruction skills are personal combat skills.

    There are special rules for Semblances and Relationships, but I am still ironing those out.

  8. iamnuff

    iamnuff Connoisseur.

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Random ficlet with no better thread to go in.
    Bleach story, set post-series.

    The Death of Kurosaki Ichigo.

    It was an understated thing. A Cero from some particularly stupid hollow that hadn't yet realised that Karakura town means death.
    Not even aimed at him, he nevertheless stepped into the blast before it struck it's intended target, walked out of the explosion lightly singed and swung Zengetsu once. Battle over.

    Nobody except him actually realised the importance of the moment until after it'd happened, when Rukia asked “Where did you leave your body?”
    and the answer he gave was “I didn't.”
    With no glove and no Kon-pill, he had no way to leave his body before the attack struck, so he didn't.
    Kurosaki Ichigo stepped right into the Cero still in human form, and took the attack to his chest. Fragile mortal flesh and bone was vaporised instantly, leaving his soul bare to the world, clad in Shihakushō and wielding his zanpaktou.

    “How are you so calm about this!?”
    “It's not a big deal, i'll swing by Urahara's after dinner and pick up a Gigai. He'll probably gouge me on the price, but i'm sure he's got my measurements.” he explained, as though the only impact his death had had was the creation of an irritating chore.
    “You can't just keep on acting as though you were still alive!” retorts Rukia.
    “Why not?” he seems honestly puzzled.
    The textbook answer comes to her instantly “A soul that lingers too long after it's death will-” she stops, suddenly.
    'will turn into a hollow' is what she was going to say, but Ichigo's soul is hardly a Plus. As a Shinigami in his own right, he has no chain of fate to corrode. The Soul Burial doesn't even work on Shinigami.
    No, even aside from that, as far as 'turning into a hollow' goes, it's a little late to be worrying about that now, isn't it? That ship sailed a long time ago.

    “There are laws against this sort of thing.” she mutters instead, looking at her feet.
    “Yeah?“ he questions, as though it doesn't concern him. It probably doesn't, she realises with a start. He's never been shy about going his own way before.

    “Seireitei won't like it” Rukia says as she looks up, and Kurosaki Ichigo turns to look at her for the first time in this conversation. His lips quirk, and he doesn't say anything, but her mind supplies the words anyway.

    “Who's going to stop me?”
  9. Lazurman

    Lazurman That Others May Fap

    Mar 8, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Heh. That's actually pretty neat. Though not having a Kon-pill on hand is a little strange. Knowing how crazy his life gets at times, I'd never leave home without it.
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  10. iamnuff

    iamnuff Connoisseur.

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Well, kon does run around in that teddy-bear body. He can't be within arm's reach at all times.
    Rukia has the glove and her soul candy (which is basically like Kon, but without the super-legs or personality) and Urahara has his cane, but Ichigo only has Kon to rely on, and he's not always around.

    In this story, I guess Ichigo just got lax after the war was over. He wasn't expecting a fight, he just went out to the park or something and a Hollow jumped some randos, so he leapt in to help.
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  11. Terenak

    Terenak Alleged Terror of the Stars

    Jun 4, 2017
    Likes Received:
    posting this before I go to sleep for the night and forget all about it

    In the beginning there was nothing, upon having this thought you began to form, having gained the concept of Nothing, and the concept of Form. A body and appendages to use as a vessel and you then you could peer out into the shapeless void, it was at this moment undescribable and you wondered if you would ever have words to give it proper thought.

    In your curiousity to know more about this void you reached out, and part of the very fabric of reality reached back at you, but you could also feel part of it shying away from your touch. Paying little heed to the other pieces you brought the bit of fabric that was eager to you and began to examine it, putting words to thoughts and thoughts to feelings.

    This bit of reality it sung to you with a concept,

    [] The feeling of warmth that was not capable of burning, a breath that brought creation into being [Life Domain, Diametrically opposed to Death]
    [] The idea that everything had a purpose and to ensure it remained as such was yours [Order Domain, Diametrically opposed to Chaos]
    [] Everything has an ebb and flow, that all of creation is adrift upon the currents of reality.[Water, Diametrically opposed to Fire]
    [] An unmovable solidarity, a monolith that would stand unopposed [Earth Domain, Diametrically opposed to Air]
    [] Freedom, a song that will never be caged [Air Domain, Diametrically opposed to Earth]
    [] A hunger and wrath that could also provide comfort, A passion that would not be quenched [Fire Domain, Diametrically opposed to Water]
    [] That nothing is certain, everything is mutable, even yourself if things fall in such a way [Chaos Domain, Diametrically opposed to Order]
    [] That with time all things will end, it is the ultimate constant of reality. [Death domain, Diametrically opposed to Life]

    As you began to familarize with the powers under your control you heard voices call to you through the nothingness, they sounded

    [] Happy, apparently a festival was being thrown in honor of discovering their new god, you. [Easy start, civilization is prosperous and happy]
    [] Fresh, and new, these people had barely formed their civilization and you along with it [Medium start, Civilization is brand new with all the challenges that come with it]
    [] Desperate, fearful, they were under siege and calling for whatever aid would come to them [Hard start, Civilization semi-established but under attack and losing]

    A god builder starting in a similar vein to the old Black & White/Populous games this being the first character creation post, the second determining what race has formed you, though I may add it in the first one and deal with the odd combinations, I.E. the Fire-God of the Merfolk, Air God of the Dwarves, etc.

    No title as of yet
  12. ShogunTrooper

    ShogunTrooper Launching Bees out of a Trebuchet

    Oct 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    About four or three years ago, I took part in an RP, as well as started a similar one on Spacebattles, based on the "Build Me An Army" threads.
    Essentially they were story- and worldbuilding driven RPs, in which the players take care of factions and nations, rather than singular characters. And story-driven in that they were more focused on making a fun story, rather than numbers and dice rolls. With the factions being created by the players based on loose rules.

    While the first one, Found here, with the actual RP Found Here, was Fantasy-based and had a clear objective, the second one, Found Here and started by me, took part in a Sci-Fi setting with no clear goal and more focused on interaction, creating objectives as the stories between players unfolded.

    Would people here be interested in something similar? Especially since QQ has far less restrictions on content compared to SB, I thought some might think it could be fun.
    And if we do it, would you like a Fantasy setting, or a Sci-Fi setting?
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  13. Gaemnomut

    Gaemnomut Experienced.

    Sep 14, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Sounds interesting, but you didn't actually link anything.
  14. ShogunTrooper

    ShogunTrooper Launching Bees out of a Trebuchet

    Oct 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    ...and this is what happens if you press "post Reply" before checking if you actually linked the pages whose tabs you have open. Links are now there.
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  15. kalifianto

    kalifianto homines opprimitur sed elves concupisces

    Jan 19, 2015
    Likes Received:
    hmm Sci Fi has fun aliens, but I think QQ would be interested more in erotic fantasy content ?
    Things like tentacle monsters raping angeloid spearwomen right in the battlefield...
  16. Psyckosama

    Psyckosama Connoisseur.

    Feb 19, 2013
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  17. ShogunTrooper

    ShogunTrooper Launching Bees out of a Trebuchet

    Oct 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Well, I planned to go into a more serious direction, rather than running on porn logic. But that wouldn't rule out all the conventional stuff one could fit in.
    So, less tentacle rape monsters and more sellswords fucking queens in secret, prostitutes being offered as a bribe to diplomats, or some Raider defiling a priestess (depending on the setting and the things people come up with*), or stuff like that.

    But I can take it that there is an interest in an RP like that?

    *: Fantasy is less limited than you might think, the Fantasy RP I was part of literally had communist mushroom people that sang parols in battle.
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  18. Garahs

    Garahs Soil Surveyor

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I'm not seeing why you couldn't have both. A multitude of settings feature scifi and fantasy side by side or intertwined.
  19. Gaemnomut

    Gaemnomut Experienced.

    Sep 14, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I'm interested. I might not post much, but they are alway interesting to read. I've started two worldbuilding games myself a while a go that were quite fun.
  20. ShogunTrooper

    ShogunTrooper Launching Bees out of a Trebuchet

    Oct 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    True, there are settings that pull it off, for instance 40k, Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn and Endless Legend, but these settings tend to lean more into one direction, rather than balancing both. 40K and Destiny are more sci-fi, Endless Legend is more fantasy. Horizon Zero Dawn counts more as sci-fi, due to the complete lack of superatural aspects.

    However, a science-fantasy setting does indeed interesting. Just needs more tinkering on the guidelines compared to straight-up Sci-Fi or Fantasy.
  21. Lucky-38

    Lucky-38 On the house.

    Jan 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    So, I had an idea of a really quick quest to get back in the writing mood, something without stats or skills that was purely about the players using write-ins to solve a mystery. The thing is, I'm unsure if it would be better to have a 'party' in the play by post forum, or if it would be better to do it as a regular quest here. I've never done play by post stuff, so I thought I'd come here to see if anyone had advice.
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  22. Darik29

    Darik29 Verified Delicious

    Feb 20, 2013
    Likes Received:
    So, sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I can’t really find a thread for hunting down old quests, and need some help.

    im trying to find this old quest on either SV or SB. In it, the MC was a widowed mad scientist with his daughter as chief minion. He built clockwork soldiers as his mad science skill, developed perfume for the village to both make money and get rid of the smell, and one of the actions I recall was the MC making sure to attend his daughter/head minions birthday.

    Does anyone remember this quest?
  23. DIT_grue

    DIT_grue lurker

    Jun 1, 2014
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    Is this it?
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  24. Cart

    Cart Getting some practice in, huh?

    Jun 11, 2018
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  25. Pyritr

    Pyritr Getting sticky.

    Aug 13, 2018
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    So uh...

    I found this website, read through a few quests, and felt inspired. Then I wrote a thing.

    It's an intro post to a Fallout quest where the MC is the newly appointed overseer of Vault 18.

    Would people be interested in playing this? And would anyone be interested in beta-ing it for me?
    You can’t bring yourself to sit in the chair right away. It’s just… kind of overwhelming you to be finally here. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your entire life has led up to this. Ever since you were told that you were in the right age group to maybe replace the overseer, that had become your overriding goal.

    Life in vault 18 came at a fast pace. There were two categories of kids growing up in the vault: the ambitious, and everyone else. You, obviously, had been in the former category. You’d stayed on top of your schoolwork, did all the extra assignments and volunteer work that everyone knew was mandatory to be competitive in this position, and finally, when you completed the GOAT, the teacher read out the result you’d staked all your efforts on.

    “...most qualified for the position of Overseer. And let me be the first to say Congratulations, sir!”

    That happened more than a year ago, of course. Overseer Burdack hadn’t exactly stepped down the moment the results had come in. In Vault 18, the rule was clear: a term of office, whether for waste management supervisor or Overseer, was ten years. After that, the old had to make way for new blood, appointed from the most qualified of recent graduates as assessed primarily by the results of the GOAT.

    And now, that was you. You were only 18 years old, but you’d spent most of them preparing for this.

    You’re ready, you tell yourself. The old Overseer just shook your hand and wished you the best of luck as he left the office. This is your time.

    You walk around the circular desk, pull the chair out, and take a seat, letting it swivel you back into position in front of the primary command monitor of Vault 18. Reaching forward, your fingers dance over the keys, logging in for the first time.

    A video begins playing, in the classic Vault Boy style. It shows the classic Vault boy, sitting behind a cartoon version of the overseer’s desk, looking forward with a smile.

    “Greetings new Overseer, and welcome!” comes the deep, resonant voice of The Narrator, which you had grown used to from dozens of educational videos.

    “If you’re here now, it means you’ve been selected to lead your vault into the future for the next decade! Do you feel a stirring in your chest as you think of the course on which you’re about to embark? That feeling is pride, that all your hard work has finally paid off. You’re a very bright boy. But now is no time for you to rest on your laurels!”

    The scene shifts to one of Vault Boy holding up his classic thumbs up in front of a crowd of his fellow (and mostly identical) vault dwellers.

    “Your Vault, your home, is depending on you to thrive, and on your vision to lead them into the future. A future, as you know, that will be led by the young.”

    A clock ticking backwards fades in, and then out, leaving you looking at a pair of old men with wispy white hair, one in a pressed suit and the other in a military uniform, standing over a red button on a pedastal between them.

    “The world before total atomic annihilation was run by old men, and we all know how that turned out.”

    As you watch, the two figures representing the leaders of the old world pressed their fingers down onto the button simultaneously. Through a window behind them you see a missile flying off into the sky, and then another one flies back toward them. The two have just enough time to turn and look shocked at the consequences of their action before the missile hit them and the scene erupts into a mushroom cloud.

    When the smoke clears, all that's left is a metal vault door set into the side of a cliff. The door rolls open, revealing an array of vault dwellers with an assortment of outfits and tools.

    “Each of us has an important role to play. For some people, that involves healing the sick. For others, it means growing food, or maintaining the vital machines that make vault life possible.”

    Another transition brings Vault Boy back behind the overseer’s desk, with all the different dwellers arrayed behind him.

    “But you have a special calling, perhaps the highest calling of all: to coordinate all the others into a cohesive whole. Because after all the rebuilding of our great nation may fall… to you.”

    The video cuts out, and the overseer’s interface flickers into place.

    Date: December 29th, 2249

    Population: 642

    Retirements Pending: 0

    1: Maintenance;
    2: Water Purification,
    3: Waste Management;
    4: Power systems
    5: Security
    6: Hydroponics
    7: Distribution
    8: Recreation
    9: Life Support
    10: Manufacturing;

    You check each of the departments, and see that basically all of your department heads have sent you congratulatory messages. Everyone except the head of maintenance. Huh.

    You recognize about half of them from school; they aren’t all your age, but class sizes in the vault are rather small.

    Tabbing through the department sections, you look over some of the most recent reports from each department. The ones from Water Purification are rather sparse, while the heads of Security, Hydroponics, and Waste Management have all requested a private meeting with you.

    After taking in the situation, you lean back and start to plan out your day.

    What actions do you want to take today? (Choose 4)

    [ ] Call a meeting of all department heads. (Takes 2 actions).
    [ ] Call a private meeting with one of the department heads. (write in which)
    [ ] Read through the backlog of reports from one department. (write in which)
    [ ] Consult with the previous overseer (Will mean swallowing your pride a bit)
    [ ] Walk around, try to get the sense of the vault community.
    [ ] Write in a suggestion.
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    "Future belongs to the Young..."
    I can see what the twist on the 'retirements' might be already.
    Looks nice, I'd be somewhat interested as long as player interaction/interference didn't derail things just because it would be 'funny'/etc in the storyline of the Vault.
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    Welp, you had it a google Docs, and then changed it. I uh, re-Doc-ified it and put in my writing suggestions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17MAujWgQE3_XhJ5ktYIrQrCgtVa1AjrfHRxRXXfxGsM/edit?usp=sharing

    From a larger PoV, I am a bit curious where you plan to take this. The drama of running things inside a closed Eco-system aren't necessarily bad, but I wonder if they are sufficient for a quest. And if you are opening up the vault, then I wonder if *that* shouldn't be the point you begin the story with. Dunno. Anyways, I put a lot of suggestions in there, but they are just that, suggestions. I though the writing was pretty good on the whole, and you did a good job of the A #1 most important thing you can do at the beginning of a story, landing a hook.
  28. ShogunTrooper

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    Quick question: Does anyone here know/remember the "Build Me An Army" threads back on Spacebattles? Because I might have an idea for an interesting take on it.

    For the uninitiated:
    Fantasy - https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/build-me-an-army.316916/
    RP - https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/race-to-the-sanctum-ic-thread.318128/

    Sci-Fi - https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/build-me-an-army-sci-fi-edition.339290/
    RP - https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/when-planets-burn-ic-thread.353670/
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    No, but it's an interesting enough of an idea that I'd like to hear more of what you'd do with it.
  30. ShogunTrooper

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    The basic idea is, that, rather than to take control of singular characters, players take control of factions of varying sizes, made up by themselves. The roleplay itself would be less based on rules, but rather on narrative and storytelling, on how the different factions and cultures interact with one another.

    This time, I thought about another run with a fantasy setting, not basic fantasy, which would be medieval Europe but with magic and dragons, I'd like it a bit more crazy this time. For example, a kingdom that uses giant insects and beetles as beasts of burden, and crafts tools, equipment, buildings and so on from their carapaces, or another empire that consists of religious Golems that march to war on literal, sentient mobile fortresses, or maybe a nomadic society of dragon people that ride sabrecats.

    Something really out of the norm compared to usual fantasy. An opportunity to just go nuts with worldbuilding.
    Mind you, this doesn't stop people from just making a bog-standard Fantasy Human faction with knights, castles, peasantry and such, but I'd still like to see creative ideas.

    How would that sound?
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