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Story time dot ORG (My Snippets, updates, and news thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by OverReactionGuy, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Threadmarks: Index

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
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    I will be posting random works here that I actually wrote one shots and all of that. I may take prompts and may not. Do not expect them to be written in a timely matter. Multiple fandoms but most are worm right now. Anyway, here we go.

    If a one-shot catches your interest and you want to adopt it and make a story out of it. Go ahead. Unless it is an SI story because those are off limits due to the fact that you are not me, therefore you will always get my SI characterization wrong.

    Current active stories:

    Taylor Hebert's quest for the happy ending! redux

    A Fluffy Tail

    Pokemon Adventure Sky

    Neko Dee Neko- In which I'm a catgirl... the horror!

    One shots(worm):

    Happy Days- In which Taylor is a yandere.

    How Taylor stopped worrying and became a magical girl! Hehehehe. (Worm/Kaleidostick Ruby) - In which Taylor makees a friend and becomes a magical girl.

    Eye of the Tiger Kitten- In which I become a cat.

    Oh, Joy- In which I become a natural red head and blow up the moon. Fuck you moon.

    Oh, Joy part 2- In which the moon survives. For now.:mad:

    Enduring Soul- in which Taylor gains touch based Dynakinesis.

    Tales of A Simple Thief- In which I'm reincarnated as Madision. Things snowball from there.

    The Hunters in Shadows - in which I reincarnated as Sophia. I learn to love the shadow form.

    Queen of Ghosts- In which I reincarnate as Taylor. And people start haunting me. Assholes.

    Oh,Joy The updated version of the SI where I reincarnated as Emma Barnes. The moon sadly survived.

    Neko Dee Neko- In which I am dropped in worm as a catgirl. Things go to shit on a hell basket rather quickly.


    Taylor Hebert's quest for the happy ending- SV Vote thread( In which Taylor becomes a bubble gum girl)

    Taylor Hebert's quest for the happy ending- SV story only Thread.

    Taylor Hebert's quest for the happy ending - QQ story only thread.
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  2. Threadmarks: Happy Days

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
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    Happy Days​

    "Let me tell you a wonderful story! A story about love beyond your limited comprehension oh predator of the weak and insignificant."

    I say to the only person with me.

    "It starts simple really, the time when I was a child I suffered from crippling shyness on meeting new people. But! That did not stop me from having one true friend. For you see, she did not stop trying to be friends with me, even when I tried and tried to push her away, like all the others before her. She was certainty stubborn, and I loved her for it." I listen to the lovely whimpers of the girl with me.

    "But at the time I did not know what love was, so I set out to be the best friend I could be, as she helped me, I would support her in anything she does. We grew up like sisters you know." I pause and glare at the other girl. She squirmed. "Well, you should have known, you are after all... a Stalker."

    "On the day my mom died, she supported me in my grief when my dad could not. She listened to my woes, and comforted me. Until I started to resemble my normal self." I start sharping my knife as the other girl tries to struggle out of her binds. "That was the day I found out that I loved her more then a best friend should. That really was a surprise, you know." I dramatically pause in my actions and turn to to the girl I have bound to a chair once again.

    "But atlas, me finding out my sexuality just gave me a anew fear. A fear of rejection. So I was back to my normal self, but distant at the same time." I continue sharping my lovely knife where she can see it. Shwerp shwerp shwerp, The cute little whimpers she makes because of the noise is music to my ears.

    "Hiding things from her just tore me up inside you know." I let sadness appear on my face. "So I was going to be brave and confess after I got back from summer camp. But, on that fateful day that my phone call was cut short. Something major happened I knew, but I could not contact Emma for weeks, and Alan Barnes said she would be fine and she just needed space." I pause yet again and look at her lovely frightened face. Her nice lean muscular body bound by a generous amount of Christmas lights and strapped to a chair. They really illuminate her frightened appearance. Like a kitten that got tangle up in a ball of yarn.

    "I still tried though, I knew I needed to be with her, to comfort her like she did me. But sadly, we only met again at school." I stop sharpening my knife.

    "You know what happened then. She rejected our years of friendship all because you did not approve of me. All because you were there for her when she needed me most," the anger was visible on my face causing the girl to start her struggles with a renewed fever, "ALL BECAUSE YOU WANTED HER ALL TO YOURSELF!" I yelled, stabbing the knife deep into her leg, causing a muffled scream. I gagged her off course. Tee-hee.

    "Sorry, I lost control of my self for a moment, now where was I." I not so gently pull the knife out of her leg and pause to appear like I was taking time to think. "Ah, yes. I thought long and hard about why she rejected me and came to a conclusion that you were responsible." I stare at her left leg which was being dyed a lovely shade of red.

    "So I stalked you for months, you never even noticed someone shadowing your movements. Some predator you turned out to be, huh Sophia." I calmly state to the squirming bound girl.

    "But anyway, here is how this is going to go," I take out the medical supplies I had and started to clean and bandage her leg. "We are going to have a nice long productive chat about what happened to Emma while I was gone and why Emma does not need a Stalker sniffing around her." I look up at her and smile.

    By the look of her terrified face, it was such a lovely smile.

    Or why yanderes are all fun and games to joke about until someone takes it seriously.

    Yandere!Taylor if you couldn't figure that out.
  3. UrsaTempest

    UrsaTempest Yuri Fanatic, Archivist

    May 16, 2013
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  4. Threadmarks: How Taylor stopped worrying and became a magical girl! Hehehehe. (Worm/Kaleidostick Ruby)

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    How Taylor stopped worrying and became a magical girl! Hehehehe. (Worm/Kaleidostick Ruby)​

    Warning: Contains crack and magical girl shenanigans.​

    There are many different dimensions out there with many different universes, each reflect the infinite choices that are made day by day by people living in them. This is the story of one of the silly times Zelretch visited a city named Brockton bay. Yes... Zelretch arrive on Earth Bet. But this time he is going to HALP!

    At ten years old, Taylor knew much about the world and how it worked. The super hero's beat up bad guys, the Super Villains are jerks, Alexandria can fly, Her mother teaches English and her best friend always turns red every time Taylor hugs her lately. That last one worries her that her best friend might be getting sick, poor girl almost fainted the last time Taylor checked her temperature by placing her forehead against hers.

    Anyway, the ten year old Taylor knows much about the world and she prided herself on it. But no where did she ever hear of a flying ballistic hitting her on the head in her own backyard. Complete with playing cards scattering all over her.

    So Taylor, after holding her head in her hands saying ow repeatedly, finally got up to meet her destiny
    "Hiya!" A cheerful voice, coming out of a pink circle with a star in it center that is somehow flying with wings.

    Taylor Hebert, knowledgeable ten year old girl and soon to be magical girl, promptly did what any other ten year old would do in her situation. She met the ground again in a dead faint.

    Ten minutes later, Taylor woke up with a start and stared at the winged thing that was poking her.

    "Hiya!" The thing repeated. Causing Taylor to really stare at it. "Hiya?" The thing animated a sweat drop in response of the intensely staring ten year old girl.

    "Are you some sort of tinker-tech toy?" The girl asked.

    "What? NO! I am not!" The thing exclaimed.

    "Reaaalllly?" The girl questioned and continued her intense staring, causing the thing to really start to animate sweating.

    "I am the great, the magnificent Kaledostick Ruby!" The girl continued to stare at Ruby as it did some silly poses. "I was made and sent here by the great Wizard Marshal Zelretch himself to-"

    "So the tinker named Zelretch threw you at my face, I will remember that." Taylor interrupted with a slightly menacing tone, for a ten year old. Let it not be said that Taylor Hebert does not know how to hold grudges.

    Meanwhile at Fugly Bob's, a certain 3000 year old vampire had a chill run down his spine. He shrugged it off and started to break the record for Fugly Bob's challenger. Chubuster is going to be pissed.

    "Zelretch is not a Tinker! He is a wizard!" Ruby shouted, completely ignoring the menacing tone Taylor had taken when she said Zelretch.

    "Magic isn't real." Taylor said, her voice filled with disbelief.

    "It is! Just because your world has super hero's that run on space whale bullshit does not make magic any less real!"

    "Space wha-" Taylor started to say before she was interrupted.

    "And another thing, what happen to the fantasies of a child?! If I said magic a normal child would have gotten excited!" Ruby continued to rant.

    "What spac-" Taylor tried again.

    "God damn, my Master just had to be one of those science twits that think they know everything about the universe! Whats next, a kid is going to gain electromagnetism and call herself Railgun?!"

    Meanwhile in Japan, a certain 14 year old girl sneezed and then was glomped by a teleportor.

    "Are you done?" Taylor asked with an annoyed tone.

    "Yes..." Ruby said breathing heavily," yes I am."

    "Why did you call me master?" Taylor asked, forgetting about the space whales during the long rant that was conveniently cut short.

    "Oh, yeah." Ruby clears her non existent throat. "You have been chosen to be a magical girl! To right wrongs! Fight great injusti- where are you going?"

    "No." Taylor continued to walk away.

    "Wait!" Ruby Shouted.

    "What is it?" Taylor asks and she stops and turns around.

    "At least let me wipe the blood from your nose! Your mom and dad might worry if you come in with a bloody nose after all!" Ruby exclaimed.

    "Ok..." Taylor said, not noticing Ruby gleam a little.

    "Here you go." Ruby wiped the blood away from Taylor's nose. "Would you mind also picking up those cards for me? I don't have hands."

    Taylor looks at Ruby suspiciously and then shrugs. "Sure."

    Taylor reached down only to grab Ruby's rod end.

    "Contract established! We will make the best magical girl out of you yet my master!"


    Taylor's world became filled with bright light and evil laughter.



    "Yes Taylor?" Ruby learned better to call Taylor any form of master or mistress.

    "Why are we at the boat graveyard?" Taylor questioned.

    "So I can can teach you the fine art of the magical girl!"


    "Starting with beam spamming all of your problems away!"


    "Now get suited up! It is SHOW TIME!" Cheesy magical transformation music starts playing everywhere.

    "Do I have to?" The music abruptly stops.

    "Yes, Taylor."


    "I know Taylor."


    "We had this discussion before Taylor."


    "Magic will disguise you to anyone who isn't your love interest Taylor."


    "Do not know why it works like that but it just does Taylor."


    "Its magic Taylor, it is not supposed to make sense."


    "Right, it is show time!" Cheesy magical transformation music starts playing out of no where.

    This time Taylor is in engulfed in a bright light. Doing poses, twirls and everything magical girls do during these spectacular events that any word descriptions of would only be inferior to it being animated.
    When the bright light died down, Taylor was transformed! Armed with a pink, backless blouse where the end it meets the white skirt she has looks like flower petals, with a huge pink ribbon on her back and a white cape that turns pink at the tips.Wearing white gloves with sleeves that are not attached to her blouse! Pink white feathers in her long light brown hair, and pink stylish knee high boots, ten year old Taylor Hebert is now the very definition of innocent magical girl!

    And she shall hate Zeltrech forever for it.

    "Ah, the magical girl transformation sequence. It brings a tear to my eyes."

    "You don't have any! Besides, I hate this outfit."

    "Nonsense! Looking like a cute innocent girl allows you to get away with genocide of any forces of darkness you will be forced to face!"

    "What?" Taylor glared down at Ruby.

    "Nothing!" Ruby said quickly.

    "We will talk about this later." Taylor said quietly in a tone that gave Ruby chills.

    "Now, now Taylor! Look around you, what do you see?" The kaledostick asked, quickly changing the subject.


    "Always with the short answers with you." Ruby sighs," you are wrong, what I see is acceptable targets!"

    "Still junk."

    "Shut up and hold me like a baseball bat."

    "Like this?" Taylor proceeds to do so.

    "Yes! Now imagine a ball in front of you."

    "Got it."

    "Great! Now see that wreck over there?"


    "Now take a swing and imagine the ball hitting it."

    Taylor did so, causing a pink beam of death to shoot out hitting the wreck, making it explode brilliantly with much fanfare and CG graphics.

    "That was good for a first try, Taylor." Ruby stated.

    "Taylor?" Ruby questioned.

    "Taylor?!" Ruby exclaimed!

    "Whoa," Taylor eloquently said, snapping out of her awe. "I do not care much for the beam color but that was pretty awesome!"

    "I know right?"

    "I am going to do it again!" Taylor exclaimed excitingly
    And so, our hero started to enthusiastically rain pink death on the boat grave yard.

    'She is growing up to be a fine magical girl.' Ruby thought with a sniff as Taylor started to fly without realizing it.

    Taylor paused in her one woman quest for boat destruction as her enhanced hearing picked up a motorcycle coming her way.

    "CHEESE IT, ITS THE COPS!" Ruby yelled, causing Taylor to react on instinct and fly away from the scene of the crime.

    "Wait... why did I run away?" Taylor asked as she made it home.

    "Government officials frown on property damage and are the bane of magically girls everywhere." Ruby calmly stated.

    "RRRUUUBBBYYY!!" Taylor shouted with anger and started chasing after the winged circle.

    It was just another quite night in the neighborhood.


    It was a scene of mass destruction. Groaning men and women lay around everywhere, the buildings are nothing but rumble. Our young hero finds herself being questioned by Armsmaster again, but this time it was caught on the news!

    "Kaledo Ruby... how did this even happen? And how is no one dead?" Armsmaster questioned Taylor carefully, as he learned pissing her off was a bad idea.

    "Weeelllll..." Taylor started the immensely long tale that I do not feel like writing about how she ran into some merchant mooks and ended up raining pink beams of death on all the Merchants.

    Armsmaster nodded at the right places as she did.

    "And then they insulted my mother." Taylor said in a quite, menacing tone she developed after months of hanging around Ruby.

    Armsmaster paled. During Kaledo Ruby's debut, the PRT and Protectorate learned how to handle the delusional young parahuman girl who was rated a blaster 12. That included finding out her berserk buttons and leaking them so the girl does not accidentally nuke the city in a berserk rage.

    The Merchants apparently did not get the memo.

    "And that is why they were all punished!" Taylor finished cheerfully.

    "Thank you for giving your statement, please be careful to minimize the collateral damage in the future and fly safely." Armsmaster stated.

    "I will and thank you!" Taylor looked at the news camera and gave a cheerful wave and flew off.

    "Don't see why we can't force her in the wards, her fights always leads to a lot of collateral damage." A man that looked like he came from Rome said as he walked up to Armsmaster.

    "Dauntless, you know Director Costa-Brown had stated herself that we do not interfere with her and all of our thinkers agreed."

    "She thinks she is a magical girl."

    "Delusional or not, letting her free actually reduced a lot of crime rates. Probably more so than if she was in the Wards."

    "Is the destruction really worth it?" Taking in the scene before him.

    "We can only hope so." Armsmaster stated quietly.


    "Taylor! OMG! Are you alright?! Did the Merchants do anything to you? Do I need to get my knife?" Emma continued to ramble on as she hugged Taylor to death.

    "Emma... air." Taylor managed to choke out from the embrace.

    "Woops, sorry!" Emma let Taylor go.

    "The Merchants did nothing to me so don't worry. They just insulted my mother... I mean I am not Kaledo Ruby!" Taylor exclaimed.

    "Oh, I know." Emma gave Taylor a sly grin.

    "Why are you in my room Emma?" Taylor asked quickly changing the subject and noticing the red head wearing cute panda pajamas.

    "Remember we were going to have a sleep over today? Silly Taylor." Emma stated cheerfully.

    "Oh, right... how did I forget that?" Taylor questioned herself as Ruby started to snicker.

    "So, how is it like to fly and beat up bad guys?" Emma questioned as she sat down on Taylors bed.

    "It is actually very fun and stress relieving." Taylor answered as she sat on her computer chair. "I mean I am not Kaledo Ruby!" Taylor shouted as she noticed her slip up.

    "I know you are Kaledo Ruby, Taylor. I saw you wave at the news-camera."

    Ruby started to snicker louder.

    "Wait, how did you see me? The mag- stranger rating I have should prevent anyone but my love interest from recognizing me in costume!" Taylor exclaimed as Ruby started to float by her head and snicker even louder.

    Taylor then noticed Emma's face light up in a brilliant shade of red. Then she thought back to all of the hugs and the way Emma would blush at the contact and even if her face got close to hers.

    "Oh." Taylor said as she stared at Emma shifting awkwardly.

    Ruby started to laugh.

    "Shut up Ruby!" Taylor exclaimed as she slapped Ruby to the ground.

    Ruby only laughed even harder.


    "Mom, dad, I am sorry I have to do this!" Taylor yelled over the blaring sirens that signaled the coming of an Endbringer.

    "Taylor Don't go!" Taylor's dad exclaimed.

    "Taylor get down here right this instant!" Taylor mom yelled, tears started welling up around her eyes.

    Taylor looked down at them and showed them a resolute expression.

    "I am Magical Girl Kaledo Ruby, I am the champion of Gaia. It is my responsibility to destroy these abominations." Taylor stated softly. "I will not allow them to do as they please any more!" Taylor yelled and started to fly away at full speed.

    "TAYLOR/TAYLOR!" Taylor's parents yelled after her in vain, her mother started to cry.

    "You are the best master I could have ever hoped for Taylor." Ruby stated softly as they made their way to where the hero's meet up.

    "Shut up Ruby," Taylor sniffled, "stupid rain."

    Ruby wisely kept silent for once.


    Hero's were being incinerated left and right, Behemoth decided to stop playing games after taking an Excaliblast to the face. While the broken girl could only look in horror at the carnage before her. Legend was dead, so many had fallen. And it was her fault for causing the Endbringer to be reduced to a skeleton.

    "It is all my fault..." Taylor said softly and coughs up some blood.

    "Taylor! It is not your fault! You couldn't have known it was holding back all this time, that they were all holding back all this time!" Ruby started yelling, trying to get Taylor back in the game.

    "No... it makes sense in the long run. They were just playing with us, slowly causing us to go extinct." Taylor started to say as she struggled to get up.

    "We never had a chance... but that changes today!" Taylor yelled as she got up.

    "ARCHER INCLUDE!" Taylor roared!

    Taylor's clothes changed into a more feminine version on the Counter guardian known as EMIYA.

    "I may not be able to call myself a hero after this." with a soft trace on, Taylor started to gather as much prana as she can. "I may not even be able to consider myself human anymore." Taylor stated as a golden sword sheaf started to form in front of her. "But I do not care." Taylor grafted the imitation of Avalon to her soul and flooded it with prana, forcing it to heal her completely.

    "I have the lifetimes of all the heroes and villains I have been, Grafted in my soul so their legends will live on in the modern day."

    Taylor traced her bow and loaded an arrow. "Caliborn II" Taylor fired and the arrow exploded on Behemoths face, causing it to pay attention to her.

    "I walk a path shaped by many lives. Whether good or ill."

    Taylor traced two Excalibur's in her hands and charged the Behemoth and it shot lighting at her. She deflected it easy without losing any of her speed. Absolutely glowing with Prana.

    "Forged by the kaleidescope, shaped by Gaia."

    Taylor deflected more lightning bolts, the hero's that witnessed this day will say that the Behemoth started to panic as Taylor got closer.

    "Hero, villain, god, demon it does not matter. I am one, and I am all."

    Taylor finally made it to Behemoth and glared at him.

    "For this is the requiem of my soul, of the infinite potential I now bear." Taylor finished softly.

    Both her and Behemoth were engulfed in a brilliant light.

    They found themselves in a Brockron Bay that is in perpetual night with a full crimson moon in the night sky.

    "So Behemoth, you think you can handle me? You do not have enough lives." Taylor stated calmly to the abomination as they were surrounded by many different versions of Taylors. Taylors wielding included heroic cards as well as Taylor who looked like they belonged to the night. Infinite possibility all shown.

    When the reality marble faded only Taylor was left standing. Holding on to a dormant Ruby, looking at her sadly.

    The hero's and villains cheered at Behemoth's death.


    Mini-Interlude 1- Piggot.

    You mean to tell me the delusional parahuman girl not only did something that knocked out every precog in the world and gave all of the thinkers severe headaches, killed Behemoth and is returning to Brockton Bay with a revealed civilian identity?

    "Yes." the person on the other line of the phone said.

    "That is what I thought you said Chief Director." Piggot said calmly as she hung up the phone.

    Piggot stared at the ceiling in silence before deciding something. She pushed a button on the intercom.

    "Yes ma'm?" Her secretary asked.

    "Get me an appointment scheduled with that new healer called Panacea. I am to sober for this shit."

    Mini-Interlude 2- Zeltrech

    "Well this worked out pretty well." The old man said silently as he loomed over the sleeping form of Taylor.

    "Even given what she achieve today, she is still sad." Zeltrech looked at the dormant form of Ruby Taylor was clutching in her sleep.

    "Ah, I see." The old true ancestor said as he gently took Ruby from Taylor's grasps. "She manage to overload Ruby with that stunt." Zeltrech smile sadly.

    "This will be my last gift for you Taylor. May you find happiness in your life and give this world the true happy ending it deserves." Zeltrech stated as he fixed Ruby.

    "Zeltrech?" The newly awakened Ruby asked.

    "Keep an eye on her Ruby, your job is not done yet."

    "I will!"

    "Farewell Taylor Hebert. Who knows, we may meet again soon. The Kaleidescope has infinite possibilities after all, and I haven't seen it all yet."

    Zeltrech opens up a portal and starts humming a tune he did for when Taylor was little as he walks through it.

    ----------------------------------------------------The End--------------------------------------


    -5 years later-


    "Yes Taylor?"

    "Why does my body still look like it is ten?"

    "Think it happened because of the Behemoth all those years ago, like when you flooded Avalon with infinite prana or it might be Gaia's doing. I think you might age like a dragon. Gaia liked them after all."

    "Does this mean that I would be going through puberty for at least one-hundred years?"

    "I believe so."

    "GOD DAMN IT!"

    Well, I finished this oneshot because honestly the damn thing kept getting stuck in my head. If someone wants to adopt this and actually make a story out of this go ahead. Remember this is crack, it is meant to be silly and over the top. That is why this Taylor is one of the most powerful Taylors and why Taylor and Emma are acting the way they are.

    As for Emma, well, apparently Magical girls can only have yuri relationships or be shipped with girls.

    As For Zeltrech. The reason why he did this was actually half entertainment and half wanting to see Taylor get a happier life. She kinda grew on him when he became her grandfather figure.

    Grandpa Zeltrech is best Zeltrech.

    The reason why she didn't recognize his name is because He went by the name Robort Oh' Baily.
  5. OverReactionGuy

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
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    Odd... the link worked for me.


    Did I fix it?
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  6. Threadmarks: Eye of the Tiger Kitten

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Eye of the Tiger Kitten​

    A new worm CYOA story, by the likes of what you have never seen before.​

    I am cold, hungry and wet. I have no clue where I am, besides that its a dark alley and I have no clue why everything is so much bigger than me. Though, a convenient mirror answers that last question. Apparently I am a cat. Not just any type of cat, nooo but a baby kitten that looks about a couple of months. With soft midnight black fur, except for the top of my head looks suspiciously like Kakarot's spiky hair... why did I say that name?

    So I decide to just sit there looking at my reflection trying to go through my memories. Sadly, it worked. I have the memories of both Kakarot and Vegeta stuck in my head from when they were fused together. I even remember why this happened.

    Someone asked me to make a silly character through a CYOA, so I did. Now I am that silly character.

    My yowls of frustration could probably be heard a mile away.

    Right then, time to find a convenient person to mooch off of and pretend this never happened. Being -shudder- cute would certainty help my chances of being adopted.

    What, you expected me to actually go out my way and start fixing problems left and right even though I am a kitten? You honestly do not know me very well. Besides, I need to wait for the nerf to go away when I age again to curbstomp Scion, and the Endbringers. Since like all SI stories generally, I am over powered up the wazzooo. Even though I am a kitten... it still beats being a coffee bean.

    So, I finally move my paws out of the alleyway, what happened next was something I was not expecting and blame the ROB.

    "Are you alright little kitten?" The person in-front of me says. So I look up and come to a cold realization on where my peaceful life is about to go.

    The girl crouching in front of me was a blond girl that could be more than twelve years old, wearing a super hero costume.

    "Vista what's wrong?" A random guy wearing power armor appeared.


    "This kitten looks cold and hungry, can we take it back to the base?" My nightmare asked.

    "Yeah, it looks a little young to be on its own. Must have gotten lost from its mother." Mr. Clueless said.


    "Everything will be fine," my nightmare says gently as she picks me up, "Lets get you all nice and warmed up. Huh."

    "Whats wrong?" The
    empath that periodically gets things wrong asked.

    "Shes a female kitten." Vista says with a small blush.


    And that is the story of how I was adopted by a kid super hero.

    it was very traumatic... Really.

    Or how the ROB hated me for last time and got revenge this time.

    Yeah, another CYOA Si fic. Bitching about it would give me strength.

    Honestly, this is only a CYOA SI story because I wanted a plausible way to have my SI be a kitten and have Vegeto's powers. I am rather lazy when coming up with things when there is something convenient with everything I need.

    This SI story I might continue further, only because I would find various characters reactions amusing when a kitten hands them their asses.

    Why did I choose Missy as my owner? Girl could use a friend. Not to mention what is speculated about her home life.

    So now I am a little black kitten that would ride on Missy's shoulder practically everywhere.

    I think I just weaponized cute.​
  7. Threadmarks: Oh, Joy. Or why the ROB screwed up and learned that giving me cosmic powers and making a teenage girl was a bad idea.

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Oh, Joy. Or why the ROB screwed up and learned that giving me cosmic powers and making a teenage girl was a bad idea.​

    A worm CYOA Story​

    Ow, my head. Ok, where the hell am I and why do I taste the color purple?

    "Looks like the bitch is getting up."What? I open my eyes and see that I am currently in an alleyway surround by what it appears to be gang members. I also have an unfamiliar weight on my chest. So I look down and confirm that yes I have breast and yes I am surrounded by scum.

    "So girly, your choices, will it be your right eye or your left eye." The thug with the knife says.

    That sounds familiar. I ignore them and check my hair color, its red... then the memories of the twelve years of my life clicked together.

    'Shit, I'm in worm.' I thought.

    "Ha, the bitch is so scared that she cant even speak!"

    "No, I am just ignoring you idiots while I can think of an appropriate response of 'fuck you' to the universe."

    "What?" The thug asked.

    Then something else clicked in my head and I was filled with the life experience of someone I not only knew, but someone who actually has the appropriate response to my current predicament. Full Power, Total Annihilation.

    "DIVINE..." I gather pink energy in front of me in a ball while the thugs start to panic. "BUUUUSSSTTTERRR!!!!!" I punch the ball of energy, taking out the thugs, and the building behind them, and the top of the building behind that, and then made a new crater on the moon.

    "Huh," I say softly as I took in the devastation I caused, it was much more powerful than I thought it would be. "At least it was the non lethal version."

    Then I felt someone hugging me.

    "That was awesome!" said the girl currently hugging me. "We should team up."

    'Dark costume check, timeline check,' I go through a list in my head as my dad appears on the scene and starts calling someone. 'Oh great... I have a fangirl, one that already has Stalker in her name.'

    So I stand there, with a fangirl hanging off me, by some unconscious thugs and destroyed buildings, and sirens in the distance only thinking of one thing. I am much calmer than I should be about this, or I am in so much shock right now that my give no fucks meter filled.

    So, another story I will probably not continue, but my reincarnation SI going with the standard difficulty on the CYOA. I probably broke some rules, but I give no fucks.
    Anyway the options I took are this:

    Reincarnation- Emma Barnes Power- Kaleidescope 1, the only thing ill ever need.

    Perks- blank-1, shattered limiter-1, Invinctus-1, inspiration -1

    As for making Shadow Stalker a fangirl. I have inspiration and I blew shit up.

    As to why use divine buster? Because fuck you, thats why.
  8. Threadmarks: Oh, Joy. Or why the ROB screwed up and learned that giving me cosmic powers and making a teenage girl was a bad idea. Part 2

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    Oh, Joy. Or why the ROB screwed up and learned that giving me cosmic powers and making a teenage girl was a bad idea.​

    The continuation!​

    "Emma! Dear, are you alright?" My father helpfully asked after he got off the phone.

    "I am fine dad," I look at the girl that is still hugging me, "can you get off now?"

    "Sure!" she chirped as she proceeded to do just that.

    'Oh dear god, she actually chirped.' I thought in horror.

    "Emma... who is that?" My dad asked, finally noticing the dark clothed vigilante.

    "I-" I start before I was rudely interrupted, how rude.

    "I am the wonderful and magnificent Shadow Stalker at your service sir!" The newly named vigilante exclaimed. Fist pump and all.

    'Why is she soo... peppy? Is that the word I am looking for?'

    "Ok..." my father seemed to be a bit lost. To be fair, his daughter just leveled a building and the top of one and made a new crater on the moon... oh, yeah... I forgot about that.


    "Yes princess?" Ugh, pet names.

    "If anyone asks about the moon, tell them I did not do it."

    "What about the moon?" He questioned.

    This is totally going to be one of those nights.

    Well, at least the police arrived so I don't have to answer that awkward question when your daughter puts a crater in the moon has to answer.

    "Are you folks alright?" the generic police officer A, questioned. Honestly, I am surprised on how professional they are being... wait... where the hell did Sophia go?

    "Yes, we are officer." my father answers, to be honest, I tuned them out at this point.

    I am in worm, I have cosmic powers, I am in fucking worm, I have a Stalker fangirl, I am in god damn worm!!!!

    "Emma? Emmaa?" My father tries to get my attention while my mind is stuck in a loop. Finally he resorts to poking me, the jerk.

    "Yes?!" I totally did not squeak in surprise. Honest.

    "Are you alright to answer some questions for the nice police man?" He asked.

    "Sure, ask away, I do not know anything about the moon though."

    If this were an anime world, the generic police officer would have had comedic size sweat drop running down the back of his head.

    "Right..." the police officer clears his throat. "We just want a statement what happened here, the PRT should be here shortly as well."

    "Oh, well, those gangers were going to rape me or maim me or possible both, honestly I have no clue what they wanted, they were kind of hard to understand and things, but then I totally blanked out for a bit, got up, cursed the damn universe, and hit them with a pink beam of death, that happened to have caused collateral damage, I think I might be able to fix that btw, anyways the moon mocked me so I shot that as well, god damn Majora's mask." I babble, I am not proud of myself.

    The poor police officer does not even know where to begin or where to stop me, and my dad is just looking at me bemused.

    "Honey, you might want to slow down." My father helpfully added.

    So I stop and take a deep breath.

    "They were going to do bad things to me. I blanked out. I came too with powers. And I shot them with a pink beam of death. I also think I can undo the collateral damage." I made a much calmer statement. I guess the shock wore off some time ago.

    I kinda want the shock back. Damn ROB's.

    Anyway, after that things got really dull. The PRT showed up along with Miss Militia, to which I got an autograph because she was one of the few decent people in worm, even though she was a soldier with a soldier mentality for most of worm. Nothing wrong with that, just that her superiors were mostly corrupt assholes. Gave my statement again, leaving out the moon thing though. Also we were encouraged to go to the PRT tower in the mourning at a decent time.

    I also fixed the collateral damage like I said I could, don't really know how that worked though, it just did. I think I surprised them with that. After all I also shot a pink beam of death not to long ago. And that really is the complete opposite of fixing collateral damage.

    So we got home, I was rather exhausted so I simply went to my bed room and slept. Knowing tomorrow is going to suck ass.

    Don't expect this to happen again. I was just really bored and thought why not when I remembered I had a silly little SI story started.

    Technically this isn't really that much of an SI story anyway. This is basically non bitch Emma with some of my quirks and knowledge.
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    That is it for now. More will probably come later.
  10. OverReactionGuy

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    Had a CYOA idea where I became Gil-ko and was summoned by a distraught Anetta whose husband died in a car crash a week ago. Ended up becoming Taylor's second mother.

    Don't ask.

    Decided against ever writing it though. Just thought it might be amusing to share.

    Anyway! A status update.

    Almost finished with the second chapter of pokemon adventure sky, started working on a one shot crack story featuring Emma. Still need to start writing a new fluffy tail chapter and my quest interlude.

    Sorry that I am a slow writer.

  11. OverReactionGuy

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    Pokemon adventure SKy has updated!!!!! In which Sora's plan B is initiated!

    here is the link to the chapter: Chapter 2

    Also, news on my worm stories.

    I am going to start working on my quest interlude and then I will start another chapter of Fluffy Tail then I will start a chapter of my quest again and then I will finish my CYOA Madison reincarnation oneshot. A Simple Thief.

    Speaking of my SI's I currently have 7 or so planned of them.

    When I finish the updates I will put down a poll here for you to vote for which one you will want to see made into a story!

    Current themes and tittles of the SI stories planned.

    Oh, Joy - in which I get reincarnated at Emma and blow shit up with the Kaleidoscope.

    A Simple Thief- In which I get reincarnated as Madison with the power to steal everything and shit happened because I actually combined Madison's character and my charming personality. It led to Madison not exactly being a nice person and having one of my major flaws.

    Eye of the Tiger Kitten- this one is pretty self explanatory. In which I become a kawaii kitten with all the power of Vegetto at my disposal and get adopted by Vista.

    A Wild Rabbit - In which I become a bunny girl with gamer powers and all of the final fantasy magic. Yeah. All I can find.

    The Village Hidden in the Bay( Name might be subjected to change if someone already named their story that)- In which I reincarnate as Sophia and learn that there are three kinds of people in the world. The prey that are content with their weak lives, the predators that feed on the prey and then there are the Hunters.

    The Tyrant Queen- In which I reincarnate as Taylor. Which is a bad thing for earth bet, because I vent my rage differently then her. And I really am not as forgiving.

    The Azure Beast Reborn!- In which I learn the power of Youth!

    That is all the SI stories I have planned using the CYOA right now.
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    Enduring Soul​

    I used to think my power could protect me from anything.

    After all, I can manipulate all sorts of things, kinetic energy, heat energy, I can even redirect energy I touch or absorb it.

    I believe my power is Dynakinesis, at least touch base. Of course when I found out I was ecstatic.

    Sure, I may not be Alexandria Junior, but there is so many things one can do with Dynakinesis!

    But my mood turned somber when I remembered the only other Dynakinetic on record.

    Behemoth, the hero killer.

    If people learn the full extent of my power, I would eventually be compared to that monster.

    People compared to Enbringers never end well. Either the Fallen, those crazy Endbringer cultist, would try and recruit you or the public would turn against you quickly.

    Like what happened to Canary.

    So I told no one and just kept it to myself. Something I'm used to.

    I used to think my power could protect me from anything.

    I was dead wrong.

    I may be protected from physical threats, like when Sophia pushes me into things, I'd just absorb the kinetic energy on the impacts and no one knew it.

    But I can't cut out the sound.

    I heard every sharp insult thrown my way, even when they contradict each other. Generally just to hammer me down until my ex best friend would deliver the coup de grace.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me.

    Who ever said that never had their mothers death thrown in their face. Who ever said that never had to deal with being laughed at or mocked for grieving a dead loved one.

    Who ever said that never had to deal with a twisted mockery of a girl, who you loved as a sister, making it her life's goal to make yours a living hell. Day in, and day out.

    Sure, I could push past them easily. But I'd get in trouble for it.

    Sure, I could make them pay, I have the power and no one would be able to stop me.

    But then I wouldn't be able to look into my father's eyes ever again. But then I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror, as I would be a monster and not Taylor anymore.

    I have been tempted to go down that path anyway, to go Carrie on this school filled with apathetic staff and cruel children.

    But I stopped myself every time. Even though it would be so easy.

    All it would take is a single touch and my problems would vanish forever.

    But I always remind myself that I will become a better person than them. That I'd never let them push me to becoming the monster I can be.

    So I do what I always did before, endure their insults and taunts stoically. Even from the thing that wears my best friends face to mock me about what I lost.

    But I can feel my agitation growing everyday.

    I used to think my powers could protect me from anything.

    Recently Armsmaster engaged and caught Lung as he was hunting the Undersiders.

    It was a great victory for the local hero. But not one without cost.

    Apparently Lung recruited a mad bomber and with him in jail, there was no one to hold her leash.

    Still, me and father celebrated that such a monster was taken off the streets.

    Maybe, things would look up from here on out?

    Who knows, but right now I just enjoyed the time I spent with my father.

    I used to think that my powers could protect me from anything.

    But they couldn't protect me from hearing the news that my father was killed in the bombers rampage.

    But they can help me gain revenge.

    So I looked online to see if anyone had information on where I could find the mad bomber.

    And it did.

    The bomber, known as Bakuda, seems to be engaging the Undersiders on Uber and Leets show.

    And they slipped up and told the audience where they were at in the old abandon train yard.

    So I ignored the social workers that came to talk to me and I moved.

    I used to think my powers could protect me from anything.

    They can't, but I found out they allow me to move fast if I want to.

    Though, I've been leaving craters in the ground with every jump.

    But that doesn't matter to me.

    Bakuda killed my father, the only person I had left in this world, and I was going to make her pay.

    By moving quickly I made it to the abandon train yard in record breaking time.

    To find her, all I needed to do was move towards the sounds of explosions.

    When I did, she was standing on a jeep, gloating to the Undersiders who looked worse for wear.

    But I didn't care about them. Only about the bitch that killed my father.

    I used to think my powers could protect me from anything.

    They can't, but they can protect me from many things.

    When Bakuda and the Undersiders saw me, the mad bomber asked me who the fuck I was.

    I told her that it didn't matter who I was as I was there to kill her.

    The blond haired Undersider paled at that. Probably because she knew, somehow, that if her team got in my way, I would kill them as well.

    The bitch on the jeep laughed and chucked a grenade at me.

    It exploded on my face, but it didn't matter. All the energy that it released was absorbed by me.

    I smiled.

    The bitch swore and ordered the jeep to move as I leaped at her.

    She tried everything, ice grenades, fire grenades, electricity, but I just plowed through them like they were not even there.

    As soon as they touched me they automatically became non threats.

    I even managed to land on the hood of the jeep, causing the mad bomber to go flying out of it and the jeep itself to explode.

    I used to think my power could protect me from anything.

    I was wrong, and paid the price.

    I walked out of the explosion untouched and advanced menacingly towards the downed bitch.

    Her eyes were wide with fear as she started scrambling for something.

    I didn't care as she had nothing that could hurt me anymore, and she has no words that could pierce though my defences as the thing wearing my best friends face did.

    She chucked a final grenade at me and I just smiled as it hit, fully confident that it would do nothing to me like the rest.

    My world became pain.

    All my nerves became fire, burning me from the inside out.

    But I endured. As pain is something I am used to.

    Dimly aware of my surroundings, I heard the bitch get up and laugh, gloating about her genius.

    But she made a mistake as I played dead. She came up to my “corpse” to kick it with an exposed leg.

    I reached out and grabbed it, surprising her.

    All it took was one touch.

    I made her blood boil, I made her scream for what she's done, I made her pay.

    I used to think my powers could protect me from anything.

    I've learned since then.

    I don't know how long I stared at the charred corpse below me. How it's face was twisted with pain and horror.

    I was dimly aware of my surroundings, fully engrossed in my thoughts.

    I have gotten my revenge, but why did I feel like I lost something important?

    I barely felt someone hugging me and whispering that everything was going to be ok.

    But even that passed as I stared at the corpse in front of me.

    I thought about what I lost, what was taken from me and I may have figured it out.

    But everything was hazy... and why did I feel water trickling down my face?

    I was dimly aware that the girl tried to make me move, tried to take me with her.

    But she may as well tried moving a mountain. I move when I want to, not when someone else does.

    She must have gave up because sometime later I heard heavy footsteps behind me.

    I turned to look and he stiffened.

    Not many could mistake him for anyone else, not with him wearing his heavy looking power armor and wielding his signature halberd, that he had in a guarded position.

    He must think I might try to attack him. Try to do to him what I did to Bakuda.

    He is wrong, I only wanted to ask one important question.

    I turned back to the corpse of the woman that took so much from me.

    “Hey, Armsmaster... am I a monster?”

    Something I wrote using a prompt generator for Worm.

    Also a reason why I haven't been writing lately.

    My shit starts to turn depressing as fuck.
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    Please make a second one
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    Maybe after I finish a story or two. Kinda swamped with my current projects.
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    I have a poll up and going! Please pick your choice! Or forever wonder about what might have been.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2015
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    A poll, even? :p
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    yeah, someone caught that on the sv thread as well. :oops:
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    2nd day of the vote and we probably already have a winner. Which is unsurprisingly Balrog Taylor.

    Here are the combined votes from both sites I have the poll on.

    Balrog! Taylor- 18
    Kaledo Ruby! Taylor- 3
    MGLN!Taylor- 1
    Enduring Soul- 8
    Oh, Joy!- 1
    Kitten- 1
    A Simple Thief- 1
    The Tyrant Queen- 1
    who cares?- 1

    Looks like I will need to contact the guy that wrote a Balrog snippet in the worm universe thread soon and see if I could adopt it for my own use. Since he came up with a rather believable way Taylor could trigger as one that isn't my usual thing of using duex machina kitten or her being a reincarnated Balrog.

    I also researched the kinda of powers Balrog had and I must say, I know plenty of ways to make Taylor much stronger that could fit in the lore of the lord of the rings so she wouldn't get slain quickly.

    As well as ways to abuse the hell out of being a giant monster made of fire and shadows.

    If I want too that is. Balrog is pretty powerful on it's own without me taking it to 11. Especially since Balrog Taylor cant be slain by conventional means.

    Leviathan would be a bitch for her to fight though.

    Well, just though you guys might want an update on what is winning so far. There is I believe 6 days left on the thing which is honestly my fault since I only wanted 3 and I accidentally did a week instead. >.>

    In other news, my headache that was ailing me today is gone so I am going to work on the interlude of my quest now.

    I am hoping to get it done within 2 days at least. Then I will start the next chapter of A Fluffy Tail, though I need to ask the guy that beta the last chapter would still want to do it.

    Well, that is all the news so far, ciao.
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    New vote count!

    Magical girl Taylor Kaledo Ruby, the less cracky story version of that one shot.- 5

    Magical Girl Taylor. - Using the options I gave on my quest MGLN Taylor.- 1

    Continuation of Enduring Soul.- 9

    Balrog! Taylor- 22

    Oh Joy- My kalediscope CYOA Where I am Emma.- 3

    Crouching KItten- My CYOA where I am a kitten with vegetto's powers.- 4

    A SImple Theif- My CYOA where I am Madison with the mad talent to steal anything.- 2

    Village hidden in the bay- My CYOA where I am Sophia.- 1

    The Tyrant Queen- My CYOA where I am Taylor Hebert.- 1

    Rather unsurprisingly, Balrog! Taylor is in the lead still, with a wide gap.

    Wonder if I should try and close the poll now since I doubt anything else would get that high.
  20. Threadmarks: A Simple Thief

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    Tale of a Simple Thief (worm/reincarnation SI)​

    I awoke with a start. Feelings and memories not of my own merging together with mine.

    "Who am I?" I ask myself tiredly.

    A simple question that I can't answer with my sleep addled brain. So I shrugged and went through my mourning routine. Not even waking up confused would matter against something I've done for all twenty something years of my life.

    'Wait a minute... twenty?' I pause, getting ready to enter the shower. 'Apparently I'm still tired enough that I lost track of my age... again.' I thought and then shrugged, deciding that it wasn't important and got in the shower. The hot water slowly woke up my tired body and at that point I felt something off.

    "Huh, I'm a girl?” I ask myself dully, it was too early in the morning to yell in shock. Even though I totes was.

    Though that didn't stop my body from going on auto pilot, and when I came back to my senses I was in my room... Wearing a nice skirt, a cute blouse and knee high socks. All in all my cloths seem to have been chosen to weaponize my new found adorableness.

    It was too much, so I collapsed on my bed.

    "Ok, calm down and take deep breaths." I say to myself, staring at my ceiling that shouldn't be familiar to me.

    I decided to close my eyes and think, trying to remember all I could.

    "Reincarnation, huh?" I say softly, and opened my eyes. "So my past life was a guy, in a different world." I sit up.

    "Ok, so something happened and I gained my past life's memories, the trick is finding out what."

    Which I drew a blank on. Of course it couldn't be easy,

    'So many questions, not enough answers.' I thought. 'But one thing is for sure, I am going to stop bulling Taylor.'

    I was never emotionally invested in bulling her anyway, only playing my role that I crafted in highschool to keep myself safe. The locker though, definitely went too far.

    "Yosh," I say, jumping off my bed and landing on my feet. "Time to add a twist to that highschool drama."

    After all, the only way I can make sure I stay safe when I get out of being Emma's groupie is to cause chaos in the ranks. Just enough to cause it all to crash down, and all I need to do is be ready to be near the top, again. It's only an added bonus that this would help Taylor.

    "Madison dear! Breakfast is ready!"

    "Coming mom!"

    So after a quick breakfast and finishing my mourning routine, I head off to school. Today is going to be different, to say the least.

    'Ah, Winslow High. You would never find a more terrible place filled with scum and villainy in Brockton Bay.' I thought as I walk towards the entrance of the crummy school. I moved through the crowd, making sure to nod a greeting to all the appropriate people and move through the crowd.

    So I'm being a bit melodramatic, I'm a teenager again so sue me.

    "Good mourning Madison!" A feminine voice called out as she gave me a one armed hug.

    "Good morning Julia." I return the hug.

    "Looking cute as ever Madison." She breaks off the hug.

    'If I was not so sure she was straight, I honestly would have thought she was coming on to me a long time ago. Everytime she does this.' I thought and then said aloud. "Thank you Julia, you're looking good as well. Hoping to catch Steve's attention?" I teased her.

    Indeed she does look good, with a white sleeveless tank top that hugged her curves and wearing simple blue jeans.

    "Shut up." she says, looking away with a blush as she crosses her arms under her medium size breasts. I'm totes not jealous of them. "You know its not like that!"

    Such a classic tsundere pose. Julia must practice.

    "Suuurre." I say with my best teasing tone causing her to mock pout and lightly jab my shoulder.

    With pleasantries done, we started to walk towards our class.

    "So, whats up with you today Mads?" She asked, as she noticed my somewhat off mood.

    "Been thinking about things." I answered. It was the truth after all.

    "Oh? Like what?"

    "About Emma and this whole bullying thing." I looked at her to gauge her reaction as we walk.

    Her mood dropped, glad to know I am not alone on this. I knew I wouldn't be but I never really payed too much attention to the other hanger ons, even if Julia is technically my friend.

    "I see." she said quietly. "So you come up with a new way to bully her?"

    Of course, I knew who her was referring to, so I decided to answer her.

    "No, I'm thinking of getting out of it." I stated shocking her enough for her to stop walking. She turned her head and looked at me with surprise written all over her face.


    "Yes, I came to a terrible conclusion that I did not like." I said, putting on my serious face.

    "What?" Julia questioned, tilting her head cutely. Damn, she's learning things from me.

    "We have been helping Emma bully her X." I said solemnly.

    "No way!" She exclaims. Her eyes widen with realization.

    "Yes way. After all, it makes sense." I let some disgust show on my serious face. "I also think she's been getting off on making her X suffer."

    "Ew!!" Julia shouts, miming gagging complete with noises.

    "Shushhh," I chastise her, "We don't want others to know what we're talking about, do we?"

    "Sorry." Julia said, holding one hand up in apology.

    "It's fine." I stated calmly.

    With that we started walking again.

    As for Quieting her earlier, well. I knew people were eavesdropping to the point where the rumor would spread anyway. But I'd rather not have it pinned on us as the one's that started it. After plausible deniability is how we got away with a lot of things. Being adorable and knowing how to play it up helped as well, but I digress.

    "Madison you know, you seem different now." Julia stated as we came to a stop near the door to my first class.

    'Surprisingly insightful that one is.' I mused in my head. ' That could prove rather dangerous.'

    "This situation just warrants a certain amount of seriousness. Don't get use to it." I stated, waving off suspicions she had about me.

    "You just seem more honest like this." She says and gave me another hug.

    Honest? Me? Ha! Deceptions within deceptions is how you survive in this cruel world little girl.

    My parent's in this world proved that well enough, given their dangerous career choices.

    'I like you better like this." She mumbled quietly in my ear and runs off with a small blush lighting up her face.

    'Seriously girl, if I didn't know for a fact that you were straight I'd say you were coming onto me.' I thought as I enter the first class of the day. Lets see how much I improved scholastic wise.

    Turns out, quite a lot. Math and science certainty come easier. Though school is still boring as all hell. All of this pointless drama and cloak and dagger bullshit is annoying as well. But at least, the rumors that were spreading were interesting. Not to mention the small confrontation I had with Emma earlier this morning.


    "Hey Madison!" A feminine voice called out to me.

    "Yes?" I questioned as I turned around to look at who called for me.

    Let's see, red hair with a mostly filled out figure attached to it. Ah, yes. That's Emma alright. Though it seems rather early for a confrontation between the two of us, I wonder what she wants. She certainty seems a upset though.

    'Are the rumors already getting to her?' I mused in my head and greeted her.

    It's only polite after all.

    She stops in-front of me and looks at me strangely. "You look extra adorable today Madison." Emma states giving me a once over before shaking off whatever was bothering her about me.

    Yet again, another straight girl commented on my looks. I certainly haven't changed anything or even filled out! Still the same petite figure as yesterday! Still the same petite figure I'll have for the rest of my life!


    Great... now I made myself depressed.

    Though honestly, I've been getting a lot of attention today. A lot of lustful looks were directed my way as well.. Honestly, even though I've been ignoring them all day it's getting rather creepy. And annoying.

    "Thank you for the complement, you're looking good this mourning as well." I said pleasantly and smiled a cute smile. No need to be rude to the girl after all, she is still a “friend” right now.

    "Yeah..." she pauses and looks at me strangely again. Seriously, is there something on my face or what? "Thanks. Anyway do you know who started the rumor about me and Taylor?" She questioned, looking rather angry as she said the name Taylor.

    Ah, so I was right. The rumors are already getting to her. Honestly, rumor's about her and Taylor were already a dime in a dozen, though they were also ruthlessly stamped out.

    This was the first time someone called her out on being a sadistic bitch though.

    That must have really been getting to her, she's showing some cracks in her untouchable facade.

    The other's must be smelling the blood in the water.

    "Sorry Emma, I really have no clue." I cheerfully lied. My mask never slipping.

    "Really?" Emma looked put out for awhile and then brightened up. "That would make finding them and crushing them even more fun I guess." She states and then smiles a cruel smile.

    Wow, Emma... just wow.

    "You know, saying stuff like that wont help the rumors right?" I questioned, honestly worried about her for once. That reaction was not normal.

    Did I buddy up to a crazy person? I wonder how I didn't see that before.

    Kinda makes me feel sorry for what I started to do today.

    "Shut up." she pouts. "Anyway, I have this great idea on what we can do to Taylor!"

    And now I don't.

    My mask cracks a bit and I sighed, which caused her to look at me questioningly.

    It seems, not even the rumors about her would deter her from going after her favorite victim. Honestly, I started the damn rumor and I'm starting to think it's true.

    Why else would she be so hung up about Taylor?

    "What's the idea?" I question. "Though, I'm surprised that you're still going after her, given the rumors that started circling around. I would have thought that you would hold of targeting Taylor until they die.”

    "I wont let some stupid rumors get to me!” She exclaims proudly. “I'm strong after all!"

    I stare at her blankly as I try to decode what she said, causing her to fidget under my attention. I know it has something to do with Sophia... but what.

    "Anyway!” Emma exclaims, interrupting my thoughts and causing me to finally blink. “During lunch we are going to corner Taylor at where she's been eating lunch, like the worthless waste of space she is, and pore old juice on her!" She finishes and smiles happily. Like she is proud at what she came up with.

    I feel like sighing again.

    Well, at least that's still better then the locker. Not by much, but still better.
    I'm beginning to question why I ever became “friends” with her.

    "I am sorry Emma, but I'm not going to help you with this anymore.” I stated calmly, shocking her.

    "What?!" she questioned, looking a tab bit angry.

    "First of all, I don't know whether the rumors are true or not but you're really making hard for me to dismiss them." I tell the truth as she knew it. "I really, really do not like the fact that I've been helping you bully your X if that's the case."

    "Its not true!" She denied. Rather quickly with a blush on her face I might add.

    Did I really start a rumor that was actually true? Is that why she always ruthlessly crushed any rumor stated that her and Taylor used to be together.

    Or am I just imagining things? I never was a good judge when it comes to “romantic” feelings. That held true in both of my lives.

    "Well, like I said, you're making it hard for me to dismiss the possibility." I stated and crossed my arms over my, sigh, petite chest. I really hope I get a growth spurt sometime soon, I know being adorable helps but I rather hate being small.

    It's hard to be taken seriously.

    "Secondly, I'm bored of this entire thing. It was never fun to begin with honestly, and it's not any fun now." I state, staring at Emma with a rather bored look.

    She seems taken back by what I said.

    “But...” Emma tried to say before “But you always helped us before!” She nearly shouts. “You even helped setting up the locker!”

    “No I didn't.” I state calmly. Much to her surprise.

    “But you-”

    “I was never near that locker.” I cut her off with a denial.

    Plausible deniability was always a weapon that we used, one of the reasons why the teachers never did anything besides them being rather apathetic.

    Though I also think either Emma or Sophia has dirt on Blackwell, otherwise we would've gotten in trouble long ago. But I digress.

    The important matter is, I rather not be tied to the locker incident.
    When Emma and Sophia go down, I rather not be taken with them.

    Time to cut ties I guess.

    “That's bull-”

    “Anyway Emma.” I cut her off again. She looks rather pissed now. Heh. “I'm afraid to say that I'm not going to be your friend anymore. At least, not until this whole “misunderstanding” is cleared up.” I stated calmly, making it absolutely clear that I don't think there was a misunderstanding and believe the new rumors are true to the audience that gather for this little drama.

    With that said, I left. Not giving Emma time to formulate a response.

    Of course new rumors about this little encounter I had spread like wildfire.

    Just as planned.

    That little confrontation definitely caused a split in the ranks. Most of the hanger ons went to my side of the split leaving Emma virtually alone, along with Sophia.

    I rather not be a leader of a gaggle of girls, but not much I could do about it now.

    I made my move and people followed.

    Though Sophia is starting to worry me a bit. Just a bit.

    She has taken to staring at me like she never seen me before. And her eyes make it seem like she is evaluating me.

    I could really do without her staring at me throughout the class.

    I sighed and then continued to do my math work.

    I am kinda sad that Taylor either didn't read my note, or didn't believe me.

    Since Emma was kind enough to tell me her plans for Taylor, I wrote a note to warn her and gave it to her discretely in Mr. Gladly's class. Seeing as I haven't seen her at all this afternoon, and believe me that girl stands out like a sore thumb, I can only assume that Emma found her at lunch and dumped juice on her.

    A pity, really. But understandable given our history together.

    Anyway, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Only one left.

    Gym, and how I hate it.

    I make some small talk with some of my hanger ons and the one person I could actually call a friend, Julia, as we head towards the women’s locker room. We made sure to carefully avoided Emma and Sophia though.

    “Whatever you said to Emma made her more pissy then usual Mads.” Julia whispered to me as she started to undress.

    “Well, it was her own fault.” I stated and followed her lead.

    Julia snickered as she changed into her gym shirt.

    “Yeah, she really dug a grave for herself.” Julia shut her locker when she finished changing into gym shorts.

    “To be fair, she was doing a lovely job of that before.” I said innocently, shutting my locker as well when I finished changing.

    “Do you know what we are doing for gym today?” I asked, turning to look Julia in the eyes.

    “Dodgeball.” Julia stated with a grimace.

    “Oh...” I allowed myself to grimace as well.

    Dodgeball, I hate dodgeball. And I wouldn't be able to get on Sophia's team to use her as a meat shield either. Damn it!

    “Well, time to face the music.” I said and then did a theatrical sigh.

    Julia started giggling. “Yep. Same team?”

    I nodded my head and say, “same team.”

    With that we left the locker room with our heads held high, no matter the fate that awaits us.

    Turns out it was a good fate. At least in the sense that it made me realize I had super powers.
    I even nailed Emma and Sophia on the face with a dodgeball.

    Good times.

    Though I made sure to play it off like it was a fluke because I didn't want to out myself before I even have a costume.

    Speaking of which, I now stand in my room with cloths all spread out over my bed, trying to decide what would become my alter ego's costume.

    “Maybe... a black leotard?” I asked myself, holding a black gymnast leotard for when I went through a phase at the age of 12.

    “Yeah, and I know!” I exclaimed, rushing towards my closet to find what I'm looking for.

    I take out some puffy black shorts that have a cat tail on them. Part of an Halloween costume I wore at the age of twelve.

    I went through a phase ok! Don't judge me!

    Ahem... anyway.

    When all was said and done I was staring at myself in the mirror. My entire look consisted of a black harlequin domino mask over my eyes with black, fluffy looking cat ears on my head. As well as a black sleeveless vest over my leotard, though cutting just above my stomach area, and my black puffy shorts with a cat tail on them and black knee length boots and socks. I finish by tying my hair up in a pony ail with a black ribbon.

    All of which I received at the age of twelve and they fit perfectly.

    I allowed myself to fall on all fours and despair on the floor.

    “It's ok Mads.” I said with a sniff. “You'll surely get a growth spurt this year.”

    With that in mind, I got up to look at my self in the mirror. After scrutinizing every detail, I nodded my head in agreement.

    It would have to do for a first costume. Until I can steal some money to get a more professional looking costume.

    What... you thought I was going to be a hero?

    No, that's just boring and dull. I'm going to have fun and excitement being a thief!

    Just like Catwoman!

    I did a twirl and posed in front of the mirror.

    “Better check your pockets, hero and villains alike! ShadowCat is on the prowl!” I exclaimed, holding my hands out like paws of a cat. “Meow!” I brought one of my paws up and licked it.

    “Madison!” I heard my mom yell, causing me to freeze. “Dinner is almost ready!”

    “I'll be down in a sec!” I yelled back, I could feel my face flush with embarrassment.

    Yeah... I'm so glad no one saw me do that.

    I quickly stripped out of my cape costume and hid it and then put on some regular cloths. After all dinner smells good.

    It as during dinner that I decided to scout out the area this weekend. After all, there isn't really a rush and I need to find out what exactly I can do.

    The next morning was busy and filled with self discovery. I found out I have hammer-space, which makes stealing things a lot easier, not to mention carrying gear.

    Needless to say, I stuffed my hammer-space with everything I felt I will need in my escapades. I also blew my allowance, but it was worth it. I'm sure I'll quickly make back the money anyway.

    I got a couple of hammers, knives, pepper spray, a tazer, emergency food and water, I pretty much got anything I could think of that I would need.

    Anything that I can handle with what I brought, I'll just set on fire.

    Ah, I should explain at this point that I'm apparently what you would call a grab bag cape.

    I have, lightning fast reflexes, increased stamina, flexibility, pyrokinetics, hammer space, and minor regeneration. And that was all I could check for.

    Though I did notice something strange when I focused on an object. When I focused on a wall, words like hardness, denseness popped out into my vision and when I grabbed a word I held a blue glowy sphere in my hand that gave off the feeling of hardness.

    I honestly had no clue what that was about so I just chucked the sphere of hardness in my hammer-space and went on my way.

    That's what I mainly did in the morning and now it's night. I of course, waited for my parents to sleep before sneaking off wearing my full costume.

    I was having a lot of fun, jumping from roof top to roof top. Even using my pyrokinetics to fly a bit.

    I may have been having fun, but I made sure to scout out the area when I could and be stealthy when possible.

    Maybe I would get lucky and find a villains safe house where I could break in and steal some goods.

    Honestly, I had no such luck. But it was when I was going through the docks that I noticed something bad.

    There was the smell of smoke in the air, and it wasn't coming from any fire I made.

    Like an idiot, I decide to investigate.

    Which led me to stopping on top of this building looking down at Lung advancing towards what I believed to be another rookie villain.

    Her costume look vaguely like an insect and she looks worse for wear.

    I was cut out from my musing by a blood curdling scream.

    Lung... Lung just set the cape on fire. Lung just killed someone in front of me.

    Why... why did I jump off the building?!

    Doesn't matter I quickly use my pyrokinetics to put the insect capes fire out while simultaneously hurling an exploding ball of fiery death at Lung which hit him and sent him sent him flying into an abandoned building.

    “Please don't be dead, please don't be dead.” I said frantically, checking the boy's vitals.

    To my relief, he's breathing... but barely.

    “I need to do something!” I shouted to myself. “I'll call the Protectorate... y-yeah, I'll call them. Damnit! What a shitty day for both of use to début as villains!” I nearly shout. Feeling rather panicky.

    I just need to stay calm... stay calm and call the Hero's. They will be able to do something about this right?

    I brought my burner out of my hammer space and I was about dial the number when I heard something that will forever haunt my dreams.

    “'ll, ke'l yu'ah b'ch!” The dragon man yelled at me, sending his own fiery ball of death my way.

    My reflexes kicked in and I followed them.

    My phone disappeared into my hammer- space again and I jumped up and started to charge towards the giant ball of fiery death. As soon it got close to me I reached out and grabbed it, causing it to disappear in my hammer-space.

    “Like hell I'm going to let you kill me!” I yell at the top of my voice, surprising him before I launched like a rocket and threw his own fireball in his face.

    Of course, that did totes nothing. Because why wouldn't a dragon be mother fucking fire proof!

    “Raw!” I cried out, dodging a follow up swipe of his claw. He is faster then he looks, but I react much faster than him and manage to dodge all of his swipes effortlessly.

    I was so focused on him, I saw words again. Even as he grew. Things like speed, strength, durability, regeneration.

    Following a hunch, In the middle of dodging a swipe, I reached out and stole the word “speed” from him and jumped away.

    My hunch was proven correct when Lung started to move as slow as molasses, much to his surprise.

    'I can win!' I thought victoriously.

    I then followed another hunch and instead of disappearing it to my hammer-space I pushed it into me and moved!

    Catching him by surprise with my sudden increase in speed I managed to steal another word. Strength.

    I let it flow into me just like I did with his speed and caught a rather slow swipe with my bare hands.

    “Round two, bitch.” I said, feeling the adrenalin pumping in me.

    I then kicked him in the stomach, hard. Sending him flying for the second time this night.

    Knowing that wouldn't finish him, I chased after him. When I caught up, he was already getting back up. The damaged scales on his stomach already healing.

    I pulled out a metal baseball bat from my hammer-space in my mad dash and then hit him on the head as hard as I could.

    Good news, it worked and it knocked him back into the ground unconscious, causing a crater to form under him. Bad news, I need a new bat.

    To make sure it was over, I took the final words I saw besides one. I don't want to even think about what escalation would do. But I at least took his durability and fireproof, and used it on myself, and then his enhanced senses, and used it on my self.

    But before I used the regeneration on myself, I heard someone coughing.

    Oh shit! The guy!

    I quickly ran up to him and shoved the sphere of regeneration down on his chest. I didn't need it anyway, I already have a form of regeneration.

    Luckily it worked! His breathing stabilized rather quickly and even his long brown curly hair regenerated!

    Which doesn't make sense at all if you think about it but wait... long curly brown hair?

    Huh, so he's an effeminate boy. Well, I wont judge someone’s life choices.

    “T-thank you.” The effeminate boy said with a cough. He also has a familiar voice... oh shit. “Thank you for saving me.” No problem Taylor! You should really learn to disguise your voice Taylor!

    Off course, I don't right out and say that. Instead I helped the girl up.

    “Don't mention it.” I said to her, making sure to deepen my voice a bit, even though it sounds rather silly.

    She looks at me oddly.

    “So, you're a healer right?” Taylor asked me. Why would she think that? Oh.

    “No, not really.” I say, dodging the question about my powers.


    “Just consider it one of my 108 talents.” I cut her off that train of thought.

    I rather not be considered a healer. Especially when I'm not.

    “Ok...” She says quietly, I can hear her start breathing a bit heavier, with her heart pounding in her chest. Probably just now realizing that she had a major brush with death I bet.

    Speaking of which, I start taking deep breaths to calm down.

    Fighting Lung was a rush, but not the kind of rush I was looking for.

    I like living damn it!

    I won, but I am not going to do that again! They better keep the dragonman locked up in prison damn it!

    I would be totes disappointed if they don't.

    “So...” I said, somewhat awkwardly. “First night as a villain? Hitting the ABB was rather bold.”

    Definitely bolder then what I wanted my first night to be like.

    “No!” She shouted in shock. Ow my ears. “No.” She said more quietly. “I'm not a villain, I'm a hero.”

    “Oh.” I said, we once again fall into silence. Though her being a hero kinda makes sense.

    After all, she didn't take revenge on us.

    “You?” Taylor asked me, her tone filled with suspicion.

    “Oh, well...” I start trying say before my ears pick up a motor cycle engine. “Oh, hey. A motorcycle is on the way.” I stated, dodging the question.

    Sure enough, a motorcycle came around the corner and stopped by us. The man riding it was wearing blue power armor and held his legendary halberd at the ready.
    I must admit, I had a holy shit moment when I saw Armsmaster. Not a fangirl moment, I don't know what you're talking about.

    “Are you going to attack me?” Armsmaster asked rather bluntly and without tact.

    I could tell from that moment on that he is not really a social butterfly.

    “No!” Taylor managed to choke out. I readily agreed with her.

    “Is there a reason why you two look like villains then?” He asked, once again showing zero tact.

    “ I didn't want it that way, it just happened when I designed it!” I heard Taylor say when I was trying to think of an excuse for my costume.

    “I thought my costume would look adorable.” I said, still using my disguise voice.

    Armsmaster relaxed his stance a bit, but he was still looking around for someone.


    “If you're looking for Lung he's in that crater over there.” I said, pointing towards it.

    “Please stay here while I make sure Lung doesn't get up.” He states calmly and walks proudly towards the crater.

    “Yes sir!” I stated, only somewhat robotically. I heard Taylor giggle and I joined her.

    It's probably rather inappropriate to laugh right now but we faced a rage dragon and lived! We deserve some slack after that.

    It probably only took a couple minutes before Armsmaster started to walk back towards us. I could tell he was walking a bit stiffly and his face, from what could be seen, looks like its colored with a shade of green.

    That's when I started to get a bad feeling in my gut.

    “What's wrong?” Taylor asked, something I didn't want to.

    Armsmaster stared at the both of us for the longest time.

    “Lung is dead.” He stated without emotion. I could tell Taylor went rigid besides me. “I don't know the cause of death, but his crotch area started to rot off.”

    I paled and looked at Taylor before looking at Armsmaster again.

    “You two are going to need to come with me for questioning.” Armsmaster stated calmly. “You-”

    “I'm the one that killed Lung!” I blurt out in a panic, causing Taylor to turn and stare at me.

    I forgot to use the disguise voice this time. Shit. No time to worry about that now! I need to escape!

    “I'm sorry!” I yell out and rushed Armsmaster.

    Got to give the guy credit, he's definitely a veteran. He managed to get his halberd in a defensive position right as I came close to him.

    But that wasn't my goal with this little mad dash.

    I grabbed his halberd and spun, yanking it out of his hands and pushing him aside at the same time.

    He fell to the ground with an “oof” and I put the halberd in my hammer space and started to run away. Using my increased speed and pyrokinetics, I jumped away on building to building in a random pattern. Escaping any would be pursuit.

    It was probably an hour or so, but my paranoia was satisfied that no one followed me and I managed to make it home. Of course, I stopped in a deserted alleyway to change from my costume to some regular cloths I stuck in my hammer-space.

    I managed to sneak back in my house without waking my parents up. I calmly stripped my cloths off again to put my pajama's on. I then sat down on my bed and grabbed a pillow to hug tightly at first, before I screamed in it.

    Why did I do that?! What the hell possessed me to steal Armsmaster's halberd?!

    D-did I really kill someone? I choke back a sob. T-this isn't what I wanted.

    I laid down on my bed and curled into myself. My tears broke and I cried until I blissfully fell asleep.

    All I wanted to be was a simple thief.

    And Done.

    Well, this is the one-shot of A Simple Thief that I started awhile, or chapter 1 if I ever turn it into a story and yes. This is a SI story.

    My influence on Madison is just really subtle, plus this was a merger instead of me just up and taking over.

    But that means, things that I view as my flaws are also now hers.

    The seeking excitement? That was a flaw straight from me.

    Mainly because I am always seeking entertainment or excitement to combat my depression that I have off and on.

    Also, I changed something I found rather stupid on the CYOA about Mad Talent.

    But that is something I can do because I am the damn author. Muahahaha.
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    Note that as soon as she takes the halberd from hammer space, it'll teleport back to him. Because he's got that built in :D
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    I could see that happening. xD
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    Balrog Taylor won with a womping 38 votes. Anyway, I shall tell you a little about what's going on with it.

    thefluffyone, is helping me with it since I originally came up with a blank on how to continue it plot wise!

    Yeah, that happens sometimes. Anyway, MondayBlues's original oneshot might be changed around a bit so we can go in the direction of plot we might want to explore. Especially since I started to over think things... anyway! So there's that.

    I wont start writing it right away though. But I will write a Balrog Taylor.

    Right now I want to finish my CYOA SI oneshots because I am going to set up another poll afterwards and see if anyone would be interested in me making one a story as well.

    WHich would be the limit of projects I want ongoing. This will give my muse a variety of options to explore on it's whims.

    Since I found out that trying to stick to a schedule when I write does not work out at all.

    Well, that is all that needs to be said. Thank you for voting.
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    Tanuki oppresses OverReactionGuy by flattening the poll as the kitty is not fluffy enough to meet the standards of fluffy creatures! :3

    Also it's not as if OverReactionGuy asked the mods to remove the poll... :3
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    Such a tsundere.

    But I am one of the fluffiest things alive! :p
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    Silly kitty... tanuki is still fluffier than kitty. :>
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    You're a Mami now, not a Tanuki. Mami isn't very fluffy.
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    There are jokes that could be made in response to that, but they are inappropriate.
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    as long as they are not too over the top and/or blatant make them anyway:p
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    The Hunters in Shadows(worm/reincarnation cyoa si)​

    At the age of twelve I learned that the world only has two kinds of people. The prey who go about their business like sheep in a kennel. Working and trusting their safety to the ones they put in charge of them. Ignoring any major problems that couldn't be their business as they are nice and safe. Their government says so after all.

    That is never the life style I would choose again. My step father Steven made sure of that, when he tried to commit suicide and “protect” me from the harshness of reality by trying to take me with him.

    That's when I learned the way of the sheep was not for me. That was when I was given my powers and a new perspective on life.

    I will never forget the look on his face when I turn into shadows and left him to die alone.

    Then there are the predators. The ones that take advantage of the cruel system in order to abuse the sheep, take advantage of the sheep, or always remind the sheep that they are at the bottom of the food chain, always making the sheep live day in and day out afraid for when it's their time to feed the predators.

    That's not the life style for me either. I hold no ill will against the prey. For the prey are what makes society keep on going day in and day out. So purposely bringing them down, becoming another reason they should fear the dark is rather stupid.

    That's why I made a new category of people. People that wont fit in the mold of predator and prey.

    The hunters, the ones who will nurture the sheep so they can continue to keep society running and the ones that will destroy the predators that take advantage of the prey.

    The villains that sow chaos in their wake. The villains that lord over the sheep, presenting themselves as untouchable gods.

    Something the Protectorate did nothing to deny.

    Why else would my city be filled with actual honest to god nazi scum? Why else would they allow the dragon to lord over everyone like a fat tyrant. Why else would they allow a shit stain kidnap young girls off the streets, or force drugs on people?

    I will not be the PRT and the Protectorate. I will not allow the villains free reign ever again.

    I am Sophia Hess, and I will be the hunter that Brockton Bay deserves.

    It's been three months since I “triggered” as it was called.

    I've helped my mother around the house, took care of my new baby sister and didn't even fight with my older brother.

    He's still a wuss though. I love him for it. The big softy is a rather stabilizing influence in the household.

    I could tell they were worried about me though, after all I was supposedly close to Steven and I saw him die with my own eyes.

    But, they needn't worry. That was three months ago, and in that three months I trained my body and gathered supplies for my new life's goal.

    Being a vigilante.

    Of course, no one of my family knows I have super powers, or anything like that. I hidden it from them after all.

    I don't want to worry them.

    I'm going to be doing dangerous work. It's best that I don't get them involved.

    With that in mind, I sneaked out of my room at night, careful to not to make a sound.

    Which is rather easy considering I just phased through walls.

    You see, with my power I can turn into what I call a living shadow. I don't know how it works, but powers generally don't make sense.

    Considering that I also got a body tune up and an archive of what I dub as ninja magic.

    I really hit the jack pot as far as powers go.

    I made my way to one of my safe houses to put on my gear, making sure to stick to the shadows. Using my shadow form to glide across the roof tops.

    It's in the abandon docks area, near merchant territory I believe. I'd never really scouted as much as I should have before this.

    But no use crying over spilled milk now. I'm gonna start this tonight, no and ifs or buts about it.

    With the training I did these past three months, I should be more than enough to handle some two bit thugs that cant even hold a pistol properly or pull up their damn pants. Ain't no one want to see that.

    I sighed as I phased through the wall of my safe house.

    I might be a tad more nervous then I thought about tonight. Oh, well. I'll just have to deal with it.

    I only used the top of the building as a little hide away, making sure to not change or move anything at the bottom.

    Not that it matters anyway as the front door is sealed shut and the only way in would be through a window or my shadow form.

    Anyway, I gathered my gear that I will need for tonight and put on my costume.

    Really, it's not much of a costume, just some dark cloths from an army surplus story and one of those Halloween hoods that obscure your face. Though I made sure to put a domino mask on under it. Just to be safe. I'm also wearing some black gloves and heavy boots.

    I also picked up and seal my crossbow in a basic sealing tag that I barely managed to create due to my poor handwriting. The crossbow was my weapon of choice, since I learned I could apply my shadow forms phasing ability to projectiles.

    Making sure I had everything set, as well that I had my combat knife, I leave my safe house the same way I came.

    Honestly, you can tell this city gone to shit when a 12 year could just up and buy a crossbow and a knife with the shop keepers not caring.

    I glided through the roof tops, hoping to spot a crime in progress and to give some gang bangers a well deserved beating.

    Which was made to seemed to be a lot easier said then done. You would think, with the way people acted on TV, I would've just needed to move two steps in order to find someone doing a crime.

    But of course it couldn't be that convenient!

    I really need to invest time in learning how to create shadow clones.

    Scouting would be so much easier.

    I continued on my merry way, until finally my enhanced hearing picked something up.

    “So, you got the stuff?” I heard a gruff male voice ask.

    I smiled and heading in the voices direction.

    “You got the cash?” I heard a sickeningly sweet feminine voice ask.

    I stopped and looked down an alleyway from the top of the building.

    A rough sort of man, wearing cloths that seemed miss matched and caked with dirt or someone else entirely was talking to a women that looked like a trashy white prostitute.

    Which... she probably was honestly.

    She was disgustingly thin and looked like she should be in a damn hospital. I'm willing to bet she has some blood shot eyes as well.

    “O-of course I do!” He exclaimed and reached down into the pocket of his worn and torn jeans.

    The man was shaking rather badly from what I could tell.

    Ugh, a junkie. I could never tell why someone would destroy their body with drugs.

    Either way, I would need to be careful. Even though the world wouldn't miss scum like these two, that would bring too much attention towards me.

    Attention that I don't want.

    So when the man reached into his pocket I jumped down, making sure to slow my fall with my shadow form, and landed in between the two.

    “Hi!” I greeted them cheerfully.

    They reacted just as well as you would expect.

    “C-c-cape!” The man screamed and fell down on his ass. Wimp.

    “Shit!” The trashy women exclaimed, and started to back away from me. Tsk tsk, you wouldn't be able to escape me so don't even try.

    “Yep, sooo how are you two this fine evening? I hope I'm not interrupting anything important?” I asked with a chirpy voice, and then looked down at the man.

    I wrinkled my nose, not that they could see it, the bastard shit himself.

    I heard the sound of a click behind me. I turned around slowly and saw the women holding a pistol at me. And not in the gangbanger way I would have came to expect.

    I froze, panic making it's way up into my heart.

    “Well, ya ain't tough shit now. Huh, bitch?!” The woman snarled.

    “Tougher than you whore!” I exclaimed in panic. Not the best idea I've had.

    “Fuck you!” She roared and started firing.

    If it wasn't for entering my shadow form reflexively I would've been made into swiss cheese.

    Instead the guy behind me was. I don't know how many shots actually hit him since holding a pistol properly or not, the girl wasn't a good shot.

    But even as I heard the gun click empty and her cursing I stared at the now cooling corpse.

    His face was twisted in shock and horror. Just like... just like.

    “You're the only one who understands Sophia, the one innocent I'll protect from this cruel world.”

    Just like...

    I stare at the man in font of me, slowly inching back. His wide grin creeping me out.

    “What do you mean Steven?” I naively asked, wondering why he brought us to the top of this building.

    “Don't worry Sophia! Everything will be okay now!” He cheerfully exclaimed and hugged me.

    My fists tighten in my anger and I turned towards the bitch that started to reload her gun.

    My vision goes red.

    Falling, we're falling! Why did he throw us over the building! I try to struggle but Steven only grips me tighter.

    I cant... I wont die like this!

    I close my eyes and my world becomes pitch black.

    I rush towards the bitch and slap the gun out of her hand, some of her finger's go flying with it. But her hand broke from the impact.

    “Fuck!” She yelled, holding her mangled hand.

    I could care less.

    My eyes open with me wondering where the fuck I am and why I feel like I'm falling. I struggle and managed to look up and saw the content face of a man.

    Who the hell is he?

    Suddenly I felt lighter and I passed through his grip.

    I see the turn into a mix of shock and horror... and betrayal.

    I punch her as hard as hard as I could in the chest, not even caring that her arm was in the way.

    Her arm shatters and I hear ribs crack and break as I sent her flying back.

    She landed limply but I can tell she is still breathing.

    I saw him hit the ground with a bounce. No one else saw but me. No one was around but me.

    When I landed and rushed to his body. He was still alive but barely. He wont last long.

    I collapse and start breathing heavily. I can feel panicked sweat drip down my face.

    I need to help him! I need to save him!

    I felt tears well up in my eyes before they go wide.

    Knowledge, knowledge of impossible but amazing things fill my head.

    Knowledge about chakra.

    Knowledge about taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu.

    More importantly knowledge about medical jutsu!

    Feeling ecstatic I try to carefully mold my chakra into the correct balance that you need for medical jutsu to work.

    I failed every time. My frustrated tears run down my cheeks.

    Knowledge is different from practice.

    His corpse goes still and I scream!

    She wont kill anyone ever again.

    I took out my knife.

    She wont ruin any more lives.

    I walked slowly towards her body. She weekly started to inch away from me.

    Crying and whispering no over and over again.

    Who am I?

    I asked myself, sitting alone.

    My tears ran dry.

    People were around now.

    I watched as they take the man's corpse and zip it in a black bag.

    They tried to get me to talk, but I don't.

    One draped a blanket over my shoulders.

    I shivered.

    He's dead and I don't know who he was.

    I feel like I should know him, but I don't.

    I don't know who I am.

    “Sophia!” A woman shouts and ran towards me.

    Sophia? Is that me?

    I felt the woman hugged, whispering that everything is going to be okay in my ear.

    I remembered.

    Steven, that's who he was.

    I allowed myself to be taken by the woman... my mother.

    I stand above the bitch silently as she begs me to let her live.

    It's surprising that she is even conscious at all, considering the amount of pain she must be in.

    I'll put an end to her suffering quickly.

    The world is broken.

    People like him were born. How many took the easy way out? Dragging their love ones with them.

    I say that I'm ok and decline a visit to the hospital. I tell the police I saw someone on the roof of the building and then he suddenly jumped off it.

    She started struggling futilely to move even more.

    Carelessly harming herself further.

    The world needs to be changed.

    People live in fear. If it's not the gangs, then it's the villains. If it's not the villains then its the monsters in human flesh. If it's not the monster then... then it's the unstoppable monsters of the end.

    But I can beat them. I can stop them all.

    My grip tightens on the knifes handle.

    The drive back to our home was in silence. I look at my mother who was concentrating on driving.

    But I can tell she wants to break down.

    My mother is a strong woman... I know she loved Steven but she is staying strong for me.

    She is misguided though.

    I didn't acknowledge Steven as my father. I wasn't really that close to him.

    I hated him.

    His moods, his conflicting moods.

    The way he would be happy and fun minute, then angry and yelling... breaking things the next. Then crying and apologetic.

    I hated him, but he was who my mother cared for.

    So I tolerated him.

    For my mother.

    I dropped the knife and it clanged against the hard ground.

    I dropped to the ground. Leaning forward with my hands. My knees on the cold hard ground.

    I cant do it.

    Even though I know she probably deserved it. Even though no one would fault me for it.

    I cant do it.

    No matter what I may think, I'm not a murderer.

    I curse and slam my fist into the ground. A small crater formed from the impact.

    I'm weak.

    When we reached our house we were greeted by my brother.

    He hugged me and my mother.

    Mother started to break down and cry. My brother hugged her tighter and I heard the sound of a baby crying.

    I walk towards the sound and see the little tyke in the crib.

    I will change the world.

    So my little sister doesn't have to grow up in such a broken world filled with predators that would devour her.

    I will change the world.

    So my family will no longer have to live in fear of those who prey on weakness.

    I will change the world.

    And I'll start with this city. My city.

    But I need time. Time to train, time to prepare, time to gain allies.

    Allies that have a fire within them. A will to change the world.

    I poked my little sister on her puffy little cheeks and smiled as she stopped crying and giggled.

    “Don't worry little lamb.” I said to her and picked her up. “Big sis Sophia will make everything better.”

    My hands glow a soft green glow, the tell tale sign of medical chakra, and I moved them over the woman.

    The woman finally passed out from her pain, but I deaden some nerve anyway so she wouldn't feel pain as I start fixing her up.

    I mend the broken ribs and cracked ribs. I regrow her bones in her pulverized arm. I stopped her bleeding fingers and mend her fractured wrist and hand.

    I will leave the figures as the stumps that they are.

    My mercy ends there.

    I made sure she isn't going to be getting up for awhile and stood up.

    With a poof of smoke I took my burner phone out of a basic storage seal I stitched in my sleeve.

    I dialed 911 and waited.

    “Hello, 911 please state your emergency.” The operator stated, pleasantly.

    “Hello, I'm calling because I stopped a drug deal from going down.” I stated, rather calmly.

    “Please hold while your call is transferred.” She stated and I heard the annoying please hold music from my phone.

    “This is the Brockton Bays police department, Sergeant Wilkins speaking. I understand you busted a drug deal? Can you tell me where you are and if other capes are near by?”

    I told him where I was and no for the capes.

    “I see, a dispatch will be there shortly. Will you be okay with waiting there? Or will you like to give a statement over the phone?"

    “Over the phone please.” I said, getting a bit impatient.

    “Very well.” He said, sounding rather resigned. “Do you have a cape name to go by Ma'am.

    I paused.

    “Call me Shadow Stalker.”

    I'm not the most creative when it comes to names.

    “I see.” He said, I swear I heard him snort. “Can you tell me what happened?”

    I told him. From what I heard that got my attention on them in the first place and what happened when I dropped in.

    When I foolishly didn't take them out as fast as I could and instead talked to them.

    I told him that the man died when the woman shot at me.

    I didn't tell him how much I hurt the woman before I healed her. Or that I could heal people in the first place.

    Just that she lost some fingers when I slapped the gun out of her hand, and that I stopped the bleeding.

    “I see.” His voice grew somber as I recalled the tale. “This is where I recommend you join the Wards. Being a vigilante is dangerous and things might not go as well for you next time.” He said seriously.

    “I'll be fine on my own.” I said and hung up, putting the phone back in my storage seal.

    For now, I will be fine on my own.

    The PRT already proven that they cant handle the gangs in the city.

    I will never become a part of a group so weak willed.

    I made sure to grab my knife and put it away before I ran up the building wall.

    It's time to go home.

    I stored my gear in my safe house and quickly made my way towards my house.

    The night... was successful. I already started to make my mark on the world.

    But... my mind flashes back to freezing when the girl pulled a pistol out on me.

    I can't hesitate again.

    My mind flashes back when I was about to kill the woman.

    I can't show weakness like that again.

    I need to harden my heart if I am going to change this world.

    Not everyone is worth saving. That woman wasn't worth my mercy.

    I slip in my bedroom and stripped, my face flickers in annoyance at the lumps of fat on my chest when I free them from my bra. I'm apparently an early bloomer.

    I put my pajamas on and climbed onto my bed. I pulled up my blankets and closed my eyes.

    I will change the world.

    I started to drift asleep.

    I can only hope I could still look upon my family with a smile on my face when I do.

    I let unconsciousness take me and I slumbered.

    And done!

    This is my Sophia Si. As my others, my influence on the character is rather subtle.

    I also renamed it. I like the new name better. Anyway!

    Sophia is still a broken character and slightly unhinged!

    But at least she's less of a bitch. Am I right? :D

    Taylor is next and this is probably going to be my last warning about this.

    My Taylor SI is going to be depressing.

    PS, Props goes to who ever thought of Sophia's alternate trigger event. Where Steven was an emotional wreck and tried to double suicide with Sophia.