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XF2 transition feedback

Question, when I click on the notification bell to check alert unlike the old version where the alerts would eventually be removed after a while once read, now all alerts stay on, is this going to stay that way or can I change it in preferences? I looked and the pop up auto read is selected so it will be marked as read when I click on the bell but even though they have been marked as read when I click on the bell they aren't removed so I still have all the alerts I got since Tuesday showing up.
Eyyy the text box has a list now! And the blue of the Darkened High Contrast isn't so blinding any more!

Btw, probably not related to the site change since I experienced this issue in the old forum as well, but is there a reason why I have to login twice if I open QQ on Incognito? Like I login once, press any random link on the page, and it logs me out. Then when I login a second time the problem disappears.
Can we have a "go to page" selector on each thread on the forum/subforum view so we don't have to go into each thread to go to certain pages of that thread?

I think the previous layout have it under the number of replies and last update. Something like:
Go to page [1][2]...[29][30]
How do we get that little widget that was on the right side that let you jump between posts with a single click?
Currently we're likely to add at least a few more themes. We've had a few candidates posted, including what's apparently a quasi-successor to the old Flexile theme; once I get a moment I'll compile a list and post a poll in the dedicated thread.

Dark High Contrast Green would be a slam-dunk for me.

The current high contrast is nice (in terms of contrast) but it's got so much blue that it doesn't look as good under night-shfted color schemes, which is pretty much when I want a dark theme.
I don't see how I can put in an upper bound on wordcount when searching a specific thread? It's nice to be able to put "Upper Bound-1000" in a search to exclude threadmarks.
If someone wants to actually do this, I'm happy to provide the information required.

The trouble is that XF themes are a giant mess. A theme has a couple of hundred templates associated, all in an obtuse custom template language that's painful to work with; it interpolates probably a thousand variables that can change things arbitrarily; and this all gets compiled down to single HTML and CSS outputs in a way that makes it really annoying to track what causes what. Lifting the old theme to the new system would basically mean writing a new theme from scratch to match it, and I don't have the time for this. However, if someone wants to take a stab at it I'm happy to work with them.
I mean, I was more thinking of taking the SB theme and importing things like color values from the old QQ themes? Depending on how the scripting language works, that should at least be simpler?
You should put the one who suggested to make QQ into SB 2.0 in hell.

The writing tools seems needlessly complicated and faulty. The bold option along with others doesn't work.

Before the pages was like this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..... We always had 6 pages to choose from. But now it's 1,....,525. So instead of quickly going from one page to another now it is slow and complicated.
Yeah I would really appreciate having more page buttons visible, both forward and back.

It was very convenient when quickly checking back and forth on mobile.
Alerts have been broken since the update.

The new color schemes are terrible.
The tags still seem to not be working right.

If I click on the tags in one thread I may get a small number of threads with the same tag, sometimes it's just one or two, but if I click on the same tag in another thread then I can get several others.
So, I can't seem to log in on my iphone? I keep getting Incorrect Password and I'm pretty sure it's the right one. Works on my computer. Tried both Safari and Firefox Focus.
One thing I've really noticed is that, when going to a new post in a thread, it starts at the line below the time rather than at the very top of the post:

It's because you've got the navbar stickied. The page scrolls to the same point without accounting for the navbar.
The style UI's for the new version of QQ suck, I like the old version of the old UI. Could you guys try to make a better UI?

Also, I want to point out that liking posts don't appear on the profile anymore and alerts are broken. The posts that I liked after the update did not appear on the profile.

Is there a plan in place to address all this wasted space in the new UI?
minor mention that Alerts aren't quite popping up. Kinda have to click through my watched threads to tell that something's up. Not quite sure if this is just me or if this is a site issue.
I feel like I used to be able to go to my watched threads section without having to open the scroll down on the top left.

Am I misremembering?

Also we can no longer scroll down the chapter lists after clicking thread marks. You have to click more options or open the full thread marks page
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I feel like I used to be able to go to my watched threads section without having to open the scroll down on the top left.

Am I misremembering?
No you're correct.

I dislike all the scrolls and drop down bars you have to click to get to functionality that was one click away in XF1.

Like for example, EDIT and DELETE.
I don't suppose there can be an option to turn off the "Similar threads" bit on the bottom of every thread page, please?
Not yet, but for the time being you can collapse it. Click the arrow at the furthest right of that bit to do so.
The new Blacken Purple is still a bit hard to read on, in my opinion. The old one (iirc, since it's been a hot minute since I set my xf1 style) was an excellent style to read on since it didn't strain as much, and a lot of the text and elements just popped really well.

So if possible, could I request that the Blacked Purple (in specific) style have darker/blacker background to posts themselves? (And maybe lighter/whiter text, if needed to get the contrast right). The background seems like the particularly hard to read part, to me.

Still, there's been a massive amount of improvements to the new site since launch, and I greatly appreciate all the work being done to get us up and running again. Besides the space and lag issues, this complaint/request of finishing the purple up to the old ways is kinda all I have thus far. So thank you, and great work!
I'm not really a poster, more a lurker, commenter, and reader but finding things is now much harder than it should be, tags that used to work when clicked on now give me errors, spoilers and image inserts or tricky to get working, the sites current look and style look like old space battles despite this being an "update", and the general quality the the old QQ's UI had is mostly just gone.
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I've seen a couple of reports of problems with the tag system. Could someone find a tag which they see behaving wrongly, and post the link to it here?
The tags still seem to not be working right.

If I click on the tags in one thread I may get a small number of threads with the same tag, sometimes it's just one or two, but if I click on the same tag in another thread then I can get several others.
If you Search tags via the Advanced Search function, it seems to work fine - you get all results everywhere, unless you manually cut the result down (eg. in Search Threads).

If you click a tag from within a forum-list or within a thread, it only brings up results for within that sub-forum (and nested subfora - if in General you'll get Rants results too, but not vice versa).

Can't advise re. error-messages.

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