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XF2 transition feedback

Sorry if this is common knowledge but, what does this migration mean? Will this page keep working or will I have to create an account on Xenforo 2?
I don't know if this is just me. I'm on desktop. Chrome. Wide margins.

If I select text which is near the top of the screen and move my mouse slightly while still holding the left click, it causes my mouse cursor to shoot up and the screen to rapidly scroll up until I let go. I think this is because the "+ Quote | Reply" pop up appears above the cursor, when it should be appearing below.

Top inch or so of the screen, it appears above the cursor?

Middle, below.

Bottom inch or so of the screen, it appears above the cursor.

Edit: here's a demonstration.

View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pyTECadICYhzdzlt6rUQzYkdn6HRhQF4/view?usp=sharing
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After a few days of use and using the website on both desktop and mobile here is another bit of feedback:
Please make the header bar thinner as it takes up quite a bit of space.
This is especially an issue on mobile where every bit of screen real-estate is extra valuable.
Maybe (on mobile) you can do the same as the YouTube mobile website does, you scroll down the header disappears, you scroll back up a bit and it reappears.

Also i kind of miss the somewhat dark bleu theme a bit, it is all just very grey now and has lost a bit of its character.
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The new dark mode style options are great. My one real issue with the upgrade has been alleviated entirely, and fast, too.

Nice job, thanks.
I really appreciate having the top bar follow me while scrolling down the page on desktop. It's great QoL.
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The New Threadmarks feature is absolutely great, big help, but there are one or two QoL changes that I'd like to see made if possible.

Firstly, if you could sort it by what type of threadmark. If I'm in a thread that gets a lot of omakes, then I get a ping in there for every single omake, which is fine if I want to read them, but gets annoying if I don't. So being able to filter out anything that is threadmarked in the extras or index section would be great. Edit: Already there.

The other thing I'd love to see is some way in that screen to mark things as read in bulk. This is mainly because of threads like Cambrians big mega thread, where he puts out so much content, and I'm only interested in certain bits of it. So just being able to mark off all the ones I'm not interested in as read to get them out of that section would be really convenient.
I don't like the little thumbs-up icon. Too round, too vibrant and modern. It clashes with the rest of the page.

The site is much improved since we started complaining, though, so kudos for that :)

... I'll hold back any comments about the emoji situation for now :P
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Got to back up the alerts not working, but also… it's not absolute? As in, I'm 100% sure I haven't received several alerts from followed threads, but I did receive one so it's not 100% not functional (and also confirms I haven't somehow turned them off for myself trying to fix the problem).
Sorry if this is common knowledge but, what does this migration mean? Will this page keep working or will I have to create an account on Xenforo 2?
It's the website equivalent to upgrading your computer operating system. We've moved into a new version that still gets security updates from the manufacturer, and comes with several nifty new features, but the user account and any files remain the same as before.

Or like buying a new table. Same belongings sitting atop it, but the design is sleeker and it won't keel over because a wooden leg rotted anymore.
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@alethiophile can you disable the thing where the search produces links/suggestions? It just interferes with me when I start to click for the author entry but then I click some random thread it popped up.

It doesn't help at all. It's an active detriment!
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*plays round with stuff*

TTT12 TTT15 TTTdefault TTT18 TTTdefault TTT15 TTT12
TTT12 TTT15 TTTdefault TTT18 TTTdefault TTT15 TTT12
as above said:
TTT12 TTT15 TTTdefault TTT18 TTTdefault TTT15 TTT12
TTT12 TTT15 TTTdefault TTT18 TTTdefault TTT15 TTT12
...Okay then.

Reply-box default text-size is 16. Quote default text-size is...what, 13? 12.5? Everything else transfers just fine, it's just the differing default-values that's throwing everything out in Quotes.
Hey, I just noticed that when I click on a link directing me to a post, it puts me in a random page instead!

Possible bug?

For some reason while on mobile if I try to insert an image link into a spoiler using the buttons instead of manually doing bbcode it just places the image above all the text in the text box instead of where my cursor is and I haven't the foggiest idea why this is happening beyond the fact that maybe I'm too boomer to understand the interface now or something.

Edit: If I click on 'more options' it doesn't seem to have this problem on that editing screen which is doubly weird.
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There are a lot of differences I'm seeing between SB/SV XF2 and QQ XF2. And I can't chalk them all up to us being degenerates. But those differences are leasing to QQ XF2 being degenerate.

To mention a few, major lack of theme, page numbers disappeared in the CW main page, header bar doesn't disappear if I scroll upwards, option to customize watch options and so on
Eh I'm fine with it. No major problems and I think the new law out is easier to read.
Sorry if this is common knowledge but, what does this migration mean? Will this page keep working or will I have to create an account on Xenforo 2?
You're already on XF2 and this page is already working. The migration had completed a few days ago (in terms of software change, there's still some design messes to work out).
There's an extremely annoying profile bug where posts will spawn multiple text boxes, and it's always the last one that's the 'real' message.
So now you can get 400 chapters per page whenever you view all threadsmarks, which is nice, but can it be possible to have a all/infinite chapter per page on that?
For me the site only intermittently remembers my width settings. I was expecting to be able to change display width somewhere in my account preferences, but the only spot I've found with that functionality is on the bottom of every page.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but if I'm not, I hope this will get fixed soon.
With the new styles and the navbar being disablable, the only issue I have at current is the Likes You've Received thing, where it's on an endless scroll, not separated by pages.

I don't know why ANYTHING uses that system to navigate. It's shit even on twitter.
There used to buttons for Super- and Sub-Scripts.
I'm someone who got internet by bumming off someone else's WiFi. I usually downloaded the pages I wanted to read for offline reading.

When I'm not connected to internet, usually I can bypass the necessity of opening the [Download] section on my phone by clicking the linked page on [History], and the [No internet] pages with minigames of 'dinosaur jumping over cactus' will be replaced with the saved pages that I'd downloaded, with {offline} sign on status bar.

But after the Xenforo 2 upgrades when I clicked the link in [History] for QQ's saved pages it will be something like this: (can't screenshot the page, so I use this to illustrate)

Page could not be loaded
The requested page could not be loaded
  • Check your internet connection and try again
  • Certain browser extensions, such as ad blockers, may block pages unexpectedly. Disable these and try again.
  • Questionable Questing may be temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.

Every other site but QQ is still on Chrome's pixel dinosaur mode.

Amusing, but I can deal with it. Waiting for one second until [Download] pages opened is... fine, I guess.

And then, I found something that I'm not fine at all about.

Normally, when my shitphones (Samsung J1 Mini Prime, released circa 2016) freezes and Google Chrome needed to be reloaded, all tabs that opened QuestionableQuesting becomes [this site is unsafe.].

I usually could bypass it, by clicking [proceed] and continue with downloading pages for offline reading.

But now I can't. It kept giving me that 'Page could not be loaded' quote above.

After reloading over and over, I was like 'hey, I remember the solution for this!'

I open QuestionableQuesting on incognito tab. Success!

I can proceed to the unsafe site. Yes!!!

...And incognito tabs couldn't be saved.

Very frustrating.

Now while this borrowed laptop is still in my hand, I decided to make a complain on this thread as well.

  • Normal sites no internet connection:

I know it's Akun link, but I didn't want to use those links from other two story-forum; which also used Xenforo 2.
  • Questionable Questing no internet connection:

Is this actually working as intended?

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